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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney laif in san mateo county with the story of the battle of the borders, borders between san mateo and san francisco counties and who is going to pay for the battle? you are! story coming up in a live report. >> a 13-year-old boy is under arrest accused of stabbing a neighbor and young brother dozens of times. they are in the hospital in critical condition this morning. >> muni management say it will not pay operators thousands of dollars apiece in year end bonuses. they may have to go to court to force the payment. live look from downtown san francisco. it was dry and cloudy this morning. >> ten minute bart delays from daly city to the east bay. no delays around the bay area but very thick fog through the
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altamont pass. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. >> supervisors could take a key step tomorrow in deciding whether to charge a toll to drive in from the peninsula. san mateo county is saying two can play that game. terry mcsweeney is live near the border and the drivers would be caught in the middle? >> more than a thousand dollars a year in some cases, imagine paying three dollars every time you go from san mateo county into san francisco and then three dollars every time you come out. on top of that, $6 to come in and come out, it could be a reality a few years down the road. checking our media partner, an article about the board of supervisors acting as the transportation authority on
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whether to study the toll plan. if it's approved by the city and state leaders, it could be in place by 2015. not tomorrow but it would require drivers three dollars from entering or exiting san francisco from the south, via highways or major streets. that is $80 million a year for san francisco. bad news is that $1500 per year for someone who commutes. the businesses are upset, protesting, via phone call and in writing. they are proposing a retaliation toll of $6 each way and an assemblyman said he would be glad to take that retaliation bill to the state assembly because he considers what san francisco supervisors voting tomorrow to be ridiculous. the battle of the tolls, it begins tomorrow.
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this morning, the union representing muni transit operators is promising a legal fight with management if the operators don't get their year end bonus. san francisco chronicle reports that muni officials want to cancel the payments because of financial problems. they have received as much as $3,000 in bonuses in recent years that come out of a special trust fund. many officials say this year's bonus would cost the agency $3.35 million. muni says they would like to negotiate the amount. union says there is no need to negotiate because the mta has the legal obligation to fund that trust fund. in vacaville, they have arrested a 14-year-old boy for sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl and stabbing her more than 30 times. she stabbed her little brother more than eight times. both victims are in critical condition but they are expected to survive. the suspect broke into the home
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around 2:30 yesterday morning. the girl escaped with her brother and when swatted team members arrived they found the suspect sleeping in the master bedroom of the house. >> very unusual. probably says he was on something. >> we're accelerating test if he was under the influence of anything. >> they say he is a friend of the victim of the older brother. >> an 18-year-old boy who fell into a san francisco fountain died of his injuries. the toddler who was 18 mo, month months old. the boy was found in water two and a half feet deep. the boy died at at the hospital on saturday. >> we expect to find out more about the 12-year-old girl from roanoke, virginia and
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32-year-old man accused of kidnapping her and bringing her to the bay area. they were discovered near ocean beach near san francisco last friday. cecilia vega has reaction from the girl's aunt and from roanoke police who are here in town. >> brittany smith's aunt says she met jeffrey easley for the first time on thanksgiving and was suspicious about the way the man acted with her 12-year-old niece. >> he was touching her and touching her hands and hair. it was like he consuming her with his eyes. >> lois said she called a hot line four times the following day and never heard back. she also called the girl's mother to express concern. >> roanoke detectives met outside the hall of justice after a day of interviewing
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brittany and the man accused of kidnapping her in virginia and driving across the country. >> now that she has been found and headed back to roanoke soon, the roanoke county police department's focus has shifted to the murder investigation. >> police say easley is also a suspect in the murder of brittany's mother, tina smith found dead in her virginia home. family members say they were romantically involved and that he moved in here and brittany in october, but it's during today's interviews shed any light on the cross-country journey or the motive for it, investigators aren't say. surveillance video shows that the last time they were seen on december 3rd buying camping gear. >> police believe in san francisco they lived in an encampment near ocean beach. they pan handled outside this
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safeway where the woman recognized them on friday and called police. roanoke police aren't saying when brittany will be reunited with her father who is a virginia police officer and they are not saying when easley will be extradited back to virginia. cecilia vega, "abc 7 news." this morning, union is calling for increased safety measures at napa state hospital after two staffers were attacked last week. a custodian was beaten unconscious and on saturday a therapist was attacked. a nurse tells abc news the same one that beat the custodian is the same one that attack the therapist. it comes after the murder of a psychiatric technician. >> it's dangerous. we're losing control. we've lost control. >> napa state hospital they immediately added additional measures for escorting patients on the grounds. officials say hospital police are investigating last week's
