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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the other two if you look at the building that burned you can see the second floor there, the other two jumped from that height out the back window to safety. take a look at the pictures we have from shortly after the fire. you can see the firefighters out here, ambulances as well. a battalion chief tells me the fire began about 2:00 this morning. when crews arrived they found two people injured in the back of the four-unit building. they had jumped from the second floor. but then firefighters got word that three people were trapped in a front unit. the chief picks up the story from there. >> went in, began a search. we brought out one victim. september that victim to highland hospital. meantime another crew was searching, brought out a second and third victim from the front unit. >> what kind of condition are they in? >> i don't have official reports from the hospital but i would say very critical at this time.
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>> those in very critical condition are a man, a woman, and a little girl. the cause of the fire is under investigation. there is something positive to take away from all this. also in that building on one of the lower units was a single woman and her four children. she heard the commotion upstairs. she saw the smoke and the fire, ran, grabbed her four children, and they got out alive and uninjured. the red cross is out here right now as they usually are at scenes such as this taking care of that woman and her four children. but we have five people injured, two to their lower leg and the other three in very critical condition after being trapped by the fire. live in east oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. 5:01 now. you saw the way terry was bundled up there. it's very cold outside this morning. no rain yet. here's lisa argen with the forecast. >> temperatures dropped quickly
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overnight. 33 napa, 37 redwood city. the warm spots along the coast, san francisco, half moon bay and 32 the livermore valley. still winds up in the higher elevations over the bridges and overpasses. elsewhere with the calm winds, temperatures allowed to drop quickly as 20 degrees cooler by the delta, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday in the south bay. there is a chance of an isolated shower today but we will see more sunshine. basically a partly cloudy sky and the best chance of a shower along the coast, the peninsula, half moon bay, santa cruz. and then more areas of frost tonight. so another chilly night and rain moves in later on tomorrow into new year's day. >> lisa, thank you very much. the heavy rain has caused another portion of the cliffside apartments in pacifica to fall away. now officials can once again concerned about the building on esplanade avenue. it has sat here quietly since last went's problems but this
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month's rains shook loose a piece of hillside bringing up concerns about the buildings on the street. the city is wondering what the owner is going to do. city officials say he needs to do something and they would like to set up a meeting but they can't reach him. a woman who was killed when a free fell on her tent at a wildlife preserve in santa rosa has been identified as a tourist from alabama. the tree, high winds knocked over the tree killing 70-year-old gail fallgas. she was a retired school teacher. she was reading to her seven-year-old granddaughter when the oak came crashing down on one of the luxury tents at the wildlife preserve. >> there was a tent with a father and son and they heard the initial crash and heard screaming. they went outside and saw what happened. they actually had a pair of scissors in their at the present time and they were able to cut through the canvas to take the seven-year-old girl out. >> the owner of safari west said
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this is the first tragedy since they opened in 1992. safari west has more than 400 exotic animals and 30 guest tents on sites for overnight stays. the police chief is holding a community meeting regarding the fatal shooting of a man involved in a confrontation with police officers. it happened yesterday afternoon on bacon street. a woman called police saying she had been stabbed. when officers arrived, they say the suspect approached them with a knife. they shot him and he died last night at san francisco general. it's unclear how many officers actually fired their weapons. the woman stabbed was not seriously injured. san francisco mayor gavin newsom may delay his swearing in to finish up business. he'll probably want a couple extra days to finish work on balancing the city's budget and to oversee san francisco's bid to host the america's cup yacht
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race. there are also reports that newsom wants to make sure the current board of supervisors can't appoint more radical interim mayored. a new board takes office january 8th. on the oakland-san leandro border an investigation is underway into the shooting of one person. jenelle is live in oakland with the very latest. jenelle? >> eric, i'm on bank croft and durant avenue in oakland. it's right on the border of oakland and san leandro. police just cleared the scene. i did try to speak to them before they left but they are very tight-lipped about this. it started and unfolded around 10:00 last night in san leandro. san leandro police were pursuing a jaguar. they crossed into the city of oakland and that's when the jaguar spun out and hit another car. officers were scheming at the person to get out of the car. there was some sort of altercation.
