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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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tracked. >> these are the outreach workers member and women willing to walk dangerous neighborhoods, doing their part to stop violence. many have been in trouble themselves. this person did prison time but turned his life around. >> a lot of the people out here and n.west oakland particular have been to prison with. and at one time or another. and i think through my change, they're seeing it's another way. >> after completing their three-day training workers will be assigned to one of four oakland neighborhoods deemed the city's most dangerous. >> they're charged with being out late at night on weekends, and in the highest-crime neighborhoods. >> n.oik loaned they'll focus on forging relationships with high-risk young people, defined as those under 35, with gang afillation, on probation or parole, and the
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victim of gun violence, or someone with a history of gun use. >> i feel being able to help young kids get off the streets is a good cause. and being able to help them to live better lives. >> they'll have support of police, wilt not be a reciprocal relationship. >> we know if at any point that they're perceived working for the police they're relationship, their credibility and they're lives can be at stake. we don't have x.them for information. >> these workers understand a certain amount of danger come was the territory. >> i think being able to be out there and being able to help another live is a great thing. >> and this existence depends on having that line between police and outreach workers drawn. i'm told other programs have failed when that line has been crossed. in west oakland abc 7 news.
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>> and the city of san jose is also realing from a surge in gang violence so they've called an emergency meeting for this evening. and alan wong joins us now with that story. >> this meeting tonight shows the urgency city leaders are placing on this issue. san jose prides itself on being one of the safest large cities in the nation. now, the spike in violence threaten that's reputation. a month into the new year in san jose, they've seen seven homicides believed to be gang related. the recent happened on friday night. police say a 17-year-old shot and killed an 18-year-old while the victim was on his bike on the eve of the gang prevention summit this weekend and tonight members of the neighborhood why wr some murders took place will have a chance to question leaders and officials. >> how do you stop it?. >> we can have more police
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patrol in the area. we'll have more nonprofit organizations with representatives to help to address some of the issues and we'll work with the school district to make sure that police patrol around the district z so these are some of the things we'll be discussing tonight. >> and many of the murders happened in and around vice mayor elect nguyen's district. she's calling this emergency meeting tonight in the santee neighborhood. she'll be joined by assistant police chief and the mayor's gang task force for gang prevention task force. that meeting starts in about an hour. >> and evacuation of a san jose neighborhood this afternoon has been capped. firefighters say a crew working along a road rupture aid line with a back hoe. residents were evacuated and
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were aloud back in. >> the president spent most of the day putting finishing touches on the state of the union address emphasizes the speech will center on one subject that, is jobs. the president has delivered a preview of the speech to both houses of congress and nation. >> and so my principal focus, my number one focus is going to be making sure we're competitive. there is an opportunity for him to continue this rebound thrk come back. >> and this republican kron will deliver a response to the president's speech. he chairs a house budget committee. and members of both parties will sit together on opposite sides of the chambers. it's a she of unity after the shooting two weeks ago of congress woman giffords in arizona. >> president obama defending another big issue, education.
