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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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for how long? we'll find out coming up in a live report. >> the 49ers let coach mike singletary go after the team was eliminated from playoff contention yesterday. >> i'm meteorologist christine hanson. quiet at our airport. partly cloudy skies. your complete forecast coming up. >> chp has issued a fog advisory for the bay bridge this morning. we'll have a complete traffic report coming up. >> good advice there, megan. thank you very much and thank you for joining us 5 a.m. this monday morning. hope your christmas was a good one. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. major problems for travelers on the air and on the ground. a blizzard continues to pummel the east coast with strong winds and poor visibility. the busiest airports from the carolinas to maine, trains have stopped and highways are deserted.
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>> i finally was on the phone for four hours until i finally talked to a human being. >> in new york city alone, more than 1400 flights have been cancelled at the city's three major airports. normal service is not expected to resume until tomorrow at the earliest. those cancellations are making it nearly impossible for bay area fliers to get to the eastern seaboard. terry mcsweeney is live at san francisco international airport for a look how things are going. terry? >> yeah. a lot of people very frustrated coming out here yesterday. people expecting to have people coming in here yesterday but that snowstorm in the northeast so incredible that it's just knocking flights out left and right. joining me now live is joe walsh, the duty manager at san francisco international airport and what is the latest information you have about flights cancelled coming in and going out of sfo. >> the latest for cans .
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>> that's as of this moment. take a look at yesterday as a guideline. more added as the day goes on. >> can't say now. those are the early flights into and out of sfo to and from the east coast. flights later in the day, we're just not sure what's gonna occur with them. >> you also had another heads up for people coming out to the airport, the parking situation's kind of interesting. >> right. in addition to contacting your airlines before coming out for some of these east coast flights, we encourage the use of the cellphone lot which is only a three-minute drive from the terminal. if you're picking somebody up, once they get to the badge claim they can call you and it will only be a three-minute drive here. our parking lots have been filling up quite a bit lately, the last several days so we encourage that or the use of public transportation. >> coming out here, make sure you've got a phone to check and see about the airline and then check and see about the parking? >> correct. >> thanks for coming out this
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morning. that's the story from here. if you're coming out check with your airlines. once you get here, maybe you can use that cellphone lot, may save yourself a lot of headaches trying to find a spot where it's been nearly full these last couple days. terry mcsweeney. >> meteorologist christine hanson is here. christine, when are things going to calm down there on the east coast? >> eric, we still have about another 24 hours of this storm system. by midweek we should actually see some sunshine. new york this morning is 23 degrees and snowing and winds out of the northwest at 25 mph. so we've still got some rain and snow behind this system. we'll start to see things gradually clear as the system moves off to the east. for us a very quiet picture here at home. we have some heavy downpours in the north bay/east bay late last night and early this morning. that left us with clearing skies so that means some fog this morning but a beautiful day with
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sunshine, a foggy weather pattern returning to the areas tomorrow and wednesday. here's a look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast, wet and windy through the rest of the year, eric. >> christine, thank you very much. 49ers head coach mike singletary is out after two disappointing seasons. the team will hold a news conference to discuss the announcement. it came hours after the niners were eliminated from the playoffs with a 25-17 loss against the rams. fans we spoke to said it's about time. >> i think it's great. i think it's what they needed for at least this season. i mean, maybe some other personnel changes might be up there, too, but definitely the coach. >> i'm surprised it didn't happen earlier. he should have been fired before the buy week weeks ago. >> you got crabtree out there and you still can't make it work? that's all bad. it's just all bad. >> the coach's final loss was punctuated by a screaming match with his quarterback troy smith
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who started the game and played three-quarters. singletary pulled him in the fourth quarter. his firing reads one of the greatest experiences in his life was having the opportunity to coach the 49ers, the players were what made it special. it went on to say he also thanked the fans and apologized for not giving them more to cheer for. the defensive line coach will be the interim coach against arizona. it's 5:05 now. eight americans have been killed in a tour bus crash in egypt and a couple from san francisco survived the wreck. officials there say three tour buses were traveling together in southern egypt around dawn when the middle bus crashed into a parked dump truck loaded with sand. six women and two men on board were killed. 19 other americans and the egyptian driver and a tour guide were injured. david light of walnut creek said his 76-year-old mother suffered
