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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 8, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's tuesday, february 8th. and this morning, pain at the pump. gas prices spike, jumping to their highest levels ever for the month of february. why the cost of filling up your tank may just keep rising. and a "gma" exclusive. george goes head-to-head with donald rumsfeld. the former defense secretary here, for his first live interview since leaving office. answering tough questions on egypt, iraq and what he really thinks of president obama. let the sun shine in. finally, signs that warm weather is on the way. after weeks of being clobbered by this brutal winter. the weather pattern that is not a moment too soon. the real tiger mom? the teenager bringing up this cub, sharing her room and even her bed, with this 100-pound cat.
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good morning. everyone. what if your girls ask you, can we have a kitty cat? >> i was just thinking, her parents. don't know about that. we have a lot coming up. there she is right now. the tiger looks pretty calm in that picture. i don't know. >> i don't know. that's coming up in our 7:30 half hour. starting in this half hour, donald rumsfeld. he joins us in the studio for his first live television interview since he stepped down as defense secretary. and he takes on his critics in his new memoir "known and unknown." they're taking him on, too. last week we had senator mccain here, who said president bush avoided disastrous defeat in iraq, only by relieving secretary rumsfeld of duty. we're going to get into all that this morning with secretary rumsfeld. >> he never backs down. also this morning, the dark side of social media. mark zuckerberg being stalked by a man using the popular website by, we'll just call them, disturbing messages.
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the facebook founder. we'll have more on that. and a story about everyone who gets their medicine at the pharmacy. you need to hear this. a young woman who went to pick up her medication. but a mistake at the counter ended up putting her unborn baby in danger. >> that's a terrible story. >> that is all coming up. but we're going to start with the record-high gas prices. the spike is being felt across the country right now. and there is no relief in sight. abbie boudreau is in los angeles with more. abbie? >> reporter: good morning, george. i'm at a gas station in los angeles, just check out the prices for regular unleaded. $3.79 per gallon. by the time i'm finished here i'll spend upwards of $60 to $70 for filling my tank. for consumers they're fed up of the high prices at the pump. >> i've got $75 to fill up. it's insane. >> reporter: if you've noticed that gas prices are high in your area, you're not alone. >> this should be the lowest time of the year for prices. my fear is, with spring coming, it could only get worse. >> reporter: the energy
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department, reporting gas prices are the highest they've ever been during the month of february. the national average price of a gallon of unleaded is now $3.13. and the most expensive, santa barbara, california, where drivers are dishing out $3.41 per gallon. drivers we talked to are starting to change their driving habits. >> maybe i don't go out tonight because, you know, i have to spend money on gas. >> i'm thinking of getting one of those electric cars or something. >> reporter: some experts are comparing today's prices to those in february of 2008. when prices began a five-month climb and reached an all-time high of $4.11 per gallon by the fourth of july. experts, like john hofmeister, say the next two years could be even worse. >> if we stay on the path we are on, we could see $5 gasoline toward the end of 2012. >> i won't spend $5 in gas. >> reporter: never? >> never. >> reporter: experts say the
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crisis in egypt has had an impact at the pump. >> any political turmoil is going to have an immediate psychological effect on oil price because oil hates uncertainty. >> reporter: and the events in egypt and all throughout the world for the next several weeks and months will have a dramatic impact on the prices of gasoline here in the united states. today, for example, i paid upwards of $60 to fill up my tank. and, robin, that's not even summertime where gas prices typically at their highest. robin. >> that's true. everyone feeling the pain at the pump. abbie, thank you. we're going to turn to egypt, where activists are trying to maintain momentum, as they head into the third week of demonstrations. calling for a million people to fill cairo's central square today. protesters are still calling for president mubarak to step down immediately. terry moran is in cairo this morning and has all the details for us. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. well, the vice president, the newly-appointed vice president, has made a speech to the nation here, promising constitutional reform. meanwhile, the protesters, planning, as you mentioned, another gigantic demonstration, as the epic struggle for power over this country deepens and intensifies. with every passing day, the pressure mounts not just on the mubarak regime, but on this country, as the economy here reels. another morning breaks in what some people are calling the free republic of tahrir square. but the victory is not won. hosni mubarak still runs egypt. and on monday, he appeared on television to prove the point. the government is desperately making concessions. a pay raise for government workers. promising press freedom and a free internet. and authorities have released one of the heroes of the revolution. 30-year-old google executive, wael ghonim, who spearheaded the online organization of the protest.
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on egyptian tv, ghonim wept when he was told of the more than 100 deaths in the uprising. cairo's streets are crowded again. but there is deep anxiety about the future. this is one of the real impacts the protests have had. i'm visiting the pyramids. virtually alone. they're closed. normally, there would be thousands of people here, pouring their money into the egyptian economy. now, all of that is at risk. we saw tanks instead of shuttle buses here. the $11 billion a year tourism industry is getting hammered. >> all the people who live around here, they depend on the life of tourists. if there's no tourism, there is no food for the people. >> reporter: but there is no end to this crisis in sight. there is protest weariness outside of that square. but inside it, deep distrust of this government. george? >> thank you, terry.
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we're going to turn, now, to donald rumsfeld. he was america's youngest and oldest secretary of defense. a congressman, white house chief of staff, corporate ceo, and that remarkable career, including his controversial stint at the pentagon under president george w. bush. it's all covered in his new memoir, "known and unknown" coming out today. thank you for coming in for your first live interview. >> thank you very much. >> i want to start with egypt. you've known president mubarak since june 1975. 46 years almost. met with him several times. what kind of man is he? and what should he do now? >> he was a young air force officer. and president sadat, when he succeeded nassir, selected him as his vice president. and he was not known. and of course, after president sadat was assassinated by extremists in his country, mubarak became president. and he -- >> time to go?
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>> well, what our interest is, is having that country evolve toward freer political and freer economic systems. in fact, that's true of the whole region. how they get from where they are to where they have to go is something that i think probably is best handled through private diplomacy, rather than public diplomacy. >> where is the greatest risk? is the greatest risk that he and his regime holds on with so many people hostile at him? or if elections produce a new regime that is more hostile to american interests? >> i don't know that that's the either/or that exists. i think there's a better course. and my guess is, that he's behaving -- my impression is he's behaving in a way that he understands that he is eventually going to depart. >> but you wouldn't push him? >> and the goal is to have the popular feeling that you can sense in the movement that's taking place, actually end up in freer political and freer
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economic circumstances, rather than a very small, radical extremist group taking over, as we saw in iran. >> let me move on because he said something i know you disagree with. he believes that the iraq war was a huge mistake. that it allowed -- gave iran great power in the region. his words were, he allowed iran to breathe. i do know that you disagree with that. but you concede in the book, that the iraq war came at a very high price. i want to show for our viewers some of that price. 4,400 -- more than 4,400 american deaths. 32,000 wounded. over 115,000 iraqi civilians killed. and the low estimate of the congressional budget office, at a cost of $700 billion. i've read the book. i've read the reviews. i watched your interview with diane. and it seems like the one question that most people want answered is the one you most don't want to address. what responsibility do you bear for those costs? >> of course, everyone involved in that administration, bears a
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responsibility for the conduct of our government's actions during that period. >> you were secretary of defense. >> indeed. >> what's your responsibility? >> well, it is, as i say, i was a participant. and we believed the intelligence was correct. it turns out that it was not completely correct, although the inspectors did go in and determined that saddam hussein did, in fact, have the capability of fairly rapidly reconstituting his chemical and biological capability. >> they also believe they needed a lot more time. they were in iraq at that time. and they felt that the invasion at that moment was unnecessary. >> i'm referring to delfer. and the report afterwards. >> i'm talking about hans blix and the inspectors. that's true, isn't it? they wanted more time. >> how many resolutions has there been? there's been 17 resolutions at the united nations. >> but you had inspectors in the country. why was it necessary to -- >> he had thrown them out for the second or third or fourth time. >> and he was contained.