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how will he convince congress to spend more money educating our kids? leanne? >> to answer your question with a lot of give and take. the president knows education is a priority for americans it's number three on the list according to a recent poll. and this number two, the did he have sismt education should be among the first priority that. is what the president will tell the nation. and according to a washington post poll, that is what americans want to hear. a better system that will help us compete against other countries. >> there is americans going to determine our success. >> improving education costs money that, is where he is expected to clash with republicans and even with most americans. >> and they're going to want to hear them say we should not pay more taxes to support schools. and... threading that needle is a political challenge
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facing this presidency. >> this research center based at uc berkeley. he says the president will have to reassure republicans now more than ever he's behind education reform. >> teacher tenure, and evaluation whether it's related to accountability. and who should be held responsible for the schools. >> many teachers argue most are misguided. what is in place now such as no child left behind act expired three years ago. >> you're holding us to this measure intru done nothing to help us reach it. which would be like me going into my students saying i'm going to give thu test that, is this much harder but not going to teach auditional lesson ootz president will ask for more federal spending republicans are likely to demand more local control. something the teachers union says isn't a bad idea. >> in this issue with schools,
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i do believe that change in schools has to be local. it should be funded but the change has to come from within each classroom from ch within each school site. >> and the problem is that california has cut spending by one fifth in the past four years, we have relied on federal funding, stimulus money to save many school districts wh. federal government hands out money this always, almost always come was certain demands and conditions which is what we'll continue to see during this administration, dan. >> thank you. the president's state of the union address begins at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. abc news will carry it live as well as the republican response, streaming live on abc 7 z a special edition of abc 7 news follows the speech and response at about 7:30. a group is calling on congross investigate google for getting what it called special deals because of its close relationship with the
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obama administration. this group says google's clout enabled the company to house jets and helicopters at moffett field air scrip and says they used defense department jet fuel. >> we have 40 google executive was six sets, two helicopters and flight records show executives are using jets to go to cannes film festival, partying with mick jagger and glenn close. >> google declined a request for an interview choosing to reply with a statement quote this is the latest from an organization admitting to working closely with our competitor. and this is referring to a consumer watch dog relationship with microsoft. >> and watchers says jerry brown broke a promise saying
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this proposal will not include pension reform, believing the rising costs will force to us pay higher taxes or push california into bankruptcy. >> and we need to come up with something that is going to be more aligned with what the private sector does, such as a defined contribution system instead of defined benefits system. >> i don't put too much on the table. the whole thing collapses. people are concerned about that. i said during a campaign boy have various proposals. i intend to follow through on tomorrow them. >> the governor believes this two weeks ago calls for across the board spending cuts in all areas. this is except for k-12 education. >> a canal search for a kidnapped 4-year-old boy in stanislaus county will resume tomorrow. police say he was taken last tuesday. divers began searching the canal last wednesday and this
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is after a car goes into the canal. and cars pulled out and officials temporarily stopped water surge to give divers a chance to rest. they scaled back the amber alert to san jose and san joaquin valley. >> san francisco homicide investigators looking into the death of a woman whose body was named inside of a burning car. residents heard at larm going after and a witness took a cell phone picture of the skeechblt firefighters put out flames and then, discovered body in the passenger seat. burned beyond recognition this, is the second suspicious death in the area in a week, residents are concerned. >> that is the second murder in one week. one week what. is going on in this neighborhood? i don't know what's happening. >> what can do? what are you going to do? there is nothing that you can do.
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>> the woman's identity has yet been determined and an autopsy will be performed. >> and family in san may dayo waiting for a decision about whether they'll be deported to gaut malla. it took 20 years to be processed then denied. the two daughters are afraid to go back. the mother was held up at gun point and suffered a fatal heart attack. friends and neighbors have launched a campaign to get support from elected officials. >> there is a family going to be known as the husband and kids of the woman who has been killed and we believe there is danger in this case because that have. >> there is opportunity his kids have had because they're american and the live and freedoms and joy have been great.
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and i think they'll be removed from that if they go to guatemala. >> the 9-year-old and 5-year-old are undergoing therapy after losing their mother. their fate will be decided in washington. >> and 7 on your side looks at grocery shopping at local drug store where it is save you money and cost you, coming up. >> and there is a southern california surfer getting caught in a monster wave. >> can this warm, wonderful weather hold throughout another weekend? the answer in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and this broken cruise ship doesn't have passengers but will help resif a part of the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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an osh yank count eye surfer is in critical condition tonight. the 35-year-old was in the water with 15 others when a big wave surprised the group. a photographer eric nelson captured the wave. he was forced under the surf and found face down, not breathing ai. photographer on a jet ski pulled him out of the water and he's in a drug-induce coma. >> this giant set came, everybody was caught inside and had to deal with this 35 foot wall of water and it caught everybody. and... jacob as well as other guys were in a really bad place. >> and now, he was once considered an accomplished surfer but this is only his second time out at mavericks. >> a massive repair effort in san francisco tonight on a chris ship that left thousands stranded year.
