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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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del. the one kids want to eat. winning is my but we lost today. no, we didn't... ♪ we're the kids in america ♪h, oh, oh ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh educate and out build the rest of the world. >> this is our generation's spot nick moment. >> president obama calling for an era of cooperation. the president delivered a first of a kind state of the union tonight. >> that's right, republicans and democrats sat together resulting in more than just a symbolic gesture. mark matthews is here with a look at the speech. and, mark, reaction from inside the chambers. >> sitting together changed the mood in the house. not the usual circus of one
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side jumping up to applaud when ever they can, and the other side was sitting on their hands. and the president's speech was far less of a laundry list of accomplishments and goals, and more of a framework. the president began by acknowledging the empty chair of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and called on congress to put aside the noise and ranker of partisan politics. >> what comes of this moment is up to us. what comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight, but whether we can work together tomorrow. >> the theme of the speech, winning the future. >> this is our generation's sputnik moment. >> the president said the country must invest in biomedical research and information technology and in clean energy. >> and to help pay for it, i am asking congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies. [applause] i don't know if you've noticed, but they are
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doing just fine on their own. >> he also called for investments in education, and not just in dollars. >> we need to teach our kids that it is not just the winner of the super bowl who needs to be celebrated, but it is the winner of the science fair. >> and the third step, investing in the nation's infrastructure jie. we will put more americans to work and repair crumbling roads and bridges. >> he advocated simplifying the tax code and closing loopholes and lowering the corporate income tax rate for the the first time in 25 years. >> it can be done. >> the president promised he will work with republicans on immigration reform and on cutting redundant regulations and government departments, and even revisiting healthcare reform as long as the changes make for better care and more afford ability. >> instead of refighting the battles the last two years, let's fix what needs fixing and let's move forward. >> moving forward without taking a particular position left republicans with very little to push against. >> americans are skeptical on both political parties, and
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that skepticism is justified especially when it comes to spending. >> at the university of san francisco the politics professor cory cook watched the president's speech with his students. >> i think he laid out a vision for the governor over the next year or two, and it is fairly clear his strategy will be try to govern as a moderate and find common ground. >> the president said the economy is coming around, and in the past year unemployment has fallen by half a percent. the dow is up 17%, but the deficit is also up $1.7 trillion and home prices are down. the tea party's response to the president's speech delivered by republican michelle batman. >> we have high unemployment, de will haved housing prices andthe cost of gasoline is sky rocketing. >> her response in stark contrast to the president's tone, but was muted a little when she showed up late to the stewedy yo. she blamed the president saying she was caught in traffic behind his motorcade.
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talking after the speech, both bay area lawmakers were struck by the feeling in the house, a mood they described as serious and more bipartisan and the president's speech very much in kind. >> it certainly did have a different feel tonight, no question about it. you may have noticed people wearing black and white lapel ribbons. it is to honor the victims of the assassination attempt on gabrielle giffords in tucson. giffords released this photo of her husband holding her hand as they watched the president's speech. the doctor upgraded her condition from serious to good. she will be moved to a rehabilitation hospital tomorrow. tonight the white house is continuing to push the message of president obama's state of the union via social networking. the white house hosted an open for questions event right after the president's speech. aides answered questions submitted through twitter and facebook. this thursday the president will answer questions directly
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from the president during a live youtube interview at 11:30 a.m. one final note on this, if you want to see the president's entire state of the union address along with the republican and tea party responses they are posted at look for it on our home page. economic revival marks the corner stone of president obama's address, and in silicon valley, there is a renewed sense of hope following google's announcement. the company plans to hire more employees this year than ever before, another 6,000. but as abc7's lisa amin gulezian reports, the jobs may be hard to come by. >> the unemployment rate in silicon valley remains in double digits. that's why google's plan to hire more than 6,000 employees couldn't come at a better time. >> are you going to be applying? >> yes, i will be applying. >> at the state employment development department in sunnyvale, there was a surge of excitement at the thought of working for google. >> it is up lifting for lots of people for the valley and