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incidents. >> a police officer is recovering from a fight with a driver. it on a parking lot on walnut boulevard yesterday morning. the driver and the passenger fled. according to investigators the officer chased the driver into an alleyway where the two struggled. man got away. the officer suffered a head injury. he was treated at a local hospital. police eventually tracked down and arrested the driver. 5:08, it's child kind of mild. let's see if it's going to stay that way. >> definitely mild again this morning. good morning to you. we have cloud cover out there. a little bit of fog but not as thick as it was over the weekend until you get into the central valley. live doppler 7 hd, qiet quiet this morning. we'll talk about the temperatures, 47 in los gatos and rest of us in the low to
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mid-50s. as we head into the afternoon hours, upper 50s around richmond and san francisco and half moon bay. to the exception, everybody else in the low to mid-50s. wehead to the monterey bay, increase in sunshine as you head south today. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s around the bay and inland we'll have temperatures in the mid-50s 60s. >> seven-day forecast, rain, light rain on and off tomorrow. cloudy and slightly cooler day today. chance of rain around the monterey bay wednesday and thursday before it moves up to the san francisco bay for friday saturday and sunday. it could be a soggy week. here is frances with an update. >> they are recovering from an equipment problem, ten minute delays from daly city to san francisco on out toward the east bay. other mass transit systems, reporting no delays, and new bus schedule, so some of the bus stops have changed, keep that in mind as you make your way in and out to a from work.
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also, flight advisory still out there for the altamont pass. as you make your way in and out of livermore and pretty light traffic. no delays across the san mateo bridge, there was an earlier stall report. also gold bridge, nice quiet and very light commute this morning in to san francisco. >> still ahead, how madison avenue is doing social media. and show down looming over a tax cut deal that could affect about every american. plus the high profile hacker attack that has a very popular website asking users to change their user name and password. >> a plan for big entertainment center near the site of a
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. at least one thousand lawsuits to recover money from bernard madoff. they are seeking 50 billion dollars. >> fed ex is predicting the busiest day of the year. company expects to ship about 15 million packages globally. >> and latest chapter on the chronicles of marnia opened in the stop spot at the box office.
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that is your money scope report. it's just about 5:14 on this monday morning. >> people that use a gawker website have been urged to change their passer names. somebody is hacking into the company's. it's encrypted but a determined hacker could break the simple ones. damage on the sites should be minimal because they only store user names but people that use the same password for their banking could be vulnerable. the senate will vote today on a tax cut deal nrnd between president obama and republican leaders. it is expected to pass the senate but it's going to be a much tougher sell in the house. if passed it will extend all bush era tax cuts and unemployment benefits and provide $400 billion in cuts and tax cuts. republicans are in the driver seat because they are about to
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take control of the house next month. >> we're interesting in passing it through. >> with the majority of house and majority in the senate and we control the presidency and we act like we have a weak hand. >> democrats oppose changes to the estate tax, white house is confident the deal will pass by the end of the year. president says he compromised to head off an income tax increase for nearly all americans come january 1st. >> san jose city council is expected to vote on an ordinance banning the use of plastic bags and charging a dime for disposable paper bags. the issue has been studied the last two years. it would cut down on litter and amount of waste in landfills and encourage the use of canvas and reusable bags. they report that opponents like the american chemistry council say the measure is heavy-handed and plastic bags are unfairly criticized. the new ordinance would go in
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effect of january of 2012. >> joe montana, eddie debartolo is pursuing a new business deal. they sent a letter to santa clara city officials asking for exclusive negotiating agreements to build a luxury hotel and entertainment venue next to the stadium. it would include a sports bar and restaurant. montana and debartolo say they have investors. jeb york says the project has been delayed because they have problems getting financing. if it goes forward the projected opening would be 2015. >> tv ads will have a different focus on superbowl sunday. commercials will be playing a high stakes social media gaining. heard mercedes and other
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companies were looking for active twitter users. other companies are offering social media contests. companies are trying to establish relationships beyond their commercial slots. fox has sold out all commercial slots for the game at $3 million each. not bad. >> i was watching the groundhog, even his hair. >> 5:13. >> check out the forecast. let's see. if we have rain coming in -- that is my hair. >> check in with you. >> everybody has a friday's factor. >> looks more like mine tomorrow.
