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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 31, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where about a quarter million people are expected to ring in the new year down here on the embarcadero. millions more in the bay area are going to ring it in elsewhere. i'll tell you how to get from one party to another safely coming up in a live report. >> good morning. temperatures north and east bay valleys at or below freezing with a lot of frost out there. >> i believe people are staying home snuggled up in bed because traffic is very, very light. we have a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. a few cars coming through to pay your tolls. the holiday schedule for mass transit in just a few minutes. >> she was blamed for hundreds of drug cases being dismissed but now a san francisco crime lab technician accused of taking drugs will not face charges for evidence tampering. you'll hear what the police chief says about that. >> 6:00, december 31st. happy new year's eve, everyone. i'm jenelle yang in for kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas.
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>> even at this hour, crews are putting out barricades as part of the effort to maintain order at tonight's new year's eve party in san francisco. police are going to be out in full force to handle the hundreds of thousands of people expected to squeeze in along the embarcadero for a good look at the fireworks show. terry mcsweeney is live along the embarcadero with more. >> this would be the ideal location right here at the ferry building. it would be just prime location tonight. probably have a lot more company. as far as keeping things together for this demonstration tonight, it's been this pyrotechnic spectacular -- i think i said that right -- yeah, it's cold out here. police out enforce, barricades out as well. we've got crews out here this morning bringing out the barricades. 2,000 sections of barricade. that is a lot of sections of barricades working overnight. they're going to be linking them up about 4:30 this afternoon to
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help police with the crowd control out here. and shortly after the fireworks ends, they're gonna pack 'em up again. take a listen. >> ordered about 2,000. and it's an easy scale after the world series. >> oh yeah? >> we did 7,000 for the world series. >> 2,000 you're putting up tonight? >> yeah. >> but, of course, this is what's going to be drawing all those people down here. again, maybe a quarter million people to the barricades. the fireworks display. if you're coming down here, you are advised maybe driving is not the best thing in the world, not the best option. the tendency to have a few drinks can overcome the most designated of drivers. take some other means of transportation. how about bart? they've got a special schedule tonight and you can find out about it, a schedule going to 3 a.m.. for the rest of it you can go to, click on "see it on tv." also i can tell you that they're
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going to be a lot more dui checkpoints set up. officers in the city, chp as well looking for drunk drivers. if you're going to be driving around san francisco tonight and you have a couple too many or for that matter just forget about having too many, get on muni because starting at 8:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning it's free. and that goes for the street cars and the cable cars. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> that is some good news. thanks, terry. but the weather can put a damper on people's celebrations. >> the hard core people want to see the fireworks, they'll be here anyway but bring the rain gear? >> here's the timing on it. dry throughout the day. some icy windchills this morning. by 6:00 tonight the rain offshore but take a look what happens through the early evening hours and then the late evening hours. by 11:00 we're wet out there. ringing in 2011 with rain showers. it pushes on through throughout the overnight hours. so saturday afternoon, not a bad
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day. a few scattered showers. but there's more to come. by sunday morning, 10:00, we've got showers. even a little bit into monday. then a change in the weather pattern. i'll tell you about that in a little bit. >> thank you, lisa. in the wake of a police shooting this week, san francisco's police chief is again calling for hissters to be armed with tasers. san francisco police shot and killed a man inside his home on wednesday afternoon. police claim 47-year-old vin bwii charged them withholding a knife. the man's family insists they pleaded with officers to back off and tried to explain that he was mentally ill. >> she told officer my brother is mental, okay? and two officer pulled my sister back and said i knew it! i can handle it! >> chief george gascon answered questions about wednesday's shooting during a community meeting last night. san francisco police
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commissioners have repeatedly refused the idea of arming officers with tasers; however, one police commissioner revealed last night the panel will discuss the idea of tasers again sometime next month. >> in the south bay we're learning more about a man shot by san jose police officers on tuesday night. police shot a man in the leg and wounded him near the children's discovery museum. at the time officers believed he was involved in a home invasion robbery at a marijuana grow house just about 20 minutes earlier. they say he matched the description of one of the suspects. he was not involved but may have been running for police because he had a warrant for his arrest on charges of drug possession. >> the state of california will begin the new year with new laws. starting saturday, possession of an ounce or less of marijuana will only be an infraction. that's similar to a traffic ticket. it will be $100 fine but there won't be jail time and it won't go on your criminal record.
