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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. very gusty winds in the wake of a storm with a few lingering showers. >> weather conditions slowing down your commute this morning. we have wind advisories, mudslides, downed trees, flooding and more. all the details coming up. >> well, the storm that hit us is now heading south bringing with it new concern about flooding and mudslides. >> and in the northeast, thousands of airlines passenger left stranded are being warned it could be this weekend before they can get to their final destination. >> 5 a.m. on this wednesday morning. just a couple days left in the year. >> i know. >> thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm jenelle wang in for kristen sze. a san jose police officer has shot a person while responding to a call about a robbery at a home near the children's discovery museum. they got a 9-1-1 call on locust
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street late last night. and officers arrived they confronted a person and at least one officer hoped fire on that person. both the officer and the suspects suffered non-life-threatening injuries. >> other our big story, the small, let's say short but powerful storm that rolled through the bay area. >> let's check with lisa argen. >> much of the bay area has quieted down but in the wake some very gusty winds. morgan hill, highway 101 where we have showers that begin to pull on out. look at our totals, santa rosa, 1.76, mill valley over 2 inches. san francisco nearly an inch. livermore more three-quarters of an inch. san jose an half inch. a pretty impressive system. not much rain left but you didn't ask me about the rest of the year. i'll tell you about that a little later. >> good morning. allow some extra time if you're
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getting ready to leave the house. a wet commute due to weather conditions. yesterday's pothole in crockett has turned into a sinkhole. the sky way on-ramp is still closed. let's get a live look at the san mateo bridge where we have a wind advisory in effect. you can see the gusts of wind blowing. there say wind advisory on all bay area bridges. drive with caution this morning. >> this latest storm put many residents in the north bay on edge. they usually see the worst of it and with the recent massive sewage spill many were holding their breath. terry is live with more. >> lights lookin' real good here. you can see if you take a look at the creek. it is well, well below flood sfaj and, you know, here in this city when it's getting close to food stage because the sirens go off when the creek gets within 2 feet of flood stage.
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they did not go off last night. take a look at the pictures. some pretty good flow out here last night. certainly enough to bring back memories of the flood of 2005 and the flooding last year which was nowhere near as severe. but there's people out here who say it just wasn't enough last night's storm for a curtain call. >> what i've seen over the last few years, we need really continuous heavy downpours where there's no let yum. when we see breaks within the storms like that, it usually has a chance to siphon off. no danger signs on my end this far. >> not far from here in keptfield and green bray, the concern is raw sewage spilling. 3 million has spilled over the past couple weeks. the sewage system inundated with runoff from the storm. will the repairs to the broken pipe hold. that's where 2 million gallons spilled a week ago. the environmental terrorism charge from the sanitation
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charge got a lot of headlines but the friday is not going to handle that case. some workers say that shutting down a pump in green bray was the problem, not construction equipment that was found in the system. coming back out here live look at the creek flowing through downtown san anselmos are churning and dirty and moving but nowhere near flood stage. that's the story. lisa argen is so right about the wind. it's howling out here. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> well, the mass amount of wind and rain is causing some problems in the east bay. a fallen tree closed down a freeway on-ramp last night. closed down the i-80 poretell in san pablo. another accident where a driver lost creek san pablo, some
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debris is causing a storm drain to clog. the city settled with several homeowners but who should fix the drain is still tied up in court. >> the snow boarding and skiing should be good on the sierra but what's good on the slopes makes for dangerous driving conditions on the road. chain requirements are still in place this morning. motorists traveling on interstate 80 from whitmore to truckee was well as highway 50 must use chains. we'll bring you updates on the sierra conditions throughout the morning. >> the first snow pack reading in the sierra has brightened the outlook for california's water splice. the early storms did more than their share. the water content is 198% of normal but after three years of drought, officials say it's too soon to predict what the rest of the season will bring. >> so even though we're starting out with a pretty phenomenal snow pack, some cape 1st, it may not be so good it yesterday's
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survey will be the first of five monthly measurement to estimate how much snow melt will flow into resevoirs in the spring. >> in southern california more rain means more worries about renewed flooding and mudslides. communities reeling from last weeks storms are racing against the clock to clear through the mountain of debris and mud. they're doing with withstand bags to anticipate overflow through drainage canals that may be unable to absorb. the fear is that even a little additional rain will do a lot more damage. >> of course, what's happening here is mild in comparison to what's happening in the northeast. 4 international flights were stuck on the tarmac up to 10 hours at new york's jfk airport because customs wasn't staffed. 6,000 flights have been cancelled through sunday. a thousand of them why cancelled
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just yesterday. many people won't get out until new year's at the earliest. analysts say all the disruptions could cost the airlines industry upwards of $150 million. for up to the minute information on flights, take a look at our flight tracker scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see the flight tracker box. >> 5:07. time for a look at weather. the rain has mostly moved through the bay area but the winds are still with us. >> let's check with meteorologist lisa argen. we're looking at returns in the south bay, also around gilroy into the santa cruz mountains. but other than that things have really quieted down since early this morning. here's rain highway 1 pushing into gilroy. we talk about the totals over 2 inches in some parts of the bay area. chains required on 80 and 50 with the winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 this afternoon. so we're looking at a couple of inches at lake level.