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for the country. >> 2011 will be the biggest hiring year in google's history. this thanks to the success of the android phone and the chrome computers. >> they will mostly be looking for engineers, but they will be looking for marketing people and ad sales people. >> the jobs are in 19 u.s. cities and all over europe, asia and the middle east. and they range from finance and human resources to project management and engineering. >> i work for sun microsystems and i was there for 11 years. >> silicon valley is filled with impressive resumes, and finding a job hasn't been easy. google's announcement has brought a renewed hope for many who have needed it. >> people's hearts are broken with this economy. america is so focused on work and employment as being part of who you are. for them to be willing to offer that -- offered that in the states shows they are dedicated to us. >> but landing one of those be jos will be tough. they like to test applicants,
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do brain teasers and see s.a.t. scores jie. getting into google is like getting into stanford or harvard. they are likely to hire young people not too far out of college, but they are required to look at all applicants. >> the average age is 48. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> yahoo!'s job outlook is not as positive. the sunnyvale-based company is saying it is laying off 150 workers. this comes just six weeks after it let 600 employees go. the cutbacks are part of yahoo!'s continuing effort to boost earnings bi-looring expenses. the -- by lowering expenses. it appears to be earning as their fourth quarter earnings doubled. but sales slid 4% as yahoo! continues to struggle to compete with google and facebook in the race for on-line advertising. more than 900 be jos will be available at the event we are sponsoring. it includes verizon, valley
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yellow pages and state farm insurance. they need sales people, accountants, loan officers and software developers and more. the event is co-sponsored by abc7 and the job journal tomorrow from noon until 4:00 at the south san francisco convention center which is on airport boulevard. the san jose police shot and killed a man this afternoon. it happened in a ravine in the san jose hills east of the airport. that's where alan wang is live for us tonight to walk us through what happened. alan? >> carolyn, as close as we are to san jose, this is a very rural part of the east hills with livestock and barbed wire fence around us. not much happens, but today police shot and killed a man. >> about noontime midday, i was feeding the animals down at my ranch. i heard what was a couple of gunshots, pops. >> it is not a big deal to hear gunshots in the rural east hills overlooking san jose. but after brian van wagner saw a swarm of police officers racing by, he learned a san
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jose officer had shot and killed a man in a ravine near his home. >> yeah, i was questioned by one of their deputies. "did you see homelessen camp ment's, vagrants or suspicious people walking around? " they knew the person didn't belong here. >> reporter: the suspect was shot on the property of ardel johnson. they say a neighbor chased him to the house. a neighbor knocked on the door and said johnson stole something from his home and he asked johnson for his address so he could tell police where to go. he told johnson the suspect was armed with a knife, and when police and santa clara deputies arrived, they chased the suspected it burglar into a ravine where johnson says they shot and killed him. >> and rescue workers had to come in and pull the body out of that steep ravine later this evening. there are still many unanswered questions including the suspect's name and what exactly if he did steel from
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that neighbor. we hope to find out more tomorrow. reporting live in santa clara county, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. authorities have not been able to remove a body from a stolen car that crashed into a power pole this afternoon. the crash knocked down live power lines, so police have to wait for pg&e crews bever -- before they can get the body out. he was trying to escape from police in a stolen ford truck. one of two vehicles stolen in the last 24 hours, apparently. the driver of the second stolen car ditched it in lafayette and got away. toyota is issuing a huge global recall. that story is ahead. >> and he is known as spider dan. tonight why this san francisco sky scraper climber says he didn't really get his day in court. >> also, why this man's beard is keeping him from getting a job with the state. >> and the push to give san francisco nannies prefered
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parking. >> and then later tonight on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. coming up next on "nightline" a special edition on the state of the union address. the president declares a sputnik moment, and he calls for a political truce. we'll look at how america is reacting to what the president said and how he said it.@t
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♪ we're the kids in america
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to toyota's quality control whoas are recalling 1.7 million vehicles for various defectsthat may cause fuel leak kedge. amoung the cars recalled are the is and gs lexus luxury models in north america. according to toyota they have not caused accidents. japan has the largest number of vehicles affected with nearly 1.3 million being recalled there. family, friends and community members gathered for a candlelight vigil in patterson where a four-year-old boy is still missing. they are all hoping and praying for the safe return of juliana car dean nas. he was kidnapped a week ago by
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his mother's ex-boyfriend, and it is very agonizing for his mother. >> with every day it gets harder. it gets harder to keep the faith. it has already been a week. >> meanwhile, the search in a delta canal continued today for a car connected to the kidnapping. they say they found 10 cars in the canal so far, but not the toyota corolla used in the abduction. a san francisco jury convicted the so-called sky scraper man. he was found guilty of two misdemeanors for his climb up one of the tallest buildings. he did it to bring attention to claims that firefighters are unable to put out fires in highrise buildings. after the verdict he disputed the way the judge handled his trial. >> the jury really was denied an opportunity to really hear my side of the story. and so i was very limited to what i could say or not say.
