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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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progress. wounded congressman in arizona did something ka that surprised even her doctors. >> and the old saying about bed bug biting takes on literal meaning for these bay area people facing eviction. meaning for these bay area people facing eviction.
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>> in arizona tonightc doctors can hardly believe the progress wounded congressman giffords is making. >> yes. another day of good news after the devastating injury. giffords just keeps getting bet. now doctors expect her to make another leap forward before the weekend. >> a lot of medicine is outside of our control and we are wise to acknowledge miracles. >>reporter: doctor at university medical center in tucson say congresswoman giffords now opening her eyes for 15 minutes at a time and yawning a lot. >> she's starting to rub her her eyes and then she will spontaneously wake up whereas before she would just go back to sleep right away. if she's aroused then the eyes stay open
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for long periods of time. and then if you were to put stimulation in front of her you can tell she can see. >>reporter: doctors hope she will be able 0to sit in a chair by tomorrow. already she can dangle her leg off the side of the bed if nurses prop her up. the next milestone is removing the breathing tube. amid the hope from the hospital today, moments of mourning. funeral for 9-year-old christina take or greechbility youngest victim of saturday shooting rampage. her family watched as the national 9/11 flag was raised. followed her casket in the church. christina was born on september 11, 2001. >> christina fat gave very emotional eulogy at her funeral and spoke directly to his little girl. he said quote i think you have affected the whole country. community and religious
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leaders in san jose held candle light vigil tonight for victims from last weekend deadly shooting. congresswoman mica honda among dozens who attended the vigil at the first 81 taryn church in count san jose expressing condolences while also ahead vo indicating for understanding and tone down rhetoric. >> i ask you to pledge to carry yourself in a way that promotes communication and uning and healing then you pledge tonight to honor each other. >>reporter: the vigil was sponsored by the south bay afl-cio labor council interface council on economic and justice and santa clare county democratic paivrment the investigation into sat shooting moved forward today with what could be a very important find. man walking his dog near the suspect jerad loughner home found a black bag containing ammunition. his fat said he saw his son with a black bag the morning of the shooing somewhating. this could be the
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critical evidence that they have been looking for. all right let go now to lisa live at stanford where the arizona shooting focus even more attention on documentary shown on campus tonight. lisa? >> the film is called living for 32, recovery of shooting victim after the virginia tech massacre and his mission to create more gun control. >> i shot if you are times. once above my knew. both my hips and through my shoulder. >> it was april 16 2007. collin goddard was in french kla at virginia tech when the shooting startedñi. 32 people died and he was one of 17 who was injured. tonight a special screening of living for 32. follows goddard recovery and advocate for gun control. in the film he wore a hidden camera to show how easy it is to buy guns. local premier also comes screws 5 days after the mass shooting in tucson,
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arizona. >> how many more people need to be killed? does it need to be more than 3 32? like it was at my school in do it need to be a senator? does it need to be the president. >> shooter on saturday was actually mentally disturbed as was the person who shot me. >>reporter: mindy was also shot in an attack at jewish day camp in southern california in 1999. she takened tonight's screening to get support for more gun control and regulatio regulation. responsible citizens of california support the second amendment and the rate to bear arms. members don't want any sweeping judgment made against them because of what has happened. >> we can't just lump all gun into one thing. look at the individual who is operating the gun and keep it out of the hands of the bad people and get the good people to learn how to use the 51 properly easterly. >> gun disnot pick itself up off a table and shoot someone. someone has to pull the trigge trigger. >>reporter: gun proponent insist it is illegal for criminals and the mentally ill
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to own a gun and in all the rampages the individuals involved were breaking the law. about so both sides do agree that there needs to be more stream line federal legislation in place because right now there is a lot of confusion and problems because all the state's have different gun control laws. live at stanford university, abc 7 news. all right thank you lisa. >> san francisco police are still lacking for the man who opened fire inside a coffee shop on geary street near polk and san francisco. investigators say the shooter walk into the coffee shop around 4:00 o'clock, shot a customer at point blank range several times then ran. when police arrived the 25-year-old victim had died. security breach caused flight delay at san jose international tonight. woman had exited with her suitcase but then went back inside the door and somehow got past security. all happened around 8:30 tonight. tsa made everyone leave concourse d for rescreening. officers found
