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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 13, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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happened here, police say predators know how easy it is for children to become separated large stores like this one, warning during the busy shopping season, keep the children close. >> i told them, i didn't, i'm going knock you out. don't run. >> that is all he had to say to the man accused of molesting an 8-year-old girl inside of this walmart. that, a cull to the police and choice words not suitable for tv. >> i almost punched him. i said i can't. i said once i found out the age of the girl i said i'm going drop this guy. >> the girl wandered away from her mother for a split second to look for her little brother. police say the 29-year-old resident snuck up from behind and assaulted her. he ran for the exit, removed his hat and coat, and the girl's spotted him near the
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garden department. her mother screamed. one shopper tackled him. and renetti heard the commotion. >> wow. he's about 15 years old, lifting this guy up police are convinced the suspect would have gotten away had it not been for the two good samaritan autos it's a personal decision to do what they do. we're glad they helped get this predator into custody. >> less than two weeks ago a 2-year-old girl was assaulted by a registered sex offend gler a dollar tree. she'd been separate forward her grandmother less than a minute. >> renetti hauls trash fr a recycling plant and says he's no hero, just did something he had to do. >> and i said that is the right thing to do. you know? this is a tough world. there is a lot of mean people out there.
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>> now in, this case, the suspect is not a registered sex offender. he has a record including making terror threats. he's facing charges including aggravated sexual assault. a spokesman for walmart issued a statement calling this an apalling act saying the store does everything it can to make it a safe shopping experience for customers. abc 7 news. >> and thank you. the toddler found unconscious in the hyatt regency fountain last week sadly died. police say he wandered from his family as they're visiting the hotel lobby. officers managed to revive the boy when they found him. the tie yat temporary shut down the fountain but turned it back on with a barrier around it to help prevent a similar tragedy. police have ruled the boy's death a tragic accident. and you know there are a number of products being sold to help parents track children.
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they rank from a basic $40 transmitter that beeps when your child wander morz than 25 feet from you to a full on gps tracking device that fits in your child's pocket. those run into hundreds of dollars and meant for more long-range tracking not from aisle to aisle within a store. both were just random examples but there are a number of brands to check out. >> detectives are escorting a 12-year-old girl back home to her relatives. she was found last week with her accused abductor. a woman spotted the two pan handling outside of a safeway in ocean beach. abc caught up with ter reesea, she said saw she saw the two and knew something was wrong. she said she remembered britney's brown eyes from news reports. >> she stared at me the whole time walking towards her, past her, to pick up a cart,
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pulling out the cart. we didn't unlock eyes. there is no better feeling than saving a child. i'm glad i could help her. >> britney's mother, who was easley's girlfriend was found dead last week. easley has an extradition hearing in san francisco tomorrow. >> a special city council meeting in san jose is focusing on medical marijuana dispenseries after nearly four hours, the session is now in overtime. we're live tonight z there is a lot of emotion there on both sides of the issue. >> absolutely. and as it stands now, the city attorney says the 98 medical marijuana dispenseries operating within the city are doing so illegally because there no zoning and no regulation allowing for them to operate. recent raids within the county have just made this more volatile. >> the passionate debate over medical marijuana in san jose has more than 70 speakers
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lining up in a special meeting. including patients pleading for reasonable regulations. >> go get the medicine miff choice illegally on the street. >> another mother was just as emotional about wanting so called pot clubs outlawed. >> i can only speak to the personal cost to my family which has been far too great to tolerate any longer. every child should be safe. >> this debate over regulation includes a critical issue of taxing sales of medical marijuana. one counsel member says it should be done at a rate of 7% following the passage of measure u in november. >> at the end, voters it was nearly 80% voting yes. and they wanted it up to 10%. >> advocates saying other prescription drugs are not taxed. >> less than 2% would be understandable that.
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way it doesn't force patients back onto the streets. >> one point of agreement seems to be is a that san jose avoided an issue other cities tackled. >> we need to have regulatory system with a small number of collectives. not 99 december pensries popping up everywhere they want to go. >> i don't think staffing of police is necessary. a city like oakland can do it. we can do it. >> and so the city council is now in discussion for regulators they voted in favor of the council member's pro positionals and there are still a number of other issues to be decided and it's likely tlb will be more session autos president obama's tax deal
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with congressional republicans passed a key test vote in the senate today. and house democrats aren't giving way just yet. and and this extends unemployment benefits and includes cuts and tax credits. the senate is expected to pass the bill in the next few days, setting the stage for a showdown for the president and many house democrat autos we'll get a better deal here, negotiations are nirway. there has been an uprising among colleagues. we love the president. we think he's a terrific person but he cut a bad deal. >> the president didn't give indications he's willing to accept further changes and says the deal proves two parties can work together z also from washington, d.c. tonight a powerful force of international dip plow magsy died. richard hol brak passed away from a torn aorta.