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every chance to say anything else, the jury was escorted out. i was scolded by the judge. it was very frustrating. >> goodwin will be sentenced next week and faces a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. san bruno residents affected by the september gas pipeline explosion can begin collecting checks tomorrow from the pool of donations controlled by the city. 99 individuals were -- received checks from $1,000 to $6,000. the victims whose houses were destroyed will receive the highest payouts. san bruno ef ared $395,000 -- received $395,000 in donations and $58,000 for anticipated needs and spent within the next six months. meantime, a san francisco woman who posed as a victim of the san bruno disaster was sentenced to a month in jail today. 24-year-old jacqueline turner provided a fake address in an attempt to steel relief supplies, authorities say. she was charged with burglary
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and pleaded guilty today. the civil rights groups are defending a sikh american from folsom who was denied a position because of his beard. the california state attorney general is backing a policy that bans beards that arguing -- that the man cannot properly wear a gas mask if he keeps the facial hair required by his religion. a number of organizations signed a letter asking her to reconsideration her opposition. a similar letter was sent to governor jerry brown. a proposal to provide special parking permits to child care providers in san francisco is causing some controversy. nannies say they are forced to leave their young charges alone in order to move their cars from two-hour parking zones in the city. they have to do this all day long, and it makes nannies and mothers quite uncomfortable. >> otherwise you have to take the kids with her to do that, which is also difficult to do. >> residents can pay $98 a
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year for a parking permit, and now a parents' group is pushing to reinstate the privilege for nannies as well. but critics say it would only encourage more driving in the city which has a transit first policy. this was a day to get out and walk. it was incredible out there. >> we have been on such a news run with the weather. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> and it was a day that produced numerous high records for this date. oakland 72 degrees and the oakland airport 77. richmond 69 and sfo airport 68. these are all new record highs. it is in these locations for this date. salinas had a very warm 77 degrees tieing the record for this date. gilroy 71. here is our time lapse view of the post sunset sky looking westward, of course, from our high definition east bay camera. it was a beautiful sky this evening. and right now, we are looking at temperatures mainly in the 50s from the golden gate southward, and in the 40s eastward and then northward. it will get cool in some
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locations tonight, es -- especially in the inland valleys. mild afternoons on wednesday and thursday, and it will be turning cooler by the weekend. but not dramatically so. let's follow the forecast animation here, and you can see the fog will be spreading through the carcenas straight. and it is to some parts of the inland valleys. but most of us will not see dense fog. just a few locations. all of us will see a little bit of a chill or feel it overnight. the lows will drop to 36 in santa rosa and 37 in napa and livermore. 38 in antioch. 37 in fairfield. so pretty chilly conditions in the inland areas and 40s for most other locations. the satellite-radar shows a big, strong ridge of high pressure dominating our weather pattern for the next several days. that's going to keep us dry. mild conditions for a couple more days. so let's take a look at what highs will be like tomorrow. we might have a couple records tomorrow if san jose gets up
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to 71 degrees, that will be a new record for that date. many other locations will have highs around 70 or 71. we will see numerous locations on the peninsula with highs around 70. redwood city topping out at 71. that will be a record for tomorrow. and on the coast, 70 is the projected high at half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 67 tomorrow and 66 in the sunset district. in the north bay, numerous upper 60s and low 70s in ukiah and cloverdale. look for highs in the upper 60s. oakland will probably top out at 70. inland east bay, mild, but not that mild. we will see mainly upper 60s there and near monterey bay, we will have a couple more records. monterey itself is expected to top out at 74 degrees. that's a record for tomorrow's date and salinas at 79 will be a record for tomorrow's date in salinas. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. two more unusually mild days are coming our way on wednesday and thursday. cooler over the weekend and a few clouds around. no rain expected, and then early next week temperatures
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are going to ascend again to the mid to upper 60s. >> thanks, spencer. here is a picture for you. a florida sandbar is now a piano bar. >> what are they going to do with it? that story is just ahead.