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>> let's talk about what is going on. all right. sfo, what we're looking at low clouds, possible delays, and our flight tracker will let you know if there any delays. >> cloud cover has kept our temperatures up in the low to mid-50s. we have 46 in los gatos. monterey bay, temperatures in the mid 40sing but look where it's warmer, gilroy and salinas in the upper 50s. highlights today, mostly cloudy and mild temperatures this afternoon. light rain for tomorrow and again tomorrow night. then the weekend is looking wet and cooler. so we may get a little bit of a break wednesday into thursday before more wet weather rolls in. our active pattern will be kind of quiet in the south bay, partly sunny and low to mid-50s. up on the peninsula, partly sunny conditions, palo alto possibly about 63 degrees.
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out on the coast, upper 50s, same thing for downtown san francisco and farther north you go and closer to the ocean, more clouds you'll see. mostly cloudy. we'll have upper 50s around sausalito and petaluma, low 50s for everybody else. mostly cloudy in the east bay shore. richmond, 59. fog trying to move in from the central valley. even a 67 in watsonville. you can see the rain taking over our neighborhoods tonight and through tomorrow morning. upper 40s from livermore, fairfield, napa, santa rosa, cloverdale. rest of us in the low to mid-50s one stalled system sits over to the south of us and brings us the cloud cover but the colder air coming behind it that is going to bring us the wet weather for tomorrow.
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i'll have tomorrow's morning commute could be a little wet. as far as this evening's commute we should be fairly dry with a few pockets of openness in the clouds. rain starting to roll and comes in waves of light rain all throughout the afternoon hours. accu-weather seven-day forecast, quarter of an inch of rain out of this system. next one moves to the south and friday and saturday and sunday we all get wet again. >> good morning, mike. bart reporting no delays so they are back on time. also the flight advisory has been cancelled through the altamont pass and fog is light getting into tracy and livermore. when you get outside, no trouble at the bay bridge toll plaza. good ride through contra costa right now. traffic is flowing well on the right toward highway 24 which is at the top of your screen. in the south bay, at 880
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interchange, it's looking good, no trouble at all, headlights northbound all the way up into san francisco area. get the latest traffic any time by going to click on the bay area traffic link. >> it's 5:21. >> next, youtube's plan to give users the power to die thumbs up or thumbs down on terrorism related videos. >> wikileaks claims he had been the man to bridge the gap between the u.s. and north korea. a curious cable just ahead. a flight to hawaii
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>> a south korean fishing boat has gone down in the antarctic ocean, five sailors died and more than a dozen sailors are missing. it happened 1400 miles south of new zealand. rough seas are hampering rescue efforts. survival time in the water is only about ten minutes without life jackets or suits. no word on what caused the boat to sink. youtube is letting users decide if they want to flag a video for revolve because it promotes terrorism. >> it happened after a congressman wrote to youtube's chief executive. l.a. times reports lawmakers says the new rule is good first step of scrubbing sites of
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terrorist propaganda but professors says it erodes first speech amendment rights. a diplomatic cable released by the whistleblower wikileaks says north korea wanted eric clapton to perform there as a goodwill gesture. ♪ cable claims that north koreans leader kim jong-il's son is a huge clapton fan. they suggested in 2007 that the u.s. government make arrangements for clapton to perform as a way of building goodwill toward the u.s. the concert never happened. cap ton's representatives have not comment. they wanted america to book a british performance. >> the latest on the arrest of a 14-year-old northern california boy charged with stabbing a
