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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  December 13, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. we begin with another brazen child molestation case in a busy store and a good samaritans that help catch the suspects. >> this is the second time that a child has been accosted at a store. cecilia vega joins us with the rest of the story. >> this is the walmart where it happened on friday around 7:00 in the evening.
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this 8-year-old little girl was shopping with her family. somehow her brother became separated from her mother and the also girl went to look for them and that is what happened. this is the man that snuck on them when the girl got distracted. he has been arrested for a lewd act on a child, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. they said it happened very quickly. the little girl was let go and check out the hat and coat to disguise himself. the girl point out the suspect to the mom and the mother screamed and that is when he tried to run. police say two shoppers didn't know each other, they acted with quickly. one works down street at recycling center. >> we had a good samaritan that chased the suspect down for help from the mother. pushed the suspect to the ground
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and with the assistance of another good samaritan that came up, they were able to keep the suspect on the ground until the police department came and took him into the custody. >> i'm not afraid. you have to do the right thing. if something happened to my nieces and nephews i would want somebody to step forward. >> what happened here on friday at this walmart comes less than two weeks after a girl that became separated from a grandmother was assaulted by a registered sex offender. san leandro they don't think its copycat crime or the two cases are related in any way but they are warning parents to be vigilant during the holiday season saying that predators know that children are out shopping and they have to keep a
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close eye on kids because it's very easily to get separated in a large store like this one. 13-year-old girl from vacaville and 18-month-old brother remain in critical condition after they were stabbed repeatedly yesterday morning. a 14-year-old suspect is independent arrest. police say he broke into their home while the mother was away and sexually assaulted the girl and stabbed her more than 30 times with a kitchen knife. police say the toddler woke up and the boy stabbed him more than ten times. the girl managed to escape with her little brother. the subject is aan acquaint wins the victim's older brother but a motive is unknown. >> a 12-year-old girl that was kidnapped in roanoke, virginia will be escorted back home by police. the alleged kidnapper is expected to be extradited back to virginia the next few days,
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will face kidnapping charges and murdering her mother. they were discovered panhandling last friday outside a safeway store in san francisco. >> the nurses union is calling for more security at napa state hospital after two more attacks. latest happened in a secluded area the campus. one person is hospitalized in serious condition with four skull fractures. last wednesday a custodian was also beaten unconscious. a nurse tells abc news that the same patient is responsible for both attacks. a person was booked into jail for felony battery. it comes less than two months after the murder of a psychiatric technician by another patient. >> it's dangerous. we are losing control. we have lost control. napa state hospital says
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security measures were stepped off an a technician was strangled in october. >> developing news, federal judge in virginia has rejected a key position of the obama administration's health care law as unconstitutional. they ruled the federal government does not have the authority to force people to buy insurance. the new law has a mandatory insurance requirement with a penalty for those refuse. the judge is the first to strike down the law. it's been upheld twice before. several other lawsuits have been dismissed and others of pending. the u.s. supreme court will have likely ruled on the court by 2014. the senate is expected to vote on a sweetened version of the tax bill between the president and congressional republicans. senators are expected to pass the tax deal even for the
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wealthy. it extends unemployment benefits. in the house, democrats want to change the bill to make the estate texas bill less generous to wealthy heirs. >> it's a $115 billion. >> we're not interested in changing this deal. we're interested in passing this through. >> the white house fully expect the deal will be passed by the end of this week. >> three military veterans are suing the federal government to be reinstated after they were discharged under lawsuit from gays serving in uniform. the officers want the ban on openly gay troops unconstitutional. they want to pressure u.s.
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lawmakers the don't ask, don't tell law before a new congress is sworn in. >> a vote by san francisco tomorrow could put san francisco to charge a toll for drivers that drive in the peninsula. it would cost $3 each way. two can play the game. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco to tell us what the border battle is all about. >> they say if you have a $3 toll in mind, we have a $6 toll in mind. meaning if everybody says what they might do, commuters would be paying $9 per vehicle to move between san mateo and san francisco counties. >> where some people see vehicles, some members of the board of supervisors the opportunity, three dollars per car coming in or leaving the
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city adds up to $80 million per year. not everyone sees it as opportunity. >> this amounts to $1500 a year for san mateo county residents going into san francisco. >> it would be automatic plate recognition technology set up on 280, 101 and skyline boulevard. they say the idea intensely unpopular with elected officials in san mateo county who have written a letter to the san francisco board of supervisors to protest. if that is not to get enough their attention, san mateo will propose a toll of their own, $6 each way. >> i hate to do this but they left us no choice if the they approve this legislation. it's silly, but the arrogance of san francisco needs to be controlled and we're going to move forward.
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>> i really don't like it, man. it's a headache. the only freeway, shortcut to costco. >> what impact would it have on the way you drive? >> i wouldn't go if i had to. >> if supervisors get around to approving the tolls it would go into effect in 2015. the state legislature and the governor would have to go along. we called a supervisor to get his reaction to this because he is the one that wrote the legislation and he was unavailable for comment. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." just ahead, president obama sign as a new law setting new sign as a new law setting new standards for school lunches.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. more news for you now. president obama went to a washington, d.c. elementary school to sign an important new school lunch bill into law. it provides billions more dollars for lunches and to make sure the meals are healthier. >> it's worth noting that the bill passed with bipartisan support. >> with the new congress waiting in the wings, you may not hear the president say that are for quite a while.
