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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the headlines this morning, a manhunt underway in south san francisco after a shooting leaves two people dead, a third fighting for life and three more injured. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in kentfield in marin county where authorities are investigating an 850,000 gallon raw sewage spill. asking the f.b.i. to help find answers. i'll tell you why in a live report. >> sunshine is on its way today. it will be dry tomorrow. we have to deal with some valley fog in the north bay and then i have to tell you about a new storm coming up christmas day. >> an injury crash involving
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five cars is causing delays here in the solano county commute. all the details coming up. >> it's 6:00 this thursday. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm kristen sze. the friday -- f.b.i. now part of gross negligence or environmental terrorism. terry mcsweeney is live in kentfield with the latest. terry? >> yeah. the local sanitary district has a generator out here pumping water out of this damaged sewer and down college avenue. this goes on a long ways. there are going to be traffic problems as a result as people cannot make left or right turns off college avenue. we've had a delivery truck out here this morning unable to make that left turn. he had to come down the wrong way on the street and make his way out that way. i'll tell you about the situation. the raw valley sewage district
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officials say there is an explanation of maybe intentional environmental terrorism. ironically there's another explanation, that construction crews who were working on a project to prevent sewage overflow clogged the sewer. inside the storm drain were found chunks of asphalt, electrical wiring, hard hats, school track dug up during the project. >> all this looks like construction debris from the sewage project. in all likelihood is probably is. >> which means the event friday and saturday was either extremely negligent or possibly environmental terrorism. >> and if it's environmental terrorism, the district wants to know more about that. asking the f.b.i. to help investigate. the sewer district is looking for the explanation, calling the contractor to tell their side of the story. we tried to get ahold of them
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and were unsuccessful. if you take a look a look at the article, when the sewage line clogged, talking about toilet paper floating down the street and their concern this weekend when the storms return there may be more problems out here. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. 6:03. this morning in south san francisco, the search is on for at least three suspects after a shooting that left two people dead and four others injured. police say it happened just after 7:00 last night on 8th lane off linden avenue in south city. one of the surviving victims is listed in critical condition and three others are being treated for what are described as non-life-threatening injuries. they may be driving a brown chevy impala similar to this one with tinted windows. residents are very concerned about the violence. >> it's scary, you know. i got kids.
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i got four kids. >> this particular part of town, it's hit very, very hard and it's right before christmas. >> police say this area is known for gang activity but aren't saying whether this shooting was gang-related. two state lawmakers will tour state hospital after serious attacks by patients on staff members. the hospital remains on lockdown after a patient strangled a psychiatric technician in october. another assaulted four different employees over a four-day period earlier this month. they hope today's visit by noreen evans and michael allenes leads to more safety measures by staffers. an effort to close three motels it says blatantly disobeyed laws against prostitution. named an economy inn, national lodge and state hotel that accuses owners of turning a
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blind eye to prostitutes and clients. the motel owners face a choice: clean up their properties in a hurry or risk be shut down in a hurry. >> showing up with five young girls all under the age of 18, that should signal that there's something wrong. >> if you have a girl in the back of the car, you left and i can't pay attention 24 hours and the girl might be in the room. >> that businessman tells abc 7 that he doesn't rent rooms by the hour. a pimp recently broke his car windows because he refused to representative a room to the man. an antioch car dealer has an unusual christmas present for the city. he's now pledging to match any donation made to the city up to $100,000. it's all meant to help balance the city's ailing budget. he often raised concerns about cuts to the police department's budget. within the last week the city sent layoff notices to six
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police officers saying they'd have to be cut if concessions couldn't be made by the police officer's union. all 20 service officers were also laid off earlier this year. all right. we're waking up to clear skies, most of us anyway, frances. you're checking out valley fog though. >> kristen, that's where we see limited visibility in part of the north bay valleys. moist ground, cool air and that's why we see fog develop and visibility reduced to only a fourth of a mile. elsewhere where we've clear skies you see no problems south bay with visibility. temperatures on the cool side this morning. we'll see them in the 40s just around 8:00. still start to climb by noon where we'll see a lot of sunshine. we've missed that. temperatures up into the mid-50s for the most part around the bay area by 4:00. the sun sets at 4:22. sorry about that. had to think about it.
