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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 24, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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looks like a few houses down the street oo. yes. >> and this is close to my house. i felt -- it felt like an earthquake. >> what is it on fire? do you know? >> i don't know what happened. it's exploding. i'm -- i'm yards away. >> and some called san mateo county fire for help. others ran for their lives. >> i live close to the fire. we just ran out with what we had on. >> where is the fire department? and i've been out here 15 and san mateo county dispatch tries to verify reports of a plane crash. but all aircraft are kted for sm. calls point tie gas main explosion. >> i don't think anyone could pick up the fact there could be a high pressure gas main
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exain vofl itd could be fuel from the aircraft. i will let them know that. >> what is on fire? >> it's a gas pipe. it's a serious fire across the street. flames are 150 feet in the air. >> okay. >> and it's -- big. >> and officials conclude it's a plane crash. >> a large aircraft down. multiple patients and rescues. and occupied residences on fire. >> and reports of missing and injured. >> a 85-year-old female burned. she's burned. her house is wuchbt ones and her mother is missing though. >> local hospitals seeing a surge of burn patients. >> and we have received five and we don't have any idea of how many more you may expect. >> they're dealing with an
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immense tragedy, they have to handle their normal work load. heart attacks and minor accidents. a dispatcher spends eight precious minutes on the phone trying to get to the botox a scratch. >> this is she has to call in a translator. >> this is a -- . >> okay. >> tell her i'll get someone on the way. very to go. >> and there is a more complete version. find them under the link on the left side of the screen. and they help you appreciate how difficult jobs can be sometime. >> so calm under pressure? >> absolutely. >> yes. >> and there is a gas leak now capped but forced people to evacuate their apartments today frkts say a crew was
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there around 2:00 this afternoon. >> a village was evacuated after built up pressure in a gas line triggered an exexplosion a dozen fires. and there is a spokesman to say one this is the factor. >> a consumeor advocacy group is calling for what it's calling a cozy rip with the obama administration. issue is the google use of moffett field owned and operated by nasa. just miles from mountain view. and vic lee is in the newsroom with the story. >> this is the report with consumer watch dogs sent to the oversite committee. the group says google has what it calls a secret relationship with nasa and questionable deals. saying the sign of the clout is moffett field.
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that is become the private airport and jets flying to vacations in the caribbean and cannes film festival. >> there are 40 executive was access, six jets two. helicopters. and flight records show eric schmidt are using jets to go to cannes film festival partying with mick jagger and glenn close. >> according to records, google is paying about $120,000 a month to house the aircraft. and watch dogs question whether the company is getting a deal on the rent. >> they may be paying rent. and there is a government fuel. we don't know how that compares to jet fuel in a private airport. >> and there is other agencies. and services are used. >> google has not again yo big
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contracts because it's gained much in wash -- washington and this is an organization that admits to working closely with our competitors. consumer watch dog has been a lng-time critic of google. >> we see google influence is growing in troubling ways. opening up phone shallly our private data to the world. >> google said jets carry instruments to nasa. however, consumer watch dog says it reveals little research has been carried out on planes. >> and still on google company today, $100 million and the chief exec wife will stay on.
