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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 13, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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teresa says she knew something was wrong the moment she spotted a young girl pan handling last fry she caught my eye. i thought it was strange that a man his age would be with a child, a young girl. >> shandly said it sent a chill down her arms, she asked the clerk to call police. >> as i was waiting on the phone i thought my god, could it be her? i thought they're in virginia. why would they come here? but then, i saw the police officer and said it may be the girl from virginia. >> the girl from virginia turned out to be 12-year-old britney smith did it dis appearing just a week before. with her was 32-year-old jeffrey easley. police say the mother was killed sometime on december 3. they say her live in boyfriend is a suspect. the following day, both easley and 12-year-old were caught in
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a surveillance tape getting camping qaimt in virginia. from there, the trail went cold until shandly spotted them in san francisco. they'd traveled 2300 miles into the victim's car. shandly recognized after watching a show about the missing girl on cnn saying her big brown eyes that caught her attention. >> and she stared at meet whole afternoon. we didn't unlock our eyes. >> easley remains under psychiatric observation tonight. his hearing is scheduled for tomorrow morning. the 12-year-old britney left san francisco to be reunited with her family in virginia. >> there are a lot of people out there in this country who are saying... that you did the right thing that she's going home safe because of you. >> and there is no better
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feeling than saving a child. i'm glad. glad i helped her. >> shandly says easley was clean shaven when she saw him on friday meaning he didn't have a goatee in that picture. the question tonight is why did they come to san francisco? and abc 7 news learned easley told police he googled best place -- best place to be homeless. san francisco came up as number one. i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news tu very much. >> after mother attack on an employee there are security measures in napa state hospital tonight. and there is a worker beaten there this weekend. at tack follows a recent murder by a patient. abc 7's vic lee reports.
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>> there is new security procedures today following a weekend beating of a 60-year-old hospital therapist by a patient. at tack occurred while bouchet was being escorted on the grounds of a forensics facility. the section that houses the criminally insane and violent patients. latest assault less than two months after the psych tech was murdered on the same grounds. another patient is charged in that murder. now a mem joz the hospital is ending a lock down in place since gross's murder. wednesday, patients will be allowed again to roam the grounds without an escort but only avarice being assess manies which includes at least 90 days of safe and responsible behavior autos one of the big problems is that people should be in prison are there at napa state hospital. >> the psychiatrist left napa state last year, angry and fed
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up with what he saw. >> there is people without training assaulted them without weapons or ability to fight back. >> napa state has been under a court order tomorrow prove conditions for five years after a justice department investigation found wide spread deficiencies put workers and patient lives at risk. dr. brody says a big reason for the breakdown is the treatment program that the hospital develop forward patients. >> it's come out recently was basically developed only for an outpatient population. it's being used inappropriately for a population which includes hardened criminal autos is a sem bliman allen met with some of the staff last week arks pauled by what he had heard. >> i'm trying to get a tour of the hospital. i've invited the governor's
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office to come. >> hospital officials say more security measures have been added but declined to talk about the particulars of the weekend attack. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and the sale of 24 state-owned building has been put on hold. granted a stay to opt who's have been fighting the deal. sales would have brought in more than $1 kbrinl. but it would cost taxpayers more to lease those buildings back. tonight the attorney representing the state says they're considering options which may include trying to overturn the decision. >> the pressure is on to bring world premier sailing event to san francisco. supervisors may seal the deal this week there. is a deadline imposed and leaders in another state are ready to muscle in should the suit falter. abc 7 is here now with the story. >> the mayor of the city's team and members of the america's cup committee have since negotiated behind closed
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doors this afternoon and one describes san francisco as holding on by their finger nails to win the bid. the pressure is on. city leaders under pressure to close the deal. the race organizer says the city is no longer concentrating on the central water front, instead going with pierce on the northern side. that requires less public property and cheaper upfront costs. and there is race organizers feel it means fewer deals and more physical risks for them. this coo has sent a pointed leter to city hall warning if this proposal sticks quote san francisco will not win win right to host the 34th
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america's cup. the share of the organizing committee calls this letter disappointing. >> this may be just the way they negotiate. but it's -- making it difficult to do it in the public arena. we're having more meetings and i'm still confident we'll get past it. >> and like sharks smelling blood, an official talked about having the company in newport. >> there is other cities hoping san francisco stumbles in some way. we're putting forward, i think, the best deal possible. >> this after the foon, the economy presented with the latest analysis. the city controller estimates by hosting the event will cost the stiff $13.3 mill yichblt analyst add to that $11.9 mill yichblt both agree benefits would put it on the plus side.
