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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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neither connected from that canal to the suspects in this case. but just announced tomorrow morning they're going to do another search. >> there is hope we're going to find him alive. >> they athat dive teams located the vehicle in 17 feet of water a stolen silver lexus not the toyota corolla. >> unfortunately ladies and gentlemen we have been unable to locate the vehicle. >> and investigators say a local farm worker thought he saw a car driving into the water tuesday night. police believe his abductor is his mother's ex-boyfriend. an exconvict with a criminal history that includes involuntary manslaughter. >> that means he's still in
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his car. and i knew if the car was pulled out he wasn't going to be in it and my son wasn't going to be in it, either. >> this surveillance video shows rodriguez buying beer, his silver corolla is pulling into the station on the right. >> and we'll follow up on every lead that we get. we're not going to cease looking for our victim. >> and we're almost back to square one. >> and you can see the small memorial. sheriffs just announced they're going to one more look at the canal just to make sure there isn't another car that somehow became in that area and encourage folks the amber alert is still active.
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they're asking anyone with information to contact police. >> there have been major shake ups tonight at two of the biggest and best-known companies. google and hewlett-packard. >> that is right. the announcement from google overshadowed by solid 4th quarter earnings report. and google founders are shoveling their responsibility was eric schmidt. abc 7's david louie is live tonight with more on this sudden change, david, and what it means for the company. >> this will be the same people at the top at google. eric schmidt gets a new title which some imply he's being pushed aside but this is apparently not the case here. >> google revenue up 26% compared to a year ago.
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why change ceos? here is what eric schmidt said. >> i believe larry ready. his ideas are interesting and clever. it's time to do a fantastic job. >> and reluctant to say schmidt has done anything wrong. he worked to make google a giant advertising platform bringing you tube into the fold. google hasn't made a dent and has stumbled on tv. and analysts think that will be the focus in the new job. >> maybe google needs more in in washington, d.c. and and. >> page was enthusiastic about embracing his new duties. >> i cannot be more excited
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about moving us forward. we're only at the beginning and i just can't wait to get this started. >> since google will retain same executives at the top the change isn't expected disruptive. now page will have to be more public becoming the public face of a company instead of the creator of google products. >> this could help. this is what they intend to be a shot in the arm. the question is whether he's going to be able to move it into a new direction. >> the change will happen in early april. and schmidt once said part of the job is adult supervision of the two young founders of google today tweet adult day-to-day supervision is no longer needed. >> and four members of
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hewlett-packard's board are stepping down. ne will not stand for reelection at the annual meeting in march. the company did not give a reason but the move comes just six months after the company ousted former ceo mark herd in a scandal relationship and it triggered shareholder lawsuits and an internal investigation. hp is including meg whitman. >> and the city of vallejo announces a plan to emerge from bankruptcy but that means city employees will bare a significant financial burden. mark talking about deep cuts into what they had been promised. >> you're right. the plight of bankruptcy, vallejo allowed employees to accrue sick leave and vacation time with promise it could be
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cashed in at retirement. the city manager told reporters the city reach aid milestone. >> we've stabilized the city and do not anticipate any further reductions. >> in the two and a half years since the city declared bankruptcy, the police force has been reduced from 155 officers to 90, 60% of the homeowners are underwater on mortgages, and three fire stations closed and road repairs postponed. >> we've reached a point where everybody is concerned what is next? what is dum? >> the manager admits morale is low. but there will be no more layoffs. the city is proposing to deny claims made by current employee autos for orderlyry city workers said they may receive between five and 0 cents on a dollar for lost
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benefits. >> a lawyer asked to reject that proposal. >> if the union says says he thinks the city is playing it straight with worker autos yes. i'd say so. yes. and i'd have no doubt in the final situation. >> in a fire department bill tweety says he's been with the department 27 years, built up 3,000 hours of unused sick leave. >> if you promise someone something in the end that is what you should be given them after 35 years of service. you should be giving them what you said you're going to give them. >> the city manager says that is just not possible. >> would we decrease fire? close another fire station? take more police off the streets? >> and the deal will have to go before a judge for a a.proveal this, was the second