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san leandro police shot and killed someone in that car which we hear is a woman. we also hear somebody else might have been in the car but we do not have any detail abouts that but we hear one person has died and that is a woman. no officers were injured in this incident. oakland police are now handling this investigation because the chase ended in the city of oakland. but san leandro police were on the scene. again, no officers were injured. one person is dead. that's the latest here. we'll try to get more information and bring it to you. >> jenelle, thank you very much for that. an update, a sad one to the story that terry mcsweeney was telling you about just a few moments ago. a fire in oakland, a huge fire at a duplex on 82nd avenue, five people were taken to the hospital, it has been confirmed that three people were killed in that fire. terry will have more for you, much more coming up in a few minutes. right now we're gonna check with
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meteorologist lisa argen who's in for mike nicco with our chilly forecast. >> the north bay temperatures at or below freezing. the delta, santa rosa, napa. look at livermore, 31. 39 san jose. by the water, big cities, oakland, san francisco and the coast. a little warmer but talking very chilly conditions. the winds have backed off but over the bridges still pretty breezy. northwest wind gusting to 20 up in novato. we will look for some sunshine today although an isolated shower along the coast. the frost returns tonight even more widespread. we'll see increasing clouds or a chance of showers new year's eve into new year's day. here's the forecast for today. a weak disturbance to our north will bring a few clouds but the rain is going to hold off sonoma county. maybe a rain/snow mix. could see shower activity through half moon bay and the
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santa cruz mountains. mount hamilton maybe a few more flakes of snow. temperatures aren't going to warm much but the winds will continue to dial back a little today as low pressure continues to move to the east. high pressure keeping this weather system at bay for now. a look ahead shows we'll see increasing clouds, chance of a shower, better chance for likely new year's eve and new year's day and looks like time to dry out. >> it is pretty quiet if you're getting ready to leave your house. road work and wind are the only things that may slow down your commute. we start with road work on the richmond san rafael bridge, eastbound 80 between the bridge and western avenue a couple of lanes are blocked for road work until about 6:00 this morning. let's go outside for a live look at the commute in contra costa county. this is walnut creek, 680. the taillights move southbound near the north main exit. nice and light making your way into the san ramon valley. commuting 24 westbound, the drive time to the caldecott tunnel about 10 minutes.
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a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge and all other bay area bridges right now except san mateo. that one was just lifted. eric? >> megan, thank you very much. our time now is 5:09. an era in photography comes to an end. big bucks from everything from broccoli to strawberries. why the recent storms mean eating healthy will cost you a lot more for a while. plus the budget crisis facing california's incoming governor and the wish list a lot of people are drawing up for the new year. also wrapper 50 cent offers to shovel out driveways and cars for a price.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with the effect of the blizzard on post-holiday shopping. the storm delayed $1 billion in spending. that's not enough to change estimates that this could be the best holiday shopping season ever. the number of foreclosures spiked in the third quarter as fewer struggling homeowners got help from the banks or government. according to a new report there was a 32% drop in mortgage modifications compared to a year ago. they're taking our code achrome away. shutting down the last machine that processes that same film. kodak stopped making it in june of last year. and amazon may have figured out
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a way to make sure you get what you want next christmas. its system that let's people exchange unwanted gifts even before they get them. that's your "moneyscope" report. >> it's 5:13. welcome back. good morning. incoming california governor jerry brown has a message for some top university of california administrators demanding more money. they're out of touch by asking for more money for retirement while the state government is in the red. 36 u.c. executives threatened to sue unless the university agrees to pension changes that could cost the school $5.5 million more per year. the nasty weather across the country means here in the bay area the price of produce is going up. this is the wholesale produce market in oakland. broccoli that once sold for $8 a case now costs $36. strawberries are in very short supply and the price is more than tripled.
