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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 30, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where three people are dead, including a little girl following an apartment fire. also the story coming up in a live report. >> also in the headlines, a late night high-speed chase ends with police killing a woman on the oakland border. a cliff slides into the ocean. the cliffside hit hard by new storms but the owner of the crumbling building can't be found. >> it's not raining this morning
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but freezing in the north and east bay valley. >> and black ice is the cause of an injury crash in petaluma right now. also we have several wind advisories on bay area bridges. a complete traffic report coming up. >> 6:01 on this thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. we begin with the latest on breaking news we've been following all morning in oakland. that's where fire devoured an apartment building on 82nd avenue. three people are dead. terry mcsweeney has been live at the scene all morning. terry, what's the latest? >> we have three people who are dead. we have a mother and her daughter as well as a man who lived in the apartment and the apartment building is the one right across the street from me. the light is on in back there. firefighters have been up there all morning long checking it out. the investigation is going to begin with the arson squad coming out here after daybreak. take a look at pictures we have at the scene of the fire. telling me that the fire began
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about 2:00 this morning. they found it in the back of this building. they injured their legs but they're going to be okay. then firefighters started getting word of three people trapped in a front upstairs unit. the chief picks up the story from there. >> we went in, began a search. we brought out one victim. sent that victim to high land hospital. meantime another crew was searching. brought out a second victim and eventually a third victim from the front unit. >> and now we know that the three people were a mother, her small daughter, and a man. also in that building, a woman and her three children, they heard all the commotion upstairs and ran out the front. they are okay. the other unit, the fourth unit, the people were out of town. so fortunate they weren't there. other than that, a flat out
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tragedy is that three people are dead. the survivors, single mother and her three children are being taken care of by the red cross and the investigation is about to get underway. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 6:03 now. the san francisco police chief is holding a meeting tonight regarding the fatal shooting of a man involved in a confrontation with police officers. it happened on bacon street. a woman call police saying she had been stabbed. when officers arrived they say the suspect approached them with a knife. they shot him and he died last night at san francisco general. it's not clear how many officers fired their weapons. the woman who was stabbed was not seriously hurt. we're following developing news on the oakland/san leandro border where a late night chase with a police shooting and a woman dead. jenelle wang joins us live from oakland with the latest. >> we will check in with jenelle who's been following this story
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all morning long in just a couple minutes. right now let's move on to this story. a woman killed when a tree fell on her tent at a wildlife preserve in santa rosa has been identified as a tourist from alabama. the 70-year-old was a retired school teacher and had been reading to her seven-year-old granddaughter when the towering oak crashed down on one of the luxury guest tents on tuesday. >> luckily there was a tent next-door with a father and son and they heard the initially crash and heard screaming. they went outside and saw what happened and had a pair of scissors in their tent and were able to cut through the canvas of the tent to get in to take the seven-year-old girl out. >> the owner of safari west said this is the first tragedy they had since the park opened in 1993. it has more than 400 exotic animals and 30 guest tents onsite for overnight stays.