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they're requiring baked goods baked in the state to have no trans fats and all traffic tickets in the state will add an extra $4 fee to pay for air ambulances. the state will add new policies to make it easier for parents to get health insurance for children with preexisting medical conditions. >> a california company is now recalling some organic ground beef that may be contaminated with ecoli bacteria. it was sold under the name first class foods organic ground beef. it has the establishment number seen here, 18895 on the label. 34,000 pounds are being recalled in california and five other states but no reports of anyone getting sick from the meat. >> all right. 6:06 now. just a few hours away from the start of a brand new year and lots of people going to come down here for it. what's the weather going to be like? >> lisa? >> starting now, brrrr!
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look at the warmer numbers, san francisco and san jose a little cloudy down around the south end of the bay helping to keep temperatures up. 39 on the coast. half moon bay. so freezing cold this morning and numbers still only in the 40s this afternoon. clouds thicken throughout the afternoon and rain arrives late tonight into 2011. here's the satellite and radar picture. the clouds offshore. this front's going to push on through. not a ton of moisture, not a lot of winds either. we'll see the rain by probably 11:00 san francisco. be prepared for light rain with numbers in the mid-to upper 40s tonight. and actually the temperatures this afternoon not too much different than they were yesterday. upper 40s to low 50s. a chilly afternoon and the rain moves in late, stays with us throughout the early morning. scattered showers on and off throughout the rest of the weekend and milder and sunnier into next week. good morning, sue. >> good morning, lisa. light this morning. walnut creek southbound 680.
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we have reports of a christmas tree in the center lane. cars are swerving to avoid it. that's southbound 680 at gearry. no metering lights on at the bay bridge. it is not only friday light but holiday light. gist a reminder, all mass transit is on holiday schedule this morning. your bart trains will be extended service until 3 a.m. for your partying this evening. >> thanks so much, sue. >> sue's in for frances this morning. it's 6:08 now. >> the numbers are staggering, what officials say is behind a 100 car pileup. >> plus a race for the new year. the anniversary that will have bay to breaker fans taking to the streets of san francisco tomorrow. >> 32 years on the job and never a day out sick. the cash thank you coming for retiring sheriff's deputy with q
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. >> good morning, everyone.
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6:11 on the last day of 2010. this is a live look at san francisco international airport. see some planes there getting ready to take off. no delays reported here. in fact, the only delay across the country we could find was chicago o'hare where arriving flights are averaging about an hour 15 minutes late. keep in mind though there's still some residual makeup to do after the problems they had with the snow back east this week. so keep that in mind as you call to check on your flight this morning. >> more news now. can you imagine working 32 years without ever calling in sick? that's exactly what the third in command at the santa clara county sheriff's deputy can say this morning. after 32 years on the job, zinc is retiring. today he'll be a no-show at work, something he hasn't done since 1978. >> i was asked the other day does that mean i've never been sick. no, i've been sick. i'm one of those weird guys that
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when i've got the flu, it's usually always happened on my weekends. >> zinc is getting a lump sum of $59,000 cash for all of his uncollected sick time, along with the cash zinc's pension will allow him to collect 90% of his $185,000 salary for the rest of his life. >> in northeast australia this morning, the military is dropping supplies by aircraft at thousands of people who have been cut off by severe flooding. thousands of businesses and homes are underwater in queensland after days of heavy rain. 20 towns in the state have been isolated. the flood zone stretches over an area that's bigger than france and germany combined. >> back here in the u.s. another blizzard is bearing down in the midwest. fargo, north dakota, whiteout conditions with a pileup involving more than 100 cars shutting down the road in both directions. in some cases people who avoided
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the initially crash ended up stuck in the snow and had to abandon their cars. similar issues are being reported in nebraska, wyoming, minnesota and colorado. mammoth mountain clocked up winds of 100 mph. it claims to get the most snow of any ski resort in the word. 17 feet has fallen in the past two weeks beating all records. >> that's a lot of snow, lisa. >> yeah. there's a lot of cars there. so the weather's been good the past couple days and now it's the traffic that's really been kind of crazy. so smooth sailing with no problems. talked about the black ice yesterday. that was a problem and freezing temperatures this morning. in the north and east bay once again with the light winds, a little fog in the north bay. this is ballmer peak looking back over the city. sun coming up not until 7:25. plenty of sun early on but then