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largest in california history. carol? >> mark matthews reporting. arnold schwartzeneggar being sued taken to court over one of the final decisions made before leaving office to commute the sentence of a young man involved in a murder. and the family of the victim is furious. >> he missed with the wrong family. >> surround bid pictures of lieu ease sanchez, the family of the 22-year-old murdered college student said they can't let what they call injustice prevail, one of the men convicted of the murder got his sentence reduced to seven years just before he left office. the move sparked outrage because nunez is the son of a schwartzeneggar ally. fabbin nunez. the family says they've used his influence to call in a favor. >> it was the other father, the criminal's father that acted with emotion that interfered with justice this,
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was a political interference on the judicial system. >> the family filed a lawsuit claiming this was illegal under marcy's law passed to protect victims' rights. the family says they should have been notified before. >> he betrayed all victims of california when betraying the santos family. >> neither older nunez nor schwartzeneggar responded to our calls but have said the jents was excessive considering he was not the one who fatally stabbed santos. the attorney said dmoit believe the lawsuit will have an impact. because to make a decision making power of the governor related to power and commute taigss. the lawsuit seek nose compensation only for the nunez sentence to be restored. >> the governor's power to
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pardon or commute sentences is something that goes back even before the american constitution. and it's unasailable. >> kathy and fred say they're ready to take the case to the supreme court. nannette miranda abc 7 news. >> crews will be back tomorrow to the powerful rain storm, winds excess of 50 miles per hour call kaused damage on sterling drive. the gusts so strong they blew gravel off the roof peeling back tar paper beneath it. >> and there is some tapping. and it started getting louder and louder. and then... all of a sudden a big flop. i mean, boom. >> fwoitsing to cost 7,000ses today repair damage. the city inspector told the owner she can stay for now but
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the work needs to be done before it rains sor she can be ordered out. >> the sound of chain saws heard throughout the oakland hills today because of the tree that's blew over. sky 7 took this picture of a 100 foot tree that toppled into westbound hanes near park boulevard. two lanes of traffic had to be closed during morning commute because of this. and not far away, the powerful gusts knocked over another big tree landing on top of a el camino. >> and our poor neighbor. he loved his car. it's too bad. >> i'm not overly concerned about the car. cars are replaceable. no one was hurt. the neighbor across the street is okay. and life will continue on. >> and what a great attitude he has. another tree came down in piedmont that did not damage cars but did prevent residents from getting out of driveway autos we'll get a full report coming up.
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>> and that is right. now looking ahead to calmer and shifting winds. so i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and also ahead, napa state hospital workers demand prog tex from the violence. tonight taking their complaints to sacramento. >> and a woman thanks doctors for a operation restoring her voice. tonight you'll hear from her both before and after. >> the identical twin sisters on a mission to serve the country.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. today governor brown
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declared a new fiscal emergency for california. giving lawmakers 40 days to act on a plan to erase the $26 billion deficit. new urgency in sacramento. with brutal attacks and a murder workers at napa state hospital say they want to be able to go to job was out fearing for their lives. tonight the state department responds to their demands. our vic lee has the story. >> 80% of the patients at napa state have been charged or convicted of a crime. we've been covering this story for months. and almost every worker we've met tells us that they've been a victim of an attack by a violent patient. >> he turned around grab mood me and slammed me and punched me numerous times. >> he grabbed me and pulled me into the room. >> i thought it's a safe place. and as an intern committed to
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the continued improvement of the security. >> attacks continue though it's been three months since the psych tech was murdered. jennifer turner speaks for the agency that runs napa state and four other hospitals and says they now have workers patrolling the most dangerous area where criminally insane are housed and workers being trained to deal with aggressive paish yeents we want safety and want it now. >> what workers say they really want are hospital police. and they're stationed in the forensics units. now police respond from outside of the barbed wire fence. >> what is so difficult about putting police there now? and workers say this is the state of emergency in napa. >> the hospital police officers we have on campus have a rye sponsibility. we have made shifts to
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increase hospital police officer presence within the secured treatment area you're taking thaem way from other areas. >> but they're not permanently stationed in units? >> but that is something under consideration. it's being analyzed. >> what do you say to worker who's say they're afraid to come to work? >> i think the, what the department would want to message to those employees is that they're concerns are reasonable. >> i asked turner how long this will take before they act on requests for more police. she said all that have is driven by money. and considering the battle over money that is going on in sacramento that could take months and workers say the situation is dangerous and unacceptable. >> and students in a middle school are fighting violence with smiles.
