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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  December 23, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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rizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. ♪ a car crashed into a dental office in san jose late this morning sending two people to the hospital. it happened at the corner of frost drive. abc 7's heather ishimaru is live at the scene. >> we are at the intersection of frost drive. some scary moments here about an hour ago at the central office, scarier than usual at a dentist's office. the damage done to precious smile dental and orth done ticks was done by a car an hour ago.
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the driver of a chevy impala blew through the intersection heading west, barely missed a couple people on the sidewalk and plowed into the side of this dental office. there were people in it at the time. they managed to get away with just some scrapes and cuts from the flying glass. the driver tells the paramedics that he doesn't remember anything before, during or after. apparently had some kind of medical condition that they haven't been able to identify yet because he's really not that communicative. he was transported to the hospital as were a couple of people inside with those minor injuries. so far police, fire officials have no more information than that. they're gonna have to find out what condition this driver has. they said that his car does have out of state plates. they don't know for sure if that means he is from out of state or just happens to be driving a car that's from out of state.
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could have been much worse. not sure what speed he was going through the intersection. but, again, he barely missed a couple people standing on the sidewalk, and the dentist's office was filled with workers and also the patients. but the car did manage to come to a stop right here at the office. >> initial contact with the driver indicated that they had an altered mental status and was asking questions related to the injury. he did not have any recollection what happened prior, during or after the accident. >> fire officials tell us that if you have a medical condition that causes seizures, as far as they know you should not be allowed to drive. unclear if this is something he has known about or lived with or something new and entirely different. that will be for investigators to find out when he is able to tell them.
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reporting live in the neighborhood of san jose, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you. the fbi is stepping in to investigate a massive sewage spill in marin county that officials may suspect is environmental terrorism. live in kentfield with the bizarre cause. >> san jose district officials say there is no innocent explanation for what they found inside the sewer lines over the weekend that led to 850,000 gallons of raw sewage spilling into the streets here in kentfield. it's an act of environmental terrorism but there are some people stepping forward telling abc 7 news it's more likely an act of incompetence. the problem began friday near this pump station not far from kentfield. sanitation crews noticed manholes backing up and into the creek which leads into the bay. what they found inside the sewer pipes amazed them. asphalt several inches thick,
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construction hard hats, bundled wire, all items available at a sewer repair project underway. >> no reason for that to be there. severe negligence which is possible or malicious which in that case becomes environmental terrorism. >> long-time sanitation workers who didn't want to go on camera tell abc news that the problem friday night was at the sanitation strict that shut down the pump station and without it to force the runoff water down the line, it all backed up. i asked if the pump had been shut down. >> the pump station was operating last friday. i'm sorry, the pump station was off and we brought it online later. it was shut down because we were making a connection over here. >> the former employees tell me the pump was shut down because of the poor maintenance and they blamed the maintenance. the pump shutdown was said to have nothing to do with the spill. there was another spill out here yesterday but smaller and all
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because of a faulty pipe being replaced as part of the year's long project. but it's the friday into saturday spill that hassantation officials calling for the f.b.i. >> i can't believe a contractor or anybody else, i live across the creek, would put sewage inside my creek. like putting dynamite into the sewage line so it would all flow into the street or creek or whatever. >> conditions of the f.b.i., the regional water quality control board has been notified as has state fish and game as to that first spill. as to the size of the second spill, the estimate has not been released. >> terry, thanks a lot. a water main broke in san francisco's outer mission this morning. it sprayed a guiser of water that commuters were able to see on a nearby bart train. the public utilities commission says the break was reported 7:45 a.m.. it happened alameda boulevard
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and niagara avenue. crews shut off the leak. they're replacing a broken valve on the water main. no commerce were affected by the leak. san francisco police are searching for at least three suspects involved in a deadly shooting last night. police started placing mementos in memory of the victims at the scene of the shooting at 8th and linden avenues. at least two people were shot and killed and four others were hurt, one critically. neighbors say the shooting has them incredibly frightened. >> scary. i have kids. i got four kids. >> we've had a little bit of trouble before in this part of town. nothing to this degree. this hits this particular part of town very, very hard and it's right before christmas. >> investigators say the suspect may be driving a brown chevy impala similar to this one with tinted windows. police say the area is known for gang activity, although they don't yet know if this shooting was gang-related. two state lawmakers are just wrapping up a tour of the napa
