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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 16, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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memorial to her son the mother of 17-year-old justice is struggling to make sense of what happened here wednesday afternoon. >> is there anything you can think of that would provoke anyone to hurt him? >> no. no. not at all. i really don't understand why this happened to my son. >> at 3:40 wednesday he was stabbed and lay dying on the sidewalk. >> throughout the investigation we learned that there was multiple people that saw what happened. we're -- we need their help. >> so far, few witnesses have come forward. and suspect descriptions are very vague. investigators do believe he was targeted and so does the family. >> he wasn't the type to go look for trouble. he was quiet. >> family and friends say he may have been attacked because he broke up up a fight at a party three months ago. police don't know if he was involved and whether it had anything to do with the
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murder. >> i have read that police report and the victim is not listed in that incident you're referring to. >> this morning, several cars showed up at newark memorial high school. but so far there have been no arrests. >> what do you hope happens? >> just hope he'll come forward. and they need to, soon. >> they need to come out for the sake of the community. you know? for the sake of our children oom of those gathered are from the high school. but he did not attend that school, he transfered to the continuation high school to try to get his grades up so he can graduate with his friends in the spring. the death is the fifth homicide of the year and that is compared with just one
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murder last year in this community. again, anyone with information is asked to contact police, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and naacp leadership came to discuss allegations of abuse. national and state presidents met with oakland mayor elect to worng solutions for the city. and this is fooling last week's shooting death. >> it meant where the live of an african american male is not worth a telephone. or not worth any other instrument they might be holding that all of a sudden someone decides it might be a weapon. >> the. >> i ronnie is that 40% of oaklanders don't trust the oakland police department. it it will be my zwrob rebuild the trust.
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>> jones was shot and killed by officers responding to a domestic violence call. they say he was reaching for something in his waist band. it turned out to be a small scale and marijuana. >> all right. hang on for rough weather. a series of storms is headed our way. and there is a look at what is coming up. >> rain and periods of heavy rain with very gusty winds towards weekend. there is live doppler 7. you can see green and blue on the screen. there is verga and perhaps sprinkles developing there. rain is still ahaechld rain begins as we head towards 5:00 a.m. commute. and this is a wet friday. the warm front lifts off. we'll see friday evening it's wet here if the bay area. there is a wet weather continuing into saturday. continuing to see snow and rain would just continue one
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system after another. we will get breaks in here, you can see a short break there on sunday into monday. and there is some more rain towards tuesday. up to a half a foot of rain is expected at higher elevations here haegd towards tuesday. and my accu-weather forecast has rain every single day. i'll be back with detailed look at that in just a few minute autos we're getting plenty of advanced warning about this storm and problems. so now is the time to prepare for what is still to come. we're live in san jose at one of the many sites where folks can fill up sandbags head for free. >> yes. and talk about timing we just had it down. there was a few sandbags. i asked where he was he lives in san jose and says he's expecting water. there are sites like this around the bay area. just offering a little free protection.
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this crew is conducting a strike before the storm hits they're using a crane to remove a 30-foot long tree trunk from the creek in san jose. >> the object is to remove this tree to so that this can have a fish blockage. so it doesn't float downstream. >> the santa clara valley water district activated two new web cams to help monitor trouble spots. jan noel worked for national weather service now teaching at san francisco university. he says the system is called at spheric river carrying a lot of subtropical moisture and has potential to create problems. >> with everything saturated you can see areas of mudslides. and places where there have been fires or particularly prone. >> concern about mudslides and flooding is why many cities are making sandbags available for free. shelter operators are also getting word out.
