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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  February 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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north of 16th avenue. there, you can see the back up. >> and there is a tragic ending after days of missing for a little boy. >> the body of juliani cardenas was found today. and we're live with this latest information. >> well, as we've we stand here in a prayer gathering you can see folks beginning to gather behind me there. is a vigil planned for tonight. and this is supposed to be hope, but it appears the hope is gone. >> we've lost the light of a little boy. >> with two weeks of searching, the life of jaul yawny cardenas jaim to an end.
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>> they saw the body of a child floating in the water. we've recovered the body of a small child whose physical description and clothing match that's of our kidnapping victim. >> dna tests will be performed to confirmed firm the identity. the body found in patterson. it's the same canal where a silver toyota was discovered last friday. shown here in a video the driver of the car has yet to be found. investigators expect the body of rodriguez will be found in the canal. and word spread through patterson, residents gathered to comfort one another. >> for a 4-year-old to perish the way he did is just tragic. >> a plan vigil tonight has been turned into a community
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prayer for jaul yawny and his family. >> i keep thinking what would i want to happen? >> we wanted to find little juliani alive that. is our goal, bringing him home. today brings some closure, this will take a while for pain and suffering to heal. >> and she made no public statement, juliani's mother did write quote i love you very much and my son does, too. he's my little angel, now. another note about juliani's mother there was an ambulance stationed in front of the home most of the day. she's 8 months pregnant. the father is jose rodriguez. there are folks starting to gather here in downtown patterson. and this is now turned into a prayer gathering for juliani and his family.
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>> and we'll move next to breaking news on the side of a cliff in richmond. >> cruise are working to rescue a dog that followed a sheep on to this hillside. >> this is taking place above a water treatment plant. a woman went down to help was stuck for a while. there she is on the eblg. you can see her hanging on. she's been able now to climb to safety. >> san jose's acting police chief is now the real thing. the city council approved the city manager's choice of an insider for the job of top cop. san jose's police chief is making a point to reach him out. >> i asked my appointment as a new beginning and start. and an opportunity to build upon dialogue created during this selection process. >> a coalition of community
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activists wanted oakland police chief to take the helm in san jose. >> my only goal is to ensure we've found the best chief and we've done that. >> the city council gave chris moore a standing ovation and support. this new department leader will oversee 1245 sworn officer autos we want to see interaction between officers and say, a young person in downtown as a result of the shift in leadership. >> the auditor. >> i expect to you have courage to do what is right. no matter how uncomfortable doing right may make you feel. >> and today,' announced he
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will set up a system to better track complaints about police bias and stligs a board that will include those critical of the department. >> there is a number of ways to approve it. part of it is tlishing day-to-day relationships with my officers. >> this mayor says the chief has committed to be chief for the next four years. >> the president of san francisco board of supervisors is trying to fight cities blight on two fronts, targeting distributors of a yellow pages phone book and people putting business flyerses on homes. there is a measure that will be the first in the nation wit rite? >> for some people, it's unwanted dine saurz, city officials say yellow pages end up creating nearly seven million pounds of waste each year. you're looking at about a
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thousand phone books salvaged from the dump. a symbol of the yellow pages left on door steps every year. if stacked up, would equal the height of 300 transamerica pyramids. >> in addition to environmental impact this has a real cost to san francisco. this total cost is estimated to be over $1 million per year. >> hs su. proposing a law requiring distributors to get permission from customers for example, by phone or mail, before dropping off books. the industry is threatening a legal fight. >> we think penalizing one form of advertising is unfair. >> brar bra's company advertises and she believes if it isn't in every home it would impact her business.
