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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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hopefully he beats the snow. ♪ what comes of this moment will be determined now whether we can fit together tonight but whether we can work together tomorrow. >> president obama challenges congress to begin a new era of cooperation. >> the oakland school board will consider $12 million many spending cuts but teachers may be in for long-delayed pay raises. >> a live look from downtown san francisco looking to the southeast, relatively calm today. dense fog in the valleys. >> you may want to allow a little extra time. fog in the north and central
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valley plus road work in hayward. all the details coming up. >> san jose police are expected to tell us more about the circumstances that led officers to fatally shoot a man in the rural area of the city. as you heard mike and megan say this morning, keep careful, there's patchy dense fog out there. saw some myself. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. president obama's traveling to wisconsin to kick off his white house to main street tour. he'll push his job creation ideas that were the focal point of his state of the union last night. >> the president began by acknowledging the empty chair of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and calling on congress to put aside the noise and rancor of partisan politics. >> what comes of this moment is up to us. what comes at this moment will be determined not about whether we can fit together tonight but
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whether we can work together tomorrow. >> the theme of the speech? winning the future. >> this is generation's spud nick he moment. >> i'm asking congress to eliminate the millions in taxpayering collars we give to oil companies. i don't know if you notice, but they're doing just fine on their own. >> also calling for cuts in education. >> it's not just the winner of the super bowl that deserves to the celebrated but the wish of the science fair. >> and the third step? investing in the nation's infrastructure. >> we'll put more americans to work repairing crumbling roads and bridges. >> simplifying the tax code, closing loopholes and lower the corporate income tax rate for the first time in 25 years. the president promised he will
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work with republicans on immigration reform and government departments. even revisiting healthcare reform as well as the changes make for better care and more affordability. >> instead of refighting the battles of last two years, let's fix what needs fixing and let's move forward. >> moving fought without a particular position left little for republicans to push against. >> americans are skeptical of both parties. and that is justified especially when it comes to spending. >> the president says the economy is coming around and in the past year unemployment has fallen by half a percent. the dow is up 17% but the deficit is also up 1.7 trillion dollars and home prices are down. mark matthews, abc 7 news. >> and if you want to see the president's entire state of the union address along with the republican and tea party responses, they're posted on our website. >> the mayors of california's
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largest cities are meeting with governor jerry brown to tell him how his proposal to eliminate redevelopment agenciless throughout the state will harm the economy. the bay area mayors include ed lee of san francisco and chuck reid. it difficult verts an estimated $1.7 billion to schools and puck lick safety instead. reid and other mayors say redevelopment is one of the only tools to spur job creation, increase tax revenues and economic growth. >> they will can have giving pay raises to employees while also trimming their budget but $12 million. the 2% raise for district employees including teachers will cost about $2 million. at the same time oakland school principals are being asked to cut school budgets by 7%. the president of the union says
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she believes the employers deserve a raise but is concerned about the economic climate, too. >> a partial closure of camino pablo at minor road remains in effect after a suspect crashed a stolen s.u.v. into a power pole yesterday afternoon. pg&e crews are still on the scene working to replace that power pole. the driver was killed when he tried to escape from police and crashed. it was one of two vehicles stolen from the same familiar in the last 24 hours. the driver of the second car ditched it in lafayette and got away. >> the circumstances that led police to fatally shoot a man in the rural hills east of san jose. it happened in a ravine. the man shot was possibly a suspect who burglarized another home. he was armed with a knife. san jose police in claire account sheriff deputies were
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questioning neighbors in the sparsely populated area following the shooting. >> i was questions by one of the deputies saying did you see any vagrants, suspicious people walking around. that led me to believe they knew the person didn't belong up here. >> rescue crews were called in last night to pull the body out of the steep ravine. no word on his identity. >> authorities plan to resume the search in a canal for the vehicle involved in the kidnapping of a four-year-old boy. last night family and community members gathered for a candlelight vigil in patterson where giuliani was abducted. he was kidnapped by his exmother's boyfriend a week ago and it's taken a toll on giuliani's mother. >> every day it gets harder. it gets harder to keep the faith. you know. it's already been a week. >> authorities began searching a canal near patterson after a
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farm worker reported seeing a vehicle matching the one police say was used in giuliani's kidnapping go into the water. police and sheriff crews have found ten cars in the canal so far but not the silver toyota corolla they're looking for. >> san bruno neighbors affected by the september gas pipeline explosion can begin collecting checks today from the pool of donations controlled by the city. 99 individuals will get checks ranging from $1,000 to $6,000. the victims whose houses were destroyed will receive the highest payouts. the community generated nearly $400,000 in donations. $58,000 will be reserved for needs that may come up in the next six months. >> soon shoppers in marin county won't get to choose between paper and plastic. the board of supervisors voted to outlaw them. it poses a 5 cent surcharge on paper bags. opponents say the board enacted
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the ban without study ying its environmental impact. the ban takes effect next year in marin county's unincorporated areas. >> forget about plastic or paper. your choices today may be sunscreen or sun hats. >> and infrared vision googles this morning to see through the fog, mike. >> yeah. it's pretty thick in some areas. the tulie fog moving through the east bay kind of rapidly this morning. three of us here kind of came through the same area. i didn't see any fog. i won't say the other two came to work later than i did but they did see fog later on in the morning. low to mid-40s throughout the valleys. mid to upper 40s around the bay shore. 53 in san francisco to 61 half moon bay. as far as your 24 hour temperature change, oakland, novato, santa rosa the same. antioch 2 degrees cooler. half moon bay, 18 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. have the fog around around
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through the 8:00 hour. temperatures jump by noon. antioch a little behind because of the fog and by 4:00 in the afternoon we're all back into the 60s with sunshine. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. day eight of record high temperatures. tomorrow day night possible and then it's over as we will settle into seasonal conditions with more cloud cover and cooler conditions this weekend. here's megan with a first look at the morning commute. good morning. >> caltran working in hayward in both directions at 880 at highway 92 you'll find the two left lanes are going to be blocked until about 5:00 this morning. a live look at the rise in walnut creek. look at that, it's foggy just like mike said it was. right now you have a fog advisory in effect. chp has issued it for solano county and then also the central valleys but allow a little extra time and travel with caution as you make your morning commute. it's foggy out there. >> there's fog out there?