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>> not at all. the implication that saddam hussein was in the box, that was a terribly vicious regime. there's no question that the world is better off today than if saddam hussein and his regime were still in power. >> but could it have been -- >> millions of people in that country have been liberated. that have a chance to live under a freer system. and thanks to the men and women in uniform and to the united states and the coalition countries. >> but you do go through many of the decisions that were made collectively that you believe. >> i do. i talk about them and reflect on them. some were good. and some were less good. >> where you don't go -- you find it difficult to go, maybe you simply refuse to go, is the judgment that there was a decision -- there were decisions that you made, that could have brought that cost down. i saw you talking to diane last night. president bush has said that the failure to reducing the troops too quickly was the most important failure in the war. you said you didn't have the confidence to make that judgment. if that wasn't it, what was?
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>> well, the -- the thing that happened more recently, in 2006, was that the sunnis finally tired of al qaeda. and the anwar awakening occurred. sadr became less belligerent, and the development we were engaged in in the preceding several year, developing and training and equipping the iraqi security forces, when president bush decided on the surge, clearly it galvanized the political situation in iraq. and it galvanized the political situation in the united states. it was a bold and good move. >> there were many warnings before that more troops could have helped, by the advisers on the ground. >> no, that's not correct. >> that is correct. blackwell made those recommendations. it's well-documented. >> it is not well-documented. i don't recall bremer ever suggesting that. until he was leaving office. and he raised the question, and we sent it to the joint chiefs
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and the chairman and the commander, and they looked at it and came back and said no, that's not the right number. >> ambassador blackwell made that representation to the national security council in september of 2003, i believe, with ambassador bremer standing beside him, documented in bob woodward's book. >> bob woodward wasn't there. >> so, you're saying it didn't happen? >> i'm saying, i don't remember what you're talking about. but i do remember, the question was raised repeatedly. do we need more troops? do we need fewer troops? where do we need them? and what ought they to be doing. that question was raised with the national security counsel, with the president, with the members of council, with the combat commander, with the joint chiefs of staff. and the way you characterized it was not quite right. you said they were reduced. in fact, they were not increased. we had 450,000 troops prepared to go in, with off-ramps, they did not go in if the combatant commander felt they weren't needed. >> even in 2006, when president bush finally decided to send in more troops. and december 2006, you have a
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memo, where that recommendation was below the line. can you now concede what senator mccain said last week was correct? had you stayed in office, there would have been defeat in iraq and -- >> oh, no. absolutely not. mccain and i are not a good fit. >> i think that is the understatement of the decade. but why is it so difficult, sir, for you to say, this is a mistake i made? this is what we should have done different. this is what i'm sorry for. >> i think in the book we talked about that. i mentioned it. i wrote that in the book. that may very well be one of the things that should have been done differently. i will say, that during that period, i asked the question repeatedly. should we have more troops? should we have fewer troops? should they be doing what they're doing? should they be doing something differently? and we constantly dealt with the chiefs of staff. the combatant commander. first general franks, then general abizaid, then general casey. we were in agreement.
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the president was. the national security council was. and the combatant commanders were. >> let me move to one final question on iraq. there's a remarkable, almost throw-away moment in the book. you describe a national security council meeting in october of 2003, where you were told that saddam hussein, according to one report, was paying $60 million for his agents to target the president's daughters and your daughters. what did you think? and what did you do when you heard that? >> of course, the president and his family had secret service protection. my family did not. and it was a somewhat awkward moment in the meeting. the president -- i believe george tenet raised that. >> he said you have to take it seriously. >> he said you have to take it seriously because we had killed saddam hussein's sons. and one ought not to be surprised that that kind of activity was being generated in iraq. there was not much i could do. and i -- my children did not have protection.
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and -- >> what did you feel? >> concern. but i'm realistic. i mean, i was standing near president ford when he was shot at. and there's certain things that happen in life. and there's not much one can do about it. and so, i made a comment that -- thank you or something. and president bush looked me in the eye and said, you better take this seriously. and, of course, i did take it seriously. but i was also realistic that there is not much one can do about that. >> mr. secretary, i wish we had a lot more time to talk. thank you for coming in this morning. i should say all the proceeds from this book are going to go to families of those killed and wounded in recent wars. >> they are, indeed. >> thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you. let's go to sam with the weather. >> good morning, george. we're going to start with the southern plains and rockies snowstorm. anywhere from denver all the way towards dallas, we're going to see a hit of snow during the day today. later on today and this afternoon. that goes from greensville, huntsville, memphis. so it's another big southern snowmaker. 16 states in the rockies and the
7:17 am
plains have a snow warning or advisory. and generally, air looking at about 2 to 4 in that direction. as far as the colder air to drop in -- wait. let me say it's milder in the northwest today. finally, we're getting rid of some of the brutal, kind of ugly conditions up there. you'll see sunshine. get to 47, 49 degrees. and there is a big chill, in some areas in the northeast, settling in. 34 degrees now. it's dropping throughout the day. this temperature will drop. windchills will be very, very cold tonight. and so will the next couple of days.
7:18 am
>> little bit of good news, robin. what we thought may have been a big snowstorm for the mid-atlantic and northeast, is cruising right thought to the atlantic. is not going to become a big storm this week. >> couldn't help but notice the answer to tuesday's trivia. snow as far as homestead, florida. and a lot of people around the country saying, when is this going to end?
7:19 am
>> it's not just -- >> we have good news, though. >> we do have good news. we have a slight shift in the pattern that means for some of us -- well, for a lot of folks. there will be a return to milder air for a week. >> reporter: this winter has the country reeling. remember these pictures? blinding blizzards with thunder snow. collapsing roofs in boston. a paralyzed new york city. and atlanta's massive ice storms that stranded motorists and sent cars spinning. >> this winter is probably the most brutal winter i remember in a long time. >> reporter: the winter in the northeast has been on pace to set record snowfall numbers. philadelphia has gotten 38 inches. new york city, 57.7. and boston, a colossal 70.7 inches, more than half-way to a record with half of the winter to go. but a break from winter's extremes is on the horizon. the northeast may finally see a week without vicious cold and monstrous snowstorms. and that groundhog who didn't
7:20 am
see his shadow last week may be on to something. here's what's really happening. the jet stream has been locked in this position. and that brings frigid cold temperatures. now the arctic air is forecast to shift north early next week. that means a burst of milder air. >> this kind of pattern favors temperatures in the eastern united states and the south, to reach average or above-average for the first time in a while. whereas, along the pacific coast, it favors a rainy pattern setting up, from california northward. >> reporter: if that change occurs early next week, cities that were hit with freezing temperatures and smothered by snow, could thaw out momentarily. atlanta could see 70 degrees. new york, the mid-40s. chicago could get up to 30 degrees warmer. from 6 today, to near 40 degrees. [ applause ] thank you. thank you very much. >> i move that sam come to the desk more often if he's going to give us reports like that. >> i second that motion. >> but it's not full-on spring. it's just a break.