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a gash on her leg. his 87-year-old father suffered bumps and bruises. an autopsy scheduled for today may confirm the cause of death of a santa rosa man who fell overboard from his sailboat. the body of casey speed was discovered friday evening by a bird watcher with binoculars. it was found near the marin county community of strawberry. speed was reported missing september 10th when his wife said he fell overboard from his sailboat anchored in richardson bay ner tiburon. suffering buckshot wounds to the head, the san francisco chronicle reports that veterinarians will make a decision on the sea lions' fate today. the 300 pound see lion was found last week on a sausalito beach. the gunshot blast took out his right eye and may have also ruined his left. the sea lion is blind as they suspect he is, he will probably face euthanasia. he was probably shot by a
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fisherman. an oakland dog owner has both of his dogs back after they were missing more than a week. brad ness of oakland got his schnauzer cliff back christmas eve. he was in good shape after neighborhood boys found the dog and took care of them. >> it's the cheesy christmas miracle. you know, you hear about these stories and you never really think, you know, you know someone that's been through something like this. but, you know are he literally showed up christmas eve. >> but the second dog, a four-year-old schnauzer named kevin was not so lucky. he still faces more surgeries after he turned up with injuries from being kicked and shot with a pellet gun. there could be more bad news from sacramento for the university of california system. u.c. regents are preparing for the worse as the administration prepares for the state's $20 billion budget deficit. they say they will be more inclined to make their own budget cuts than to impose
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another round of tuition hikes. most of the just approved 8% tuition hike is earmarked to pay pensions at about $175 million for this year alone. well, we're showing you how bad the weather is back east. let's find out what it's going to be like here in the bay area. christine hanson's here. >> a much nicer forecast for us. still fighting blizzard conditions back on the east coast. this morning after the rain last night starting off in the 30s and 40s and with the clearing skies we still have partly cloudy skies to the north of us. continue to see our temperatures climb into the mid to upper 50s for the south bay. nice forecast, chance to dry out today through early tomorrow and then we start to see more rain and that's in our accu-weather 7-day forecast as we see a soggy weather pattern develop midweek and then we'll see colder air follow in behind that storm system and now the lower snow levels. another couple feet of snow expected in the high sierra.
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we've already had record 200% of normal for sierra's snow. that will increase as the week progresses and we see even colder air move in. another 2 to 4 feet possible by friday and more rain for us as well. cold temperatures following and new year's eve right now looks to be unsettled as does the very first part of the year. what the heck, we've had all december soggy and ended in the other way. in the meantime with all the rain last night and clearing skies and a lot of water this morning and light wind, you can imagine fog's going to be a problem. and for traffic conditions let's turn it over to megan. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> weather conditions are the only thing that might slow you down right now. we've got soggy areas throughout the bay area. severe low visibility. let's start with a live look at the east shore freeway. this is interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights westbound and right now the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 20 minutes. once you reach the bay bridge
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toll plaza, metering lights not on but it's foggy. fog advisory for the bay bridge so you want to travel with caution heading into san francisco. a fog advisory for the carquinez and the van nearby shan bridge this morning. allow yourself some extra time for your morning commute. heading out to the mountains, make sure you're prepared. this is highway 50 at meyers and that white is snow on the road. you will need your chains on highway 50 but you don't need them now on interstate 80. eric? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 5:10 now. still ahead, concert tickets may soon be more affordable. the "moneyscope" report it next. amazon helps people avoid getting unwanted gifts and why the octomom and 14 kids might soon need a new place to live. húhúhúhúhúhúgtoñ
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with a snowy start to holiday shopping second's season. the snow disrupted one of the biggest shopping day of the year. many stores could extend post-holiday deals but unlikely to ruin the best holiday season since 2007. when you make it into the stores, it may be easier to return those unwanted gifts. retailers are now relaxing their return policies, doing things like dropping restocking fees and deadlines. concert promoters plan to make shows more afor theable this year. music lovers stayed home because