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in contra costa county, no injuries but serious wind-related damage from yesterday's storm. a falling eucalyptus tree smashed into a big rig and then hit a house. everyone got out without injury but the fallen tree did hit power lines knocking them down. luckily there was no fire. another portion of the cliff side apartments in pacifica has fallen away. now owe fillingses are concerned about the building on esplanade avenue. 330 sat quietly but now a lot of the temporary fixes are not gonna last forever and they're only temporary. at some point we all gotta have a permanent fix across these bluffs. >> the city wants to know what the owner of 330 esplanade is going to do. city officials say he needs to do something and they'd like to
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set up a meeting with him but can't get hold of him. gavin newsom may delay his swearing in to finish up city business. newsom is supposed to take the oath of office monday january 3rd but a spokesman says he'll probably wait a few days to balance the budget and oversee san francisco's bid to host america's cup yacht race. there's report newsom wants to make sure they can't appoint a radical interim mayor. incoming california governor jerry brown has a message for some top university of california administrators demanding more pension money. the governor elect says they're out of touch by asking the school to pump more money into their pension system while the budget is billions in the reds. in a december 9th left, 36 u.c. executives threatened to sue unless the school agrees to
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changes that could cost the university $5.5 million more every year. let's go back now to our developing news out of the oakland san leandro border where a late-night chase ended with police shooting and killing a woman. jenelle wang is live there at the scene. tell us more, jenelle. >> that's exactly right. i'm an bancroft and durant on the border of oakland and san leandro. police cleared the scene about an hour ago but we can tell you the incident happened right at this intersection. what we're hearing is it unfolded around 10:00 in the city of san leandro when a officer started pursuing a jaguar. after crossing into the city of oakland, the jaguar spun out and hit another car. there was some sort of confrontation and san leandro police shot and killed one person in that car, a woman. we hear another person may have been in the car and may have been hurt. no police officers were injured
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in this incident. oakland police is now handling this investigation since the incident ended in the city of oakland. this is the third officer-involved shotting in less than 48 hours. when we get more information about this latest shooting, we will bring it to you. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you very much. it's 6:08. time to check the weather. lisa argen in for mike nicco and i can already tell you part of the forecast. it's cold. >> you got it, that's right. 29 livermore. how's that for cold. 30 santa rosa and napa with 32 by the delta. 39 oakland, 35 redwood city. not only today, tomorrow's going to be another cold one, too. calm winds for the most part except novato gusting to 23 as well as the airport. breezy as you head over local bridges. everyone as much as 5 to 20
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degrees colder this morning. you probably know that and dress in layers today. otherwise clear skies tonight with more frost and increasing clouds again tomorrow for rain on new year's eve. this weak system that's going to ride down on the jet stream to increase the clouds along the north coast. maybe sonoma and then late in the day around morgan hill and santa cruz, you could see a slight chance of a shower but overall the fair weather cumulus clouds today and we will be looking at a break in the action. highs then about 8:00 with temperatures i should say only in the mid-40s. low to mid-50s by noontime and by 4:00 this afternoon looking at mid-50s. that should do it. >> we have a couple of problem spots for yours thursday morning computer. the first it san jose at coleman avenue. the right lanes are blocked after a crash involving two cars
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that slammed into the guardrail. right now emergency views are on the scene there including a fire truck. let's go to the north bay. petaluma where we're following an injury crash that's the result of very dangerous black ice on the roadway. it's westbound adobe road near stage gulch road. a car flipped over. right now all lanes are blocked on that area. several other commuters have called in to report black ice on the roads in this area and other roads throughout the petaluma area. right now caltran has been called to the scene. this can be a very dangerous situation driving on that black ice. taking mass transit, it may be a good idea to avoid these rough weather conditions. ace is operating on a holiday schedule. everybody else on a normal weekday schedule. >> thank you very much. it's 6:10 now. just ahead, big bucks for broccoli and strawberries. why the recent storms mean eating healthy will cost you a
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good morning, everyone. 6:14 on the abc 7 morning news. a live look at san francisco international airport where no weather-related delays are reported. let's put in a little spec of a detail though. flights may be delayed to chicago o'hare airport because of problems back there. delays running maybe an hour 55 minutes, two hours. if you've got a flight to chicago o'hare, you will wanna call ahead, see if it's leaving on time. sports news, the 49ers reportedly leaning towards hiring an in-house candidate for the team's general manager position. michael lom bartdy who works for the nfl network says the niners
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will name ball beingy. he's the team vice president of player personnel. york says he's still interviewing candidates. in other niner news, the interim coach says alex smith will be his starting quarterback for the cardinals. yesterday smith talked about his relationship with former head coach mike singletary who was fired after last sunday's disappointing loss. >> i got along really well with coach singletary. he's a fiery guy. he's emotional. i think that's who he is. i think those are positives about him. >> we're also hearing probowl linebacker patrick willis will miss sunday's game after playing playing in all 63 games since he was drafted. the nasty weather means here in the bay area the price of produce it going up. this is in oakland. broccoli that once sold for $8 a case now sells for $36.