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he was a special representative to afghanistan and pakistan. he was due to be released this thursday in the mid 1990ses brokering peace in the balkins, ending years of war in bos nismt a. >> a federal judge reject aid key provision of the obama administration's health care law as unconstitutional. the court ruled the federal government does not have the authority to force people to buy insurance. the new law has a mandatory requirement with a penalty for those who revufed. the judge is the first to strike down the law signed by president obama last thing. it's been upheld once before. and several other lawsuits are pending. saying this is major pro vision dmotz take affect until 2014. >> both mcdonalds and wall greens warning customers of
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hacker attacks involving customer information. mcdonalds information says no financial information has been compromised only nonsense tiff data. walgreens says a list of customers e mail addresses was breeched. it's reminding customer that's it does not send e mails asking for credit cards, social security numbers or any other sort of personal information so if you get one don't respond. >> a 13-year-old girl and her 18-month-old brother under critical condition tonight following an assault, a violent assault and n.their vacaville home yesterday morning. the toddler repeatedly stabbed. the teenager stabbed more than 30 times and sexual assaulted. the girl able to grab her little brother and run to a neighbor's house. police arrived they arrested the 14-year-old boy inside of the home. neighbors say he lived nearby. >> he's in there for different things and just -- he's does not -- not -- .
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>> the suspect is facing charges including atempted murder and sexual assault. investigators say he's a friend of the 13-year-old girl's other brother. >> if you're waiting for a california driver's license in the mail, have you to wait longer. it's currently taking as long as six weeks to get a new license. usually taking about two to three weeks. state officials unveiled a redesigned license with hidden photos and raised lettering. >> this is a security strengthened card in the country. our expectation that everyone of the cards is 100% correct. >> the problem for drivers comes when a police officer comes when you find a expired license. officers are able to check to see if you've paid for a new license. >> and still ahead, ambitious plan to fill state with
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charging stations and gas station autos and peninsula's plan to even out of playing kneeled f.a toll to get into san francisco gets into affect. >> and i'm sandhya patel. rain tomorrow this, is just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a very wet, extended accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll be back to explain. >> also, why widz kidz who ate low-sugar cereal ended up with n├▒aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a pleasant hill samantha under arrest tonight. police say the 27-year-old held up banks in martinez and lay fayette late last month and another in folsom. he was known as cameo bandits as you can see from this surveillance photo wearing a cameo flauj hat.
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a detective saw the pictures he recognized him from an unrelated case and he was arrested at his home. >> a battle is brewing between san francisco and san mateo over a proposal to charge drivers a toll to cross the line during commute hours there. is a plan that could start a border war. some people just see vehicles, some members of the san francisco board of supervisors see opportunity. $3 per car coming into, or leaving the city during morning or evening commute hours adds up to $80 million per year. everyone sees it as opportunity smrks as highway robbery. >> this ams to $1500 a year for san mateo county residents going into san francisco. it's nonsense cal. >> the toll booths via plate-recognition technology. counsel member says this idea
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is unpop wlar businesses and elected officials in san mateo county who have written a letter to protest the proposal. if that is not enough to get attention, san mateo county officials say there will be a toll of their own. $6 each way for every vehicle coming into and out of their county. >> i hate to do this, but they left us no choice p approving this legislation. it's a tit for a tat and it's petty and silly. and arrogance needs to be controlled. >> we asked people what they thought of the proposed toll. >> i don't like it. it's a headache. yeah. you know? it's -- only freeway that is pretty much a short cut to costco. >> what impact would it have? on the way you drive? >> i won't go if i didn't have to. >> to san francisco? >> right. >> if they get around to approving the toll it would still have to be approved by
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the state legislature and the governor. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and an effort is underway to make charging stations for electric cars more accessible and affordable in california. the plan unveil today by auto makers and regulators and environmental advocates. it outlines steps replacing charging stations in public areas and a way to get them installed at home. california energy commission is using state money to upgrade charging stations and to install new residential units. >> president obama sign aid new bill into law today that is designed to make sure school children dmot go hungry providing $4.5 billion for free lunches and gives government more authority to regulate meals to make sure they're knew trishis this, is dear to first lady michelle obama's heart. >> my husband worked very hard to make sure that this bill was a priority in this session