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of high ticket prices in this bad economy. little fockers was a big hit over the holiday weekend. the third installment took the top spot at the box office making $34 million in ticket sales. and that is your "moneyscope" report. thanks for watching. i'm rob nelson. >> another attempt to make it easier to return things before you ever get 'em, next christmas you may be able to intercept those loud ties, nose hair clippers and other things before they get to your home. a patented way for people to quietly return gifts before they ever receive them. under the plan recipients would get an e-mail from amazon telling them a gift is on the way from your aunt mildred or whoever. you can reject a single gift or choose to reject any gift from a particular person. critics call the idea impolite and uncouth. it would take effect next year. the octomom is facing eviction
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from her home. the man that owns her home says he's going on with eviction proceedings unless she comes up with a balloon payment. she lives in the house with her 14 children. the owner says she is tired of excuses and wants the paid balance in full by the end of the year. she has lived in the house since the octupleting came home nearly two years ago. residents can start recycling christmas trees next week. weekdays during the first two weeks of january. you should remove all your decorations and place the tree next to the trash can before 6 a.m. on regularly scheduled pickup days. other bay area counties have also -- also have curbside recycling programs. for more information go to our website click on "see it on tv." and you can see around here
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because there's no blizzard around here like there is back east where they even cancelled an nfl game because the weather's so bad. >> and all the traffic accidents, too. people trying to get to the game. everybody just needs to stay home. tough to get back there. easy to get around here especially after this weekend. let's go outside. san francisco airport, quiet. partly cloudy skies. starting to see dense fog form around the area. however that's not impacting our flights out of here as a result of our weather. 50 degrees at the airport right now under partly cloudy skies. golden gate bridge, it's soupy starting to really get foggy now. saw downpours early this morning and clearing skies and all the moisture prompted some fog warnings to be issued by the national weather service as well. we'll check with megan on that in just a minute. but right now live doppler 7 hd is quiet. all of the rain has moved out of our area. we're still seeing some snow
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showers in the sierra, although interstate 80 is open with no chain requirements. still chain controls on u.s. 50 and today in the sierra, blue skies, fresh snow. a fabulous day there as well as here. mild readings this morning, 45 oakland, 43 fairfield. 45 antioch with 46 downtown san jose. while the city coming in at 49. still not as chilly as it has been in the north bay, 47 degrees there. a morning fog will give way to some sunshine today and then another wet weather system begins to move our direction. that will be here by early tomorrow in the north bay and spread over the entire area by tomorrow night. remember the downpour on saturday. very similar to that tuesday night into wednesday. sierra snow once again. so travel hindrances in terms of chains and perhaps road closures there and unsettled weather as we continue to see one storm after another move in off the pacific. you can see the storm bumping up a little bit as the west coast
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ridge built in just for today. then the cold air coming down out of the gulf of alaska. moisture coming in from the subtropics. rainfall totals as they were over the weekend probably over an inch in north bay locations. we start at 9:00 tomorrow morning. you see it spreading over the region with some very heavy rain by tomorrow evening into wednesday and then it continues with just some scattered showers and colder air moving through the region wednesday. we start to dry out just a little bit thursday and friday. here's how it looks on the east coast. snow continues to blanket the northeast; and, of course, we have seen flight delays because of that. we cannot get in or out of airports on the east coast with 1 or 2 feet of snow still expected today. midweek clearing expected so anybody who's trying to get back home, back that direction will be able to by mid-week. here's our forecast for today.
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a dry forecast. you see the showers to the north of us. mid-50s for much of the bay area. mid to upper 50s santa clara valley, santa cruz, monterey and here's your accu-weather 7-day forecast again highlighting that big storm coming in tomorrow into wednesday and perhaps the rest of the week. megan, we have some fog advisories in effect this morning. >> yes, we do. chp has issued several fog advisories for bay area bridges, not one yet for the golden gate bridge. should be a nice ride making your way into san francisco from sausalito. there is a crash in sausalito i want to tell you about. it's drake avenue in the city of sausalito. a car crashed into a tree and then that tree fell into a building. so we have emergency crews and police activity on the scene there. let's go to a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic moving nicely in both directions. headlights move eastbound into hayward. we don't have a fog advisory for the san mateo bridge but we have one for the bay bridge, the carquinez bridge.