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57 degrees in san jose. we've had a lot of snow and rain. take a look at the snow pack totals. statewide we are at 206% of normal. double the amount what we normally get. almost 200% of normal as well, the central valley. here's a look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast. it's going to be dry thursday and friday. the storm, the next one headed our way christmas day just around lunchtime. and it will turn into showers on sunday with another break on monday before another storm moves in tuesday. things are really starting to back up now in solano county. >> solano county is the place to avoid. traffic jammed on westbound 80 due to an injury crash westbound 80 at dixon. right now only the left lane of traffic is getting by. we have traffic completely jammed all the way back to 113 which is under 13 mph. five cars right now, several
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different emergency crews on the scene there. a live look at the ride in contra costa county, a nice ride making your way southbound on 680 into the san ramon valley. >> thanks a lot. it's 6:08. just ahead, is it good business or a snub by a neighbor? the san francisco proposal that now has hundreds of unemployed workers sending gavin newsom christmas cards and an entire county threatening to fight back. a look at the massive cleanup that southern california now faces after getting pummeled by rain nearly a week. ñcñcñ=ñ=ñ=ñ
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good morning. it's 6:11 on this thursday. a live look here in san francisco from the embarcadero. our roof cam checking out the
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beautiful lit up ferry building. and the bay bridge, traffic fine. and weatherwise no problems to contend with, no more rain for a couple days. frances will tell us more about that. right now we have developing news overseas. a package has exploded at a second foreign embassy in rome, italy this morning. one person was injured when the package exploded at the chilean embassy and earlier this morning a package exploded on the staffer at the swiss embassy in rome. his hand was seriously injured. we're just getting word in as well that we have a suspect package found in a ukrainian embassy also in rome, that from the italian news agency. we'll be following this developing story from overseas this morning for you. here in the bay area, unemployed union members have now delivered
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more than a thousand christmas cards to mayor gavin newsom. requiring 20% of workers on publicly funded projects be san francisco residents starting 2011 and that number would increase annually until it reaches 50%. >> we're never stepping again for no one to come in our community and take our jobs away because we don't have anything to give away 'cause you can't take nothing from nothing. >> the mayor's office is not making sean promises. >> the worst thing we can do as a government is overpromise and underdeliver. this is a very complex piece of legislation that you folks are going to be relying on. unemployed san franciscans are going to be relying on. we want to make sure that reliance is real. >> san mateo county officials say they're offended by this law and on the record urges newsom to veto it. one of the biggest construction
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projects is at sfo which is located completely in san mateo county. the san francisco controller estimates the law would pump $270 million into the local economy over the next ten years. residents of southern california are being warned it could take weeks to clean up from the latest series of storms and the landslide risk will remain even though the rain it appears has gone. >> after a week of wintry madness, southern california is expecting clearer skies today. so much bad weather, so much need for help. stranded guests at this san diego inn had to be rescued. >> don't know what to do in a situation like that. cooperate with the firefighters. >> qual guam stadium is a mess. a mud slide buried 20 homes and nearly everything else in its path. >> in my living room, all through downstairs.
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i got nothing left. >> flooding has made many roads nearly impossible to navigate and forced the closure of others. >> right now i've attached my bicycle to the back of my car in north laguna and i'm going to try to drive as far as i can north and when i'm stopped i'm going to ride my bike to my appoint. >> some residents refused to leave, even ignoring evacuation orders. >> when the evacuation orders were given last night, it wasn't raining. and -- and i think ultimately we felt that they were doing a good job. >> this massive storm is moving across the country with nevada, utah and arizona now bracing for the worst. >> remember the summer fires they had with all the bare hillside and now all saturated and more rain on the way. >> more rain on the way but a
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couple days with a break. we can enjoy that with a nice view as we take you outside. a live camera shot for you looking from mount tam to san francisco. most of the bay area very clear skies although we have some dense fog developing in some of the north bay valleys. i want to show you some really impressive rain totals from southern california. over the last six days they've had about 8 inches in los angeles, long beach and beverly hills. check out the higher elevations. the santa anita dam 15 inches and almost 25 inches in the flats. you compare that to what we've seen the last six days, it's also pretty good up in the santa cruz mountains. almost 10 inches. you can see how much more rain they've had to deal with and why they've had all that trouble in southern california. you've been complaining about the rain, you have the right to complain. look where we are in terms of percentage of normal.
