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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 19, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, december 19th. this morning, historic vote. the senate overturns don't ask, don't tell, opening the door for gays to serve openly in the u.s. military for the first time ever. advocates call it a giant step forward for civil rights. and it's a big victory for the president. epic storm. a once-in-a-decade winter storm is pounding the west coast. heavy rain is already causing mudslides. and 15 feet of snow expected in the mountains. we're live in the thick of it. crucial victory. hope for amanda knox as an italian court rules that it will allow a review of dna evidence used to convict her of murder. could this eventually set her free? we'll talk live with her mother and father. and royal affairs. prince william and kate middleton make their first public appearance since their
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engagement. while prince harry makes his first public comments about his new sister-in-law-to-be. and it was a historic vote in washington. bill clinton was in the white house 17 years ago when don't ask, don't tell, was put in place. but throughout american history men and women were kicked out of the military because of their sexual orientation. now all of that will change, and for the first time gays and lesbians will be allowed to serve openly in the armed forces. some are equating the vote to the end of racial segregation in the military. >> 14,000 servicemen and women have been kicked out of the military under don't ask, don't tell. supporters of the repeal call it a giant step forward in the pursuit of ek equal rights. but there are still a lot of critics. and we're going to hear from them too coming up. history of a different kind could be made of the hardwood floors of madison square garden
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tonight. a college basketball team is set to tie a long-standing record for the longest winning streak ever. but you might not have heard about it because it's a woman's team. does that make it any less deserving of coverage? we'll get into that debate as well. >> one critic said there's been a stunning lack of interest in the mainstream sports. we'll hear from her, as well. before you hit the mall you won't want to miss what we call our shopping showdown. we're pitting two of our fiercest bargain hunters, elisabeth leamy and becky worley against one another. who scored the best deals on popular holiday gifts? how much did they save? how did they do it? they're going to share their tips coming up. >> leamy versus worley. can't wait to see that. but we do begin with the repeal of the pentagon's don't ask, don't tell, policy after a la landmark vote on capitol hill. david kerley is there. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the bill is headed to the president's desk to allow gays to serve openly in the military. he will sign it this week. but that doesn't mean the policy ends with his signature. >> house resolution 2965 is adopted. [ cheers ] >> reporter: a historic moment agreeing for the first time to allow gays to serve openly in
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the u.s. military. during the 17 years of don't ask, don't tell, 14,000 service members have been discharged. >> if you love this country enough to risk your life for it, you shouldn't have to hide who you are. >> reporter: there were celebrations among those who have been forced out of the military. air force major mike almy. >> wow, what a day. a long time in the making, a long hard process. >> reporter: and army lieutenant dan choi, who along with others chained himself to the white house fence. a tweet. today we stand taller declaring i am somebody. while the defense secretary in and the country's top military man said it's time to end the policy, there were generals who warn against repealing the ban. >> the army, the air force, particularly the marine corps, have cautioned us not to do this now, this way. >> i've heard from thousands, thousands of active duty and retired military personnel, and they're saying, senator mccain,
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it isn't broke. and don't fix it. >> it's a great day for this country. it's a great day for our history. >> reporter: margaret witt of spokane was major margaret witt, a former air force flight nurse discharged after 18 years when the military learned she was a lesbian. she wants to serve again, but her dream may be delayed. >> but it is going to take some time. it's not going to happen overnight. >> reporter: that's because the law will only give the pentagon the power to end the ban if conditions are met. mirs, military leaders must certify that ending don't ask, don't tell won't adversely affect the military. then there is a 60-day waiting period. all this expected to take months. but margaret witt is willing to wait for her chance to serve again. >> people just shouldn't be treated as second class citizens especially when they want to serve you and serve the country. >> reporter: as i mentioned, it could be months. some suggest it may even take a year to actually lift this policy and the restrictions that come with it.