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see these temperatures here, these are about as warm as it's going to get because we have those very, very gusty winds. gusting to over 35 mph at the airport. oakland 36 mph gusts. san jose up to 30 mph. so even if it is 50 it's going to feel like the mid-40s. so cool, breezy, showers today. even colder the next couple days when you see those clouds begin to clear in the evening hours. highs today maybe 50 if you're luck which. by santa cruz we're looking at low 50s. not done with the rain, not talking big storms but the daily chance of rain, especially into new year's eve and new year's day. good morning, megan. >> we have rough conditions throughout the bay area. flooding in sonoma and slang no county. going to focus on a couple downed trees. the first north of niles canyon. a downed tree is blocking all lanes. along 680 in both directions seeing speeds below 40 mph.
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you're commuting through the santa cruz mountains highway 1, a downed tree there blocking the right lane. if you are heading out of town towards the sierra, make sure you have your chains. you're going to need them on 80, 50 and 88. we have a wind advisory in effect for all bay area bridges. eric, jenelle? >> still both hands on the wheel. thank you very much. it's 5:09. >> the budget blueprint gavin newsom is planning to give to whoever takes on the mayors off next year. >> and why macy's decision to hphphpbúbúbúbúgñ
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>> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with new concerns the housing market may be dragging down the economy. home prices across 20 major cities fell in october compared to a year ago. the housing market could be heading to a double dip. airlines fail to cover from the blizzard that slammed the northeast. the losses are piling up. analysts predict the storm will cost the industry up to $150 million. and bon jovi was the world's top draw this year. the band sold more than $200 million worth of tickets. that is your "moneyscope" report. i'm rob nelson. >> 5:12. the california supreme court has denied the governor's last minute plea to sell 20 state-owned buildings. governor schwarzenegger wanted
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to sell the buildings and lease them back to close the massive deficit. the entire premium court recused itself because the court itself is housed in one of the buildings. the decision to sell the buildings will go to governor elect jerry brown. >> newsom just slashed $20 million out of the budget and is leaving behind a blueprint how to close the remainder of the $330 million deficit. he's expected to include layoffs and labor cost reductions. it may include suggests about contracting out certain city services. his blueprint shoulding released about the time the board of supervisors reaches a decision who should be interim mayor. >> the most famous santa will take a well deserved break.
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he may have to bring some extra santa powers to the task. >> once the christmas rush is over, what happens to santa? >> well, if you ask, it says santa sleeps for a really long time because driving twenties around the world is a tough job. what about john toomey. he's headed north back to his home where he has plans to just take some time off and relax. >> the story that i told that seemed to offend these people though they didn't say so to me is a story that i've told for better than 20 years, and i stole it from george carlin. you know, if you're gonna steal, steal from the best. >> the reaction to his news of his firing was immediate.