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150% of normal in santa rosa right now. 137% in san francisco. but actually only 87% in san jose. that's in terms of rainfall in inches. temperatures as you're heading out the door are going to be on the cool side. 36 in santa rosa, 41 in san rafael, 44 in mountainview and only 40 in redwood city. look for 49 in gilroy and 47 in santa cruz. also i was mentioning that valley fog. that's really reduced visibility up in santa rosa and novato where it's down to a fourth of a mile visibility so it could be tough driving there as well as napa, one and a half mile visibility elsewhere, nice and clear. and later on today a lot of sunshine. once we deal with the foggy valleys, more sunshine later on and they'll stay dry until tomorrow until the next storm headed our way christmas day. just in time for that. if you have traveling, you may want to do it before christmas eve. highs today, mid-50s the most
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part. fairly uniform with the exception of clear lake. 57 san jose as we had a little bit farther south, look for upper 50s for santa cruz, watsonville, gilroy, 57 there. all the rain moving towards arizona. we have this ridge that's going to keep this storm up to the north today and tomorrow. and this storm is slated our qua right around christmas day just before lunch. we'll see the heaviest rain between noon and 4:00 as our model shows with this area. here's your accu-weather 7-day forecast. so enjoy the dry days if you've got errands to do, last-minute stuff before christmas because the storm is on its way saturday turning to showers monday. a chance of rain returns tuesday and into wednesday. things still slow in solano county, megan?
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>> absolutely. solano county heading westbound is the place to avoid right now. traffic is completely jammed due to an injury crash involving five cars. right now westbound 80 at dixon, only the left lane of traffic is getting by. the backup is to 113 south. so it's jammed from 113 south all the way to a street with speeds under 20 mph. that's really our only trouble spot right now. interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. these headlights are moving westbound and the strive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 20 minutes. check out the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not on. no delays through the toll and heading into san francisco. commuting across the san mateo bridge, here's a live look. traffic moving nicely in both directions. these headlights are moving eastbound into hayward. taillights westbound towards foster city. for the traffic and drive times,
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go to our website and click on the traffic link. kristen? >> megan, thanks a lot. it's 6:19. abc's don sanchez has it all in today's what's hot. >> the passion and intrigue of the tango. for other tangos and musical class similar starring cheryl berk of dancing with the stars fame. marines memorial theater. put some fun in your holiday life. try skating. the setting of union square continuing into the new year. ♪ >> oakland ballet presents a new production of the holiday classic the nutcracker reimagined in a fresh new way. a bay area premier in the paramount theater. >> although my last boyfriend had given me a piece of coal and he told me he would marry me when it turned into a diamond
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from all the pressure. >> now she headlines the kosher comedy show in the new asian restaurant. jewish comedy onchristmas in a chinese restaurant. eight shows. they are legended. the bay area's own tower of power, their 42nd year and as solid as ever. neighborhoods around i bay show off christmas decorations but hard to top deacon dave in livermore. 23,000 lights plus figures and sets a memorable experience. happy holidays. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> it's 6:21. coming up, the safety of your new car. sapphire preferred
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welcome back. it's 6:24. apple has a new challenger in the online music business. sony announced it's launching music unlimited powered by curiosity. it's a digital music service that let's users stream tunes from a massive catalog instead of having to download them. it's available in britain and ireland and will come to the u.s. next year. the american journal of emergency medicine says we have a problem when it comes to the test dummies we use in crash tests. obese people are 21% more likely to die in a car crash than people of normal weight. the report is thus recommending car companies and testers could conduct more realistic test crashes by using overweight dummies. it's 6:25. still ahead at 6:30, it's supposed to fix the problem but the new proposal to keep dangerous parties out of the cow palace will have a dangerous
6:26 am
side effect. the proposal that could affect thousands of dog owners in the wake of a pitbull attack. carpoolers and why officials can't explain what's happening. three gunmen accused of shooting six people last night in south san francisco. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live near the college of marin in kentfield, authorities are trying to figure out exactly what called a sewage spill last week. one possible explanation: environmental terrorism. the f.b.i.'s been called in. the story comin' up. >> if you're traveling around the nation, here's a look at flight delayings. no major trouble reported right now at this point. the areas of pink and white. that's snow over the plains. potential delays in minneapolis asasasasasasasasasasasasasasasal
