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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 10, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that. person then called police, and easy -- easley was taken into custody. easley has been on the run for about a week with smith, the surveillance video from -- photo shows the two last friday. easley is accused of killing smith's mother, tina smith probably that same day. they met online over the summer, and tina invite himd to move in this october. tina's body discovered after december 3 and an amber alert went out for britney. there was a preexisting felony warrant for easley. it's unclear for what. so again, aez sli in custody. the girl is safe. and a quick-thinking shopper or perhaps employee at the la playa safeway is to thank for this, this is one of those endings to a child abduction that seems usually just too much to hope for.
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and as far as we know this is ending well for the well being of 12-year-old britney may smith there. will be a press conference from roanoke officials this evening and we'll have more for you later on. >> and san francisco police say one officer was involved in an altercation with a homeless man this afternoon and shot him. it happened in garfield square in the mission district. abc 7 is there with more now. >> cheryl, we know that the police officer was not shot. and here is what police are telling us. the officer in question suffered only lacerations and they won't tell us wr. exactly. it happened when he confronted the suspect in the park. now both men started to fight. the police officer who was, by the way alone, then shot the suspect. he, meaning the suspect suffered non-life threatening injuries and was shot in the hip.
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both were taken to san francisco general hospital just blocks from here. here is a play by play of what happened when the officer first approached four men who were drinking in the park. >> at one point, one of the individuals became combattive with the officer and a fight ensued. this struggle between the officer and suspect he tried to detain the suspect. at one point the officer fired at least one round, striking the suspect. >> now, police are still onthe scene, conducting their investigation. and i want to say that this is a big hangout for a lot of people here in the mission and as you can see, behind me. a place also where kids doum play soccer. i'm live at 25th and harrison in the mission, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> and other matters after a cold, rainy couple weeks
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temperatures about to heat up here and around the state. sandhya patel is with us. it's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. >> not just here, but around the state. stepping outside to show you what it looks like here locally now. you can see the golden gate bridge socked in. the fog is going to be a big factor this weekend particularly in the valleys which hold temperatures down there. around the bay we're talking near 70 locally. take a look at state wide numbers. monterey, sunld, warmer of the two days. 67 degrees, if you're heading down to los angeles, 82, we're in december here. 83 degrees in palm springs, san diego getting up to 78 degrees. looking at yosemite, 62, sunny. going to heavenly camera showing you a view. it's cloudy there. we're expecting, though, nice spring-like conditions, take a look at graphics here if you're heading to tahoe. saturday, sunday, monday, upper 50s and sunny skies sunday and monday.
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and we'll have some cold mornings sunday and monday. i'll be back with a look at local forecast including the temperatures in your area, coming up. >> we'll see you later on. a judge in san francisco refused to stop the state of california from selling 11 properties with 24 buildings on them to investors. the buildings would be rented back to taxpayers including state office buildings at san francisco civic center. the decision after two former members of the state building authority requested the judge order the state to take properties off the market. the judge ruled they lack standing to do so. >> and this was unconstitutional. and watch this word. stealing of taxpayer money. >> this opponents believe holding on to properties would save billions more. and the city of concord is shutting down its government offices for 11 days starting december 23.
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and this will close nearly every city government department. and a small number of staff members will be working in an oncall bases and offices will reopen january 3. >> to washington now. bill clinton took nofr a rare appearance to back president obama's troubled tax cut deal. and there is a private meeting in the oval office, clinton said the deal with republicans would help america over the long term and urges fellow democrats to support him. >> this is a better agreement than would be reached skpism think we'll have a much more positive impact on the economy. >> the president saying he had a holiday party, several of them to get to. the senate is expected to approve bills next
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week and there is most democrats refusing to support him. >> we need to go back with same policy that's have failed. >> vermont senator bernie sanders fought against the tax cut compromise with a speech in the senate lasting over eight hours. >> and the faa says it lost track of who owns the private and commercial planes and says records under disarray, criminals could buy planes without knowledge and warns rogue pilots to use registration numbers to evade computer systems used to track flights. and this is now ordered owners to reregister their plane autos eric holder told a sole
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yigs financial crimes quote, reached crisis pro portions. holder credited efforts to stop crimes during today's financial fraud enforcement task force meeting in san francisco federal building. reporters asked about the wiki leaks controversy. he did under score the gravity of releasing document autos it's serious because of the nature of the conduct. the release of those materials harmed our national security, putting at risk people who work on behalf of the united states and the safety of the american people. >> holder will attend a meeting this evening, emphasizing the u.s. government will be quote, extremely aggressive in prosecutes hate crimes against muslim autos gay rights activists urging lawmakers to give up breaks and stay in washington to pass a repeel of the military don't ask, don't tell policy.