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state hospital. it was prompted by three serious attacks on staff members by patients. the hospital has been on lockdown since the murder of donna gross, a psychiatric technician, in october. a patient has been charged in this case. another patient is suspected of assaulting two different employees last week over a four-day period. the hospital has increased security. the nurses union hopes today's visit by incoming state senator and assembly member will lead to new members of hospital staffers. package bombs exploded at the swiss and chilean embassies causing two serious injuries. investigators see similaritiless between these and bombings in greece last month. here's t. j. winick. >> italian authorities are conducting checks at embassies across rome after package bombs
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exploded at two separate embassies. witnesses say they heard a blast shortly after 9:00 eastern time. one person was wounded. three hours earlier a package bomb exploded inside an office in the swiss embassy seriously injuring a staff person who opened it. he was taken to the hospital with hand injuries. no claim or responsibility for anarchists responsible. still they believe the motive is international which would distinguish bombs from the fake device discovered on a city subway car earlier this week. growing concerns of attacks around the holidays following a suicide bomb in sweden. authorities warned of a small arms attack in a city in mu buy, india. what we have seen recently is increased focus on the part of terrorist groups to carry out these small-scale attacks. staying very focussed on our ability to detect those types of
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attacks. >> yesterday the white house chief terrorist advice or spoke about the threat. >> we're concerned about al-queda's plans to carry out attacks and the department of state issued an advisory about europe and about plans by al-queda to try to carry out attack there is. >> a suspicious package outside the ukrainian embassy in rome turned out to be a false alarm. >> still ahead, an antioch businessman makes a generous offer and challenges fellow residents that can make city streets safer. plus remember the purse that was used as a weapon during a florida school board shooting. how much it sold for on an online auction and where that money is going.  what do people know about kim?
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor >> the purse that a florida school board member usedto hit a man holding board members at gunpoint has sold on e-bay. the purse ginger littleton famously used in an unsuccessful attempt to disarm the gunman sold for just under $13,000. the anonymous buyer lives in alexandra, virginia. it will match the bid. that means the charity founded by the security guard who shot and wounded the gunman will get a total of $26,000 from the sale. in antioch, a car dealer has an
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unusual christmas present for the city. tom nokes is pledging to match any donation made to the city up to $100,000. it's meant to help the city's budget deficit. nokes often raised concerns about budget cuts at the police department. within the last week the city sent layoff notices to six police officers saying they'd have to be cut if the union doesn't make concessions. all 20 of the city's community service officers were also laid off earlier this year. the severe weather in southern california has taken a deadly toll. a woman was killed when she drove into a flooded road and was swept away into a lake in riverside, county. meantime mudslides have destroyed 20 homes in san bernardino county. the rain subsided but the threat of mudslides could continue for weeks. a wall of water came rushing down the beach in laguna beach yesterday. bulldozers are cleaning up the
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mess but could pollute neighborhoods with pesticides, garbage and bacteria. back here in the bay area, a different weather picture. shellie and joan of fairfield sent us this picture of a rainbow from their porch. and elizabeth sent us this beautiful picture of the sky from south san francisco. if you have weather video or photos you'd like to share, upload them or e-mail them. certainly we have a gorgeous picture out there this morning. maybe send it to us, huh? >> a live shot, too. something we haven't seen in a while, blue skies and some sunshine. details with the next storm coming our way on christmas day. >> frances, thanks. a commemorative coin of britain's most popular royal couple is out today. why are critics calling it ridiculous. and the holidays come a few days early for residents of an oakland zoo.
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toyota has agreed to pay $106 -- $10 million to the family of four that crashed in san diego that led to recalls of millions of vehicles worldwide of the auto maker's vehicles. they did not admit or deny liability in the settlement. fixing two problems, the air bag recall affects the 2005 to 2007 model year versions of the cadillac cts. a problem with the rear axle affects the 2011 version of the cadillac escalade. chevrolet avalanche 1500, silverado 1500 a1500 and the g. 1500. for numbers to call we have a link on our website under "see it on tv." critics are slamming a new commemorative coin featuring britain's prince william and his bride to be kate middleton.