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they the san francisco unified school district's respect week focusing on diversity, conflict resolution and prevention of bullying. >> in the hallways and classes we smile at one another it builds our community and says i may not know you but i'm going to give you a smile and maybe brighten your day or passing periods. >> school also puts smile stars in hallways watching for grins and surprising students with stickers that say "i got got smiling". you do feel better when you smile. >> we need smiles on the streets. >> and there is is is -- you you've expected the giants for a home game. and there is a high definition over in emeryville. clear skies, mild conditions
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and weather going to be with us sometime. let's take a look at some of the high temperatures up to 70 degrees in oakland and also 70 degrees in santa cruz. numerous highs into ucher 60s, cool spots in san rafael. highs of only 59 degrees and pleasant weather. and oakland airport high today of 67 degrees, setting a new record high for this date. old report is 64 degrees set just two years ago. right now temperatures 49 in fairfield. 50 in napa now. 60 in san jose. here are the highlights. clear, colder tonight. and especially inland valleys. mild and spring like this weekend. and there is a dry pattern with us throughout the week. and this afternoon, you can see high pressure still controlling factor in weather. there is a flow which i'm sure you've heard bringing us warmer and drier air from land
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to sea. wind pattern is shifting as you can see here. and with this off shore flow we won't have strong gusting winds. it's going to be mild and dry throughout the seven-day forecast period and into next week. there is is low temperatures dropping into mid is we'll see lows into is sunny skies with high temperatures up to 67 degrees in san jose. 68 in campbell. 67 in coupe tino. mid-60s on the peninsula. 66 palo alto 60s on the coast. and mid-60s also in and around san francisco and 62 in sunset district and north bay.
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68 tomorrow in santa rosa and cloverdale. highs into mid up toer 60s up to about 68 in oakland. and inland east bay will be pleasant. and low to mid-60s for the most part and monterey is watsonville, 71. here is the accu-weather forecast. and hits just keep coming. and sunny skies, throughout the weekend and throughout the seven-day forecast period. inland and mid 60s and temperatures just a couple degrees and a drop off in temperatures and it's lovely. >> and coming up next, emergency medical technology now being tested in the bay area. >> how your condition report can arrive at the hospital before you do.
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if you're having a serious heart attack difference between live and death can be minutes but new technology being tested could buy precious time for patients who need it most. the crew onboard this ambulance say critical pieces
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of information arriving before they do. >> this is and there is monitoring used every day dur emergency calls. this is part of a pilot study by john muir medical center. >> and so there is reading the heart and in moments ekg will print a read out of the heart rhythm and will be transmitted to the hospital. >> and we now have a wireless. >> this is seven. okay. and in a matter of moments the patients are in concord. the wireless system includes a combination of a cell signal and routers. doctors can prepare their team to deliver treatments ranging
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from angioplasty to placing a stent in a blocked artery. >> and there is this is ability to influence treatment. and and there is six facilities equipped to handle major heart attacks and stay sai national standards call for intervention within 90 minutes. in part john muir cut back time to under an hour. >> this is the vessels opened the better optimistic. >> and there is no data, doctors expect it to become standard for emergency response. >> and for now i think it's the wave of the future. early ino vengs. you know? with hearts, the less time something, the better the patient is going to do. >> and the system will be
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installed in hospitals. >> and coming up at 6:30 we're going to show why there is no time to be a buyer or seller now. >> and some of the worst criminals, one of the biggest mafia take down autos and a marine reservist using teaching credentials to make?t?ñ
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good evening, 200 ended on a positive note for real estate. sales of previously owned homes ticked up. however, the national reality tore association says last year was the worst in 13 years. and down from the year before. here in the bay area, sales and prices were down in december in almost every
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county. we have the report from san jose. >> robert is looking to down size so he's starting with an eye on both buying a home in san jose, and selling. >> this seller is a uncomfortable position there. is not pressure for people to buy. >> he's right. home sales across the bay area are down more than 8% in the past year and jant clara county there are 1600 homes sold in december. and that is a drop of 14% from the previous december. prices fared better droning just over 3% to 460,000. agents say prices are stabilizing. and gone are the days of wild appreciation and investors flipping homes. >> we're probably easing into a more normal market. people are starting to buy homes in terms of long-term thinking. >> many are worried markets
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faces problem was those adjustable rate mortgages. nearly one out of every three homes sold in the bay area last month was a foreclosure resale. many say there is a pent up demand being squashed by lending practices that has swung to the extreme. >> we have a ready, willing and able buyer and seller. but have to bridge the gap as to making loans easier to obtain. for qualified peem he is lucky not worried about getting a loan but is caught in the middle. wanting to sell this property for at least $700,000 and buy for less. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and more than 100 expected mobsters in custody tonight in what is being called one of the largest single take downs in u.s. history. 800 agents and police officers raided homes torkd dragging suspects out of their beds in new york, new jersey and rhode island. authorities charged 127