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so drive safely out there and mass transit, everything running on schedule now. no more holiday schedules. everything on a normal weekday schedule. walnut creek we have a problem with the real mccoy ferry. it's closed until noon today for emergency repair work. for the latest traffic updates, go to our website,, and click on the traffic link. eric? >> megan, thank you. it's 5:20. coming up next, the year in technology. the promise that caused the most buzz in 2010.
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>> 5:22 on the abc morning news.
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this is a live look from the east bay towards the bay bridge. it's in there somewhere, the incline section. there's some fog outside as christine hanson has told us this morning. and we're not done with precipitation yet. this may be the driest day of the week. she'll tell you what we have to look forward to and will keep you updated on that nasty east coast weather as well coming up in just a few minutes. today the stanford cardinals will begin their trek to florida for an orange ball faceoff with virginia tech. they ended the year ranked 4th nationally. the ducks who hope for a national championship, the best pairing of any of the major bowl matchups. the game will air january 3rd on espn. a look back at the year in technology reveals that 2010 was the year of the book. the e-book that is. in his report, a look at the
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first over the past year. >> in january of this year, analysts reported that for the first time more people watched streaming movies from netflix than dvd movies from netflix. the other shoe will likely drop this coming january. netflix watcher says it will be 2010 the first year when netflix dvd movies plateau. the moves surpassed 20% of internet traffic during prime time hours. there is hope for quality video though. this was the first year when dvd players lost market share to blu-ray players. in 2010 for the first time, amazon sold more e-books for its kindle e-reader than it sold books in hard cover. it will see e-books outpace books in paper back. despite this, the american publishers association says hard cover book sales increased 20% during the outgoing years. you and i are reading more than ever. digital camera shipments from
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japan fell almost 4% in october from a year earlier which some attribute to a related trend. more photographs taken with phones than cameras. a noke key executive told reuters in 2010 soon mobile phone cameras will replace conventional cameras. finally the new york yankees became the first professional sports team to ban i-pads during a game for security reasons they say. with the first steps in 2010, richard hart abc 7 news. >> next at 5:30, police make some strange discoveries after a fire at a marijuana dispensary in san francisco. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport. that huge snowstorm in the northeast causing problems out here. more than two dozen flights affected already. and there's no problem. this one has to do with cars. story coming up in a live report. >> also next at 5:30, the 49ers and coach mike singletary partways after the team once again fails to make the
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playoffs. >> and i'm meteorologist christine hanson. after rain over the weekend, clearing skies has prompted some dense fog around the bay area this morning. another impressive storm system moving in our direction tuesday and wednesday with cold air, gusty winds just in time for the new year. if you need more information on our weather traffic, sports or news, go to abc7c7c7c7c7c7c7c7c7
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco international airport. more than two dozen flights in and out of san francisco international cancelled already today. and there's no problem out here. i'll tell you about all of it coming up in a live report. >> the 49ers fire coach mike singletary after the team's disappointing loss yesterday in st. louis. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist christine
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hanson. the golden gate bridge clearing skies means dense winter fog. we'll have your complete accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and you want to allow some extra time for your morning commute. areas throughout the bay area of low visibility. chp has issued several fog advisories. >> 5:29 this mondays after christmas. happen holidays. hope things went well for you on christmas day. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off. a noon news conference in santa clara today to discuss the firing of head coach mike singletary. the announcement came last night gist hours after the team's 25-17 loss to the st. louis rams. that loss ends any chance san francisco had at making the playoffs and the loss -- and before he had been told he was fired, the coach took the blame. >> a personal failure. if i'm the head coach of this team and obviously wanted us to do better, felt that we could do better. but there are some obvious question marks that, you know, i
5:30 am
