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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 18, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> alan: good evening, the storm hasn't caused as much damage as anticipated, but it's just the beginning of a long, wet holiday week. here's a live look from the emeryville camera. you can see the gloomy skies, and it's similar here in san francisco. leigh glaser is here to tell us what to expect. >> leigh: we got a break, which was nice after the heavy rain that moved through last night. things are starting to pick back up as another wave of moisture starting to move in. the live doppler 7hd getting active again.
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you can see moderate rain down towards american canyon. vallejo, ben nearby -- benecia. this area of rain will be moving into your neighborhood in the next 10-15 minutes. you can see the rain building up instinct -- building up near the coast. and some of the heaviest rains are near morgan hill down towards the hollister area. the bulk of the moisture that hit us this morning, it has moved into southern california, and you can clearly see they're getting hit with some very heavy rainfall. keep that in mind if you have travel plans. we'll take a look at the sierra forecast, and also let you know how much more rain to expect out of round two. >> alan: for a better look at how the bay area weathered the first round of rain, let's good to lisa amin gulezian, who is live in oakland.
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house is -- how's at it going? >> lisa: it's been raining all day long, and it's affecting homeowners and of course, drivers. >> the heavy downpour caused flooding on 880 in oakland today. caltrans crews started clearing storm drains this morning. the debris backed up in seven spots, and the problems underground caused this backup above ground. a total of four lanes were closed for hours. >> it's just an irritant. >> the rain is making things more challenging than usual everywhere. traffic isn't the only turn. homeowners are worried about leaks and water damage. >> the city of oakland is offering up to 20 free sandbags and plastic tarps to residents. >> i'm just going to put them around the foundation outside to
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keep water from going into the basement. sometimes when it rains really hard, then the basement tends to kind of take on a leak. >> reporter: the rain is expected to continue all week long, with no significant break in sight. it's not the forecast retailers want as this last-minute shopping push before christmas begins. this is known as supersaturday, and it's a soggy one. >> the rain is affecting things. definitely having an increase in business but it isn't what it would be if it were even sort of moderate weather. >> it definitely isn't the best for us, but we're kind of coming to the end of it. so, hopefully people will go out. >> lisa: i did speak with some folks who said it's actually nice to be outside because the malls are packed right now. a lot of those people were just window shopping. lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news.
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>> alan: this rainy weather is causing plenty of airport delays. here's a live picture of san francisco international airport. due to low visibility, officials there say flights are delayed an average of 30-6 minutes, inbound and owbd. -- and outbound. there are no delays at san jose. it's best to call your airline before heading out to the airport. >> caltrans is urging drivers to be extra careful driving in the sierra. hires a look at -- here's a loot the road conditions. chains are required on interstate 80, and on 50, chains are required from twin bridges to meyers. here's earlier today from the heavenly camera. the sierra is under a winter storm warning, with several feet of new snow expected to fall on the higher elevations. at the lower level, there's potential for serious flooding.
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caltrans finished the latest phase of construction on the eastern span of the bay bridge. crews moved up their construction sed to all beat tonight's storm. they raced against the clock to add four mammoth pieces of steel to the tower. the anticipated high winds would have made it too difficult to put those sections into place. >> for the fir time in american history, gay soldiers will be allowed to serve openly in the military. the senate voted bay by a large margin to overturn the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. president obama is expected to sign the legislation into law next week. here's more. >> the yeas are 65. the nays 31. the motion to concur is adopted. >> "don't ask, don't tell" is headed into history. the senate passed a bill to repeal the military's ban on
