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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  December 16, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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♪ newark police are asking for witnesses to start coming forward to help them find the killers of 17-year-old justice afad. the popular football player was stabbed to death while waiting for a bus just blocks from his school. jenelle is live at the scene. >> kristen, newark police have no suspects and no motive in this murder. meantime families and friends have gathered here at the
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intersection of cedar boulevard and birch street where the 17-year-old was murdered in broad daylight. they have been here all morning creating a memorial to remember and honor him placing candles and pictures. he was one of six children in the family, three brothers and three sisters. the 17 year old was a senior at the high school and was described as gentle giant. police say he was stabbed to death just after 3:30 yesterday while waiting for the bus after school. friends and family are still processing the whole thing. an autopsy is being performed this morning. >> it's hard. we haven't got to see him yet so it's hard to believe. we have to go to the coroner's, you know. it's just hard to believe that he's gone. >> he was loving, he was kind. when you needed him to be here, he would be here and if you didn't, he would still be here. >> he was targeted because he
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intervened and broke up a fight last week. police are looking into that and other incidents to see if it was a case of retaliation. grief counselors are on hand in the library. new washing police officers also came to the school just to check on everyone and make sure people were okay. back live at the intersection, this say busy intersection where the murd took place. there were witnesses because when they arrived a lot of people were standing around and when police started talking to people they started backing away. they're encouraging people to come forward with any information to put together the pieces. reporting live in newark, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you. a meeting of heavy hitters in oakland this morning in the wake of police shooting and killing a man who turned out to be unarmed. the naacp, oakland's mayor he
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willeth, the police chief are all there. >> as for the naacp, the highest ranks of that organization have come to town, the national president, state president and mincing no words about their message here today. they say enough is enough when it comes to police killings in this city. they are here joineded by city officials, the district attorney and the police department top brass. this is not just a conversation. the goal is find solutions, ways to stop these officer-involved shootings. the victims have been denied due process and it's not unique to oakland. this is a historic problem, one that goes through history to lynching of african american males and persists around the country. the life of an african american man does not have the same worth as for other citizens. >> where the life of an african american male is not worth a
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telephone. or not worth any other instrument they might be holding in their hands that all of a sudden somebody decides it might be a weapon. >> want it to be clear we're here not just about the opd but about bart -- both jurisdictions that share the bay bridge. >> the irony and the percent of trust, nonfor the oakland police department. it will be my job as mayor to rebuild that trust. >> well, the focus of this hearing is not just the controversial darrick jones case but it also has been in the works ever since police shot and killed the unarmeled barber last month. that's the case that has sparked outrage around the city. another high profile case is the bart police shooting of oscar grant. statistics shown out there, telling numbers, 45
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officer-involved shootings in oakland between 2004 and 2008, almost all of the victims were african american males and not once in any of those cases has there been a criminal prosecution of the officer involved. thank you. the city of antioch has now sent off layoff notices to six police officers because of budget problems. the layoffs will take effect in two weeks unless the city comes up for a deal with concessions with the police officer's union. 98 sworn office to 127. all 20 were laid off earlier this year. >> warning pg&e about natural pipeline safety problems more than a year before the san bruno disaster that killed eight people and destroyed several homes. the service chronicle got a letter sent to the utility by a state public utilities commission safety inspector in
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february 2009. in it the inspector warned that pg&e employees repeatedly failed to follow procedures and created serious public safety risks. the inspector says pg&e wasn't following a federal law requiring proper training for workers who check for gas leaks. he noted the utility was not making sure it was complying with the law when linking up gas lines with different allowable pressures. >> it appears san francisco may be facing another american competitor in hosting the america's cup. negotiations have now intensified to bring the race back to newport, rhode island, in 2013 officials from the america's cup and yacht club are now in newport meeting with rhode island officials and touring possible venues. newport hosted the races from 1930 until 1983. a decision is due by december 31st. you won't find many sailboats on
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the bay starting tomorrow and days to come. mike, seeing sunshine now but a major storm. >> absolutely. you can see how we are down in some areas like san jose. also concord and sfo. in oakland only san francisco downtown and santa rosa are we dealing with temperatures that are running or rainfall amounts running at a surplus. what we have coming at us is a huge -- we call it the pineapple pie flying. that is where we're going to have some rain come all the way from hawaii and it's going to extend through the weekend. heaviest friday into saturday, saturday into sunday and another bout tuesday into wednesday. with possibilities of flooding, yes. power outages, yes, and the winds will pick up most on tuesday and that's when we can see some of that happen. kristen. >> we'll talk more about that in a few minutes when mike comes back with the forecast. a major recall announced today
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of a common household appliance sold by the nation's largest retailer. but first president obama gives an update on the war in afghanistan. the promise made and what it means for u.s. troop withdrawals. why federal health regulators say a popular cancer drug should no longer be used to treat breast cancer. the woman's organization suing a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave.