had hoped would be answered as the evening went on. and i'm not going to go into that right now, but obviously were not answered. and, you know, when that happens, you end up out of the playoffs. >> now, that was before the announcement was made. afterwards the coast says that -- he says one of the greatest experiences in his life was having the opportunity to coach the 49ers; that the players were what made it special. he also thanked the fans and apologized for not giving them more. a powerful blizzard has caused all kinds of problems in the northeast this morning. a foot and a half of snow has already fallen in some areas paralyzing traffic in the air and on the ground. a blizzard warning remains in effect through today in new york city along with parts of new jersey which could see up to 20 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. more than 1400 flights were
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cancelled out of new york's three major airports alone leaving thousands of post-christmas travelers stuck for now. u.s. airways has already cancelled 110 flights today and other airlines don't expect normal operations to resume until tomorrow. it was a frustrating day at the airport for many. >> supposed to leave at 5:30 this afternoon. >> yep. >> make reservations for 11:00 tomorrow morning. >> they gave us a flight for 8:00 tomorrow morning but said don't count on it. >> amtrak cancelled train service from new york to maine and bus companies have halted routes up and down the east coast. in philadelphia, the mayor declared a snow emergency and urged people to stay off the roads. the roads were so bad, the nfl rescheduled last night's eagles/vikings game for tuesday. okay, 1400 cancellations at the three major airports in new york city. how about cancellations here. let's check in now with terry mcsweeney who's live at sfo.
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terry? >> we've got a couple dozen flights in and out of sfo cancelled. 20 coming in and 6 going out. it doesn't sound like a whole lot compared to those huge numbers you were just says as to what's going on back east but for the thousands of passengers affected, it is a huge deal. take a look where it all started, the domino effect. back east the snow, just an amazing storm back there as a result out here -- well, take a look at the jetblue ticket counter last night out of here at sfo. people showing up trying to find something maybe later on. they don't know exactly how much later on. and, again, 20 flights cancelled out here. yesterday it was more than that. all cancels about a half dozen each and 24 cancelled and it is early in the day. now, if you're comin' out, call ahead of time to check on your flights and also call ahead to check on parking. listen to this. >> we encourage the use of the cellphone lot which is only a
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three-minute drive from the terminal. and if you're picking somebody up, once they get to the badge claim they can call you and it will only be a three-minute drive here because our parking lots have been filling up quite a bit lately, the last several days. >> yeah. the -- take a look at the boards out here. you can see some flights have been cancelled already. i believe i mistakenly said 24. 26 flights have been cancelled, 20 coming in and 6 going out. expecting somebody coming in from the northeast, you can expect but i don't think they're coming in. it's a mess back here and it's trickling down to out here. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. blizzard-like conditions not something we have to worry about but visibility is kinds of low. look at the fog there. christine hanson's here. >> eric, we didn't see that a half hour ago. as the temperatures continue to drop, the dewpoints high and this is what we're seeing. where are we? that's the embarcadero by the
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way. foggy throughout much of the bay area. skies cleared. all those downpours early this morning. that morning fog will give way to some sunshine today for a change. and then another storm system tuesday and wednesday with lowering snow levels in the sierra. still some unsettled weather although most of that may scoot out to the east of us. still looking at cold, wintry-like conditions on thursday and friday. here's our forecast for today. we'll continue to see temperatures drop through the morning hours and then by noon we'll be in the low to mid-50s. looking for a little sunshine. most of the rain now staying to the north of us. still a few showers scattered up around the california/oregon border. but for us drying out at least maybe 12 hours, maybe 24. your 7-day forecast showing the next storm system tuesday into wednesday. wednesday conditions thursday and friday. oh, boy, we're talking about travel conditions with the fog this morning, right, megan? >> good morning. that's absolutely right. allow some extra time if you're getting ready to leave the house
