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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 31, 2010 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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streak is over. for more than two years the yukon women team was unbeatable. they have not lost a single game. but they did tonight at the hands of stanford. lisa is live in palo alto tonight. what a thrill. >> it really washington. maple pavilion was packed. i have to tell you. the red was everywhere. there were some yukon fan tucked far away in the upper level. they were hoping stanford to lose. but of course that did not happen.
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this ends their 90 game winning streak. longest all time record for both women and men team but for tonight the last time yaw con lost what was in 2008 and that was to stanford. so this rivalry has been going on for some time. tonight also means the home game streak the cardinals have been on continues. they have now won 52 home games in a row while stanford fans are celebrating this win, yukon fans are trying to accept defeat. >> women game for basketball and great game for stanford. played very well. so proud of the team. >> this is just huge and it is a great day to celebrate. >> yukon is like a bet time. only a game. big game is in april. tournament that's what we are shooting for. >> stanford played really, really well but they always do. these 2 teams when they meet. >> reporter: and we'll of course have more highlights
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from tonight's game coming up agent later in sport with collin rush. live at stanford university, abc 7 news is that what a great moment for stanford. thank you very muc much. >> about san francisco may host the next america cup yacht race. decision in the hands and initially it looked like clear sailing for the city but things went adrift over differences about which pier to use as a base. so ellis reopened talk with rhode island but they need more time to come up with an offer so may not immediate the deadline for tomorrow. san francisco could host america cup and gaining a billion dollar windfall potentially. that decision perhaps less than 24 hours away. all right. staying in san francisco. the crime lab scandal that rocked the city this year is now over. the former lab technician who stole cocaine evidence and
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threw hundreds of cases into indicates 0is off the hook. cecelia in the newsroom to explain why this is happening. >>reporter: deborah madden is retired now. she till huh-uh pending felony drug possession charge for small amount of cocaine and as for her role in one of the biggest san francisco stories of the year what is now a closed case. technician at the center of san francisco drug lab scandal admitted to investigators she took small amounts of cocaine evidence home with her. more than 600 drug cases were tossed in the fall out. san francisco police chief ordered the crime lab shut erred. but the state attorney general is not filing criminal charges against deborah mad ep. and it is a decision that baffles san francisco police and public officials. >> this is a caseñi that has had a great deal of complexity to it but we feel very comfortable that miss madden certainly committed the acts alleged. i don't want to
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second guess the proses cushion in this case. we are very disappointed. >> decision by state attorney general jerry brown office was made weeks ago. but madden attorney just found out today. the attorney general office said there was not enough evidence to prosecute the veteran lab tech. >> she unfairly became the face of the crime lab problem problems. about item definitely not an issue with my client. what we have seen is that the crime lab and san francisco police department had serious problems. >>reporter: san francisco district attorney pamela harris recused her office from the case in april and asked the state attorney general to investigate. harris is set to be sworn in his as new attorney gem on monday. the a.g. office pushed to resolve the madden investigation before she took over. san francisco public defender jeff called the decision outrageous. >> this is the kind of situation where the public will scratch their head and say is this a double standard? is this the situation where police employee who admitted
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to removing drugs from the crime lab get off the hook. >>reporter: now we asked the attorney general's office why this nearly month old decision is just being made public. spokeswoman said in this case the agency duty washington only to notify the district attorney's office because that is the agency that requested this outside investigation. now meanwhile madden attorney says she has been on pin and needles waiting to find out her fate. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. thank you. there has been 4 officer involved shootings in the bay area just this week. 3 of them fatal. one of them happened in san francisco. and tonight police tried to explain why they were forced to shoot and kill a man inside his own home. amy is live at church where police chief held a community meeting tonight. >> a lot of talk tonight about whet police should carry tazer and whet they are properly trained to handle the mental ill. relatives of 47-year-old vin wee tried to tell police
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that he suffers from mental illness. >> told officers my brought is mental. okay. and 2 officer put my sister back and say i knew it. i can handle it. >>reporter: second later police shot and killed vin weechlt at community meeting tonight police chief washington asked how officers are taught to deal with the mentally ill. he said 800 officers have gone through extensive training. >> in the training by the way is being reevaluated while it is considered to be very high quality training it is being reevaluated to see what other areas it can be improved upon. >>reporter: he held the meeting to tell resident what investigators know so far about the shooting. he said it appears to be a lawful shooting of a man armed with a scalpel. >> erased the weapon. officers gave him ordersxd to droypt and to stop and he was
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in the process of assaulting the officers when the officer shooting occurred. >>reporter: there washington some skeptical awed yen members who want to know more. >> 2 officers and so there's one gentlemen if and the person with the knife. >> you know, i don't have those answers for you. >>reporter: the question of taser was also raised. police chief supports using them but the police commission has not authorized arming of isers with them. >> yes i believe tazer is an option. unfortunately that's not an option that we have today. >>reporter: but angela is a police commission is holding firm in her stand against tazers. >> immediate indicating or alcohol in their system having them tazer can result in someone dying. >>reporter: she would like to see the health department work with the police department and give police information about mentally ill person before they get to the scene. she says they will talk about how police are trained to deal with the mentally ill at a
