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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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up her kids, saw her stolen car, and started to follow it. she called police, police took over that chase. and it became a high-speed pursuit here in orinda. one of the cars that she was following was a subaru truck ended up crashing into a power pole off camino pablo. we're told the driver of the car, we don't know yet male or female was killed. he or she is believed to be a suspect in the car theft. and this is the -- i'm sorry. one of the busiest intersections at the start of the afternoon commute. we're at camino pablo just until by the sheriff's department this road will be closed for at least five more hours. so if there is anyone family
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with the area, they should know this area is closed tlchl is a car that crashed just beyond that police car with a crashing lights tlchl is a lot of details here, one other note about 270 customers, pg&e told me are with out power, they're telling me their crews won't be able to go in to restore power for this time. >> and we're also following an officer shot and killed a suspect. and someone reported seeing a suspicious man this afternoon. police and deputies responded. it's not clear at this time why the suspects were shot, what type of weapon he was carrying. there is a picture right now. we don't know the type of weapon, and which officer
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fired his weapon. we'll update you on abc 7 >> and the president will deliver the state of the union in about an hour or so. >> and both creation of jobs and loss of jobs dominated the news in silicon valley. google announced it will be the largest hiring year, ever and yahoo announced more cuts. google will add 6,000 new workers. the work force is projected to exceed 30,000. the surge reflects google's plans to extend services beyond the search engine that its known for. >> this looks like maybe we've started to turn a corner on a great recession, having said that, i need to point ut that this is offset by job losses in the public sector. and private sector is slammed right now. >> and take a look at job openings. there is most in mountain
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view. and their side of the coin yahoo announced it's laying off about 150 workers. this cut back comes just six weeks after the company let 600 workers go. and will start an continuing effort to boost earnings. this appears to be working as the 4th quartser earnings more than doubled in 2010. but sales slid 4% aichl sign yahoo is still struggling to cash in on the advertising boon. >> the state of the union address is not expected to include new policy proposal ootz white house release aid photo of the president putting finishes touches on the address this afternoon. >> the theme is how we win the future. the president will outline five key carries x and including a 5% cut in spend
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whigt house calls this a robust agenda, and a message both democrats and republicans can support. >> and we want to vest in education, we want to invest in infrastructure. >> i'm hopeful the word investment isn't more stimulus spending and a bigger government here in washington. >> this will be the president's first address to a dividing congress chls republicans control the house, democrats, the senate. in a spirited of bipartisan some democrats and republicans will sit together. some predict the bipartisanship will end there. >> and members of congress have been asked to wear black and white ribbons to honor victimmings of the shooting january 8th. first lady michelle obama will sit with a number of special guests including gabrielle hernandez, and the family of 9-year-old christina taylor-green, the youngest victim in the shooting.
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mrs. , ken dra baker and zachary davis, the business partners got a recovery act loan to open the penny ice creamery in august wex caught them today just before they left to join the first lady. >> we feel humble that had we're the ones that they decided to invite and there is a lot of hard working meshes out there. >> and they will attend a reception prior to the state of the union address. >> major cuts in social services remain by the santa clara board today, trying to close a $55 kblinl budget gap. social services took a $6 million look. and there is the meeting one worker voted in favor of cutting management positions to save more front line workers and wore a bra outside
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of the shirt suggesting they're top heavy. >> the body speaks to the top. knees ache and feet aches z this is experts of the body startling them there needs to be reductions. and we need a reduction. >> officials say these are due to state and federal spending cuts. >> and there still no sign of a missing 4-year-old county boy kidnapped and a car connected to the kidnapping of 4-year-old juliany cardenas. and wayne freeman has more on the story. >> and good evening and they have found many and we're here along the delta canal, just moments ago the fog moved in over my right shoulder, you can see crews in the water looking for what we believe will be car number 10 down
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there at the end. and the you can see it's hard work at best. it's potentially tragic at the worst. still no sign of the missing boy or his accused abductor. >> and on the mendota canal, they've done the drill many times now. the work almost seemed routine. except for reality of what may find. >> and so the search for victims and evidence that looks like a canal clean up as sonar detects large metal skpobts a salvage crew hooks them up, hauls them out. >> one today, three yesterday. three on saturday. >> more than that now, actually. >> and that is about four cars