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after this holiday weekend. it's foggy out there. we have several fog advisories in effect. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can imagine, there is a fog advisory for the bay bridge. drive safely heading into san francisco. we have a fog advisory for the venetia bridge and the carquinez bridge this morning. commuting through the south bay, let's get a live look at san jose 280. san jose and south bay have not fallen victim to the foggy conditions yet. no delays making your way through the downtown san jose area. this is right at the 17 overcrossing. also in san jose, a live look at 101 at the 880 overcrossing. it's a nice ride making your way northbound heading out of morgan hill and then all the way up the peninsula. if you are getting ready to head out of town towards the mountains, make sure you're prepared with chains. you do not need them right now on interstate 80 but you do need chains on highway 50 this morning. eric? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 5:35 now. more news for you. police have identified the three men killed during a shooting in
5:36 am
south san francisco last week. the shooting happened on 8th lane at lindhen last wednesday. three people including a minor were shot and injured. the intelligence unit is assisting with the investigation. the san jose coroner's office identified those at 20-year-old hector flores and two others. police stepped up patrols and say they believe the shooting was gang-related. police are examining strange discoveries after a fire in a marijuana in san francisco. the nor cal urban relief center caught fire yesterday. police say it is licensed to sell but they're not sure if the dispensary is licensed to grow the large crop of pot discovered in a back room. investigators also say the building's electric meter had been bypassed and the grow lights were running on stolen electricity. the fire was quickly put out. nobody was hurt. bay area arrests for driving
5:37 am
under the influence are up slightly this holiday season compared to last year. the highway patrol said police made 40 dui arrests between december 24th and saturday. that's one more than the same period of last year. the good news? no fatalities during the holiday enforcement period so far. that was also true last year. some 258 dui arrests have been made statewide. the bay area gas prices are now at their highest level in more than two years. the average price of a gallon of gas is now $3.28. up 76% from a december 2008 low. that's coordinating to aaa. it's expected to get worse. experts estimate the average price of a gallon of gas will reach $3.50 by this summer. 5:37 now. still ahead, developing news in rome where a mail bomb is found outside the greek embassy. also a deadly tour bus crash in egypt involving american travelers. the latest on the conditions of
5:38 am
the survivors. and shoppers return in search of after-christmamamamamamamamamamp
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. well, good morning, everyone. it's 5:40 on this mondays after christmas. this is the abc 7 morning news. thank you for joining us. look at the golden gate bridge early this monday morning. you see the fog has already
5:41 am
arrived here. not all that dense but it could cause problems for drivers coming in, especially with the wet roads, the wet bridge deck you're seeing there. will it be dry today? christine hanson's gonna tell you. will that dry condition continue? no. she'll have more on that coming up. 5:41. developing news now out of rome. this morning police and bomb squad experts are examining a mail bomb found outside the greek embassy in rome. the discovery followed package bombs that exploded friday it the chilean and swiss embassies injuring the two people that opened them. anarchists groups claim responsibility. there have been several reports of suspicious packages in recent days of that turned out to be false alarms. eight americans have been killed in a tour bus crash in egypt and a couple from san francisco survived the wreck. a officials there say four tour
5:42 am
buses were traveling together when the middle bus crashed into a dump truck loaded with sand. david light of walnut creek says his 76-year-old mother suffered a gash on her leg. his 86-year-old father suffered bumps and bruises. >> in my father's case, the chairs around him crumbled in apparently forming almost a roll cage which probably saved his life. because from what i understand -- i wasn't there so it's not factual -- but the people in front of him died and the people behind him died. >> light leaves for cairo today to bring his parents back to san francisco where they live. his father leon light is a retired f.b.i. agent. laura light is a retired french professor at city college. if you didn't get all your shopping done prior to christmas, you may be in luck.
5:43 am
there are plenty of deals as retailers look to make what's already even a good holiday season even better. stores are looking to get rid of their holiday stock and prices are reflecting that. >> i was concerned about the economy. that, you know, they are having some very good sales, you know. buy now, save later, that's what we'll do. >> retailers are happy as well. the national retail federation predicts that consumers will spend $451.5 billion this holiday season which ends on december 31st. usually when the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping retire? that's going to be tough in new york. annoyed by the noise. why some residents on the peninsula are complaining about the air traffic into and out of sfo. >> a nor'easter blizzard means millions of people are now measuring millsry by the inch.
