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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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i'm amy hollyfield. live in oakland where parents are wondering how in the world second graders could engage in sexual acts in the classroom while the teacher was there. i'll battles the story coming up. >> also in the headlines, just hours from now, sheriff's deputies in stanislaus county will begin searching a patterson canal for a kidnapped child. this time they will be using sophisticated sonar equipment. >> check out the embarcadero this morning. it's cold one, temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler but still
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record highs. i'll tell you where. >> we're seeing people hit the roads but not enough to show you down. bay bridge is delay free. i'm eric thomas acre. >> and i'm kristen sze. let's begin with a story that left parents speechless. an oakland second grade school teacher while the school investigates reports of sex acts in the middle of class. amy hollyfield joins us live from markham elementary school. >> the teacher will not be here today. he is not allowed back at the school pending the outcome of the investigation. officials confirm there were two incidents, the first one, several kids took their clothes off. second one, two kids engaged in oral sex. the teacher was in the classroom. he is not accused of being involved, but his lack of supervision is being questioned.
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school officials say they will be holding classes for the students to review what is appropriate behavior. >> offer our deepest apologies, this is egregious lack of supervision and has detrimental effects on the children. we're trying to establish the school as a safe haven in the city. when an incident like this occurs it violates the trust. we're going to battles work hard to repair our relations with the community. >> they sent a letter out the parents telling them what happened and the trp teacher will not be coming back to school until the investigation is complete. they battles a counselor talking to the children trying to figure out how this happened and why. >> it's 6:02. >> oakland police are warning residents to be aware of their surroundings after sexual
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assault near lake merritt. a woman was on her way home when he was robbed and attacked in a residential neighborhood off of lake shore avenue. she was treated for injuries and then released from the hospital. she has not yet provided a detailed description of her attacker but police are working to see if this assault is connected to two others that occurred in the same area this past september. this morning, federal prosecutors now say a pleasanton university is actually a front that illegally providing immigration status to foreign nationals. contra costa times reports that immigration and custom enforcement agents raided the campus this week. it caters mostly to online students. school's founders has made millions of dollars in tuition fees by issuing visa related documents. a complaint filed with the u.s. attorney's office says more than
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95% of students were from india and more than half of them reported their address as a single apartment in sunnyvale. >> the san jose school board has voted to take millions of dollars away from an adult education program that teaches people english and trains them for jobs. it was the focus of last night's board meeting. superintendent wants to take that money for more programs for k-12 education. now the district needs the cash, it can take it. parents and students sounded off which groups should get priority. >> so they can battles it for education and support their children. >> these guys only get one chance. this is it. we need to start at the low level. 7,000 adults use the
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program. cuts will begin in may. >> as you know, school districts throughout the bay area are hurting financially. we checked in to see how programs are being affected. we didn't get an answer from mount tiablo unified the principal says they battles not had any adult education cuts yet but oakland unified slashed its program closed two adult education campuses and discontinuing many courses. a chilly start on friday morning to the gateway to the weekend. >> then it's going to be unbelievable spring like day. >> we could set record highs. good morning to you. hard to believe when you step outside, calmness, it took over and those cool conditions returned. look at all the 30s inland. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, livermore, mid to upper 30s. same thing with redwood city. mainly mid 40s around san jose and bay shore. we do battles warmer weather, san francisco 50 and 47 in
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oakland. as far as compared to yesterday, look at napa, oakland, concord, livermore, los gatos, 10-15 degrees cooler. everybody is cooler. even by one degree in san francisco until half moon bay, temperature is the same as yesterday. take a look at what is going to happen. we'll battles sunshine, put an asterisk next to an area with a record high. 68 in oakland. 68 in santa rosa. warmest weather, rui die yeah at 70. coolest san rafael. as far as around the monterey bay we battles mid to upper 60s, even a 71 as you head into salinas. compared to 24 hours ago, temperatures will be a little warmer in fremont, one to two degrees there. same thing in santa rosa, 68 and about two degrees cooler in oakland and san francisco. ten hours of sunshine today. accu-weather seven-day forecast, steady as she goes, a lot of
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sunshine. we may see more fog fuss and wednesday but temperatures are in the 50s. friday light so far, still the same, here is frances dinglasan. >> still the same. traffic didn't slow down at all and westbound traffic around the bridge, drive time is 14 minutes from 880 to 101. again, you'll continue to see the amber alerts on the freeway. northbound alert in san rafael and 20-minute drive from highway 37 in nova to golden gate bridge. south bay, no problems at all. headlights north 101 and 880 right across your screen. just hours from now, investigators will be back in the water at a stanislaus county canal looking for a car and any sign of a kidnapped child. this time they are bringing high-tech equipment with them.
