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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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sanchez then confronted nasmeh gain. the two exchanged word and sanchez opened fire, then walked into the parking lot and shot himself soon aft police arrived. nasmeh was the prime suspect in the jeanine arms messing person case. mass nay was one of two men who was out drinking with harms the night she disappeared. he was in custody for two years until charges against him were dismissed after questions surfaced over evidence in the case. whether mass nasmeh was stalked by sanchez is unknown. >> didn't speak to whether it was coincidence at that time -- that they met or whether the suspect preplanned this. that's something we work into, whether this is premeditated or something we call a heat of passion where they just ran into each other, and the suspect
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became upexpect -- upset and retrieved a again. that's something we want to establish. >> reporter: we spoke with an officer with the los gatos police, and nasmeh's death has certainly taken them by surprise. they say they had no other suspect, but couldn't comment yet on how nasmeh's death with affect the jeanine arms investigation. live -- jeanine harms investigation. >> terry: a soldier from danville has died in afghanistan. military officials say 4-year-old army major evan moldike died in a noncom bat related incident. no other details are available. he had been in afghanistan for a year, was supposed to come back home to danville in just two weeks. he is survived by with wife and three teenagers. he served in iraq five years ago. a new report claims pg&e may have intentionally increased the under at least 11 of its gas
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pipelines, includes -- including the one that exploded in san bruno to avoid an expensive test. a 2002 federal law requires any pipeline running under a populated area to be regulated based on peak pressure over five years. if a pipeline's pressure ever rises above that level it mug judd gene an expensive water pressure test. critics suspect that in order to avoid the test, pg&e has been artificially spiking the pressure of its lines to the legal limit. pg&e admitted they spiked pipelines but declares the move was safe. >> among hosting america's cup, san francisco may be forced to move some high-profile tenants from their waterfront locations. it includes piers 19 and 29, 30 and 3 2. we talked to some of the businesses. >> larry ellisons america's cup
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race is expected to bring in more than $1 billion when it comes in 2013. turns out what is good for the city by the bay isn't necessarily good for the businesses by it. from the pedicabs that cruise the embark dare -- embarcadero to soccer players in the parking lot, to mr.eded tood's vintage r -- tours. they're about to begin a wild ride. as many as 8 0 businesses could be forced to move. david chu said they shouldn't worry. >> the city absolutely values these wednesdays and -- expwnsz we're going to assist in relocation. >> reporter: businesses are sitting on piers where ellison's team plans to hold a public viewing area for the regatta. >> i would love the america's
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cup to come to san francisco. but i think that it could be brought here without a sort of slash and burn approach to the waterfront. >> reporter: michael denny runs american wine distributors in pier 23. moving out of his space will mean a major headache. all his business licenses are tied to his address. >> i have about 65 licenses all over the country that are all posted to that address. and if i move, i have to move them all. >> reporter: it's no laughing matter. the port of san francisco has yet to decide which of the 80 businesses will get to stay and which will have to move. nonetheless, the first round of businesses could be forced to relocate by the end of this year. >> terry: bay area air quality officials entered their fourth winter "spare the air" alert. it will be in effect all day tomorrow and bans the burning of
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wood, manufacture effort fire logs or solid fuel rg both indoors and out. first-time offenders receive a warning, and see second violation can cost you $400 and goes up from there. the mission commemorates the legacy of martin luther king, jr. tomorrow. the annual freedom train will depart the caltrans station at 9:30, stub in sunnyvale, palo alto, san mateo, and in san francisco riders will march to the center of the arts. up next, congresswoman gabrielle giffords' condition continues to improve. we have an update for you next, and a new york senator accepts the offer to sit next to a republican colleague during the state of the union address. >> leigh: it's been a foggy
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weekern especially for the inland valley locations. we're going to see more fog tonight. advisories are already in place, and we'll see if we hahahahahahñ
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> terry: congresswoman giffords' condition improved to serious today after she was taken off a ventilator. the tracheotomy done a day