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the royal mint released this coin celebrating the engagement. the images are poor showing little resemblance to the prince or his future princess. they say middleton looks plump in the face and lips and has bags under her eyes. the royal mint says the portraits wept through a rigorous approval process. both gave their concept to the design. the royal couple will tie the knot in april at westminster abby. >> i have to agree with the critics. they're so good looking and the coin does not do them justice. >> doesn't do him justice either! guess we won't be collecting that coin. >> no, but collecting a nice day are lots of sunshine. a beautiful shot from mount tam. stubborn fog in parts of the north bay but most of us looking at sunny skies. heading out the door now, most of us in the 50s but the cool
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spot in santa rosa, only 42 san rafael, 41. in fact compared to yesterday at this time it's 11 degrees cooler and no surprise the cooler temperature is also where we see the fog stick around as well. and that has limited visibility in santa rosa. meanwhile novato still a fourth of a mile visibility, that money market ground, the cool air and that's why we get the valley fog. the valley fog will return tomorrow as well overnight. still dry for christmas eve and the next storm arrives christmas day. get ready for that. here's the satellite image. area of high pressure, kind of a dirty ridge but enough to keep the storm up to the north. that will keep us dry through tomorrow. this is a storm system that's going to move in christmas day. here's the timing of how it plays out. if you're getting somewhere before christmas, try to do it before lunchtime. because that's when the cold front makes its way through the bay area. the area of yellow show the heaviest rain. so it will be heavy through 4:00 in the afternoon.
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you see the pink and white, that's snow in the sierra. you don't want to be traveling to tahoe saturday evening into sunday morning but there will be great snow sunday for skiing. highs today mid-50s. fairly uniform all throughout the bay area with the exception of clear lake 50. upper 50s through monterey bay. 57 santa cruz and in watsonville. overnight lows not quite as cool as this morning. 40s throughout the bay area, pretty mild san francisco 49. 45 san jose and look for more of that fog through fairfield at 40 and napa to return again. 43 in napa for you tonight. now, we had so much rain, in fact even to date we're almost at 150% of normal in santa rosa, 130% of normal in san francisco and actually a little below normal in san jose. here's a look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast. enjoy the dry day today. stuff to do or you want to travel before christmas, it's good to do it today and
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tomorrow. the storm moves in just before lunch saturday, turns into showers sunday, dry on monday, chance of rain on tuesday. >> frances, thanks. the curtain will rise again tonight on the broadway music spiderman turn off the dark. the show has been closed since the stuntman plunged 30 feet into a stage pit despite wearing a safety harness. it was the fourth accident for this production. producers have agreed to new safety procautions to prevent another accident. it's still in previews. the actual opening of the show has been pushed back a month while they work out all the glitches. seven chimps got to celebrate christmas. they wrapped toys and stuffed animals and put it in the chimps' enclosure. the storms came from the to the drop program. zoo keepers often place food inside toys and hide them to
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encourage the animals to explore their surroundings. let's take a look atllllllllllll
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♪ [ roars ] [ both scream ] [ mark's son ] he sure knows how to break up a party... but you know what, he's the glue that holds us all together. people know a lot of things about me, but no one needs to know about my condition. and thanks to depend®, they don't. [ male announcer ] now the best protection also comes in new prints and colors. >> today on oprah at 4:00, jane fonda opens up about aging, motherhood, ted turner and her new love. collecting 400 coats for the homeless. surprising findings for women hoping to get pregnant by in vitro fertilization. those stories and more at 5:00 today. how would you like an unusual way to celebrate christmas or the tango, featuring a "dancing with the stars" star.
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don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ >> the passion and intrigue of the tango. the musical classic. staring the bay area's cheryl berk of "dancing with the stars" fame. marine memorial theater. put some fun in your holiday life, try skating. the setting of union square continuing into the new year. ♪ >> oakland ballet presents a new production of the holiday classic the nutcracker. reimagined in a fresh new way. a bay area premier in the paramount theater. >> although my last boyfriend had given me a piece of coal and he told me he would marry me when it turned into a diamond from all the pressure. >> now she headlights the kosher comedy show in the new asian restaurant. it's jewish comedy on christmas in a chinese restaurant.
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eight shows. they are legend. the bay area's own tower of power, the 42nd year and solid as ever beginning sunday at yoshis in oakland. ♪ >> neighborhoods around the bay show off christmas decorations but it's hard to top deacon dave in livermore. 325,000 lights plus figures and sets. a memorable experience. happy holidays! i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> all right. so santa's flying in on christmas eve. kids want to know if he's going to encounter rain. >> a good flight in the bay area today and tomorrow. the storm moves in just before lunch through the bay area. avoid traveling saturday night into sunday morning. >> thank you for joining us on abc 7
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lightning fast. lightning strong. rizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network


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