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the service mens legal defense network organize aid rally today. yesterday, senate leaders failed to get enough votes. and this retired navy commander came out as a lesbian. >> and we gent get to go home until we're done with our job autos robert gates says he's frustrated congress failed to act to repeal the law. a group of senators said they'd raised issue ghen a separate bill. >> and police trying to determine whether a man was a wanted parole. it started when a police officer tried to check on a plan in a car stopped at 35th and west streets. the officer suffered injuries. the chase ended 25 minutes later in berkeley. and this car hit a tree and
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san francisco police are looking for a motive and suspects in the murder of an 18-year-old man in vernal heights. he was shot to death and a witness says it happened when he answered a knock on the door. police are interviewing neighbors and checking area service cameras. >> we want to take you live to a news conference in roanoke virginia after an incredible story of a suspected kidnapper and murderer arrested with a child. >> that 12-year-old girl found here in the city tonight. the 32-year-old suspected of taking her is in custody. >> there is information around 6:00. i would say around 3:00. >> what is the atmosphere like? >> this is a party atmosphere,
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believe me. >> do we have an idea how long -- any reason to believe they have stopped several crimes along wait to san francisco? or have been there a week? >> i just don't know. i zront a time line. >> and do you have an idea how to go within? >> we don't know at this time. i understand that she's talking with the police officials in san francisco. so we should know something quickly. >> who notified her family she'd been found? >> i'm not sure who called the family. but they did call the family. >> you're listening to the police chief answering questions about this kidnapping and murder suspect arrested in san francisco
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today. the 12-year-old girl that he's suspected of kidnapping has been sound safe in the city. >> we're going follow that for you at 6:00 and there is a california sea lion getting help after being shot in the head. they're calling the animal silent night. the 336 pound male lost a few teeth, his left eye is swollen cut. veterinarians concerned it could do more harm than good. >> some are close to his plane f swelling from that or infection gets into the brain, that would be life threaten oogt plan is to not operate and see how the sea lion deal was medications. he was found on the south end of sauce leta.
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>> everyone is a little nervous on the first day of a new job. and there is a santa back, making holidays bright. and we're live with the success story. >> this is out of a hollywood movie with a happy ending. not only is he going to be taking requests for toys but he's receiving toys for the program. take a look this, is the santa's work shop just west of union square. >> this is a hero's welcome for the fired santa. all ages with cheers and thanks. taking a cue from a holiday film calling this miracle on gehry street. >> unexpected on my part.
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this makes it better. >> last week, john was fired. an adult couple objected to a joke told. the future was uncertain, then, nick offered to bring the bag of goodies here. >> i want to do is help the firefighters toy drive. and when i said who better san than santa? >> jant will be here every day. and will be receiving them. they hope to get 10 tou toys, macy's issued a statement saying john moved on and so has the store. and so santa john has been taking requests near his home. >> what is the toy you want? >> a furry friend. >> kids respond.