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> good morning. it's 6:29. our opening bell ringing on wall street to start the trading day. expect a flat open because of a report showing consumers didn't increase their spending last month as much as prelibertied. the labor department reports a small drop in unemployment claims last week, the second drop in the last three weeks. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange to see how the markets are reacting in about 15 minutes. the manhunt on after three gunmen left two people dead, a third fighting for life and three more injured. it all happened after lindhen avenue in south city. the area has seen gang activity but police don't know if this shooting is gang-related. one of the surviving victims are in critical condition. none of the victims have been
6:31 am
identified. and police haven't suggested any motive for the shooting. they say the suspects may be driving a brown chevy impala similar to this one with tinted windows. neighbors say they're very concerned. >> scary, you know. i got kids. i got four kids. >> it's -- this particular part of town hit very hard. and it's right before christmas. >> anyone with information can call the south san francisco police or an anonymous tip line that can be found on our website this morning officials in marin county are dealing with the fallout from an environmental disaster. more than 800,000 gallons of waste water spilled and officials say there are only two possible reasons, one of them environmental terrorism. terry mcsweeney joins us live from kentfield with the latest. terry? >> the other explanation fairly disturbing as well. let's take a look what the sanitary district is doing to take care of the situation.
6:32 am
you see the hose coming up from the clogged manhole and the hose coming out where the generator is pumping it down college avenue. an 8 inch diameter hose down the avenue and that's causing problems all day long. right now take a look what the 850,000 gallons of raw sewage, where it spilled and what they're doing about it. spilled on friday. only 100,000 gallons have been recovered. the rest in the creek and san francisco bay inside the clogged man high school outside the college of marin they found construction equipment and pieces of asphalt. either crews who were installing a new sewer line out here so this kind of thing wouldn't happen left all that equipment and stuff out here or someone put it in. the question is environmental terrorism. is that too strong a term for it? take a listen. >> it's like report all suspicious packages in the bart station to bart. one hand that's sound, that's
6:33 am
common sense. on the other hand i think part of it is just to install a sense of fear in people. in other words, the government needs people to be afraid of terrorism, otherwise where's their livelihood. >> district officials say they're going to give a call to jmb construction, try to get their side of the story. we did not get our call returned. the sanitary district is saying there's no danger to the public right now. they feel all the raw sewage that was on the streets of marin county last friday has been taken care of. but they're also concerned about what might happen when we get more storms as forecast for this weekend. live in kentfield near the college of marin, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks. it's 6:33. this morning a san jose city councilwoman is suggesting the city may have to consider passing a law requiring all pitbulls be spayed or neutered in the wake of a vicious attack.
6:34 am
susan was bitten on the back, leg and arm while she tried to fight out two pitbull mix dogs in her driveway monday night. her neighbor chased the dogs off and identified one of the animals captured by animal control. the other is a dog still on the loose. meanwhile councilwoman rose herrera says something has to change. >> i'm not looking necessarily a ban on any particular breed but what kinds of things can we do. >> animal control officers have been going door to door to find the other dog. >> the number of bay area carpoolers going over the bay bridge has declined. officials say they're not even sure they can explain why. new statistics from the metropolitan transportation commission show the number of carpoolerless crossing the bridge dropped 8% between 2009 and 2010. since july 1st when the new toll
6:35 am
was implemented, the multiperson cars dropped 23%. officials don't have a specific answer for that drop saying so many factors could affect it including unemployment, the economy, and the increased toll. a lawmaker from san francisco wants to outlaw raves from taking place at the cow palace and other venues owned by the state of california. the proposal from the assemblywoman comes after two people died from drug overdoses and police made several narcotics arrests after a raid in may. a dozen others ended up in the hospital after using drugs or drinking too much during a similar show in october. one show promoter told the san jose mercury news the proposed law is alienating a generation of californians. frances, look who's back and you brought sunshine. >> we have dry days ahead and we will see sunshine this afternoon. we have to deal with a cool