7:21 am
let's not go crazy. >> we'll take what we can get. >> thank you, sam, so much. we have pictures of the morning. the victorious green bay packers going home with their fourth super bowl title. fans lining up there. >> not all the players came straight home. look at the quarterback, aaron rodgers, the super bowl's mvp. he made a detour to disney world. look at that parade. >> look at mickey with that helmet. i like how the ears come out of the helmet. disney is the parent company of abc news. >> that's right. coming up, meet the real tiger mom. the teenager raising 100-pound tiger cub. is she really safe with such a wild roommate? >> we're going to get into all that. also, the mixup at the pharmacy that put an unborn baby in danger. what you need to know before your next visit to pick up your medicine. and hidden hazards on the road. taking into your wallet. how to protect yourself and your car. as the weather man tells us, it's finally warming up. that's coming up.
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quaker oatmeal is more than breakfast. ♪ this morning a federal judge who will determine the future of executions in california is touring the death chamber at san quentin. judge fogel put a stop to executions five years ago when he ruled the converted gas chamber was outdated for lethal
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injection executions and the prison staff were not properly changed. since then the state made changes in the facility and procedures. today's tour will review those changes. out in city parks in walnut creek, the open space commission voted last night to ban the popular inflatable fun houses. budget cuts introduced staffing levels to make it difficult for permit applications. the houses were damaging grasso they were only allowed on hard surfaces. let's get an update now on a traffic situation. we have a sigalert, frances. >> fremont southbound 680 near south mission boulevard and the right lane will be blocked about an hour so traffic slow southbound through the altamont pass and south 101 in san francisco, there's an accident. traffic heavy as you make your way off the bay bridge and at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a live camera shot for you.
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barely a backup. just for the fas trak lanes. and the san mateo bridge is where you need both hands on the wheel. the wind advisory has been issued for the span. eric? >> frances, thank you. now that you brought that up, when we come back mike >> all new. oprah: twin sisters come forward. raped by their own brothers and their own father. your mother walked in and saw your brothers raping you? your mother walked in and saw your brothers raping you? and from behind bars, hear from never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together.
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>> welcome back. a look from atop mount tamalpais where it's breezy in our higher elevations but the breezes are making it down to the ground. that's the big story this morning. check how fast they're gusting, 35 to 40 mph fairfield, livermore, and sfo. 22 mph around novato. definitely breezy this morning. kept our temperatures in the 40s and 50s but keep us cool this afternoon, low to mid-60s. we'll have possibility of frost in a couple of mornings.
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♪ in the jungle the mighty jungle ♪ is your bedroom a jungle? that 17-year-old right there is bringing up a baby, sleeping with him in her bed. she's raised this cub from birth. but is this one cat that's simply too dangerous to keep as a pet? we're going to talk about that, in just moments, as we say good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. also coming up this morning, we're going to look at the hidden damage to your car you can get by heading out on the road right now. we'll tell you how to protect yourself from all the potholes. they're just tearing up the roads. >> to bad all across the country, the potholes. and the mixup at the pharmacy counter that put this woman's unborn child in danger. we'll have that coming up. we're going to begin this half hour with the 17-year-old girl who is raising and sleeping
7:31 am
with a baby tiger in her bedroom. it's a cub that now weighs almost 100 pounds. and matt gutman has more. you're on the tiger beat for us. >> reporter: and this tiger is going to weigh 500 pounds when it becomes a full adult. this girl, felisha has taken care of him since he was a tiny cub. and she's sharing her bed with one of the most dangerous animals in the world. meet the real tiger mom. >> hi. i'm felisha frisco. and i have a tiger named will. >> reporter: she's lived with the tiger since he was born. >> i have a pet tiger. most people have a cat or a dog. >> reporter: back then, he was cute, fuzzy, no bigger than a stuffed animal. will is still nursing. and will nurse for just a few more weeks. then, he'll eat only meat. where does he sleep? >> he sleeps in my bed, every single night. >> reporter: that's right. in her bed, nestled in the
7:32 am
leopard-print blanket. he weighs 100 pounds, heavier than a rottweiler. but will is an adolescent tiger. >> he will live me until he is two years old. and he'll be put in a show to tell about the plight of tigers in the wild. >> reporter: jack hanna says it's like sleeping with a live grenade. >> every cat has a different killing ability. the tiger, it makes no difference. it's like the bomb's going off wherever it hits. >> reporter: tigers can be loving. but also, unpredictable. >> a wild animal usually, can be trained. but never tamed. >> reporter: even the most expert handlers have med disaster. ray horn was nearly killed when the tiger he raised from a cub mauled him. sandra harold's chimp, travis, nearly killed her friend. and jim jeblong spent a month in
7:33 am
his lions' cage, just to prove that lions don't make good pets. one of the reasons that hannah says pooches make better bedfellows. >> he looks like a big rug. >> reporter: and the dogs are a lot cheaper. it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to care for such an exotic animal. one of the main reasons that animals are abandoned and folks like jack hanna are pushing for making these animals harder to get. >> matt, thank you for joining us in the studio. joining us is dr. ansel, he's the founder of tigers at the institute of endangered and rare species. you have cats around you right now, doc? >> about 67 tigers live in our preserve in south carolina. they're trained animals that work with us. one is going to walk up and say hi to me now. this is ammar. ammar is about a 5-year-old, big tiger child.
7:34 am
hello. would you like a drink? >> gorgeous. >> this is what they grow to be. he's a beautiful kitty. a snow tiger. the beautiful white coloration, other than the standard orange and black that you saw on the other tiger. he's a trained tiger. >> trained. as we heard our good friend, jack hanna said, you can train them but not tame them. you were also with felisha's family. you provided them with the cat, sold them the cat she has. how well do you know the family? and how do now know how good she is with these types of animals? >> i know the family. over time. i know they're ninth generation circus performers that have raised and worked with animals. that tiger did not come from us. it was born at their facility, from their own animals, which aren't our animals. there's no connection between the blood line of the two, different animals. but they are professional trainers that live their whole life with these animals. and that gives them an opportunity to have an understanding of the psyche of
7:35 am
these animals and how to care for them. she may have the young cub in her room and be taking care of him and raising him. but her mother and father, who are full-time professional animal trainers, also live there with her and have many other tigers right outside the door that are part of their living. it's something that they do 24/7, which is entirely different than saying that you have a tiger for a pet. a tiger for a pet is a much more complicated thing. a tiger for a pet doesn't work out. you have to have thousands of hours to work with an animal to create the bond that we would have with a guy like ammar here. this opportunity to be like this with a person requires a lifetime's work and understanding. tens of thousands of hours. felisha's done it since she's a little girl. she's within with wild and exotic animals since the time she was a baby. she has a basic understanding. her father has a greater understanding, having done it since he was a small child. much like my own children have done, they've grown up to be animal trainers.