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increasing clouds ahead of the next frontal band that does promise light rain for the new year. 30 napa, 31 santa rosa. a bit of a windchill as well down in fremont. air temperatures 36 but feels like it's cooler than that with a bit of a north wind. 35 in oakland. and the numbers held up in san francisco with 43. also 43 in san jose. so we are looking at a frosty start. and if you're headed out in the next couple hours, probably have to scrape some of that ice off your windshield. freezing cold this morning with the clouds thickening this afternoon ahead of a cold front that should bring rain late tonight 2010 and also into 2011. at least the first weekend of the new year. here's our satellite picture. there are the clouds streaming out ahead of the frontal band that's offshore. this is a cold system once again originating from the gulf of
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alaska. so with the cold air in place and bringing another cold system throughout the bait, it's not gonna hold a whole lot of moisture but the rain will begin probably right before midnight. here we are tonight 6:00 still dry. through the next couple hours, the rain marches steadily east. by 11:00 tonight, light rain showers around the bay from north to south. look at that, some freezing rain. a rain/snow mix. the air cold enough we could see a mixture in the highest peaks around the bay. 1:00 tomorrow, still light scattered showers. not a bad saturday afternoon for the first day of the year and by sunday though more rain headed your way into the morning hours and becoming more widely scattered as you head back to work maybe on monday. but still we are looking at the cold temperatures lasting through the weekend in the mountains with upper 20s in the northern sierra. low 30s for tomorrow and mid-30s on sunday. low 50s in the south bay. a sunny start in san mateo, then
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51. san francisco about 51 for you as well with north bay numbers in the upper 40s today. cloverdale, cold day. near east bay with only 50 in berkeley and out over the hills we're looking at 48 pittsburg, monterey dry and increasing clouds with 53. the forecast calls for the rainy period before new year's and scattered showers into sunday and monday. sue, who's out there this morning? >> not many people at all, lisa. you can see a shot of the golden gate bridge southbound into san francisco. i think a lot of folks are taking the day off today which is nice because you don't have much company out there. a small midspan on the golden gate bridge and middle lane. be aware of that. no problems all the way into san francisco from novato moving at the limit. highway 4 here, reports of debris. running at the limit. no delays, no problems which is unusual for this time of the morning. garbage in a garbage can
6:18 am
eastbound highway 4 at willow pass. so be aware of that. that is a noncommute if there was a commute direction. 680 at walnut creek in gearry, a christmas tree at lanes there. cars are swerving to take a look at that. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights this morning. cars are whizzing into san francisco. no problems paying your toll plaza there. and we've got a fresh look at traffic before you leave the house this morning if you are up and about. you can go to the website, it's eric? >> sue, thank you very much. sue hall in for frances dinglasan this morning. for many of us celebrating new year's means a gathering at home. that means your kitchen appliances could be getting quite a workout this season. if your guest list is up, "consumer reports" latest tests can help you get set up without spending top dollar. >> a professional chef has no problem cooking for a crowd. some new appliances are offering
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features to make that easier to do. >> now is a good time to buy. sales are slumping so a lot of appliance companies are rolling out lots of bargains. >> "consumer reports" tests of ranges show pricey features are now more common like dual oftens, induction and high-power burns. >> all for preparing a lot of dishes. >> professionals always knew the benefits of bigger ranges. they laughed that 36 inch g. e. monogram has four high-powered national gas burners. it has convection heating that can shave cooking time. the dish range is a wallop at 7500 dollars. >> dual ovens are a great option. they let you cook your main entree and bake a pie at the same time at different
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temperatures. >> g.e. electric 30 inch double oven for a thousand dollars. it has excellent capacity and rated very good at baking tests. consider a high-tech hot plate which can turn into an extra burner for your cooking and a food warmer at your buffet table. this induction hot plate is a "consumer reports" best buy at $140. so cooking like a pro doesn't have to set you back a lot of money. if you're looking for non-stick cook wear set, the $190 earth tan with san flow. it performs better than nonstick cookware that costs twice as much plus it's dishwasher safe. >> the annual bay to breakers race is celebrating a major milestone in the new year. >> the 12-k run turns 100 years old and organizers will hold a ceremonial run tomorrow which is new year's day.
