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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 9, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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injuries during the beating in may and not about molestation accusations but the judge denied that request to put the father on the stand. william lynch is accused of beating father jerry lindner may 10th last year in los gatos, as in past court appearances there is a crowd here sup pourting -- supporting lynch and accusing father lindner of molesting several children. they say the church settled allegations and protected the father from prosecution. witnesses, and there were three today, testified the man who beat father lindner was yelling he had been molested and the father ruined his life and his father's life. >> it's just heart breaking to watch my friend go through this. when, really it should be another way around. >> we've asked deputies if i
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can talk to him. so far have not been allowed to talk to him. i think it's interesting at this point he claims he's not the molester everyone else says he is he doesn't have courage to come say he's not. >> now, apparently that subpoena did bring him to the court house but he never made an appearance. the deputy district attorney long contended that this is about the beating and not about any past allegations of molestation. in which the statute of limitations has run out but that is what the defense is trying to do, to shame father jerry lindner. the preliminary hearing is going on, and the judge will decide if, and when a trial will be held for will lynch and the bealing of father jerry lindner. in san jose abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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and a man suffered life-threatening injuries after being shot today. two officers on patrol at heard gunshots about 1:00 today and responded and found a man outside with a gunshot wound to the back. police say they found the suspect and the gun inside of the market. and say this shooting is uncommon for that part of town. >> in my recollection there has not been a shooting sometime on upper haigt street. >> police say the suspect works at the supermarket but do not know what led to this shooting. >> bart police are undergoing a training transformation two years after the shooting death of an unarmed passenger, oscar grant, along with changes that were recommended. heather? >> bart officers do get basic community policing training, but this program goes further. not just about relationships
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but also turning attention beyond the scope of traditional police work. bart police of all ranks is and employees from other departments will be getting this, community oriented policing and problem solving training. >> we're changing the way we do business from here on out. >> the idea is that it's everyone's responsibility not just about traditional police work but quality of life as well. >> before, now we have to start paying attention to some of the things that will help us make a safer transit system. >> police will try to get to the root cause of crime rather than just react. new chief rainy has been on the job seven months. its his job to oversee the changes. after unarmed passenger oscar grant was shot by former bart officer two years ago. that also suggested adding
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deputy chief, over three departments, support, operations and professional standards and training. >> one recommendation is that we establish range of deputy chief. we just complete that had process, selecting three new deputy chiefs we hope to have on board by the beginning of march. >> rainy says the department is moving towards a change along with reorganization but says it's a slow process, there is a difference between writing policy and implementing it. the attorney for grant's family says bart is moving in the right direction, part of the case is positive legacy. >> there is a lot more discussion about training officers on tasers, making sure guns, they choose right weapons, if you will. >> bart is calling on riders to help out as well, there are 350,000 daily riders there are only between 50 and 60 officers over 24 hours,
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covering over 100 miles of track. dan? >> thank you. and governor brown today cancelled a sale of 24 state-owned buildings around california. the deal struck last year would have provided a one-time cash infusion of $1.2 billion but would have cost $5 billion over 0 years to lease back that space. >> it didn't make sense because it in, affect is a loan, with interest payments, equal to over 10%, every year. and what we've done is found an alternative. where we actually can save a considerable amount of money. >> and brown says he can save $6 billion dipping into medical and a state prison construction fund. controller saying the plan shows quote governor brown is serious about ending the
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budget gimmicks and side shows. >> now to the revolution in egypt. the antigovernment demonstrations are now spreading outside cairo and gaining new supporters. today, hundreds of thousands marched towards egyptian parliament, pushing demonstrations beyond the square. protesters trying to end the mubarak presidency. >> trying to have this dialogue is not line that some people can understand now. we reject it. >> pro-democracy activists are planning new protests and calling for labor strikes in an effort to draw labor unions in support. >> a guard unit is heading to iraq, and there was a farewell