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>> a new administration report says nato forces are making significant progress against al-queda and the taliban but difficult days are still ahead, a year after president obama ordered a major troop increase. the u.s. is on track to achieving its goals of combatting the taliban and dismantling al-queda in afghanistan and pakistan and finds al-queda's leadership is at its weakest since the september 11th attacks. >> it will take time to ultimately defeat al-queda and it remains a ruthless and resilient enemy that's attacking our country. >> the president says the u.s. is still on track to begin withdrawing troops from afghanistan in july as promised with the ultimate goal of turning over control of afghan security by the end of 2014. in london wikileaks's founder
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was released from jail on bail about an hour ago. >> thank you. to all the people around the world who have had faith in me, who have supported my team while i've been away. >> the 39-year-old australian surrendered to answer to a swedish sex crimes warrant. he's expected to head to a british country mansion where he'll have a curfew and wear an monitoring device. it was just a way to get him into custody while the u.s. figures out how to charge him related to the leak of diplomatic cables. hooters is at the center of a new legal fight. the california chapter of the national organization for women says it's filing police complaints against hooters in san francisco and over california cities. the complaints stem from a
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filing where executives from the restaurant chain characterized hooters as primarily a provider of vicarious sexual entertainment but also called it a family restaurant. today's complaints claim that under those definitions the restaurant does not meet california or federal requirements for sexual entertainment licensing because it allows children to be served. hooters representatives were not immediately available to comment on the complaint. the food and drug administration is now recommending that the popular drug after advice ston be revoked as a treatment for breast cancer. the fda approved it in 2008 based on preliminary studies suggesting it stopped the spread of breast cancer for at least five months but follow-up studies show that effect lasted no more than three months and patients suffered dangerous side effects. today's recommendation is the first step to revoking approval as a breast cancer treatment. mike, see that sunshine out
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there. take a picture of it or a mental picture. remember it. >> hard to believe this time tomorrow the rain will start moving in and may not stop unless wednesday of next week. i'll show you where the heaviest rain is going to be tomorrow. >> gotta see this story. social law breaker? a burglar breaks into a home and goes online to brag about it by showing millions what he took. and how the president's signature is about to make your television a little quieter. wñ
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director blake edwards has passed away. his publicist said he died last night from complications from pneumonia in southern california. his wife julie andrews and other family members were at his side. he directed popular films including breakfast at tiffanies. blake edwards was 88 years old. washington d.c. are looking for what what officer calls the most stupid criminal he's seen.
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mark fisher had his home broken into. the thief stole several personal items including his son's laptop. sunday he posted a picture of himself on the boy's page holding the cash he took from the young man's desk. the burglar even wore a new winter coat fisher had just received. >> i had to look at the photo several times before i realized that was the new coat because it had just arrived the day before and he stole it out of the macy's box it was delivered in the day before. >> police have not found theburg yar yet but they hope the next picture will soon be his mug shot. >> go online to brag about it. brilliant move. a lot of folks will find it cheerful if they like the snow. >> if they can get up there before it starts following. if you have relatives that want to go up there on saturday, i'd say no. >> that was just for me, folks.
