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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  February 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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records, pg&e did switch in the early 1990s, murphy says he remembers when he was asked to start entering documents in that system. he felt then it was inadequate. >> and i mentioned i said one of the problems is that they don't give us enough room to enter all of the information that should go in there. >> and murphy thinks his brother might have records. the investigation into the cause is still underway. and it's holding a fact-finding hearing in washington first week of march and will be there to bring you that. >> thank you. >> police reveal wrd a top narcotics agent accused of dealing drugs got them. they are both facing charges after being arrested this weekend.
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and laura anthony is live with the latest in this case. >> this afternoon during a brief court appearance these two long-time friends stood shoulder to shoulder but after court indications that these two men might turn against each other. and two men with long ties to law enforcement entered a courtroom. the 28 count felony complaint includes charge that's narcotics task force heads conspired to sell large quantities of methamphetamine, marijuana and other illegal drugs. >> charges against those two individuals covers between november 17th, 2010 and february 16th, 2011. evidence we've received indicates the alleged activity does not involve any other police officers. >> besides methamphetamine and
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marijuana drugs include xanax and anna bolic steroids. the complaint details five transactions involving $11,000 in cash. the pair is accused of attempting to import illegal drugs into california from outside of the state. and according to the plaint some of the drugs were stolen from the sheriff's property room in another instance according to the complaint the two men are accused of selling illegal steroids welsh was supposed to have destroyed and deposited in a landfill. >> taking a look at the amount of money involved here in regards to this arrest and how it affected his life, one has to ask, what were you thinking but we as human beings too make mistakes. >> the attorney worries his client is being made a scapegoat for illegal activity investigated by welsh. >> it's easy to dump responsibilities on mr. butler. and if this is a route and he
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his client intend to go we're in for a fight. >> contra costa district attorney mark peter son acknowledged this case could lead to a review of at least some of the drug cases here and welsh and butler will be back in court on march 2. and to weather now in, a week-long winter storm that is beginning to taper off but not before dumping another layer of snow this, is mount tam. elevation 2500 feet. these pictures make it look like the high sierra. if that is where you're headed both interstate 80 and highway 50 are clear. be sure to pack your patience there. is a long, slow drive. wayne freedman is live along
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interstate 80 now. >> and this word tonight is chains, chains to the nevada county line. we made that trip today. you don't want to try it without chains. welcome to interstate 80 on a friday before a three-day weekend in a snow storm that is also inconvenient. >> and he won't wait for long. nobody did. by 2:00 p.m. this section of the rood became a small city filled with freezing, frustrated people with some going numb. >> and robert is chain installing where an olympic event he would not be a gold medalist. >> this is where you get started then, you play for the rest of the weekend. >> and there is where 80 inches of snow has fallen.
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>> we're lucky to have had this storm right before our holiday after about four weeks of sunshine. >> the sierra now is a land of trees and granite inundated by what locals describe as a big dump. there is all still frozen assuming you can get to it. >> didn't we see you on the highway? >> yes. >> so another driver hunkered down. there is plenty up the road. >> and quicker you get on the road and get where you want to go. >> and if this is where you're going it's a nice destination. not a lot of lines, chp expects traffic to lighten up by 9:00 p.m. f you're going to try it, you have our admiration. wayne freedman abc 7 news.
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>> thank you very much. great pictures, there is the weather today outside of the studios. there is light rain now and then. how does it look? >> it's a mess out there. there is lots of rain moving up from the south. up north there is cold air and wide spread snow so this is mount tam, it's been snowing now and this across a wide area of the north bay into counties of napa and hills below 1500 feet snow is falling as you can see. there is rain, mod troit heavy rain from vacaville down to fairfield and points south. let's move down to east bay. there is rainfall now heavy and snow on mount diablo. and farther south into santa
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cruz basically south we'll be back. and this is the question, when will we get a break? >> after a start to the new year this rain is having a huge impact on water supplies meaning there is less concern about another year of drought. it's remarkable how much a few days of rain and snow can help. >> falling rain pushed the reservoir to 101% of capacity. observers are impressed with the rise. >> this looks good. it's running fast. >> and perhaps more than birds water managers across the state celebrating. and every major reservoir in california is now holding more water than unusual going to show one weather event can
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have a significant impablgt. >> this is just in three days we've added 1 and a half billion gallons of water, it's good for the storm. >> 10 reservoir that's serve 1.8 million people are now average 58% full. this is the largest reservoir, anderson is just 48% full. what is impressive is what's happening in the sierra. santa clara valley imports about half water from state and federal sources and numbers encouraging. the feds have a contract to supply district with about 152 thousand acre feet of water anticipating being tibl provide 71% of the amount. the state hoping to fulfill 60% of the contract. >> unless there are problems
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that cause pumps to be slowed down we should get fairly good aloeation. >> if snow pack continues to improve that could allow the state to be more generous. >> and there is some a report of smoke coming from tracks causing 15, maybe 20 minute delays. problems may originate from a richmond bound bart train. and still ahead tonight bay area homeowners who feel betrayed by a lending company. >> i wanted to believe. i was so scared of losing our house. >> and why california 8th graders are flunking high school algebra. >> intimate dinner with the president.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a pleasanton company claiming kit help you get out from under mortgage has surrendered it's license. >> this is one michael finney has been looking into as well. >> and now the results of that investigation. >> this is o.f.lending offer aid chance to refinance their home at current market value. the pitch sound gd but regulators say the company was selling fool's gold.