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>> i'm just curious what santa wants for christmas. >> well, i'd be more than happy if the economy turned around. >> and isn't that the holiday spirit? >> and santa will be here until mid day f you want to drop by a toy, just drop by. they'll run out and pick it up. and there is luxor jabs -- cabs going to be picking them up throughout the city. and yes. i was sitting on santa's lap. >> thank you very much. >> and goodness, yeah. that is great. coming up, the two drug combo bringing hope for women in early stages of breast cancer. >> and big miracle came out of this ugly accident in queens new york today. >> and so thrilled to stand
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before the people and give hope to victims. >> finally some closure elizabeth smart kidnapping
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. six people escape add live from this wreck in new york city. you can see a tractor trailer ended up on top of an suv in queens. and what a mess. it appear a power pole was knocked over. none of the victims suffered life threatening injuries. police investigating what cause that wreck. >> there is a jury issued a guilty verdict in the kidnapping of elizabeth smart. brian mitchell could face life in prison. and smart was taken from her home at knife point at 14
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years old, held captive nine month autos so thrilled with the verdict. and so thrilled to stand before the people of america today and give hope to other victims who have not spoken out about the crime brks what happened to them. >> during her ordeal, smart was forced into a polygamist marriage and raped almost daily before being recognized in a store. the case stall forward six years while courts tried to decide if he was competent to stand trial. >> if you hurt people in life it doesn't mean no matter what the heinous act, nobody deserves to be that in return. it's up to god to punish. >> mitchell will be back for sentencing. >> a two-drug combination that will target tumors is showing promise for women with early stage breast cancer. research released today says using the two doubles the number of women whose cancer disappeared.
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and one blocks a protein on the surface. and this research was done in spain. >> what a nice weekend. >> and there is if you like spring, get ready to feel kind of warmth we zpokt see around march and a city skyline and we're dealing with clouds, and fog tonight. here is a time lapse from this afternoon. high definition camera, watch fog just return -- rushing n late this afternoon and early evening hours obscuring parts of the bay area so. we're facing poor visibility tonight across some roadways during this commute. and we're going to be dealing with fog like this heading into weekend. taking a look at visibility
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right now, half moon bay, half a mile. sfo reporting two and a half mile visibility sm. flights are delayed due to low ceilings. there is a foggy night. dense, warm up for the weekend z we're going to see lingering fog into the valleys. that will be the only area as fog hangs around. we did have a few disturbances go through. but other than drizzle outside, we're in for a warmer weekend. there is sunny skies heading towards sunday. so animation saturday night. notice fog forming into sen tral valley. this is spilling back n this is what is going to hang
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around making for hazy sunshine across the valley locations. around the bay, temperatures are going to climb up near 70 degrees. there will be plenty of sunshine. tonight looking out for fog. temperatures into mid 40s and places like cloverdale into low 50s around bait and towards south bay. there is a nice day, mild in san jose. 66 degrees, same thing in campbell and couper teeno on the peninsula, after clouds clear away, partly sunny skies and low 60s near the coast. there is many areas averaging eight to nine degrees more than average. 64 in santa rosa. east bay low to mid-60s, oakland, fremont 64 degrees, inland temperatures around walnut creek into mid-60s,
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antioch, brentwood fog keeping temperatures into low 60s, a mild afternoon in santa cruz. 66 degrees. there is a by sunday, you can be getting into low 70s, here is the accu-weather forecast. it's 60s across the board both baydays, monday, we can see cooling around areas. rain becoming likely on tuesday and possibility of showers heading into rest of the week. >> that is a problem for another day. >> exactly. just enjoy the weekend. going to be butte oofl exactly. >> still ahead, finney's friday free stuff, up next. >> tonight, giving away not one, not two, but six high-end nñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8
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okay. it's friday, good weather and... >> michael finney comes bearing gifts. >> i do. pureology. they have items. there is a new color stylist
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line. and this is high end stuff worth $150. everyone uses this stuff everybody loved it. so this is a first 1,000 people. so, six color style products. then, we'll have wucca di beppo. you're going get a $10 bucca buck. it serves family-style italian made food like this, taking a look at chicken breast and sun dried tomatoes and peas. and if you're in smell-a-vision you'd be in heaven. >> oh. yes.
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and you can go to abc 7 >> home run for that tonight.@ñç
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coming up, a 30-year cost sharing agreement that isn't working out. a city disbanded and wants a fire department again. a new reading on the local kme. a bay area greeting card company where businesses better than ever this year. and underwater sanctuaries off the coast and last ditch effort in washington to expand them. those stories and more at 6:00. >> and now, many local celebrities took nart a tradition starting here in san francisco. and there is don sanchez encouraged shoppers to toss coins and bills outside of the salvation army kettle. >> and that


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