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gays serving openly in the armed forces. >> we have gay guy in the unit, he is big, mean, and he kills lots of bad guys. no one cared he was gay. >> nobody wearing the uniform of the united states of america should have to be living a lie. >> opponents went down fighting. >> it does have the potential for increasing the risk of harm and death to our men and women who are serving in combat. >> today is a very sad day. >> gay rights advocates rejoiced. >> oh, what a day. >> "don't ask, don't tell" will soon be relegated to the dust bin of history. >> the senate debated the dream act, which would have granted legal status to spill legal immigrants. >> this is our moment in history to show our courage. >> opponents said the measure would book-door amnesty and encourage illegal immigration. >> this bill is at its
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fundamental core is a reward for illegal activity. >> the dream act failed in a procedural vote. senators are still grappling with the bill to guarantee healthcare for 9/11 responsiblers in new york city, and with the start treaty with russia. >> alan: a local gay and lesbian veterans celebrated the vote that overturned the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. >> one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty, and justice, for all. [applause] >> alan: members of the lgb defense network community center estimate at least 66,000 gay, lesbian, and buy sexual members serve their country and there are at least 1 million living veterans who are gay or lesbian. >> this allows the mill tier get the job done finally and kick the taliban out, and resolve
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this war and bring everyone home. >> after 18 years working on this, i witnessed the end to this destructive poll simple these are tears or joy. >> alan: the gathering at the san francisco lgbt center on market street included several members of american legion post 448. the only post made up of primarily gay and lesbian veterans. >> protestors took to the swawks of san francisco today. ahead, the sit-in against a law that opponents are vowing to overturn. >> a new warning to oakland officials. they could be in danger of being
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>> alan: a series of protested were staged across san francisco against the recently passed sit-lie law. voters passed prop l last month, which banned sitting or lying on sidewalks between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. but opponents of the law hired a legal team to fight it. >> we think that the majority of san franciscans once they see how this law is enforced in a discriminatory way, they will be with us on being releaved when it's repeal is. >> many neighborhood groups pushed for the passage of the sit-lie law. they believe it gives police another tool to fight pan-handling and loitering. >> oakland -- the web site california watch obtain a letter sent by the district attorney to
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the mayor. the d. a. warns city officials could be subject to arrest by federal drug agent if they decide oakland is vie lacing california's marijuana law. the council approved an ordinance allowing cultivation in july. applications for marijuana growing permits are due the next day after the hearing. >> barnes & noble is shutting its doors in san francisco. the only san francisco location, at taylor and north point in the fisherman's wharf descroight district posted signs it will close on the 31st. the third bay area barnes & noble to close this year. >> the bay area flight to europe has been cancelled because of a huge storm out there that crippled some airports. we will have the latest. meanwhile, we're dealing with our own storms. leigh glasasasasasasasasasasasas
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>> alan: heavy snows shutting down airport runways, train tracks and hips across europe. london's got airport used snow s to clear the airports. other airports in europe report cancellations or delayed flights in germany. heavy overnight snowfall forced several main roads to close inch the bay area, travelers are facing big problems. officials at san francisco international airport say virgin and british airways cancelled
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all outgoing flights to london. we have some more holiday lights to show you from around the bay area. check them out. dawn, thank you very much. sent these photos to ureport. this display is on quietwood drive in san rafael. we would also like to see the holiday lights in your neighborhood. so please upload your video or pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures to >> leigh: one of those holiday lights flying down the street last night with all the wind that moved in. >> alan: pretty crazy. >> leigh: we got a nice break in the action today so anything on the roadways had a little few hours to recede just a little bit. you can see from the high definition golden gate cam that the moisture is back, and overnight tonight we're going to pick up more rainfall. heavy at times.