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the problem in california is getting the produce to market between storms. >> the growers are having trouble going into the field and actually harvesting the product. if the fields are super-muddy, the trackers can't roll, the pickers can't climb. >> demand will drop once the holiday season is over. they expect prices to come down in a few weeks when the weather gets back to normal. next monday jerry brown will be sworn in as california's new governor but he'll inherit the same old budget problems. as laura anthony reports, the solution he's likely to offer may not be very popular. >> california famously frugal new governor handled the state's ongoing budget mess. brown has put everyone on notice he'll be no budget savior. he does intend to extend tax hikes on cars, sales and income. but also promises more deep cuts to offset a projected $25 billion deficit. nearly one-third of california's
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general fund. san francisco democrat mark leno will serve on the finance committee. >> the governor since he will deliver a budget on january 10th, that he will lay out californians this is what an all-cuts budget looks like. i think people will be stunned. >> what i think we can expect from jerry brown is that he will tell the truth. >> john joya, says he will give a heads up. >> i don't expect the governor to restore funding that's been cut. there's no way given the state budget, our declining revenues that they can do that. >> contra costa may have to close seven fire stations and lay off 50 firefighters next year. the fire district is funded by local property taxes but association hopes the new governor will accepted a new message. >> we're hoping that the governor establishes what the
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priorities are at the state level and it trickles down to the government level. >> one cut brown has promised he will make: his own office budget by 25%. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> it's 5:16 now. the bad weather back east has made rapper 50 cent a little richer. take a look at him shoving snow in his neighborhood in farmington, contract contracts. he charged neighbors $100 to shovel snow around their homes on monday and even hired people to help him. the multimillionaire didn't mention how much money he was made but he was hired by at least four neighbors. there is an ents prizing man. >> where's the punch like? i thought he was going to donate it to some charity. >> we'll find out but just being able to say you know who shovelled my driveway, 50 cent. >> very cold out there. temperatures at or below freezing in our inland valleys this morning. a look at the airport where
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winds are a little breezy. certainly not as windy as it was yesterday and they'll continue to die down. right now numbers are in the low 40s in the livermore valley, both the delta. 32 napa as well as santa rosa but mid-40s at the coast in san francisco. 35 in redwood city. 20 degrees cooler throughout some bay area neighborhoods so everyone much colder start this morning. it's clear. we'll see the sun rise at 7:25 but nor clouds move in. a little breezy in novato. still the winds on the bridges so do be careful. we're looking at a slight chance of a shower and later on today along the coast. then we'll see frost again tonight in some of the protected valleys. increasing clouds tomorrow new year's eve bringing rain into the bay area for new year's eve and new year's day. so the pressure gradient was tight yesterday bringing very windy conditions with low pressure to the east, high pressure to the west. that relaxes a bit today. that will allow the winds to die
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down. but we are looking at a weak disturbance to the north off the oregon coast. it's going to fly down on the jet stream and that's going to bring increasing clouds. new year's eve, look what happens by 7:00. the north bay into the east bay west. and as you head out for festivities, by later on even wetter. not looking at a lot of rain or wind but the timing will be bad for late in the evening saturday and into sunday, new year's daylight showers. 24 for the high today in tahoe. the cold air feeding into the sierra nevada. the southern sierra, not much warmer. 27 there. 54 los angeles today, a chance to dry out. stray shower, monterey at 53. we look for numbers here to be very similar to yesterday, although without the wind. so feeling a little better out there. 52 napa, 51 san francisco. the wind dying back but increasing clouds especially in
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the north bay. still just upper 40s today for clear lake and ukiah. 53 san jose. maybe a shower, santa cruz, with low 50s there and a look ahead, talked about a slight chance of a shower along the coast today. better chance tomorrow new year's eve into new year's day. work and school we're looking like the weather's going to dprie -- dry out. >> getting ready to leave the house, no need to rush. enjoy that cup of coffee. you have a smooth commute. this is 280 at the 17 overcrossing. headlights are moving northbound. it's holiday light. no delays through the downtown san jose area. if you're commuting into san francisco on the golden gate bridge, here's a live look. headlights making their way into san francisco from sausalito. no problems there. if you are taking mass transit this morning, you need to know that ace is running on a holiday schedule. let's take a look at chain requirements.
