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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 1, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning -- >> ice storm a wave of winter weather set to cover dozens of states in ice and crippling roads and run i was, snow, sleet and tornadoes. massive march, perhaps cairo's biggest yet and hundreds of americans still trying to get out. and bowl-bound. steelers and packers arrive in the big d. from abc news, this is "america this morning" with vinita nair and rob nelson. good morning. as a new month begins so does a major win the stock market, by some counts the eighth so far this winter. >> nearly 3,000 flights have already been cancelled today most at major hubs like chicago o'hare and newark. and this bhis the main part of the storm is now. over oklahoma and missouri,
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ready to really bear down on the midwest in the coming hours. here we go again. millions of americans will need scrapers and shovels through tomorrow as blizzard warnings are up in seven states. the head of knee ma is treating the storm as if it were an approaching hurricane. >> i want toal people like with a hurricane, you see the storm coming, now is the time to get ready. >> that's what cities have been doing, oklahoma city's fleet of snowplows standing by. in chicago, they have moved mountains of road salt in place and hoboken, new jersey, owners of still-snowed-in cars were told to dig them out or they would be towed. the other worry is ice, a big belt, enough to snap tree branches and power line, could reach from oklahoma to missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, and pennsylvania. >> it's not out of the question we could see a half an inch of ice, if we get that there is going to be real problems, we're talking about major power
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outages, talking about driving difficulties, shutting down roads. >> we know it's going to be bad, prepare like it's bad. >> one more round for a winter weary country and this one could be the biggest of them all. >> as we said, it could be one of the top five worst storms ever for some cities. >> accuweather's ava dinges shows what we're facing. >> potentially the worst storm of the entire season in terms of how many people this will effect. snow from new mexico back into chicago and into boston and then we have the ice storm from oklahoma city into st. louis and building back into indianapolis. blizzard concerns in chicago overnight heading into wednesday where they easily could see one to two feed of snow. they will get the lake enhance mts and could make it the heaviest snow of all-time. back to you. >> thank you. we have sent a team of reporters into the storm for live coverage coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> the other major story we're
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following this morning, the ongoing crisis in egypt. >> the latest developments proshgs tefrts gather in cairo for what is called a million person march. the government has cut communications and train schedules to keep people from coming. >> 1200 americans have been evacuated on charter flights arranged by the u.s. government. at least eight more flights are set for today. >> and president obama has sent a retireded senior diplomat to cairo to urge egyptians fishlgs to accept political and economic change. >>. >> we go tome pli schmidt in the capital with the details on this fast-moving story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. opposition groups in egypt really believe this could be their biggest day yet, fwleev if they can get an unprecedented number of protesters out on the street their calls for change will be too powerful for president mubarak to ignore. one week of protests behind them, one million egyptians are
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expected to march today. they'll go from liberation square to the presidential palace where president hosni mubarak lives and works with hopes that the ten-mile trip changes 30 years of the nation's history. >> whatever you do, you will be defeated, we never want you. >> reporter: even if president mubarak swore in a new cabinet yesterday and ordered his new vice president to talk with the opposition the crowds gathered against him and though the tanks lined up, the egyptian army vowed it will not fire on protesters saying the military recognizes the legitimacy of the people's demands. >> either mubarak will step down or there will be more violence. and so, if it gets worse i don't want to be there. >> reporter: transof canceled, banks closed, airports swamped. state department evacuated 1,200 americans on chartered flights
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yesterday and hopes for eight more flights today. >> saturday, sunday, monday, we saw people looting, guns fire, people shooting other people. >> reporter: the u.s. continues to call for an orderly transition while insisting that's not a call for new leadership. >> we're not picking between those on the street and those in the government. >> reporter: still, major worry in washington and around the world is who will lead egypt if president mubarak does not? some security experts say it's a let concern that al qaeda could try to step in and fill the void. vinita and rob? >> and we've seen the situation literally escalate every day, what is developing right now? >> reporter: we know there are tanks that are blocking liberation square right now, trying to keep people out but we know some people who have gathered already, ignoring a curfew that was in place. most likely the largest crowds will be mid to early morning, u.s. time, and protesters really think that today could be a tipping point, if it is not, though, they vow they will