5:26 am
13-year-old girl and 18-month old brother. the amazing lengths the girl went to save her brother. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. how would you feel about paying a toll every time you went from san mateo county you went into san francisco county and a toll when you came out? i'll have details of the border battle that is brewing. >> also next at 5:30, why fed ex drivers and pilots are getting ready for a big day today. >> here is a look at big outbreak of arctic air, around fargo and minneapolis, 18 in st. louis all this cold weather is heading to the east. it's not causing any delays right now, it is going to have snow as far as south as atlanta this afternoon. check out our flight tracker atáñáñáñáñáñáñáñáñáññ
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in sonoma county where people are upset about san francisco's plan to charge a toll just to drive into that city. in fact they are so upset they are thinking about retaliation of their own. >> also this morning, america's cup ultimatum, organizers say they are ready to walk away from the bid if they don't get what they want. >> you can walk away from the coast this morning, it's cloudy and mild but these clouds will give up rain tomorrow's commute. how much to expect. >> and plan on a nice and quiet ride for the morning commute. no delays at bay bridge toll plaza. u.c. regents vote on a proposal to for workers to pay more for retirement benefits.
5:30 am
it's just about 5:30. thanks for inviting us into your home. i'm eric thomas. >> drivers pay a toll, but now the city is considering a toll for peninsula drivers. that might invite some retaliation from san mateo county. terry mcsweeney is live on san francisco-san mateo border to tell you how beat up your wallet could be out there. >> it's kind of like a poker game, san francisco makes the first move, we're going to have a three dollar toll. san mateo says, yeah, we'll see a three dollar toll and we'll raise you three dollars. commuters say this as a bad debt. the board of supervisors is going to be voting on to tomorrow to study this plan which could lead to this border battle. it would sep set up tollbooths on major streets and collect three dollars each way during
5:31 am
commute hours from drivers from san mateo county. that is $1500 per commuter as a full time commuter. san francisco would get $80 million over the course of a year. san mateo county says the idea is ridiculous, it is wrong and so wrong that they are retaliate weigh a $6 toll proposal for drivers entering or exiting its territory. it's not popular with elected officials. it hopes the whole thing would go away. if approved by city and state officials, it could go into effect as early as 2015. it's a long way between here and there. terry mcsweeney h, "abc 7 news." we expect to find out more today about the man accused of killing a virginia woman and then kidnapping her 12-year-old daughter and driving her across the country from roanoke to the bay area.
5:32 am
detectives from virginia were in san francisco over the weekend to question 32-year-old jeffrey easley and interview 12-year-old brittany smith. the two were seen panhandling outside a safeway store. a woman recognized them from a national television show and called police. >> now she has been found and be headed to roanoke soon, the police department's focus has been shifted to the murder investigation. >> police say easley is also a suspect in the murder of brittany's mother, tina smith. they say easley and tina smith were romantically involved and he moved into her home back in october. a redding girl is back with her family this morning after being found in the bay area. police have been searching since last month for jean berlinghoff.