6:21 am
runners will take off from embarcadero and market streets at 10 a.m.. the new year's day run also serves as a chance for general registration for the real race which is scheduled for may 15th. that may race will be limited to the first 50,000 participants who sign up. >> the words that one american university are begging you not to use in the new year. >> and a new twist in the possible eviction of the woman the world knows as octomom. were a deal with a porn king could keep the mom and
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it's 6:24. welcome back. north koreans who like movies and soccer got a rare treat. state tv broadcast the film bend it like beckham. the british ambassador said this was the first western film to be shown on north korean tv which is state-run. the movie is about a british teenager of asian decent trying to balance family pressures with her dream of playing professional soccer in the u.s. maybe the first of a trend. >> octomom and her 14 children could be saved from eviction if she's willing to work out a deal with a porn king. she owes $450,000 on her los angeles home that's past due and the bank is threatening
6:25 am
foreclosure. but the porn king said he offered to buy the house. he wants the octomom to appear in her porn videos or work as a spokesperson. fixing her housing woes could open it up for discussion again. >> as the new year approaches, we're often telling stories of what people hope to add in the new year but our next story is about what some people hope will go away. lake superior state university has released its annual list of words to be banished from the queen's english. these are words that the school's students voted to remove because they're misused, overused or useless. viral, a word linked to online video clips got the most votes followed by epic, fail and wow factor. they hope people stop having aha moments. people should not be compelled
6:26 am
to tell their backstory or find their bff as in best friend forever. no need to man-up. popular rised by sarah palin. rounding out the list, the american people, i'm just saying, and google has verbs and not least the school would love it if we'd all stop saying we'd like to live life to the fullest. >> there goes half my vo cab. still ahead, a big break. why the state's cop won't bring charges against her. >> a brutal beating caught on tape. the suspect south bay police now hope you can help them identify. >> a very hi-tech hello to the new year. the down under city bringing in 2011 with a big bang. force force >> we've got rain showers moving through the area later tonight
6:27 am
but waking up cold with temperatures below freezing.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . >> good morning, everyone. it's 6:30 which means the bell's rung and trading's underway on wall street. normally when a major holiday falls on a weekend the market's closed on friday but that's not true because of a very old financial rule. wall street is required to be open for business today but trading is expected to be as light as traffic around the bay area today. the latest on early trading live from the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> we're still 17 and a half hours away from ringing in the new year but there are several places around the world where it's already 2011. (cheers and applause) >> new zealand prides itself on
6:31 am
being the first major country to see 2011. the clock struck midnight there and about 3 a.m. our time in the capital thousands of revellers crowded the streets to welcome the new year with fireworks and cheers. ♪ >> and at 5 a.m. our time australians in sidney rang in the new year with a rockin' fireworks show. a million people gathered at the harbor for what is the largest and hi-tech celebration in the world. from the fireworks to the state of the art sound system. the celebration even includes vintage aircraft and a parade of boats. >> which would have been hard to see that time of night but here in the bay area we're hours away but the preparations are already in high gear. along the embarcadero, barricades are already going up to help police keep order with an estimated quarter million
6:32 am
partyers expected to line the bay front tonight. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco with more on those preparations and practical advice to get to the party. >> i can tell you, you can either get to the party or have the party come to you. pulling up abeing lo the ferry building along the embarcadero in san francisco is the jenelle wang party wagon. you see it right over there. 75 of her closest friends are going to be doing it right this new year's eve. san francisco police would like you to do not too, tax this new year's eve. take a look what this is really all about. the up side is the spectacular fireworks display. a quarter million people expected here and lots of police down here as well and throughout the bay area cities, of course. barricades dropped off overnight. 2,000 sections put together 4:00 this afternoon and broken down after the fireworks end early
6:33 am
