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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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good evening. on this wet and windy christmas evening. the rain came down hard today, pushing up creek revels and trig earg small stream flood advisory. this is downtown ross. in pacifica the high surf pounded the coastline and you can see the winds clocking in at 50 plus miles an hour today. there was minor flooding on some bay area freeways. this is marin county. farther south on 101 at paul avenue, standing water caused a major back up.
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lisa argen has been following the storm and joins us with live doppler 7 hd. not much so to show you right now. impressive rain totals, mill valley, over an inch of rain, half an inch in oakland but look at livermore valley, third of an inch. watsonville, over a half inch. this cold front is well into the sierra nevada and few areas of light rain beginning to move into marin county, light scattered showers around fort ross toward bolinas and rohnert park. then we're not going to see not too bad the rest of the weekend. but the potential for more rain next week and very cold temperatures. that is call aul coming up. more snow for the sierra tonight. drivers were asked to put on
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chains in blue canyon which is at about 5200 feet. the snow was wet. the week between christmas and new year's is typically one of the biggest weeks of the year for ski resorts. and resorts are expecting big crowds. this is myers in south lake tahoe where the roads are coated tonight. we recorded this shot of the snow coming down at the entrance to squaw valley. chains or snow tires needed in both locations. some travelers heading home tomorrow may be forced to change their plans as a massive snowstorm moves up the east coast. it brought it as far south as atlanta. it delta airlines cancelled 300 departures out of the hub in atlanta today. >> you can't control the weather. we just have to anticipate ahead
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the possibility that things can happen. delta is still deciding whether to cancel additional flights tomorrow. forecasters say it ko snow could reach in new york and boston tomorrow with overnight temperatures in the 20s. >> a season of giving gave a good showing throughout the bay area. >> happy new year! >> the annual christmas meal at glide was another mouth watering success. some 5,000 people were served turkey. elsewhere people in need, children who otherwise would not have seen gifts, were surprised by very generous fighters. tomas ra monday has more. >> homeless are being treated at st. anthony's dining hall in san francisco.
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everyone receives a handmade scarf. >> we got them from australia and japan. >> she says st. anthony's put out an appeal last summer asking for handmade scarves. they asked for 2500. >> i think its lot of people are struggling to help people in need. so it's beautiful giving what people are doing. >> firefighters from station five are bringing dozens of toys donated by residents and businesses to the hamilton family residence center on hayes street. they were surprised by the sudden bounty. they were pleased as was his parents. >> we're having a really good christmas. that is the important thing. >> i was worried about christmas gifts this year, but it's turned out pretty good. >> more than two dozen children were given gifts.
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six of the children are crystal's. >> this helps out a lot. >> the firefighters of engine one have an interesting approach to the holidays. they use every emergency call to bring a smile to a child's face. they begin a hunt of children through the tenderloin. they stopped at another facility and surprised these children with w toys. >> we usually drive the tenderloin, we go on call and a fire and then the crews hand out gifts to the kids. >> they enjoy giving as much as the children enjoy receiving. in other news, an investigation is underway after reports of a loud noise and smoke coming from an underground utility cover in marina district. pg&e says the incident near
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chestnut could have been due to an equipment failure. it knocked out power to 155 customers. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> tonight two family dogs are home after a case of animal cruelty that left one pet badly beaten and shot with a pellet gun. second animal was missing for more than a week. john alston is live in the newsroom heesmtz the story. >> we met the family who found that dog, in fact they lost a pet a year ago and were relieved when somebody returned that. on christmas eve they had the chance to make another dog owner feel that exact same joy. >> it feels like christmas finally. we've been sitting here wondering where he has been. >> brad finally has his baby home. his one-year-old dog, clint who had been missing for more than a week. >> he has to sleep on his own
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dog bed, but he was up on the bed last night. >> now he is reunited with four-year-old dog who was not that lucky after both dogs got loose. kevin turned up quickly but had been beaten and shot with a pellet gun. clint had been quickly discovered about a mile away, two brothers were playing outside their grandmother's house. >> he came out of the bushes and we picked him up. we were feeding him chicken. >> their mother went to the computer and found the missing dog notice that brad had placed on craigslist. he called him but the physical size didn't match until she saw the story on the news last week and called back with the help of her son. >> he had a collar on, what color collar and he described the collar and described the dog that is we realized was clint.
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>> he failed a photo of clint to her cell phone. >> i said that's clint. >> the big reunion took place on christmas eve. >> they were crying and thanking me and thanking the kids. the dog was licking them and hugs and dog was crying, they were crying. >> the christmas, you hear about these stories, but you never really think, you know someone that has been through something like this but he literally showed up christmas eve. >> the injured dog will need another eight weeks of treatment. so far his vet bill totaled more than $10,000. several animal groups in the east bay are offering a $12,000 reward to catch the person who hurt that animal. los angeles firefighters got an unusual christmas delivery, a baby. a woman walked into the fire
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station last night and handed over her newborn daughter. the woman said she needed someone else to take care of the six-hour old child and wanted to put her up for adoption. mother and daughter were giving matching i.d. bands just in case the woman wants to reclaim the child. the baby will stay with a foster child until she is adopted. up next, had enough shopping? it all starts up back tomorrow. get ready, one store will open at 7:00 tomorrow morning. also, san francisco's christmas garage door. for people in the bay area to leave their holiday wishes. and christmas in afghanistan, for a few moments, the thought of war is put aside to celebrate the holiday. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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while many of us travel for christmas this is time to remember those far from home, the men and women serving in the armed forces, many in harm's way. mike spent christmas with troops in afghanistan. >> soldiers from the airborne task force destiny, so far from home in southern afghanistan, relished a reminder of home, in this case, a lavish buffet filled with christmas favors. >> it's a grail meal. >> most of the soldiers in this huam has served multiple deployments. the food helps and so does the mail. >> it's great.
