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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  December 15, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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america this morning. >> stay warm. ♪ i'm terry mcsweeney looking over at the bay bridge where there's going to be a lot of activity this morning. a whole bunch of steel lifted up in place and the word from caltrain and the chp is don't look at it. story in a live report. >> the city council puts off the vote of hero status on the soldier who allegedly released classified information to wikileaks. >> a live look to downtown san francisco. it looks try this morning. thick clouds and scattered clouds to talk about. frost on the way tonight before the big rain this weekend. >> no slow spots in the bay area. we will talk about those chain
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requirements coming up. >> season ticket holders have a chance. now you can get a look at the giants world series trophy today. we'll tell you how. >> look. >> yes, look. you can't take it home with you. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. she'll get me later. it should be quite a sight this morning when caltran begins move a huge chunk of the eastern span but caltrain and the chp would rather you didn't watch. terry mcsweeney is live on treasure island. terry? >> hundreds of tons of steel are being to be lifted in place by this giant crane and caltrain and chp are saying if you could not be distracted by it that would be good for road safety. not going to be easy. what you can do is now take a look at the steel we're talking about as it's lying on a barge. take a look now. unless you have a tv in your
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car. hope you don't have that. it's going up this morning during the morning commute and when it's all said and done, all the steel is in place. it will be done at christmas eve. 4 million pounds of steel will be in place. we're going to have a third of four segments to create that massive bridge tower. but as early as this morning it could mean your eyes are going to be distracted. they want you to keep your eyes in front of you. >> there could be some curiosity. keep your eyes on the road, watch your following distance and try not to let it distract you. >> all part of that $6.3 billion new bridge project that's gonna be done by 2013. that's what we found out, not 2014. a few months early in 2013. there have been some very distracting construction efforts
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going on the past few years and each time the chp and caltrain have issued this warning to, please, drivers and commuters keep your eyes on the road and both times people cooperated and they hope the third time is a charm. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. school officials in san lorenzo are warning parents about a man that tried to lure a child outside an elementary school. a girl from delray elementary school reported that a man drove up to her and told her to get in. she refused and immediately told school officials about it. the district notified parents about the incident through automated phone calls last night. >> the berkeley city council has delayed a vote whether to honor the military whistle-blower who claims to have fed classified information to wikileaks. some council members want more time to look into the issue. here's abc 7's allen wong. >> he did this for us, the nation. we have the responsibility to
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return the favor to him. he is a hero. he needs our support. >> the proposed resolution would honor private bradley manning for leaking sensitive information and causing an international embarrassment for the u.s. >> i'm urging you not to vote for this resolution to call this trader, bradley manning a hero. if he has done what he's accused of doing, he has endangered his fellow troops is manning is in a military jail facing a 52-year prison sentence for posting documents posted online by wikileaks founding julianna assange. the majority are not top secret but one of the most crucial leeks is this u.s. helicopter killing in afghanistan. it exposes a government coverup and sheds light on war crimes and corruption. >> the state department would like us to believe he's
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unleashed danger to our troops but they haven't pointed to a single person harmed by these releases. >> a retired army general paul mun rue who lives in berkeley says it's a matter of honor. >> we take an oath against foreign domestics. most of us take that seriously. >> i'm allen wong, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:35 and it's up to oracle ceo larry ellison and his racing team to decide if they want to hold the america's cup along san francisco bay. the board of supervisors unanimously supported the bid of the 34th edition in 2013. the mayor wants to fix up the area and pocket future profits from developments there.