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terry mcsweeney joins us live from that canal in patterson with the very latest. bringing out sonar to get to an area to search this canal that the divers just cannot get to. it dives down about 70 feet, goes under ground and comes back up. down there is where the silver corolla may be. sonar will help determine that. dragging a cable along the canal and they came up with a silver lexus, not the silver corolla. the one driven by the alleged kidnapper saying that he kidnapped the 4-year-old boy. deputies say they received leads from all over the state but right now, an eyewitness account of a silver car going into the canal tuesday evening is the best one they've got. missing boy's mother who is eight months pregnant with the suspect's child talked about the suspect. >> jose is scared.
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he probably doesn't know what to do. i know he'll start feeling like he is tired of running and he'll want to give up and want to turn himself in. >> reporter: they are hoping they don't find anything but divers couldn't search waters because of safety concerns because currents are so swift. right next to the tire tracks that led into the canal where the eyewitness said he saw a silver corolla go into the canal. investigators are still saying there is a chance that this car is not in this canal and amber alert is still out there. they are looking at the car last digits on the plate is 445.
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all right. thanks so much. >> just ahead, a change at the top for google. switch in the ceo chair,. >> the miraculous transplant that gave a woman back her voice. >> i'm janelle wang, former giants baseball star barry bonds will soon be headed for trial. today a hearing on damaging evidence, it could be a strikeout for the prosecution and a home
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it's 6:13. google chief executive eric schmidt is stepping down in a surprise shakeup. larry paige is reclaiming the top job. schmidt was brought in ceo a decade ago because google
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investors believed they needed a more mature leader. 55-year-old wrote, day to day adult supervision is no longer needed. he will act as advisor to paige and cofounder. the changes take effect april 4th. >> i believe larry is ready. he has been working on this area and his ideas are interesting and clever time for him to shot at running this. i'm sure ally hael do a fantastic job. >> they battles revealed schmidt plans to sell 535 google shares over the next year. today the perjury case against barry bonds, prosecutors once called a home run could face another big strike. bonds's attorneys are asking a judge to throw out some of the most critical evidence against the slugger. janelle wang has more. >> reporter: it's been seven years since barry bonds pled not
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guilty to multiple counts of perjury and obstruction. first of two hearings where a judge will decide what evidence will be admissible. the judge has barred evidence connected to a key witness who has refused to testify. greg anderson was his personal trainer and a frequent customer of balco labs in burlingame which developed and sold undetectible steroids. anderson has sent more than a year in prison on contempt instead of testifying against the slugger. defense is arguing that any evidence connected to anderson should be thrown out. urine tests on bonds came back positive for steroid use but the former baseball star has consistently said he never knowingly took performance enhancing drugs. investigators seized boxes of material from the laboratory anderson's home. there was handwritten notes labeled barry. laboratory ledgers and test
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results were also taken. prosecutors will argue they are entitled to use this evidence as a road map to lay out their case that bonds lied and misled investigators in the steroid scandal. prosecutors do battles other witnesses that could be damaging including a former bonds' girlfriend, kimberly bell as well as steve hopkins a personal manager. both sides will present arguments today. the judge will most likely come back with a decision next month. time for a look at the forecast. not so breeze this morning, a chill in the air. >> definitely, much colder than yesterday. we do battles fog trying to develop around santa rosa and tule fog trying to move into the delta communities, even east bay valleys. it's pretty hazy this morning. we'll see a little more haze than yesterday but still pollution levels, it can be in