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molly gets a much-needed hug from mom. the novato homeowner says she just wants her ordeal over with. >> it's awful. >> and elaborate. >> i just wanted it done. >> robin and jeff love animals. this is one of many they've rescued and taken n now they're hoping to find a way to rescue their home from foreclosure. >> i wanted to believe. i was so scared of losing our house. desperate for anything that could save it. >> and both paid o.f. lending 7,000ses today 10,000ses today help get mortgages refinanced. but now say they regret it because they claim that they didn't get what they paid for. and nothing changed. >> i'm hurt. it's -- hurt my trust in people. >> we're very angry.
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and very -- very upset. and angry. >> the office is now shut down and pretty bare. this is in stark contrast to activity jeffrey samuels saw on his visit. >> very professional, very busy. there were people bustling around doing business. there were files on desks. >> o.f.lending offered a chance to get what is known as a short pay refinance to. get into the program your home must be underwater but must be current on the mortgage. this ceo talked about it last year in january on "view from the bay". >> it's where we go to existing lender offer them 95 cents on the dollar and refinance out of it. yes, they take a loss but half as much as a foreclosure. >> the homeowner gets a new loan based on current market value. that didn't happen for this
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family. they say it will be difficult to keep up with the mortgage. the samuels sued o.f.lending and won a $7,000 judgment. this couple plans to sue as well. and one says the program worked for her. >> first i didn't believe and thought it wasn't possible. >> she refinanced her mortgage for $117,000. that is a significant savings from her original mortgage of $421,000. but state department of real estate remains skeptical of what o.f.lending offered. so it was on face a scheme that would never have worked. and this is a effort to take advantage of them, collect money and provide no service, leaving homeowners high and dry. >> the state found they violated california's ban on advanced fees and hoggerty
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surrendered his real estate license. by phone he denied charging advance fees and says his program work autos i'm having luck with all of the banks except a couple. they're reluctant to go public with this. >> the housing program supervisor from san francisco says short pay refies are rarely approved you have to fall within a set of guidelines. we find most clients don't fit these guidelines. >> and this counselor says servicers and lien holder must all agree. if you have had dealings with o.f.lend glg or bad you're asked to call the alameda district attorney's real estate fraud division. there is a number. and there is a number also posted on abc 7
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>> a lot more information. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and can't believe it's snowing throughout the bay area. snow has fallen. >> great pictures today. let's go back to talk about the forecast what. we can expect towards weekend. >> there is great views of the snow. there is a time lapse view this afternoon. and there is at elevations below that. and there is a picture taken by our photographer this afternoon. there is where it's still snowing. there is lots of rain moving up from the south in addition to snow. and let's focus where it's snowing since that is is a rather unusual occurrence. there is still snowing from
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mount diablo. and there is snowing into the sierra. chains still required into and out of the tahoe area. and this is rather chilly out there. temperatures into low 40s but this is not lower than high temperatures and there is a scattered showers tomorrow, slowing down to 2000 feet and below. and sunny dry, sunday, finally. and there is a big storm producing this wet weather now. there is another system we may get a break, maybe between these systems. there is scattered showers continuing throughout the evening with perhaps a little bit of a break early morning hours but there is more snow along and around mount hamilton.