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>> could it be that since we came in from different parts of the east bay mr. nicco just zipped by us. >> he knows better. 4:40. >> still ahead, google's giant hiring spree. >> i think it's wonderful. it's uplifting. >> the internet giant's plan that would add enough workers who fill a small town. >> a push to give san francisco nanny's preferred parking. experts from a leading consumer publication recently tested automatic dishwashing detergents. they rated finish quantum number one, beating the competition ! try finish quantum for amazing clean and shine. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
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by schools just like yours! buy participating products now, to earn your school's share of more than $50 million! you can see good morning. it's 4:42 this wednesday. a live look outside here. this is san francisco, of course, and no fog here around the bay or up the peninsula but if you go inland tulie fog will find you. a little in the north bay as
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well. michael scored that all out for us and checked on today's temperatures where may break records again. >> this story now, a proposal to provide special parking permits to child care providers in san francisco is causing controversy. nannies like pattie say they're forced to leave their young charges alone in order to move their cars from the two-hour parking zones in the city. that makes both nannies and moms uncomfortable. >> otherwise she has to slug the kids with her to do that which is difficult to do. >> residents can pay $98 a year for a parking permit. a parents group is pushing muni to consider that as well but the city has a transit first policy. >> in silicon valley there's a renewed sense of hope after google announces more employees this year than ever before, 6,000 workers.
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those jobs may be hard to come by. >> the unemployment rate in silicon valley remains in double digits. that's why google's plan to hire more than 6,000 employees couldn't come at a better time. >> are you going to be applying? >> yes. >> at the state employment development department in sunnyvale there was a surge of excitement at the thought of working for google. >> it's uplifting for lots of people, for the country. >> 2011 will be the biggest hiring year in google's history thanks to the success of the android phone and computers. >> mostly for engineers but probably looking for some marketing people and ads sales people. >> they're in 19 u.s. cities and all over europe, asia and the middle east. they range from finance and human resources to neck management and engineering. >> silicon valley is filled with impressive resumes and finding a
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job hasn't been easy. google's announcement brought a renewed home for many who needed it. >> people's hearts are really broken with this economy. america is so focussed on work and employment as being who you are, for them to be willing to offer it here in the states shows they're dedicated to us. >> but landing one of those coveted jobs will be cough. they like to test applicants, do brain teasers and seeing sat scores. >> it's like getting into stanford and harvard. likely to hire young people not far out of college but they're required to look at all applicants. >> the average age at this employment center is 48. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:45 now. coming up the search for a missing north bay teacher. why authorities are concerned for her safety. >> it was nice for him. >> a killer's apology.
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a family's acceptance. next the rare and emotional moment over the murder of a bay area officer. >> plus the major milestone that's been reached in the devil's slide tunnel project. >> and wanna save someone's life? mary! hey! wow, you look great! thanks! it's this new wish yourself thin program. i just wish it and it happens. it's probably those fiber one bars you're eating. i know they help me stick to my diet. the bars are 90 calories and the fiber helps you feel full.