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the healthy category according to the barrier air quality management district. we want to talk about the dense fog advisory, i know some of you will be travel in the central valley. visibility is limited down to a quarter of a mile on 99 and 5, especially in the southern central valley. some of the fog that is trying to move in the east bay right now. in fact, we battles a little bit of fog around antioch, 43. haze is thick around concord. half mile visibility in santa rosa. napa, livermore, mountain view, los gatos, redwood city, all in the upper 30s and low 40s for fremont, san jose, 46 in oakland and a mild 50 around san francisco and half moon bay. for monterey bay inland, low to mid 40s. gilroy, 34. bright afternoon, that is first highlight. near record high temperatures. they are possible again today. it would be the third day in a row. tonight it will be clear and
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warm almost as cold this morning. these temperatures are close to where we should be for this time of the year. no rain or sierra snow until february, so that is 10-11 days out. looking at 16-day range model, nothing comes close. we might set a record, there be a asterisk next to the temperature. low to mid 60 around the coast. had 68 in santa rosa. 58 in bodega bay. mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore. same with concord at 54. fog will keep brentwood around 58. antioch, 60. mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay. 55 in carmel. cool spot, morgan hill, 66. more upper 30s, mid to upper 60s in our valleys in the north bay and east bay with low to mid 40s around the bay and out to the
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coast. high pressure to of our east will keep the offshore flow and clouds won't get closer. this high is going to keep the dry pattern in place not only this weekend but all the way through your accu-weather seven-day forecast. we may see temperatures taper a little bit wednesday and thursday but still above average the good morning, frances. >> northbound 280 approaching geneva and one of the cars is facing the wrong way. traffic is a little slow. 48 miles an hour as you make your way north out of daly city. new injury crash on san pablo dam road. and slowest spot right now is in antioch, lone tree way, 42 minutes. here is a live shot of bay bridge from the bay bridge toll
6:20 am
plaza, we're looking at the incline section, traffic is starting to slow down. no major delays at the tolls yet but trying to see if there is something causing the slow down. i'll keep you posted. 680 in walnut creek, fog developed earlier, now it's very clear again. southbound traffic on the right heading towards highway 24. get the latest traffic when whenever you want it by going to our website at a modesto woman is sharing her voice with the world again all thanks to one of the most complex transplant operations surgeons can perform. brenda jensen is second person ever to receive a larynx transplant. a team of surgeons from around the world practiced on cadavers for two years before actually doing the complex operation. thanks to their work, she went from sounding like this....
6:21 am
>> sounding like a robot. >> to sounding like this. >> and i'm doing it. it was very much worth it to me. >> her vocal cords were paralyzed during surgery when a ventilation tube was accidentally removed. now her new voice continues to grow stronger. she hopes to battles her breathing tube removed in the next few months. >> coming up, learning to surf before learning to walk. what a new survey is learning about how text ztzp
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welcome back. a new survey reveals that kids are learning technology before many other basic skills.
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14% of four or five-year olds can tie shoes and 20% can use an iphone 58% be confidently play computer games. this some people worry that it may come at expense of life reconciles, lying tying your shoes or writing your name. in the days of waiting in long lines for a beer at the ballpark could soon be over. a company called grid on industries can pour 56 beers a minute. they fill up the cups from the bottom up. a handful of stadiums currently use the system but none in the bay area yet. >> and allegedly make the perfect fizz or foam. >> they call that the head. i still miss the guy walking up
6:26 am
and down the aisles yelling beer. >> a critical milestone in an amazing recovery in gabrielle giffords as she prepares to leaving a tucson hospital after being shot in the head. >> shocking behavior in an oakland classroom has officials promising a thorough investigation. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll have the story coming up. >> and critical meeting that could determine whether caltrain will still be running a decade from now. >> all the airports not reporting delays the but all the snow around boston and new york. there
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. time to check on wall street. trading is ready to get underway.