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the president very happy. he said that no longer will the nation be denied this service of thousands of patriotic americans who have been denied service just because they are gay. back to you guys. >> david kerley in washington this morning. thank you. let's talk more about this history-making development with "this week" host christiane amanpour, who joins us now from washington. christiane, good morning. >> good morning, dan. >> so the president signed this big tax cut law on friday, and now he's celebrating the end of don't ask, don't tell, which was a big campaign promise for him. is there a sense in washington that he's on a winning streak? >> well, it's certainly been an active and busy lame duck session. obviously the tax cut law, everybody was watching. it had to be done before the end of the year. and certainly a president doing that and being responsible for giveaways, in other words, tax breaks to people, is going to get the credit. clearly, of course, the republicans got what they wanted as well, which was all the tax
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cuts remaining. so that was really a win/win, though many people are sort of spinning it one way or the other. and then on don't ask, don't tell, that is something that the president said that he wanted to do, have repealed way back before he became president right from the beginning of his campaign. that took longer than his base wanted it to take, but here we have it. now the next step is going to be new s.t.a.r.t., that is the landmark nuclear treaty between the united states and russia. we'll see how that goes. that's being debated today, and perhaps a vote will come early this week. >> the interesting thing about both the tax cuts and the don't ask, don't tell move in congress is that they were passed within reasonably bipartisan fashion. is it possible we're entering a new era of cooperation, or is that just wishful thinking? >> well, it may be a little bit of wishful thinking. certainly the american people want that to happen. if you look back at the midterms and talk to people, why they voted what they want, they want solutions, and they know that some of these intractable problems that have bedeviled the country, particularly the economic, the fiscal, jobs,
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unemployment, et cetera, needs bipartisan work on it. but, people are still saying, perhaps this was just this time. we'll see what happens when the new congress gets in and when real fights start over spending and cuts and exactly what's going to happen with the deficit. all of those big issues that are going to need bipartisan support. we'll see how that all falls down. >> huge issues and huge questions looming. kris christiane, thank you. and be sure to join christiane later when she questions chairman john kerry and ranking member, richard lugar, about the nuclear deal with russia, the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. bianna? all right, dan.
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turning to weather now. in the western part they're dealing with a major storm. parts of southern california could see as much as a foot of rain before it's all done and 15 feet of snow is forecast for the sierra nevada. yunji de nies is in los angeles where the bad weather is creating such chaos that she actually got stuck on the freeway on the way to do the report for us. yunji, so happy to see you did make it. >> reporter: yeah, bianna, we almost didn't. i was stuck on that freeway for almost an hour all thanks to a multi-injury pileup. they shut the entire freeway down. one of the many accidents that happened here in california overnight, all thanks to this rain, which has been constant. and means dangerous driving conditions and even possible mudslides. heavy rains drenched southern california overnight leaving mud slides, flooding and dangerous driving conditions in their wake. this l.a. county woman almost lost her home. >> they said, you know, the mountain is coming down behind you, and you really need to go. >> reporter: other hillside residents are taking whatever precautions they can against these dangerous mud slides as rainfall totals are estimated to rise as high as 10 inches in some areas by tonight. >> this has the potential of coming all the way up level with this other wall, and that way when the mud comes down, we have up to this amount of protection. >> reporter: how much time do you have before the mud comes? do you have any kind of warning? >> very little warning, indeed.
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you can actually hear the material coming down the hill like an avalanche. >> reporter: wet weather is soaking much of the golden state flooding roads in sacramento. >> i had never seen it like this in the years. >> reporter: for drivers it's taking your life in your hands. >> the roads are slick, so the speed limits should actually be dropped down maybe 35. >> reporter: the california highway patrol reported five times the normal number of accidents. as cars flipped over, one even crashed into a building. at higher elevation, the snow is falling fast. >> i think it's getting worse by the minute. >> reporter: the heavy moisture is expected to last through the middle of the week with a series of storms following a single path across the state. >> they're piling on each other. what's happening is that you're not getting enough runoff between storms, so you continue to amplify the amount of moisture in the ground where it's raining. >> reporter: and forecasters say this could be one of the worst systems to hit california in the last ten years.