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>> welcome back. 4:48 on this wednesday already, wow! looking at temperatures pretty mild acontrols the country from 30s around the great lakes to 30s up in new england where it's snowing right now. low to mid-50s the pacific northwest. snow moving through nashville, louisville, kentucky and the snow around new york. those will head up to boston and the snow will head to d.c. flights could be cancelled. will be delayed and our flights tracker will have them at
4:49 am >> in marin county police are investigating the disappearance of a school teacher. 53-year-old deborah schmidt was in her classroom. she left a thank you note on her block board and school keys. the next day she did not return to school this is they went to her home in ross where she left her vehicle, personal identification and credit cards. at this point investigators think she made be in need of her prescribed medication and don't believe foul play is involved. they plan to search nearby areas such as frost creek and phoenix lake for signs of the missing teacher. >> the man who killed a san francisco police officer has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. yesterday the courtroom was ripped with raw emotion as both the officer's father and his killer spoke to the court. vic lee has the story from san francisco. >> died late in the middle of the night thinking that our son
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is still alive. >> his anguish was written on his face. his son, the 39-year-old officer was killed in july 2006 when the van driven by steven patrilli crashed into his cruiser. patrilli and two others committed a string of robberies. sentencing was very emotional. our camera was not allowed inside. patrilli wept repeatedly as he apologized in court to the berkko family. he said i'm not a bad person. i didn't mean for this to happen. i was young and stupid. i didn't do it on purpose. it was truly an accident. in the end the judge sentenced him to life without parole. berko's father said he accepted patrilli's father. >> it's not forgiveness we give to ours, it's forgiveness for
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ourselves. >> he asked for the death penalty. >> he'll int act with people. unfortunately nick will not have that opportunity. they said patrilli was 19 at the time of the murder. with an i.q. of only 65, he was unable to make good decisions. vic lee. >> toyota's quality control woes condition this morning. the japanese auto maker is recalling 1.7 million vehicles around the world for various defects that may cause fuel leakage. among the cars are the is and gs lexus luxury models in north america. according to toyota, the defects haven't caused any accidents japanese has the largest number of vehicles affected. >> 4:51 is our time. a look at the weather forecast. the north bay or parts of the east bay, you may not see a whole lot today.
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>> yeah. pretty foggy there. it definitely will save some sunshine but will slow the growth of the warmth there. today's other places we will set record high temperatures. here's we are on a wednesday morning looking down from 2600 feet up on mount tamalpais to san francisco and well beyond all the way to possibly fremont. that could be even about the san mateo bridge way up there by the top of your screen. let's talk about record temperatures from yesterday. i will put this on my weather blog in a little while but oakland, airport, downtown, moffett field, richmond, san francisco international, salinas and gilroy all set records or tied them yesterday. for today that's the big story. we'll get to those temperatures. first show you what you need to dress for as you head out the door. 39 santa rosa with fog. 41 fog in napa. fog fairfield, 42 and 41 concord
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and antioch fog in those areas. visibility to a quarter of a mile. mid to upper 40s the bay shore. look at san francisco, 53. half moon bay, 61 degrees. around the monterey bay we have mid to upper 40s. inland 36 degrees in gilroy. so day 8 of record warmth temperatures. tonight not going to be quite as cold because we're going to be so warm this afternoon. watch out for patchy valley fog in north bay and tulie fog moving into east bay valleys. the weekend breezes will bring us seasonally cool conditions. three areas of high pressure dominating us. now two but still very strong taking the storm track well to the north. we may get sideswiped but definitely going to be a bright day today. low 70s in the south bay. put an asterisk next to record high. that was san jose at 71. same thing for redwood city. upper 60s to near 70. same thing along the coast, half
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moon bay 70 today. the sun sets 66. 60s around downtown san francisco. mid to upper 60ss north bay valleys. clover day 72. mid to upper 60s through most of the east bay shore through 70 oakland. east bay valleys you can see with 65 in concord that is a record high and around the monterey bay, that's where we'll find the warmest weather, especially salinas where we may hit 80 degrees. more cloud cover saturday and sunday. a slight warming trend monday and tuesday and still dry. >> good morning. the earlier road work in hayward has been cleared and other than the foggy conditions you should have a nice commute awaiting you. a live look at the east shore freeway heading through the berkeley area. headlights move westbound and the drive time from the card necessary bridge to the maze about 19 minutes. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll find no
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delays making your ways through the tolls and heading into san francisco. no road work ons bay bridge this morning. other bridges, a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic moving nicely in both directions. these headlights are moving eastbound into hayward. if you'd like to skip driving in the fog, you can take mass transit. you can go to and click on the traffic link for the latest traffic update. eric, kristen? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 4:55 now. the golden gate yacht club set the schedule for the america's cup in 2013. the city was picked december 31st to host the race for the most coveted trophy in international sailing. it was picked by larry ellison against a foreign challenger. that will be determined by a series of races for the louis vuitton cup scheduled from july 13th to december 1st in 2013. it will be decided by the best
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of nine races. >> caltran is reporting major progress in the devil lied project. they've completed excavation work they've been digging as a bypass. they've been digging nearly two and a half years now. they now have the line the tunnels, pave the roadway and install lights. it's expecting to be open to traffic early next year. >> a new i-phone app they believe will save lives. designed for the san ramon fire department kind to give people trained in cpr a heads up if someone needs their call. it uses the i-phone's gps and direct the responder to the victim and transmit the location of the nearest defibrillator. >> it offers an unprecedented level of civic engagement and
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public safety by dispatching cpr-trained citizens to cardiac emergencies occurring nearby. >> software designers are working to make it available on other devices as well. >> it's 4:57. a new plan to fight teen crime. what hundreds of young defenders may not end up in juvenile hall. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in contra costa county where today the homeless population counts and gets counted and there are millions of dollars of federal money on the line. >> taking the state of the union from congress to the rest of the country.
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