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>> who wants to call and ask for it? not many people. >> many san franciscoins considered hand bills an annoying blight. they're flyers left almost daily in neighborhoods by restaurants, house cleaners and vendors. david hsu has a proposal to require they be securely fastened. under this measure you can opt out of receiving flyers by posting a large no hand bills sign. and violateors would be fined sm. say the crack downs are another example of san francisco as a nanny state. but hsu says litter is the number one complaint for constituents. >> we celebrate our city and elimination of paper lining gutters and sidewalks. >> and yellow pages just launches an opt out feature today fchl you don't want to
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seft phone book go to their web site there. is a link on ours, abc 7 >> and there is another note in san francisco. effort to allow nan yeez to have special parking permits in the city ran into hurdles today. the board is not ready to approve the concept until certain conditions are met. and members would like to figure out penalties for those who would misuse it. >> i think they understand issue they've been responsive to come up with solutions. and there is a lot of controversy but we're hopeful something will get created and pass. >> the possess says rewriting could take several weeks and maybe months. >> and muni place aid driver and a mechanic on leave after an accident today involving an
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empty bus that crashed into a light pole and muni says they were working on the bus when it suddenly began rolling, reports show the parking brake had not been set. >> we had strict policies to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen. it appears pending an investigation some policies were not followed and we're just going to follow up on that. >> and no one was hurt in this crash but it did back up traffic for miles along vanness during the end of the morning commute. >> as you know california public schools have been struggling with $18 billion in cuts over the last three years, educators and administrate jors pleaded for more funding for education and we report now from sacramento. >> we caught up with a class visiting the capitol and even 10-year-olds know what this is meant for schools.
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>> this is about 10 teachers cut at our school. >> there are old books in the library. >> the education coalition says public schools have endured $18 billion in cuts over here years. districts shortened their year and that warned additional $2 billion will be lopped off if they don't agree to extend hikes another five years. >> notion of another couple billion dollars on top of everything is just frightening to use republicans will block attempts to get the vote if it means more cuts to schools could be prevented. and many believe more cuts are possible. >> why are we not contracting
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out nonclassroom services? why don't we let volunteers come in to run the library? >> if tax extensions make to it ballot there no guarantee voters will approve them considering they turned down extending taxes back in 2009. that is a prospect upsetting to parents. >> there is worries and it's a possibility it won't pass, again. >> california teachers association says it's ready to help finance a campaign helping to get temporary tax hikes extended. polling show that's tax hikes are connected to education, voters tend to support them. >> still ahead tonight at 6:00 a bay area woman fell victim to an unemployment scam. a job offer just too good to be true. >> i had been officially first time, it and hurts. >> and a warning from michael
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finney. >> later future of bay area biotech. how other states and countries are trying to steal local jobs. jobs. >> and what you'll see on a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. there is more breaking news in the east bay ai. police officer injured in an accident in emeryville. >> sky 7 is live over the crash now. and this is at 43rd street.
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we believe a motorcycle officer was hit at that location. and police have shut down all lanes of 43rd street for what looks like about three blocks while they investigate. >> the officer was injured and there is no word yet on the officer's condition. >> bay area woman fell victim to a scam targeting unemployed with millions of people struggling it's a growing problem, conartists going after job jeerks. this is a heart wrenching story. >> this is a old scam. the unemployed, be warned. scamsters are out there taking advantage of the fact many are desperate to find work and taking what little money these job seekers have left. akrina jennings has been struggling to support her 2-year-old son. >> it's tough. >> so she got excited when she found this ad in the san
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francisco chronicle. an opening for a flight attendant offering full training. >> i jumped on it and got excited. something different. flight attendant. >> she called the number and with that seemingly are harmless act took a step into a big trap. >> and everything sounded great. the benefits. the money. >> and she jotted notes. saying she'd be a stewards carrying wealthy passengers to cruise ships, earning $1150 per week, and be home each night by 6:00. did she want to fly to miami for an interview? >> i said wow. that sounds cool. definitely i would be very interested. >> with that, she took the next step into the tap. the man said she can buy her own plane ticket or he would buy it for her at a reduced price of $372 she found cheapest fares online were
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over a thousand dollars. >> i said let me ask x.him what is the other option one more time. >> mistake number three. >> she agreed to let the man buy the tick yismt he told her wiring him half of the fare, $186 and she'd be reimbursed when she arrived in miami. >> and gail maxwell would meet her, as soon as i shook her hand sheet she'd put a reimburse oomt she wired $186 to orlando, florida. yes, that was her final mistake. later she checked a flight supposedly purchased for her she found there was no such flight. there was no such chart jer jet company, and there is no such job. >> i had been officially first time scammed. it hurts. >> she went from the he'llation of believing she'd landed a job to depths of realizing she'd been conned.
