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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 16, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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reported discrepancies on their pipeline. the transmission line that exploded in san bruno killing eight people, destroying 37 homes was cited as an example of the problem and this state p.u.c. is telling the utility company to reduce the pressure on two large east bay pipelines. following september 9th explosion and fire, pg&e had already reduced operating pressure on the three transmission lines that served san francisco and the peninsula. as a precaution. here is what the public utilities commission has now ordered pg&e to do. reduce by 20% the pressure for pipelines in high consequence areas, in other words where there are a lot of homes and businesses but only those lines measuring 30 inches if diameter.
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and pg&e says that applies to only two transmission line autos another runs from fremont to milpitas. and basically that means is that 20% reduction in that pressure will restrict at built of gas to go through those lines as a precaution. >> less pressure will affect the amount of glass gas going into homes, concerning on cold days. and there is fas requires pressure to move into peoples' home f there is a cold cell this could be a problem. people lapse about it. >> pg&e spokesperson says they're prepared for cold days when usage goes up. and meaning arj industrial customers to conserve. >> they agree to lower their air conditioning and there is
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in turn agreeing to on cold winter days they'll curtail they're usage. >> pg&e has been ordered to inspect the integrity of the pipelines, until it does so, gas transmission lines will remain at 20% below what they call allowable pressure. >> this could be the last dry day we'll see for a while. next five expected to be wet and sloppy. spencer christian is here now with when we can expect heaviest strain autos there are five wet days ahead. there is a large batch of moisture and there is moisture in the atmosphere not yet hitting the ground but within hours, we'll see rain hitting the ground here, rain
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beginning to push in during overnight hours, will be a wet commute for some of us, then later in the day rain intensifying into late afternoon and evening hours with strong gusty winds from time to time saturday morning easing up a little bit but later saturday, there is a night time hours saturday, there will be snow over the sierra with a break. by monday morning, then another big storm coming in on tuesday. that is not quite end of it. and there will be more later in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. and of course now is the time to prepare abc 7 is in san jose tonight. and free sandbags are now available from people who could face flooding. >> right this, is a sandbag pick up station on mayberry road this, is not the only one. there are dozens of sites like this across the bay area, and sandbags not the only way people are preparing for what is headed our way. eac life builders has three
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cold weather sites and a total of 375 beds. the ceo expects this storm will fill everyone of the beds and then some. 50 we're planning to go over numbers as need be. we're planning to transport folks necessary when one shelter gets full, takes them someplace else. >> eac is getting word out to homeless population and necessary will put mats on the floors. >> they're predicting a wet next couple days so i'm going to make sure i'm warm and dry. >> crews are using heavy machines to clear creeks and decree that could cause problems. three wab cams are placed at vulnerable hot spots including trash rack autos water supposed to go through to keep debris from getting into the creek but if they get clogged
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kit cause overtopping. >> this seems storm war riz are everywhere. and this is the last shopping weekend before christmas. >> there is last weekend, terrible. this is already slowing up. small business is concerned this storm could have people just youngering down. >> thank you. >> and there is caltrans reports good progress tonight on the new bay bridge. and there is caltrans ordered to keep head of the storm. saying crews will be working to get new tower in place by christmas. >> there is police asking for
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witnesses to come forward to help find killers of a 17-year-old newark high school student. police have neither suspect nor a motive. they believe several people witnessed this attack but are frayed to come forward. his mother hopes they do. >> and there is any information please come forward. the family says the high school senior was a gentle giant and wasn't in a gang. justice was one of six children and had many friends where he went once played poo football and there is enough is enough, that is the message coming from a highest levels of the naacp because of shootings and civil rights
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violations. and dan, acc -- naacp says it's been working on coming to this meeting since last month and say they plan to take this discussion around the country and there is one official said we can solve lynching we find a solution to plis brutality. >> a black person's slif not highly valued as a police person's life. >> you will not find any almost no white people being killed the way black people are over an error in judgment. it just doesn't happen to white people. >> community leaders in oakland say calling for justice is not working here. those at highest ranks of the
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naacp came to town to meet with highest ranks of oakland city government and law enforcement top brass. the goal? to find solutions and to get answers. >> there is so many young men and women killed over the years and get to the place where there is so few convicted. >> outrage lingers over last month's police shooting of derek jones. and tensions still run high over bart police shooting of unarmed passenger oscar grant at the fruit veil bart station. >> we're going to see real progress. >> naacp says police brutality is not unique to oakland the city had too many officer-involved shootings. according to opd there were 51 police shootings over five years and five this year alone. most victims have been black. none of the cases have led to criminal prosecution of the officers involved.