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and this ship was left without power for three days. and carnival estimates that will cost the company $56 million in repairs and lost revenue. but some will be san francisco's gain. >> this will generate hundreds of jobs. >> restaurants are expecting a 10% increase in worker autos the nation's highest court today dealt a blow to consumers, outraged at higher interest rates charged by their credit card companies. >> with this, this gets complicated. countless consumers complained in recent years about retroactive rate increases on cards without being first notified. today, the justices ruled that
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chase bank did nothing wrong whit did just that to one of its card holders, james mccoy sued chase after it raised rates retroactively. the court ruled regulations at the time did not require him to be told in advance. the law has since been changed and banks must give 45 days notice before raising interest rates and often that, is not allowed to be done retroactiv retroactively. >> two more giants in the internet world troin dusing ways to prevent your activities from being tracked online. and this allows users from being tracked. interest tl is a similar announcement by microsoft and just weeks ago the ftc strongly urged all software developers to implement dmot track mechanisms.
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the competition is increasing for your grocery dollars. drug stores have been selling groceries for years but now aisles are getting bigger and sales, they're good. >> this is very successful on a financial aspect but it's more successful when fr a community as speck. >> they're a surprise we have great pricing on key items they're looking for. >> and a survey found some significant savings, especially on sales items but shop carefully. sales are designed to woo you into the store, and overall prices tended to be higher than in traditional grocery stores which is what we found good b.a years ago. but sales are getting better. >> good to know. >> there was a string of good weather. >> and weather could not get much better. >> and there are high temperatures around 70 degrees today, again. it's going to last for a
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while. there is a drauk -- draw matic view of the ski this, is live from emeryville. there is a is a dramatic view. partially obscuring the view of the setting sun. it's just awesome. going to keep it up there. very to move on. and there is a still in the 60s inland. and there is in san francisco, it's 57 degrees, oakland 58 and 55 down in half moon bay. these are the highlights. clearing and cold in spots overnight. sunny mild days will continue this week. and this turns cooler. this is a plant submitted that may be only january but mustard plants are flourishing.
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there is high clouds around but skies are mainly clear, low temperatures tonight on the chilly side? n.spots. there is jant rosa, 30. and 36 in livermore. and there is 39 in concord. and there is a positive image and we'll take a bite that have ridge of high pressure. there are clouds around. as we show you this animation there is a front dissipating. high pressure reestablishing itself. we'll have sunny skies and mild conditions again, tomorrow so. let's get down to business. south bay tomorrow, sunny skies and there are 71 in sarah to goa. on the peninsula, upper 60s to
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70. there is mid-60s on the coast. highs climbing into upper 60s to low to mid-70s, there is 74 in yu kia. inland valleys there is highs of 706789 near monterey bay, 74 santa cruz. 76 salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is two more days of highs, then temperatures starting to moderate thursday and friday. cooler over the weekend. but still pleasant. rain-free, and mostly sunny skies. highs into 60s. there is a little bit of rain around there. and stay tuned. there are weeks ahead. >> okay. >> something for everybody. >> and thank you.
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>> just ahead getting a good night's sleep and a role it plays in keeping weight off kids. kids. >> and why a throne for the tv... room for movies...
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your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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a 22-year-old shooting suspect pleaded not guilty today to charges he tried to murder congress woman gabrielle giffords. six people died after witnesses say lougtner opened fire january 8th in an event hosted by giffords in tucson, arizona. 13 people were wounded. lougtner will likely face state charges in arizona once the federal case against him is resolved and may end up facing more federal charges.
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>> and getting a good night's sleep could be the key to helping kids keep weight off. there is a study found all children averaged eight hours during the week. researchers found getting less sleep is associated with changes in insulin levels and kids exercise less because they're tired. and catching up on sleep on the weekends is one way to help ease obesity rates. >> and the late jack lalanne today.
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new at 6:00 first 911 call for a pipeline explosion. >> it felt like an earthquake. >> tonight from the i team fear of confusion in the aftermath that have tragic
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blast and medical marijuana in liquid form. the concerns being raised over soda pot. and postal service's new plans foreclosing hundred of branches and customer who's want to save snail mail. now back to dan and cheryl. >> san francisco restaurant paid a special tribute to jack lalanne today. >> he died sunday after respiratory failure due to pneumonia in his home at 96. >> he preached fitness on his television show and become known as the father of america's modern health movement. >> a table was set in his honor at john's grill with the signature dish, jack lalanne's favorite salad. >> every time jack would come to john's grill he'd hop from table to table as a gracious host saying hello to everybody. he really lovedop


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