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then later in the day more scattered showers and by 5:00 into the afternoon preparing for chinese new year parade. there is showers tapering off. and there is showers ending. rainfall totals will be varying widely from just a few hundredths owe perhaps half an inch. and this will be wet. into the sierra there is a winter storm warning in affect for central sierra. and there is a chance of new snow at lake level. and there is also an avalanche advisory in effect until 8:00 in the morning. and danger is high and there is low temperatures dropping
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into mid-30s inland areas and there is quite a chilly night. tomorrow a cool day, highs upper 40s to low 50s. and there is the accu-weather forecast. a dry day sunday. a chance of showers monday, president's day. there is a couple mainly dry days and a chance of showers thursday and friday this, is our winter pattern. >> finally staying with us for a while. >> just ahead the end of the capitol freebies. the governor makes a painless cut in state spending. >> and what it takes to groom slopes for a big ski weekenenenn
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now, breaking news, bart cut power to west oakland stations so workers with k.walk on the tracks and see what is smoking down there meaning no trains can go through west oakland for some time there. is a bus bridge no. word on when they can restore power, earlier bart held a grand opening for its first new station in eight years. and this station is located on interstate 580. it will have close to 1200 new
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parking spots and bart predicts they will be around 4300 riders each weekday. >> governor brown ordered a end to swag at the state capitol. auditors reveal california spent $7.5 million on things such as keychains coffee mugs and pens. agencies like caltrans gives them away to promote campaigns such as showing down for cone zone or buckling up. the governor says there is no room for swag in this era of belt tightening. >> swag is going to be gone. we're going to reduce the government to the maximum degree that i can. >> and so what is going to happen to that swag that hasn't been given away is in the office says he's open to suggestions from the public. >> and coming up a political showdown over a federal shut down. looming prospect the government may have to close
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doors. >> and we'll follow up on the president's visit overnight. how many new jobs will it generate. >> a who's who of the technology titans joining the president for dinnererererererer
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good evening, house speaker john boehner says he will not back down as republicans continue to slash away at government spending. today health care went on the chopping block. mark matthews has the story. >> finding it's a swipe to send a message, message sending is much of what's happening on capitol hill this week. republicans are pushing for $60 billion in cuts to this
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year's spending and high on the list is defunding health care. >> it's big government not controlling costs. >> house republicans put up hundreds of amendments. one of them is cut funding for the presidio. and there is a pet project of nancy pelosi. >> we're going to cut spending he says there will be no funding with out deep cuts, and the current funding runs out in two weeks and democrats are warning of a catastrophe. >> we're talking about serious job losses in california. >> the cost of health care is going to go through the roof. >> the facts are cuts have little chance of getting through the senate and if they did, the president has promised to veto. so there is one option, block any funding measure and shut down the government which is what happened in christmas, 1995.
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john boehner did grandstanding back then. and republicans got durp dumped on. voters didn't like having their social security checks held up and took it out on the g.o.p.. republicans aren't eager to see that repeated and congressional democrats know it. >> just think it's important for to us recognize that we cannot allow the government to shut down. >> we're seeing republicans warn of dire consequences and republicans vote to cut funding for projects that play to their base z says what is likely to happen is short term funding will be passed before the march 4th deadline. >> ways of buying more time for two parties in that agreement. >> he says that will likely see a number of funding
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resolutions while congress kicks this down the road. >> there is a lot of band aids. >> and ts president flew to oregon today after having dinner in woodside last night. no one is disclosing what was discussed, david louie zeroes in on what they think will come out of the gathering. >> the president spent 15 hours on the ground leaving for oregon. it's still a mystery what is discussed. we reached out to each of them and all turned us down. white house photos and video confirm mark zuckerberg wore a suit instead of a usual hoody. there is common ground, however, intel ceo is a new member of the council on jobs and competitiveness. they're big supporters of science competitions and education. the president got to see student projects visiting a new intel chip making plant.