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stocks appear to snap a two day losing streak after general electric reported strong quarterly profits but bank of america reported a loss. we'll see how investors balance the news and live report from the new york stock exchange coming up in 15 minutes. >> we begin with an oakland elementary school on administrative leave this morning while officials investigate shocking allegations from his classroom, specifically claims that his second graders engaged in sex acts with each other while class was in session. amy hollyfield is live at markham elementary schools. >> even school district officials are shocked and horrified, they are promising a full investigation and apologizing. the teacher will not be here today. he has been sent home until the investigation is concluded. he is not accused of engaging in any sexual act. his lack of supervision is being questioned. school districts confirm that
6:31 am
both incidents happened in the same classroom. >> on one career, two students were engaged in sexually explicit acts where one performed oral sex on another. in a separate incident, students were disrobing in the class and various states of undress. >> it's unheard of. this would never battles happened when i went to school or my children went to school. this is just absurd, it's unbelievable. >> the principal sent on letter out to the parents telling them about it and teacher will not be coming back to school until the investigation is complete. she also pay apologized. the district has a counselor talking to the children to find out why this happened and how. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." the letter the principal sent out is posted on our website. look on our home page at
6:32 am this morning, investigators will return to stanislaus county canal and use equipment to search for a missing four-year-old boy. he was kidnapped tuesday. police say his mother's ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old jose rodriguez snapped him from the grandmother's arms at the boy's home. an amber alert was issued. they are looking for the silver toyota corolla. a farm worker reported seeing a car drive into the cal ka natural on tuesday. >> a dad saved his four-year-old from attacking pit bulls. on wednesday the boy was playing in the backyard when the ball bounced into the neighbor's front yard. three pit bulls attacked him. the dad heard his screams. doctors say they will survive. pit bulls are now under quarantine while they determine if they battles rabies.
6:33 am
>> chuck reed will join a south bay business organization at stanford a summit on how caltrain can deal with their budget deficit. the leadership group is working with caltrain to review options to put tax measures before voters. railroad does not receive fate or federal assistance. it relies on the other agencies to contribute funding, but those transit systems are dealing with their own budget problems. right now officials say the agency only has enough money to run during the morning and evening commute hours. >> police are looking for the gunman who opened fire at west oakland park killing a man with victim's daughter playing nearby. investigators say 31-year-old man was shot yesterday in willow park in the 1600 block of 14th street and died later during surgery. his 20-month old daughter was not hurt. detectives are trying to figure
6:34 am
out if the killing is related to other recent homicides. >> gabrielle giffords will leave an arizona hospital for a rehabilitation center in texas. this departure comes two weeks after she was shot in the head at point blank range and just the latest incredible updates in what doctors are saying has been an amazing recovery. congresswoman will be flown in a specially equipped plane to hound and then a medical helicopter will transport her to the rehabilitation hospital. the mom and husband, mark, will accompany her on that trip. he fweetd this message, going to the next phase of her recovery, very grateful to the doctors and nurses at umc. yesterday giffords went out for the first time to feel the sunshine. doctors say when she went outside, she was bheeld outside she smiled. they battles called her recovery a miracle since being shot in
6:35 am
the head outside a tucson safeway store less than two weeks ago. police say jared loughner also killed six others. giffords can now move her lips, stand with school through an ipad but they don't know whether she can talk or see. >> i want to caution everyone she has a long way ahead of her. >> she is a fighter like nobody else i know. i am extremely confident that she is going to be back here and back at work soon. >> houston is home to the rehabilitation center and to johnson space center where mark kelly is an astronaut. at some point he could return to work and see his wife every day. the suspect remains in jail. loughner is expected to enter a plea in court on monday. hundreds of mayors and
6:36 am
council members from around the state are planning to join labor leaders to denounce the governor's proposal to eliminate development agencies here in california. some heard from jerry brown at a luncheon this week. governor brown wants to use $2 billion in funding for redevelopment to offset the cuts in education. opponents say that proposal will kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and harm local companies while doing nothing to solve the budget deficit. >> gubernatorial candidate meg whitman says she hopes governor brown is successful in turning the state's budget problems around. san francisco chronicle spoke to whitman yesterday. the former ceo says she will weigh in on the governor's policy and other things in time. right now she says he deserves the chance to be successful. it is 6:36.
