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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 11, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> alan: good evening, everyone. it has happened again. san francisco police find a missing girl and arrested the man accused of taking her. the second case of its kind in two days. 44-year-old charles verlindoff was arrested in the mission district. there was a warrant on hum for detaining his niece, last month. police say the girl has been expound is -- has been found and is doing fine. we'll have a live report at 6:00. meanwhile, detectives from
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virginia arrived in san francisco today to question a map arrested in another abduction case. 12-year-old britney smith vanished a week ago from roanoke, virginia, where her mother was murdered. last week jeffrey ehly was arrested. he has been named a suspect in her mother's murder. >> as far as the murder charge, i think that that's something you'll have to consult with the commonwealth attorney on. >> alan: police say brittani and easily were seen pan-handling out a safeway store. a shopper recognized them and called police. police say easily told them he came to san francisco after it showed up on a google search as the best place to be homeless. roanoke detectives are expected to take brittani home once they have interviewed her. more problems at napa state
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hospital. a worker was badly beaten today, and it's the second attack in four days by the same patient. lisa amin gulezian is live in napa tonight. >> reporter: the hospital is still on lockdown, but that's only because of a staffer who was murdered back in october. there has been a slightly elevated police presence here at the front gate all day long, but employees say none of that is enough two attacks in 2004 -- in to four days have staffers on edge. on wednesday, a custodian was commit knocked unconscious by a resident. this morning, another attack, this time on a rehabilitation therapist, or rt. >> the same person that committed the crim against the custodian was without with the r. t., the r. t. was boat up --
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beat up. >> the maintenance in the jail, charged with assault. the attacks come less than two months after the murder of describing psychiatric technician, donna gros. >> all of i know is they're doing their bess to remove themselves from any situation that could be dangerous. >> reporter: flowers are placed on the hospital's front lawn as a reminder of the october 23rd october 23rd strangulation, staffers hope it remind management of the safety concerns they continue to have. >> you have to move,. >> reporter: hospital management would not speak with us on camera but released this statement: quote, napa state hospital added immediate measures for scoring patients -- scoring -- escorting patients.
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>> how do you feel about your safety? >> i'm scared every day. >> patients beating staffers is not a new problem. this is a photo of a psych tech in after her attack two years ago. >> it's dangerous, and we are losing control. we have lost control. we're in a war zone. basically we're in a war zone. >> reporter: recently staffers were given these new personal alarms alarms to wear at work. at it not clear if any of the victims were wearing them at the time of the attacks. the therapist that was attacked this morning is listed in serious condition at the hospital. lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: be careful tonight on the roads because we're going to be experiencing thick fog for the next 16 hours. most of the bay area is under a dense fog advisory, lasting through tomorrow morning, let's check in with leigh glaser for a
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better look at what to expefnlgt. >> leigh: some parts of the bay area under clear sky, but you can see on the closeup satellite the fog is sitting at the golden gate bridge right here, the north bay with clear patches, and in the central veacialtion the -- central valley, the dennest -- densest fog. visibleibility not to bad in oakland, and concord, only five miles disability, and that dense fog advisory for the bay area until 9:00 tomorrow, with visible dropping below a quarter of a mile. we look at the forecast coming up. >> alan: san francisco is facing a sudden deadline in its body host the america's cup yacht race. the golden gate yacht club said san francisco will lose the
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right to host the next america's cup unless an agreement between the city and the yacht club is signed by friday. the club gets to choose the host of the next race. the supervisors meet again on monday to consider a bid. yacht race officials are looking at an offer from italy and it's believed they have re-opened talks with a newport, rhode island. >> alan: an croninberg is the deputy director at the city's department of public health. he will now head the agency that runs the 9-1-1 dispatcher. she was portrayed in the film "milk" back in 2008. the 46-year-old son of bernie madoff has been found
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dead, an apparent suicide. mark madoff was found hanged in the bedroom of his manhattan apartment this morning. >> reporter: two years to the day of his father's arrest, mark madoff hanged himself bay dog collar inside his manhattan apartment. >> mr. madoff left some e-mail notes, not at the scene but has communicated with family. >> reporter: a source says the suicide comes as a big shock. he had never been charged with a crime, but he had been very distressed. he was just named in a new lawsuit by the court trustee seeking to recover money for victims of his father's fraud and has faced what his lawyer calls unrelenting pressure from falls accusations and innuendo. police were called by a relative who discovered the body. his two-year-old son slept in another room. his wife and four-year-old child were out out of town.