2011. police are vowing to really get into it this year. take a listen. >> we want people to come to san francisco. we want people to have fun. but we want people to be safe. it's going to be a high level of deployment for new year's eve. a lot of people from our administrative bureau volunteer and are working that night. we have also moved around our shift in order to increase our deployment without having to increase our overtime expenditures because we don't have the money to spend. >> not gonna be just city cops. chp is going to be all over the freeways and their main concern tonight on this night associated with drinking is drunk driving. save yourself thousands of dollars, folks, and take some other way to get around. they're saying they'd appreciate, san francisco police are saying maybe no cars downtown because there's going to be so much gridlock down here. no guns downtown. some people like to celebrate
6:34 am
new year's eve by firing guns up into the air. when those bullets come down, there can be a problem. zero tolerance on drinking and driving. take public transportation. bart has a special schedule. they'll be going until 3:00 in the morning. you can find out more about that on click on "see it on tv." the good news for people in san francisco is you can get around for free. muni, free of charge. streetcars and cable cars starting at 8:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow. so if you're out somewhere, hop on a bus, won't cost you a dime. have a great new year's eve. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. it's 6:34. >> a check of our new year's eve forecast with lisa argen. >> pretty frosty. temperatures at or below freezing. a bit of a windchill in fremont making it feel like it's about freezing. 35 in oakland. some clouds in san jose. here's the time line on the rain. it will be increasing clouds in the afternoon and the rain stays
6:35 am
offshore by about 6:00 tonight. but look what happens. by the later evening hours the rain line marches steadily to the east and we will look at increasing showers by about 9:00 in marin county. even san francisco getting wet. here we are after midnight, 2011. a little heavier rain off the peninsula. it's going to stay with us throughout much of the weekend. a few breaks on saturday and a look at your extended outlook that looks a little drier and even warmer coming up a bit later. >> thanks so much, lisa. the crime lab scandal that rocked san francisco earlier this year has come to a close. deborah madden learned yesterday she will not face criminal charges for stealing small amounts of cocaine from the crime lab. the attorney general's office concluded their simply wasn't enough evidence to charge here but city officials say they are extremely disappointed with the decision. >> why was the crime lab closed after she retired? if it was just a problem with
6:36 am
her, obviously there would not have been a need to do that. >> very disappointed. i recognize that it's complex and i recognize that we work under a different standard. you know, for police we work under probable cause. >> more than 600 drug cases were dismissed in the fallout from the scandal. madden still has a pending felony drug possession charge for a small amount of cocaine detectives say they found in her home. she's due in court on january 18th. >> santa cruz police are asking for some help after a santa cruz woman escaped from a violent attacker in a convenience store parking lot. here's a photo of the suspect taken just before the attack at a 7-11 on laurel street yesterday. take a good look at him because this is what he did. he struck the 47-year-old woman several times then dragged her by the dumpsters and tried to sexually assault her. that's when the woman got away and ran back into the store for
6:37 am
help. here's another look at the suspect. santa cruz police say they're still unsure whether he knew the victim. >> san francisco is expected to find out whether it will host the next america's cup yacht race. the decision is in the hands of last year's cup winner billionaire larry ellison, the ceo at oracle. according to the san francisco chronicle, the deal is all but done in the city's favor. initially it looked like clear sailing in san francisco but things went adrift over differences about which pier to use as base. ellison reopened talks with newport, rhode island. but newport says it needs more time to come up with an offer. >> caltran will ring in the new year with fare hikes and service cuts. starting saturday all fares will rise by 25 cents a zone. that means a trip between san francisco and san jose will cost $75 more each way. caltrain will also shrink its wednesday's schedule from 90 to 86 trains. but it's trying something new
6:38 am
that could please passengers. baby bullet trains on the weekend that can make the trip from san jose to san francisco in about an hour. that's cutting a half hour off the current trip. >> i'm sure a lot of people will be riding those trains into the city today for the big fireworks show. >> good morning. kind of frosty out there with clear skies. we have a dry air mass, light winds allowing temperatures to drop at or below freezing north and east bay valleys. 30 napa, 33 concord. 32 the livermore valley with upper 30s redwood city and a bit of a windchill and fog near fremont. high pressure hanging around then the rain begins to move on in by probably 10:00 tonight. this is a cold front that doesn't have a whole lot of moisture associated with it but by 11:00, 12:00 tonight chance of light rain around the bay. mid to upper 40s pier 14 but today increasing clouds with the sun fading throughout the afternoon. 48 santa rosa, 52 in fremont.