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they say the wet weather could actually last all the way through christmas. bianna? >> all right. and americans are not the only ones experiencing nasty weather. much of europe is. hundreds of flights at airports across the continent have been canceled because of snow, ice and fog. our nick watt managed to make his way into our london bureau this morning and has the story for us. good to see you, nick. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. well, britain is snowed under, iced in. i've lived here in london for 15 years, and this is the worst snow i have ever seen in this city. yesterday about a foot of the stuff fell across much of this country in just a couple of hours. the airports, as you mentioned, are worst affected. heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world, is at a virtual standstill right now. today all incoming flights have been canceled, and only a handful of planes will take off. 200,000 passengers were scheduled to pass through heathrow today. thousands of them were actually stuck in the terminals overnight. many of them are frustrated and
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also quite a few of them are getting a bit angry. and the rest of the country? soccer games have been canceled. roads are like ice rinks. the main highway around london is actually shut down after a fuel tanker flipped over, and, bianna, we're told that food and fuel shortages may soon start to bite. >> well, we know that the snow was forecast earlier this week. was britain prepared for this? >> well, as you say, officials knew this was coming, but there wasn't a lot they could do about it. britain just isn't used to weather like this and isn't really equipped to deal with it, and, of course, it hit at the worst possible time. as you guys mentioned, this was a big shopping weekend. also one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. just a week before the holidays. so it could not have come at a worse time. it's not just britain, though, airports across europe are also experiencing severe delays, and we've just been told that meteorologists say that britain this month is going to be the coldest december since records began a century ago.
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bianna? >> all right, nick, well, stay safe. this is definitely a hit that the uk economy did not need to see happen right now. >> i noticed nick referred to soccer games which involves breaking a lifetime habit of calling it football over there. we appreciate your cultural sensitivity, nick. let's turn now to ron claiborne with a look at the other stories developing this morning. >> good morning, dan, good morning, bianna. good morning, everyone. the body of an american woman bound and stabbed was found in a wooded area in israel near jerusalem. 46-year-old christine logan was hiking with a friend who said they were attacked by two arabic-speaking men. the friend managed to escape from the attacker. she was also tied up and bleeding from multiple stab wounds. police in los angeles have tentatively identified 5 of the 180 women found in photos in the home of the so-called serial killer the grim sleeper. all five of the women are alive but the lawyer for lonnie david franklin jr. charged with killing ten women says releasing the photos is a deliberate attempt by prosecutors to influence public opinion. more from abc's t.j. winick. >> reporter: once the coldest of
7:13 am
cold cases, there are new leads in the grim sleeper murder investigation after l.a. police released 180 images thursday found on the suspect's property. >> we have about five that we have tentatively i.d.'d, so, you know, as this rolls out, we hope that we identify every person of the 180 photos. >> reporter: authorities are getting calls from women who recognize themselves and others. police believe some in the photos could be victims of lonnie david franklin jr., a 57-year-old mechanic arrested in july. franklin allegedly killed several women in his south los angeles neighborhood in the '80s and then more than 15 years later began killing again. because of the apparent time gap, the media dubbed the serial killer the grim sleeper. franklin is accused of nine murders. it was, in fact, dna evidence from his son earlier this year that led police to him. >> definitely going to bring my family some closure. >> reporter: in many of these pictures, the women are actually topless or completely naked. some of them even appear to be
7:14 am
unconscious or perhaps dead. franklin's attorney is outraged by the photo release. she says it taints the potential jury pool and that some of the photos are friends and family members of the suspect. >> it's not just the photographs that were released to the public. that's the problem. it's also the commentary that went along with the release by the public officials. >> reporter: abc news has learned that police asked franklin's wife to see if she could identify any of the women in the photos, but she refused to look at them. now they're hoping others will come forward to provide a name and happy ending in a case where there are far too few. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. and the united nations security council meets today in an emergency session to discuss the tense situation on the korean peninsula. south korea plans an artillery exercise this week on or near the same island that north korea shelled last month. the north has warned of a "catastrophe" if the exercise is held. meanwhile, new mexico's governor bill richardson, who has met
7:15 am
with top leaders in north korea, is calling for self-restraint by both countries. a new study found a chemical linked to cancer in the drinking water of 31 u.s. cities. the same industrial chemical made famous in the movie "erin brockovich," hexavalent chromium, was found in tap water in washington, d.c., and other cities, according to the analysis done by an environmental group. the report comes out tomorrow actually as the government is considering whether to set a limit for the amount of the chemical that should be allowed in drinking water. and finally our first look at the new lion cubs at the national zoo in washington, d.c. seven lion cubs, look at that. seven lion cubs made their debut on saturday at the zoo's lion yard, they are the first born at the national zoo, bianna, and dan, you will be glad to know in more that 20 years. >> bianna coos at the baby lions. >> those are cats i can actually appreciate. >> as a concerned cat lover, i'm just not buying it.