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>> uh, upset. and my husband and i. >> her mother couldn't stand the idea. >> i just said to my daughter that we need to call 7 on your side. >> they did call us. not hoping to get her money back, but to warn other job seekers who might be lured into the same trap. >> $200, that hurts. i just wanted to make sure it was red flagged and to tell 7 on your side. >> i just can't say enough. never, never, wire money to someone you don't know f anyone asks to wire money just assume it's a scam. the chronicle declined to comment. we'd see phony ad is no longer running. >> that is good. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and city of antioch agreed to pay a former police officer $750,000 for daysing her in
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her home. >> go. now. >> the i team obtain aid copy of the settlement after filing a public records act request. the officer told us in our report more than two years ago she was involved in w.a dispute. police accused her of obstructing justice, breaking down the door then daysed her. the judge ruled the police unlawfully entered her house. >> this man as spider dan won't be going to jail, but two years probation for climbing up millennium tower. he said he did to draw attention to claims firefighters cannot fight fires adequately in skyscrapers. and could have received a year
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in jail. he must perform 100 hours of community skpfs pay a fine. >> and let's talk about the weather forecast here in the bay area. terrible weather z nicer. >> it's opposite here. i can't believe we're talking 70s for the week. >> there is one 70 degree reading and may see mid-70s. >> this is a live view now from looking back at san francisco, there are clear skies tonight. there is a mild evening. and there is temperatures reaching 70 degrees 69 in oakland. and there is a spring like weather. interest tl is a view from sutro camera. there is a thin finger of fog, clear skies. and there is readings into the
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60s, 50s into the east bay. and there is 50 in half moon bay. gusting winds tonight, warming trend begins on wednesday. and so this is reach weather this weekend. jet stream still flowing well to our north. there is a ridge continuing to build here. there is a circulation bringing us a nice off shore flow that will produce gusts up to 40 miles per hour at times. that over the hills. and there is chilly in spots and there is mainly low 40s for the remainder of the bay area. and there is 6234 campbell,
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low to mid-60s on the pin anyone la. and 60 on the coast and 59 in pacifica. there is 59 into the sunset district. there is highs climbing up to mid-60s in santa rosa and there is 6234 oakland. inland valleys will be mild in spots and cooler in others. there is near monterey bay, low 60s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. by the way tomorrow's groundhog day. the groundhog may see his shaddo we're going to have six more days of winter warmth. take a look at the warm up. there is mid-70s does and
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sunday and spectacular weather. >> quite a different story elsewhere. this is a live take a look at the storm of the century in chicago. >> just brutal. there are wintery conditions beginning to ice over the mid west. stay with us.
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from texas to rhode island there is a massive winter storm told. tulsa, oklahoma cancelled it's print edition for the first time in more than a century. thousands of flights were cancelled across the country. 1100 at o'hare international airport, shut down until tomorrow. here is a live picture now from chicago. you can see the snow is falling across the screen. there is a blizzard warning in affect until tomorrow. and every chicago resident should brace for a storm remembered for a long time. >> and chicago public schools kaild snow down day and thousands of workers left work today. >> and there is the transportation security administration today daib you'd a new screening device officials say preserves your privacy at airports. the device called automatic target recognition does a 360
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scan. instead of creating a 3 d rendering it's far less detailed. the tsa says it maintains high level of securities wile addressing travelers concerns about their privacy. >> there is a generic object, if you will. and there is a we address this as a privacy issue raised. >> the new system will be test in las vegas, heartfield jackson and ronald reagan washington national airport. >> and still coming up tonight at 6:30 for you history made in egypt. the president has agreed to step down. and not all the terms democracy pro testers are demanding. >> who is trying to lure them away from the bay area. >> and artificial skin. a remarkable method.
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>> stretchable rubber feels like skin. looks like
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through thousands of years egypt known many moments of transform maigs. voices of the egyptian people tell us that this is one of the moments. >> president obama reflecting this afternoon on the crisis in egypt where president mubarak agreed not to seek reelection. >> but the promise fell short of what demonstrateors have been demanding. >> mark matthews is here with latest on the chaos. >> and he says he won't run for reelection in the next presidential election in september. the question of course is will that concession be enough to sat fi the street? egyptians have taken to the streets and demanding he step down heard the 82-year-old
6:32 pm
pledge he will not run in the next election and this afternoon, president barack obama confirmed he'd stress that had point with mubarak. >> i indicated tonight that my believe that an orderly transition must be meaningful. it must be peaceful. and it must begin now. >> and in cairo, pro testers are calling for him to leave immediately. >> we hate him. we don't want him. po years is enough. >> today, the largest protest in egyptian history. despite the shut down of public roads and transportation. women who have been allowed less freedom than nen have found their voice. >> leave aus lone. >> watching the protest was bay area native sarah lateon.