7:36 am
not to have pet tigers but to train them. we work with the television and movie business. and we do shows like at jungle island in miami, every day. we have animals and interact with them. >> and there's a big difference, having one as a pet, and being a professional, as you are. i realize that wholeheartedly. you know as we saw matt gutman's piece, there's been times. seigfried and roy, he, too, raised the tiger that went on to attack him. sometimes they don't know their own strength. and we think of this 17-year-old girl -- how can you say it's safe? you just don't know. >> it's not about safe. it's about an animal trainer doing a business and working with that animal. that felisha is risk-free, is by no means true. but neither are most 17-year-olds behind the wheel of a car. they die like flies across the country. it's like having an extreme sport in your life. the potential for accident and injury is certainly there.
7:37 am
it's not that raising them from babies makes them behave, by any means, either. it's that working with them in a professional manner, ends up making them having the personality of a trained animal, which is never a tamed animal. there's a world of difference. ammar can't sleep in my bed. he can go for a walk. he can go on a movie set. he can work as a wildlife ambassador and teach people about the work we do, running the rare danger species fund, but he's not tame. and felisha's not pretending she has a tame pet, as much as she is working with him. when he gets bigger, he won't be in the bed. he'll be with the other seven or eight tigers that live outside of the door at the care of the parents. >> that's the question i want to ask. i know your heart is in the right place. and the work that you're doing. how fair, though, is it to these animals, where they are -- they're born to be in the wild. and to tame them, which i know you're saying you're training
7:38 am
them, not taming them. but you are, in essence, making them like a pet. how fair is that to the animal? >> fair is highly subjective, right? it's about the animals being working wildlife ambassadors. for us, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars that goes back into world wildlife fund that saves the species. the public loves them. if you didn't have them out where people could see them, it would be different. i believe this tiger has 100-times better life than a tiger locked in a cage. new sights, sounds and smells he experiences by going out and seeing new things, give him a much greater life than he could experience in a cage. >> dr. antle, your heart is in the right place. we appreciate your time this morning. absolutely beautiful. i know the debate will continue from here until the end of time. thank you, sir. thank you, doc. be well. >> thank you. >> you, too.
7:39 am
weigh in on our shoutout board. let's turn to some of the other developing stories. juju chang is here this morning. >> good morning, everyone. safeway is apologizing this morning for a prescription drug mixup that's turned into a nightmare for a colorado woman. she went to the pharmacy for her antibiotics but went home with the wrong medicine, one that put her unborn child in grave danger. rob nelson has the story. >> this is my first child. so, it's really difficult. >> reporter: mareena silva is six weeks pregnant. but now, consumed with worry that she actually might lose her baby. >> maybe it could have deformity. there's a lot that goes with it. >> reporter: when silva went to this safeway pharmacy near denver to get antibiotics prescribed by her doctor, she was mistakenly given another woman's prescription for a drug used to treat cancer and terminate pregnancies. after taking the pill, silva started feeling nauseated. >> i came back and looked at the bottle. it wasn't my name. >> reporter: she was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were
7:40 am
able to prevent her from having a miscarriage. but they say she is still in danger of losing the baby or giving birth to a deformed child. safeway admits that the prescription was meant for a woman with a woman with the same last name and a similar first name. safeway has said, we have extended our sincere apologies to the customer. and offered to pay any medical expenses occurred as a result of the error. we are very concerned about how this happened. and we are conducting a full and complete investigation to look at our policies are being followed. silva has to wait and see for what's next. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news. in other news, two texas high school students have been killed in gun violence across the border. the teens, along with a third boy, were in juarez, mexico, looking at used cars at a dealership, when gunmen opened fire. juarez has become one of the most dangerous cities in a
7:41 am
fierce drug turf war. mark zuckerberg has obtained a restraining order from a reported stalker. the man has sent threatening messages and showed up at zuckerberg's house. sam champion has the weather. >> juju, good morning. straight to pictures from denver this morning. they could see up to ten inches if that verifies. dallas has some winter storm warnings out this morning for snow that will occur there. that area of low pressure drops to the south and kind of spins off east. but it will leave a big area of central plains into the south snowfall that we think will happen, not only today but into tonight. and the big warmup isn't coming until next week. we're talking about colder temperatures over the next couple of days. thursday, 25 degrees in new york
7:42 am
here's what's on your "gma" morning menu this morning. are the potholes so big? we're going to tell you how to keep yourself safe in your car. plus, one mother's race against time to save her twin babies. difficult decisions that could mean life or death. juju will go head-on with the cake boss. i'm going to say it, juju. who takes the cake? we'll be right back. no, no, i just paid my car insurance bill -- ouch. [ man whistles ] sounds like somebody paid too much. excuse me? i use progressive's "name your price" tool. they showed me a range of coverages, and i picked the one that worked for me.
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[ male announcer ] there are snacks. and there are better snacks. quaker chewy, 25% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks, no high fructose corn syrup and the goodness of whole grains. . sam gave us a little hope earlier that this brutal winter may be easing up. but all the snow and ice has been creating dangerous and costly hazards all over the
7:46 am
road. so, andrea canning is out on the streets with more on the multiplying potholes. andrea? >> reporter: good morning, george. it's like an obstacle course out here. in fact, they actually filled 45,000 potholes since the first big winter storm in december. and it's not just here in new york. but it's actually all over the country. insurance claims relating to potholes, $5 billion a year. don't you hate it when this happens? the roads have turned into virtual mine fields. >> there are so many potholes, it's unbelievable. >> all this damage is from one pothole? >> yeah. i can't believe it, either. >> reporter: how bad is it out there? >> it's really, really bad out here. >> reporter: potholes by rain and snow seeping into the road. when the cracks expand. >> i just fixed my tires. >> reporter: and so do the headaches. in seattle, the city's pothole
7:47 am
patrol has filled over 6,000 this winter. >> we have a backlog of 2,000 potholes. >> reporter: in indianapolis, up to 15 crews a day are devoted just to filling potholes. >> a cold, temporary patch mix. but it gets the job done. it fills that hole. >> reporter: here at new york prestige auto works, repair calls are up by 90%. not surprising, with the amount of force your car gets pounded with, can be like a 30-mile-per-hour car crash. on the surface, it doesn't look like the tire suffers that much damage from a pothole. but it's a lost cause. blownout tires are the number one cause of damage. driving over a shallow pothole can cost $150 for a replacement. going over a medium-sized crater can cost $550. and running over the mother of all potholes can run you 2,000 bucks for a replaced suspension
7:48 am
system. while you can't exchange insurance information with a pothole, you need to stop right away and check the damage. >> you come through and say, that was close. i made it through there. only to find out five miles later there's no oil in the car. and you now need an engine. >> reporter: best advice, avoid puddles. there's usually a pothole lurking underneath. if you drive fast over the pothole, also a bad idea. only ends up causing more damage to your car. drive slow. >> that's what my wife says. andrea, thank you very much. when we come back, we're putting the national flower company to the test, just in time for valentine's day. mor-ning. i'm your genie. you're wishing for... a tasty fiber cereal? well you don't want that one. kellogg's fiber plus cereal. the delicious taste of berries, 40% of your daily fiber... plus...wait for it... antioxidants! so, two more wishes! mmmm. mmmm. maybe later, then.