7:16 am
>> i do not hate cats. >> i hope they don't serve the water to those -- >> oh. >> the chemical -- >> oh, ron. >> don't do that. >> it's bad for you. >> dan thinks i want them to drink that water. >> no, i do not. they are adorable. >> those are cool looking cats. >> i love all animals. >> well, not -- i love all animals, too. now here's a quick check of the weather. rain and mountain snow throughout the west and the east. sunny weather with the exception of coastal areas from new jersey to massachusetts. dan, checking the temperatures, only 10 degrees fahrenheit in minneapolis, st. paul area and in contrast, 72 degrees fahrenheit also in phoenix. if it was celsius, we'd have a story, and that's a look at the national forecast.
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>> and back to you, dan and bian-issima. >> ah. >> thank you, ron. as we were discussing earlier, there's a huge sports record that could be tied today. a college basketball team is on an enormous and potentially history-making winning streak. >> so the question is why are so few sports fans paying attention? and could sexism be at play here? jeremy hubbard took a look. >> if anyone is going to catch moore here? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: history could be made today on the basketball court. >> what the uconn women are trying to do is a monumental achievement in sports. there's no other way to say it. >> reporter: so why haven't we heard anything about it? the university of connecticut women's basketball team hasn't lost a single game since 2008. a win today would be their 88th in a row, tying a four-decade-old record, set by the ucla men's basketball team, with an iconic group of players
7:18 am
and with a legendary coach revered ever since. this time around, few headlines. a stunning lack of interest some say from the male-dominated sports media. >> let's not kid ourselves. the lack of coverage for the uconn women is very similar to what would be going on at a playground with a fourth grade boy pointing at a girl saying you can't play, you're just a girl. >> reporter: nearly four decades after title ix mandated equality in athletics, things still aren't equal, some analysts say. to others it's an apples and oranges comparison, different sexes, yes, but different games and different size basketballs. different levels of athleticism according to some. uconn's head coach said that earlier this week on "sportscenter." >> there's this number 88 that's out there that really makes everybody go, wow, there's a number out there that no one's ever been able to get to. but that's not what we're doing this for. this is something that will be judged on its own merit. >> reporter: as for the team, the lack of headlines has done nothing to diminish their drive.
7:19 am
>> an opportunity to get a win and to play and to make a great game, you know, create a special memory. >> reporter: perhaps their dynasty will garner more attention after tuesday's game. that's when, if everything goes as planned, they'll have 89 wins, the longest win streak in college basketball history, men's or women's. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> christine brennan makes the case that when the media does cover female sports like they did with the soccer or the olympic team -- the soccer team in the olympics, people do follow it. so she really blames the media. >> there seems to be more interest in female sports like skating and gymnastics. than there would be basketball. interesting debate. >> okay. coming up, a glimmer of hope, an italian judge rules in the favor of amanda knox. giving her appeal new life. we'll talk to her parents. battle of the "gma" all-stars. this could be a sport in and of itself. who can find the lowest price on hot holiday gifts? the one using her feet or the one using her fingers? we pit two of them against each
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it's time for the next finalist in our "gma" advice guru search. we've been meeting the final 20. this morning edward freeman from killeen, texas, here's his advice for dealing with holiday stress. >> be positive. be grateful for the things you have. oftentimes during this time of
7:24 am
year people focus on the things they don't have, such as family and finances. but my challenge to you this year is to be more positive, and more giving of your time and yourself. so if you find yourself without family or friends, then volunteer. and if you are with others, then enjoy the time you have with those loved ones. and remember, keep it simple. sometimes less truly is more. >> some sound advice from edward. and you can tell us what you think about all of our finalists. read their personal essays and see how they responded to your questions at and coming up on the show we're going to talk about the latest legal development in the amanda knox case, the case that gets an enormous amount of attention. this latest development is, from her perspective, a positive one. and bianna is going to speak to her parents after the break. >> her mom was in the courtroom. and the battle of the "gma" all-stars, east coast versus west coast. i don't know who to bet on but it's all about saving you that extra dollar, that extra cash for your pocket. elisabeth leamy versus becky worley. stay tuned.
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elisabeth leamy versus becky worley. stay tuned. cwcscccccccc
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♪ oh, it is on. there's nothing like a little rage against the machine at 8:30 in the morning to wake you up. a shopping showdown this morning in the battle of the "gma" all-stars holiday edition. we asked our consumer correspondent and tech guru to go head to head to find the best holiday deals on gifts. we'll tell you who ended up with the best bargains under her tree. i don't know who to bet on. this is an east coast-west coast kind of thing. >> sharp elbows in the battle against the blonds kind of thing. prince william and kate going out together for the first time since they announced their enga engagement.