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and one says magnitude of the award is a signal to stock holders schmidt will continue to steer the ship after co-founder larry page take overs as ceo. >> residents in a neighborhood are concerned following a second suspicious death there in less than a week. the body of a woman found in the passenger seat of a barning -- burning car this morning. a witness took this picture and maybes say it's latest in troubling incidents. >> i heard from neighbors on page street they often don't walk down the block. i walk a 9-year-old child to school on a daily basis. so that is unacceptable. >> neighbors are wondering if this is related to the stabbing death on friday. an autopsy will be performed to determine whether the woman died from the fire or another cause. >> searched for a kidnapped
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4-year-old boy will resume tomorrow, picking up downstream from where it left off saturday and this is where a sheriff's department spokesman says he's seen cases have drifted mile after being dumped in the canal. and they're hoping to find the 4-year-old and his mother's ex-boyfriend who have been missing since his abduction. >> and nothing unusual unusual about a cruise ship coming to san francisco expect when it's the carnival splendor. this is where you can see doctors say repair work will become an economic boom for the city. >> and carnival estimates it
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will cost perhaps more than $50 million in lost revenue but heard the expression, one man's misery, another man's joy. it's providing an unexpected boost for local workers. >> this is a huge shift that could bring huge gain to san francisco. a megacruiseship was into the dry dock at pier 70 yesterday. this is the ship that ruined a vacation out there for thousands of passengers in november. the engine caught fire after the coast of baja, california. and this is a blessing for union workers. >> we have to be back to work and started today. last year only working maybe a month. and it's been tough. >> and sheet metal workers expected to work about a month getting 113,000 ton ship ready
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to sail. official was port of san francisco call this a big deal for the local maritime industry. >> this is will be new work for a number of people now. >> rick smith has a contract to send a tug out to pick up a generator block. >> this is great and we're happy to get the work. >> surrounding businesses like this dog patch cafe are also hoping to get a boost. >> this is hopefully this work will coincide. >> pier 70 is the only dry dock on the west coast large enough to handle a massive ship like the splendor. and this is too much for the
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pan ma canal. >> more ships are being built. >> and juan mend yoza came to apply for a job. >> unemployment is running out. it's real bad. i've got a family to support. >> there is a note of caution perfect one leader who is skeptical about the claims of hundreds of new jobs being created. he says only two plumbers with his union have been called into work so far of the -- so far. >> thank you. >> and there is more still to come tonight. just ahead a man being deported after 20 years. the danger his family could face. >> and later tonight the postal service's new plan foreclosing hundreds of post offices and bay-area patrons who don't want to lose snail mail. >> a remayor man hears you wrong it and costs you money.
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should you get a refund? that is what we're talking about tonight on 7 on your side. >> and medical marijuana. the concerns being raised over
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. started out this weekend in half moon bay but surprise monster waves held a surfer underwater. he's in the hospital tonight in an induce coma. >> surfers hoping waves might have been big enough for this surfing competition, one was a
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30-year-old from orange county. here is he on that green board just before the large waves surprised him. there is a huge wall of water 35 feet high at them, threading in the wrong place. surfers trapped. then there is a second wave just as big and powerful. here in front of the wall of water and so you try to get under. and this takes you over. it just -- is a bad wipeout. >> eric nelson shooting video he got held down. people lost their boards. >> this photographer and fireman was on his wave runner. he stopped shooting and was helping a surfer find a board. >> that is when russell and other surfer and kayaker found jacob in the water, conconscious. >> firefighters arrived quickly. and ord was unknowingly breaking a ban impose bid monterey bay marine sanctuary. their spokesman was
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unavailable today. >> this is a putting human life at risk. >> he was out there and did save a live you have to have a safety rescue vehicle to save these guy autos waves are calm today but the competition could take place this weekend. >> and a family is just one week from deportation to gaud malla. after 20 years year, the family lost his case for asylum. there is a ground swell to make an exception in this case. and there is a stray and danger. >> there is deportation facing after failing to make a case for asylum. his american-born children will go with him. he's been allowed to stay in the u.s. during 20 years it took to decide his fate.
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he's granted a permit to worth in construction. after losing this case he sent his wife back to guatemala to prepare for the move shechl suffered a heart attack and later died. he fears the same fate for him and his daughters, american born. >> right now, they're there now. so if i go over there they -- they know he's got money and he's got kids. so whatever they -- they're going to try to figure for money. one way or another. >> u.s. state department warned gaut maila is a violent country with armed gangs. the 9-year-old and 5-year-old have been in therapy after losing their mother. >> and two therapists have report it's been dangerous for ongoing therapy they've been involved in this the past year. >> they lost their mother, they cried their eyes out. and and they fear to go to the
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same community where mommy was killed. >> the oldest child made her feelings known. >> i don't want to move to guatemala. because that would -- i don't like tlit. >> neighbors have started writing letter was only days left. the hope is for a postponement. >> i think our government has a heart. >> the family is weight for a decision. >> this is a huge problem. and it has to be addressed. >> a san francisco restaurant paid tribute to a fitness guru, jack lalanne. today setting aside a table in his honor and surfed his signature salad. former governor and exbody builder arnold schwartzeneggar calling lalanne an apostle forfeitness all over the world.