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ehc life builders is the largest emergency shelter provider in santa clara county. there are three sites offering 375 beds. ehc says it will happen into -- tap into all resources to help the homeless. >> i think what we're willing to do is transport them if they need it. put maps on the floor. we're going to call in staff as we need to. >> david campbell is grateful for effort. >> this is a tough thing. once you get wet, it's hard to get dry and warm. >> and eac life builders says 51 men and women died on the streets in santa chaira county this year and those homeless deaths are preventable if they'd just take advantage of shelter, many of them anyway just taking advantage of shelter during these winter month autos and caltrans crews
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say they're headed -- head of schedule in installing the new tower on the eastern span of the bay bridge. there is kind of picked up the pace. caltrans spokesman says crews will be working to get the four seks of the tower razed. and the tower is expected to be if by christmas. >> state regulators ordered pg&e to reduce pressure in pipelines in response to september's deadly explosion. that blast killed eight people, destroying dozens of homes, investigators held pipe segments were only welded from outside rather both inand outside. the staift public utilities commission ordered pg&e to cut gas pressure by 20% in two similar transmission lines from oakland to fremont and from fremont to milpitas until the lines are inspected. and there is san francisco
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chronicle showing a state inspector warns more than a year before the disaster. and there is a statement praising orders to reduce gas pressure and inspect pipes. >> and the state air resources board began hearing testimony that could lead to a sweeping green house gas regulations in the country. rules set up largest carbon trading in the u.s.. companies could sell creddis yits to polluters exceeding their cap. >> cap and trade regulation is an important, perhaps important piece of a puzzle. and this is sets the limit on how many green house gas emissions will be in california. >> outside of the meeting protesters claimed global warn sag myth pro tested against
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this measure saying it will hurt california's economy by driving companies out staift. >> for the second time in a month ucsf shuttle bus has been involved in an accident. five people were treated for minor injuries after the crash. passengers say the bus was stopped in a light when rear ended. the shuttle bus struck and killed a pedestrian in downtown san francisco. >> and coming up, the bay area ceos neert top of the list. a local study showing how plastic can impact effectiveness of fertility treatments. >> the warning that will now come with some pet
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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a restaurant chain is facing legal trouble tonight. hooters being accused of exposing children to a sexual environment. donna lisa wallace and tina gillmore serve aid complaint this morning. their charging that hooters advertises as a restaurant rather than as a sex entertainment establishment. >> what concerns us is that children are being served by the sexual entertainment business. >> hooters is known as a place where female wait staff is clad in scanty attire. just the name is suggestive. national organization for women says hooters is breaking local and state laws admitting children into an adult establishment. pointing to tee shirts. >> it's a hooters girl in the making. encouraging a young child to be a sexual entertainer is
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against the law in california. >> hooter dz not return our calls and lots of people we can spoke with defended him. >> there is really good fun. >> nicole used to be a hooters girl. she says the restaurant is family oriented. >> it's part of our job, have fun with the kids. balloons, hula hoops, game autos not everyone defended hooters. some think the theme is degrading. >> i never want my children to work there. it's not the environment i want them to think is okay. >> but this parent says he doesn't give a hoot about bringing his boy there. >> i would probably say now he's stopped breast feeding i just might want to go to hooters. >> and a new government report has uncovered multiple cases of schools hiring staff member was histories of sexual misconduct. the report issued by
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government accountability office at the request of george miller from concord. five of the 15 cases were in california but the schools involved were not identified. the problems including failing to perform proper background checks and allowing offender tz resign rather than face action. representative miller call forward legislation to reb reg you'll yait the employment of sex offenders in school autos prosecutor says a man charged with sexual assaulting an 8-year-old girl in a walmart store wrote a letter of apology to her parents. police say he attacked the girl in the toy aisle after she went to look for her younger brother friday evening. two good samaritans captured him after the victim's mother spotted him near the garden department.
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and a dmv worker accused of using personal data to is he send a threatening letter to the home of a transgender woman has quit. this is dmv officials say the employee resigned last night. demartini had been on paid leave since it happened back in okay.. >> and two bay area executives hauled in some of the biggest ceo bonuses this year. there is a bonus of more than $6.4 million nearly 80% more than last year. john chambers took third on the list. and chambers bonus jumped by 126% from last year. the chairman and president of hj hines topped the list with $8.5 million bonus.