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earlier went well. giffords is one of 19 people shot at a safeway store last weekend where six people were killed. the shootings were a special soldier of "this week". in a town hall setting those personally touched by the crime shared their memories and feelings. report roirt was the day. >> reporter: a day they'll never forget. >> looked over and it was bang, bang, bang. >> he was pulling a magazine out of his pants pocket with his aren't -- left hand. >> in tune hall -- town haul meeting those were -- those with a permanent connection tried to make sense of the senseless. >> hispanic things done by normal people. means we're human beings, and that's one of the most lasting impressions, is to see what people were doing for someone else. >> terry: william badger tackled
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the gunman. >> i had a chokehold, roger had a knee on the back of his neck. i felt the bullet hit the back of my head, and it was just a stinging sensation. >> terry: daniel hernandez made a plea for solidarity. >> i think we have seen a big sense of the community coming together or not, not just tucson, but the national community. we need to utilize this to have a more constructive instead of destructive political discourse. >> terry: one man who was wounded was in the audience and made what seemed to be a threat against a tea party leader, also present. james fuller was taken away for psychiatric evaluation. in the end, this tucson school girl said it best. >> it makes the world sound like a crazy place sometimes. >> reporter: abc news. >> terry: as more political leaders call for tone-ed down rhetoric spin creased civility,
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two new york senators are making a symbolic gesture. >> my colleague called for democrats and republicans to sit together at the state of the union. i called up tom, and he graciously agreed, we're going to set together wednesday night at the state of the union. >> terry: it's scheduled for january 25th. he says he hopes some of his colleagues follow his lead, and itch politicians don't down their rhetoric, re media may be. >> terry: in tunisia, there's virtually no government in charge. and we have the results of a new poll on the healthcare, and will the winter warmth hang on? >> mike: another nfl double-header. she seahawks in chicago, and she seahawks in chicago, and braylon edwards
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>> terry: a large gun battle broke out in tunisia as rioting continues in the capitol city. loyalist of the dethroned president were in the streets.
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hundreds of people were arrested. officials are trying to restore order. looters have clean out shops and some stories are starting to run low on bread and milk. the prime minister says a knew national unity government will be announced tomorrow. >> chinese leader visits washington this week, and he said the international currency system dominate bid the u.s. dollar is a product of the past. he says china is taking steps to replace the dollar with the yen, its open currency. the u.s. accused china of manipulating the u.n. to help boost chinese experts. >> american's strong opposition to probe -- president obama's healthcare plan has dim minimum issued. it's dropped to 30%. opposition in general has dropped from 47% down to 41%. 40% support it.
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the g.o.p.-led house will voas -- vote this week on repealing the law. leigh glaser is here. >> leigh: a dry week ahead if we can just get through some of this fog. we'll warm up tuesday and wednesday. you can see from our high definition east bay camera, looking out over the emeryville yeah, that we're seeing less fog there, but out towards concord, still quite a bit of fog. reports of fog moving into the napa valley area, and near santa rosa, so it will be moving around across the bay area. fog advisories through the bay area overnight. 39 right now in antioch. 53 in the livermore valley area. san francisco, 53. north bay, santa rosa, 54. napa, 50. here's a look at your highlights for the work week. densing for advisory overnight. morning fog, going to be dense tomorrow morning, and then we should break out into partial
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afternoon clearing, a little more than today. and don't forget, for is a "spare the air" day, which means no burning. here's the setup on the satellite. the fog is sitting out towards s the delta, and the central valley socked in, and this the see scenario tonight as the fog starts to might grate in towards the bay and the coast, and the desk fog advisories until 11:00 tomorrow. most lock indication across the bay area. visibilities right now, concord, less than three miles. half moon bay, less than two miles visible. we're doing pretty good for now, but things will change overnight as long as that fog will redevelop. seeing reports of it starting to creep in third coastal communities as well right now. 46 expected low san rafael. 48, san francisco. 48 for oakland. 43 for livermore. 45 tonight for antioch.