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strawberries are in very short supply and their price has more than tripled. the problem in california is getting the produce to market between storms. >> the growers are having trouble harvesting the product. >> buyers say demand will drop once the holiday season is over. they expect prices to come down in a few weeks when the weather gets back to normal. not all stranded fliers are waiting days to get rebooked to a flight home. some cases people who use twitter are able to book new reservations, get flight information and track lost luggage. they can tweet their complaints to the airlines. it's all possible because delta and other carriers established rotating shifts of agents with special twitter training to help passengers who tweet. not everyone who uses the social network gets a seat and when that does happen, the ticket
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agents then shift to responding to complaints. meantime not everyone is bugged by the bad weather. rapper 50 cent thought it was a way to make a little changing. he charged neighbors in farmington, connecticut, 100 dollars monday. he didn't mention how much money he made but we know he was hired by at least four neighbors. we also haven't heard at this point what he's going to do with that pocket change. oh well. no shoving snow here but you might want to bundle up and know where the ice scraper is. >> we're out too early to get the frost. it takes a couple more hours. usually 6:00, 7:00. probably a good bet not only this morning but tomorrow morning as well. from our east bay camera, dark out there. sun coming up at 7:25. clear and cold start.
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temperatures are below freezing. 29 degrees in the livermore valley, 30 santa rosa and napa. freezing by the delta with upper 30s mountain view and oakland, 35 on the peninsula, redwood city. los gatos 32. boy, is it cold outside. northwest wind keeping the air mixed at the airport and novato. breeze out there but calm winds log for that strong cooling. this trend will continue through the overnight. although we will see increasing clouds in the north bay, the peninsula. that's why the chance of an isolated shower later on in the afternoon, then we'll clear out, see the clear area again. then increasing clouds again tomorrow for rain just in time for new year's eve and new year's day. so the pressure gradient was tight yesterday with low pressure and high pressure fairly close in proximity but as they pull apart we'll get less
6:19 am
wind today and less of a pressure difference. so that is going to aid in cooling again tonight. small ripple in the jet stream allows for increasing clouds and unstable atmosphere for a slight chance of showers mainly south bay and coast. later on through the evening hours more rain showers across the entire bay area. we're not looking at a heavy rain and not looking at a lot of wind either, just enough to dampen the roadways and make it slippery for new year's eve and new year's day. highs today similar to yesterday but not as windy. 50 richmond, 53 palo alto and san jose. slight chance of a shower around santa cruz later on with 53 there. only 52 in hollister. here's the look ahead. only an isolated chance of a shower today. otherwise partly cloudy. better chance of rain for everyone towards the evening hours into the overnight hours. rain showers on and off throughout the day but then it
6:20 am
looks like we dry out, warm up. and the weather pattern changes. almost to a mid winter dry spell through early next week and beyond. here's a look at our traffic and megan's been talking about very dangerous conditions. black ice out there. >> that's right. those cold temperatures caused black ice in santa rosa and petaluma and has caused an injury crash in petaluma. westbound adobe road, it's closed off now after a car flipped over and is blocking all lanes. but we have several commuters calling in throughout santa rosa and petaluma reporting the black ice. caltran is on the scene trying to take care of it as it can cause dangerous driving conditions. an injury crash in the south bay. northbound 880 at coleman avenue. the two right lanes blocked for emergency crews after two cars crashed into a guardrail. heading out of town towards the mountains, you will need to have chains on your possession for 80
6:21 am
but you don't need them on your wheels but you need to have them in your possession. you will need chains on 50 and then 88 is closed. let's go outside for a live look at the compute. in contra costa county this is walnut creek heading southbound. no delays into the san ramon valley and along the east shore freeway traffic is moving nicely making your way westbound heading towards the maze. for the latest traffic update go to our website at and click on the traffic link. eric? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 6:21 now. betting diamonds on ice. a jewelry store owner costly decision to bet against a white christmas. why his confidence will now cost him nearly half agegegegegegegep
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it is 6:24. good thursday morning to you. a fitting end to a big year of palo alto based was the most visited website in the u.s. this year overtaking google for the top spot. it ranked number one for most searched term of the year. a north carolina jewelry store owner is paying up after he made a very pricey bet against a white christmas and lost. allen perry owner of perry's emporium promised refunds on everything bought at his store between november 26th and december 11th if more than 3 inches of snow fell in ashville on christmas day. the city got more than 6 inches.