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the woman an questioned her. no word on whether she has been arrested. airport spokesman says 8 or 9 southwest air line flight were delayed but everything is now become to normal. health scare today at san francisco middle school. kids thought they were eating candy or cook avenues but instead ate rat poison. happened at martin luther king jr. academy in the portola district. 7 kids weapon to the hospital for observation. family members say the students found the unmarked pellets on top of a classroom cabinet. >> they say it's not toxic to people. about then why are they in the hospital? you know. so i mean if it's not poison then let bring the cookie out her and have some, you know? >>reporter: after the incident school staff scoured the campus and found more rat poison. there are no reports if the kids showing any ill effects. in richmond tonight religious leadersers in youth group kick off a program sdaind to keep kids in school and away from crime through mentor. vick lee has the story. >> almost a quarter of student
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in the west contra costa county unified school district drop out. >> with the help of mentoring program 98 percent of youth matched with mentor stay in school and don't drop out this was the vision tonight at the missionary baptist church to recruit mentor for youngsters in rich mon. part of larger program to stem the cycle of violence in the city. the effort began two years ago after a 16-year-old girl was gang raped just outside richmond high. tonight's connect off by church leaders, adults and university groups was meant to coincide with event around martin luther king jr. day. 8-year-old jason hill memorized the civil rights leader inspirational speech. >> i have a dream that my 4 children will one day live in a nation not judged by the color of their skin but content of their character. >>reporter: there were testimonials from mentor and those who benefited. >> biggest part we can have or
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share with the youth is to genuinely, genuinely give them our heart. >> having a mentor will show us how to be better young ladies and better in school and having somebody to come to to talk to. >> that's my mentor always let me know i could depend on them. >>reporter: that's what tonight was all about. the power of relationships. >> we honor the dream of martin luther king jr. we connect vision of fill young people with dream filled adults. >>reporter: plenty of dream filled mentor stood up to volunteer. then they filled out commitment cards. dr. king said you don't have to see the whole staircase. just take the first step. and then he tonight. vick lee, abc 7 news. uc berkeley will lay off nearly 150 employees. school chancellor made the announcement today. most of the workers will be let go by june and some have already been notified. another 130 jobs
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will be eliminated through retourism and voluntary departure. officials say no faculty positions cut. about a quarter of the jobs salary of 100,000 dollars or above. cuts expected to save the university about 20 million dollars. >> talk of canine crack down. up next. tough leash law change proposed for favorite dog spot. >> bed bug the beginning. more serious problems east bay apartment residents now facing. >> the pilot who delayed take off in act of of come paichlingts all that coming up later on night line. >> coming up next on "nightline". at girl is laid to rest while congresswoman giffords has new signs of recovery. latest from tucson. >> plus we good to haiti with the 375 million dollar christian charity run by
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 0. >> plan to crack down on dog has popular off leash park face fierce opposition from dog owners tomorrow. park service will release the 2400 page document detailing the proposed
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restrictions. lillian has preview tonight. >> dog owners at this field in san francisco have no complaints. dogs run around without a leash and no one seems to have a problem with it. >> approximately we come every day. maybe twice a day even. yes. we have never seen any bad enter actions between dog and people. >> but the national park service says over the years they received a number of complaint from environmentalist who say unleashed dog trample native vegetation and disturb protected species. average park goers complain too. >> families have been picnicking and dogs have come right through their picnic blanket. >>reporter: frank bean is superintendent of the golden gate national recreation area. his department just released this 2400 page draft plan that calls for major translations. dogs will be prohibited at east beach. awfully scary limited
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to areas closer to the golden gate bridge. >> request what is the point? the dogs have been here for decades. >>reporter: at ocean beach off leash dog walking only allowed at section near the cliff hous house. at fort fun stop all areas limited to north of the parking lot and south of the beach access trail. but at the beach in marin county dogs are banned entirely. >> go after the people who are causing the problem but what they are doing is they are taking this broad approach that every single dog owner is being punished now for the actions of very few. >>reporter: dog advocate group are work to go mobilize and hope to get the help of city leaders. national park service meanwhile plans to hold public hearings on proposed judges in march. before then the public can comment on line starting friday. this is abc 7 news. park service report will be posted at abc 7 upped see it open tv. >> tenant of low income engines residential hotel in oakland