6:33 pm
>> this is just feelings on the street is that there is no other option and solution and this will not end until he stop steps down. >> she's been in cairo most of the past eight months at the urging of her parents, she's leaving thursday for istanbul. >> there are huge lines in front of gas stations. food is here, i can see it running out. i don't see it becoming dangerous but i can see day-to-day life becoming difficult if he does not step down to allow thing tosz move forward. >> and i spoke with laegt onbefore president obama delivered his message. she told me there has been a growing resentment of the united states. >> there does seem to be growing not yet anger, but unhappiness with the last of positive endorse many frtz american government. >> and president ob yaum spoke at 1:40 in the morning cairo time.
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>> thank you. >> and let's go back to breaking news. we want to share with you a wild picture. there is a cliff rescue. >> there is apparently the dog followed a sheep. the owner was on the cliff and did manage to make her way to safety. >> just looked precaris but she's fulled them to safety. they're getting the dog to safety. >> and pg&e has been busy compiling an electronic data base of the pipeline system. the vote public utilities commission gave pg&e until march 15th toj document the kind of pipes underground. pg&e says it's collected and indexed one and a quarter million documents.
6:35 pm
and document scanning goes on 24 hours per day. hundreds of boxes have been collected. and pg&e says where it will not find good records it will excavate. >> there is money scope headlines. wall street is ignoring the crisis in egypt better than expected earnings reports and this lifted stock prices today closing above 12,000 for the first time in two and a half years. the nasdaq added 51. and other positive indicators manufacturing activity expanded and general motors says sales rose last month by 23%. and the north american president of gap ink
6:36 pm
corporated is leaving the company. gap had weak holiday sales and hanson was behind a fumbled change in the gap logo in the fall. >> there is a warning about the future of california's biomedical industry. these are the research firms making cutting edge drugs. some are worried they can start leaving the state. and why they might pack up eight research firms say they're getting overtours to move their labs and people. two trade groups are urging lawmakers to do something about them. and chief scientists in a company working on antibody research to treat cancer. >> delays are because of under staffing or because they're
6:37 pm
they're under appreciation on certain products. and it can have an impact on our time line autos another concern having a well trained work force. and this program is trying to change that. one fourth of the students here take this course. and in this program it's about developing higher skills so they're working like research associates in the lab regularly. and what that mean autos the industry says this is how california can keep them here this, 16-year-old says it will give her a leg up. >> boy know most of the basic things they'd have to teach me. and that would make me working
6:38 pm
on more elaborate thing autos california has over 200 biomedical companies. and nearly 52,000 of them in the bay area. there is a collect committee beginning to look into what it can do to save these jobs. >> friends and family gathered today to celebrate the life of one of the pioneers of health and fitness. hundreds of people were in attendance including former governor schwartzeneggar. sharing a story he first came to america and worked out with lalanne at venice beach. >> i sthed guy is a machine. little did i know i would be playing a machine. but... he is a real machine. jack lalanne was a real machine. i said look at the monster, strength and he never stops.
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>> lalanne died of pneumonia january 23. he was 96 years old. more news in just a moment...... [ female announcer ] it's monday, some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try total raisin bran with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals, and thluscious taste of plump juicy raisins ancrunchy whole grain flakes. ♪ guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. ♪ how are you getting 100%? ♪
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a team at stanford created an electronic skin of sorts. researchers believe koit provide a sense of touch to the disabled. from a firm handshake to a
6:42 pm
gentle caress, touch relies in part on the skin's ability to gauge pressure. now, researchers believe they can harness that ability to turn rubber into an artificial skin. >> we're able to allow the rubber, stretchable rubber feels like skin and looks like skin to with able to stay with touch. >> the skin relies on electricity to relay the signal. but to make it sensitive, the team created new flexible electrodes. she says the slightest touch compresses rubber, bringing electric trods closer. >> we laminate them together. and this completes and we can use anything to press on it with just a touch of his finger this researcher triggers sensor was more pressure, electricity being passed through increases sending a stronger signal.