6:25 am
>> he bought a $12,000 diamond and she's taking the the $12,000 and put it into her wedding, increasing her wedding now. >> perry says the total payout for the customers will be around $400,000. he says he paid for an insurance policy that will cover most of the refunds. perry says loosing the bet didn't phase him. in fact, he's considering a similar promotion for valentine's day based on how much snow ashton gets february 14th. right now it's 6:25. still ahead at 6:30, sewage from the storm. the latest what marin county says is the third sewage spill they've had to deal with in less than two weeks. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in east oakland where we have brand new information on a fire at an
6:26 am
apartment building that killed three and injured two. we have word of a very young girl who managed to escape the blaze. we also have the cause of the fire. the story coming up in a live report. >> get out of west marin right now! >> the push to keep smart meters out lands protestors in jail. the civil disobedience caught on camera. >> good morning. a chilly start here locally. we could see isolated showers by the monterey coast starting out in southern california. the sierra nevada, highs only in the low to mid-20s in tahoe today but more rain tomorrow. >> black ice causing dangerous driving conditions right now in santa rosa and in petaluma. we've already had one injury crash in petaluma. we'll have all the details plusq
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just a couple of seconds away from the opening bell on wall street. new york stock exchange on the right, nasdaq on your left. there it is! the bell signalling the start of the trading day. we have encouraging signs that the job market is slowly improving. a new labor department report shows the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell to its lowest point in more than two years last week. that means the number of unemployment applications has either fallen or remained unchanged in five of the past six weeks. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange in about a15 minutes and see how the big board looks. we begin right now with the latest on breaking news in oakland. three people have been killed including a young child after a fire devoured an apartment building overnight in oakland. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene with the very latest. terry, you have new information? >> i do have new information. we have it condition firmed that the girl who died in this apartment fire was three years
6:31 am
old. we also know that a seven-year-old girl managed to get out of the very same apartment where the three-year-old died and got out on her own and got out to safety. she is fine. also in that upstairs apartment, the three-year-old girl and her mother as well as a man. we also found out what caused this fire. take a look at pictures from immediately following the scene and while the fire was still smoldering out here, oakland police telling us that the four-unit building is a foreclosure. at least some of the people who were staying in the four units were staying for free. they found an unlocked door and they had a place to stay. the people who died were running an electrical wire to the downstairs unit to get power. investigators found numerous extension cords attached to it and that was where the fire started. it was electrical. the captain described the scene inside the apartment where the bodies were found. take a listen. >> we found all three patients in the one room in a bedroom.