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and following army tradition enlisted men who take orders gave orders to the officers who manned the buffet line. >> their minds are with their families back home but they are also fully knowing they have to go back to war. >> they have two more months here and still a lot more war to fight. camp wolverine, afghanistan. >> a little sound of bethlehem is seeing the biggest crowd in years. israeli military officials say more than 100,000 pilgrims and tourists have poured into the west bank town since christmas eve. that is twice as many as last year. hotel rooms were booked solid for the weeks.
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worshipers packed the roman catholic church next to the grotto the traditional site where jesus is enshrined. this home near sanchez and 16th streets in san francisco has white butcher paper plastered on the garage with markers. passerbys have filled it with messages. homeowner says it's a way to encourage people to stop and smell the roses. >> the malls will be filled with shoppers again tomorrow for the beginning of the post christmas shopping rush. besides the wave of returns, bargain hunters will be looking for after christmas sales. a strong christmas eve bolstered spectacular sales. some stores like best buy will open at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. spend will go will be up 3.3%
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from last year. internet sales are up 15.4%. >> lisa argen is here with the accu-weather seven-day forecast. is this a precursor for the rest of the week? >> we are looking at couple more systems. it will be colder and snow levels, live outside from roof camera, it's 50 degrees in san francisco. things have dried out significantly this afternoon. a little more rain moving into the north bay from windsor. santa rosa, moving from west to east. you will getting wet around petaluma within the next 20 minutes to half an hour. further south, morgan hill and gilroy, light showers also pressing east washed. we will be looking at scattered showers. on the light side, some areas are clear. napa is clear, 43. half moon bay, partly cloudy skies and a little fog forming in santa rosa tonight.
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widely scattered showers tonight a little more rain tomorrow. a dry break for you on monday from sunday night into monday night. then rain, could be heavy at times with wind on tuesday. this is a much colder system that is going to bring some very chilly air on wednesday and thursday, low snow levels down to about 3,000 feet. satellite and radar shows the front progresses into the sierra nevada. winter weather advisory until early tomorrow morning, five to ten inches above 7,000 feet. wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour. some areas clearing tonight, it will be cool in the north bay. 39 in santa rosa. 40 in napa. mid 40s in san mateo. 45 in morgan hill. this is the way it looks over the next couple of hours. notice the scattered showers and
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then we have light showers by noontime. a little heavier moving into the east bay, around conquer and livermore. it sweeps south and east tomorrow. then there is our break, through sunday and monday, early tuesday morning, more rain in the north bay and this next system looks like it's going to pack a punch with gusty winds and heavy rain tuesday night into wednesday. it's coming from the gulf of alaska. colder origin so this means we'll see the snow levels come down, kind of a blustery day, wednesday and thursday. as for tomorrow, 55 in richmond. scattered showers around the bay. 57 oakland, palo alto. down by the monterey bay, more scattered light showers with upper 50s in gilroy. accu-weather seven-day forecast, not a lot of rain tomorrow. hit and miss, dry day monday. tuesday and wednesday, rainy, windy, cold into thursday. then skies clear. could be some frost into friday.
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newer years eve, maybe some rain. rick kwan is going to let us know what is coming up in sports. >> coming up, n.b.a. provided plenty of hoops. monta ellis gave some good cheer.
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talking sports. n.b.a. fans, third of season through for the golden gate state warriors but maybe it will change. >> they got what they wanted for christmas. >> christmas day before national tv audience is a bit of an honor. against portland, the warriors tried to deserve they deserve the spotlight.
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curry and monta ellis rocked the rim. monta drives baseline and finishes with a reverse. warriors up by one at the break. here is a bucket and a foul. blazers led by 6 but the warriors come back with a 11-0 run. he goes in for the slam. that put up golden state by 2. warriors win the second straight 109-102. >> he is mvp and he is moving up with the group of players in the n.b.a. that play at a high level
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>> the stars came out to watch the lakers and the heat. it was a rocky game for the defending champs. he delivers the two-hand jam. lakers tried to get back in the game. ron artest with the alley-oop but no match for miami. lebron beat the shot clock with a season high five three-pointers. 27 points and ten assists. kobe bryant was held to 17 points. >> second quarter, kevin garnet with a team high of 22. magic would rally behind defense. watch hoard reject paul pears. he had five blocks with the game tied, and here is a big three. 86-78 was the final, magic and boston, first loss since
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november 21. >> still to come, hear from the 49ers and raiders as they face must win games. and on the
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despite a 5-9 record, 49ers are still in the playoff race but if they lose tomorrow they will be eliminated. they did knock off the rams that with a defense that held steven jackson to 88 yards rushing. they will need a similar effort against the rams' dynamic running back. >> we are the only team in the league that can stop the run. so once again, the challenge we
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are facing is great. >> for the raiders to keep their playoff hopes alive they mutt must beat the colts while the chiefs must lose. billing reason why the raiders revamped offense, behind jackson's creative touch they are among the top ten in total offense. >> with the rushing and play action, i think we really have grown in a lot of areas and come a long ways. >> the cowboys and cardinals aren't going to the playoffs but they had center stage. first quarter action, off of williams and he brings it back 66 yards for a touchdown. arizona would open a 21-3 lead. this brought the cowboys back within two minutes left.
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and dallas missed the extra point. that would be crucial because with five seconds left, he nails a 48-yard field goal that gives the cardinals a victory. tough year for the cowboys. thing you very much. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 5:00. for all of us,. >> thanks for joining us, and have a good evening.
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