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heading on 80 you don't need to have the chains on your wheels but you need them in your possession. you need chains on 50 and 88 is closed. for the latest, go to and click on the traffic link. >> it's 5:20. 500 donations and two decades later a bay area woman makes it into stanford's history books. her remarkable feat coming up next. why 49er president york may finds the team's new g. m. just down the hallway. force force amam
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>> good morning, everyone. it's 5:22. thursday morning looking live at san francisco international airport. now, coming up in a little bit we'll tell you how people who
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tweet are sometimes getting out of those stranded, locked up airports faster than other people. we'll tell you how they're doing that in a bit. this morning the south san francisco police department it offering a $25,000 reward for information about last week's shooting that left three young men dead. investigators have also established an anonymous tip line hoping for includes in solving the december 22nd shooting. three other victims are wounded and are expected to survive but investigators say they've not been cooperating with police and few witnesses have come forward. it's sports news, the 49ers are reportedly leaning towards hiring an in-house candidate to be the team's general manager. former oakland raiders executive who works for the nfl network says the niners will name trent bulky to the job. he's currently the team's vice president of player personnel. team president york says he's still interviewing candidates.
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interim head coach has named alex smith the starter for sunday's game against arizona. he and former coach mike singletary got into an argument when the coach asked him to warm up in the second half for a second time to replace troy smith. >> i got along with coach singletary. i think the perception is a little different because he's emotional. i think that's who he is. i think those are positives about him. >> pro bowl linebacker pack tries willis will miss sunday's game after playing in all 63 games since he was drafted. the stanford blood center is paying tribute to one special donor, moss beach residents linda johnson has been the first woman to make 500 donations at the center. it's taken more than two decades to reach that milestone, mostly as a platelet donor which allows
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her to donate 24 times a year. whole blood donors can only donate six times a year. she does it to make a difference and hopefully save some lives. following two breaking news stories. a confrontation leads to a police shooting on the oakland/san leandro border and breaking news out of oakland where three people are dead after a major overnight fire at a duplex. at 5:30, another piece into the ocean. a pacifica cliffside hit hard by new storms but the owner of the crumbling building can't be found. >> quiet and cool conditions across the bay area. elsewhere a winter storm pulling out of the rockies into the midwest. and rain returns to the midwest, already delays at chicago's o'hare airport. rain showers and freezing rain into western new york and western pennsylvania but the eastern seaboard looks dry.