6:32 am
and they were in very close proximity. so i'm going to assume they were overcome by the smoke. that's normally what happens in a case like this. we did not find any working smoke detectors anywhere. that could be a contributing factor there. >> also there were two people injured when they jumped from the second floor to safety. that was a mom and daughter. they jumped from the upstairs rear apartment. a single mother of three and her children, they heard the commotion. they managed to get out. so a single mother of three got out, two people jumped off the second floor in back and they got out as well as did a seven-year-old girl but left behind a three-year-old girl, her mother and a man. they have died. the investigation's underway but according to oakland police department, it's pretty clear that wire overloaded the system and sparked a fire. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 6:32 now. the san francisco police chief
6:33 am
is holding a community meeting tonight at 6:00 regarding the fatal shooting of a man involved in a confrontation with police officers. it happened yesterday afternoon on bacon street. a woman called police saying she had been stabbed. when officers got to the scene, they say the suspect approached them with a knife. they shot him and he died last night at san francisco general hospital. police chief george gascon was at the scene. >> we have no reason to believe the officer did anything wrong in this case. >> it's unclear how many officers fired their weapons. the woman stabbed was not seriously wounded. tonight's meeting will be held on the fifth floor on the hall of justice at 850 bryant street, fifth floor. san jose police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that appears to be connected to a home invasion robbery. the home on locust street was being used to grow and distribute marijuana. police have arrested four people, including a man shot in the leg by an officer.
6:34 am
that officer was hurt as he jumped out of the way of a getaway car. police identified a fifth suspect but they have not yet arrested him. a late night high-speed chase from san leandro to oakland has ended with a fatal police shooting as well. jenelle wang is live in oakland with more on this developing story. jenelle? >> eric, as you've been talking about this is the third officer-involved shooting in less than 48 hours. this one happened near bancroft avenue and durant avenue. that's where i'm standing right now. this is actually the city of oakland but this whole thing unfolded at 10:00 lat night when a police officer started pursuing a 1989 jaguar. after crossing into the city of oakland, the jaguar spun out of control and hit another car. there was some sort of confrontation, and then san leandro police shot and killed one person in that car, a woman.
6:35 am
we hear another person may have been in that jaguar and possibly had been hurt but that has not been confirmed. no police officers were injured in this incident but oakland police are now handling this investigation since the incident and the chase ended in their jurisdiction. again, this is the third officer-involved shooting involving san leandro police. that's the latest here reporting live in oakland. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> it's now 6:35. this morning the south san francisco police department is offering a $25,000 reward for information about last week's shooting that left three young men dead. investigators have also established an anonymous tip line hoping for clues in solving the december 22nd shooting. three other victims were wounded and are expected to survive but investigators say they have not been cooperative with police and few witnesses have come forward. >> victims of the pg&e pipeline
6:36 am
explosion in san bruno could start getting long-awaited checks. the city is expected to release funds totaling nearly $400,000 in donations that came in after the disaster. some victims say they're frustrated that the donations have not been distributed. more than $2 million in donations to the city and nonprofits have been collected since september 9th blast that killed eight people and seriously damaged 55 homes. some of them were destroyed. two marin county women face charges after trying to block a road to prevent pg&e from installing new smart meters. >> get out! >> the women were trying to stop installation vehicles from passing on sir francis drake boulevard. marin's sheriff deputies cited the women and released them. some county residents are trying to stop pg&e from installing the meters out of concern for the safety of the technology and how
6:37 am
much radiation they emit. smart meters only transmit information for about 45 seconds a day at a power level similar to a cellphone. also in marin county, officials say about 600 gallons of sewage overflowed from the creek because of a storm water surgeon tuesday night. it follows two spills last week that sent nearly 3 million gallons of sewage. they have filed a report informing them of this latest spill. the system overflowed for two hours at a rate of around 5 gallons per minute. the heavy rain has caused another portion of the cliffside apartments in pacifica to fall away and now officials are once again concerned on the building on esplanade avenue. 330 esplanade has sat here quietly since last winter's problem but this month's rains shook loose a piece of hillside
6:38 am
bringing up concerns about the buildings on that street. >> a lot of the properties here have temporary fixes. they're not going to last forever and they're only temporary. at some point we all gotta have a permanent fix across these bluffs. >> the city wants to know what the owner of 330 esplanade is going to do. city officials say he needs to do something and they'd like to set up a meeting with them but they can't get ahold of them. 6:38 is our time. resevoirs are benefitting from this week's storms for just the third time in the last 20 years, the marin water district seven water supply resevoirs are all at 100% capacity in december. they're usually only at 70% capacity this time of year. this should mean plenty of water for the district's 195,000 customers this summer. that's the up side to the rain we've been getting and the winds and stuff. >> a little break today. more rain tomorrow. did you get that already?
