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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 12, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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plan, which apparently was a key piece to race organizers. despite threats to become out, city leaders are still optimistic that the america's cup will come to san francisco. >> we have the only really viable bid. they can reject and it delay the america's cup and that's what they'll have to do, and that would be a big black eye to the america's cup brand and unnecessary because the city has done an extraordinary amount. >> i've negotiated a number of deals and sometimes there's posturing that takes place, and we need to keep our eyes on the prize and to submit a bid as strong as possible and balance it with progressing -- protecting the interests of the city and we need to tone it down and plead the bid -- complete the bid and move it forward.
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>> the board of supervisors will vote and likely move forward on the bid. if the bid is accepted, the america ciches -- america's cup is expected to generate over a billion dollars for the city. >> alan: in the meantime can the city of richmond is offering its waterfront as place for the america's cup teams to practice and train before the event begins in san francisco. the city would receive as much 15s hundred thousand -- 100,000 daz month for leasing space at the port. two separate child abduction case ended safely in san francisco. a 12-year-old girl from virginia and a 15-year-old girl from redding are safe. the 12-year-old was found on friday, and today we learned more about her ordeal. >> bridget any smith's aunt told us she met jeffrey easley for
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the fir time on thanksgiving and was immediately suspicious about the way the 32-year-old man acted with her 12-year-old niece. >> he was touching her hair and touching her hands and just anything that -- it was like he was -- wanted to consume her with his eyes. it was just gross. >> reporter: she says she called child protective confidences and a child abuse hotline four times the following day and never heard back. she called the girl's mother to express concern. >> what's when i said, he lives there? and he she said, yes, but he is moving out. >> reporter: detectives met outside the hall of justice after a day of interviewing brittany and the man now accused of kidnapping her in virginia and driving her across the country. >> she will be headed back to roanoke soon. the roanoke county police department's focus has shifted to the murder investigation. >> reporter: easley is the
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suspect in the murder of tina smaight, brittany's mother. easley and teen -- tina smith were romantically involved and moved in with brittany and her mother in october. the police would not shed light on the cross-country journey. >> we don't want anything to jeopardize the case and the investigation in roanoke. >> reporter: surveillance video from a virginia wal-mart shows the last time brit? i easley were seen, on december 3rd, buying camping gear. police believe in san francisco they lived in an encampment near ocean beach, and panhandled outside this safeway, and a woman recognized them and called police. >> reporter: the police aren't saying when brittany will be reunited with her father, a virginia police officer.
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>> alan: the missing girl from redding was reunited with her family. police had been searching for last month for 15-year-old jean berlinghoff and her uncle, charles berlinghoff. the girl's cousin, who lives in san francisco, spotted the pair by chance yesterday. she noticed them in a parked car at division and bryant street. she and her boyfriend watched them from a distance until police arrived. the family thinks charles berlinghoff convinced his niece to leave home with him. the girl is doing fine. in vacaville, a 14-year-old boy is under arrest after police say he sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl then stabbed her more than 30 times and also stand her 18-month-old brother ten times. both victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition but they're expected to survive. police say the suspect broke into their home around 2:30 this morning. the girl escaped with her brother, and the s.w.a.t. found
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the suspect sleeping inside the house. police say the suspect is a friend of the victim's older brother, but they're still trying to figure out the motive for the attack. in oakland, at least one person was killed and six others wounded over the weekend. a 20-year-old was shot this morning at 82nd avenue and birch street. he is expected to survive. last night, a 19-year-old man was killed and three other people shot on international boulevard. police believe one victim was a 32-year-old woman who was simply waiting for a bus. and four hours later, police say there was a shootout between rival gangs on broadway and 12th. the 19-year-old man and a 14-year-old bystander were wounded there. and the brentwood, police officer had to be hospitalized after a fight with a driver. the incident happened when the officer stopped the vehicle in a parking lot near oak street. the driver and a passenger fled. the officer chased the driver into an alleyway and that's
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where the two fought. the suspect got away but was arrested later. the officer suffered a head injury but was released from the hospital today. >> a car flipped over on the san mat day row bridge -- san mat day row bridge and caught fire. the car was traveling even when it overturned and caught fire. for a short time the chp closed the westbound lanes and traffic had to turn around to get off the bridge. joe montana and former 49ers owner eddie depart dough -- depart to debartolo are asking for an agreement to build a luxury hoe expel entertainment venue next to the stadium. it would also include a sports expwar upscale restaurant.
