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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 18, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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creek, the lighter blue indicating the lighter rain, and just pockets of moderate rain in hayward. we're definitely seeing moderate rain moving through los altos, and quite a bit of rainfall, and looking at the 24 hour rainfall total, over three inches of rain as that big slug of moisture moved in overnight, and we had over an inch in san rafael, and over an inch in oakland. more rain in the accuweather forecast. we get to that coming up. >> alan: rain or shine, a day when a lot of people had to get out there and shop with their umbrellas handy. lisa amin gulezian joins us from oakland. lease lows it has been raining off and on all day long, and it's impacting a lot.
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it's complicating things for drivers, homeowners, and shoppers on college avenue. college avenue merchants are trying they're hardest to lure in shoppers with sales. this is what is known as super saturday. retailers' last-minute push before christmas and it's a soggy one. >> the rain is affecting things. we have an increased business but it isn't what it would be if it were moderate weather. >> we have no money. we're poor. well, enough to pay our bills and put food on the table. but trying to cut back on spending. >> reporter: this is the last thing small business owners need. the rain is expected to continue all week long with no significant break in sight. the heavy downpour started yesterday, and today, it's caused flooding on interstate 880 in oakland.
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caltrans crews started clearing storm drains this morning. the don't backed up in seven spots, and at the problems causa backup. a total of four lanes were closed for hours. >> just irritant. >> the rain is making things more challenging than usual everywhere. traffic isn't the only concern. homeowners are worried about leaks and water damage. the city of oakland is offering up to 20 free sandbags and plastic tarps to residents. >> going to just put them around the foundation outside, to keep water from going into the basement. sometimes when it rains really hard, then the basement seems to kind of take on a leak. >> reporter: sand bags are available to oakland service center and at the city's 14 fire
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stations. lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: the same storm that continues to soak the bay area with rain is bringing snow to the sear. a drivers are facing chain controls on interstate 80 heading to the north shore of lake tahoe and reno. one truck driver braved bridge temperatures to chain up. >> i didn't know. so i didn't get my chains. >> we've been waiting for this, and in this economy, a lot of us are contractors, so this is a blessing to be able to support our families and pay our mortgages and keep it going. >> alan: this video from caltrans camera shows what drivers must deal with once they reach the higher elevations. drivers face chain requirements on u.s. highway 50 heading to south shore. some good news out there at sfo
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this evening. the airport duty manager tells us fewer flights are delayed this evening cleared to easterly -- compared to earlier in the day. there are fewer delays but you can expect 30 to 60-minute delays for short west coast flight. in oakland and san san jose check in delay-free. call your carrier for information. >> what president obama called an historic vote, the senate turned "don't ask, don't tell" into, don't care. senators voted overwhelmingly to repeal the 17-year-old policy that pore -- forbids homosexual men and women to serve in the military. now the president will sign the law into bill. >> the yeas are 65. the nays, 31. the motion to concur is adopted.
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>> reporter: "don't ask, don't tell" is headed into its. the senate passed a bill to repeal the military's ban on gays serving openly in the armed forces. >> we have a gay guy in the unit. he is big, mean, and kills lots of bad guys. no one cared he was gay. >> nobody wearing the uniform of the united states of america should have to be living a lie. >> opponents went down fighting. >> does have the potential for increasing the risk of harm and death to our men and women serving in combat. >> today is a very sad day. >> gay rights advocates rejoiced. >> what a day. >> "don't ask, don't tell" will soon be relegated to the dust bin of history. >> the senate debated the dream act, which would have granted legal status to some illegal immigrants. >> this is our moment in history to show our courage. >> opponents said the measure would back door amnesty that
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would encourage more illegal immigration. >> this bill is a law that, at its fundamental core, is a reward for illegal activity. >> the dream act failed in a procedural vote. senators are still grandparentling with a bill to guarantee health care for philadelphia -- 9/11 responsiblers. abc news. >> alan: local gay and lesbian veterans celebrated today's vote that overturned the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. >> "one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." [applause] >> alan: members of the lgbt defense network estimate 66,000 gay and lesbian military members currently serve their country and there are at least 1 million living veterans who are gay or
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lesbians. >> i'm living proof that a person who is openly gay does not harm morale. i established stronger bonds with me coworkers after i came out. >> i never stopped loving this country, and when i pledge allegiance at every meeting i do it with great pride and joy. >> alan: the fathering at the san francisco lgbt center included several members of american legion post 448, made up primarily of gay and lesbian varnz. now back to the dream act in the case of a 20-year-old san francisco college student, steve lee avoided deportation after senator dianne feinstein introduced legislation stalling deportation. he thought he was here illegally until he was ordered back to peru. the deem act -- dream act would
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allow foreign-born youngsters brought here ill illegally mist citizenship. >> crews worked around the clock on the bay bridge to ad -- add the last of the steel. they didn't have to deal with much rain last night, wind speeds reached 50 miles-per-hour. the tauer now -- tower is now 36 4 feet tall. when the final pieces are added in february. it will stand 525 feet. >> up next, super saturday, a day retailers were hoping would be as big as black friday. >> more on this stretch of rainy weather, including the
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: this is the last weekend for a lot of people to do their christmas shopping. in fact, some retailers were hoping this weekend would be as big as black friday, so they called it supersasms -- supersaturday. >> reporter: i was out here on black friday as well here in union square, and this feels