6:39 am
>> i listened to your forecast. i cheated. >> yeah, you cheated. >> i have lisa argen cliff notes right here. you knew 150% of normal. it's been a rainy month. a live look outside. clear, beautiful start to the day. san francisco sun up at 7:25. the clear skies, it's cold but look at the windy. you see the flag blowing, a northwest wind at 20 mph. we're still in that northwest flow and that has allowed the cooler temperatures in. livermore 29 degrees, 30 napa, santa rosa. 35 redwood city. a little wind in town as well as the airport with novato also looking at wind gusts of 23 mph. isolated showers today, the coast and the south bay. so increasing clouds later on but another chilly night. rain moving in new year's eve and new year's day. the pressure difference is widening. so we will look for less wind this afternoon. not enough to warm us up though.
6:40 am
increasing clouds throughout the afternoon providing for a slight chance of showers later on. 8:00 mid-40s out there and this afternoon only low 50s again. although morgan hill could reach 65 and by 4:00 maybe showers. upper 40s, a cool day in napa. black ice on the roads. megan has the details. >> that is a threat to anyone commuting through the north bay. we've seen problems associated to the ice in napa, santa rosa and petaluma. we have an injury crash in petaluma that's closed down adobe road at stage gulch road due to the ice on the road. we have caltran heading out trying to take care of the site but really drive with caution because it can cause dangerous driving conditions. still an injury crash northbound 880 at coleman avenue. one right lane is blocked, the right lane blocked for emergency crews on the scene trying to clean up this crash. mass transit may be a great
6:41 am
alternate. all systems operating on their normal weekday schedule and no delays. heading out of town towards the sierra, we have chain requirements for highway 50. 88 is closed and if you are taking 80 you don't need chains on your car but you need to have them in your possession. no delays eastbound on interstate 80. 20 minute drive time over to the bridge. >> eric? >> it's 6:41. still ahead, bottoms up in san francisco. the dubious new distinction for the city by the bay. and trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. we had a live look at the big board and we'll tell you what it is coming up in a bit. the high-tech military equipment that's about to join the growing search for a missing snowboarder in the sierra. and bring in the feds. why california is now asking thq
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good morning. starting out clear and cold here locally but increasing clouds throughout the day leads to risk of a shower along monterey's coast. 53 there. sierra nevada, no problem getting there but cold, low 20s. southern california enjoys a break with mid-50s today and
6:45 am
some sunshine. but rain returns tomorrow. eric? >> all right. thank you, lisa. it's 6:44, almost 6:45. a los angeles prosecutor says defense lawyers for michael jackson's doctor will claim that the singer killed himself. the prosecutor made that statement following a hearing yesterday. dr. conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial. he says his client only gave the singer 25 milligrams of a powerful anesthetic. the defense will claim jackson died after injecting himself with more of the drug. charges have been filed against a bay area woman as part of a federal crackdown on insider trading. 48-year-old was arrested at her home in fremont and accused of funneling information about an upcoming earnings reports to two hedge fund managers. prosecutors would not identify the company she worked for but
6:46 am
it was described as a financial research firm and they said she was paid $200,000 for the information. well, more hype over skype. this time about the i-phone. bloomberg's courtny dunn hue is live at the new york stock exchange. >> lots of hype there. if you have an i-phone or i-pad or i-phone touch, you can skype starting today. it's all for free. until today the only mobile you can skype on was the nokia n-900 smart phones. they have half a billion users worldwide. stocks at least a little flat. the weekly jobs comes in lower than expected. the national association of realtors, that's coming up at the top of the hours. and believe it or not they expect hole sales rose last
6:47 am
month. stocks so far not really moving anywhere, fluctuating between slight gains and losses as it is up 4 points. shares of getting attention here. that stock higher. the week that ended the day after christmas, online spending increased 17% compared to last year. that's business news live at the new york stock exchange. i'm courtny, bloomberg news. >> courtny, thank you very much. this morning two california national guard helicopters will join in the search for a snowboarder who's been missing since tuesday afternoon. 25-year-old shante willis of tacoma, washington, was last seen in an area considered out of bounds at alpine meadows when she became separated from her boyfriend. those areas are not maintained by the ski resort. deep snow and high winds have slowed the efforts of search