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>> the mount diablo school district board may delay the decision to shut schools. they sent a memo to parents. the district is looking for ways to cut $1.5 million out of its budget. it's been windy. >> that's the big story, eric. some of those winds gusting to 35 to 40 mph in fairfield, livermore and also at sfo. but so far no problems with flight arrival delays. temperatures low to mid-60s for the most part today. cooler than yesterday and frosty
7:57 am
nights in the valleys tonight possible. >> a new accident on the san rafael bridge westbound. heavy on the east shore freeway. the bay bridge toll plaza only a minor backup to the end of the parking g g g g g g g g g g g g ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
7:58 am
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♪ i can't help falling in love with you ♪ six days to go until valentine's day. and my motto is, when in doubt, go with the roses. >> that's a good motto. >> they are the most popular way to mark the day. we're putting the national flower companies to the test. do they deliver what they promise? what are the best deals on roses. we'll have all of that coming up as we say good morning, america. >> you can tell denise is back from vacation. >> we have the music going. and roses of a different sort puts juju to the test. in the first part of our new series, ""gma" takes on." can she create a valentine's day cake with the flare of an extraordinary cake boss. she has her little helpers with
8:01 am
her h-her three adorable sons. >> our thanks to juju for that. also, oatmeal. we'll put them to the test. we to v our oatmeal smackdown. which fast food chains are serving up the best and healthiest oatmeal. that's coming up in the next half hour. >> i'm excited about this because they have hidden calories and carbs. >> excited about hidden calories? >> trying to decipher which ones are best. >> also, he's the inspiring young man at the center of the extraordinary movie "the blind side." now, for the first time, he is revealing what the movie did not tell. michael oher is here. doesn't give a lot of interviews. >> he has a lot of fans in the studio. >> yes, he does. first, we have the story of one woman's fight to save her twins against very tough odds. she's faced with a terrifying choice. should she choose surgery that could save one of her babies or possibly kill them both? and sharyn alfonsi is here with the story. >> reporter: this is a story with a happy ending. but it starts off with a woman's worst nightmare. imagine you're being told you're pregnant with twins.
8:02 am
but then being told that one or both of your babies might not make it. we want you to meet a mom who searched the country, high and low, for a way to save her babies. todd and laura think all their children are miracles. but the newest members of the family, twins berkeley and kensly, really are a miracle. >> it's a total miracle they're here and they're healthy. they're just great. they're beautiful. >> reporter: 14 weeks into her pregnancy, laura found out there was a problem. >> i still worried. you always worry, i think, as a mother. >> reporter: in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, the baby's blood supplies become connected, allowing blood to circulate between the twins and allowing one twin to steal blood and nutrients from another. it only comes from twins sharing a placenta. and the consequences can be deadly. >> those were his exact words. do not google it. i got into the car and grabbed by blackberry and started googling it. and i shouldn't have. the stories out there are
8:03 am
terrifying. >> one of the babies had much less than normal fluid around it. and one baby had a lot more and they were different in size. >> reporter: dr. stark said without treatment, more than 90% of the time, both babies will die. but a surgery, a possible fix, could be just as dangerous. laura and todd were told they could take their chances with the syndrome. or choose that surgery that could save one or possibly end the lives of both twins. >> if we did nothing, they would not have survived. so, it was, let's make a decision to save one. let's pray and hope both of them are saved by this. >> reporter: they opted for laser surgery, cutting-edge but invasive procedure, where doctors separate the blood vessels connecting the babies to stop the transition. no hospitals in colorado offered the surgery. they had to go all the way to san francisco and wouldn't know for three days whether it had worked. >> to be honest with you, i was shocked to see such a good result in such a bad case. >> reporter: just nine weeks later, they were born.
8:04 am
small but healthy. berkeley was about five ounces smaller than her sister, who was receiving extra blood from her. today, they are 6 months old and thriving. mommy's little miracles. she has got her hands full for now. the outlook for twins with tts looked hopeless about 20 years ago. now, we have the ability to diagnosis the condition early, with ultrasound scan. and implement treatment that will ultimately lead to most of the twins surviving and being healthy. if you're pregnant with twins, it's crucial to determine if your babies have one placenta. i love that the doctor said, don't google it. and of course, she googled it. >> the kids look fantastic. >> really gorgeous girls. >> thanks very much. let's get the rest of the top stories from juju chang. >> good morning, everyone. in egypt this morning, president hosni mubarak is making the first move to reform the country's government, following two weeks of protests.
8:05 am
he formed a committee to make it easier for people to run for president and to impose term limits. but government concessions so far have not failed to quiet protesters who want mubarak to step down immediately. the crisis in egypt is one factor behind record-high gas prices. gas is now averaging $3.13 per gallon, nationwide. the highest ever for february. it's $3.50 in california. americans are again saying charge it. for the first time since the financial crisis began two years ago, credit card use is on the rise. analysts say it's one sign that americans are growing confident in the economy. an unusual holdup was caught on camera at this gas station in seattle. a 65-year-old man bought a cup of coffee and apologized as he told the owner to empty the register. the owner offered him $40. but the robber said that wasn't enough. >> i really am sorry to have to do this. but i've got kids. i've got rent to pay. i've got bills. and the kids need to eat.
8:06 am
>> he took about $300 and promised to bring it back. but after he was arrested, we learned this is his second arrest for armed robbery. well, keith olbermann has apparently landed a new tv gig. the former msnbc anchor is set to announce a deal with current tv, a liberal public affairs channel that al gore helped launch. now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> i hope it's a good tuesday for you, juju. and tonight, on "world news," the big stories of the day. and more with former defense secretary, donald rumsfeld. i know he's been live on your broadcast. but revelations tonight, about his family and biggest regrets. that's tonight. >> we look forward to that. that's the news at 8:06. time for weather and sam. >> let's go to memphis. we'll take you to pictures of yesterday's light hit of snow. memphis city schools log in about two snow days in their calendar year. they've used those. here's the news for memphis. there's more snow coming your way. it goes from denver all the way
8:07 am
through -- kind of around in that memphis area. we feel like it's going to be two to four in that memphis zone. that's to be expected overnight tonight. it doesn't start until later tonight. here's the colder air that comes in behind it. rapid city about 24 below. these are -- windchills, really. but it's what it feels like when you walk out the door. minneapolis, at 22 below. omaha, 25 below. kansas city, 19 below. it's another pocket of brutal cold air that drops down to the south and swings over to the north. and it is out of the way before we get into the first part of next week, hopefully. gusty winds in the midsouth and deep south. orlando, about 62 degrees. san antonio, 66. l.a., nice at 69.
8:08 am
more of america's weather in the next half hour. oh, robin? >> okay, sam. in today's "america's consumer," valentine's day less than a week away. and florists are getting ready to sell almost 190 million red roses. with prices averaging between $50 and $100, especially if you have the flowers delivered, we want to make sure you get your money's worth. so, we ask our consumer correspondent, elisabeth leamy, to put flower companies to the test, to find out what deals are the very best. >> reporter: there's a reason. robin just rhymes there. this was an unscientific test. but really interesting. we ordered from four national flower delivery companies and compared price, delivery time and how well they held up.