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different. black friday is like a fact -- family activity after thanksgiving. i heard a woman saying now i have to buy a capuccino maker. it was definitely more crowded on black friday. hard to say if that was because it was the tree-lighting ceremony or the weather, analysts are looking for the best day in three years. this is call supersaturday, and might come up short. of course, the shoppers aren't noticing. they're just enjoying being out here. >> we love it. yeah. it's absolutely wonderful. i mean, everyone is out, it's not really raining that much. and people are friendly. it's a great experience. >> today it's not as busy but it's been very steady. people like hot dogs, especially
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shoppers, when they're tired of shopping, come out and have a hot dog. >> reporter: the rain in san francisco and los angeles are the exception today. 90% of the country is enjoying good weather, so maybe the crowds will be larger elsewhere. people are out, just not as thick as black friday. as for the markdowns, there are the stores who are ready to slash prices and move merchandise. other stores are going to be patient, hole out. see how long they can extend this holiday season. reporting live from san francisco. abc-7 news. >> alan: a series of protests were staged across san francisco today against in the city's recently passed sit-lie law. the coalition organized the demonstrations. voters passed prop l which bans sitting or lying on sidewalks
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between 7:00 a.m. and 11'm. opponents of the law have hired a legal team to fight it. many neighborhood andmer shouldn't -- merchanted passed for the lay because it gives employing another tool. >> barnes & noble is shooting its stories in san francisco at taylor and north point. it has posted signs saying it will close on december 31st. the third bay area barnes & noble that closed this year. the othersed were in richmond and jack london square in oakland. >> the rain is starting to pick up again. leigh glaser joins us next with a look ahead coming up. >> mike: the bowl season has officially begun. we have hoopsters working on their game. cal poly inl
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>> alan: the winds did not knock down a lot of trees. that could all change. let's talk to leigh. leigh glaser live doppler 7hd,
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got a little of a break this afternoon, but more bands feeding in from the west. much of this is on the light side, but some of the rain is starting to pick up. the gilroy area, and overnight the rain will pick up. could be heavy at times and bring in the possible of isolated thunderstorms maybe tomorrow morningle morning rain could be heavy at times tomorrow, then afternoon showers and of and on showers all week long. here's pretty much the setup. we have a stationary front here. check out the subtropical moisture cap past the hawaiian islands. the reason we didn't get a lot of heavy rain is because the jet stream pushed towards the south, moved into southern california. they saw most of the rain. overnight, all of this is going to move back to the north and move right over the bay area. so we have another band of quite a bit of moisture here. it will increase overnight and some of the rain could be heavy
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at times. if we take a look at the forecast animation, you can see just light amounts of rain through most of the evening. it will be the overnight hours, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow, cheg out the yell os, and then as the one band of moisture moves through, we'll start to see a little partial clearing across the bay area. could pick up a few showers but will start to pull out. one and a half inches north bay, real elsewhere, maybe a half to an inch. over three inches expected in the santa cruz mountains. winter storm warning until 4:00 monday. one to three feet of new snow at lake legal expected, three to eight feet before -- above the 7,000-foot level. and today it has been coming down as rain-snow mix.
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the rain could be heavy at times again tomorrow morning as that second wave of moisture moves in, and then as we take a look at the seven-day forecast, you can clearly see that more showers off and on with imbedded periods of heavy rain for monday and tuesday. tuesday, making -- me a get a little break tuesday night, and then try thursday and friday. and christmas day, depending on how the jet stream moves up, looks to be wet. >> alan: be careful in that christmas rush. all trying to get around faster. on to shu and ncaa basketball in full strength. >> mike: i'm more concerned about the jet stream. we tip off with college hoops. stanford facing butler. the cardinals, ten freshmen on the bench. consistent close for the first six minutes. the cardinals with zero assists
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in the fir -- first half. matt howard to smith. but her up 189 at the half. butler opens the second half with ten straight points, and the bank is open. howard had 27. butler routs stanford 87-53. >> in berkeley, mike montgomery and cal hosting cal poly. down only 4. later in the half for three from the corner. money. bears up 42-39. then mark sanders for the follow. he had 15 points, ten boards. cal shot only 38% from the field. guiterrez with the dagger from deep. wasn't pretty, but cal now 6-4 with the ten-point victory. >> that's the tempy like --
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tempo we like to play. >> that made us less aggressive, and obviously the clock's ticking, and it's either do or die as far as winning. so that puts pressure on us. >> mike: at the wooden classic in anaheim, st. mary's improvess to 9-2 with a big win over long beach state. >> 35 bowl games in the next 24 games. big time for college football fans. we kick off with the new mexico bowl. byu and utep, their last bowl win was in 1967. i think that's when alan was born. nine-yard touchdown, 14-0 cougars inch the second heaps, 31-yard. byu up 31-10 he at the half. hoffman, three td grabs. byu blows out utep.
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humanitarian whole on the smurf turf in boise. illinois out to a fast start. 11-yard. fresno state up seven. the huskies take control. hunter over the middle. the score. niu led 23-10 at the half. and the huskies cruise 40, 17. >> high school football, division 3 state title game. second quarter, cougars up 789-7. ing my get -- miguel to the corner. 16-7. seconds later, the ball comes back. shaw makes the church, -- makes the catch, and he is a mudder. 41 yards to pay dirt. division 2 title game, folsom
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meeting gardena. first quarter, bull dogs up 7-0. looking for more. 42-yard to the house. and right now in the fourth, folsom leads 41-20. >> a little nba action. the orlando momentum making a run at the nba title. the major -- magic acquired gilbert arenas, and pick up jason richardson and hedo turkoglu. in return, they get vince carter, pietrus. watch out for the magic. dwight howard now has help. >> tonight at 11, warriors and sharks, and the ncaa title battle. we'll see you at 11:00. >> alan: thank you for sending in more pictures of christmas
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>> alan: we have more holiday lights to show you. thank you, steve hunter, who sent us this one to you -- ureports. he said the lights moved the music. we would like to see the holiday
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lights in your neighborhood. you can upload videos or pictures to our report or kgo and we could air them on our newscast. that's it for us. thanks for watching. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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