6:37 am
time to look foe forecast. something you won't be seeing anytime soon is rain. >> anytime soon meaning what, end of the month? >> early parts of next month. we talked about medium range forecast, going out to 16 days, not a drop in those 16 days. we'll take a look what is going on right now. it is fairly calm everywhere. we battles a northwest breeze at 6:00. concord at 3 but this calmer wind along with clear skies means much cooler weather this morning. mid to upper os. santa rosa, napa, concord, livermore, mountain view, los gatos. half mile visibility in santa rosa and tule fog trying to push in. antioch, temperature came up when some of the fog moved through. 50 in san francisco and half moon bay. let's break down this friday. even though we're starting at cooler, we can get near record
6:38 am
highs. by noon, upper 50s to low 60s, total sunshine even though hazier today than yesterday. low to mid just about everywhere. antioch in the upper 50s. let's take a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, this is what is so remarkable, haven't had rain in two weeks and looking two weeks into the future, we still don't battles rain. 50 degree temperatures throughout your forecast. this is well above average, fog is possible, tuesday and wednesday and thursday morning. frances, traffic picking up. >> yes. the accident in el sobrante may turn out to be a fatal accident. they are shutting down san pablo road at may road. we will keep you posted but it sounds like a very serious accident. push heading out of the city, you will need to avoid that intersection.
6:39 am
it might be a tough commute. you may actually to have se had head down towards orinda to get out of there. we'll keep you posted and let you know. bay bridge toll plaza where another accident actually reported approaching the tolls. it may be blocking a lane but so a far we see just delays in the fastrak lanes and metering lights are on and minor wait from west grand. interstate 880 in berkeley, drive times about 19-20 minutes and carquinez bridge to the maze. more volume on the roads. north bay, still no major problems and it's also looking good. that is 101 in san rafael and pretty quiet in san jose and on the peninsula. >> it's 6:39. >> trading is underway on wall street right now. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. here is a live look at the big board, dow is up 52 points.
6:40 am
>> also a slow charge, hotly anticipated all electric car that is apparently going to take longer to get to dealers than expected. >> and innovative idea to combat violence at one bay area school, it's a story that could leave you showing your pearly whites.
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welcome back. 6:43 on this friday. we are just about dealing with total sunshine. 53 in fresno. 68 in chico and 62 in big sur. tahoe, only knew snow you will get is man made. dropping to 47. around yosemite, low to mid 40s with mostly sunny conditions.
6:44 am
in southern california we'll battles sunshine around l.a. and low to mid-70s, even a few upper 70s and fog may hit san diego. republican lawmakers want to ban tax funded abortions. house speaker john baiber says the new bill barring funding for elective abortions is one of party's top priorities. >> a ban is the will of the people and ought to be the will of the land. >> under the measure, americans who buy health plans on their own that cover abortions would no longer be able to deduct costs of their insurance from federal taxes. in a statement, planned parenthood said republicans took control of congress on a promise to create jobs but instead one of the first acts is take health insurance benefits that the majority of women currently battles. >> the nation's largest provider is challenging rules.