6:36 am
morning first. temperatures low 40s through san rafael. 35 santa rosa. we also have to deal with some pretty thick valley fog in parts of the north bay. the grounds have been moist from all the rain and we had a lot of cooling overnight with the clear skies. so look at the visibility in fairfield. only down a fourth of a mile in novato, in napa and santa rosa. visibility limited down to three-fourths of a mile. elsewhere it is pretty clear. temperatures today will climb up into the 50s so it's cool around 8:00, right around the sun rise. 50s by lunchtime and mid-50s for the afternoon. on the cool side today but at least we'll see that sunshine. in fact, we'll see it today and tomorrow although more clouds are moving in friday and look out for the next storm system slated to bring an inch of rain to the bay area, two inches in the higher elevation right on christmas day just before lunchtime is when the heaviest rain starts to move in through
6:37 am
the afternoon and dry again monday. still slow in solano county but you have better news? >> i have much better news for solano county commuters. the crash involving five cars westbound 80 at dixon has been cleared over to the shoulder. all lanes are now open. however, we still have a backup from that activity on the shoulder. traffic is heavy as you make your way between 113 southbound and ace street. if you're taking mass transit, everything operating on schedule today. bart on their normal weekday schedule and heading out of town towards the sierra, you do not need chains 80 and 50 but you need chains on 88 and expect delays on 88. one-way traffic control expected and that's for an earlier mud slide. the south bay in san jose where traffic is nice and light. this is 280. headlines moving northbound near the 17 overcrossing. a live look at 101 at the 880
6:38 am
overcrossing looking good as you head towards the peninsula. the bay bridge toll plaza no delays heading into san francisco. kristen. >> all right. megan, thank you. it's now 6:37. trading is underway on wall street now. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board where the dow now pretty flat. and video evidence of security weaknesses at sfo. wait until you hear what a pilot says that tsa did to him after he began posting his unauthorized video on and the stunning explanation behind this viral video. the reason now being given for this hot-dogging navy stunt. kk [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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♪ and it's a good day to travel around the state today with dry conditions. in tahoe it's 42. your high in los angeles, sunny, 61 and 65 palm springs. but our next storm is headed our way christmas day. i'll have those details coming up. >> frances, thank you. it's 6:42. a monterey county soldier serving in afghanistan has died in injuries he suffered in eye roadside bombing. he died in kandahar province on sunday after enemy forcing attacked his vehicle. the seaside high school graduate last visited over thanksgiving. his parents are farm workers. his fathers coworkers donated their leave time so he could take time off without losing
6:43 am
pay. an airline pilot's behind the scenes video tour of sfo has now landed him in big trouble. at issue is airport security, specifically the lack of screening for airport employees. the pilot captured it all on cellphone video, then posted it on abc 7's amy holyfield picks up from there. >> while tens of thousands go through security checkpoints, thousands of airport employees are allowed to skip it. a pilot took his cellphone and videoed an airport worker. >> folks, just wanted to give you an idea what type of security for the ground personnel it is. this is their screen. as you can see, there's only a card slide and one door. so when you see a cart, those carts aren't screened at all. >> the pilot don't want his name released or airline identified but he does want this information to go public so he posted this video on >> right here the sign,
6:44 am
security. well, i don't think there's security here. >> i have to admit that pretty much what he said is true. >> ron wilson worked at sfo for 47 years, and he is now abc 7's aviation consultant. this hole in security has bothered him ever since the 9/11 attack. >> all they have to do is take their i.d. -- i still have mine -- and scan it through the scanner and the door automatically opens and they're on the airfield. >> four federal air marshalls and two sheriffs deputies arrived at his home which he also recorded. they were there to confiscate his handgun. a letter arrived saying a federal flight deck officer must not engage in conduct that impairs the efficiency of tsa or causes a loss of confidence in tsa. the pilot's attorney believes the sent six people to the
6:45 am
pilot's house to send a message. >> the message was you angered us by telling the truth and showing america there is major security problems despite the fact we've spent billions of dollars allegedly to improve airline safety. >> abc news was told he was unaware of the incident but they go through thorough background checks and subject to ran done screenings. it isn't feasible to scan all all every day. he wishes the pilot would have brought his concerns to the tsa and not broadcast them to the public. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> reporter george warren of our sister station kxtv in sacramento brought the story when the pilot contacted him. we know why helicopters were hovering so dangerously low in tahoe this fall. remember this? showing pilots positioning their $33 million helicopters just a few feet above the water in