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>> mr. madoff's father-in-law was there, was called by mr. madoff's wife, to check on the two-year-old, who was there. the two-year-old was fine. he is in the back bedroom. >> reporter: prison officials in north carolina where beie madoff is serving his sentence declined to say whether he had been notified. he can request to attend his son's funeral but there's no promise it would be granted. mark madoff has been trying to build a new creek but as the second anniversary of his father's arrest approached, we're told he was not handling it very well. the medical examiner will won duct an autopsy on sunday. >> alan: friends, family and celebrities paid their last respects to elizabeth edwardss. ahead, the hundreds who attended her funeral. first, pair of deadly
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explosions rock
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>> alan: two explosions in central stockholm have left one person dead and two others in the hospital. a car explode near a busy shopping area in the center of the city. shortly afterwards there was a second explosion up the street, killing one man. the car contained gas canisters. no one has taken responsibility for the blast but a news agency received a threat minutes before the explosion, mentioning the troops in afghanistan. >> alan: hundreds of family,
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friends and admirers filled a north carolina church to bid a final farewell to elizabeth edwards. she died tuesday at age 61. her commune recall -- funeral combined mourning with the warm glow of cherished memories. >> reporter: the church where she worshiped opened its doors to elizabeth edwards for the last time. mourners filled the pews. john edwards was there but didn't speak. the beloved friend. >> she truly looked for the angels in all of us. >> the supportive classmates. >> offering comfort and love and telling the truth. >> reporter: above all, words from elizabeth to her three surviving children, emma, jack and cate. >> all i ever really needed was you, your love, your presence to make my life complete. you are complete joy to me.
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i hope you always know that. le wherever i am, wherever you are. i have my arms wrapped around you. >> reporter: two blocks from the church, a few unwelcome visitors from the church notorious for heckling mourners at. she hoped to reyou night wid wade who was killed in a accident. >> death offers me that which life can't offer me. >> reporter: she has left the world, but elizabeth edwards has left behind a legacy of courage, determination, and love, a love that is the gift that survives a life well-lived. raleigh, north carolina. >> alan: just ahead, a blizzard in the midwest shuts down a major airport and closes some roads, and we could be in for a wet week in the bay area.
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>> alan: the minneapolis-st. paul airport had to be shut down today after heavy snow and strong winds created blizzard conditions in parts of the me. south dakota, minnesota, and iowa are experiencing near whiteout conditions. transportation officials are telling drivers in southern minnesota and iowa to stay home because of worsening weather. they even ordered snow plows off the roads in open areas. some areas are expected to get a foot or more of snow today. meteorologist leigh glaser here, we're just experiencing
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some dense fog. >> leigh: we could have some slight delays at bay area airports. here's a shiite shot -- here's a shot from the high definition tamalpais cam. we have been socked in, in some locations. all day long. in fact here's a look at some current visibility. i just updated for these. nine-mile visible in napa. seven miles, sfo. four miles at half hoop -- half moon bay, and the central valley fog is being pushed towards the coast that is reducing visibility in this area from concord to oakland, towards sf expo the coast and that's going to continue off and on tonight and tomorrow. here's a look at current temperatures. 60 in san francisco. 65 redwood city. 58 in oakland -- in antioch, and
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in the north bay, santa rosa, 61 degrees. we will continue with dense fog, the advisory in place until tomorrow morning, sun-fog mix, depending on where you are, and temperatures will be a few degrees warmer, and tomorrow is a "spare the air" day, which means no burn day for the bay area. lows tonight, keep them mild, with the fog, in the mid-to-upper 40s in the north bay, mid-to-low 50s near san francisco, and here's the fog for tonight. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, you can see the fog moving in, and then we look for the central valley fog to might -- migrate towards the west. high pressure has built in, and it's bringing us those slight offshore winds and it's just picking up the fog and bringing it to the coast. so we look for pockets of dense valley fog tomorrow morning, and it should start to scour out