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you know, some folks are hoping to catch a little break like my relative who shall not be named. >> maybe sunday, early monday. that's it. really gonna get deep up there as kind of here right now. you thought i forgot, didn't you. >> thank you. (laughter) >> we're looking at the capital. it is frozen tundra of washington d.c. not only are the political views at a stalemate, so is a lot of weather because it's frozen right now. beautiful picture of the capitol. closer to home, heavenly, courtesy resort sports network. a lot of snow and empty chair lifts but that won't be the case come tomorrow. a lot of family heeding that way and driving up to one of the strongest snowstorms we've seen in a while. back home i love this shot from mount tamalpais this time of the year with the angle of sun and the shadows. shows the dimensions of the hills and mountains as we look
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back to san francisco. let's talk about temperatures and we're running 41 san rafael. still a little foggy. you see fog still in the central valley and that will hang around for a couple more hours. around the monterey bay and inland upper 40s to about mid-50s. afternoon high clouds. our last complete dry day. tonight cloudy, not quite as cool. a few sprinkles for the morning commute but the wet weather hangs around through wednesday. let's take a look what's going on outside. a split flow due to an area of high pressure to our west keeping us dry. this is one last day. temperatures pretty close to average even with such a chilly start. low to mid-50s around most of our neighborhoods. same thing around the monterey bay. tonight the clouds keep our temperatures up. lowto mid-40s to the coast. a few 30s inland but i don't think we'll get frost tonight. the light rain starting to move
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closeers to the coast. i think by about noon it's pretty much becoming light rain across the entire bay area and that's when the snow starts in the sierra and look how it intensifies into the afternoon, especially into the evening and overnight hours. if you have plans tomorrow to be around outside, it is going to be a tough go because of the wet weather. let me show you this pacific satellite. the lower left-hand side of your screen, that's where the storm system is developing. notice the clouds, the deep moisture, the pineapple pipeline, that's why we have waveses of heavy rain through the weaked. a winter storm watch in the sierra where we could get up to 6 feet of snow around tahoe, 10 feet around yosemite. accu-weather 7-day forecast, our biggest rain will be saturday. that's when we'll be windy. next biggest tuesday and that's when we can see power outages because of the wind. >> you'll be watching all those storms. thank you so much, mike.
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>> we got word that auto maker honda has just issued a new recall calling 1 million sub compact cars. 143,000 cars in the u.s. are part of recall. no accidents have been blamed on the defect. and wal-mart is also recalling more than 2 million electric heaters after getting reports of burn injuries and property damage from fire. the u.s. consumer product safety commission announced the recall today. it includes slow-pro, air tech, aloha breeze and comfort essential heaters sold nationwide from december 2001 to october last year. it can cause overheating, burning and fire. consumers should return the product for a full refund. the president has quietly signed knead law a new measure that cuts down on those noisy tv commercials. the bill was sponsored by a palo alto democratic.
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it took two years to get to the president's desk. commercials are not be louder than the average volume of tv shows. right now they can air at the loudest volume allowed in a tv show. the industry will get another year to comply. gonna get you in the holiday mood. that's's's's's's's's's's's's's'l
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, the woman to sued her husband for betrayal. those stories and more an abc 7 news at 5:00. more beautiful holiday lights to
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share today. a viewer sent us this picture of a decorated house on carmel street in castro valley. gorgeous. upload your pictures or video of holiday lights or e-mail us. all right. there's a lot to do around the bay area to get you into the holiday spirit. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has this what's how the. ♪ >> high stepping high kicking rockettes at the radio city music hall bring their spectacular to us. oracle arena and the weekend at h. p. pavilion. sweet honey and the rock brings home the holidays to everyone in performance tonight at the palace of fine arts. ♪ >> innovative acrobats and the holiday circus comes to town. this is candice, some of the most powerful theatricals.
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♪ >> naughty at night. a show for cabaret fans at berkeley aurora theater. ♪ >> a holiday classic movie comes to life on stage. a wonderful life, the musical as george bailey discovers what life would be like without him. the heart-warming story in foster city. ♪ >> the fire and passion of aflamingo by the class kick company. an energy show of position at cal theater. >> i have two friends in the production of a wonderfulññ
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