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the owner saw on opportunity and assisted in their annual toy drive. >> this year was the best toy dive because we had santa as our spokesperson. >> as fate would have it, after 74 years station 30 will have to move and the toy drive now needs a new space. we will be hopeless until we find another location. >> well, there's always this guy. he has a knack for bringing attention to a good cause and after he's rested, he may be able to help save another holiday. in san francisco, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> it's 5:15 now. the samaritan house in san mateo is very pleased to report it was able to provide a toy to every child on its christmas list this year thanks to a generous surge of last-minute donations. as christmas approached, they had 40% fewer toys than in past years while seeing a 100% increase in children on the list
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to receive toys. so they appealed to the media for help last monday. we aired the story here on abc 7 and by hurst every child had a gift. >> immediately our phones started ringing. here at our administrative offices and people started showing up at the toy shop delivers toys. we even had people start going online and having toys delivered here which we've never seen that before. the response was incredible. >> the community came through with about 2800 toys in four days. wells fargo also donated a check for $5,000. samaritan house called abc 7 to say thanks to all of you who helped make this christmas special. and we echo that up here. >> very generous. >> thanks, guys, for your generosity. >> lisa argen here. so grad to see you. >> the storm came in fast. do we see residual effects? >> a little. gusty winds and scattered showers but the bulk of the rain
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over with i think most people want to hear from now. you can clean up. but really windy. >> and wear a coat. >> that's right. the widg factor is going to be with us for the next couple of days as we begin to see clearing as we head into thursday night. right now sfo, we have wind gusts of over 40 mph so we'll be keeping you updated on the delays. you can plan on probably hanging out a little there as we look at our live doppler 7 hd. most of the activity has moved out of the bay area. this is morgan hill. we were looking at rainfall totals at downtown san francisco, 1.30. this is the airport at .99. oakland 212. vos an inch and three-quarters. livermore, three-quarters of an inch in san jose. chairs required up to the
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sierra. could be one of those days they don't get the lifts going because of those gusty winds. 5 to 10 inches of new snow. 2 to 4 at 5,000 feet and gusts up to 40 mph. temperatures, the warmest you'll see all day about right now with the low 50s out there. 52 oakland as well as fairfield with upper 40s and that will be some of the high temperatures today. here are the wind gusts all around the bay area. 32 livermore, 36 oakland. we're looking at winds out of the west with the gusts of 24 mph in mountain view and novato. gusts up to 32. we'll see the lingering showers throughout the afternoon today. breezy out there and cold and frosty tomorrow morning and friday morning. that's what you expect this time of year so we're definitely seeing very cold mornings. statewide the bulk of the activity heading into southern california, san diego 54 with the rain.
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sierra, 32. back home. temperatures we have now are pretty much gonna stay where they are. add in some wind and it's going to be a blustery afternoon. 51 san francisco, 50 concord with scattered showers from half moon bay, oakland, san rafael down through morgan hill and santa cruz with temperatures there in the low 50s. the look ahead where we'll see the slight chance of another system move in, bringing some rain thursday, new year's eve. can't rule out even into new year's day and we'll look for temperatures to stay cool in the low 50s. >> we have a mud slide, wind advisory and flooding that could all slow down your morning commute. starting off with a sigalert highway 1 is closed in both directions. it's closed between lindamarch boulevard and first street due to an overnight mud slight. caltran hopes to have that cleared by 10:00 this morning. southbound traffic is being stopped at linda mar in
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pacifica. also flooding in sonoma. highway 121 is closed between highway 116 and 8th street and that's due to those wet roads out there. a live look at the bay bridge where it's windy. we have a wind advisory in effect for all bay area bridges right now. both hands on the wheel. we have strong gusts of wind out there. go to for the latest traffic information. eric, jenelle? >> you are so right about those winds. across the bay bridge this morning. 5:20 is our time. >> the new warning that will have you telling your teenager daughters to turn down the volume. >> the website and the devices it says hackers are setting their sights on for 2011. ec
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today, we gather to recognize the selfless decision
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of one of the most influential women of our time. the woman who, after having one too many drinks, chose not to drive home buzzed. here today to honor rachel is the family whose lives she spared.