6:46 am
emerald bay. both choppers appeared to lose power and briefly dipped into the water doing more than a half million dollars in damage to the machines but nobody can explain why they did it. a navy official now says they were taking pictures for the unit's page and will not be punished for their actions. 6:46. business news now. apparently one of the most popular holiday activities this year is putting off the holiday shopping. bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good company here, jane. >> i know, kristen. i mean, there's a lot of people of that been very busy, haven't been able to get to those last-minute things here. 23 million people are planning on shopping tomorrow. according to the council of shopping and goldman sachs, more men than women plan to shop last minute. toys r us and other places you can shop around the clock anytime today. tonight and tomorrow it's old
6:47 am
navy from san francisco-based gap. and until tonight and 7 p.m. tomorrow. give old navy big wheel deal a spin and try to win a million dollar prize that old navy is giving to one lucky customer. very quiet trade here. we're seeing just mixed market so far this morning. big ticket durable goods was weaker than forecast. new home sales. this will be coming out the top of the hour. we did expect the markets to be pretty quiet today. we're closed tomorrow by the way. the bloomberg silicon valley index trading slightly lower. move over e-harmony and there's a hot new dating app in town. dating apps available on and i-phoning. the popularity of these apps like are you interested is growing along with the popularity of are you interested, the hottest app with 13 million users a month. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news.
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>> have a good one. 6:47. few moments are more exciting for a child than waking up for presents on christmas morning. the age of and viral videos, the whole world is seeing how excited some get. some of the best christmas morning freak-outs on the web. >> it's something for you? >> it may be a silent night but christmas morning -- (screaming) >> plug your ears! the christmas morning freak-out. new ayoub tradition. the little boy convulsing over his new i-pod. (screaming) >> and the two girls that might as well see justin bieber as this wrapping paper gives way to a wii. the triumph, the tantrum caught on tape. >> what the heck is that! >> this one's been seen a
6:49 am
quarter million times on and will have a new crop to watch after saturday. it's unrestrained joy sort of makes braving the stores worth it. and, parents, don't worry, that hearing loss is only temporary. (screaming) >> merry christmas, everybody! >> jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> i love it! >> cutest story of the year. thumbs up! >> yeah. (laughter) >> away from my one and a half-year-old this year. probably gets it now. >> probably a little young. openanything at this point. and a present for everyone. we've got sunshine! >> enjoy it today and tomorrow. here's a beautiful live shot from mount tam looking over the bay. you've got mainly clear skies but there's fog developing, especially in the north bay valleys. all that moisture on the ground and the cool air sinking with the clear skies. we'll take a look at those temperatures now as you head out
6:50 am
the door. very cool in santa rosa, only 35. livermore it's 41 and only 42 fairfield and antioch. and visibility is also limited in parts of the north bay. gilroy at 48. so let's check out the poor visibility. fairfield and novato down to a fourth of a mile. so we have that valley fog here as well as in napa and santa rosa at three-fourths of a mile. elsewhere clear and that's why visibility not a problem and we will see some sunshine today after we deal with the foggy valleys and the cool mornings. lots of sunshine and it's going to be dry tomorrow as well. the next storm though is headed to move in christmas day. so, yes christmas day travel plans, you definitely want to do it before noon because we're getting up to an inch of rain around the bay area. highs today mainly in the mid to upper 50s for the most part. very uniform with the exception of clear lake at 50 and 56 livermore, 57 san jose. as you head a little farther
6:51 am
south, look for mid to upper 50s for morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. not a big range of temperatures. here's what's happening upstairs. we have this ridge of high pressure. a bit dirty but enough to keep this storm just north of us. that's gonna keep us dry today and tomorrow; however, this next storm system, that's gonna move in right in time for christmas day. it's going to bring some windy conditions as well. i'll show you the timing of christmas day with the cold front hitting the coast just before lunchtime. you see the areas of yellow here. that's the heaviest rain slated to move in through the bay area between lunchtime and 4:00. you see the areas of pink and white, that's snow in the sierra. you don't want to drive to tahoe saturday evening into sunday morning. hold off as much as you can. in terms of rainfall, we're at almost 150% of normal in santa rosa. but it will below normal in san