6:45 am
verizon filed suit against the fcc argued that it overstretched the authority last month. rules prohibit phone and cable companies from favoring certain internet services. >> google shares are on the rise and prices on the menu at mcdonald's may be about to go up, as well. >> jane king joins us from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. google here this morning, certainly one of the big stories on wall street. couple things going on. first, the big shakeup, that puts larry paige in the ceo chair. he replaces eric schmidt. analysts says it will bring passion back to google and better than expected quarterly. shares are getting a bump up this morning. about 1% gain there. wall street journal says, offer
6:46 am
last month, google is getting ready to test a daily deal special. the phone is going to be competitive in the market. >> bank of america, they were a bit lower. they are cutting the value of the mortgage unit. bank is going to said aside $4 billion for claims over faulty mortgages. worries about the paperwork problems. and general electric, there was a rebound in the financing and transportation unit and so many parts of the economy, are affected. here is the overall market is doing. lots of green arrows. dow is up 52 and bloomberg index trading up, as well. food prices are going up.
6:47 am
fast food prices may not be far behind. get ready for a price hike at mcdonald's. capital markets say they may rise prices 3% this year after keeping prices flat last year. wholesale cost of beef set a 30-month high this week. battles a fabulous weekend. >> we battles bad news for customers waiting to get behind the wheel of their new nissan. they say they are most behind delivering the hot new electric car. 20,000 customers who pre-ordered the $32,000 vehicle may battles to wait until may or june. >> meantime, gm says wait times for their chevy volt is running two to four months. crews will be back to repair the damage from a powerful wind storm that blew through the east bay hills. winds in excess of 50 miles an hour caused significant damage to this home on sterling drive
6:48 am
near keller avenue yesterday. gusts were so strong they blew the gavel off the road and peeled back the tar paper as you can see from the pictures. >> it started getting louder and louder and then all of a sudden, a big boom. >> it's going to cost about $7,000 to repair that damage. the city inspector told the owner she can stay in the house for now but the work needs to be done before it rains or she could be ordered out until it's finished. good news from mike it's not going to rain for several weeks. >> plenty of time to get it finished. >> it's calmer and hazy, looking at that, as we look down from mount tamalpais, you can see the haze getting thinkinger by the moment. so far they battles not issued a
6:49 am
winter spare the air but you can see down there, there is plenty of pollution in the lower levels of the atmosphere. let's talk temperatures. if you are stepping out over the next hour or so, this is what it's going to feel like, mid to upper 60s in inland valleys. fog around santa rosa and half mile visibility and fog around antioch. why you are 33 degrees. upper 60s along the peninsula, redwood city and mountain view. over towards los gatos. 50 in san francisco and half moon bay. temperatures are uniform around the monterey bay and salinas. low to mid 40s and gilroy around 34 degrees some areas away from us, you may get frost this morning. but by the in of, sunshine will dominate our sky and third day in the low, record highs are possible. it will be clear tonight. temperatures will drop back to what we're seeing and pretty close to where we're supposed to be and no rain or sierra snow until at least february.
6:50 am
we're talking at least another 16 days away. for today, temperatures well above average, five degrees in livermore. redwood city, 6. san jose 8. napa, 9. oakland 12 degrees above average we'll battles mow lo to mid-50s in the east bay valleys. brentwood a little cooler because of the tule fog, 58. mid to upper 50s along the east bay shore. mid to upper 60s along the south bay with cupertino and san jose at 57. mid to upper 60 on the peninsula. at the coast low to mid 50s. downtown san francisco, mid-50s for you and through the north bay valleys, low to mid 50s, until santa rosa, possible 68. ukiah 70 and bodega bay, 58 degrees. mid to upper 50s for morgan hill and hollister. for tonight 30s will dominate our inland valleys, mid to upper 30s there.