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so i know there are a lot in there. >> there is no sign of the man police suspect of taking him last tuesday. all are patterson's scene are focused in this case. >> we have to be patient. >> the county sheriffs are being thorough. beneath the calm surface a swift current flows meaning a possibly moving target. >> with this current, the cars go in and will travel. >> as do the searchers, slowly, methodically, pulling more cars today. and then a stolen motorcycle. but no silver toyota. in this case means absence of bad news that -- maybe that is good and back live now you're looking at a crane hanging over the
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canal. in the middle of the canal and below are what they will describe as at least one object. they won't specify whether it's refrigerator. at this point they've pulled up all kinds of stuff, including a motorcycle, today and three cars. this would be the tenth. tomorrow, they say they'll be back at it until they're convince there'd is nothing to find or something to find. from the delta mendota canal wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> san francisco police think they have the man responsible for killing a woman then leaving her body in a burning car. he was arrested last night and charged with murder of the 25-year-old. and and investigators believe he killed her, then dlo dlof -- drove the body here then lit the car on fire early yesterday morning. >> and the suspect has family
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members that reside here in san francisco. so... he's been here, he was familiar enough with the area. we believe that is why possibly, he drove here. >> herera had been missing since sunday, leaving behind a 7-month-old baby. >> and the man killed a san francisco police officer was sentenced today to life in prison without parole. the courtroom was gripped with raw emotion, both officer's father and killer spoke to the court. >> and and we go about thinking our. >> the anguish was written on his face. nick burkeo was his son. the 39-year-old killed in july, 2006 when a van plowed into his cruiser. the crash occurred during a high-speed chase. he and two others had committed a string of robbery that's evening. a jury convicted him of murder
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last year. today's sentencing was emotional. our cameras were not allowed inside. he wept as he apologized in court to the burkeo family. he said in part i'm not a bad person. i didn't mean for this to happen. i was young and stupid. i didn't do it on purpose. it was truly an accident. in the end the junl sentenced him to life without parole. burkeo's father said he accepted the apology. >> for deepness it's not a gift we give to others. it'sing forriveness, our self autos police chief had asked the judge for the death penalty. >> he'll get to see the blue sky and get to interact with people. nick will not have that opportunity. >> other officers voiced the same opinion. >> life without possibility of parole? i think another jurisdiction you'd find a harsher sentence, one that is more deserving. >> the defense attorney saying he was 19 at the time of the
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murder. and with an iq of only 55, he was unable to make good decisions. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and oakland is taking steps today to trance form schools in some of the toughest neighborhoods in the save havens. the mayor and school superintendent announced the launch of the oakland youth safe haven program today. 50 mentors will work with teams from four schools and the 66 avenue and international boulevard area. aiming to build trust between students, families and as well as paying attention to students in the middle of dropping out. >> only 30% of african american men graduate from high school in this city. we're going to change that. we're going to change that, together. >> and similar initiatives have proven to be effective in city as cross the country. >> we hope you've enjoyed another gorgeous winter day today. did we set records? >> and the answer is that we
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set numerous records today for high temperatures. i'll show why wr and how long this warmth will last when i return with the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you z the nanny parking dilemma in san francisco.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> there is plenty of controversy about a proposal before the municipal transportation authority whether to allow nan yeez to have permits so they can park in their boss's neighborhoods. >> patty is a full time nanny. every two hours, all day long, this child care provider, like many throughout the city has to do something that makes her very uncomfortable. >> i leave the kids here alone
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10-15 minute autos she goes moist car so she won't get a ticket. the childrens' mother finds that unacceptable. >> otherwise she has to schlepp the kids with her. >> she's organize aid movement of moms pushing for parking permits for nannies. the municipal transportation agency oversees the permits. they cost $98 per year. the system has been in place since 1976. and there are some nonresidents who get the permits like firefighters and until recently, mannies got them, too. they and bosses want that back. bloggers have been having a field day. month more intitlements. how about a permit for your