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tomorrow afternoon. less fog is going to be a little bit more sunshine for all of the bay area tomorrow. in fact, almost mild in san jose tomorrow, with 67 expected there. campbell and cupertino will see sunshine, hazy at best. half moon bay, 62. 65, palo alto, san francisco, 63 degrees. hazy sunshine late. and the north bay, san rafael, 62 there, but fog hangs around. won't get out of the 50s. 63 for sonoma. oakland, 64. 64 for fremont. interior east bay, that's where the fog will sit, so temperatures there only in the mid-to-upper 50s. 59 for brentwood. con concord, 59. 62 for pleasanton, 68 for gilroy. my accuweather seven-day
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forecast, get ready for a very wet period next week. rain returning on tuesday, could be heavy at times. then we have a chance of showers wednesday and thursday, rain likely on friday, and we may tap into some tropical moisture by saturday and sunday, which means just a train of moisture moving in across the bay area. >> alan: that's depressing. on to shu, we found in football. >> mike: we did. the college football bowl season is about to kick off. today in philadelphia, the 111th version of the army-navy class yifnlg -- classssssssssssx
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>> mike: no rivalry at fierce as army-navy. the 11th version played today in philadelphia, and navy continues its dominance. they've won eight straight over army entering today. first quarter, midshipman up 3-0, and adding on, on the money to john howell. outruns the black knight defenders. 10-0 navy. in the second, 17-0. army fining the end zone against navy for the first time in four yeemples later in the second, arm ya driving again. this time, coughs it up like a fur ball. middleton, off to the races. 98-yard is a long way to run in shoulder pads. trust me. navy makes it nine straight over army, 31-17 the final.
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>> de la salle facing cal high. first quarter, spartans strike first. de la salle jumps on top. the grizzlies answer later in the first. rio, looks like he's going to run. in stead he pass, and look at this catch, the one-handed grab. game tied. now in the sefnlgtd de la salle back on top. dunn through the hole. eight yards to pay dirt. de la salle leads at the half. >> women's hoops. cal hosting long beach state. the golden bears are undefeated at home this season. first half, the great look inside to stallworth. two of her 27. cal up. then caldwell, one of her 11 boards, also had 17 points. bears in charge. the bears improve to 6-2 with an
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82-56 victory. women's volleyball. co-pac-10 champion usc meeting dayton. the winner of this match goes to the ncaa final four. third set tied at one. dropping the hammer. pac-10 player of the year gets stanford the third set but the cardinals cooperate closed out. the chargers take the set to even the match. in the fifth and deciding set, on match point, trojans with the roof. they take game five, 16-14, and advance to the final four with the 3-2 victory. second round play, greg norman's shark shootout, two-man team event. dustin johnson and ian poulter playing well. johnson sticks his wedge, leads to birdie. ian poulter, 17-under. kenny perry, they shoot
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10-under, tied for the lead with steve stricker and jerry kelly, kelly, his tee shot on the par-3 8th. inches away from the aissments final -- inches away from the ace. >> heisman trophy hand it out in about ten minutes. >> alan: who do you pick? >> mike: cam newton, case@ç@ç@çx
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>> alan: coming up in a half hour at 6:00, former alaska governor sarah palin goes on a humanitarian mission, and a new week wikileaks report. >> santa paid an early visit to some needy kids in oakland today. >> ho-ho-ho. ho-ho-ho. >> merry christmas. >> alan: santa arrived on a fire truck to celebrate christmas. he gave out toys and clothing to 200 kids living in shelters in the east bay. part of the eighth annual lend a hand holiday sell operation. the organization says the need has doubled since last year. they will have another party next saturday. good job, santa. that's it for abc-7


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