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being told they need to leave. menlo hotel has given resident notice to vacate before sat. tenant say the 98 unit complex is infected with bed bug and roaches. you can see them there and broken elevator, smoke alarm. residents despite the circumstances they have nowhere else to good. >> better of 2 evil. you live indoors you have a little music and you make some food. or the other part of the evil you can be outside doors. >> hotel has several lawsuits and code violations against it. property management company says the motel owners are planning to renovate or sell the building. >> tonight we learn about an extraordinary act of kindness. southwest air line plight pilot delayed the plane to a passenger could make the flight to say goodbye to his dying grandson. the passenger mark dickinson arrived at los angeles international would hours before departure but lengthy check in lines he was
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not rushed through and mark called his wife and she pleaded with south west customer service. word got to the pilot and he held the plane for 12 minute for mark. >> it was sad. and i felt kind of anxious because i didn't know whether would happen if i did miss the flight. i was so grateful. i really couldn't believe it. >> mark arrived in denver just before his 2-year-old grandson was taken off life support. what a kind thing that pilot did. >> all right. morning commute could be slow going tomorrow and here's why. that's the golden gate bridge socked in right now. >> very hard to see. chp tells us there is no fog advisory there right now but there are advisory for the bay bridge, benetia, san m take 0bridges. >> what is in store for the morning and next few days. >> wide spread fog in the morning and very poor visibility in spots. we have some dense fog out there.i'll talk about the visibility in a
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moment. here's what was created the fogy conditions. rainfall that we received rains over, moisture on the ground. we have stagnant air and so now the fog has become pretty wide spread. 3800 of an inch in santa rosa and rainfall and 12 hundredths in san francisco today. about 6 hundredths in san jose. livermore got 2 hundredths and not measurable there. 5 hundredths of an inch in concord. give you an indication how much rain we 7 in san francisco for the month of january. ample rainfall just over 4 and a half inches. we are about halfway through january and so far we have received just over an inch of rain. we are not going to be seeing any rain any time soon but this is what you are going to have to deal with. this was just time lapse i just took a few hours ago from the high definition camera. looking down embarcadero bay bridge invisible in the fog. ferry building disappears at times so the fog is really keeping so be
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prepared for poor visibility. temperatures all in the physician and here's what it looks like. sfo reporting visibility down to 3 quarters of a mile. count on delay tomorrow morning if you have a flight out of sfo or somebody is arriving there keep that in mind. half moon bay dense fog quarter mile visibility there. just over mile around san jose, mountain view, hayward, oakland. 2 and a half miles and 10 miles visibility. wide spread low cloud fog first thing in the morning. afternoon sunshine and we look at dry and mild conditions for the weekend. so here's the satellite and radar. cold front came through. started to fall apart ridge quickly had built in. this area of high pressure will set the stage for really wide spread fog the next 2 nights. you need something to scour out the fog and at this point tomorrow morning l you are going to have to deal with the fog. give yourself extra time if heading out the door trying to get to work tomorrow morning. it will be a cool start numbers in the 40's
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as you can see here but as you will see in a little bit afternoon high bounce back up in some area. high pressure through the weekend we are loo looking at dry pat he were holding but you will have to contend with the fog in night morning hours at least for the next 2 night then we see a pattern change. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay. temperatures in the low 60's for saratoga. partly sunny skies in the afternoon. 60 for san mateo and redding. coastal area still hanging on to the cloud cover. upper 50's. downtown san francisco right about where you should be at 59 and as you look at the north bay here you see milder readings than today. mid 60's for napa, santa rosa, east bay 62, hayward head inland and temperatures will be on the comfortable side. everyone in the low 60's from walnut creek to livermore around the monterey bay 63 in monteray up to 65 inland in gilroy. here's accu-weather 7 indicate forecast get used to the idea
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of fog next two days. mist and drizzle out there tomorrow and above average in many instance instances. low to mid 60's range by martin luther king jr. day and on tuesday. really a dry pattern other than the mist and drizzle for the next 7 day days. >> thanks. >> coming up what is this thin thing? why is that woman chasing tonight wild life training in why is that woman chasing tonight wild life training in beings a the story up next.