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the mayor elect or overed another statistic. >> who% of the residents don't trust the police department. it will be my job to rebuild the trust. >> oakland's police chief says if the public believes there is a problem, then there probably is. >> we should be asking questions and tested at every level. and that is a tremendous amount of responsibility. >> there is 60% of the suspects in those officer involved shootings were carrying weapons and there is leaders saying that that may be contributing to officers being on edge out here and there is many too kick to pull the trigger themselves. >> police complaints against hooters. they're accused of serving up sex to minor autos compelling story two of families who lost
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their homes in san bruno three months ago and just now getting help for extraordinary needs. >> is head a less expensive alternative to ipad. >> and project hired where kkkkkkkkkk
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> this is a live picture in santa rosa. caltrans racing to prevent highway 101 from flooding there and crews have
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closed the right bound lane, clearing roadside storm drains. >> and this restaurant chain hooters had a complaint filed today now says hooters, which is labeled itselfs a a provider of sexual entertainment is violating the law by allowing children into its establishments. leaders point to tee shirts hooters sell autos this says hooters girl in the making encouraging a young child to be a sexual entertain jer against the law in california. >> and lots of people defended the chain, including one woman says she used to work there. >> it's part of our job. to have fun, kids, balloons and games. >> not like they're showing
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anything not supposed to be seen. and there is really good food. >> now, they're demanding they ban rules against sexual discrimination. >> tonight a popular sandwich shop kicked off the black after neighborhood complaints about crowds is about to return. ike's place has a cult following and tonight fans have something to celebrate. and upset neighbors? not so much. >> get ready for a second helping of ike's place. the planning commission has given a thumbs up. >> this is a by we're looking for to see more ooft shop was evicted from the location in the upper market castro neighborhood in september, a victim of its own success. and there is lines, noise and trash.
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now reset to reopen next to ryan's house. >> when they're on the other corner everyone sat on the sidewalk all the time. you know? takes up parking. a little bit of a mess. >> there is some came to publicly oppose the return. >> it's going to be a new location, same nightmare autos new location, current home of a chocolate store is 10 times larger than old ike's place, supposed to have stream lined kitchen, some seating and a waiting area inside. >> very happy to be able to go back. i assume the business is going to be just as big if not bigger. >> and ike's has been sharing space with another restaurant. the planning department received a number of letters, e mails and signatures of support. >> and if you say no to this,
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you're punishing a successful business. >> a big vote of confidence comes from the district supervisor. >> there is a is opponents can appeal but getting the decision reversed would be an uphill battle n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and there is tens of thousands of dollars poured in for the san bruno fire victims. and there is one group decided to take donations straight to the family that's need money. rob cuddles his dog. they've been living in a hotel since the pipeline explosion leveled 37 homes and killed eight neighbors.