5:33 am
the girl's cousin who lives in san francisco spotted the pair by chance. she noticed them in a car parked. she and her boyfriend watched them from a distance until police arrived. family things that charles convinced his niece to leave home with him. plans to bring the america's cup race has hit rough waters. organizers are not happy with the city's latest offer and they say they are ready to walk away from the deal entirely. they are giving the city a friday deadline. lilian kim reports. >> organizers of the next america's cup have nearly had it with san francisco leaders, the chief operating of the america's cup committee fired a letter to city hall saying he wants a deal by friday, if not, then, quote, san francisco will have given up a unique opportunity to host the cup. >> if they don't like it, they can reject it. >> negotiations were smooth
5:34 am
sailing until city leaders begin changing key elements of the bid. originally the proposal concentrated on a central waterfront, the area south of the bay bridge. race organizers would pay to shore up pierce and in return would get development rights and long term leases to some parcels. they changed it to the northern waterfront, it requires less public property and cheaper out front costs. >> it is t as far superior viewing experience for spectators. a lot of the favls that would be used are much closer to being ready for the america's cup. >> race organizers say the new location doesn't give enough long term development prospects and they are ready to walk. quite a turnaround from the optimism that soared earlier this year. san francisco became the front-runner after oracle ceo racing team won the race in february. fact that the winning team could choose the venue.
5:35 am
but david campos says he is confident that san francisco will prevail. >> i'm negotiating a number of deals, there is some posturing that takes place. i think we just need to keep our eyes on the prize. make sure the bid is as strong as possible. >> the board of supervisors is meeting on tuesday. they are scheduled to vote on the proposal. today the u.c. board of regents is scheduled to consider a plan to reduce funding for thousands of workers pensions and retirement plans. u.c. president says the pension and retirement system has nearly $21 billion deficit. they are recommending a proposal that raises the minimum retirement age from 50 to 55 and the age for receiving maximum benefits would rise from 60 to 65.
5:36 am
in addition u.c. would gradually decrease contributions to most retiree health care premiums. >> med fed ex and ups is bracing for a huge shipping rush today. they say they expect to process 16 million packages worldwide, that is 13% increase from last year. ups says the volume should be up 7.5% and u.s. postal service they expect next monday to be the busiest processing day and wednesday, december 22 to be their busiest delivery day. >> 5:36 now. let's check the weather forecast around here for a back to work monday. mike, what do you have for us? >> mild conditions. satellite and radar and see how the radar returns are well to our north but the cloud cover is sliding down over us. it will hang around the better part of today. good morning to you.
5:37 am
let's see how it affects our temperatures. all of us in lotto 50s, except for livermore at about 49. we are mostly cloudy which means we could have flight delays into sfo. noontime temperatures, hanging around in the mid-50s. we could be 57 in napa along with santa rosa. 59 in morgan hill. a little break in the clouds from time to time during the afternoon hours. temperatures at 4:00 still in the mid to upper 50s. possibly 61 in morgan hill and about 50 in santa cruz. seven-day forecast, cold front slowly moves through and then washes out across the bay tomorrow bringing us chance of light rain throughout the midday. 10th to a quarter of an inch. it will move through monterey bay before the next system comes in friday, saturday and sunday. >> it's problem free on the roads right now. fog advisory through altamont
5:38 am
has been cancelled. westbound looking good through berkeley. down to the bay bridge toll plaza, san mateo bridge this morning, no trouble right now. drive time is still 14 minutes from 880 to 101. on 101, find a night quiet ride through millbrae, heading into san francisco. one more stop, check out the south bay, 280 and 17 in san jose, no trouble at all. it's 5:38. >> a rash of street violence that had police on the move from one end to the city to the other. frightening accident on the san mateo bridge that forced the chp to shut down traffic. and wild weather blasts the midwest with snow, how it was too much for one n.f.l.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. two people are in the hospital suffering from burns following a frightening car accident on the san mateo bridge. chp says the car was traveling eastbound on the bridge when it overturned between the east and westbound barriers and then caught fire. >> both adults with able to get out of the vehicle. the vehicle was fully engulfed blocking the number one lane on
5:42 am
westbound side of traffic. >> both suffered burns and chp closed the westbound lanes for a time forcing traffic to turn around to get off the bridge. in on owning, police are investigating a rash of violence over the weekend including one person killed and six others wounded in three unrelated shootings. a 20-year-old was shot yesterday morning. he is recovering in the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. police are searching for suspects saturday night in east oakland, a is the-year-old man was killed and three people were shot on international boulevard between 90th and 92nd avenue. one was a woman who police believe was a bystander. later there was shootout between rival gangs on broadway and 12th. a 19-year-old man and a 14-year-old bystander were wounded. one of the suspected gunman was arrested.