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the mayor called the bid outstanding for the city and race organizers. >> and i'd be very surprise fd they pulled out the kug rug at this stage. >> friday is the deadline to submit the bid. supervisor economy got behind a proposal today. the full board expected to vote tomorrow. >> and there is our resident sailing enthusist will be here to show us how lirry ellison and his team hoping to turn the event into a television spectacular. stay tuned for that report. moving on a border battle brewing between san francisco and san mateo over a proposed toll just for crossing the county line. and san francisco transportation authority will vote whether to launch a study of a toll program that could raise $80 million a year, charging drivers $6 round trip
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to come into the city during peak commute hours. and officials say they'll propose a similar toll if san francisco goes ahead with this plan. >> what they've left us no choice and it's a tit for a tat and it's petty and silly. but arrogance of san francisco feeds to be controlled and we're going move forward. >> and any toll plan could wo have to be approved by the state legislature and the governor and would not take affect until 2015. and after sem bli man will go before supervisors and ask them to vote down this idea. >> and you're waiting for a driver's license arrive you can be waiting longer. the dmv says it's taking up to six weeks. >> this is ridiculous.
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>> now word have you to wait as much as two months for the license or id cards and this is double what it used to take. >> stand around, waiting all morning just to be seen. then have you to wait another six to eight weeks to get what you come for? and they don't have to wait six to eight weeks to pay nem them money for it they're supposed to make them counterfeit proof but apparently details are so much so the maker is forcing the state to reject every screw up. >> if the card has any imperfection on it, we send it back we zront a luxury to be los on licenses so our expectation is that every card has to be 100% correct. >> dmv says if you get pulled over records will show you're up to date. the agency says you can board a flight with an expired
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license or id if you go through extra screenings. and there might be some extra explaining. none that have is good enough for jerry anderson. got a post card saying he needs to show them a valid government photo id. >> takes longer than six weeks? they say... they -- the card says that i will be terminated. >> and i also herd of someone who couldn't buy alcohol with an expired license. the state recommends getting a temporary license or id but that means more waiting on the phone or in the field office. >> there is a lot more still to come including a meeting of a transplant recipient and
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family of a local student giving him the gift of eye sight. >> i'm spencer christian. there is light rain well north around ses kresent city. and i'll show you when we expect to it start in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and from 7 on your side's michael finney a hot video game gets a cold reception. fans find out it doesn't work. >> and later tonight behind the scenes at dream works. and the bay area animators gave birth to shrek.k.k.k.k.k.k.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. after more than a year of
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deebit san jose has taken action to regulate medical marijuana december pensries. council voted to tax medical marijuana sales at 7%. and that is after voters passed a measure allowing tax of up to 10%. counsel decided to let the december pensries stay open. this after an emotional debate. >> don't make me get medicine of my choice illegally on street. >> i can only speak to the personal costs to my family which has been too great to tolerate any longer. every child should be safe. >> this counsel voted not to allow any new dispensery autos a fremont man devastated by his vision loss credits the gift of silgt with saving his life. and today he got to thank the family of the young man who donated his cornea.
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and their meeting and their call for help. >> last year this 20-year-old died in a car accident. he was an organ and tissue donor. today his parents were in san francisco meeting the san who received one of his corneas. the 57-year-old fremont resident marty sanchez. >> thank you he has a degenerative disease that can lead to blindness. he had a trance flant early 30s but he was legally blind in the right eye by the time he got matthew's corna. he can now see his five children, and six grandchildren. he says both transplants did more than restore his sight. they changed his life. he said the first one saved him from likely suicide.
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>> and just realization someone i didn't know decided to out of love give that gift when they were to die. it was profound. it stopped me. >> i just think it's ultimate gift for anyone to give another person. >> as matthew grew up, his parents could never imagine losing him at age 20. they're grateful good come coming ups from it and proud of their son's decision to be a donor. >> thank you matthew for being a caring and loving young man. he's like that all his life. loved to give. >> his donation was manage bid world's largest eye bank. sight life works on eye-related donation autos if you begin from a global level there are 10 million people waiting in blindness today. and there is a big reason they got involved is because there is a shortage.