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>> this is as good as it gets and this bid is as good as we could provide. i know people are always looking for a little bit more. and we stretched. >> built the best stadium in the world for this race and it's our backyard. i'm pretty confident we'll get it. >> america's cup officials plan to review san francisco's bid. italy is also be considered rhode island says it is waiting and has an offer waiting as well. a decision is expected by the end of the month. >> members of the mount diablo school board say they may be enforced to furlough days and close schools to make up a $14 million budget deficit. teaches met last night to show solidarity. they renegotiated union contracts. it includes furlough days and requiring employees to pay more for health insurance. >> i believe they're asking for what they need, but there's a way to ask which includes respect for the classified worker and they need to be able to listen to our concerns and
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our needs as well. >> what we need is the state of california to come forward and care about the children in the state and funded indication at a level that allows us to fairly compensate our teachers. >> a committee has come up with a list of possible school closures that will save the district about $1.5 million per year. >> san jose is now the largest city in the nation to ban plastic bags. the city council has okayed a measure that will stop most businesses from using the bags by 2012. in addition the measure will require shoppers to pay a fee for every paper bag they use. that's paper. they will begin at 10 cents in 2012 and a quarter a bag the following year. the measure is intended to encourage more people to shop with reusable bags. meantime marin county supervisors have endorsed a proposal to ban plastic bags and impose a 5 cent charge on paper bags at grossry outlets. the board will hold a public hearing on the measure january 4th. >> giants fans will have a
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chance to see the world series trophy in person today before it goes on a little vacation. it will be on display 1:00 to 3:00 in the south light court at san francisco city hall. this morning's giants' president larry bear and mayor knewsome will announce it will go on a tour that will take it throughout northern california, southern oregon and western nevada. it will be taken to new york to visit the hall of fame in cooperstown and that tour begins january 4th. >> i'm gonna guess it's going to be in a case. you can't get your little fingers on them? >> and probably two very large unsmiling gentlemen to stand alongside it. >> just to make sure. >> just to make sure. >> if you're heading out we're drying out, mike. >> absolutely. enjoy the next two days if you like the dry weather. that's all we have and the rain comes in this weekend. it's going to be rather heavy and i can see some potential flooding into the weekend and the next week.
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for today live doppler, very quiet. not only here but if you're heading into the sierra it is rather quiet there, also. temperatures, that's the big story and the patchy dense fog. 50 mountain view, san jose and san francisco. the rest of us back into the mid and upper 40s. these temperatures running from 4 degrees cooler in san francisco to double digitless concord, fairfield, napa and santa rosa 14 degrees cooler rz oakland 8, fremont 9, mountain view 7 and. for. starting out chilly with cloudy conditions. by noon into those low to mid-50s with a little sunshine starting to break out. even more sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures settling pretty close where they should this time of year and that's the mid to upper 50s. let's take a look at that accu-weather 7-day forecast. thick fost in our valleys as temperatures dip down to near freezing. tomorrow low to mid-50s once again and the rain comes in friday and gets stormy saturday
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and lingers sunday and another system brings us rain which will be probably very heavy on tuesday. it is going to be a tough five to six days once we get past these two dry days. megans in this morning. let's see what she's got trafficwise. >> good morning. we have a down tree blocking the lane of traffic in the santa cruz mountains. it's highway 9 right at highway 35, run lane blocked there. if you're heading out it have town to the sierra, you will need your chains. you need them on 80 between kingville and trekky and between 50 between 36 milestone and highway 89. outside a live look at the east shore freeway. this is interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights moving westbound, traffic moving nicely here, about a 20 minute drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. eric, kristen. >> thanks a lot. it's 4:40 now. >> it's a frightening scene in florida. a man armed with a gun storms a school board meeting. >> a sacramento mother on a
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>> good morning, everyone. 4:43 on the abc 7 morning. high definition camera of the bay bridge. terry's been telling us about the span tower that's going in later on today. nobody wants you to look for safety reasons. megan and terry will tell you more about that coming up in just a minute. >> more news now. a sacramento woman is dead after being caught up in a shoot-out in the parking lot of a strip mall. monique wilson was loading her two-year-old son into her s.u.v. and she was shot yesterday. two armed men entered a barbershop and opened fire. the second pair fireded back and