5:43 am
>> more free shipping from ma'am done, bloomberg business report is straight ahead. also the latest on the stabbing attack on a vacaville teen and baby brother in a live report coming up. >> mother nature packed a punch in the midwest this weekend, two feet of snow and blizzard-like conditions. i'll have that story coming up. >> also, the new theory that may explain how saturn got its famous rings.
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welcome back. here is a look at your california forecast. looking at rain up around chico and eureka. temperatures near 50. mostly cloudy conditions through the central valley with low 50s. yosemite at 50. talk about warmth palm springs and san diego. low to mid-80s there. we'll take you to the sierra, if you are heading that way tomorrow, winter storm watch, six to 12 inches above 5500 feet. 5:46 now. a look at the top stories. america's cup organizers are not happy with san francisco's latest offer for holding the sailing event in the city. it was smooth sailing until city leader begin changing key elements of the bid.
5:47 am
now, they are ready to walk away from the deal entirely. organizers have given a friday deadline. >> san francisco board of supervisors is set to decide tomorrow whether to further study the possibility of charging motor affairs three dollar fee to enter downtown san francisco from the peninsula. san mateo officials say if it happens, they would implement a toll to enter the county from san francisco during rush hour. detectives from roanoke, virginia came to san francisco to question 32-year-old jeffrey easley and interview brittany smith. easley is accused of kidnapping the girl and driving her across the country. he was arrested near ocean beach on friday and is a suspect in the girl's mother back in virginia. very latest on these stories coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> this morning, a 13-year-old girl and 18-month-old brother is in critical condition but stable condition after being stabbed repeatedly inside their
5:48 am
vacaville home. a 14-year-old boy is the prime suspect. they are live at u.c. davis medical center with the latest. good morning, natalie. >> a lot of strange questions. where were all the parents in all of this? they say the 13-year-old was not only sexually assaulted but also stabbed maybe 30 times. the little boy also stabbed up to ten times. here is the video from vacaville at the scene. investigators say a 14-year-old boy was a friend of the older brother and assaulted the girl before stabbing her repeatedly. the brother was stabbed ten times before the girl managed to get him out and called police. >> multiple stab wound she had, to have mind to take her brother get out of the house and take her cell phone with her to call police. she saved both lives.
5:49 am
>> i wish we had heard something >> it's truly hard to understand for a lot of people, why when the s.w.a.t. team found the boy he was sleeping in the master bedroom of the house. he is facing several charges to the sexual assault as well as investigators now trying to find a motive in the case. we spoke with the grandma of the 13-year-old and grandmother says she wasn't as home because there was supposed to be a friend there. the mother of the kids say they were left alone in the house because the ten-year-old was deliberately left alone to baby-sit the little brother. >> all right. thanks very much for the live report. >> winter doesn't get here for a week but severe weather blasted the midwest with a storm that brought over two feet of snow in
5:50 am
some places. the latest on the blizzard and where it's headed next. >> as residents in the midwest mopped up the snow, places in cleveland and minneapolis are getting ready. the storm parked a powerful punch over the weekend, dumping over a foot and a half of snow. old man winter is no no stranger to minnesota but this will go down in the history books. >> in minneapolis incredible video shows the metrodome roof collapsing under the weight of the storm. >> luckily nobody was hurt. the dome collapse pushed the n.f.l. to push the vikings game to detroit. >> it's a really big bummer. i wish they would take us to detroit but i don't think it's going to happen. >> 29 states are getting pounded by the system.