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today this, will be the first time the 297 has been deployed to iraq. they will provide medical care and support for american troops. >> we're a well trained unit. and i trust my fellow soldiers. that is all we need to worry about. my job and abilities. >> members of the 297th will spend a month training at fort lewis before heading overseas. it has been adopted by san mateo county fair, which will provide care packages to the soldiers. >> the city of berkeley may be ready to help the obama administration with one of the thorniest problems rn rng -- problems. they will invite two detainees from guantanamo bay to move to town. both men have been cleared of wrong doing. they would live with local families and nonprofits would
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help find them work. critics say a new law discourages these offers and says berkeley has enough trouble already. a lawyer for a tracy teenager abused and held captive more than a year filed a legal claim against sacramento county child protection services accusing them of failing to protect him, saying workers ignored signs of abuse. the claim filed on behalf of kyle ramirez escaping and ran into a fitness center occurre occurred -- covered in bruises. four people pleaded guilty or were convicted of abuse charges, including the teen's legal guardian. sacramento county declined to comment on the claims. >> coming up at 5:00 a school shocker. 8th graders told to write a school essay about sexual fantasies. >> and dangerous way a daily diet soda can hurt your health. >> and a married congressman
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strikes a pose that cost him his job. >> this pattern is not going to last long. i'm sandhya patel wh. rain will return to the bay area.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a congressman who beared his -- bared his chest to a woman he met on facebook. he sent this picture to a woman he'd contacted on the web site. he was responding to an ad she had posted in the women for men section. she sent the picture to gawker, the web site claiming she found lee lied to her. he is married with a child. he resigned saying challenges western new york faces are too serious to let this distraction continue.
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>> nearly five weeks after being shot in the head congress woman gabrielle giffords is actually speaking. a spokesman says she recently ordered toast for breakfast. it is a milestone in a recovery and six people including a 9-year-old girl and a judge were killed as giffords was meeting with constituents january 8th. >> ucsf is a building grabbed a lot of attention not only for its science but it's architecture. abc 7 reports. >> reporter: movers and shakers from the stem cell world celebrate onstage, real star was actually several hundred feet over their heads. the newly-opened state of the arm stem cell research center paid for in part by voter-approved stem cell initiative. >> proposition 71 in 2004 helped make this moment
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possible for the field of stem cell research and more importantly, for the human race. >> the center snakes along 60 degree slope on the side of mount sutro. it's connected to the campus by a suspended sky bridge. researchers now beginning trials on humans. dr. rowik is concentrating on a rare but deadly disease. >> we're injecting cells into the brain. these are neurostem cells. we think they have building blocks to make components of the brains that are defective. >> it was designed to facilitate seamless movement. outside offices give way to roof top gardens and views that stretch across the city. >> it's almost a single floor for scientists. promotes interactions. people are meeting each other. >> the dedication comes 30
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years after a researcher at ucsf discovered embryonic stem cells in mice. and the center received tens of millions in private donations. the largest sent in. >> thank you very much. >> and here is something. young and middle aged americans are now the fastest growing group of stroke victims. strokes up 51% among men 15-34 years old and rose among women in this group at a rate of 17%. stroke still takes the biggest toll on older people, of course but there this may be a sign obesity is starting to have an impact on younger generation. and there is this. people drinking a dwrit soda
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each day may be boosting their risk of stroke. researchers found a 61% increased risk compared to those who drank no soda. participants averaged 69 years of age. researchers say they don't know why. previous research has shown people who drank more than one soft drink a day have a cluster of other high-risk factors, however. >> and this year marks a 100th anniversary of women in california getting the right to vote. a lot of people aren't aware of this. we turned to san francisco league of women voters for a history lesson. some of the footage is graphic. >> it's such a milestone. >> karen compton president of the san francisco league of women voters says the fight to win voting rights was long, and sometimes painful. >> we started in 1893, with different initiatives.