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a robbery call leads to a shooting involving san jose police. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san anselmo with the story of a storm that brought a triple threat: flooding, winds and sewage spills. the story coming up in a live report. >> and some of u.c.'s top paid executives are threatening to sue the university. next why they say they deserve millions of dollars in additional benefits. >> well, that big storm is taking aim on the west now with several feet of no moving into the great basin. strong thunderstorms in memphis
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pulling out today. looks like the northeast continues to dry out. a look at our own local weather. that's coming up but for more and to check yourlllllllllllllll
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♪ >> good morning. the bulk of the rain has pushed to our south. very gusty winds in the wake of the cold front. still showers developing this afternoon. >> we have flooding, wind advisories, a sinkhole and a mud slide all affecting your morning commute. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live where the wind is really howling now but last night's storm had people wondering about flooding and sewage spills. the story in a live report. >> this morning developing unless you from the south bay. san jose police shoot a man while investigating reports of a
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robbery in a momentum. >> and u.c. highest paid executives threaten to sue the university unless officials rework the salary formula used to determine their retirement benefits. it could cost u.c. tens of millions of dollars per year. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, 5:29. be careful with driving into work. wind advisories. take jenelle's advice, both hands on the wheel. developing news to tell you about. a san jose police officer shot a person while responding to a call about a robbery in a home in a children's discovery museum. they got a 9-1-1 call ot a home near locate cuss street. when officers got there they confront aid person and at least one officer opened fire on that
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person. both the officer and the suspect suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect was struck by one round. the officer wasn't shot. the bulk of the rain has moved out of the bay area to southern california but the winds are still here. >> let's check with meteorologist lisa. she's in for mike nicco. still some light showers around in concord this morning. last report you had a shower in gilroy. highway 101 heading south. last night the rain came down pretty heavy over 2 inches in oakland, 1.30 in san francisco. almost an inch at the airport, half an inch in san jose. showers developing today in our partly cloudy sky but very gusty winds and very cool temperatures for the next several days. >> well, all that rain has created a problem with a couple potholes. today we're focusing on a
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sinkhole in crockett. it was a pothole yesterday, now it's a sinkhole. the coming sky way on-ramp is still closed for the emergency repair work and caltrain does hope to have it reopened by this afternoon. a live look at the windy san mateo bridge. we have a wind advisory in effect and all bay area bridges. traffic moving nicely as you make your way eastbound into hayward. >> thanks, megan. we've got a traffic update. this wet weather is causing problems, vest dents and commuters. a fallen tree blocking highway 17 on the edge of santa cruz. a double trailer tanker truck caused a small fuel spill. and officers remain on the scene this is they say it will take several hours to remove the damaged truck. >> the north bay took the brunt had the rainy conditions. wet roads, downed branches and
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trees rattled nerves. >> the same storm that caused those concerns about sewage spills caused a lot of concern here in flood-prone san anselmo because of this creek behind me. not a concern right now. it was much higher last night obviously. the water moving but nowhere near flood stage. that is a relegal for a lot of people in this town. they've seen serious floods over the past few years. take a look at the same creek last night, moving pretty good. storm owners preparing for just about anything but there was fortunately this time around nothing here. north of here there certainly was flooding and tomorrow in marin county and sonoma county as well. you add those pictures to the recent past and you can understand the worry here. take a listen. >> two years ago it's flood stage. we had to empty out twice during that winter, emptied out this
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entire shop. >> but not this time. keep in mind the ground is saturated and there will be immediate runoff when the next storm comes. workers home the repairs they made on some sewage pipes hold. that broke last week spilling 2 million gallons in the creek. they hope they can withstand the inundation caused by the downtour. talking to a police officer in the twin cities a little while ago. he was saying that a 6 foot plus tide this morning could also have been a major problem had the rains been shifted from last night until this morning. the mix of the high tide and the downtour could have been a big problem. you can sigh it through san anselmo but this morning not a problem. >> thanks, terry, for the update. the rain and wind caused problems in the east bay.
5:34 am
a fallen tree closed down a freeway on-ramp. it closed down the i-80 poretell exit and caused a driver to lose control. >> when p braked it was too late. i slipped and went and ran into the trees. >> in walnut creek a driver lost control of his vehicle causing this accident. it was a night for spinouts and sandbags. there's trouble waters once again in the neighborhoods of san pablo. some debris is causing a storm drain to clog there. the city settled with several homeowners but who should fix the drain is still tied up in court. >> there have been dozens of power outages around the bay area. approximately 6400 residents in castro valley are without power this morning and at 8:00 lat night about 31,000 people were briefly left in the dark at daly city and parts of san francisco. most of the power has been restored there.