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and in january, he's getting a stem cell transplant. >> this is taking too long. >> his current life expectancy is two to five years, the transplant might double that. he's had to borrowo from his home. >> contractors have been working on my house for a month. but we've not receive aid dime from the bank. >> his wife says paper work for claims is crushing under the circumstances. >> and i want to have christmas for my kids. for them to see their bad dad like this? then for this to have to be displaced from our home? >> and today santa came in the form of a $500 check from
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members of the alpha kappa alpha sororities deciding to give to families needing help. >> we'd like to present to you our first check of $500. this we'll present to every family. we're so sorry for your loss. >> 1631 claremont is an empty lot where this home used to be today they went to the rented house. and this will help make christmas. >> everyone has their days. this is just not in the mood. i don't know. just have moments where everything is gone. and there is no question bit. >> we've talked about the weather in these storms but it could get nasty out. >> there is more for us. >> and there is wet, windy
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weather and there is is a live view looking at traffic flowing in san francisco flowing nicely. traffic trying to flow onto the bay bridge into san francisco there. is doppler radar all of a sudden. there is moisture not hidding the ground yet but will be in just hours. and there is temperatures into 40s into outlying areas. you can see it's going to be a cool night. and there is periods of heavy rain. more storms coming in next week. there is satellite showing a
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long stream of active weather on the jet stream here on the storm track there. is a series of wet weather systems that is going to be a wet, windy weekend. there is clouds continuing to thicken. there is a wet commute in the morning. rain will intensify tomorrow and into tomorrow night. and then, rain continues into saturday, there is a little bit of a break early saturday. that is late saturday into saturday night another wave of strong rainfall and wind pushing through so there is a stormy period and a little bit of a break sunday morning and there is by that time looking at two to four inches of rainfall and there is about about two inches of rain during this time period on the east bay. and there is chance of two to
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four inches of rainfall. and into sierra big snow storm expected. there is snow there. taking a look you can see there is a winter storm warning in affect from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 sunday afternoon. levels around 6,000 feet. there is winds could be gusting up to 70 miles per hour. and there is low temperatures tonight there is rain developing into low 40s into inland areas and mid to upper 40s near the bay and coast. tomorrow high temperatures into marrow range just upper 40s and there is low 50s and will be wet and down near monterey bay there is a the accu-weather forecast. there is this wet, windy friday and saturday. and a little bit less stormy
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early sunday. but monday, more rain and another powerful storm arrives tuesday on weather continues throughout the remainder of the forecast period. tuesday marks official arrival of winter. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, the growing market for those tabloid computer autos can anyone beat the ipad? [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. apple ipad made a huge splash this year and dominated
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the market ever since. >> competition is heating up. tonight michael finney is here to size up that competition. >> it's nom nailted conversations. isn't it amaze something consumer reports is tested several new tablets to see if they'll be able to give the ipad a run for its money. here is what consumer reports found out. liz bought an ipad as soon as it came out there is a i love it. i wanted it. >> the ipad stood alone, but now, other companies are starting to offer tab lits lets, too. consumer reports tested several including galaxy tab and one sold at wa walgreens. ipad is the most expensive, ranging from 500ses today more than $800. you can get a lot of bang for the buck on the ipad.
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less expensive tab blets cost about $100. consumer reports finds you get what you pay for. >> there is some less expensive tab bletss you don't get apps. >> and it's hard to get where you want to go. this samsung galaxy tab costs less from 400ses today $600 and consumer reports shows screen quality is comparable to the ipad. and this gives competition. >> your choices are galaxy tab
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and apple ipad. >> and consumer reports shows the ipad has more staying power. and the galaxy battery running only seven. >> interesting. thank you. >> sure. >> coming up here at 6:30 on abc 7 news, new rules for reducing green house gas emissions. california on the verge of making history in the fight against global warming. >> business of selling marijuana. a new report on just how lucrative its become for the city of oakland. >> a man decided to pay it forward, paying back his unununununununununununununununun
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>> california with lead the nation on the issue of global warming but there is concern regulations to cut green house gases could drive business out of the golden state.