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>> and he was an inspiration. >> terrific. >> i used to watch him and exercise to him when i was a little kid. eight, nine years old. >> and now you're on channel 7 at the studio and there is a live view now and high clouds and we're talking mild weather. here is a look at high temperatures today. got up to 72 in cloverdale. and there is 72 in santa cruz. and upper 60s and by late spring it's going to continue for a while. at this hour, 61 in san rafael. and there is highlights, clear and cold in spots overnight tonight.
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and and and turning cooler by weekend. and black and white center with fog at the scene. and there is just a trace of high clouds. and overnight tonight it will be chilly in overnight areas. temperatures dropping down to 36 in napa. and there is another mild day tomorrow. showing a decomposing frontal system. and there is a high pressure going to restrish itself. into tomorrow z pressure rebuilds. and more mild weather. and take a look at just how mild it's going to be tomorrow.
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and and there is records for tomorrow's date we're looking at low 70s over much of the remainder of the south bay. upper 60s on the peninsula, and 70 in los altos. mid-60s in and around san francisco tomorrow. there is 66 downtown. there is highs up to 72 in santa rosa. and there is mainly upper 60s to highs into upper 60s to low 70s. it's 71 in pleasanton. and there is a chance of records near the bay inland areas. salinas hits 76. those will be rrd highs for the date. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is two more days of 70ish weather. we'll see high around or just a.about 60 so we're talking
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lovely weather throughout the weekend. and. >> coming up a teenager who could be next venus williams. >> there is a story of venus and mars later in sports. a throne for the tv... room for movies...
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>> there is a new beverage called canipola. it's soda pop with n infusion of pot. >> these days medical marijuana ed yi -- edibles include crease crackers funny honey and beverages. there is a line with names like leisurely lemonade, compassionate fruit punch and grape galaxy. >> you don't taste of the drops that under there and as well as grape gal lachls ease. >> bottles selling for $10 at this buyer's collective can pack a punch this, 12 ounce drink contains about two and a half grams of dried cannibis. and clay butler is launching a new drink in colorado next month with a possibility of future sales in california. this line has about a third of
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the marijuana poet yensy, the cool look and marketing style is generating controversy. bob cook is a regional director state bureau of narcotics enforce oomt this appears to be a not be ai soda pop children can confuse for real stoda pop. >> there is when he says it's important all edible products are clearly marked and daults need to store them as they would any prescription. >> this is just easy for kids to get their hands on them this, is something should be kept in a safe place. responsibility of the parents. >> unlike colorado california law requires medical marijuana products sold without a profit. many hope that will keep a lid on the marketing of edibles and drinkables. >> still coming up at 6:30 big
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trouble at the post office. why u.s. postal service is devising a new plan to close thousands of branch autos republican lawmakers refused tolg along with the proposal to ask voters for more taxes but a few might agre for the price. >> harshest weather in years. a round
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you can see u.s. postal service is looking to close perhaps several thousands of locations around the count rism it wants to shut down, and that is something current law for bids. >> and this goes back to the beginning. congress set up the department in 1775. and ben franklin, the first
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post master general. there is postal service says kit not cheap up with costs of moving the mail. it's petitioning congress to change the law forbidding closing congress from closing post offices because they're losing money. >> we need a new business model. >> a spokesman says the agency lost eight and a half billion dollars last year. and of the 32,00018,000 are money losers. some need to go. >> i can't say it's going to be 2000. >> and this one in richmond on a previous hit list. there is another branch. >> this is down the street. and there is no parking. it's horrible to find a place to park. >> i am in and out. and. >> you'll hear the same thing in point richmond. more upscale community.