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for more weather information check out ourbbbbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbs
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where we now have confirmation that three people are dead, two injured following a fire here on the east side of town. we'll have details coming up in a live report. >> also this morning the latest storm causes another portion of a pacifica cliffside apartment building to crumble away. neighbors wanna know why the city hasn't demolished the structure. >> it's a clear and cold start with 31 degrees this morning in the livermore valley. more freezing temperatures ahead. >> good morning. a pothole causing problems along the east shore freeway in el cerrito. no problems now heading into san francisco. >> 5:28. i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking news out of oakland. three people have been killed in
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a fire that devoured part of a complex on 82nd avenue. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene with the details. >> yeah. the sad news comes to us from the oakland police department. they confirm that three people are dead. a mother, daughter, and a friend of the mother's killed in the second floor of that building across the street from where i'm standing right now. you can see the firefighters up there now. the cape is up. it has been blocked off. it's now a crime scene. an investigation underway into exactly how this thing started. take a look at pictures from the scene. the fire started according to oakland fire department about 2:00 this morning. when they arrived, the house was fully involved. people in the upstairs in the back, a mother and daughter, jumped from that second floor to safety. they did injure their legs but they're going to be fine. three people in a front upstairs unit were trapped by the fire, a
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man, a woman and her daughter. all three are dead. there is a sliver of good news out of this. a single mother of three was also in that house. lower level in back. and she heard the commotion and here's what she had to say about her escape. >> i heard upstairs. and i was wondering what happened to the ladies upstairs. and then i opened the door, and i see the fire coming out. so i went back to inside, woke up my kids and got out. >> that woman's children are 20, 16, and also a younger child, a daughter who is seven years of age, i believe. they are being taken care of by the red cross this morning. but, again, a tragedy out here on 82nd and birch not far from bank croft. a mother and her daughter as well as the mother's friend all
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three trapped by the fire and killed. two other people injured. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 5:30 right now. the san francisco police chief is holding a community meeting tonight regarding the fatal shooting of a man involved in a confrontation with police officers. it happened yesterday afternoon on bacon street. a woman called police saying she had been stabbed and when officers arrived they say the suspect approached them holding a knife. they shot him and he died last night at san francisco general hospital. police chief george gascon was at the scene. >> we have absolutely no reason to believe the officer did anything wrong in this case. >> it's unclear how many officers fired their weapons. the woman stabbed was not seriously injured. in oakland this morning, detectives are investigating a shooting that may involve police officers. at least one person was wounded in the gunfire. jenelle wang is live in oakland with more. >> eric, this is the third officer-involved shooting in
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less than 48 hours. we had one in san jose, one in san francisco yesterday, and this latest one involving san leandro police. i'm on the corner of bancroft avenue and durant avenue in oakland. this is where the incident ended. it all unfolded 10:00 last night. no one is really talking. police are being very tight-lipped but it started around 10:00. police were pursuing a jaguar, crossed into the city of oakland and that's when the car spun out and hit another car. there was some kind of altercation, police were screaming at the person to get out and then there was a shooting. we hear one person in the car was killed and that was a woman. that's what i am getting, unconfirmed reports from a police officer. we also hear another person may have been in the car but that is not confirmed. but we can confirm one person is dead, a woman. police officers involved in this incident are not hurt. but since it ended in oakland city limits, oakland police are
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now investigating this case. they say they will release more details later this morning. reporting live in oakland, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. it's 5:33. marin county officials say 600 gallons of sewage overflowed in the creek because of a storm water surgeon tuesday night. this follows two spills last week that sent nearly 3 million gallons of sewage into the creek. the ross valley sanitary district has filed a report with the emergency management agency informing them of the latest spill. it overflowed for two hours at a rate of 5 gallons per minute. the heavy rain on tuesday caused another portion of the cliffside apartments in pacifica to fall away. now officials are once again concerned about the building on esplanade avenue. >> when we first shot this video a year ago, you can see there was a grassy lawn behind the
5:34 am
apartments at 330 esplanade. now you just see a rocky cliff. and, apparently, this isn't even the most dramatic vantage point. >> i didn't know the extent until i walked on the beach and looked up and said oh, my god. >> kathy still lives next to the one sitting close to it the edge. >> my friends joke saying we're going to give you a life jacket for christmas. >> 330 esplanade has sat here quietly since last winter but this shook a piece of the hillside. >> i'm worried. i try not to be. it depends how bad the wind it gonna being. >> mark is the agent for kathy's building. he made sure tarps protect the lawn from rain and tubes send water from the roof back to the street. he believes this building is fine. for now. >> a lot of the properties here have temporary fixes. they're not gonna last forever
5:35 am