6:52 am
jose. snow pack looks great around the state. 200% of normal so that's double. here is your accu-weather 7-day forecast. we've got two dry days, today and tomorrow, with clouds returning. the storm moves in christmas day lingering in showers mondays and dry monday before the next chance of rain returns tuesday. still slowing in solano county? >> still slow westbound dixon. everything has moved to the shoulder but we have speeds below 40 mph between southbound 113 and a. street. should be cleared up shortly though as everything is over on the shoulder now. seeing areas of low visibility due to the fog in the north bay now. let's get a check of drive times headed to the north bay southbound 101. 27 minutes. only 8 minutes now to make your way from 37 to 580 and southbound 101 from 580 to the
6:53 am
golden gate bridge. that's a 12-minute drive time. taking mass transit, no delays. bart is operating on a normal week-day schedule. this is interstate 80 heading right through the berkeley area. headlights are moving westbound and the drive time in the carquinez bridge to the maze about 20 minutes. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights not turned on this morning. no delays heading into san francisco. for the latest you can always go to and click on the traffic link. kristen? >> megan, thanks a lot. 6:53. a judge will decide next week whether to permanently bar caltran contracting with a european firm for replacement of doyle drive in san francisco. they issued a temporary restraining order against the plan. the professional engineers in california government believe the arrangement is a bad deal. caltrain believes the 30-year contract will save the state
6:54 am
money. the legislative analysts recommended signing the deal earlier this week. placebos do work. what's surprising is that's true even when patients know they're taking placebos. harvard medical school researchers interviewed 80 suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. those with the fake medicine had a much higher relief of symptoms. doctors may prescribe more placebo without misleading patients into thinking they are taking the real thing. not exactly a placebo but chocolate may help with persistent cough. an ingredient in chocolate and cocoa helps people with a cough that lasts more than two weeks. a drug containing the ingredient can hit the market within two years. won't need a spoonful of sugar
6:55 am
to make the medicine go down. top stories today. neighbors in marin county dealing with a fallout from a large sewer spill that may not have been an accident. terry mcsweeney live with the latest. >> the sanitation district is saying it's possibly san act of environmental terrorism. their words that sent 850,000 gallons of raw sewage into the streets last week. right now they have a generator out here. they're bypassing this new sewer line and sending it down the street in an 8 inch hose. causing problems. moments ago we saw a bicyclist, got confused, on the wrong side of the pipe, didn't see it and went down hard. take a look at this pipe as it stretches down the street near the college of marin. the f.b.i. has been called in to take a look at this. officials say it could be environmental terrorism but there's another explanation. ironically the construction crews working on a project to
6:56 am
prevent sewage overflow actually clogged the sewer because inside the manhole clogged they found chunks of asphalt, electrical wiring, hard hats, tools and school track dug up during the sewer project. they want to get ahold of the construction company doing the work out here, putting in that new sewer line. they haven't got ahold of them yet. abc 7 tried to call, did not get ahold of them either. possibly a mistake by the construction crews or the other option, environmental terrorism. we're looking into it. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. let's check our other top story. south san francisco police asking for the public's help in finding three gunmen who shot three people to death in an ally last night. a third victim is critical and three others suffer non-threatening injuries. gang activity in the area but wouldn't reveal if this shooting is gang-related. weather and traffic. a gorgeous morning.
6:57 am
>> a gorgeous morning. however, we have to deal with pretty thick fog in the north bay. novato, napa, santa rosa and fairfield. moist ground, cool air. but it should clear by 10:00 this morning and then we'll warm up nilesly to the 50s, mid-50s for the most part with lots of sunshine. look forward to that. dry tomorrow as well. look for upper 50s as well. we head through the monterey bay area, mid-50s for you. the next storm moves in christmas day. get ready for a wet one into sunday. megan. >> thanks, frances. happy to report no major slow spots in the bay area right now. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not turned on. holiday light heading into san francisco. better news for solano county commuters. that earlier crash has been completely cleared. all lanes open. no slowing westbound. >> sounds good. thanks, megan. thank you, frances. that's it for this edition of the abc 7 morning news. back with a local update at 7:24. join us for the midday news at
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