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>> and they had worked on an image for a rose parade float saying californians have one of the nation's lowest donation rates. >> and if you or someone in your family would like to become a donor we have links under see it on tv. >> and this is going to be a wintery feeling week. >> cloudy, foggy start. don't you just love it? wonderful. and there is a live view looking westward. and conditions i just described are what we have now. there is live doppler 7 hd. light rainfall and moisture that is not yet hitting the
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ground is moving into our direction. and there is some rain by morning, down to 49 degrees in loss got gath yos. there is a rainy day tomorrow, and then a wet, and sometimes stormy pattern friday and there is approaching frontal system and rain ahead of it that is up well north at the moment but arriving here into the wee hours of the morning. forecast animation 7:00 tonight. by just after midnight around 1:00 a.m. we'll see the first of the rain up into the northern most part of the viewing area. by 5:00 there is organized and witder area of showers. then later in the day there is a main event. a frontal system around mid day bringing more rain, heavy rain, and steady rain. and there is starting to taper
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off. we expect to get rainfall from this system z there is projections for a total of about three quarters of an inch. half an inch to three quarters of an inch in the north bay. east bay from one tenth to half an inch. south bay, a little bit less. and there sf into the sierra. a winter storm warning is in effect and snow levels around 6,000 feet expecting another eight to 12 inches of new snow. and if you're waiting, likely chains. low temperatures overnight tonight on the mild side into low 50s so won't be a chilly night but a damp night. high temperatures won't be much higher, highs only into low or low to mid-50s. moving south ward, mid to
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upper 50s then looking farther south, down near the bay highs near the bay into upper 50s to around 60 degrees, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is dry weather wednesday and thursday. cool those two days and more rain friday. and a stormy day saturday. and there is active weather. >> still mild compared to what it is in another parts of the count rye yes. mid west snow storm trapped done duzens in their are ares -- cars. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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rizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. at least is a 15 people died in a strong winter storm in the mid west. in indiana 70 drivers were stranded some for 12 hours. and two feet of snow fell in parts of minnesota and wisconsin. >> right now my car is... like on a pell ped stall of snow. and there is hopefully, tires can pull out of here. >> this storm is making its way east to new york and south to central florida.
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and this is expected to batter the eastern third of the country another day or two. >> wall street inches towards a new bench mark. dow jones gained 18 points today, 16 shy of a post-recession high and there is 11444 would be considered a bull market. nation's oldest grocer file forward bankruptcy. great atlantic and pacific tea company, a and p struggle forward years against falling sales and debt. here is how airlines are staying in business. the transportation department says they've collected $4.3 billion in baggage and ticketing fees this year. and there is 1.2 million by delta. and five to up to $9 you can
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block in a good fare and have three to seven days to decide. >> and there is wells fargo closing its wholesale mortgage center in concord. and he says he'll do his best somewhere within the company. >> there is a milestone for voyager space craft. nasa says it's no longer defecting solar wind. and there is remarkable and well built. >> still ahead one of washington's best known diplomats. >> and there is a some have other idea autos how backers other idea autos how backers of the america's cup
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good evening, long time u.s. diplomat richard hol brooke has died. he was admitted to a hospital on friday, and after he became ill and underwent surgery on saturday to repair a torn aorta. he was nob known for his forceful style during his career. and he was 69. >> house democrats are vowing to fight the president's tax deal though it pass aid key vote in the senate. it exhe tends unemployment benefits, providing $404
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billion in cuts to stimulate the economy. he gave no indication he's willing to step the changes. >> i recognize that folks on both sides are unhappy with certain parts of the package. and i understand those concerns. i share some of them. but that is the nature of compromise. sacrificing something each of us cares about to move forward on what matters to us. >> we'll get a bet year deal here. negotiations are underway. there has been an uprising among democratic colleagues. we love the president. we think he's a terrific person but he cut a bad deal. >> and the. >> and house democrats don't think too much of a tax compromise, it seems to be getting proud support from around the country.