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>> a new warning out is about the use of flea collars on pets. >> there is a is a settlement just been reached between the manufacturers effective immediately, new labels will have to be put on flea kol yarz sold in california warning they may contain a cancer causing chemical. saying the chemicals can penetrate of skin of pets, get on peoples hands and is dangerous for children. >> there is safer ways to treat fleas. regular bathing with a normal shampoo. vacuuming and keeping areas clean, these are nonchemical ways to keep your pets safe. >> and retalers disagree saying chemicals are not in high enough levels to pose a risk to humans or pets.
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20 so may go down as one of the biggest years ever for product recalls. if you drove a car, ate breakfast for sneezed chances are you're affected. eight million toyotas after sudden acceleration was expected. then, salmonella-tainted eggs sickened 1300 consumers. and yesterday, government said enough is enough whit comes to drop-side cribs after recalling millions the consumer products safety commission simply band them owl aul together. since 2001, 32 babies died when side rails detached. 13 million packages of rolaids. metal part cells were found found inside. and 11 million fisher price
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try cycles were found. skm there is another huge recall. 2.2 million space heaters because they can cause a fire. there are four injuries from smoke for flames. and if you have one, return it for a refund. >> these, good news is that these are being taken off. >> there you go. >> sure. >> we hope you enjoy this. things are changing. >> and sandhya patel is tracking a series of storms. >> there is periods of stormy weather towards the next seven days. there is going to be snow in the high country. and there is a winter storm warning at noon tomorrow. and continues until 4:00 p.m.
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sunday. and let's show you a live picture from south beach camera. and it's dry wex do have clouds gathering and moisture getting picked up in clouds. you can see this getting picked up. and soon, it will nu.s now into 40s and 50s, there is heavy rain. and most of the work week looks wet. let's show you satellite and radar here there is a warm front apreching and that is not the only one. there is a wet, windy weekend head. and there is clouds by 11:00, 12:00 tonight light rain is developing. 5:00 a.m. friday, you can see morning commute, slick, towards 5:00
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p.m. start of the evening commute, looking like some light to moderate rain here in the bay area. there is showers continuing with a brief break here, 5:00 a.m. on saturday. if you're making plans for saturday afternoon, evening, rainfall picks up again, becoming more wide spread sm. heavier pockets of rain starting to move in. there is scattered showers and rainfall totals into mountains north bay mountains two to four inches. we're looking at north bay getting from an inch and a half to three inches s there is south bay looking at three quarters of an inch. there is up to 10 inches water equivalent expected. winter storm warnings for sierra nevada beginning 10:00 a.m.
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friday. and there is three to six feet of new snow above 7,000 feet. there is gusts 70 miles per hour, count on chain controls, road closures and there is just keep this in mind if have you travel plans, tonight, not as cold as this morning. there is 40s tonight and rain developing by morning. and there is around the bay low to upper 50s, here is the accu-weather forecast. it's a wet, windy weekend and beyond. monday there is a small break. by monday night there is more rain begins to move in.
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and rain for wednesday, showers possibly for thursday. if you look at next seven days you can see rain every day. there will be brief periods of challenges. there is going to be. >> just ahead, breast cancer patients may soon have one less treatment option. >> ipad dominated market since it came out. from 7 on your side, see if there are tab blet computer that's can make
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the food and drug administration is recommending a popular drug no longer be use forward breast cancer base based on studies suggesting it stopped the spread five months but follow up studies showed the affect lasted no more than three months and patients suffered dangerous side affects. roche is refusing to stop marketing the drug as a breast cancer treatment and expected to appeal the fda recommendation. it was develop bid south san francisco based genentech. >> researchers at ucsf believe they've found evidence that links a chemical to lower fertility rates in women looking at bpa, often used in baby bottles and lined cans. scientists studied human eggs and discovered as level of bpa in blood doubled percentage of her egg that's normally fertilize decreased by 50%.
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>> thousands of dollars donated but san bruno fire victims haven't seen a dime. efforts to help those most in need. >> project hired where disabled job seekers can find hope in a bleak economy. >> and there is showing how they have decorated their home and on old glencoe road since 1999. >> saturday, santa will arrive and micky and mini mouse will be on hand to help collect gifts for toys for tots. >> we want to see lights in your neighborhood. there is e mail us at


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