and they're only temporary. we all gotta have a permanent fix across these bluffs. >> and everyone is wondering what the owner is going to do, given this is the building that looks most at risk. he needs to do something and they would like to set up a meeting with him. they can't get ahold of him. >> i think they need to pare down because eventually it's going to erode and fall into the ocean. they might as well take care of it the right way. >> the city has not condemned the building yet but officials think something needs to be done to prevent the erosion. they'd like to talk to the owner but can't seem to find him and the owner has not returned our phone calls either. victims of the pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno could start getting long-awaited checks. the city is expected to release funds totaling nearly $400,000 in donations that came in after
5:36 am
the disaster. some are frustrated the donations have not been distributed. more than $2 million has been collected since the september 9th blast that killed 8 people and seriously damaged 55 homes. 5:36 now. lisa argen in for mike nicco this morning with the cold weather news. >> yeah. at least it's clear this morning so it will look nice later on. >> while you're shivering. >> we have a windchill factor in napa and livermore. it feels like the upper 20s there. a live look outside. warmer spot here downtown, mid-40s. not bad in san francisco but we will be looking at some very chilly conditions for the next couple of days. so the numbers are as you see them, 36 fremont, 39 in mountainview. everyone is down significantly this morning. 40 in oakland with freezing temperatures up in napa. 46 in half moon bay. so we will look for increasing
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clouds today later on and the winds are gonna die back. here's a look at some of the winds right now, calm in hayward. a little gustny novato. the bridges, still some breezy winds there. isolated showers today especially along the coast. rain moving in tomorrow evening. slight ripple in the jet stream allowing for increasing clouds. south bay and coastal rain is possible later on today. just a slight chance. otherwise we're looking at partly cloudy skies and another cool afternoon with highs in the low 50s. >> on the east shore freeway a live look at interstate 80. there we go. that camera up. we have a pothole here causing problems in el cerrito, westbound 80. the third lane, one of those middle lanes. caltran is on the scene but it has caused one flat tire. let's go to the toll plaza where we have no delays making your way through the toll plaza heading into san francisco but there is a wind advisory in
5:38 am
effect. so both hands on the wheel. we have a wind advisory in effect for all bay area bridges right now except for the san mateo bridge. if you are heading across the richmond san rafael bridge, we have road work eastbound 580 between the bridge and western avenue. you'll find a couple lanes blocked until about 6:00 this morning. >> it's 5:38 now. still ahead, stuck at the airport. why the bay area woman who created the passengers bill of rights says it could be weeks before some passengers could be home. >> get out of west marin right now. >> and a protest against smart meters leads to arrests.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> it's 5:41. preventing pg&e from installing new smart meters (screaming) >> the women were trying to stop installation vehicles from passing on sir francis drake boulevard. marin county sheriff deputies cited the woman and released them. some county residents stopping them out of the concern of the safety of the technology and how much radiation they emit. a pg&e smokesman says smart meters only transmit information
5:42 am
for 45 seconds per day at a power level similar to your cellphone. some stranded airline passengers here in the bay area and across the country say they are fed up. many are stranded in the aftermath of this week's paralyzing blizzard. and the bay area woman who helped establish the passengers bill of rights is swamped with calls. what some call a flight-mare. >> the stranded wait in line for hours only to be told they can't get on a flight for days, even weeks. >> the airlines have peer to be auto-reaccommodating people and several people called our hotline and said they missed their reaccommodation flights because there was no communication from the airline telling them they had been reaccommodated and now they won't get out for two weeks. >> kate founded a fliers website and hotline four years ago when she was stuck on a plane in austin for nine hours. in the last few days she'd
5:43 am
fielded hundreds of desperate calls. >> the website, no information on the website. don't know what to do. >> with the blizzard, passengers are at the mercy of the airlines. >> over the last two years as more people have booked online, they have cut back on call centers. >> and with seats packed on those flights, there's no way to accommodate those who are stranded. chris mcginnis says the airlines are trying. >> they're bringing in more plains and larger plains to run on the trunk routes maybe from new york to los angeles where people really need to get some lift out of there. >> you're at the bottom of the food chain. if you were a coach passenger and you bought your ticket with frequent flier miles i guarantee you you will be the last person out. >> she says driving cross country might be waiting for another flight. >> right now driving is a better
5:44 am
option or trains or some kind of transit. >> that was abc 7's leslie brinkley reporting. it's 5:43 now. more hype from skype on your i-phone. why search and rescue crews are optimistic for a positive end to a missing snowboarder. who killed the king of pop? búbúbúbúgtoaoaoñ
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. good thursday morning. waking up to chilly conditions back home. still kind of cool later on today with a slight chance of showers along the monterey coast with the low 60s there. cold temperatures in the sierra nevada, mid-20s there. more rain in the forecast tomorrow. >> it's 5:47. breaking news in oakland where three people were killed in a fire on 82nd avenue near bank croft early this morning. two othersinjured their legs jumping out of an upstairs unit. the fire department is investigating the cause. oakland police officers are now investigating a shooting involving an officer. it started around 10:00 last night in san leandro when police were sur suing a jaguar. the jaguar spun out, hit another car.