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and the possibility of maybe some isolated thunderstorms. more on that in just a moment. let's get to live doppler 7hd. you can get a sense of how this moisture is continuing to feed in. we have tapped interest the subtropical train, and it is just continuing to move in our direction. we're taking a little closer look. benecia, conquered, walnut creek, you're seeing showers shortly, all of this moving from west to east, richmond, this moving over san francisco bay, headed in your direction. also, mill valley, the golden gate bridge right now, getting hit with rain as you just saw on our camera. we're seeing quite a bit of rain in the san bruno area, hayward, san leandro, and down towards san jose, moderate rain feeding in at this hour. it will continue to pick up overnight. temperaturewise, we're in the
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mid-to up 50ers. a very mild subtropical nature of a storm. so don't look for very cold temperatures in the next couple of days. rain overnight, thunder possible. we'll deal with some rain tomorrow morning. could be heavy at times. then the band of rain will turn over to showers tomorrow afternoon so maybe a little break before another wave moves in as we head into monday and tuesday for off and on showers. overnight temperatures, we'll keep those mainly in the 50s overnight tonight, and here is the setup. we are here, and would you look at this train of moisture? all the way back towards the hawaiian islands and beyond. subtropical path. and all of this is going to jet through here in the next four to five days. it will be of -- off and on scenarios. we're still picking up showers but overnight tonight, 11:00, that's when the rain will start to pick up, and the early morning hours, check out
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6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, very heavy rain. it will continue to move across the bay area. by 11:00 tomorrow, more heavy showers, and then it starts to then out a bit tomorrow afternoon. so looks like we'll get a little break overnight on sunday, and then early monday morning, just in time for the 5-6:00 a.m. commute. another wave of moisture will move through and could be heavy at times. here's the calculations for at least the next 24 hours. possibly this is an inch, inch and a half. this is 7:00 to 7:00 tomorrow night. maybe an inch east bay. south bay, three inches, santa cruz mountain areas, and winter storm morning into effect until monday morning. three to eight additional feet expected above the 7,000-foot level, and you couple that with the strong winds, and that's going to mean white outconditions. highs for sunday, 50s, and the havest rain -- heaviest rain
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tomorrow morning, and scattered showers late in the day and a little break before more rain moves in here, and you seek that on the seven-day forecast. monday and tuesday, more periods of rain. a little bit of a break thursday, friday. chance to dry out a little bit, and then wet for christmas day. >> alan: on to shu. here come the bowl games. >> mike: that's right. the bowl season officially kicked off today. while college hoops is also in full swing.
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>> mike: we tip off with college hoops. stanford men hit the road, facing last year's ncaa runner up, butler. cardinal has ten freshmen on their bench. owens with the flush. game tied at 9 but the cardinals with zero assists in the first half. the bulldogs go on a 20-4 run, then the great pass, butler up 19 at the half. howard would open up the second half. ten straight points, and the bank is open right here on this floater. he had 27. but larry rowtz stanford, 83-50. >> in berkeley, mop comery and cal hosting cal poly. donohue fines hansen. cal poly down 33-28. later in the half, for three from the corner. money. bears up 42-39. then off the mix, sanders, there
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for the followup. 15 points, 10 boards, cal up five. a minute to play. giewt -- giewt tier res, the dagger. cal gets the victory. >> that's the tempo i like to play. forced teams to play like that. >> they slowed it down and played their tempo, and that made us less aggressive, and obviously the clock is ticking, and it's either do or die as far as winning. so that puts pressure on us. >> mike: at the wooden classic in anaheim, st. mary's wins over long beach state. let the bowls begin. you couch potatoes hunker down. 35 bowls in 24 days. big fun for college football fans or possibly the end of any relationship you may be involved in. byu and utep, whose last bowl win was in 1967.
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first quarter, byu up seven and adding on. heaps to ashbrook. makes two men miss. 14-0 cougars. in the second, now 7-3. heaps the beautiful long ball to hoffman, byu led 31-10 at the half. heap had himself a day. threw for four touchdowns. hooks up with hoffman gain. byu blows out utep, 52-4. >> humanitarian bowl in boise. fresno state and northern illinois. bulldogs off to a fast start in the first. coalburn off his back foot. 11 yards. fresh know state up 7-0. but the huskies take control. over the middle to skob. niu led 23-10 at the half. they're up 43-so in the fourth quarter. >> their orlando magic is making a run at the title. a bare of blockbuster trades,
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acquiring gilbert arenas from washington in exchange for lewis. that followed a trait with phoenix, in which orlando picked up jason richardson, and hedo turkoglu, and the suns get a former warrior, and watch out for the magic, center dwight howard now has some help. a huge block bester this time of year. >> alan: amazing. just ahead, santa's helpers rave in the bay area in style to deliver
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lightning fast. lightning strong.
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>> alan: coming up in a half hour at 6:00, we have some video coming in from the sierra. as you can see, it is a slushy mess out there. we'll have more on the road to tahoe. plus, rain or shine, this was a day when people just had to shop. the final christmas rush is upon us. john us for abc-7 news at 6:00. finally, a group of local motorcycle riders teamed up with santa claus to spread holiday cheer to kids at san mateo county medical center. members of the golden gate south harley owner's group escorted an ambulance loaded with toys to the hospital's front door. santa himself helped supervise the unloading of the toys. some of his helpers carried them inside. the toys go to kids who receive care and to help


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