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>> well, it's so wonderful. we don't want to go through the city of richmond. >> it's like a little village here. >> this post service is on the same hit list. >> we asked thousands of people in the community sign a petition. >> mark mcnabb owns the building that thousands -- houses the post office. and there is in order to assure this one would stay here. >> mcnair called his local congressman. >> congressman miller, when there are three post offices in richmond this is removed. >> how do you take political
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clout. >> there is a nation of politic autos there is a parts of the nation with cloud, rural areas where there aren't enough people to make a post office profitable. and more significant connections for the community. >> thank you very much. >> there is a changing world. >> and shooter -- suspected shooter jared lougtner appeared before a judge in phoenix. the 22-year-old has been in more than two weeks before witnesses identified him as the man. six people died and the injured 13 others including gifford. and she's been moved to a center in texas. >> and oakland international airport has stepped up a
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uniformed police presence this, is video over airport security camera showing a blast and there is russian authorities say a man set off the explosion killing 35 people and wounding 180 others. survivors say the blast was strong, it threw them against the wall. and. >> this is deep simpopathy for the victims of the heinous act and their families. >> so far, no group claimed responsibility for the explosion. and militants launch add tacks including a deadly subway bombing. sfo has not taken any additional securities that they're willing to tell us about. >> former obama chief of staff
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suffered a set back today to become chick's next mayor n a vote ruling that emmanuel isn't eligible to run for mayor because he didn't live in chicago the year before the upcoming election. and he says he will appeal. >> i still own a home here. and there is a court moving into it one day. and pay property taxes there. i do believe people in the city of chicago make a decision whof they want to be the next mayor. >> he had been considered to be the front runner to replace richard daley. voting begins next week. >> and another budget standoff is developing in sacramento between republicans and democrats. there is sticking point of
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taxes. another is pension. >> governor brown's budget proposal relies on acting voters to pay temporary tax hike five more years. now republicans are threatening to block the move to put the request on the ballot unless there is action on public employee pension problem its very difficult to ask people in the state of california to pay more money in taxes with sacramento doesn't have it's fiscal house in order. >> the ideas convert retirement to a 401(k) style plan. >> people are upset that. >> and the pension problem has been brewing for years. the public started paying attention after the former $800,000 a year city manager of bell would be eligible for retirement courtesy of taxpayers. this year, $6 billion going towards pensions instead of
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other service autos this is kind of a tumor drawing on our politics. >> public employee unions say it's not right to buy them to the budget. and if less than in 2008, 2009 less than 1% in the $100,000 club. >> and you know it's the monday tra of the right wing. >> governor brown has said he wants the problem outside of the current budget process and intends to engulf all proposals in coming week buzz needs republican votes to get tax extensions on the ballot. >> state controller marked a vee view of 18 development agents to see if they're simply a waste of money.
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there is a development agency in san jose. property taxes and n.redevelopment areas stay in those areas governor brown proposed phasing them out to save money. >> lake tahoe has been named number one skiing destination in the country this winter. saying listings went up more years from as far as as the east coast. >> when we come back tonight a bay area woman gets repair run run around with a brand new dish washer. >> materials sticking to dishes on top rack. disgusting. >> 7 on your side michael
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when you have an appliance under warranty you figure you're well protected. >> and michael finney is here with a couple's frustrating story. >> here is a call you'd remember this, couple very upset because a repairman steered them wrong but cost them money. and he never did fix the problem. there they say their new dish washer worked beautifully for three months. then suddenly dishes started to come out dirty it would -- it
6:41 pm
would have grainy material sticking to dishes on the top rack. disgusting. >> the dish washer still under warranty. the couple called sears. that is when they received a surprising diagnosis. >> installation of the washer was incorrect. >> he came in and said you know what? it's not the dish washer issue. you need to have a plumber come n your washer is not connected to hot water. >> the technician left these instruction tofz a plumber install a hot water valve. and when the plumber came he said the hook up was already there. >> and two minutes later he said it's connected to hot water and as hot as you can get any water. i don't know why they asked to you call a plumber. >> the couple had to pay the plumber $60 for a needless house call. they called sears to demand the company reimburse them. >> you're sending techs out to consumer houses and they're giving out wrong diagnosis,
6:42 pm
sears needs to take responsibility for that. they said nope. it's not our problem. and that is when i ended up calling 7 on your side saying help me. >> so we contacted sears and after looking into this case the company did agree to pay the plumber fee. telling us we apologize for a misunderstanding. one of our technicians misdiagnosed the problem. so what about the dirty dishes? sears says the problem stems from new environmental laws that banned the use of phosfates that prevent dprirt stiblging to dishes but also pollute runnoff water. we found reports from others saying their dishes are dirtier now without the phosfate. they believe their troubles started before the law change though stitching from gel to
6:43 pm
liquid did seem to help. >> and there are tips for how to get your dishes clean sm. say it's how you load, others say add vinegar and there are other things you can do. so we've posted link was information at abc 7 and good luck. >> just ahead tonight a 15-year-old tennis player with more in common with venus williams than just look autos story of the teenager coming up next. ñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñw
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checking our money scope headlines, authoring $10
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kbrinl in stock buy backs and that confidence is spreading. the dow gained more than 100 points today. and nasdaq and s and p 500 rose today as well. jc penny announced plans to close six stores and two call centers stepping up with efforts to could do with a with a w.catalog sales. and a group of investors bought the hooters restaurant chain. they'll combine hooter was a chain called texas wings. >> and oprah today troin dused her last summer until recently didn't know existed. they met on thanksgiving.