8:09 am
roses are red. violets are blue. in the movie "valentine's day" george lopez faces quite a snafu. >> valentine's day is a big day, flower-wise. >> reporter: very true. so we called four national florists to see if they would come true. >> i want to order one dozen red roses. >> 1-800-flowers tried to sell us fancy roses for $89.99. we insisted the basic would be fine. $46.80 was the price, the cheapest of all. proflowers charged $57.67. the next most affordable. the box was beat up. but the free baby's breath was adorable. at $72.33, ftd's roses cost a bit more. but we liked the free greenery and nice box that arrived on our door. and finally, tel teleflora at $
8:10 am
the highest price we'd pay. and they offered to have them delivered the same day. one problem got in the way. >> we ordered red roses, right? >> reporter: a nice arrangement. but there was not one red rose, through and through. day two, and ftd's are the first to droop. day three, and we see dry spots. oops. but we clip the stems and change the water and they quickly recoup. also day three, the proflowers' arrangement has a single droopy rose. clipping and watering doesn't help our woes. meanwhile, days two, three and four go by. and the roses from 1-800-flowers just don't die. nice, since they were the least expensive to buy. and you should know that just hours after we told teleflora about sending us the wrong flowers, these here, they sent us the red roses as a replacement. >> and a lot of them. a makeup bouquet. >> reporter: very big and grand. and teleflora told us, we apologize. but the bouquet you ordered, did
8:11 am
not meet our standards. teleflora is the only service that offers hand delivered, hand-arranged bouquets. ftd says it takes pride in its fresh, beautiful floral arrangements. and backs them with the best in the industry. and that the company is available to its customers 24/7, to answer and resolve questions or concerns. we spoke to proflowers. they told us they guarantee their flowers will last seven day, and if for any reason the customers are not satisfied with the freshness or quality of the flowers they ordered, they will replace the bouquet. and, said our caring team is obsessed with providing exceptional customer service across all price points. >> i have to tell you, when these were brought out here, i couldn't see who they were room, and i immediately said, these are gorgeous of all of them. they are 1-800-flowers, and they
8:12 am
are the cheapest ones. >> a nice advantage. and a nice treat. >> how do you decide? >> when you're ordering, look online for coupon codes. sometimes, roses aren't the way to go. they're fragile. sometimes you might want to order other kinds of flowers. >> they are fragile. you have to determine that when delivering. thank you. thank you so much. the flowers for our friends. go to for details on these deals. plus, find tips from the pros to make your valentine's day flowers last, by putting them in the refrigerator. that makes them last. that's what she said. juju takes on the cake boss. who will taste sweet victory when we come back? i have what science calls the "nightly stuffy nose thing":
8:13 am
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♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. take the scary out of life. ♪ time for our first "gma" takes on challenge. all this month, we're going to take on all kinds of events. juju, you started it off with a bakeoff. blazing the trail for us. >> i did. my kids and i like to make cupcakes, cake decorating. i decided to take on buddy valastro. he's known as the cake boss, right? he's a complete pro. and i'm a total, rank amateur.
8:17 am
we decided to level the playing field a bit, by adding our kids in the mix. and yet, it was still no cakewalk. oh, my golly. >> do we have any idea? >> reporter: we have no idea. in hindsight, i'm not quite sure what i was thinking. this is me. this is buddy valastro, cake decorating genius. the man best known as, yes, "the cake boss." >> i'm the boss. this is how you do a shark cake. that's how we roll. >> reporter: the show takes place in carlo's bakery. the confection king is a tv star now, with three shows on tlc, including "the next great baker." >> the winner is dana. >> reporter: dana herbert won that competition. we'll get back to him in a minute.
8:18 am
ooh. it's like willy wonka and the chocolate factory. everything here is made the old-fashioned way. buddy learned his craft from his beloved father, who died when he was just 17. what would your dad say? if he walked in right now, what would he say? >> he would be very impressed with what we did. that's why i do it. i want him to be proud. i do it for my family. >> reporter: the idea of our challenge is simple. a decorating faceoff. on my team, my three kids, jared, travis and mason. on buddy's team, his three kids, sofia, buddy and marco. good idea, right? until you remember this is the man who makes cakes like this. and this and this. >> i have my dream job. i feel like a 16-year-old kid. >> reporter: i have some skills myself. we're decorating amateurs in my family. but buddy valastro is the cake king. to stand a chance, i need a
8:19 am
two-part plan. first, baker boot camp, courtesy of "gma's" boot camp stylist. why is mine crooked? my team learned how to practice with a piping. look at that. finally, a lesson in rosemaking. >> look at that. >> reporter: that does not look like a rose. wish me luck. i'm going to need it. with our new skills, we fight the crowds at carlo's bakery. and embark on our edition of "cake boss." the ground rules are, 20 minutes. maybe i'll bring in a ringer. >> let's do it. >> reporter: we start off with identical cakes. the theme, valentine's day. and now, i invoke part two of my winning strategy. i cheat. i have a secret weapon.
8:20 am
and his name is dana herbert, the next great baker. >> oh. you're a traitor, dana, huh? >> reporter: after brainstorming and trash-talking -- >> you're going down, dana. >> reporter: don't be scared, dana. buddy's wife, lisa, starts the clock. >> it's go time. >> reporter: then, the chaos starts. our plan involved cookie cutters. on buddy's side, he was using paint rushes. jared made a heart like a champ. i was feeling good, until we got to the ten-minute mark. oh, my golly. when the cake turned and i saw buddy's rosette sculpture thing, i broke out in a cold sweat. the next ten minutes were piping bags and cake steamers and cookie cutters. i made an impressive rose. but not nearly as impressive as
8:21 am
buddy's. and i'm not naming names. but one of our teammates may have sabotaged a smidge. mason, don't take it off. did you take it off? with one minute left -- >> guys, one minute left. >> reporter: a bouquet of expert flowers sprout up on buddy's cake. >> three, two, one. time's up. >> reporter: yay. we did well. the finished product, pretty impressive, if i do say so myself. this is our cake. this is buddy's. being good sports, we shook hands at the end. good game. >> good game, big guy. >> reporter: who won? we may have been the moral victor. but clearly, buddy cleaned our clock. >> factor in the handicap, i think you did it. >> we did okay. we held our own. we didn't humiliate ourselves entirely. >> did you actually get to taste the cake? >> we wanted to appreciate how
8:22 am
beautiful it was. now, let's say, the cake has gone to cake heaven. >> mason tasted the cake a couple times. >> they want me to do this. george, you have to cover your eyes. i can't do this. oddly, didn't ali order, in this bizarre thing, a cake, juju? >> yeah. turns out. they're totally in love with cake boss. this is the cake for george's birthday. >> don't look. you don't want to be a spoiler. it's great. >> you can look now. >> i can't wait, now. >> his birthday, 50, on thursday. >> yeah. >> coming up. >> i wish i had known your girls were so good into "cake boss." i could have used extra teammates. >> they would have been there. no question. >> i want our viewers to weigh in. i don't think he got you. >> really? >> yes. our viewers -- i have faith. also, neat pictures of you. >> all that is on facebook. get it at our website. we have to go to mellody hobson. she has a quick tip this
8:23 am
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8:28 am
likely came from an infected student. we have a sigalert going. >> jammed with traffic on southbound 680 from the sunol grade all the way down to mission boulevard south where the right lane has been blocked well over an hour. a real slow spot. there's a wind advisory for the altamont pass where traffic is very slow westbound and north 101 heavy through san mateo because of a crash. san mateo bridge you'll also find a wind advisory there. [ female announcer ] walgreens makes it easy to share the love this valentine's day, with gifts for all the loved ones in your life. big or small. so stop by walgreens. love is in the air. make your sweetheart smile with ferrero rocher... and share the love with hershey's kisses chocolates. find stuffed animals, fragrances, even fresh flowers and more at walgreens. there's a way to share the love.