5:48 am
there was some kind of altercation and a san leandro police officer shot and killed a woman in the car. the heavy rain has caused another portion of the cliffside apartments in pacifica to fall away. now officials are once again concerned about the building on esplanade avenue. city officials have not been able to contact the owner of the building. we'll have the very latest on all these stories for you at 6:00. right now 5:48. this morning, two california national guard helicopters will join the search for a snowboarder who's been missing since tuesday afternoon. 25-year-old shante willis of tacoma, washington, was last seen in an area considered out of bounds in alpine meadows when she became separated from her boyfriend. those areas are not mained by the ski resort. high winds have slowed the effort of search crews. >> the harsh conditions have made the search very, very difficult. the high winds, the avalanche dangers and the heavy snow,
5:49 am
we're unable to use san mateo mobiles. >> willis's family says she is a ski instructor and knows basic survivor skills but her cousin worries that her epilepsy could be triggered by the extreme stress of being lost in the snow. and the storm in the sierra has dumped a foot of new snow. it's packing wind gusts up to 100 mph and caused power outages to 10,000 residents. repair crews were hampered by road closures for avalanche control and there have been dozens of accidents on the roads. >> we have that heavy, wet snow before we got the many, many feet of snow. >> right. >> and we had the dry powder snow in november. now we're looking at more dry powder snow into new year's eve and new year's day. everything going on. >> i'm glad you're keeping track of that because i'm confused. >> well, the amount is incredible. outside we have a clear sky.
5:50 am
that's a switch for the bay area this morning and allowing for temperatures to drop in our inland valleys into the low 30s. but san francisco we're in the mid-40s. right now you are shivering in the livermore at 31 degrees. also in the low 30s in napa and santa rosa. freezing temperatures there. 35 redwood city with 35 mountain view. numbers will be dropping. sunrise not until 7:25. 8:30 we see numbers begin to recover. winds won't be as much of a factor later on today. northwest wind at the airport with gusts of to mph in novato. some of the bridges are breezy and we will look for numbers to stay cool tomorrow morning when the skies are clear again. everyone as much as 6 to 20 degrees below yesterday's norms and we will look for the slight chance of an isolated shower and sneak in along the coast today. otherwise partly cloudy and we clear out tonight.
5:51 am
increasing clouds again tomorrow for new year's eve. for a better chance of rain coming in new year's eve close to midnight. a small ripple in the jet stream. in the north bay, the sonoma coast, best chance of a shower, maybe a mix around cobb mountain and slides down the coast, the peninsula or maybe half moon bay, south bay showers, santa cruz showers. see that snow mix. but in the livermore valley you'll stay dry. fast forward 7:00 tonight. alameda county getting wet and head towards the later evening hours even wetter through the north bay and south bay. looks like shower activity for sure. not a lot of wind but enough to dampen your plans. keep the umbrella with you. 53 today in oakland. partly cloudy as well as palo alto and san jose but late in the day maybe isolated showers. continued breezy at our coast. upper 40s clear lake and ukiah.