6:39 am
so the cold numbers still in our afternoon with only 47 in antioch. so you have to keep the heavy jacket today and add your umbrella tonight if you're headed out. the rain will become scattered by sunday afternoon so cool and damp through the first weekend of the new year. >> nice long weekend for most people. friday light it's a holiday and not too many people on the roads soy let's talk about events coming up this evening. not only is it new year's eve and folks will be partying down at justin herman plaza but it's also the last party of the month so that means critical mass. ground zero i have a feeling. a concert going on tonight and the countdown for new year's eve so traffic around that area pretty crowded. san jose 280 south. in case you didn't believe me about the traffic, two or three cars passing through your
6:40 am
screen. no metering lights at the toll plaza at this time. traffic is flowing smoothly and all mass transit is on holiday schedule today and a reminder coming into the city bart is running extended trains and extending their service until 3 a.m.. jenelle and eric. >> sue, thank you very much. sue is in for frances this morning. >> trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board right now. the dow is down about 15 minutes. >> and a very happy ending to a unique situation. the unusual rescue in castro valley. >> and it's deja vu. the last team to beat u.conn's high-powered basketball team becomes the next team to beat them two years latererererererer
6:41 am
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6:43 am
♪ good morning. chilly air mass has settled in over the entire state so afternoon highs today will be well below average but partly cloudy skies, sacramento 51. the rain holds off until late tonight in monterey, 53 for you. waking up for temperatures below zero in the sierra nevada. upper 30s in yosemite and sunny in southern california. >> a local man hit -- a local man will ring in the new year
6:44 am
with a whole lot more money in his pocket. we've got a photo of retired firefighter dale valentine. he's the one in the middle. he won more than $8 million playing slots when he hit the jackpot at the twin pine casino in lake county. those other smiling faces are tribal leaders. >> so if you're one of the millions looking to join mr. valentine as an instant millionaire, chances are you're setting your sights on the megamillions jackpot. $342 million. what are your chances of winning it all. >> before you wait in that long line to buy a lottery ticket, this man sails you should do your homework. >> richard is a self-described lottery expert with a pretty impressive resume. he's won 7 jack pots. that's more than a million dollars. and he even wrote the book learn how to increase your chances of
6:45 am
winning the lottery. >> pick your own numbers. >> do not play quick picks. >> second, do your research. >> going online and making sure the set or sets of numbers you play have never come up before. >> third, pick your numbers and stick with them. >> you have to learn what numbers to play and how often to play. >> not everyone is buying the series or his book. we found these comments in an online forum for lottery players. don't waste your money. there is no method. bottom line, spend as much as you can afford, play every day and don't change your numbers. still, what did i have to lose except maybe 20 bucks. i asked richard to pick numbers for friday night's megamillions jackpot. >> let's take 7, 20 -- >> and i followed his advice religiously.
6:46 am
>> 7, 20, 32, 45, 46, and the megaball of 28. hope he knows what he's talking about. >> never mind that statisticians say the odds are better island be elevated to the supreme court or heavy help us elected president of the united states. >> he insists with a little work you can improve those odds. if he's right about mine, i will not be here to tell you about it next week. >> time now 6:46. some bay area stocks were among the big gainers on the year and a new read on just how bad things might be add boarders. jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with this morning's "moneyscope" report. good morning, jane. >> hi, jenelle. good morning to you. not a good sign. one of the nation's biggest book sellers can't pay their bills. boarders confirming this morning it is delaying payments to publishers.