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suspected mobsters and associates with a long list of felonies including murder, drug trafficking and labor racketeering. >> they've shown a willingness to kill and z.make money to silence witnesses. our goal is to eradicate these folks as menaces to this nation. >> and the attorney says the suspects included members of the gambino and clumo crime families, union official twoz former police officers and a suspect in italy. >> arizona gabrielle giffords road to recovery will take her to houston tomorrow. she will fly to houston to begin rehab meeting with her new team of doctors led by one of the army top trauma surgeons. his experience makes him uniquely qualified. the condition continues to
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improve and it's amazing. she saw sunlight today for the first time and is beginning to stand with assistance and is scrolling through an ipad. her husband is very optimistic. >> i'm hopeful that gabby is going to make a full recovery and will be talking and walking and in two months you'll see her walking through the front door of the building. >> she should arrive in houston by afternoon tomorrow. >> a teach jer using her skills to improve lives of thousands of students. she's a marine reservist. her mission to build an education system in the area. and we have the story. >> children playing in the school yard is only once again becoming a part of the afghan way of live. the 1979 invasion then a series of wars practically destroyed the education system. the taliban banned girls from
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attending classes. >> they haven't been able to go to school. >> major nina is a marine reservist, her job has been to help rebuild the education system in the violent hellman provence, have fr setting up schools to establishing a basic cirriculum. us u.s. military secured the area parents began to feel more comfortable to send their children to schools. with the help of commute leaders she's worked to convince parents to invest in their childrens' ed ookts kid needs to know how to read. right? if you want to build anything in this country you've got to build a literate population. >> maja is a a region. in nine months, four new schools have been added and the number of new students has grown 200 with 1,000 with girls in the mix. >> this is a success story. 40 girls sitting side by side
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their afghan boy saz big deal. >> some training came from this school. it's in san francisco sunset district. she was a teacher and on track to be a prance pal. her colleague jen silverman remembers. and others have been following the accomplishments through her blog. >> to me this is overwhelming. for nina it's -- just what she does. you know? she comes in with hope to change. >> diamato set to return in san francisco in march but will still have ties to afghanistan. she's on the board of an all-girl school in kabul. >> so it will never be a disstant memory. afghanistan will always westbound me. >> and we learned about that story through you reports powered by you tube f you have a story we should know about
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upload video or send us an e mail. >> and coming up next, michael finney helps a man making a to00 mistake. >> case of
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>> all new. oprah: our australian grand finale. >> the headline-making entrance. oprah: hugh jackman! bono! >> nicole kidman and keith urban. oprah: olivia newton-john. >> and -- oprah: a jaw-dropping >> if you have internet or phone shfs chances are you bundle them together. >> one viewer found out it could be a source.
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>> and as you said bungled, bundled. >> i didn't want to say that. and he had the situation settled that. is... until he tried to turn on the tv. >> and this bill sums it up. and the problem is that he should have sent to it verizon. >> there is -- this is my fault. i said yeah this, is my fault. >> and it happened when he electrically paid the bill to the wrong company. coleman bund yelz under the triple play. that gives him internet and phone service from verizon and television from direct tv. >> verizon said i hadn't paid them. so when i talked to direct tv they told me they sent the money to verizon. >> so the problem was solved he thought then he tried to turn on the tv. >> turning it on there was nothing there.
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just shut out. >> his direct tv had been cutoff. the same thing happened to internet z some of his phone tu tours like caller id. there is no record of him making a payment. so... >> one conference call... the first time. with direct tv and verizon. the woman at verizon kept telling me it isn't on our book autos he decided to call 7 on your side and we made contact with verizon, then took care of everything. his services are now restored and payment correctly credited to the right accounts. >> i'm glad you're around. i mean... i watched your program and listened to you on the radio. and i have -- when i get frustrated that is the first thing i thought of.
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>> and. >> verizon said' poll jized to dennis. direct tv said it did what it could. >> and that is would it work. >> coming up next twin sisters
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look at this. largest rocket launched on the west coast took off today with a top secret spy satellite on board. the rocket lift off pushed back two minutes to avoid an object in space. koit have been in the path. the launch took three years of planning and $100 million in upgrades. it was successful today. >> if you're driving to work and seems easier than it used to be you're right. san francisco oakland region is now ranked sixth worse commute in the country that. is the lowest ranking in 28 years. texas transportation institute said san francisco oakland drivers wasted 49 hours in congestion in 2009. a 30% drop in 2007. and our slow recovery from the
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recession helped. san jose was 22nd. >> a modesto woman is one of only two patients to receive a larynx transplant. she'd been unable to speak and this video shows an international team performing 18 hours, transfering the thyroid from a donor. here is what she sounded like before. >> i'd like to get my voice back. >> this is how she sounds now. >> this is still a long journey and still working hard but this is improving every day its remarkable. she's using a breathing tube, doctors hope to remove it next few month autos twins are taking an unusual step in listing in the army together.