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i'm emily schmidt. take a look coming up.
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welcome back to the abc morning news. i'm meteorologist christine hanson. a few showers up along the california/oregon border. showers there but 51 reading, 55
5:47 am
sacramento. we are socked in in valley locations around the area. still dry weather in southern california. 65 palm springs. now look at our website if you need more information, let's go to eric for more. >> christine, thank you very much. it's 5:47 now. air traffic may be up at san francisco international airport but the sounds of success are bothering residents of a nearby community. residents of brisbane about six miles from the airport say noise levels have climbed in recent months. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports dozens of residents have complained about unrelenting air traffic. the volume is increasing approaching 1200 departures and arrivals a day. that's double the amount of six years ago. the airport officials say their measurement show their levels below the limit that would require changes. san jose's city council is about to set new boundaries for council districts now that the census numbers have been released. our media partner reports the
5:48 am
redistricting could have a real impact on city politics. the new boundaries could dramatically change council demographics in the upcoming year. the council has a full plate ahead of it, including the possibility of sweeping new budget cuts, the reduction of city services and possible negotiations over a downtown baseball stadium. under a new california law, it's gonna create an internet-based insurance exchange. it's designed to create a more organized and competitive market for health insurance. and it was made possible by the federal healthcare overhaul. governor schwarzenegger signed a bill september making california the first state to authorize an oversight board. lawmakers say it will promote competition among health insurance companies which will lower costs and allow consumers to comparison shop for affordable health coverage. if you don't have to be out in it, stay out of it. people are being urged to stay off snow-covered roads as the weather warnings continue. at the airports, thousands are
5:49 am
stranded wondering when they're going to get back home. emily has more. >> all aalong the east coast, post-holiday blues are coming in a distinctive wave of white. >> qualifying this as a blizzard and our city is directly in the path. >> new york city and its 6,000 miles of roads could soon be under at least a foot of snow. >> stay home. stay off the main thoroughfares. >> states of emergency have been declared by governors from north carolina to maine. >> my friend, whiteout conditions but, hey, what can you do. >> that means thousands of travelers that hope to get home by christmas aren't getting there anytime soon. >> we had heard they already cancelled the trains. >> cancelled from new york to massachusetts and with all the snow flying, people aren't. cancelled 1400 flights out of new york city with no simple plan b.
5:50 am
come up seven times and finally was on hold for four hours until i finally talked to a human being. >> pushing snow. >> not used to this kind of weather. >> the nor'easter began in the southeast. atlanta saw its first white christmas since 1881. as the storm moved, so does the fight against it. maryland national guard members were deployed for operation fearful dusting. >> a very unique name. i assume it was created because it wasn't supposed to be a lot of snow and all of a sudden it came out of nowhere. >> the snow was expected to taper off this morning. the problems won't go away as easily. it will be tomorrow or even later before the flights get back to normal. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> the dreaded nor'easter back there. here? a few minor things going on. >> nothing like that. another really good downpour late this afternoon back east and then things start to ease up the next couple days. so stranded passengers will
5:51 am
finally get back home. >> fingers crossed, everybody. >> in the meantime we'll have our travel issues around the bay area. what we're supposed to see. sfo, we may see dense fog there. the temperature 46, dewpoint 43. start looking for maybe dense fog to form at the airport. right now just partly cloudy skies and that's a live picture in hd. right now the embarcadero you saw very soupy conditions just a few minutes ago. now we're starting to see it lift just a little bit but still some very dense fog as a result of all the heavy rain over the weekend, the clearing skies late last night and light winds. live doppler 7 hd not showing any activity right now throughout the bay area. still scattered snow showers popping up in the sierra but clearing there as well with 80 open. no chains required. still chains required highway 50. morning fog means we have clear skies above it.