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a poll shows 69% are in favor of the deal but only 36% think it will help the economy. 43% say it won't have any impact. >> and there is police crediting two good samaritans. a 29-year-old jorld facing charges of aggravated assault and false imprison. authorities say he snuck up on an 8-year-old girl and molested her in the toy section of this walmart. the girl pointed the man out. two others grabbed and held him. >> if i'm not afraid. you've got to do the right thing. and i want someone to step forward. >> he did do right thing this, is the second suspected in the past two weeks.
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a hayward man accused of sexual assaulting a 2-year-old girl is in custody. a 61-year-old rodeo woman managed to fight off a pair of would be car jackers in concord two. men tried to force her out. she resisted and they got away. the police say it's a reminder to be aware of you're surround yg gs. >> as we reported tonight san francisco board of supervisors trying to close the deal on getting america's cup yacht race as soon as tomorrow f we do get it could be a different affair. there are change that's could be coming. >> and he's the ceo of artemis racing. if you've never heard of them consider yourself part of the
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reason they want to change the game. >> he's racing a boat off st. thomas, he won that and since then won seven world championships, competed in six america's cups and two olympic games and elected to sailings hall of fame, the first ever to win the grueling race. and. >> this is a trophy displayed in the club. >> he is a san francisco native born and raised. and yet very few outside of sailing would recognize this sailing rock star. even in his hometown. the vast majority of americans have no interest in yacht racing. >> there is just a number out there. let's just say 3% is interested in sailing. >> he says that is not enough to generate the interest that
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race organizers had in mind for next america's cup. >> we want to make sailing something that someone could be excited to watch. >> you can see what they're betting on. 72 foot cat marchans capable of speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour. >> rocketing up and rocketing back. >> larry ellison's team won the last cup. it's his right to set terms terms for the next one. he's talking in terms of a television spectacular. >> there are crams on the boats and helicopters, microphones. >> this is people that are going need a helmet on. goating 50 miles per hour f the boat tips or god for bid if there is a crash there is going to be bodies flying around. >> the boats will be a game changer he says. at least that is the bet. and there are hundreds of
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millions of dollars in the pot. >> if the key thing is just get into land he wants bay front property, piers 30, 32, and pier 50. and is profed $150 million in improvements. >> if they're going give the people $150 million in improvements they need to get the opportunity to recoup that investment. >> the project coordinator for the city says that this city is on board. and the sticking point? about $36 million to make improvements and relocate existing tenants. >> that is a cost having an understanding of that spurred
6:37 pm
to us look at an nalt tiff. >> the nalt tiff plan would have be closer to fisherman's wharf. there would be a 66 year lease and a 75 year lease and possibly title to sea wall at the foot of bryant street. the team would be required to pay commercially reasonable rent, still there would be costs to the city. extra police, and whatever else is required to most. organizers says those costs will be covered. >> we have come up with a mechanism with this committee to have them fund raise to cover expense autos that is the deal. and the projected benefit? 1.2 to $1.4 billion that. would go to hotels and restaurants and the key is the
6:38 pm
interest level. if they can get the public interested in sail boat racing and participants to come it will be a huge success. >> and this is tough to make that key event. >> we'll see. thank you oo. and coming up next, from 7 on your side a hot new video game getting a cold reception. >> there is a wheel indicating floating. screen goes to black. the game is unresponsive. >> $300 million in sales smrks people finding out it doesnsnsnn
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the fourth installment of a popular video game series. >> despite a record $300 million in sales, some are kinding this release unplayable. >> and michael finney reports many believe it's part of a disturbing trend. this puts a game player in a world following a nuclear explosion. >> there is fans just hanging on the release date. >> and now shipped out for millions of units for sale. saying the game was shipped out on problems.
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>> there is tim sandy unfortunately found that out himself. >> there is a spinning wheel indicating floating. the game is unresponse yif play vers have been venting on you tube. this video shows one of the characters going into wild contorgss. another had disappeared. a third screens feelings. >> there it is. you're wonderful. freezing once again oo. games increase, so have the number of bug autos they're creating bug autos this becomes moyer challenging to nail every bug. >> and he's seen the number of bugs, and he doesn't understand how this is happening.
6:43 pm
>> the game is that they don't crash that easily there. is no way the testing department know about it he suspects the pressure to release in time for holidays may have contributed to the problem. he'll have the ease in which game developer sent out fixes. >> and there is connect activity taking advantage. >> and he spent out the final patch before the end of the year. >> and when we come back, a [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute.