7:31 am
and william's younger brother is in germany being honored for his good works. we'll hear details about what he said about his sister-in-law to be. we begin with a potentially game-changing decision from an italian court lama hasan has the story from london. >> reporter: for the first time since being arrested three years ago, it's news that amanda knox and her family wanted to hear. >> we're happy they're willing to look at the case again and really take a deep look at it. >> reporter: the decision essentially re-opens the case as part of the appeals process. two experts will now start reviewing crucial dna evidence used to convict her last year. knox's legal team had argued that dna evidence was inconclusive, and the judge's verdict gives them a chance to try proving that once again. knox has won another important battle. following the murder, she had signed a statement saying she was at the scene, without access to a lawyer. >> those statements that have been previously ruled inadmissible should not have been admitted in the trial and
7:32 am
will not be part of the appeal. this is another favorable ruling. >> reporter: amanda is currently serving 26 years in prison after being convicted of killing her roommate, meredith kercher, in a cottage they shared in perugia. her family hopes this small victory could lead to the guilty verdict being overturned, but the prosecution insists that the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, had some of knox's dna on the handle and a small amount of kercher's on the blade. the defense argues that it could have been contaminated when testing was done in the lab. knox has always maintained her innocence. now she and her defense team have until at least the spring to prove it. lama hasan, abc news, london. >> and joining us now on the phone from perugia, italy, is amanda's mother edda mellas and from seattle is amanda knox's father, curt knox. good morning to both of you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> edda, i know this is the news that you've both been waiting to hear. we hear it was a very emotional
7:33 am
response from amanda when the judge did make that ruling. she wept. and what we'd like to hear is what your view was of the scene in the courtroom, and what was the first thing amanda said to you? >> well, you know, afterward we weren't able to get too close to her. but we were able to look at her. i told her i loved her and told her to hang on, and she nodded and smiled back at me. and, you know, that's really all we were able to do before they whisked her out of the courtroom, but, yes, it was a very emotional day. >> and obviously, curt, this is news you were waiting to hear. how important is this for your ultimate goal of having the verdict dismissed? >> well, it's really the first step and actually gives us, you know, that much more hope that this particular court will really take a rereview of the examination and, you know, find that this is really a wrongful conviction and allow amanda to come home. >> edda, tell us more about the
7:34 am
witness that the judge wants to hear more from. >> well, there was, you know -- it's interesting. there was a witness that the prosecutor called that he called, you know, his star witness, who said he saw amanda and raffaele lurking around the house. and this guy actually changed his story many times. but one of the things that he, you know, actually, there were two things. he said he had a watch and knew what time it was and he didn't even own a watch. and he said he knew he saw them around a certain time because there were -- the buses were running. and what we've come to find out is there's going to be people that will come and testify that absolutely those buses were not running the night that meredith was killed. and so, you know, it just really takes away his credibility as a witness. >> and, curt, what's going to happen in the next hearing set for january 15th? >> well, as i understand it, they're going to swear in the individuals that are going to do the independent evaluation of the dna evidence of both the bra
7:35 am
and the knife. and they're then going to schedule the rest of the hearings. and we'll have a better understanding of how the flow of the appeals trial process will take place. >> lastly i'd like to ask you, beginning with you, curt, after this weekend's ruling, how confident are you that your daughter will finally be brought home to you in the states? >> well, we're still cautiously optimistic. i mean this is really just the first step, and, you know, there's still a long ways to go. but, you know, it gives us hope that this court will really take a look at the evidence, and we believe that that evidence will allow amanda to come home. >> edda? >> yeah, you know, it is. it is a first step, but it's definitely, you know -- since i've been here, people have been telling me how important this is. and so the fact that this ruling went our way is very important, but amanda is still in jail, and we still have a long fight to get her out of there. >> how has her emotional state changed in just the past 24 hours after this ruling? >> well, you know, she was definitely, definitely, you know -- we were both sobbing in relief. i think she feels a little bit
7:36 am
more hopeful now. >> all right, well, we do appreciate your time. this is good news for the both of you. we know you've been waiting for this. we appreciate you joining us this morning, edda and curt. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> okay. now for a check of the other headline this is morning, ron claiborne. >> good morning again, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. in the news president obama is expected to sign the bill overturning the don't ask, don't tell, policy, to allow gays to serve openly in the military. meanwhile, senate republicans blocked a bill to give some illegal immigrants a shot at legal status by serving in the military or going to college. and the senate is back in session today and could vote on the new arms treaty with russia. in louisiana two people were killed when a small plane carrying skydivers crashed shortly after takeoff. two people on board were injured in that crash. the plane lost power at 200 feet in the air and could not make it back to the runway. and finally a chinese athlete had some problems, you could say, at a track and field competition. watch this guy over on the left. he tried to get over the hurdles.