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all right, the nominations are out for the 83rd annual academy awards. last year's best actress award winner announced the nominees. best picture "the king's speech,"" true grit," "the social network,"" inception," "the fighter" and rounding out the list," black swan," "the kids are all right,"" 127 hours," "winter's bone," and" toy story 3". we talked to the milwaukeeers of "toy story 3" at pixar. >> what drove us was not wanting to disappoint everybody. we knew how many people loved the first two films. the entirety of that was on
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our shoulders. >> for best actress it includes annette benning in "the kids are all right," nicole kidman in" rabbit hole," jennifer lawrence in "winter's bone" and natalie portman in" black swan" and michelle williams. best actor, bardine in" beautiful," and jeff bridges, colin firth in "the king's speech" and james fran co in" 127 hours." franco is co-hosting the show with anne hathaway. looks like beethoven is taking his talents to south beach. in one of miami's mysteries, a grand piano has appeared on a sandbar in biscayne bay. how and why it got there is anyone's guess. grand pianos weigh 650 pounds, so they are not in the beach chair and umbrella family. for now authorities say they have no plans to move it. >> the tide will move it. >> exactly. >> looks like it needs a good tuning too. larry beil is here. >> it may have been there
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awhile is my guess. it may have been one of beethoven's originals is the way it looks. what went wrong for mike singletary for the 49ers? the former leader of the red and gold and the mesh that did not work.
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good evening. mike singletary's legacy with the 49ers did not appear to get most out of the town. today singletary spoke about what went wrong. he is in mobile, alabama for the senior bowl workouts. singletary has been hired by the linebackers coach. he didn't blame anybody, but it is clear that he and the new gm were not on the same page. >> they did a good job, and for me it is a matter of some people you mesh with and others you don't. i just look at it as one of those things that is sometimes there and sometimes it is not. >> speaking of meshes not
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working, john marshall is out. the raider defense is 29th in the league against the run. not what al davis was looking for. brenihan is back and he worked with hugh jackman in cinncinati. tolner and hagit who worked with the quarterbacks have been let go. rex walters came to the university san francisco to inject life into an ailing basketball program. in year three looks like the dons have turned the corner. usf is coming off the best week end since walters arrived with back to back wins over portland and gonzaga. the zags have been the kings of the west coast conference for the past few decades, so beating them is a statement. the dons are four and one in west coast play trailing only saint mary's. >> we have talented youngsters. we are very young, so you can watch them grow in front of your eyes. it is kind of neat. but we have to continue to get
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better. that's the bottom line. we have accomplished some things, but we have set ourselves up for more responsibility. >> three years after changing his name to the spanish version of his jersey number, ocho cinco has gone back to chad johnson. he will merely go by johnson. he changed his name in 2008. whatever you want to call him, ocho's numbers dropped off dramatically. his tweets and reality show appearances were up and dancing skill was clearly up. catch is down. the bengals, not sure they want him back. ocho or chad or merely previously said he would like to play with the raiders and today he said he wanted to stay a bengal. john stone was fired after showing up for work wearing a packers' tie one day after the pack ousted the bears from the playoffs. stone refused to remove the tie so his boss removed him. >> my grandmother loved the green bay packers. the packers was her team.
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i don't know why she lived in chicago, but she loved the green bay packer. >> i don't feel it was appropriate for him to go in contrast with an advertising campaign that we spend a lot of money on. >> ouch. >> there is a happy ending. a competing car dealership immediately offered him a job. and he can wear his tie. >> which ever tie he wants. thanks, larry. that's our report. "nightline" is up next. >> good night, everyone. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a friday.
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