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it happened after an outage at a pg&e substation. >> more rain means more worries about flood anding mudslides, communities still reeling are racing against the clock to try and clear through the mountain of debris and mud. they're doing this even as they pile up sand bags to anticipate overflow from drainage canals. with the earth already overly saturated, the theory even a little rain may do a lot more damage. other news, state university facing budget cuts and students seeing tuition hikes, dozens of u.c.'s highest paid executives are asking for more money. they are threatening to sue until the universities of california increases retirement benefits. they want the u.c. system to calculate at the percentage of their entire salary instead of the federally instituted limit
5:36 am
of $245,000. hundreds of employees make much more than that. their demands come at a time when u.s. is trying to eliminate a $21 billion unfunded pension obligation for future employees. >> it's 5:36 now. a scare police officer who now faces federal charges of sharing confidential dmv information with hells angel it is scheduled to be back in day today. he is now under federal indictment for fraud and conspiracy for supporting criminal and dmv records to betancourt. he's a suspected member of the santa cruz chapter of the hells angels. rowhouse face ace maximum of 20 years in prison. >> shootings are down in east palo alto with 2010 drawing to a close, 39 shootings this year, a 54% drop from 89 shootings in 2009. the city reports four homicides. that's half as many as eight
5:37 am
reported last year. police contribute the decrease to increased police staffing, a parole reentry tram and citywide use of a gunshot detection system. >> 5:37. let's get a check on the weather forecast. break out the coat. >> yes. >> the next couple days we're going to feature partly cloudy skies and overnight hours temperatures dropping, maybe some frost. a hard freeze in the nights ahead. but right now the rain is in hollister by salinas and also gilroy. pushing out of morgan hill out of the bay area. chains are required on 80 and 50. we still have a winter storm warning in effect in the sierra nevada until 4:00 today with a couple of inches at lake level, 5 to 10 inches above 7,000 feet and very gusty winds. low 50s now, 52 san jose. it's the winds causing much of a factor today. obviously with the flights and perhaps in the afternoon with
5:38 am
just the cleanup out there. 36 mph gusts at the airport with gusts to 24 mph in mountain view. windy with scattered showers, cool, breezy, a partly cloudy day and frosty nights ahead. there's the cold front pushing through southern california and we'll look for breezy showers. a little sunshine in there and highs only right around 50 today. megan, good morning. >> much better news for anyone commuting along highway 1. the earlier sigalert along the san mateo coastline has been cancelled. all lanes now open. highway 1 was closed in both directions at first street due to an overnight mud slight. caltrain was estimating having it opened by 10:00 this morning. but much faster than expected. we have some flooding in sonoma right now. highway 121 is closed between highway 116 and 8th street. that's due to a wet roadway. let's go outside and take a look at the windy bay bridge.
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here's the toll plaza. no problems making your way through but we have a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge and all other bay area bridges right now. >> megan, thanks so much. time 5:39. >> still ahead, the new postage stamp that will do away with the need for makeup stamps. >> the truth behind the ford g. why wireless
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however, not everyone knows what 4-g is? >> not really. >> it's the fourth greenerationf wireless. >> for things like movies, reading the newspaper, things like that, it will be a lot faster. >> each carrier is using different kinds of technology to differ 4-g speed. kevin is aconsulttal. we talked to him via scholarship. >> each have limitation. how much data they can pass through their network. >> the 4-g service is actually much slower than set by the international body. the global standard is 100 megagits per expected. 4-g speed is one-thenth of that.
5:44 am
>> we're behind the international standards. >> and it don't solve dropped calls. >> wireless will always have certain possibilities for dropped calls. but right now sprint thinks that we have got a pretty solid network in the bay area. >> 4-g can create battery drain. >> it really affects brattry live. i rarely turn it on because it sucks all the power out of my battery. >> time, 5:44. a new way to make sure between drivers buckle up. >> rain here means new snow in the sierra. we'll take you to the high country live coming up. >> and san francisco gives the go ahead to a major retailer for búbúbúgtoaoaoaoñ
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last night's storm rolled in. >> the wet weather also taking its toll on commuters. a fallen tree blocking both south bound lanes of highway 17 on the edge of santa cruz. a double trailer tanker truck hit the fallen tree causing a small fuel spill. >> more rain for southern california means more concerns. the very latest on these stories coming up at 6:00. >> in the sierra a winter storm watch in effect until at least 4:00 this afternoon. snow is piling up and on the roads. chain restrictions in place to truckee as well as highway 50. how's it going up there, natalie? >> good morning, eric. well, it's going fine where we are because we're at about 5,000
5:49 am
feet elevation. the higher up you go it's blizzard conditions, avalanche conditions. there's a snowboarder that's gone missing since 4:00 yesterday before all this has come down and they're still looking for her all throughout the night. this snow is not the flooding type, skiing type, it's the wet, heavy, not fun. makes driving very difficult. the chain control area. moved further down hill. there aren't that many accidents but bottom line if you're planning on extending your holiday vacation and coming up this morning today bad idea. not fun for anyone and i don't say those words lightly. this is not the time to go sledding or skiing. this is time to hang out with your family and relax. eric? >> all right, natalie. don't look very comfortable where you are. stay warm. >> looks very cute in her hat. >> jenelle likes your hat.