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they say they already have investors. as for the stadium deal itself, 49er president says the project has been delayed at least a year because they're having problems getting finances. if it goes forward, the projected opening day would be in 2015. coming up next, the showdown on extending tax cuts. will democrats go along with the president's plan? and what happens if they don't? then this. >> just came to you and said, mr. mayor, we taken a hard look at this. you could actually win this thing. >> reporter: michael bloomberg, will he or won't he run for president. snow spills into the metrodome in minneapolis after a rip in the roof. >> leigh: high there i'm leigh glaser. i i know we just had partial clearing today. get ready for a wet weather pattern setting up t t t t t t t
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: some democrats in congress are upset with president obama over the deal he
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reached with republicans on the extension of bush era tax rates and jobless benefits. the white house says the timing is right for a deal inch washington, we report that the debate moves to congress tomorrow. >> reporter: the tax deal faces its first important test monday in the senate, where it's expected to pass. >> we have good cross-section of the senate democratic caucus from left to right who are prepared to accept this. >> reporter: a tougher sell in the house, but the white house is predicting success. >> i think every single person in that building does not want taxes to go up on january 1st. does not want to see 2 million people lose their unemployment insurance. >> reporter: men democrats have denounced the deal, saying it's a giveaway to the rich. one top democrat wants republicans to agree to a higher estate tax. >> there's one thing that just was the choking point, and that deals with the estate tax break. >> reporter: republicans disagree. >> what is the estate tax? it's a double tax on death.
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economists will tell you it's really not a tax that soaks the rich but a tax on capital. >> reporter: probe province trying hard to keep his party in line. he sent vice-president joe biden as an emmiss sear emmissarry to capitol hill. mr. obama says raising taxes on the wealthy is a fight for another day. >> if we're sear use about balancing the budget, we can't continue to afford these tax breaks for the wealthiest taxpayers. >> the republicans say they'll pass the hill anyway when they take over the house in january. >> it's the first thing we will do, and we'll do it retroactively after the first of the year. >> reporter: something the white house don't want to see. abc news, washington. >> alan: new york city mayor michael bloomberg denied he is exploring the possibility of running for president in 20 # st. . >> i'm not looking at the possibility of running.
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i have a great job, and i'm -- >> i am going to speak out on those things that affect new york system that's my job. >> alan: black berg says he wants to go after the -- go out at the greatest mayor ever of new york. the metrodome in minneapolis collapsed today, and the cameras're rolling. >> alan: more on the deep freeze hitting the midwest. and we could see rain later this week. leigh glaser coming up to tell you more about that. >> mike: the raiders lose a heartbreaker in jacksonville, but their still in the hunt. and the 49ers play probably their best game inññññ
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acknowledge randall. >> alan: a huge blizzard is heading east as winter advise riz're issued in nearly 30 three -- three states. near whiteout conditions made travel a gamble, closing roads in five states. this is minnesota's biggest
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snowfall in 20 years. you're seeing the inflatable roof of the metrodome in minneapolis collapsing under the weight of 17 inches of snow. this happens third morning. the weather forced the nfl to shift the vikings game to detroit's ford field tomorrow night. the roof has collapsed four other times since the stadium opened 30 years ago. pretty amazing video. leigh glaser is here. today and tonight is another "spare the air". >> leigh: we have had high pressure bringing us the sinking air so any particulate matters in the atmosphere is being pushed close to the surface. that's why they decided no wood-burning fireplaces tonight. we can actually -- the past couple of nights it has been socked in with the fog. the fog slowly starting to lift a little bit. it did so in some neighborhoods today.
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others, in the north bay, still socked in with the fog. temperaturewise, 56 in san francisco. fairfield, 57. and san jose climbed into the low 60s today. saw a little sunshine there they're at 58 degrees. we continue with areas of dense fog overnight, not as widespread as the past several evening. look for increasing clouds for monday, and then showers return to the bay area heading into tuesday. here's a look at the central valley fog. high pressure is with us, sinking air pushing that fog close to the surface. also have those northeast winds, so those winds are just grabbing the fog and pushing it toward the bay. the north bay locations, socked in all day long. south bay, a little sunshine. we look for some of the fog to reform tonight and bring in a few high clouds in advance of the cold front that will bring us rain on tuesday. san francisco overnight, 51. mid-up toker 40s in the north bay, and 48 for livermore.