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a bill passed the legislature to have womens' right to vote. the governor vetoed it. >> you can see images of the battle in california to grant women the right to vote in an exhibition at the martin luther king junior library at san jose state university. nationally the battle for voting rights started much earlier in 1848. in new york. it was the first-ever convention to discuss womens' rights. the fight is graphically depicted in a movie called "iron jawed angels". >> there were hunger strikes and women were arrested during the white house. there were strikes in prison and force feeding. >> they said the reason was obvious. >> taxation without representation. women were working and contributing to tax base. >> city by city, the women lobbied men, and finally it
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was successful in 1911. california was the sixth state to grant women the right to vote. then, women were harassed at polls. >> that is one of the reasons the league of women voters was formed to, make sure women were informed and educated voters. >> nationally it would take 72 years for congress to finally approve the 19th amendment in 1920. it granted all women in the u.s. the right to vote. >> my mother was born before women could vote. my daughter got to vote for her mother for president. >> and 100 years later the san francisco league of women voters celebrates and honors courage of those determined women. and tomorrow night the league of women voters will hold a fund raising event at the city club. you can find details on our
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web site. >> several small brush fires closed two southbound lanes on interstate 280 today. they broke out along a quarter mile stretch of the road. investigators think a car accidentally started the fires. the lanes remain closed about four hours. >> and whale watchers got a rare treat today off the coast of san francisco. take a look at great pictures. there is a pod of more than 10 killer whales were spotted on a whale tours boat. the orcas were between golden gate bridge and farallon islands. one person says it's rare to see orcas this far south in such large numbers. he says the whales were exhibiting chasic hunting behavior, forming a line and zig zagging throughout the water. >> wow. how exciting and what a great day to go whale watching.
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>> it could not have been better, clear today. wind let up. and temperatures into 60s today. >> and we're going to keep cold nights coming. next big, big changes. get ready. pull out rain gear. outside there is a live picture now. no rain just yet. there is a live picture and you're looking at the coastline there. and yes, just a little bit breezy outside z just 24 hours ago, skies cleared from south beach camera. you can look well across the bay and it's a nice-looking day. temperatures looking like this, into 50s and 60s, here are the highlights. cold nights, patchy frost by morning. mild afternoons and a wet pattern setting up for next week beginning monday night, really a better possibility for tuesday and wednesday. tonight bundle up.
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it's going to get cold. 29 degrees in santa rosa. you're 32 last night. tonight colder. 30 in napa. 33 degrees for you in livermore. winds drop off and temperatures are going to drop as well. 35 in morgan hill. and san jose, 37 degrees, taking a look at pacific satellite picture not expecting much change. as a matter of fact high pressure controlling weather, dry pattern continues thursday through sunday. what is going to happen beyond this? it's a wet situation. next week, jet stream will be dipping into the area, periods of rain as early as monday night. one model is slower at bringing rain in tuesday. we'll have different storms keeping us into this wet pattern and the computer model
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has other in store. and you need sun screen in san jose, 65 degrees, temperatures reasonable, 64 redwood city. along the coastline very much like today, low 60s, downtown san francisco, south san francisco, 62 degrees and north bay, there upper 60s for santa rosa and cal stoga. beautiful day into the east bay. 65 in oakland. 64 in fremont. inland areas livermore starting out chilly. but a pleasant afternoon. 63 degrees there. and around the bay, it's up to 70 degrees in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cold nights, and they're inching up every day. 70 degrees by saturday into warmest locations. and sunday, cooling begins.
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valentine's day looking cooler. and by monday night, continuing throughout wednesday possibly beyond we're looking at a wet pattern. normally during at and tpro am we talk about the weather. it's going to be perfect for next four days for opening rounds. >> this is wonderful. >> still ahead a school shocker, students asked to write about sexual fantasies. plus... >> david grant made a mistake here. a deadly mistake. >> new at 6:00 congressional reaction to mistreatment of a bay area(p
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this picture from sky 7 live in oakland. we're told a car has hit a pedestrian. we do not know, we're learning now it was not a hit and run. the pedestrian was taken to highland hospital and we're gathering more information for you and will post that for you on abc 7 >> and well, moving on, listen to this. parents in sweden are furious after a class of 8th graders was assigned to write an essay about sexual fantasies and experiences. the 14-year-old were told to write it as if they were talking to a close friend. several students told their parents. teachers expressed surprise saying most students appreciated the exercise. as far as we can tell the teacher who assigned this essay was not disciplined. >> and we'll be right back.
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coming up at 6:00 underground economy of recycling rip offs. throw away theft and a man's plan to stop them. >> nothing but a hassle. >> michael finney... okay. >> and isn't working for everyone. its coming up at 6:00. >> and sorry. little audio problem there. >> and golf fans turn star gazers today. >> and why not? a dozen celebrities competed in a shootout. >> the $29,000 winnings from the challenge will be donated to charity. >> and second place wasn't an option foremost stars out there today. >> and i don't think


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