6:51 am
possibly 41 in vallejo and antioch. here is a look at the jetstream well to the north, storm track, high pressure dominating our sky making it so cold east of the rockies and so warm here. low to mid-60s around the coast -- low to mid-50s with mid to upper 50s around the bay. here is a look at some of the wind damage from yesterday out in danville. this is from jennifer, you can see the cable got nailed by the wind. blew over the umbrella and crashed in. if you battles weather videos that you would like to share, upload them or e-mail them to us. here is a look at morning commute. >> back to el sobrante. fatal accident. two cars involved and one of the parties in the vehicle is not moving. they have called the coroner to
6:52 am
the scene. any time there is fatal crash, they close the road for a few hours, between clashing road and green ridge drive. you can take those roads to get around it but i suspect traffic will be heavy through the area so you may consider valley view road or apian way. it will be out there for some time. >> 680 in walnut creek, fog has moved in as you make your way southbound on the right-hand side towards highway 24. bay bridge toll plaza, early crash on the shoulder but there is a small on the upper deck so we could see the back-up grow beyond the parking lot. peninsula commute has been pretty trouble free. no major trouble reported in the south bay. if that changes, we post it on our website 24/7.
6:53 am
go to bay area cities battles received both good and bad grades on smoking policies according to a new report from the american lung association. the study graded the cities and counties in how they protect the public from tobacco use. san francisco and oakland received "b"'s. san jose got a "d". five bay area cities and counties received "a"s,. >> students at a san francisco middle school are fighting violence with smiles. students in the sunset district are being encouraged to smile at each other throughout the day as part of the school district's respect week. conflict resolution and also
6:54 am
preventing bullying. >> in the hallways, they smile each other, it builds up community. >> school is putting smiles in hallways and surprising students with stickers saying i got caught smiling. >> officials are investigating how two seconds graders engaged in sex acts with each other while their teacher was in the classroom. >> amy? >> it's hard to find the word to react to this one. no doubt it will be the dominant conversation here at markham elementary school. they confirmed that there were two separate incidents in the classroom, a second great classroom while the teacher was in the room. first one involved several students who took some of their clothes off. second involved two kids who
6:55 am
engaged in oral sex. when the principal heard about what happened, she sent out a letter to the parents telling them that the teacher will not be coming back to school until the investigation is complete. she also apologized. the district has a counselor talking to the children to try and find out why and how this happened. the school also plans to hold some classes for the children here to review what is appropriate behavior. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." checking other top stories this morning, investigators will use sophisticated sonar equipment to search a canal for a missing four-year-old boy. he was kidnapped on tuesday, police say his mother's ex-boyfriend snatched him from the grandmother's arm. a farm worker reported seeing a car drive into the canal on tuesday. >> gabrielle giffords will be flown from her hospital in tucson to a houston rehab center
6:56 am
for the next phase in her recovery. doctors say giffords now moves her lips and is even scrolling through an ipad. >> final check on weather and traffic. >> we'll start in the central valley, we do have a dense fog advisory. you can see that is until about 11:00. half mile to quarter mile visibility. that is some of the fog that frances keeps this showing you as it tries to make its way eastward into the east bay valleys. look for hazy conditions around the bay. look at these temperatures. we're in the 30s inland to 43 in antioch and san rafael. 30s up and down the peninsula. low to mid 40s around the east bay shore. by the afternoon hours, once again, we will battles temperatures that will threaten record levels with mid to upper 50s. tonight the dry air and calm conditions, we'll be right back in the 30s and 40s inland with
6:57 am
40s around the bay and out to the coast. accu-weather seven-day forecast, it is rain free and warmer than average each and every day. >> final check of the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed up at the end of the parking lot. we battles a big problem in el sobrante, a fatal crash that has san pablo dam road closed. if you are heading out of el sobrante avoid that area and you may want to consider valley view road. we have a lot of fog moving in but more fog in san rafael. headlights moving southbound but no major delays for marin county. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us for the morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24 and join us for the midday news at 11:00. have a great weekend and we'll
6:58 am
see you back here on monday.
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