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continue to keep turning out. they say they have simply come too far right now to turn back. vinita and rob? >> all eyes on cairo. emily schmidt, thank you. geelt more from the region with a live update from cairo later in of half hour. president obama suffered another major setback to the health care legislation. a federal judge in florida has ruled the entire law is unconstitutional. the court said you simply can't force people to purchase health insurance. florida's now the 26th state to challenge the legislation and the case will likely wind up before the supreme court. and in yet another blow, president obama's hand-picked ambassador to china may be trying to take the president's job. ambassador john huntsman submitted his letter of resignation monday and many speculate the former governor you've that is planning a run for the white house in 2012. investigators troor iing to determine the cause of a deadly helicopter crash noou near tucson. the pilot of a sheriff's department chopper was killed and three passengers badly
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injured when the chopper slammed into a mountain. the terrain was so rugged, the victims had to be airlift from the wreckage. a volcano in southern swrja is raging, sent bowleds flying miles away. trees were knocked down and dang zoern was widened but no reporteds of any serious injuries. it's the first major eruption in 52 years, a sight these people have never dn before. >> when we come back, top business news, including an oil giant's giant profits. >> one police chief calls it's the worst case of bullying he's seen. a teen dragged through the snow, even hung on a fence. and the developing situation in cairo, today could see the biggest protests so far. c@c@c@c@
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continues now with our "moneyscope" report. exxon mobil reporting a profitable quarter, 9.25 billion in the last quarter of 2010, its biggest profit in two years. largely thanks to oil demand worldwide. other oil companies have big jums in profits. some accuse the natural gas industry of-oil gas companies acknowledge using diesel but deny breaking it is law. overseas markets were
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generally up today despite concerns over that continuing up rest in egypt. toekia's nikkei average up 36 points today, hong kong's hang seen newspaper tlat trading, in london, ftse opened higher, dow rose and the nasdaq picked up 13. intel says a computer chip design error will cost it $1 billion in expenses and missed sales. the design flaw is in a support chip for intel's latest processor called sandy bridge, most of the money will be spent replacing thosy chips. pizzamakers are gearing up for one of their biggest days of the year, super bowl sunday. sales usually go up around 35%. nerms of toppings football fans generally prefer old school toppings like sausageage pepperoni. most don't include toppings like sun-dried tomatoes. one of the five biggest days, halloween, day before thanksgiving, new year's eve, new year's day, when people like pizza. >> absolutely.
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folks in albuquerque among the first to cope with the massive storm sweeping across more than two dozen states. wind-swept snow is being blamed for a number of accidents. some flights have been grounded and even more cancelations are expected today. and one place bracing for the very worst of the massive storm is chicago, a live picture right now, just a light coating of snow at this point but it will get worse, expect blizzard conditions out there, up to three inches of snow an hour. expected later tonight. forecasters say it could be one of the top five worst storms ever in the windy city. because of that, expect splipery
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commute from the rockies to new england. ice and snow on i-70 from denver to pittsburgh and i-35 from minnesota to texas, treacherous on i-44 from tulsa to st. louis, slick on i-95 in the northeast. >> if you're flying today, expect lots of airport delays, denver, kansas city, memphis, houston and new orleans, also chicago, detroit, boston, new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c. we return now to our story in egypt where the biggest anti-government protests yet is under way. >> llaama hasan is in cairo and joins us on the phone. what have you seen today? >> reporter: good morning. well, the people are massing at tahrir square which means liberation square. it is swarming with people for the million-person mar, we're expecting it to be the biggest demonstration we've seen so far. and they will be marchs all waft i to the presidential palace, about ten miles from the square, they want to take their message straight to the president, they
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want him to step down. we don't expect them to be vie lent because the army made a very important statement, significant statement i should say on television yesterday, a uniformed military spokesman said armed forces will not resort to using force against our great people. that's what the spokesperson says. i think this is a very important statement. we expect a demonstration to be peaceful today and to continue all of the way to the presidential palace. rob, vinita? >> what's the expectation there in tefrms how much longer those large crowds will continue to gather? >> reporter: from the people i have spoken to, they are determined and defiant, they're determined to stay there until they get what they want, until their demands are met, which is that they want president mubarak to step down. it doesn't make a difference that he is changing his cabinet because he is still in charge. they told me he's still in power, still the commander in chief and that's not what they
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want, because for the past 30 years that's what they had and they say now is it is time for change. >> what about the americans that are still there, those that want to get out, will they be able to get duet? >> reporter: the u.s. embassy has started mobilizing its evacuation plans to get whoever wants to leave, u.s. citizens who actually want to leave the country out. they are chartering flights, they have organized taking these u.s. citizens to safe havens, what they call safe havens in europe, athens, is stan bultanb important to know that is not a mandatory evacuation, it is voluntary, whoever wishes to live the country has to get in touch with the u.s. embassy and they will do their best, they tell me, to get them out. >> this eighth day will hopefully be a turning point. abc's lama hasan live in cairo. thank you. >> and we turn to an update on that soccer mom in florida who is accused of killing her teenaged children for mouthing