6:48 am
crews. >> the harsh conditions have made the search very, very difficult. the high winds, the avalanche dangers and the heavy snow, we're unable to use snow moe -- snow mobiles. her epilepsy could be triggered by the extreme stress of being lost in the snow. the latest storm in the sierra dumped a foot of new snow and with it a host of new problems. wind gusts of up to 100 mph and cut the power for more than 10,000 residents. repair crews are slowed by temporary road closures for avalanche control. acting governor is asking president obama to declare a major disaster here in california because of the damage done during the two weeks of storms. it's needed most in san bernardino county where 60 homes
6:49 am
are still evacuated after being swamped by a pre-christmas mud slide. we're not through with the rain, are we? >> no. we have a little wind left and rain returns tomorrow pretty much bay areawide. you can see the flag blowing a little in the city where temperatures are in the 40s. elsewhere it is cold. below freezing with upper 20s in the livermore valley. and with that sun coming up, it's going to take another hour for us to get out of that freezing rain. definitely the frost on your windshield this morning. 30 napa as well as santa rosa with more stirrings on the peninsula. 35 redwood city, 36 san jose with 32 los gatos. a couple weak systems rotating through the area today and tomorrow. better chance of rain new year's eve and the calm winds allowing for that cold night but the winds are up at the airport and also in novato. and also over our bridges. if you're heading to the sierra, still windy there. overnight the numbers have dropped significantly, 24 hour
6:50 am
change, 20 degrees cooler for you in the valley with five of these cooler on our coast. an isolated shower as a weak system slides down the coast. otherwise partly cloudy and we clear out overnight for another frosty night. more rain new year's eve into new year's day. that week system is going to slide down from the oregon coast throughout northern california today. this is gonna allow for the increasing clouds and a chance of showers. taking through the day today, notice we have cloud cover in the north bay and then the sonoma county area, cobb mountain with a rain/snow mix. late in the afternoon, san jose, maybe morgan hill and the santa cruz mountains with a slight chance of showers. by new year's eve we're looking at more widespread rain. here we are 7:00 tomorrow night. alameda, marin and into san francisco area we're looking at the rain and for everyone throughout new year's eve, new year's day, it looks a little
6:51 am
wet out there. not a lot of rain, not a lot of wind either but traveling through the sierra, you have to check with the forecast. now there's no chain requirements but later on today the winds pick up in the mountains. coastal breezy conditions. 62 san mateo. cooler than average of course but we'll look for the increasing clouds later on. perhaps a shower in watsonville and santa cruz with low 50s there. the seven-day forecast, increasing clouds, slight chance of showers today. increasing clouds for everyone tomorrow with a better chance of rain, evening hours, overnight hours into the new year and then we dry out and warm up slightly. a look at some of that black ice that's been causing problems, especially in the north bay. good morning. >> those cold temperatures have caused a very dangerous driving condition for north bay commuters. back ice causing problems so far in napa, vallejo, santa rosa and petaluma. the injury crash in petaluma has closed down adobe road at stage
6:52 am
gulch road. a car flipped over there. wind advisories throughout the bay area on all bay area bridges except for the san mateo bridge. let's get a check of drive times for some of these bridges. 680 heading southbound from the bridge over to highway 24. a pretty light 11 minutes and making your way on the dumbarton bridge from the toll plaza to university only five minutes there. the carquinez bridge from highway 37 to the bridge is a 6 minute drive time. outside for a live look in contra costa county. this is a live shot of walnut creek at the north main exit. taillights moving southbound. it's holiday light heading into the san ramon valley. commuting on 24 westbound between 680 and the caldecott tunnel, that's a ten minute drive time. metering lights were never turned on this morning. no delays making your way through the toll plaza but that wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. a live look at the san jose,