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. bay area is one of the world's animation capitols. pixar and dream works are here. dream works has been putting away in an office complex and tonight, abc 7's don sanchez takes you inside the dream factory. shrek has become part of our
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culture, grossing almost $3 kbrinl. all four films created here in redwood city away from corporate offices in southern california. >> i think we have less of a distraction from hollywood. it's about the story and the work here and we don't have to worry about all of the hoopla.. >> and dream works growth has been nothing short of megamammoth. it started in palo alto. then dream works bought it. it turned into this megabuilding. 600 employees work here. and this is technology, more sos fi ti indicated. >> when i see shrek or or two, some of the software, we're limited by technology. now, you're just more immersed in it things like detail in
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shrek's clothing. more realistic now. >> talking about immersing people into the world and people forget it's an animated film. >> this is a marketing money-maker, shrek 4 d is a theme park ride and interest tl is a braurdway -- broad way musical. and a hit show, and with shrek, megamind and more, the ad should be yes, you can. in redwood city abc 7 news. >> and time for another check on wintery forecast. >> and it is time of the year z there is north, you can see clouds getting lower and traveling across the bay. it's the spik you're we've had all day long, by morning, we'll have rainfall and temperatures lift into 50s
6:49 pm
throughout the day. and that starts to push south ward. all parts will get wet weather tomorrow, high temperatures into narrow range noorks low to upper 50s, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is two dry, but cool days wednesday and thursday. friday, rain again, stormy conditions and unsettled and active weather continuing sunday and monday. >> substantial systems? >> looks like between half an inch and up to a half inch across the viewing area. >> we need more rain. >> a lot moreover the weekend. >> and let's talk about sports. 49er autos there is just when you're ready to bury 49ers they rise up and pop out and show they can play. there is a in nfc west that
6:50 pm
moves out to just a game out of first plays plais and raising the question is alex smith a quarterback of the future? no. but he threw for 255 yards and three touchdowns. and there is five turn overs and there is the season on the line thursday night in san diego. and coach likes what he's seeing. >> this gratifying thing is letting the team fight week in, week out. and they look ahead. and they're willing to work their tails off. >> and there is most people feel he's not going to be a niner next year. we vau drau it up. two guys are coming.
6:51 pm
and smith knows he's got to get rid of the ball fast. so does brian west brooke. and he takes off 62 yard touchdown. smith realizes plays like this could decide where he plays next year. >> and this is i know that right now, you know, the game of the season is up wchl that said, determined, it's to save the moment. and this is not taking anything for granted. >> and we're going to do everything i can to make the team win. >> and they played well and there is when they lost to jacksonville. now there is a report about unrest in the coaching staff. and this is what raiders wor hoping for. mcfadden scored three touchdowns and racked up 190
6:52 pm
yards. but with raiders six and seven, yahoo reports there is a rift between tom cable and hugh jackson. cable said not true. >> only truth is that we're just laughing about it up stair there's is no issue here. we have a prior relationship, a good relationship. he's doing a marvelous job. that is stupidity. whoever wrote it. we had fun. >> it. >> and there is a's eternal quest could be boosted by tomorrow. and expected to be introduced at a news conference tomorrow. he's 36 years old but the guy can still hit. and he spent seven seasons in majors and was mvp. this is hilarious. the l.a. clippers, they're lousy as usual.
6:53 pm
what makes this story insane is the clippers team owner is you're out of shape y are you in the game? why did you thaik shot? sterling would not comment. and all davis is saying is that i'm fighting unnecessary battles. and he signed to a five-year $65 million contract. a little loaded these days. >> and brett favre's streak over at 297 consecutive games. he's sitting out tonight. >> thank you. >> we'd tlik see how your home is decorated for holiday autos how to share your lights of your neighborhood with the b b b
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>> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up at that time... >> he's one of the giants of american foreign policy. >> reaction to the life and death of richard holbrooke. and then at 11:00 a rash of
6:57 pm
thefts on christmas tree lane. the first time anything like this happened in more than 70 years, coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> finally a happier holiday story. and before we go, i want to invite to you share your holiday image autos if you've seen an image that dazzles you, send your images to you report site. >> upload your photos or videos. >> and you can e mail them and then be sure to watch abc 7 news to see what you send in on the air. >> that is this edition of abc closed captioning services, inc.
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