5:52 am
sunrise 7:25 this morning. a wet day beginning tomorrow afternoon. so we'll start off with some showers in the north bay and that will spread over the entire region and we'll incorporate colder air by wednesday and that will translate into more sierra snow with expected chain requirements, unsettled weather, colder air and maybe snow down to lower elevations down to 3,000 feet possible by thursday and still just another little system coming through friday night into saturday. so we're just going to call it unsettled until we progress throughout the week. 49 right now in san francisco. 45 oakland. 43 concord. 45 antioch. dense fog in central valley locations along interstate 80. north bay valley locations. look at this, just a little bump up in the jet stream, the storm track. this system now will stall just a bit and that will still bring in some rain by late tuesday but a dry monday as all of this begins to shape up and form some heavy rain, snow for northern
5:53 am
california. and this is how our time lapse looks. we'll run through this very quickly. by mid-day tomorrow pretty heavy shower activity. most of that moving out of the region and then drying out by wednesday into thursday. so your forecast for today -- there you go. high temperatures in the 50s. mid-50s around the bay. similar forecast for the south bay. and we're expecting a 7-day forecast that is a soggy one. and now let's check out -- that 7-day forecast, there it is. now let's check out our roadways this morning. good morning, megan. >> thanks a lot, christine. good morning. expect delays if you're getting ready to leave the house. it is foggy out there. areas of low advivisibility throughout the freeway. barely see westbound. right now the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze heading westbound about 20 minutes but allow some extra time because we have very low visibility also on the carquinez bridge, chp issued a fog advisory as well as the venetia
5:54 am
bridge and the bay bridge. here's the golden gate bridge where you guessed it, also foggy making your way into san francisco through sausalito. if you are heading through sausalito, we have a crash at colt drive and drake avenue. crashed into a tree and that tree fell into a building. we have emergency crews on the scene there. here's the san mateo bridge. traffic moving nicely here in both directions. these headlights are moving eastbound into hayward. if you're taking mass transit, all systems back to normal on their normal weekday schedule. no more holiday schedules in effect. we have a problem in walnut grove. the real mccoy ferry is closed for emergency repair work until about noon today. go to and click on the traffic link for everything you need to know about your morning commute. eric? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 5:54. retailers on the east coast are seeing more white and green right now because of all the snow. christine told you about it a moment ago. here's bloomberg's courtny done ahoe with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning.
5:55 am
here's what it looks like if you're thinking of going shopping at bloomingdale's around the corner from bloomberg headquarters here in new york city. this east coast snowstorm, that's going to hurt for a lot of retailers. may mean better things for shoppers. retailers may have to deepen those discounts. the day after christmas, usually one of the five busiest shopping days of the year. shoppers and online may have been out enforce snapping up bargains like 60% off some dvd's at target. the snow also really hurting the airlines. with thousands of flights cancelled, american, united continental, jetblue and other airlines letting ticket holders change their schedules without penalty. mixed close for the markets on thursday but the dow up 10% on the year. even better for the s & p and the nasdaq. good news if you're thinking of returning some of the things that you've bought or got as a present. best buy has dropped its much-hated restocking fee.
5:56 am
"u.s.a. today" says other stores are loosening up on exchange and return policies, too. but the paper says it's still a pain to return things online at places like i'm courtny with this morning's bloomberg business report. >> our time now is 5:56. going to see your favorite musician in concert is about to get cheaper. several concert promoters say they plan to make shows more affordable after high prices kept many music fans away from summer concerts. tickets for some shows could go as little as ten bucks. some bands hope to make up the lost revenue by selling more merchandise. celebrations continue for the african american holiday kwanzaa. it started yesterday. it's a non-religious holiday that runs through january 1st. it was started 45 years ago by african american leaders. the name kwanzaa is a swahili word meaning the first fruits of the harvest. the holiday is designed to highlight and promote the principles of unity and
5:57 am
self-determination. it recognizes the cultural roots of all people of african decent. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, the newly discovered documents showing the new year will bring some changes for the i-phone. plus the e-tailor that could soon have a way for you to return those unwanted gifts before they're ever even sent to you. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco international airport. the big snowstorm back east impacting flights here at sfo. a couple dozen cancelled. the storylllllllllllllllllllllll
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