6:48 pm
and she was given up for adoption and lived in foster homes until she was seven. she was born after oprah's parents separated and oprah living with her father. she's known since 2007 she was oprah's sister living in milwaukee and has two grown children. >> and now, temperatures in their lowest point in six years. upstate new york 37 below mode, maine, 44 below. and closed schools and a car trapped in a thick layer of ice and. >> this is just pressure of my elbow. i went down. >> inside... >> and this what did it and temperatures turned into an ice sculpture.
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>> and we can be seeing record highs and and here is a look at our lovely photo from yesterday. there is from you reports powered by you tube. and there is time lapse view at abc 7 high clouds moving but there are certainly mild conditions. and and and high 60s up to about 70 by late afternoon we'll have another mild day coming our way. and here is our accu-weather forecast. we have two more days of really mild weather coming our way tuesday and wednesday. temperatures starting to moderate thursday and friday. and cooler over the weekend and still we're looking at
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temperatures at coolest points into 60s. >> that is incredible. >> thank you. >> and time now for sports with larry beil. >> a lot more about around rogers. the former cal bear heading to super bowl. and he was the guy nobody wanted in nfl draft. and this is now the former cal bear go together super bowl. and there is 244 yards yesterday. packers with a win in super bowl 45. >> this is in offense to win the game. we'd like to put more on the board obviously. we're in the super bowl. we've got a week to relax and
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get our bodies back. >> and we took out today. >> and we have to wonder where will the next generation of american players come from? maybe dublin, california there. is a young lady looking like the next venus. >> this 15-year-old won her first tournament in the girl's 18 division, compared to one of the top players. >> and. >> little venus. >> i'd rather say mars, mars is bigger. >> venus is her role model. she and her parents saw her play on tv. >> not that many african american females playing right now. it inspired me to want to play more to be next replacement for them. >> her development has been a family affair. her dad works on positioning. her mom handems nutrition. both say she's self motivated.
6:52 pm
>> this is what woe see every day. >> she's motivated. this is how i see it. >> she keeps a 3.5 grade point average. and she's accepted into a tennis academy. college is an option. she's thinking about prot. >> i don't want to say i'm there. i'd say at least two, three years i'll be right on top where everyone else. >> is. >> there is pieces starting to fall into place, you know there is something there, to it. >> this is going to be next rising star showing talent i think that i see on tv. >> when i hear phenom, have you to prove it to me. >> be easy on me. >> i don't know that game.
6:53 pm
>> and in dlub blin abc 7 sports. >> and this is we don't know shoe a lot of highlights z the weekend of extremes in las vegas. there is the lowest score in pga history. >> two baby two,. >> and. >> this is like my daughter rolls in her birthday party. and he chose to laugh about it. and his opponent needed a strike here to roll a perfect 300.
6:54 pm
and there is a nine down there. was consoleation. he won the tournament and first place money of $250,000. >> and this is so close. >> yet so?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?tññññññx
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up at that time a trucker loses control of his semi, one driver's near-miss from 30 tons of sand. and then at 11:00 how a former 49er star is changing live of a police officer and family. that is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> that does it for us for now i'm dan noyes. >> and remember, you can stay connected 24-7 the abc 7 [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ]
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