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the gunfire spilled into the parking lot. the barber was shot in the angle. the child wasn't injured. >> police in panama city, florida, are trying to determine a motive for a shooting spree at a school board meeting. they say the gunman who ended up taking his own life could be heard talking about the apparent firing of his life and sales taxes. he opened fire at board members but didn't hit anyone. the terrifying scene was caught on video yesterday. a warning here, some viewers may find these pictures disturbing. reporter andy rose has more. >> but why? this isn't worth it. this is a problem. >> please don't, please don't. please! (gunfire) >> heart-stopping moments for bay district cool bort members in panama city, florida, tuesday. amazingly no one was hurt except the gunman, clay duke. he died after shooting himself. news cameras were rolling as
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they normally do during school board meetings. dukes stood up and spray painted a red circle and v and told everyone except six board members to get out. >> you may leave, you may leave. the women can leave. >> moments later a board member trying to knock the gun out of the mang's hand with a purse. >> ger, no. >> the superintendent recounted the terrifying ordeal. >> could you see in his eyes that he just had that look. you knew that he had something in mind and he was going to do it. >> authorities now trying to determine what caused clay duke to go on a shooting spree which ultimately ended with his own death. i'm andy rose reporting. >> it's a complicated treatment that doctors say has cured one man of aids. were researchers are not more
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optimistic. >> a bitter cold spell and farmers in the south worried about their crops. i'll have more on that story coming up. >> also the make or break vote today on a washington deal that will determine how much in taxes that you'll be paying. >> and who kept water off better as we age, men or women? what do you think? >> women. >> safe answer there, buddy. the
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>> welcome back. look at the highs across the country. still pretty cold the upper midwest and into the northeast with highs 18 minneapolis to not even freezing in new york and d.c. today. 31. atlanta 37. miami up to 62 after 55 yesterday. phoenix and dallas the warm spots in mid-70s. our airports and all the major ones are running smoothly this
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morning. don't see major reasons why we have delays but they do have and our flight tracker will have them at >> mike, thank you very much. governor elect jerry brown says he wants to get a new state budget done 60 days after presenting his plan and he's already found places to cut. >> i've been going through this budget and it's been an excruciatingly painful process. i've already taken 20% out of the governor's budget and i'm gonna find more. >> brown made his comments at ucla during a budget summit for educators. he said they too would fast more cuts. >> on capitol hill the senate is expected to vote and approve today the tax package that president obama negotiated with republicans. the senate held a procedural vote on the measure monday when it easily passed with broad bipartisan support. the package will then go to the
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house where democrats are fuming over extended tax breaks for the wealthy. they may hold a vote to enact a higher estate tax than the one in the current package but critics in the house say they expect it to pass as is. >> more than half of the nation under the grip of a cold spell that featured record-setting low temperatures, snow and high winds. the bitter weather is expected to last several more days and that's bad news for worried farmers in the south. karen traverse has the latest. >> the massive arctic blast swept down through the united states from canada but that doesn't mean it spared our neighbors to the north. ontario 60 miles from detroit a freak blizzard monday stranded 300 drivers for nearly 30 hours. >> i had a couple bottles of soda and breakfast bars i've been sort of rationing. >> the canadian military used helicopters to rescue people trapped by drifting snow and visibility.
4:51 am
no reports of death and injury. the cold stretched deep into the south. >> like turning on the faucet and pouring this air straight to florida athat turned crops into popsicles. >> any of your leafy type crops, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower. >> farmers are doing everything they can, water around fruits and vegetables above freezing and using helicopters to funnel warmer air closer to the ground. this tactic is expensive and dangerous. three helicopters have crashed already this tease in palm beach. these tourists came to orlando for fun in the sun but they're not getting much useout of baiting suits. >> but good for surfers in miami. the deep south will see warmer temperatures by friday but maybe just a short reprieve with colder weather back next week.
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>> all right. >> i'm sorry, but mother nature doesn't issue refunds. so sorry for the tourists. >> i know. 30 something degrees in florida. makes me feel good about our weather. >> the heater run a little more last night and run even more tonight. going to get even colder the next couple nights before the next bout of rain comes in. not talking a one-two punch, we're talking a combination of five to six days of rain. here are your driest days this morning and tomorrow as we look from emeryville back to san francisco. watch out for some patchy fog due to yesterday's rain. let's take a look at some of those rain totals. half an in in oakland, san jose got a soaking, three-tenths hayward. two-tenths livermore, names, fairfield and almost an inch in mount selenena. so very, very nice rain.