6:53 am
this is 280 at the 17 overcrossing. nice and light through the downtown san jose area. for the latest traffic updates, go to and click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. eric? >> megan, thank you. it's 6:53 now. president obama is using his executive power to bypass congress and make several recess appointments. he's picked james cole as deputy attorney general, an appointment held up by senate republicans. he named robert ford the ambassador to syria. the first diplomat to fill that post in half a dozen years. he named matthew breezea. that appointment could create problems inside his own party. bay area democrat senator barbara boxer opposed him because of his ties to the government. recess appointments last for one year. the vacationing president was nearly hit by a golf ball yesterday. mr. obama was playing golf with four friends on a course near
6:54 am
honolulu. as one of the friends took an approach shot from behind the tree, the ball whizzed just past the president missing him by about 2 feet. as you can see, he didn't take it personally. secret service agents are questioning that ball right now. that's a joke. a lot of us celebrate new year's with a drink. a website with the top 40 drunkest cities and san francisco cracked the top five. number five is reno. number 4 is the college town of austin, texas. number three, the city by the bay, san francisco. number two, surprisingly fargo, north dakota. and number one is milwaukee, wisconsin, where the average number of drinks consumed per person per month is about 13. recapping our top stories. three people are dead following an apartment fire in oakland. one of the victims is a child. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene.
6:55 am
terry? >> a three-year-old and her mother are dead. a man is dead as well. they were all in the upstairs of that two-story apartment building across the street from where i am standing right now. we're getting word that a seven-year-old girl, apparently the three-year-old sister managed to get out before it became impossible to get out. take a look at pictures from the scene. oakland fire department saying it began about 2:00 this morning. a fire was well along by the time crews arrived but they knocked down the flames in five minutes. inside that upper unit in front, that's where the firefighters found the three victims, the mother, daughter and the man. they found the cause of the fire. oakland p. d. says power had been turned off to that unit december 2nd. and the foreclosed building. residents ran an electrical wire to the downstairs unit and connected to that wire a number of electrical cords. overloaded the capacity of the wire and started the fire. it was an electrical fire. there were no smoke alarms in
6:56 am
this building. also there were other victims, two women. a mother and daughter jumped out of the back of this building from the second floor landing on a concrete area in back. they have broken legs. it was also a single mother of three living here and she managed to get everybody out before they were injured in any way. but out here it seems that this foreclosed building people who may have been squatting here, people who might have told you yesterday they had nothing left to lose this morning truly have nothing left to lose. >> checking our other top stories this morning. oakland police officers are now investigating a shooting involving an officer. it started around 10:00 last night in san leandro when police were pursuing a jaguar. that car spun out, hit another vehicle. we're told it was some kind of altercation and a san leandro police officer shot and killed a woman in the car. the heavy rain has caused another portion of a cliffside
6:57 am
apartment building in pacifica to fall away. erosion forced officials to red tag the building. city officials now have new concern about the building's safety. city officials have been unable to contact the building's owner. lisa? >> freezing in the north and east bay valleys this morning. 30 santa rosa, napa and later on today we'll see increasing clouds and a slight chance of showers, especially peninsula and the santa cruz mountains. but in the meantime it's clear. sun coming up at 7:25. 53 in oakland as well as palo alto and san jose. 52 watsonville. maybe a stray shower and the look ahead, everyone should see rain. new year's eve and new year's day drying up. >> reports of dangerous black ice on the roadways throughout the north bay. we've had accidents in vallejo, napa, santa rosa and petaluma due to the dangerous ice on the roadway. so drive safely if you're driving through the north bay. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no
6:58 am
delaysysysysysysysysysysysysysys twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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