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>> this may look like a toy but robo duck is a unique training tool that local non-profit helps to save the life of injured or oiled animal. it's offering training classess to teach volunteers how to spot and to help injured wild life. classes are 40 dollars for a list of locations go to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> well it was man versus machine and machine won. ibm super computer watson squared off against 2 former jeopardy
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champ. 4400 and 3400 and 1200. real contest airs writ here on 7 from january 14th through the 16th. the prize is 1 million dollars. if watson wins ibm is planning to give the money to charity. again that contest will be february 14th through the 16th. >> i want to see how that contraption does against robo duck. >> there's a match up. >> i thought jennings was a machine. >> he was close. >> very close. harbaugh had stanford running to the top but making a strong first
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shaw calls it his treatment jo job. named stanford new head coach today. shaw played at
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stanford. he has been the offensive cardinal for the past 4 years. shaw won what is was essentially in-house ballots with fellow assistant roman and vick. his dad also coached at stanford. played wide receiver for the cardinal in early 90's. scoring a touch down. glory day now coming out of school he was planning on a career in financialal services but he changed his maepd and fell in love with coaching. >> i went and told my mother and i remember like it was yesterday. i told her i was going to take a chance and go coach at western washington university and immediately she started crying. she said haven't you seen what has happened in our lives? don't you understand what this profession does to people and to families? and i said you know i want to do it. she said you know what i can't talk to you right now. you need to go talk to your fa fat. she walked upstairs. >> talk to your father. getting close to panic time for the sharks. losing streak now 6 and counting after a
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disheartening loss against edmonton. they are the last place team in the west. sitting out after knee injury tuesday night. winsing in pain. ice tonight. shot into the board. follow that is with a fight. and then helped off the ice with a knee injury but he did return. first period. andrew all alone beat him. no shark within 30 feet of him. this is just way too -- there's the refuse rae and he's not going to stop him. that's just a huge breakdown. nicholas wall does the flop there like he's one of the contestant on skating with the stars and putt barely crossed the line. it's a goal. shark on their longest losing streak in 15 years. 6 in a row. blame starts here he said. >> i'm the leader of this team. i'm the coach. i'm the leade leader. item my responsibility to make sure that they are prepared to play. after that it becomes an individual
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responsibility and right now i'm not doing a very good job. >> shake things one a trade or something. college hoops tonight. best area and improved over last year. but it's tough to hang especially on the mean streets of this. micky with agent show and go. nice play there. game high 19 for mcconnell. point guard williams lightning quick down the lane. matthew, saint marries build the lead to 12 and young says live with rejection. blocked shot. with authority. saint marries wins 71-fwechlt im paragraph to 15 and 2. stanford big win knocked off no. 17 washington. cardinal come back from the big deficit to win by 2 and was you cal pulls it out in overtime. 30 from crab. >> there you go. >> they are tough there. >> all right "nightline"up nex
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next. i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn i don't know sun for larry, thanks for joining news hope to see you again tomorrow. have a good night. news hope to see you again tomorrow. have a good night. >> good night everyone
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