5:52 am
a look ahead, it looks interesting when we have a chance of a shower today, better chance into new year's day. look what happens. we warm up slightly, dry out. partly cloudy to sunny conditions. >> good morning, megan. >> good morning. those cold temperatures have caused very dangerous black ice on the roadway in petaluma and that's caused an injury crash involving a car that flipped over. the accident right now is in petaluma on westbound adobe road near stage gulch road. the car flipped over. emergency crews on the scene there. several commuters have called in to report this black ice in petaluma and caltran is heading out over to the scene to take care of it as it can cause a very dangerous situation on the roadway as we've already seen this morning. elsewhere let's go outside to the south bay for a live look in san jose this is is 101 at the 880 overcrossing. no problems heading up the peninsula. a new crash northbound 880 at first street. two cars involved there.
5:53 am
it's an injury crash where they slammed into the guardrail. emergency crews on the scene. san jose, a live look at the 17 overcrossing. a nice right through the downtown san jose area. for the latest you can go to our website. it's just click on that traffic link. eric? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 5:53. good news for i-phone users and great news if you're going to a new year's eve party tomorrow night. here's courtny with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. some exciting news for i-phone users. skype unfailing a new app that let's you skype on your i-phone, i-pod touch using wireless or connection. more health concerns about 3-d. it may harm children's eyes. next month showcasing 3-d functions on its game machine but not letting kids under six
5:54 am
use the function. shows 3-d images without requiring special glasses and goes on sale here in march. subway restaurants making it easier for veterans to own their own business. the free half for military vets. investors today looking at reports on home sales and weekly jobless claims. higher close yesterday and that puts gains at the s & p almost 13% for the year. retailers in focus. for the week that ended the day after christmas, online spending increased 17% compared to last year. move over kids and blankets and potluck dinner. expect to see more high end items like truffles and caviar at this year's new year's eve celebration and, of course, more champagne. >> 5:54 now. president obama is using his
5:55 am
executive power to bypass congress and make several recess appointments. he's picked james cole to be deputy attorney general, an appointment held up by senate republicans. mr. obama named robert ford ambassador to syria. he will be the first to fill that post in nearly six years. the president named matthew breezea, ambassador. senator barbara boxer opposed him because of his ties to the government. the vacationing president was nearly hit by a golf ball yesterday. mr. obama was playing golf with four friends on a course near honolulu as one of the friends took an approach shot from behind the tree the ball whizzed past the president missing him by about 2 feet. he didn't take it personally and they wrestled the ball to the ground. i made the last part up. a los angeles prosecutors says defense lawyers for michael
5:56 am
jackson's doctor will claim the singer killed himself. the prosecutor made that statement following a hearing yesterday in dr. conrad murphy reyes involuntary manslaughter trial. a much higher amount of drug was found in jackson's body. the prosecutor says the defense will claim jackson died after injecting himself with more of the drug. a lot of us celebrate new year's with a different. the website the daily beast has named the top 40 drunkest cities and san francisco cracked the top five. number 5 is reno, nevada. number 4, the college town of austin, texas. san francisco number 3. fargo, north dakota, is number two. the average number of drinks per person per month is about 13. are you happy with how fast your
5:57 am
computer is in perm computers would run 20 times faster and use less power. the scientists have built a 1,000 core processor. if you're wondering how fast that is, right now the fastest consumer processeser tops out at 6 cores. the police shooting that left one woman dead this morning in oakland. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in east oakland where three people are dead, including a little girl, following a fire at an apartment complex. it is a tragedy that could have been even worse. the story coming up in a live report. >> and get ready to pay more for produce. the lastingngngngngngngngngngngl
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