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it's been an emotional journey prepared for boot camp. and and this is she's still the baby of the family. >> her family has a difficult time telling identical twins melissa and maylien apart. at 18 they've tried to go their separate ways but haven't managed to get far. >> we try to go different ways but in the end we meet at the same point. >> a month ago that was an army recruiting center. the two sisters decided to enlist together. >> it was a sight caught their recruiters by surprise. >> we haven't been able too track any case where twins were females joined army before. so i'm assuming they're the first one autos for these sisters it's a way to pursue an education, make parents proud. >> my mom once i told her she was like okay. the army is going to teach you
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something i couldn't teach you guys. more discipline. goitsing to be different. it's a different thing i couldn't teach you they know their mother is proud. she told them so before she died of cancer just a week after she enlisted. >> she said i support you and know you're going to do good at it z this is for your future. >> melissa leaving for boot carp in -- camp in two weeks but nine weeks after that they'll go go their separate ways. maylene staying in virginia. melissa joining reserves. >> it will help us grow part. we've been together always, we share a room and had to share a car for a while and everything. >> we're continues, -- twins. we're treated like one, everything we had to share but now it's given us room to separate. >> and good luck to them.
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>> yes. >> let's focus again on this weather that will continue for a while oo. yes there is another accu-weather forecast update. >> it's beach weather. i'm going start by ocean beach this afternoon low tide. and there is you report low tide. you can see a wide expanse of the sand. i've never seen so much before. and it's nice to view this afternoon thank you for that. and and we'll see highs well into upper low to mid-60s. and coastline going to be a lovely day. checking out the weekend outlook for and there is high temperatures 51 friday and sunday will be chilly overnight. but often is this time of the year, here is our accu-weather forecast. there is a mild weekend coming
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up. and this weather extends into next week and high temperatures mid to upper 60s inland. and then remaining sunny, dry, but by mid week temperatures tapering off but not sharply. going to be pleasant and warm. >> just ahead tonight an exciting player in the nba. >> and it's a long shot. >> hñhñhñhñhñhñhñhñhñhñhñhñhñhñ!ñ
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here is a look at top seven stories now. you can stay connected 24-7 at abc 7 >> join me tonight at 9:00. coming up then ask and you shall receive. a sensation scores $1 million just by asking. >> then by 11:00 and patients are getting do it yourself
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drug tests. this is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> we'll see you then. >> and our sports director trying to get monty ellis on the radar screen. >> saying ellis had one of the best games of the year last night. and 36 points. and this mystery isn't in the top 10 in all star game voting just among western conference guards. >> the shot was pretty. all star game veting is not. and there is 26 points with nine games at 35 games or more. three 40-point games. he's not a top 10 ballotting among west yerns guard.
6:55 pm
seven reserves will be chosen. >> great for you guys to have a chance to do this. >> 1997 to be exact. spreewell is the last golden state player named as an all star. where is monty 14 years ago? this is mud pie at that time. >> numbers stacked against monty. kobe bryant brine and chris paul probably voted in the starters, darren williams aplaying on winning teams. and too many guards not enough spots. >> someone is going to be left off. it's impossible to do when you have this year, you have a collection of some guys playing well. >> and warriors lack of success. quarterback tom brady had a
6:56 pm
right foot today. and and much of the season to prevent it from breaking completely. and this is knocking brady out of the playoffs. the jets, jets shouting to pittsburgh. >> we need and jet played steelers sunday in pittsburgh with winner advancing to super bowl. >> there is only four teams and there is promises now and you realize how fortunate you are. and i wonder what that is like. that is what we're planning on doing. >> davis love the third in 2012, love playing on six
6:57 pm
rider cup teams, second round of the bob hope classic today. and there is boo weekly. six under 66 with 13 under for first. day five down under. aussie open. juan martin dmot get a grip on things against marcos. and the bad news for trouble in and so did the return, tough to return at 10 feet away. he's coming back from wrist surgery z there is u.s. open champ in vets. looks like he's playing hand ball. >> thank you. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for watching. >> thanks for watching. >> seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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