5:50 am
fashion sense. >> thanks so much. she's got a lot of things to cover. sorry to make that comment but lisa's here to check the bay area forecast. it's over with now for the most part. the wind will be with us, very gusty winds. sfo, winds in the 40 mph category right now. so you heard all the stories about the websites not being updated with the flights. definitely maybe a good idea to just go and hang out there and see what's going on in terms of the east coast storm, the cleanup there. things look good along the east coast and our rain, here's what's left. gilroy and hollister, scattered showers. a few stray showers developing this afternoon. good morning, mountain view, 53 for you and the wind gustss, my goodness! 36 mph in oakland. up to 30 mph in san jose and
5:51 am
they will be with us throughout the day. a few peeks of sunshine but blustery. with a partly cloudy sky tonight pretty frosty overnight into friday morning and the holiday weekend, still looks like a chance of showers. so we're in this cold northwest flow behind the front. you can see the speckling of the clouds. the bulk of the activity well into southern california. the snow goes into the mountains until 4:00 this afternoon. scattered showers popping up from time to time. an unsettled weather pattern not only today and tomorrow but still looking at the possibility of a new year's eve system coming in as well. so high temperatures today just in the low 50s and looking to the north, ukiah and clear lake. from the higher elevation, some of that moisture mixed in, could be mountain here. can't rule it out from mount
5:52 am
hamilton either. gusting to 20 and 30 mph for the entire afternoon. 51 gilroy with possibility of a rain/snow mix. take a look at your seven-day outlook. partly sunny, breezy winds, the chance of a shower. another system wants to rotate through bringing the possibility of more rain, frosty overnight lows and into new year's eve and new year's day could be looking at a little more rain. sunday and monday looking dry. next chance of showers with us into early next week. >> we don't have major accidents right now but the bad news is we have rough weather conditions causing delays. we have a downed tree now. pleasanton sunol road. this tree is blocking all lanes. if you take a look at 680 heading southbound, we have speeds under 40 mph. yesterday's pothole over in crockett has turned into today's
5:53 am
sink hole. eastbound 80 coming sky way on-ramp is closed for this emergency repair work. probably will remain closed until this afternoon. let's go outside and take a live look at the windy san mateo bridge. we have a wind advisory in effect for all bay area bridges and for the latest traffic information, go to our website, it's click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. >> megan, thank you very much. it's 5:53. >> if you weren't annoyed at the airlines already, there's a new reason. >> the postal service has good news on stamp prices. the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. travelers stranded by blizzard 2010 night not want to hear it but airfares have gone up. american, dealts and united continental hiking ground trip airfares by 20 bucks effective immediately. the move comes as fuel prices are near two-year high.
5:54 am
you can save a couple pennies on stamps. starting next year all first class stamps will be forever stamps. it includes disney picks and movie characters and the 100th anniversary of the indy 500. trading a mixed close yesterday. if they can hold on to these gains or higher the end of the year. worried about your car getting stolen. carol on new year's day. it's the busiest day for auto thief. the safest day of the year is christmas. and ford putting parents in the drivers seat. keep their teen drivers from driving fast. also they'll be able to prevent them from listen to programs like howard stern or playboy. allows parents to keep the radio muted until their teen driver buckleless up their seat belts and the feature standard on the ford taurus and explorer late
5:55 am
next year. >> just about 5:55 now. the u.s. food and drug has a warning for you this morning. an outbreak of salmonella from tainted alfalfa sprouts. the outbreak numbers increased to 96 and covered 16 states including california. the count has risen by eight more cases just in the past week. hatch the cases have been in illinois and have been -- the sprouts have been produced by tiny greens organic farm. no one has died from the outbreak. >> caltrain is going to test a weekend baby bullet train service starting january 1st between san francisco and san jose. aimed at increasing revenue and ridership. there will be four trains in all. one train in each direction in the morning and one train in each direction in the evening. each train will make seven stops between the terminals in san francisco and san jose. caltrain is trying to close a
5:56 am
2.3 million budget short fall for 2011. >> hundreds of new jobs are coming to downtown san francisco now that the mayor gave final approval to build a target store. the construction of the store is exspected to bring 600 construction jobs and 700 permanent jobs. it's also expected to generate up to $15 until in sales and real estate taxes for the city. the west field group has been working with san francisco to rejuvenate. the construction begins next month and the target store is expected to open in mid-2012. >> time 5:56. ahead at 6 a.m. the latest on the police shooting in the south bay where officers shot a home robbery suspect. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in marin county where the story is the strong winds. story coming up in a live report. lllllllllllllllllllllll i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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