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here's a look at our temperatures this morning. we're 50 san francisco, mountain view san jose. mid to upper 40s just about everywhere else except santa rosa where the thicker fog is. there and alamo and orinda. temperatures running around the monterey bay in the mid to upper 40s. salinas about 50 degrees. our highlights. increasing sunshine but still pretty cool today. clear and chilly tonight with thick valley frost. heavy rain around the bay and heavy snow looking at some of the models through saturday they were saying 60 to 90 inches of snow up in the sierra. and that's just through saturday. we still have sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday to go. it is going to be a dumping. here's a look what's going on while you were sleeping. the cold front exiting, taking the rain with it but with the flow nearly parallel at the upper levels, we'll have the cloud cover through the morning hours and then we'll start to see the sun break through the clouds during the afternoon
4:54 am
hours. coolest spot clear lake at 51. jump to around the mid-50s for the rest of us. monterey bay temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. also increasing sunshine late into the afternoon hours. if you're traveling around the state, there's a few scattered showers around yosemite. the grapevine may have a little rain but that's about it. we have low 50s eureka, chico, big sur. mid-50s sacramento, fresno. low 60s los angeles, san diego. palm springs 67 degrees today. bring is home tonight and look at these frosty cold temperatures. 30 napa, 32 santa rosa. we'll be the 30s cloverdale, san rafael, vallejo, fairfield, concord, antioch, livermore, palo alto, santa cruz. thick frost tomorrow in our valleys, the rain rolls in friday, around saturday, sunday,
4:55 am
monday, tuesday and wednesday which isn't on this forecast but i looked around to see if there's dry weather. it's not there for a long time. >> looking forward to that. off to a great start for your wednesday morning commute. starting inth north bay with a live look in san rafael. this is 101. headlights moving southbound coming out of novato making their way towards the golden gate bridge. the drive time from 37 to 580 just a light nine minutes. on the golden gate bridge you'll find a beautiful ride making your way into san francisco. heading into san francisco on the bay bridge, same story. no problems heading through the tolls and right on in. and if you're taking mass transit this morning, no delays, everything is running on schedule. you can always check traffic updates by going to our website. it's and click on the traffic link. eric? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 4:55. doctors say a risky blood transplant appears to have cured a man of the aids virus and
4:56 am
leukemia. he's a 40-year-old american living in berlin and was given a blood stem cell transplant. it destroyed the immune system with drugs and radiation and replacing it with donor cells to grow a new immune system. the donor had a genetic mutation resistant to hiv but this is too risky for widespread use. the journal reports the man has been free of hiv and leukemia for three years. >> you guessed wisely. a new study finds women do have a bit of an edge over men when it comes to managing their weight as they age. the study followed 3500 men and women over 30 years. those who were highly active as young adults gained less weight than those who weren't. women who were highly active were twice as effective keeping the water off compared to men the same age. >> when kristen asked me, i said women. and that's how you stayed married 25 years. for you guys out there honor
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that's your hint for the morning. a proposal to build the stadium in downtown oakland clears its first big hurdle. what the city will spend to study the idea. >> i'm jenelle wang live in san leandro. another frightening scare involving a young girl in the east bay. i'll tell you about the warning out to parents coming up. >> and saving big bucks on your holiday shopping. 7 on your side's michael finney shows you how to haggle when shows you how to haggle when you're buying - hello! - ha! why don't you try a home cooked meal... with yummy hamburger helper? oh! tada! fantastically tasty, huh? ummm, it's good. what would you guys like? hamburger helper. what?! one pound... one pan... one tasty meal! with not having enough food. that's why i've teamed up with feeding america and hamburger helper®. when you buy hamburger helper® you can help feeding america deliver a meal to a local food bank. visit this website to see how you can help.
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