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meeting in january. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. there was a fatal police shooting today in hayward. officers were called about a landlord-tenant act disput. police say when they arrived a man pulled a knife and officer shot and killed him. dead man is believed to be the landlord. the officer is on routine administrative leaf while the shooting is being investigated. >> in oakland another fatal police shooting. 2 san leandro officers chased a man with a stolen jaguar where the driver crashed. they shot and killed the female driver when it appeared that she was trying to hit an officer with the car. officers say they tazed the male passenger when he tried to run aoff. santa cruz woman escaped from a violent attacker in a convenience store parking lot early today. now here's a photo of the suspect taken just before the attack at 7-11 on laurel street. take a good look. pretty good shot as you can see. this is what he did. he struck the 47-year-old woman several times then
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dragged dragged her by the dumpster and tried to sexually assault her. that's when she got away we are glad to say and ran back that the store for help. so here's another look at the suspect. santa cruz police are still unsure. >> they are ready for party goers expected to descend into the city tomorrow night. about leave your cars and your guns at home. >> open containers and certainly driving under the influence. they have extended hours until 3 in the morning but will be skipping some stops to cut down on congestion. for details on which stop as wells as information on public tran it new year's eve and festivities all over the bay area two to our web site under see it on tv. all right more to bring you here tonight. he will not be at work tomorrow. coming up. why this south bay man is
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about to get his÷ú first unscheduled day off in 32 years. california ski resort that boast the most snow in the world. is it also the windiest? >> plus the you tube video that roger ebert says deserves an oscar. >> to break we leave you with this rescue of pregnant cow. she fell into a well in says to valley. took an hour to drain and crane lowered and animal lured into it and lifted out safely with help of the crane and cowboy. she is okay. stay with us more to come. here's a look what's coming up on "nightline". >> coming up. mom and dad decision to allow doctors to remove half of the infant brain in an effort to stop the life threatening seizures. búoaoaoaoav!v!>ñ
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> wide spread damage and disruption following days of severe flooding in northeast australia because of unrelenting rain. these image make it clear what is going on. thousands of businesses and homes are under water. it is estimated that more than
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200,000 people are affected. the flood zone stretches over an area bigger than france and germany combined just to give you an idea of how wide spread it is. >> back here. rescuers found the body of missing snowboarder at alpine meadow ski resort today. shawn willis was about 400 feet from a flail wilderness area at the back of the alpine resort. she was stuck in snow at the base of the a tree and placer county deputy believe she crashed there when she was snowboarding in near blizzard conditions. the blizzard conditions continue tonight. see resort hurricane force wind gust and mammoth had wind up to 105 miles an hour. it also claims to get the most snow of any ski resort in the world. at least 17 feet has fallen in the past two weeks beating all records. >> the third in command of the santa clara sheriff's department has never called in sick and never had an unscheduled day off believe it or not. now after 32 years on
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the job assistant sheriff is retiring. 56-year-old spent today cleaning out his office and tomorrow he's going to be a no show at work. something he hasn't done since 1978. >> i was asked the other day does that mean you have never been sick. no i have been sick. i'm one of those weird guys that when i have got the flu item usually always happened on my weekend. >>reporter: pistol getting a lump sum of 59,000 dollar cash for all the uncollected sick time over the years. along with the cash his pension will allow him to collect 90 percent of his 185,000 dollar salary for the rest of his life. he certainly put in the time and worked hard. all right. con grat layings to him as he enters retirement. >> weather forecast. spencer is here. we haven't called in sick probably two weeks. >> at least that long. but tomorrow night we may be calling in wet. because that's what it's going to be. we believe. right now it is not wet. it's dry. chilly. current temperature reading 35
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degrees in napa. 34 in fairfield. getting pretty cold out there. 38 in livermore and temperature of course are falling. so we look at freezing cold conditions inland tonight. cloud will thicken during the day on friday. rain arrives late friday night along with the new year. so how cold will it get overnight tonight. we expect low to drop down to 29 in fairfield and livermore. 30 at nap a.31 at santa rosa and many other locations we see low by early tomorrow morning in the low 30's. here's what is come our way in the atmosphere. satellite radar composite image shows clouds moving ahead of the frontal system moving in our direction that brings us big changes in our weather for tomorrow night so we see clouds thickening up tomorrow and for new year's eve rain begins near midnight and may begin just before midnight here's our forecast animation starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight. cold air in here until at least the midmorning mid take hours tomorrow and cloud arrive and we start to see the rain approaching and right around midnight it looks like the rain will just be
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starting to fall if not a little earlier than midnight. right around midnight so the rain arrives with the new year and continuing during the overnight hours into saturday morning. snow fall over much of lake county. cold air descending there along with the precip taition. then the rain moves on through. now high pressure tomorrow will be at bit on the cool side in the south bay. milder temperature reading high in the low 50's and 51 or 52 degrees and virtually every location. pretty good amount of sunshine early in the day but clouds will take of later in the day. peninsula we see similar readings to the south bay. high in the low 50's and about 50 grease right around 50 on the coast and pacifica and a half moon bay. around san francisco similar range of high as well. 50 in the sun set district and 51 downtown. item cooler in the north bay especially farther north where ukiah high of 47. clear lake 44. 48 the hyatt clover dale santa rosa, calistoga, napa pretty chilly up there.