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if we can just get this fog out of here, high pressure wants to bring us a nice couple of days. it's pushing the storm track the north so no rain in the offing, a dry work week ahead. tomorrow afternoon and tuesday, this high will really start to settle over the bay area, and that's when we're going to get the fog thin out. so looks like sunshine developing tomorrow afternoon, should be a sunny day on tuesday. and of course that will mean warmer temperatures for tuesday, too. tomorrow, not too bad. 64 for san jose. at the coast, 63 for half moon bay, palo alto, less fog tomorrow so 64 degrees there. 60, daly city. 61, overcast, san francisco. in the north bay, santa rosa, 65. ukiah, 68. that's where the sun will be. napa hopefully will break out
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into afternoon sunshine. 62. 62 for berkeley. 63 oakland. 64 fremont. interior east bay, fairfield, vacaville, that's where the fog has been sitting, and that's where temperatures have been the coolest the past several days. fairfield, 57 degrees there. concord, 59. 60 for livermore, and if you want a little heat, head to watsonville. 69 tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast, really slight fluctuations in the temperatures depending on when the fog thins out. wednesday, thursday, dry, right into next weekend. the forecast models bring something clouds in next saturday night and sunday. >> terry: threatening clouds? >> leigh: could be. >> terry: what's going non. >> mike: how about a little nfl football. the jets have been talking trash leading up to their match with the patriots. it worked in the first half.
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see who got the last laugh. second quarter, here comes the jets. sanchez to tomlinson. gets to the corner. 7-3 funk. under 1:00 to go in the half. sanchez to edwards, will not be denied. jets 14-3 at the half. could they hold on? late in the fourth, brady, all sorts of time. tom rolls right. it's 14-11. the jets needing to an in a big way, and holmes delivers. from sanchez. beautiful catch. both feet in jets up 21-11. late in the fourth. pats cut it to seven. jets recover the onside kick, and then green delivers the dagger. rex ryan is loving it. tom brady can't believe it. jets meet the steelers with a 28-21 victory. >> we came here for a reason.
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we said that we believe when maybe -- maybe everybody else never believed us or whatever. but we worked to hard to bet back here. we came here for a reason weapon thought we were the better team. >> you're on a treadmill running at 10-miles-an-hour and someone hits the stop button. a game we certainly expected to play better today. >> mike: the nfc, bearses and seahawks, soldier field. first quarter, chicago's third play from scrimmage. jay cutler, deep and on the money. 58 yards. first bear receiver with over 100 yards in postseason history. later in the first, taylor, easy money. bears up 14-0. in the second, cutler keeps it, from six yard out. first of his two rushing scores. 21-0 bears at the half in the fourth, seattle down 28-3. trying to cover the spread. 28-10.
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but cutler would drop the hammer on the hawks. third and one, cutler through for 274 yards and two scores. seattle's run is over. the bears host the packers next week with a 35-24 victory. >> the raiders' soap on bra between al davis and tom cable took a financial twist. davis began deducting 20 grand from cable's check each week to the tune of 120,000. cable filed a grievance against davis with the nfl. an arbitrator will make the final ruling. davis and cable barely spoke during the second half of the season for a multitude of reasons, even though this was the team's best season since 2002. stay tuned. the warriors will host the nets in a matinee tomorrow on martin luther king day. martin luther king is just a history lesson to most of these young warrior players. among the ceremonial jess tours,
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custom shoes, and kid will shadow warrior employees, employers and coaches understand the significance of the day. >> this day is huge as far as what he was able to do for not only mine noartz and people of color but everyone. when you get chance to play today, it's special. >> a big day, and we have been getting lucky and been able to play on all the holidays and big days like martin luther king. so it's definitely an honor to play. >> mike: the first major of the year in tennis. the australian open, will be all about nadal indiana -- rafael nadal winning his first grand slam. maria had no problem. sharapova has been battling shoulder injuries but is determined to get back in the major picture. won easily today in straight
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sets. >> we got a little golf. hope to see you at 11:00. >> terry: are you prepared to make predictions for next week? >> mike: ike i.e.d. like to see the parkers and jetness the super -- jets in the super bowl. if i had to make a pick, i'd say jets and packers. you're forcing me. >> terry: you did well today, 2-2. a big weekend at the movies. the box office winners coming up. shift your weigh left foot.
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♪ >> grab a rope! >> terry: mike shumann drives home from work. i'm sorry. that's the green hornet. it top the top spot at the box office. sold 34 million bucks worth of tickets. second, the dilemma, earned 17 million. rounding out the top three, "true grit" hanging in there picked up $11 million, bringing its total to more than $126 million.
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>> that's it for us. thanks for joining us. see you tonight at 11:00. also follow us 24/7 at captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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