7:37 am
the first hurdle. then he starts running into one hurdle after another. how about that one? he even staggered toward the end here into another guy's hurdle. gets up and knocks that over. finishes the race, which is a testimony to his persistence or something. well, i don't know what he's thinking when he starts plowing them down. you're not allowed to do that. you know, i think you may have to make the effort to go over those. you can't just run them over like a bull. >> exactly. >> i was wondering about the rules. you can actually still win and hit a few hurdles. >> you can. you can knock them down but you have to make the effort to jump over them and can't start plowing through them. i don't think. now it's time for a quick check of the weather. another day of heavy rain and snow in the west. mostly in california. while the east stays dry with the exception of coastal areas from new jersey to massachusetts. some light snow flurries likely in that area and meanwhile, that is a look at the national forecast.
7:38 am
>> dan and bianna? back to you. >> thank you, ron. coming up here on "good morning america" on a sunday morning, our battle of the bargain hunters. we pit two of our "gma" all-stars against each other. who can find the best holiday deals? keep it here. and royal watch. the world's most watched couple step out publicly for the first time since their engagement. first gifts opened, and the first ones on./ because they're not just pj's, they're christmas pj's. it's one of those traditions that keeps the whole family smiling year after year. live your christmas story at a kmart price - with joe boxer sleepwear for the whole family, now buy one, get one free! a tradition this good could last all day long.
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you know, every now and then we like to ask our two favorite expert guests, correspondents to go head to head in a little friendly competition. >> well, this time we pitted our consumer correspondent elisabeth leamy against our tech guru becky worley to see who could find the best holiday bargains, and it got pretty nasty. we're calling it the battle of the "gma" all-stars holiday edition. >> secret weapon time. >> i have a little trick up my sleeve. i gotta win this one. >> take that, becky worley. >> cha-ching. >> behold, two serious competitors who are also serious savers with very different
7:42 am
approaches. elisabeth pounds the pavement. >> becky pounds the keyboard. first up, the cashmere competition. buy one medium women's cashmere sweater for a polyester price. becky never leaves the house. from her kitchen she combs the web for rock bottom prices. >> secret weapon time. out in the field eli may not have ebay. >> on ebay she finds a brand-new cashmere turtleneck for just 20 bucks plus $9.40 in shipping. an $84 sweater for $29.40. not bad. >> my strategy and off price discount store. in this case filene's basement. i'm hoping becky won't think of this one. here goes. >> elisabeth tries on a sale for size. 20% off but she's got something more up her sleeve. >> want to push the envelope here. are there any birthday promotions? >> yes, we have -- >> filene's basement gives you an extra 15% off any day during
7:43 am
the entire month of your birthday. >> okay, so let me get this straight. i'm going to get it for $39.99. minus 20%, minus 15%. >> yes. >> final price, $27.19. elisabeth takes the lead, 1-0. >> take that, becky worley. >> the next challenge is a big ticket item. >> okay, tvs, tvs, i can do this. >> a 42-inch, 120 hertz lcd flat screen. >> oh, eli is not going to get this one, no, no, no. >> becky surfs around online. elisabeth hits the sales floor at best buy in search of something called opened box merchandise. >> all it means is somebody took this home, opened it up and then decided to return it. still new. >> in fact, at best buy open box items are checked by technicians, and all the warranties are still valid. so will the consumer worrier beat the tech wiz?