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this cap and trade program is the center piece of the landmark global warming law, mandates california reduces it's green house gas emissions to 1990 levels in 10 years. >> it's not just about global climate change. it's one of the reasons why i believe in it 100%. but it's also about our health it goes after the state's largest polluters. air resources board will give out, then sell eem yegss -- emissions permits specifying how much certain companies can pollute. and they'll have to buy credits. company that's vbt haven't used aup louance can sell bred kred yits on the carbon market. over time idea is to have fewer permits available because companies aren't
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polluting as much. >> once they're willing to pay to continue to emit is what is the price in the program. >> businesses received they're concerned the first cap and trade program will cost too much money and will force them to relocate. >> this is not the time based on overoptimistic asulgtss. >> we have to operate under that or yernt into a market that has not yet been established. >> and there is by 2020, estimating it can make $6 billion. >> and there is bay area home sales continue to plummet. november sales figures off only slightly from november but down 11% from last year and 23% below historical average for november. the information surf advisory
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reports sellers appear to be waiting for prices to come back up. buyers waiting for signs the market will continue to drop again. year to year sales fell most in san francisco, santa clara and marin counties. median price fell to 1% in napa county. and there is a a santa chaira man arrested connected to a mountain view company supplying market expertise to businesses and hedge fund operators. the man, a 41-year-old was the salesmanger. others were consultants. they're all accused of wire fraud and conspiracy for leaking confidential details about advanced micro devices, dell. and are accused of being a network of employees by selling valuable inside information.
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>> and there is a new report says nato forces are make prog gres against al yaeda -- al qaeda and taliban and pakistan but difficult days are still ahead this, a year after the president ordered a major troop increase into the region. the report says the u.s. is on track to achieve goals. and says if still on track, they'll begin withdrawing troops in july, as promised. >> this remains a ruthless enemy set on attacking our country. make no mystic. -- mistake. we're going remain relents in disrupting that terrorist organization. >> peace activists used reports release to profitest outside nancy pelosi's san francisco home.
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>> we need to have our war dollars used here at home for human needs to stop funding the unwinable war in afghanistan. >> 160 nation wall guardsmen out of the east bay leave tomorrow for a year long deployment. and the they have been deployed overseas several times and there is is a positive report from a largest software companies, ora cull kel says companies are starting to spend more on software for business operations and posted a profit of $1.9 billion, up 28%. the federal reserve proposed new rules limiting fees on debit cards. lanks could lose up to $23 billion. visa stock fell 13% today. and facebook went down for a
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short time this afternoon. facebook says users were given access to exexperimental features. it's unclear how long this lasted the bay citizen newspaper is reporting three dispenseries will sell $35 million to $38 million worth of pot this year meaning a lot of money for a city short on cash, too. oakland voted to raise it to 5% this year meaning it will receive between $1.5 million and $1.8 million in sales tax revenue. >> a south carolina man is helping california close its edge budget deficit by sending in a check electing 1100s ndz unemployment benefits when laid off in 1964. he is now retired. on his check for $10,000 including interest, he noted it was quote, repayment for
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what california did for me. the treasurer's office says he didn't december nate a recipient it will go towards education. >> i suspect they'll be happy with that. and it's been providing a meaningful service for more than three decades now. coming up next bay area nonprofit specializing in helping people with disabilities find, and keep, jobs. >> you're here. >> and jeff bridges is back in tron legacy. our on the aisle review of the
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lightning fast. lightning strong.
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rizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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>> imagine how difficult sit for those challenged by a disability. for 30 years project hire has been helping people find meaningful employment. >> jo. i'll get you over there. >> sharon answers phone calls at va medical center. >> i feel like i need a purpose and i enjoy working with people. >> it's meaningful employment through project hired a nonprofit specializing in helping people with disabilities find, and keep jobs. she has multiple cler yosis, going back to cal she realized
6:41 pm
finding work wouldn't be easy. >> there is just been huge. i was afraid as a disabled person. i'm sorry. people are not supposed to discriminate, but they do. >> and we're there for them. we'll pest them for about a year. >> and glenn ford is the executive director. >> we take them on not just clients to look for a job, but peshlly and make sure they're successful. >> and we hired them on if there is openings we are, what we consider a bridge to long term employment, many times with the va. >> project hired work was major companies including wells fargo, google and nasa offering not just job placement services but support for employers as well.
6:42 pm
and this brings people into the va. >> and there is part that have is finding a job. >> there is a public affairs officer working with project hired getting the word out. >> i think a lot of people that have disibilities aren't aware that there is something out there, for them. and you just feel like you're doing something that matters so, for me, it's important. >> and go to abc 7 news do..