8:29 am
>> welcome back. the winds continue to be the big story. check out speeds, 31 mph at sfo, 38 livermore, 32 concord, 37 fairfield and near 30 in napa.
8:30 am
♪ this is a showdown. it's the hottest craze in fast food. we're talking oatmeal. which may be too sweet for you? too fattening? and just right? we're taking them on, in our oatmeal smackdown. >> denise is on a roll, with our music choice. maybe that was for michael oher. you remember him from the movie "the blind side," the amazing movie about him going from poverty to fame. he is telling his own story in a new book. >> i'm looking forward to that. it's from his perspective. we're counting down to valentine's day with last-minute gifts that say i love you. and we think you'll love the
8:31 am
price. >> have to hear about that. first, we get to sam and the weather. >> we're finally going to get to show pictures from folks in the blizzard. from gurney, illinois, you can barely see this guy's head. look at the bottom of the screen. you can barely see his body and the snowblower with all of the snow in the area. harrison, montana, a light freshening of the snow on the mountain tops there. here's what goes on in the next 24 hours. we're all hoping for a break in this arctic air for a week only next week. but until then, we've got another pattern of arctic air. memphis, at 30 degrees. houston goes down to 45 on thursday. and 21 on wednesday in oklahoma city. quick look at the big board. we'll talk about the southwest. the winds pick up today. even in the valleys, we're probably seeing 30-mile-per-hour to 40-mile-per-hour winds. in the hills, we'll probably see 70-mile-per-hour winds there. and that's from l.a. into vegas, it will stay windy today. but 69 degrees in los angeles
8:32 am
today. and all of that weather was brought to you by the united states postal service. robin? looking forward to this, sam. if you're one of the millions of people who saw "the blind side," you think you know the story of michael oher, who went from living on the streets of memphis, to living with a family his senior year of high school, to playing for the baltimore ravens in the nfl. here's a bit from "the blind side." >> i got you one of those. the frame was heinous. not about to let that in my house. i got you something nicer. >> it's mine? >> yes, sir. what?
8:33 am
>> never had one before. >> what? a room to yourself? >> a bed. >> and the film, of course was hollywood's retelling of his life. now, michael oher is telling his own story in a brand-new book being published today. it is called "i beat the odds." and boy, did he ever. michael, good to finally meet you. >> glad to be here. >> you're much better looking. >> i love when i get that. >> you said that the movie was very true? hollywood sometimes likes to take a few liberties. >> yeah, they do. but it was a great movie. they did a great job. you know, some things, you know, didn't add up quite the way i wanted it. overall, it was great. and i really enjoyed it. >> let's play fact and fiction. in the movie, your little brother, r.j. -- >> s.j. >> taught how you to play football. is that true? >> i had an understanding of the game. but he was a great fan of mine.
8:34 am
he stood in the stands and cheered. i had an understanding of the game and knew a little about it because i watched it so much growing up. hollywood, they have to put a little stuff into it. but it was a great look for america. >> it worked. fact or fiction? did you really pick out those rugby shirts? >> they looked a little better in real life. but me and leann, we went to the store. you know, a lot better than what i had. you know, we picked out some clothes. you know, it looked good. >> uh-huh. okay. that was really your style choice? >> yeah. i mean, i liked the long, button-up, you know, collar shirts. it looks presentable. >> i have to tell you, i enjoyed thoroughly, reading your book. and you think everyone does, by watching the movie, that they know everything. but you really did share so much more. and especially about your childhood. what is your earliest memory? >> you know, really, you know, a
8:35 am
lot of struggles. just trying to survive. and just to get to this point. you know, i think i always had, you know, beaten that down inside of my inner drive to succeed. and i think my inner -- early childhood helped me get to this point. it made me a stronger person. and helped me deal with life a lot better than what i could have had i not gone through so much. you know, i got an understanding of so much. and i think it helped me out a lot. >> it brought you to where you are today. >> it did. >> in many ways. and i know you don't talk about your birth mother that much. and that is totally your right. what are you able to share with us, and comfortable sharing with us, about our relationship with your birth mother now? >> the relationship is not like it was when i was growing up. but she always loved us. did the best she could for us. and hopefully in the future, you know, can be like it used to, one day. >> and it's very apparent that you love her. you get that by reading the story. and your relationship, right
8:36 am
now, with the touhys. how often do you get a chance to see them? >> i talk to them. leann, every night, she sends me a text, i love you, good night. and we have a great relationship. you know, talked to them all the time. and that's my family. and they showed me so much. and they're one of the reasons i'm here. >> you wanted to -- one of the reasons. just one. and it's very important that people know this. and you alluded to this, before, michael. long before the touhys came into your life. and they are a blessing, no doubt about that. but you were taking the steps. >> oh, yeah. i mean, i was going to succeed in life, no matter what. you know? i had a plan and a goal to get out of the environment i was in. you know, i didn't have to be an athlete or anything. i could have been, you know -- i could have worked at a fast food restaurant, you know, double hours every day, you know, to survive. i was going to be something in life. you know? and i just always knew i was going to get out there what i
8:37 am
was dealing with. and here today. >> and you would have thought you're every bit a success you are today, had you done that, too. there are hundreds of thousands of kids in foster care. and even more that considered at risk. what is your message through this book to them, michael? >> really, everybody, they saw "the blind side." and they thought, you know, you need this help from a wealthy family. a couple weeks ago, everybody was playing the lottery. looking for that to, you know -- i'm going to make it through this. but you don't need that. i mean, you can -- whatever you want to do, you can do it. i mean, if you -- anything you can be. if you just put your foot down and stay focused. you know, get on the right path. it's not really hard to do. you know, just keep your head in it. >> and for those of us that want to help these young people, i know the boys and girls club. but you support other things that you do. what can people do to help?
8:38 am
>> go buy -- it gives you an understanding. if you give a kid a chance, you know, he can be anything. i was showed, you know, so much different stuff than i knew growing up. and it helped me see life in a whole different perspective. and i think if you give a kid a chance. and tell them, i love you. you know? and it gives them so much hope. >> thank you. it is a pleasure. >> thanks for having me. >> big, old paws, too. sorry about that game with the steelers to get to the playoffs. i had to bring that one up. >> i'm going to have -- that's all i'm saying. >> have to let it go. >> i can't do it. i'm mad you brought it up. >> we have to go to break. you can hear michael's story in his own words. head to to read an excerpt of his own book, "i beat the odds." we have valentine's deals
8:39 am
coming up, under 25 bucks. come on back. ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ express yourself ♪ hey [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate, from nestle.
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8:41 am
sam has been telling us
8:42 am
about that all morning. now, our countdown to valentine's day. less than a week to go. if you haven't found the perfect gift, we have the perfect person to help you out. jane buckingham has all kinds of great ideas for valentine's day. what's great about them is they're all under $25. >> that's right. >> we start out -- this is a good valentine. for our dachshund, daisy, 4-year-old jake, is a yorkie. >> there's a organization anything you give will go back to volunteerism. and this is a shirt that says, rescues make the best valentines. and you can get jake at the new york humane society. and you can buy him this t-shirt. or you can take him home continue and you're done. >> that would be a lot of commotion in our house. >> or you could get the cute, little screen.