7:44 am
elisabeth's final price is $549.99. becky's best price comes from ecost, an online clearinghouse. >> $481 with shipping. oh, that's hard to beat. >> score worley. and so now it's a dead heat as the bargain hunters take on one of this season's stocking stuffer sensations, zhuzhu pets. becky uses an online service that monitors sales all over the web. >> i set up one at a site called zingsale, for the zhuzhu pet. and they sent me one. zing! one's on sale. >> elisabeth turns to chrissy pate. of for some help. >> we've been joking it's the battle of the blonds. i thought what i need is the help of a brunette. >> many people don't realize you can stack multiple discounts, that is chrissy's specialty. start with a sale. >> right now at cvs there is a buy one, get one free sale. >> add a coupon. >> once they ring you up, give them your 5 off 25 coupon. >> and top it off with another coupon. >> then give them your zhuzhu pet coupon. >> for a triple threat of super savings.
7:45 am
leamy awaits her final tally while back at the ranch, worley is waiting for the sale alert to pop up. >> oh, that zhuzhu pet is on sale. that's a winner. you ain't going to find that in the mall. >> i know the suspense is killing you. we've got leamy in d.c. and worley at our san francisco -- >> with the zhuzhu pet. >> yes, leamy is holding the zhu zhu pet. what's the final tally here? becky, you paid $4 for your zhuzhu pets and eli, you paid $2 so that means the winner is -- >> that's right. >> drum roll. this is a triumph for you, eli, congratulations, mazel tov. >> thank you, thank you. >> east coast wins. >> but becky does well on the total dollar tally. because she did better on the big ticket item. i have to point out. >> why are you being so generous? >> okay. >> just embrace it. >> okay, okay, i win. i win. king of the world or whatever. >> so let's go with you, eli, since you're the winner. what are your tips to other people who will do some shopping
7:46 am
and want to know how to get the best bargain? >> well, the real bargain hunters know that you should always be stacking different kinds of deals as i did there. but the other thing is there are still some screaming deals at warehouse clubs. you can't assume just because it's at a warehouse club like cosco's or sam's it's a good deal, but, wow, it really can be. we almost bought our television set at one of those. always check those prices out. >> becky, we don't want to exclude you. you were so angry you ripped your earpiece out. you decided to put it back in. you also had some good tips. you say it's all about timing, right? >> yes, it is not where you buy or how you buy but when you buy. we see massive price fluctuations from black friday to christmas with this dynamic pricing these days so set up the e-mail alerts using services like zingsale, shop it to me, priceping. and combine the online and off by using the scanners. the barcode scanners for your phone. that's really the way to check
7:47 am
prices when you're in the store. it was so nice that eli was gracious. i'm not so sure it's her birthday this month. >> yeah, i was going to ask about that. how intense is the scrutiny? can we always say it's your birthday? >> usually you do have to join their club and then they have asked your birthday and they know but it's always a good idea to ask. >> never hurts. >> we should point out both are wearing the cashmere sweaters you bought. >> both looking lovely. >> i consider this my gift from you, dan. >> you're very welcome. you're very welcome. merry christmas to both of you. >> you big spender. >> big spender. >> thanks for putting up a good fight, guys. >> thank you, guys. >> coming up on "good morning america," the princes and the princess, the future princess, we should say, step out. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more...
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well, britain's young royals are making news all in the name of charity this weekend. prince harry in germany. and prince william and kate middleton stepped out for a cancer charity in london. and nick watt is there with more. >> reporter: here they are, the world's most watched couple in this their first public appearance together since they told the world, we're getting married. >> very nice hats. >> i just can't believe it. i'm a bit shell-shocked and starstruck at the moment. >> congratulations. >> reporter: meanwhile, william's little brother harry is in germany where he received an award for his charity work. he even sprechen sie a little deutsch. [ speaking german ] >> reporter: harry founded a charity in africa. he and william visited this past summer. their mother, diana, says harry, the inspiration. and on his brother's upcoming wedding -- harry said "i'm absolutely delighted that he's finally
7:52 am
popped the question. we all are. i've always wanted a sister, and now i've got one." this is now kate's job, looking great, smiling. supporting her husband-to-be, william. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, london. >> harry's german, very impressive. >> you were doing a little translating. >> what was he saying there? >> i can't speak it that well. i think he was saying thank you to somebody in the audience. >> frau is mrs. >> yes, something like that. that's the best i can do. >> thank you mrs. -- we'll be right back. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ better with a dollop here ♪ fresher with a dollop there ♪ ♪ wholesome in every way
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we're out of time or else i'd give you more german lessons. >> danke. auf wiedersehen. >> stay with abc news throughout the day. >> bye. ughout the day. >> bye.@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@tt
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