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but democrats and republicans were behind this bill that would provide free meals for needy public school students. >> right now across the country, too many kid don't have access to school meals. the food that is being offered is not as healthy as it should be. >> not only does the $4.5 billion provide more school lunches, it gives more authority to regulate the food served. it was a priority for first lady michelle obama. >> my husband worked very hard that this bill was a priority in this session. i am grateful to you. >> because i would have been sleeping on the couch. [ laughter ] >> it reimburse local school districts at a higher rate at time when superintendents say they can't afford to pay for the meals. lawsuit will pay for 20 million after school meals in all 50 states where school districts
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can only afford after school snacks until now. >> we sometime have differences but we can agree in the united states of america no child should go to school hungry. >> with a third of american children overweight or obese, they say its weapon of childhood obesity. new study finds kids like to eat cereals low in sugar when given a choice. they divide 90 school aged children into two groups. both groups were allowed to add sugar and fresh fruit to the breakfast. kids in the low sugar group added more fruit than the others but the kids that ate shuig ri cereals ate twice as much sugar. mike nicco is ahead with the forecast.
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>> it looks pretty cloudy. >> we look at sfo and we have flight arrival delays so check out flight tracker. it will give us more rain over the weekend. i'll tell you how much. and, one big mess. wild weather that forced an n.f.l. game to be moved and the chaos it caused for travelers in several midwest states. >> and bicyclists crying foul at u.c. berkeley.
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you can see
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in the midwest, authorities in indiana are searching for an unknown number of drivers that have been trapped in their cars in dangerous cold temperatures. at least six weather related deaths have been reported following a storm. with the windchill, some areas were expected to be well below zero. it closed major highways and cancelled more than 1600 flights
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in chicago over the weekend. >> take a look at this. in minneapolis, heavy snow caused the inflated amp roof of vikings home to collapse. the roof was sagging before it ripped open. nobody was hurt. the vikings game against the giants was moved from yesterday to tonight and going to be played detroit. officials hope to have the roof fixed in a week. >> we are so lucky here. even if the skies are overcast. >> i know. we don't even use the words windchill out here. >> not in this weather pattern. a lot of people putting up decorations -- i was congratulating them in their 22 inches in their snow.
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all the exercise they were going to get. it is the bright spot there, you get a little exercise. multilayers of clouds from mount tamalpais this morning. the high clouds are going to get thicker and bring us the rain. here is a look from emeryville and see how hazy but more in the form of humidity than pollution. live doppler, northern half of the state, put into motion over the last hour, you see the rain moving say southwest to northeast. the whole line eventually will sag into the bay area but until it does, cloudy conditions today. pretty comfortable temperatures as we're still in the low to mid-50s in most areas. it's going to be the same way around monterey bay. mostly cloudy and mild afternoons we'll eventually jump into the 50s. the weekend looks pretty wet and cooler than today. we'll have highs in the south
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bay and low to mid-50s. few slivers of sunshine and mainly cloudy. upper 50s along the coast downtown and south san francisco. up through the north bay, upper 50s to low 60s for you. over on to the east bay shore, richmond around 59 degrees. everybody else in lotto to mid-50s. where we're going to see the most amount of sunshine is where we'll find the warmest weather, monterey bay, mid to upper 50s and inland we'll have 50s in your valleys. rain shield developing tonight but it could cause some problems especially if you were the first one out on the roads in the morning. it's running parallel with the jetstream most bu most of the energy is staying to the north of us. this will bring the wet weather tomorrow. but with another low heading to the north, we'll get some of the leftovers.
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it will move across the bay for our morning commute and another batch will come from the front from noon through the evening rush. you can see a few left over showers wednesday night but fog developing by wednesday morning. then we'll see sunshine wednesday afternoon and some dry weather. any rain that will fall will be south of us on wednesday and thursday. temperatures will be back up to the mid-50s. and rain will take over for friday through sunday. so today could be the driest day of the week. >> san jose city council is going to take up the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries and also consider whether to ban them. after law enforcement agencies raided two dispensaries last thursday. they shut one down in san jose and another in morgan hill. they say the owner is suspected of selling marijuana illegally. he is also suspected of money
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laundering. his attorney says the raids were misguided under guidelines. >> a new crackdown on the campus of u.c. berkeley has bike riders crying foul. they have been cracking down on moving violations for bicyclists there are similar fines that can quickly get into hundreds of dollars. the police say they didn't know the bike fines were so high until students begin complaining. now they'll look for a less expensive code to cite those traffic laws. >> they are looking on to look high-priced superbowl commercials into a media game. they launched a contest for twitter and facebook users leading up to the superbowl in february. they are offering big prizes for
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most tweets. all 60 commercial slots have been sold out for the superbowl. each commercial costs $3 million. >> is that all? from britain, new pictures of prince williamss3q copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better.
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today at 4:00, john travolta and paul simon join oprah. and prescription painkillers for serious side effects. we'll have those stories at
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5:00. >> the first photos of britain's prince william and kate middleton are out. >> it shows the couple relaxed and casual and smiling. >> the other is more formal. they were taken by a celebrity photographer and he is a royal family favorite. >> william and middleton will marry april 29 at westminister abby. >> did you get invited? >> i did not. >> from all of us, thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a húhúhúhúhúhúgtog
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