6:43 pm
>> this is where you can see they take pressure off signal falls back to the base line. >> this is the equivalent of someone pinching your skin, then letting go. >> and this is and could be our sensor which is a different region to put sensors. and then, these could generate a happen of the object. >> in one experiment convideo the system was able to detect the weight of a butterfly. an example of the sensitivity some day they hope will touch the lives of people.
6:44 pm
>> and there is a team developing another version with this technology. >> and that is interesting. >> coming up next sunday super bowl commercial.
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there is a big television event sunday. between that event they're going to play football arks apparently. i'm talking about the ads that will air during the super bowl. >> and you've just watch aid half million dollars worth of do you remember success betty white had with snickers? this time there is a series of ads for a candy bar. many sponsors willing to spend the money. >> and there is great coverage
6:48 pm
within the game now, repeat viewing. so 45% of the people goring to watch again, online. >> ads have legs. this is san francisco ad agency providing ads for the four year. >> this is a well dressed guy trying to escape. >> younger americans are intrigued and best buy understand that's with unlikely combinations. >> yae. it's weird. they're being distracted, yet engaged. you know? so they'll be texting. and there is a doritos and pepsi max team up again. there are 5,000 entries.
6:49 pm
this is one that costs just 30s idz wonder how much money he makes? i wonder if he'll lose his hair. >> to succeed, they need to be entertaining and relevant there. is a loyalty to brands there every year. >> this is one of the few times the nation gathers together. so around this game. >> and there is a talking baby one gets me every time. >> yes. >> there is is a today is super bowl media day. and and there is one guy playing a fugitive. another taking your head off. there is is a loud statement and the linebacker fined
6:50 pm
$100,000 for four hits this season. and there is is another proposal. >> i just want to happen them on the ground and so they don't hit the ground too hard,. >> calling out the commissioner. media day always has goofiness. there is if you see me, please schedule my intervention. okay? just drag me off and say put the microphone down, please. there is some of the best, worst for media day. >> how many skids kidz and
6:51 pm
grandkids are you going to have. >> adopted kids to? >> i don't watch tv. >> do you believe in love? after love? >> there we go. >> i can go to jup. -- sleep. >> how many kids do brad and angela -- i think it's eight. it's a good idea cowboy stadium has a roof. weather is frigid. there is a personal doppler, spencer won't lend me his. freezing temperatures continuing through thursday. and welcome to texas. >> i come from a snowy, cold place. being here experiencing sun, but that is not the case. but thank god we played inside of the dome. >> this is hoping for at least 60s. and no. it doesn't affect us. >> i'm not liking it. i thought texas is hot.
6:52 pm
you know? and chuck bresnahan returning for what job? he served for four seasons, 99 to twut. raiders won three of the years. it's unclear if he's returning as an assistant coach or will be back to run the defense. nfl's league could be back in the country's second largest tv market, and soon. there is a who's who including jerry west on hand today. farmer's insurance is reportedly ready to put down $700 million for a new stadium to be built in downtown l.a.. organizers insist not a dime of taxpayer money will benessry. now, they need a team, perhaps two. and there is seth curry chosen to play at the rookie
6:53 pm
challenge. he is currently leading at 19 points per game. all star game coming up in just over two and a half week autos that is quick. >> thank you. >> thank you you saw how cold it is in dallas. but nothing compared to chicago. >> so frigid. and there is a image. you can see snow reaching from iowa across ill skpil wisconsin into michigan. ice storms in parts of indiana into western pennsylvania then heavy rain storms into the south there. is a look at locations here. and there is what conditions are like. heavy snow. strong winds, it's cold. wind chill two degrees. and there is heavy snow and there is a in detroit, light
6:54 pm
snow, strong, gusty winds and frigid there. wind chill zero. so that is intense weather weather. there is unwinter like here. here is the accu-weather forecast. high temperatures into mid-70s by weekend. >> and thisshift your weigh lef.
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see you tonight at 9:00, mubarak will step down in sex and then at 11:00 here on abc 7 local techyes lend expertise to keep egypt on line, coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> that is all for now. >> and thanks for joining us everyone. >> have a good night. i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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