6:47 am
it needs to hole on to cash while it refinances debt. there's no guarantee any refinancing will come through for boarders. i'll keep an eye on things over at sony. may be preparing for i-max. that's according to the daily mail. that's the giant screen movie theaters. disney may also be interested in making a bid for i-max as well. stocks very quiet. we are a little lower so far here today but we've had some nice gains this year. the bloomberg silicon valley index, let's take a look. actually trading just about 3 points to the down side. apple shares, they have been very interesting to watch. up more than 50% on the year. that looks like a one-year chart yesterday. up $112 for the year, that's not for the day here. up 226% on the year. certainly big gains there for two local companies. this new year's eve, you guys ready to pop the bubbly. the most expensive champagne and
6:48 am
wine, including those made by lmbh, bucking the industry trends. sales dropped in 2008 and 2009. the wealthiest drinkers are once again splurging. after drinking a little too much champagne, bloomberg news hit the gym. exercise. it speeds breathing and increasing sweat and helps remove the alcohol from your system. that's if you're in the mood. live from the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. jenelle, back to you. >> thanks, jane. happy new year. see you next year. >> thanks. >> there's a video making the rounds on that film critic roger ebert says should win an oscar. ♪ >> it's a three and a half minute clip of one man's view of the blizzard in new york city this week.
6:49 am
jamie stuart shot it, edited it and e-mailed it to ebert. he was so impressed he shared it with readers on his chicago sun times blog claiming this film deserves to win the academy award for best live action short subject. it is the last day of 2010. let's take a look at our forecast with lisa. >> starting out really cold. that's nothing new but the rain in time for the new year. gorgeous out there. sunshine, a clear shot out there from our roof camera. and, boy, we need a lot of that sunshine to warm us up. really not gonna happen. a cold air mass has settled in the past couple days and that has allowed for the numbers to stay cool. the winds are light. 30 napa, 31 santa rosa. good morning, novato. 32 for you. 40 mountain view. a few more clouds in san jose at 43. san francisco the low 40s but 39 half moon bay. so freezing cold this morning. clouds thicken this afternoon and the rain arriving before midnight and lasting on and off
6:50 am
through the week. here's our cold front. it sits offshore. it's an area of low pressure that's going to drop from the north and west. with it will bring a cold rain throughout the bay area. not a lot of wind though. 6:00 tonight still dry. the rain offshore. it will slide into the bay area. by 10:00 we should all be getting our heads wet with some light rain and moderate rain through the overnight hours. a few yellows offshore. 1:00 in the morning i should say and sweeps on through with scattered showers by the afternoon on saturday. then by sunday still activity out there into the east bay, the south bay, the santa cruz mountains and then getting more widely scattered into monday morning. so it looks like the rain still with us through the next couple days except for the morning hours featuring the cold, cold temperatures. 28 later on today. in the northern sierra 31 and snow showers on saturday. a little warmer on sunday.