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nearest bay mainly low 50's there except for a little cooler up at hercules and richmond and upper 40's. inland east bay almost as cool a the northern part of the north bay with high only in the upper 40's. 47 antioch. 48 at pit burg and concord and 49 the hyatt livermore and then we move down near monterey bay where the high is at bit higher with low 50's, georgia at santa cruz. 53 monterey. gilroy. and 7 day forecast. after clouds tomorrow and rain tomorrow night we expect rain continuing much of the day on saturday new year's day. just a chance of showers on sunday and monday but we'll see as much on those two days as well and then lot of sun on tuesday wednesday and thursday with temperatures increasing a little bit milder early to midweek next week so it's a wet start to the new year and sunny up a we begin the work week next week. >> ring in the new year tomorrow. watch the rain. thanks very much. >> still ahead tonight. he said of the year brings an end to what may be the most popular film in history.
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>> plus the you tube video that roger ebert said is oscar that roger ebert said is oscar worthy. stay with us.i'll
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>> factory worker who i hope expired the famous rosie poster has died at the age of 86. she was 17 when photographed wearing the bandana on her headpiring bandana on her headpiring the 1942 ♪ . >> immortal in a song by pale paul. the last film developer stopped processing film today. it was produced by kodak 75 years ago. one of the last visitors to use the remain visitor was a worker from arkansas payed 15,000 dollars to have 1500 rolls developed. so long to them. >> this is video making rounds on you tube today and film
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critic roger ebert says it should win an oscar. one man view of the blizzard in new york city this week. jamie shot it edit and e mailed it to him. he was so impressed he shared witness readers on the chicago sun time blog proclaiming saying it was the best live action short subject. the high praise indeed. idiot with a tripod what he titled it. >> colin here to talk about an oscar winning performance. >> you said it. stanford women, map. this is good stuff. good tv. records made to be broken. streaks snappe snapped. tonight cardinal ended most impressive win streak in sport history. how streak in sport history. how they
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>> good evening. stwreebings made to be broken. those were the words stanford coach yechltdz last connecticut loss. 2008. final 4. to stanford. yaw con winners of 90 straight since. not any more. cardinals and top rank huskies, miss rice reason to cheer all night. first half. cardinal led 15-4. moment later. back 4 captain run. stanford biggest lead at 13. use con had the best player in the country her name is miss moore drop the triple. husband committees down 4 at half time. cardinal would an with bet second half. senior with 5, 3. back up by 9. later peterson. beautiful rae versus left hand with 8. 61-52. stanford kept more off balance all night. misfire then doesn't get back on
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defense. the easy lay in. cardinal never trailed in the thing. shock the huskies 71-59. win streak that dated back 1998 day is over. >> this losing stuff is getting old. i hate it. >> we were very focused open what we needed to do defensively which was i think the key. >> it's an amazing accomplishment and he and had team and staff are to be commended. i totally respect that but tonight is about stanford. >>reporter: stanford pretty good in defeat. last season western conference final shut the shark down unfortunately he hadn't been the same player since joining the sharks. rank 41 in the league and playing blackhawk tonight. game tied at 1. logan finds ben. back of the net. san jose a lead. chicagoans with two goals and 22 second to end
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the period. campbell less than a second left. game tied in the third. sharks back on top. thornton deflects to edwards lasting shot into the net. shark nice road win 5-3. to yet nascar legend ricky bobby. ain't first you are last. about shake and bake. raiders offensive coordinator jackson must be a fan of ricky bobby. silver and black are seventh in the league in scoring this season with 15 points in the season finale sunday against kansas city. they could double the offensive output from last year but the fact remain 7 and 8 and not make the play off. that's all jackson cares about. >> we want perfection. that's what i expect from a football team. we expect to be challenging for the play off. for the division year in and year out and we are not get that go done so to me that's disappointment. either first or last place no in between. >> shake and bake. holiday bowl in san diego. washington taking on 18 rank nebraska.
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walker didn't complete a pass in the first half. good thing he can run. 25 yards for the touch down. after lasting to nebraska by 35 early this year the huskies stun the huskers 19-7. shake and bake. >> all right. what a night for stanford. >> yes is that great stuff. >> thanks very much. >> that is what is happening tonight. "nightline"is next. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again tomorrow. help us ring in the new year. we'll ring in the new year. we'll be here together.
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