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dog walker? hoo oo on one hand we're pro-family. we want people to have families and stay in san francisco. but on the other hand you know we're also a transit first city. >> muni officials are proposing one parking placard if the family proi proe vidz a birth expert signs an affidavit swearing it's for the nanny. the board will vote on the proposal next week. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and academy award nomination as announced this morning by last year's best actress win winner. leading the way with 12 nominations including best picture and actor. true grit foms and social network about creation of facebook had eight nom naigs and so did the drama "inception". the fighter rounded out top five with seven nominations. toy three 3 created by bay-area based pixar is nominated for five academy
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awards. >> apc 7's don sanchez has more on the buzz surrounding it. >> neither woody or buzz lightyear were nominated for best actor. and there is best screenplay, sound, song and best picture. just a third animated film oo. they worked really hard and so this is just been icing on the cake. >> oscar picks topped them all. >> there is exciting and a big deal. >> the film resonated with audiences. and there is pixar saying going into this, nudging is certain. >> driving us was not wanting
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to disappoint everybody. we knew how many people loved the first two films. >> when you make a good movie or what you feel is a good movie it's not a forgone conclusion people will respond to it the way you're responding to it. you do your best job. >> they say they hd to get it right this, is about right. >> there is five oscars pixar already won, they're likely to pick up a six engineer hollywood, next month, that means preparing a winning speech. and i kind of like this rough draft. >> i'd like to thank the academy. >> and and in pixar is owned by abc 7's disney. >> good movie. and you don't feel like sitting in a movie theater in
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weather like this. >> no. >> and go to the drive in or walk in. and this is numerous high temperatures around the bay area there. is a live view from our camera looking at setting sun. official sunset time about five minute as way. right now taking a look at some of the record highs for this date. and oakland, 7. richmond 69. sfo, 68. these are all new record highs. and salinas a high of 77 today in gilroy, a high of 71. mild weather continuing right now looking at temperatures mainly into 60s only spots have dropped into 50s and on we go. there is chilly nights and pockets of fog and there is a lows drop into mid to upper 30s.
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and we'll have pockets of fog. fog redeveloped and will tonight spill back through the delta into some of the inland areas. high pressure stifl dominant feature in weather. there is a is no weather disturbances headed our way. tomorrow, looking for high temperatures again around is tomorrow's date on the peninsula, highs around 70 keg degrees in redwood city that. will be another record tomorrow. and there is numerous upper 60s and low 70s in the north bay. and there is highs tomorrow into upper 60s, oakland expected to top out at about 70 degrees, inland valleys
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we'll see highs more into 60s. and check out warmth. monterey expected to hit 74. that will be a record. there is record warmth continues. two more days of very mild weather. and temperatures start starting to moderate. there is a cool down over the weekend. and there is a warm up again, next week. >> and this? i'm loving this ride. >> there is more ahead including iphone app turning someone trained in cpr into a first responder in time for crisis. >> that is coming up here. and and a look at the fate of @o@opk'
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you can see
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an east bay fire department unveiled a new iphone app. >> the they launched the app designed to give citizens a heads up if someone needs their help. >> after a call, an alert will be transmitted to those who are trained in cpr who are nearby. >> using gps it will direct the responder to the victim and transmit the location of the nearest defibrilator. >> this offers an unprecedented level of civic engagement and public safety. >> well, the cprapp is only available on the iphone but designers are working to make it available on other devices as well. >> stay with us.
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back in a moment.
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a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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there is a reminder about our schedule tonight. state of the union begins at 6:00. >> we'll carry both the speech and republican response live four. they will be streamed live on abc 7 and on the ipad app. >> coverage of the president's speech will then be immediately followed by a special edition of abc 7 news at about 7:30. >> and the focus of the remarks tonight expected to be about jobs, jobs and more job autos yes. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jenning autos from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and we'll show you a live picture now of the u.s. capitol.


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