6:51 am
and southern california you may have heard of the snow west december on record with 208 inches of snow, over 17 feet. the previous record shattered back in 1971 with 140 inches. low 50s today with more cloud cover in the south bay. starting out clear and then increasing clouds in millbrae. a high 50 for you. 51 downtown today but you saw that sunny start out there. it looks beautiful but, boy, is it cold. 48 santa rosa. near east bay about the same as yesterday. a little less wind. oakland 51. over the hills 48 pittsburg, 50 pleasanton and monterey bay it will be a wet evening tonight with 53 salinas. the accu-weather 7-day forecast, increasing clouds after a chilly morning and then over the weekend certainly there for midnight tonight and then becoming more widely scattered and more mild next week. good morning, sue. >> good morning, lisa. you can see the sun coming up in
6:52 am
san jose. that's 280 southbound. no problems reported. traffic moving at the limit. we have reports of a stall in san leandro, southbound 880 past 98. traffic seems to be moving well past that area. shouldn't have any trouble getting by. an accident cleared out of lanes westbound 80 at leisuretown road. that's your drive into dixon. you can see the centers there, traffic moving well past the scene of that accident. bay bridge toll plaza is friday light. it's holiday light. look at that, two cars headed to the toll plaza. everyone staying in bed and sleeping in to celebrate the new year. before you leave the house today if you're heading out, you can always check our website,, and click on bay area traffic. eric? >> sue, thank you very much. it's 6:52. oprah winfrey says she's sticking with tv and staying out of politics. the oprah winfrey network debuts at 9 a.m. pacific time tomorrow to 85 million cable tv viewers
6:53 am
across the country. in an interview, winfrey says she wants to better the world in her own way and she will never seek public office. winfrey says she's still an obama booster and if he calls on her to help in a re-election campaign, she would do whatever she's asked to do. >> a pregnant east bay cow is safe after being rescued from a scary situation in castro valley yesterday. the cow fell into a 12 foot well where it was trapped for several hours but a team of firefighters and animal workers came to his aid. >> first of all we drained the well, got all the water out of the well and hired a -- didn't hire, brought in a local cowboy to assist us. he was able to go down into the well and sling the cow. we brought our crane truck in here and were able to crane it out. >> the cow seems to be fine. she walked away after the rescue. she was up on her feet within minutes and to keep it from happening again, a barrier is now up around the well.
6:54 am
>> a mooo-ing experience. moo? stanford women's basketball team. the cardinal ended the university of connecticut's record winning streak at 90 games. it happened in front of a sold out maples pavilion last night. it was the longest of any division basketball team men or women's. that's all over as the cardinal notched their 71-59 upset. >> it was amazing. such a great atmosphere to play in. >> really proud of our team. the atmosphere was phenomenal. and we really -- i think our team really stepped up for that. >> ironically the last time u.conn lost, they lost to the cardinals. it was back in 2008 when the cardinals with the huskies in the ncaa semifinals.
6:55 am
>> recapping our top stories this morning in san francisco hundreds of thousands of people are expected along the embarcadero to watch the fireworks and ring in the new year. >> police will be out in full force. our terry mcsweeney is out there right now live in san francisco to break in the embarcadero for the hundreds of thousands of people who show up. >> what do you need when you throw a party for a quarter million people. one thing you definitely need are these barricades brought out here this morning. linked up this afternoon. the barricades going as quick as they got here as they take them down early tomorrow morning. the huge spectacular fireworks display here along the embarcadero. and, again, a quarter million people coming to check it out. police say you're welcome to come. please come, have a good time but leave your car at home to avoid the gridlock. leave your gun at home if you were planning on firing it into
6:56 am
the air. chp main concern drunken behavior and drunk driving. avoid the dui and you can do that by taking public transportation. bart has extended service. you can find out more about that on the abc 7 website. muni free from 8 p.m. tonight until 6:00 this morning. when you think about a dui, it's going to cost you more thousands of dollars and hundreds more insurance cost if you can find insurance over the years. the thought is if you can just think right now, plan right now, you can avoid trouble down the road so to speak. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks so much. >> checking our other top story, today san francisco expected to find out whether it will host the next america's cup yacht race. the decision is in the hands of last year's cup winner billionaire larry ellison, the ceo of redwood shores based oracle. the deal is all but done in san francisco's favor. >> final check of the forecast
6:57 am
now this new year's eve. let's check with lisa argen. >> temperatures at or below freezing. 30 napa, 32 livermore. san francisco a clear sky right now. enjoy it out there. we'll see increasing clouds with highs today on the cool side. just the upper 40s santa rosa, 48 concord, 52 palo alto. downtown tonight rain will arrive before midnight. mid to upper 40s at pier 14 and on and off rain showers throughout the weekend. look for warmer and sunnier conditions into next week. good morning, sue. >> well, good morning. we have some problems on the roads right now. we've got a couple accidents. first a stall southbound 880 past 98. an accident with debris in lanes westbound 80 at leisuretown road. that's not blocking lanes but you will find maybe some slowing right at the scene. no delays into san francisco southbound 101 and have a happy holiday. >> thanks for joining us for the last day of 2010, sue.
6:58 am
thank you as well for all the thank you as well for all the
6:59 am
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