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off. julie schenecker had been under investigation for child abuse but officials decided risk to her kid wases low. the florida department of family services says the family was in counseling. seen in kerr was ordered held without bail monday. in pennsylvania, six teen as rest ford gang up on 13-year-old boy, police called attack caught on tape bullying at its very worse. boy was kicked and dragged through the snow for 20 minutes. he was then hoisted into a tree and eventually hung on a fence by his jacket. the attack took place three weeks floo goo in an apartment come plegs at 1:00 p.m. no one called the police. the fear of getting a traffic ticket may be saving lives. a new study found fatale cash crashes fell by 24% in 14 large sthas installed red light cameras but fatal crashes fell at intersections that did not have the technology. red light cameras at the cutting edge of automatic law enfor
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enforcement technology though some people raised privacy concerns. >>. >> a quick think-ing 3-year-old neff girl is called a hero for helping save her mother's live. gracie gros was home alone with her mom and little brother where her mom collapsed from a zaire, without missing a beat, gracie called 911, the incident took place hours after her mom taught her how to make the call just in case. >>. >> packers and steelers arrived in dallas, facing off on sunday. fans gave them a warm texas welcome but they haven't escaped northern chill. temperatures will be at or below freezing for the next few days. today is media day so the players will face an army of reporters. for nba reporters, here is mike yam at espnnews. the miami heat gets match up against a familiar opponent, the cleveland cavaliers. a lot of talk with lebron james matching up against his former team. wade, his teammate got the
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finish. p. diddy in the crowd, he liked it and for good reason. wade finished with 34. and then more from lebron james. strong to the bucket. 24 points, eight assists, miami heat to problems dismantling cavaliers who lost 21 straight. >> griffin and the clippers hosting the bucks. l.a. in control. griffin by himself, could be in the dunk contest. a preview there, windmill slam. trying to figure out if blake griffin or -- who is the better dunker? jordan taking notes from blake, sky to high. two-handed finish and then check that out. griffin with the hustle play, back the other way, davis taking advantage. clippers win 105-98. louisville and georgetown, rick petino and the cardinals trying to do good things. for three, hoyas up by three after that bucket. ten sendings to go, louisville down three.
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passes up the triple and instead, hits jennings down low for the finish, so petino calls time-out. after couple free throws, three-point game. siva, length of the floor, the three is up and off the mark. no good. georgetown has won five straight in conference play, 62-59 your final score. that will do it for sports. back to you in new york. and coming up next, we'll update the top story, of course, that massive winter storm set to wreak havoc across the country. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] imagine the possibilities with stelara®. for adults, stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®, your doctor should test for tuberculosis.
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and now a look ahead to the stories we'll be watchinday -- tuesday -- a winter storm slamming 30 states from new mexico to new england could be among the worst ever. th h will be hardest hit, 3,000 flights have already been cancelled today. it is day eight of the protests in egypt and organizers called a million people to march through the streets of cairo, marching to the presidential palace to demand that the president resign. >> at least eight charter flights organized by u.s. stated department will take off from kaicair cairo, getting 2600 americans out of the country in the next few days. the justice department says it will repeal a ruling by a federal judge in florida who found president obama's health care unconstitutional. >> a volcano menacing japan this morning, it broke windows and sent boulders flying miles away. we'll hear from chilean
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finally, the celebration continues for chilean miners whose underground captivity riveted the world. this week, they and their families got the promised tripe
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to disney world. >> they had their own pa rid, which they served as grand marshals. matt gutman was there. >> reporter: super mare yoshgs second man out of the mine and leader of the cheer heard round the world. >> chile! >> reporter: so, what do you do after two months in a dank mine? go to disney world, of course. and mario along with 30 other miners, grand marshals at their very own heroes parade on main street. yes, those are miners hats with mickey ears. they were greeted like rock stars, cheered and led cheers. >> chile! >> reporter: planting kisses all of the way. it was overwhelming. mario says he wasn't expecting this type of welcome. in an exclusive interview with abc news mario tells us i was about to lose my life, now i am surrounded by life.
4:29 am
what a difference. after this new dash to the ocean, mario vowed to live free but he is going back to the mines. so, i asked his son what he thought. he says it's okay if he wants go back as long as it's to a safer mine. it could be, mario says he's studying to become a mine safety inspector. matt gutman, abc news, orlando. >> nice to see those guys having a good time. they got $500 gift cards, so plenty of cash to spend as well. >> disney chefs whipped them up a chilean-inspired meal. >> a bit of home there in the happiest place on earth. >> coming up later on "good morning america" a new treatment having success in curing an age-old problem, snoring. it's helping couples cope with the problem, but can this new surgery help you? the full story coming up on "gma." >> i have to make sure to watch them. that is making new this is america this morning. zblet more at any


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