5:51 am
>> it's 1500 miles in extent. snow on the northern end edge of it and it continues to push across the country. >> some parts of wisconsin saw two feet of snow. high winds made it feel like it was 20 degrees below zero. blizzard conditions left havoc on travel plans for tens of thousands of americans. over 1400 flights were cancelled at chicago's airport. >> in winter storm heads to the east coast where florida will see temperatures in the mid 20s. 5:51, a mild morning when you step outside. >> i got a feeling, there is precipitation out there somewhere for us. >> it will be frozen up in the mountains as we just talked about. what is going on at home. it's cloudy this morning and very mild. pretty mild weekend with the lack of sunshine in some areas, temperatures were the upper 50s to low 60s and cloud cover
5:52 am
coming back this morning, we have temperatures pretty mild in the low to mid-50s. around 46 in los gatos. monterey bay, warmest weather inland. salinas and gilroy, mid-50s. mostly cloudy today, a mild afternoon. light rain tomorrow and tomorrow night and the weekend is looking wet and cooler than the rest of the week. let's start in the east bay valleys where we'll see mostly cloudy conditions. i think it won't be quite as prevalent as it was yesterday, low to mid 50s for you. 59 in richmond, mostly cloudy for the rest of the east bay shores, temperatures in the low to mid-60s. fremont warm spot at 63. partly sunny conditions and see more sunshine farther south you head, partly sunny on the peninsula. mainly in the low 50s but palo alto could be around 63 degrees. over around the coast, mid-50s
5:53 am
and spill into south san francisco, nou flew the north bay valleys and even out in the coast, upper 50s and some low 60s. may make it up to 63 for the warm spot in calistoga. monterey bay, high clouds and sunshine, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s around the bay and mid-60s inland. for tonight, see the light rain developing for your morning commute. upper 40s in the north bay valleys, livermore, low to mid-50s for the rest of us. cloud cover but most of radar, the low pressure that will bring us the wet weather tomorrow. it will move into the north bay right before midnight and spread southward across our neighborhoods. we'll have wet weather not only in the morning commute but also again during the evening commute. once we get past that, next system heads to our south before more rain for friday, saturday and sunday. >> south 101, it's currently
5:54 am
blocking the right lane. i wanted the to show you the speed signs, without injuries i think they'll clear this one hopefully by the time you head out the door by the time i drive through the redwood city area. no delays elsewhere. and east bay and south bay, head to the north bay here is 101 in san rafael, nine minutes from nova to 580 and nine to ten minutes down could to the gold bridge where you see bridge crews, not having any delays. get the latest traffic when you want it by going to another free shipping deal and why the next turn of a book page could be an advertisement. here a jane king with money scope report. >> good morning. they extended free shipping
5:55 am
offer for amazon. they say it's up 12% from this year. and jewelry sales are also up. they'll grow 6% this holiday season after being flat this year. could be seen as a bullish time for the economy. they tell bloomberg, jewelry is last category to turn up. >> good book to get away from it all. marketers want to advertise in books, specifically e-books. testing ideas like videos or text that appear when you first start reading an e-book. >> white house advisor david axelrod says the administration, tax compromise that gets both tax cuts. >> s&p 500 treigd as the highest level since he man brothers fell apart. and they have found more than $50 billion trying to get back
5:56 am
money from investors from bernie madoff. this was the second anniversary of madoff's arrest and also saw mark madoff kill himself. he was named in some of those suits. >> astronomers have a new theory about the origin of the famous rings around the planet saturn, a researcher in colorado he thinks about four and a half billion careers ago, saturn was surrounded by gas. it pulled one of moons out of orbit and sent it spiraling toward the surface. awaiting down, the icy surface was peeled away and those icy chunks formed the rings. just ahead, tagging terror on youtube. a new reason to block videos.
5:57 am
plus the crackdown that has bicyclists crying foul and why police say they'll change their rules to help. >> i'm terry mcsweeney with a story of trouble on the border, not that border, i'm talking about the san francisco and san mateo border and how each entity búbúbúbúgtoaoaoñ
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