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>> renowned film director blake edwards died. he made more tan 50 films in a career spanning more than 60 years. he also had success with romantic films like "breakfast at tiffany's". he was married to julie and dprurz 42 years. he died yesterday from come politics of pneumonia.
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you can see8x
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>> a lot of big movies coming up for the holidays. one of them hits theaters tomorrow. it's a seek cell and this one from disney is in 3 d and i max. any good? don sanchez on the aisle.
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>> that is sam trying to figure out where his dad is. he finds a portal and takes us inside of the tron video game. it's a virtual world inside of a chismt and he does find dad. bridges as creator created a virtual version of himself. and bridges has computer he grade, playing the part. and this is an orgy of cgi affects. a lot of sit dark. this is about human dmex a digital world. they need to get out of there. then, they just regroup. >> this is maybe one or two
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years. and there is a is tron big, loud and overblown. affects are okay, but nothing special. and there is i'm still thinking about that young bridges. a lot looks like they got in from the wax museum. a lot of the story doesn't make sense. and if you're a video junkie you'll be in deal yits. abc 7 news, we'll see you on the aisle. >> oh. let's get another check on the forecast now. >> there is some first wave of rainfall. there is doppler 7. there is a match of moisture north is being picked up by radar. there is more organized areas and there is no reports of
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rainfall. there is satellite radar image showing a long stream of active systems moving in our direction. and there is this is likely to produce strong periods of rainfall. tomorrow morning it will be raining at 8:00. temperatures into 40s and temperatures will not get above the 40s for much of north bay and parts of the northern part of the eastern part of the viewing area. does that make sense? northeast, north bay. there you go. 50s will be highs and there is the accu-weather forecast. wet, windy friday, saturday, and sunday. there may be a break but mostly heavy rain friday night into saturday and there is a bit of a break monday, another stormy system tuesday. just going to be active throughout the forecast period. >> and there is talking ladies
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hoops tonight. >> there is tarra vandaveer had a plan. ended up starting a career and tonight shooting for career victory number 800. and there is down by 5:00. and there is a nice move, and she had 15 and there is second half, win number 800 not going come tonight and there is a's continue to tweak their roster trying to get more run production today acquiring josh willingham from washington nationals.
6:51 pm
he missed last third of the season. and there is henry rodriguez and cory brown, willing ham said they'll bring power to the line up. and there is battle of unbeatens, viking was a familiar name at quarterback. >> his knowledge of the game. and accuracy of the ball. >> the former 49er quarterback is talking about his quarterback, who happens to be his son. >> it's cool. you know? there is a different experience. i spend a lot of time with him. it's like sitting next to coach. >> they don't aums agree. and there have been different
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opinions. kind of funny watching dynamic autos vikings are 13-0 facing centennial friday night at the home depot center in l.a.. palo alto knocked off bellerman and valley christian to get to finals. they consider themselves a little public school that could. >> and we love that. they're all very good teams. >> the best part of this is watching these guys go and get it done. >> they're representing their school in this match up friday night. >> this has never been a state championship for football. hopefully, we can get one. >> and there is a must win game for both teams tonight.
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and there is 17-0, chargers and there is a highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. golden state warrior guards teamed up off the court today. the line was around the be block there is boxes of food and goods and there is he said he was stunned when he saw everybody lined up. >> there i just want to get back and... hopefully these meals go a long way with these families. and this is a a great effort. there is lots more on the program tomorrow night. program tomorrow night.
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fresh-toasted on flatbread. subway. eat fresh.
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up at that time, ripped from headlines game developers capitalize on wikileaks how many people want to be julian assange hiding into the oval office. >> then, a plan to put a
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community center inside of the same san francisco building where porn is produced. neighbors think it just might work. and finally now more holiday images from this year's mad hatter christmas tree lighting. >> these pictures from the ferry terminal to you reports. and we want to see the holiday lights you're in enjoying and you can e mail them to us. >> and there is some nice stuff that. this edition of abc news. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us tonight. >> we appreciate your time. thop see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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