8:43 am
>> i think i will pass on those, too. >> or an iphone cover, too. it's a great cause. >> what's up with the pop-tarts? >> nothing says, i thought of you the last minute like i caught you a chocolate heart from the drugstore. you can custommake a pop-tart box. they just sent in their photo. that says it's a great gift for kids. >> how do you do that? >> you go to their site. you upload a photo. should probably do it soon. and it comes to your house. >> harper would love these. loves cupcakes. >> they're from crumbs. they're $18 for about 12 of them. they're really yummy. i tasted them all several times. i can vouch for them. my husband adores gummi bears. that will last you until the next valentine's day. an alternative to the traditional chocolate heart. >> this is fantastic. check this out, sam.
8:44 am
>> we made you an entire book on all the reasons we love you. from doing the weather well, to saving the environment. you can create reasons why you love them. or they could have had prefab reasons why you love someone. it's we made one for my husband. but they're really, really sweet. and adorable. you should order them quickly. >> pretty fast. >> by thursday, i think. >> this is great. it's the watch of the future. you take a nano and put it in this watch band. you can upload it with a picture. put on your favorite love songs. put on all the pictures. and you have a great watch that will play music all day long. it's a cute idea. women always love jewelry. what i like about these is they're recycled silver rings, 3 for $24. they come with a promise. every time you put one on, you make a little promise. you can make a promise. i promise to bring you coffee
8:45 am
every morning. i promise not to get mad when you forget to do something. >> that's a lovely thought. yeah. >> i have to say, lingerie, that's a gift for you. not for us. so, get us something that we're going to be comfortable in. these are sweet. they're limited edition haviaians. >> you take a stand there. thank you very much. you can find out about all these on our website at jake, new york humane society. he's a great dog. he's been so calm here this morning. when we come back, our fast food oatmeal smackdown. which one is the best for you? od
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
this valentine's day, on abc, "good morning america," a journey that will take us all to the most extremes. extreme proposals. extreme wedding. extreme love. it begins valentine's day, 2011. >> really? we're doing that. that was great. oatmeal is not just for health nuts anymore. it's all the rage when it comes to fast foods. the biggest chain restaurants, mcdonald's, starbucks, getting into the oatmeal game. are they the healthy choice? have they been loaded with calories and sugar? keri glassman is here this morning. she's the author of "the o2 diet." remind us of the benefits of oatmeal. >> it's a whole grain. it keeps us full and satisfied. and oatmeal has been known to lower our cholesterol, as well as maintain our blood sugar level. >> it's a great food.
8:49 am
it's how it's presented sometimes and some of the goodies we put on it. >> i'm happy that all of america has access to it in fast food restaurants. >> like mickey d.'s, mcdonald's. >> it's not just about the egg mcmuffin anymore. mcdonald's standard is the maple fruit with sugar. that's 225 calories. 5 grams of fiber. 5 grams of protein. you can cut back the sugar and order it without the brown sugar. however, the real inside scoop here is, that it is available, all day long, fresh to order. you can order it completely plain, if you want. and then, bring some of your own nuts and add those on. >> right. about how much when you're talking about nuts? >> 10 to 15 nuts. >> you can get it plain like that. >> you can order it plain. and all of the options meet about two-thirds of your needs for whole grains a day. >> i've been seeing this at starbucks recently. >> we were happy when starbucks
8:50 am
introduced healthy option there's. i love that. what starbucks has is 140 calories worth of plain oatmeal that comes with three toppings. nuts for 100 calories. brown sugar for 50. and dried fruit for another 100. when you add that all up, it's going to be 390 calories, 58 grams of sugar. that's like 14 sugar packets. what i suggest is, choose one. preferably the nuts, and sneak over to the coffee bar and sprinkle on cinnamon and cocoa powder. >> cinnamon is good for other reasons, too. jam ba juice. i didn't know they had this available. >> they have many flavors. this is their berry cherry option. their healthiest option for 220 calories, is oatmeal with brown sugar. the best thing about jamba juice, i have to give them props here. not only are they using
8:51 am
steel-cut oats, so there's more nutrients and more fiber, but they're organizic steel-cut oats. and this may be a plus or a minus. they also cook them in soy milk. >> so, depending on how you feel about that -- >> it's a plus or a minus. exactly. but the biggest thing about them is they're using organic steel-cut oats. >> high praise for jamba juice. >> au bon pain. they have three different sizes. we could go swimming in their vat here. this is their apple cinnamon. that sounds healthy. but they have two added sugars in their apple cinnamon. this will be the highest calorie option. you can get a small option for 170 calories. and just add in your own toppings. >> i'm seeing the different -- all meals are not created differently. or the same, i should say.
8:52 am
>> exactly. a lot of these are instant oats. and we see jamba juice. and what we see is steel-cut oats. another thing about au bon pain, it's cooked in water. >> and the last choice here? >> the last choice, cosi. similar to starbucks. you get topping choices. you could turn this into a sundae. a lot of added sugar and calories. or stick with two toppings and make the best choices. i would stick with pistachios and the fresh strawberries. >> it's difficult to eat it plain. you don't want to go overboard. what are your recommendations? >> you want a little taste. add the cinnamon, fresh fruit and nuts to give you healthy fat and protein. >> who gets the top billing?
8:53 am
>> i think it's taste. taste and nutrients, of course. i say jamba juice, organic steel cut with a little brown sugar. >> you got it. keri, on command. thank you so very much. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate this. that has been a hot topic around here. we'll be right back. achoo! the seasons change, but we still may suffer from nasal allergy symptoms. they can hit you year round... indoors or out. achoo! oh to have relief. prescription nasonex is clinically proven to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms... including congestion, runny and itchy nose and sneezing. [ female announcer ] side effects may include headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds, and coughing. infections of the nose and throat and eye problems, including glaucoma or cataracts may occur. have regular eye exams. slow wound healing may occur, so do not use nasonex until your nose has healed from any sore, surgery or injury. nasonex can increase your risk of getting infections. avoid contact with infections like chicken pox or measles while using nasonex.
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it does not come in generic form. ask your doctor if nasonex is right for you.
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a special shoutout to buddy valast valastro. such a family man. >> i wanted to see if your girls take on your boys in a cake decorating contest. >> the shapiro boys against the stephanopoulos girls. tomorrow on "gma," america's favorite dad is here. ty burrell. >> rachael ray. >> have a great day. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
8:57 am
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♪ developing news from san jose where firefighters remain at the scene of a fire involving
8:59 am
a row of four-plexes. crews put out the fire at one of the four-unit buildings at blossomwood road. the fire started about an hour ago. no word what caused it or if there were any injuries. right now let's check with mike. sunny but plenty windy. >> still 30, 40 mph gusts. that's the big story. those are going to hang around during the daylight hours and ushering in cooler conditions upper 50s clear lake-. low to mid-60s the rest of us. tonight with the winds calm, low to mid-40s out to the coast. sunny a chance of rain then. >> this accident has been out there over two hours so traffic absolutely jammed southbound 680 through the sunol grade through fremont to mission boulevard south where the right lane is still blocked. it's adding an extra 30 minutes to that drive. there's a slow drive as well through the altamont pass and a


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