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here's look at the cold front. high pressure starts to weaken tomorrow, and that allowed the clouds to fete closer to the bay area, by tuesday, actually overnight, monday night into tuesday morning, that's when the leading edge of this front will move in and when the showers will return to the pay area. we get a little break on wednesday and thursday and friday, get ready for more rain to move in across the region. 7:00 tonight, look for the overcast conditions. tomorrow morning, overcast. pockets of fog. and then by tomorrow night, 10:00, start to see the advance of the cold front. that's when the showers start to move in tuesday morning's commute could be wet as the showers continue to move from north to south bay, even into the evening hours as well. here's a look at the highs for monday. a little hazy sunshine. 63 san jose. 61, sunnyvale. san francisco, tomorrow, a hint
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of sunshine before the clouds thicken up. 62 for santa rose a, and 61 for vallejo. east bay, 62 for oakland. 62 for union city. inland locations, brentwood, 63. 6 # for con considered and -- concord and danville. and warmer conditions heading south. watsonville, 67. and 66 for gilroy. theing aing aing a -- the accuweather seven-day forecast. slight chance of showers wednesday and thursday, and tropical moisture, friday, saturday, sunday, periods of rain could be heavy. >> alan: the fog did lift over the 49ers today. >> mike: al smith is maybe auditioning for the 49ers and other teams. the 49ers with a must win to
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keep their playoff hopes alive. keep the faith, fans. it ain't over yet. alex smith gets off to a good start. davis over the middle. does the rest. in the second. 13-'. something i to morgan, make twoz men miss. dances his way in. 20-7, san francisco. the roits on, in the second, the blitz is on. smith to westbrook. three scores no pick. 37 -- 30-7 niners at the half. in the third, golden picks off hasselbeck. takes it 39 yards the other way. the 49ers roll, 40-21. >> we did well on offense in the sense that for the first time, at least since i've been in there, really let the game come to us. everyone just did their jobs,
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and let the plays come to us. >> wasn't any doubt in our mind, mathematical -- i just know that i'm not out until i'm officially out. >> mike: thanks to the saints, the niners just a game back in in the west. the rams fall to 6-7 with a 31-13 loss in new orleans. here's the raiders' store. beat the chargers twice this year, and san diego beat the chiefs today. now the raiders are in jacksonville. a win, they're a game back. darren mcfadden, best day as a prompt campbell dumps one off to mcfadden. makes one mass -- one man miss. he is gone. longest reception of his career. 7-0 raiders. under 1:00 to play in the second. campbell to murphy. cam pel threw for 324-yards, two
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scores, 17-7 raiders at the half. the jags came out firing in the third. gerrard going deeple the former niner, jason hill, hauls in a touchdown. 17-14 ball game. no worries. raiders would answer. mcfadden again. two great moves. turns on the jets. 51 of his 123-yard on the ground. 24-14 oakland. in the third after a ford,led the kickoff return. jags with their first lead. now in the fourth, raters down between. 2:00 to play. mcfat -- mcfadden is a beast. get this weak stuff out of here. 36 yards. third td of the game. that wouldn't last. after giving up a 65-yard kickoff return. mothers -- maurice jones-drew.
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>> kicks you in the teeth. we had a nice plan, prepared, came out here and played our tails off but could not get it done. >> mike: the chargers helped out the raiders with a win over the chiefs. rivers to floyd. their second td hookup. san diego wins 31-0. the raiders, still in the hunt. final round of the shark shootout. rickie fowler and bubba watson, playing the part of santa claus, two-man team scramble today. ian poulter from the beach. he and johnson drop to 28-under. darren clark and guardrail -- graham mcdowell. they finish at 28-under. but on 17. dustin johnson, the birdie to go 30-under. he and poulter scramble to a 59 and win greg norman's shark shootout. what a day in the nfl. niners and raiders still in the
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playoffs. it's amazing. keep the faith. >> alan: at the movies, disney's movie loses the topppppppppppppp
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lightning fast. lightning strong. rizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. >> alan: the third smallment in the chronicles of narnia debuted
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in first place at the weekend's box office with more than $24 million in ticket sales. "the tourist" debuted in second place with 17 million, and rounding out the top three is tangled, that took in more than $14 million, bringing its total to 115 million since it opened over thanksgiving. that's it for abc-7lllllllllllll
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