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and i am grateful to you. >> because boy have been sleeping on the couch. >> the law will pay for 20 million after school meals and includes a provision some way sai will lead to big sales during school hours, but the agriculture society promise there is no intention of targeting fund-raiser autos a study shows kids like to eat cereals that are are lower in sugar, dividing school age kids into two groups. and both groups were allowed to add sugar and fresh fruit to break fafts. kids in the low sugar group added more sugar and fruit but children who ate sugary cereals still wound up eating nearly twice as much cereal. >> some of san francisco's less fortunate receive aid treat today. thanks to a group of renowned
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asian chefs and will prepare dinner for 2500 people at glide memorial church this, is the 7th year the group hosted this event. the chefs began getting the feast ready yesterday at california culinary academy with the help of four fez duzen. on the menu sweet sour pork, egg rolls and chicken teracky. >> we'd love to see the best holiday lights and displays in your neighborhood. you can uploop to you reports or e mail it to you report at and make sure to watch abc 7 news to see if this videos and photos on our air. >> that is a fun thing it is. >> will be a treat to put that on television. gelt ready for an unsettled week. >> again. >> and this is a wetter pattern shaping up. and there is umbrellas out and this will affect your morning and evening commute.
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then a short period of dry weather. there is a live picture now from our camera. there is temperatures down most areas into mid-50s to low 60s. and there is live doppler 7 hd there are reports of very light rain around crescent city. and the rain is coming. temperatures now into 50s and here are the highlights aichl rainy day tomorrow. there is a wet pattern friday through monday. i'll show that to you on the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. there is a ridge moving back. and we'll get rain by morning. so as computer will show you there is rain developing at 1:00 a.m. 5:00 in the morning, showers
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across many coastal areas and then rain becomes organized and moving to the north bay. spreading south ward and there is a cold front looks like it's going to break up. and there is three quarters to an inch of rain there. north bay about half an inch to three quarters inch. and peninsula just about a inch or less z there is a tenth and a quarter inch of rain. it's going to mean snow for sierra nevada. winter storm warning going into affect at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow continuing until 10:00 p.m. tuesday. snow levels 6,000 feet. eight to 12 inches of snow is expected above 6,000 foot elevation. gusting winds and interstate 80 and highway 50 will be impacted by snow heading into tuesday. tonight mostly cloudy skies. by morning you'll see
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temperatures bottoming out into low to mid 50 was showers developing during morning hours. certainly an um brem brela day for tuesday, temperatures low to upper 50s and it's go tok breezy in the southwest. and there will be showers around the bay as well. and there is and here is the accu-weather forecast. rain tuesday. a lot of cloud cover for your wednesday and thursday. keeping it on the cool side there. there is some fog around wednesday, thursday but friday. and there is showers fund and more rain and there is a timing on the system that feels clear and and that we can be sure. >> absolutely oo. thank you. >> and coming up next, prescription painkiller that's could be lethal.
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>> and first meeting of a bay area transplant recipient z family of a local student giving him the gift of sight. we'll be right back.
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a new study warns older americans to be care wfl prescription painkillers. researchers lifted data from 41,000 patients who took open yits and found the patients described codeine had a 205% greater chance risk of dying than patients taking another openit, hydro codone. that study pub lished in archives of internal medicine. >> san francisco board of supervisors under pressure to close a deal to bring the
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america's cup to the bay area. organizers got exas per yaited after changing the location to those on the northern side. in a letter, they gave the city friday as a deadline to complete the deal. supervisors expected to approve a new offer tomorrow f notariry is waiting in the wings if the deal does fall through. >> funny -- sunnyvale and nokia moved into the operations downtown area. and the company is consolidating the offices into one. and the city manager says this is a big deal for the city. the move is considered the biggest step yesterday in an effort to revitalize the bay. >> very nice. >> coming up next, engaging photo autos royal engagement. stay with us. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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new tonight at 6:00 violence at napa state hospital. and what is making the facility more dangerous for employees then after 6:30 a rare advise wroit to dream works bay area studio. the animators there who made shrek come to live. its coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. and the first photos out, engagement pictures of prince william and kate middleton. >> one shows the couple relaxed and smiling into each other arms. >> other one is more formal. pictures taken by mario testino. >> he's a royal family favorite capturing iconic images of princess diana. >> william and middleton will marry in westin sister


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