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>> in today's economy, it's one of the biggest predictors of a nation's success. >> the president's visit was a topic of discussion at the annual state of the valley conference. and leaders believe the leaders need to refocus though many are making more than half of the sales overseas. >> the companies are global now and have development jernts around the world. how do you inspire those companies? this shares benefits with the real economy. >> however, u.s. companies are reluctant to bring earnings due to a 35% tax rate. >> this is billions they can't bring back here. >> once again, ideas emnating
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from silicon valley will elevate the national economy. >> now a lot of people are reading tea leaves over who got to sit where last night at the dinner with the president. take a look, starting to left that is steve jobs and former ebay execkive steve westly. at the far left is google chief executive, then, john chambers and venture alcoholist john dorr who hosted the dinner, larry ellison is sitting across from the president, then, reed hastings from net flix, carol barts of yahoo, and the ceo of twitter and immediate right is mark zuckerberg, founder of facebook. white house identified the person obscured by zuckerberg as a white house advisor but unable to identify the blonde
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woman with the back to the camera. and "wall street journal" believe it's ann dorr. >> and just ahead here tonight why california age graders are flunking high school algebra. %(%ñ
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more students being
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encouraged to take algebra in the age grade. the study cited by our media partner california watch. tonight education reporters takes us to one school where they're ready. by the time students reach age grade most should have skills to tackle algebra. but one third of those who took the test scored at below face baisic levels. this is according to a nonprofit. >> what this report is saying is really not that kids shouldn't be taking algebra in age grade but they need more preparation. >> before tackling al ge bra they should have mastered fractions. and our media partner california catch. >> there is kids shouldn't be pushed into class was out
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either more preparation or support while they're taking that class. but just to throw them into the deep end is setting them up for failure. >> presidio pidel school is part of a pilot program using ipads and al ge bra april politics design bid a boston publishing company. there is three classes using a textbook. the fourth uses ipads. >> with this ipad it's not just a textbook. there are videos and there is a calculator on it. >> and at the end end of the year they'll see if students with ipads learned more algebra. so the book? heavy. lots of pages. intimidating. and ipad? light. the screen, easy to read.
6:39 pm
when handed on ipad they're only looking at the page they're dealing with and don't see a thousand pages. so they believe "i can learn this". >> only a few schools in fresno are taking part in this program. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> and coming up next a weekend weather update plus we're going to show what it takes to get slopes groomed for what is likely to be a busy weekend. >> and why movie "i am number >> and why movie "i am number four" may bebebebebebebebebebebe
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as spencer said it looks like there may be a break in the weather today. what you may not know is how much work is going on right now to make sure skiing conditions are as good as possible. >> late in the day taking a run down the slope these modern day mountain men are just getting to work this is a snow grooming team. it takes 16 snow cats running
6:43 pm
to keep the slopes in top condition. >> a lot of veteran operators there. about 20250 years of experience on the crew. >> and. >> everyone wants to run the beast. >> it's bigger than ever before. and in the world of snow cats, it's considered the sporty model. >> this is 5 hundred horse power. >> the fleet includes two beasts. we road along as they headed out to make their mark on the snow. >> there is a blank canvas and it's pretty beat up people ski, they naturally push the snow to the edge of the run and down the hill. the beast has a front blade 22 feet wide. compared to 17 feet on older
6:44 pm
models. the blade pushes snow, then tiller on the back creates the smooth surface. >> and this is as flat as possible. >> they go up and down until it's perfect. >> this is the best job. this is my office, here. and there is a view. i run around all night grooming and then, i get to ski all day long this is my baby, here. >> early in the season he spent two weeks sculpting the snow. heavy winds still make it particularly tough to tame. and the beast can make a big difference. >> there is a camera coming on in reverse. >> there is temperatures that can drop but inside it stays toasty warm. this teamworks until midnight.
6:45 pm
another crew works until lifts open in the morning, then that perfect run is yours. >> the product you leave behind is your signature. >> they do good work. the team says grooming is changing so quickly that they replaced a third of the fleet every year. >> there is plenty of snow right now. >> it's snowing and not just highest peaks. there is a look, you can see rainfall, moderate to heavy. let me know shoe you where it's snowing. mount tam snowing throughout the evening hours, still falling there. mount diablo, snowing there as well. and mount hamilton, you're seeing wide spread rainfall.
6:46 pm
totals nearly seven tenths of an inch in san jose. lower totals in other locations with still wet weather around the bay area. so there is rainfall averages at or above average around the bay area. except for san jose. so the south bay has catching up to do. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is scattered showers tomorrow. a dry day sunday and there is a chance of showers monday and a chance of rain thursday, friday. active patterns continue. >> thank you. >> and to the movies now. "i am number four" is a science fiction action adventure co-starring a bay area actress who went to burlingame high school. and there is don sanchez predicting it will be number one this weekend at the box office.
6:47 pm
>> before me there comes others. no they'll come from me. >> and alex is number four and a hit squad is after him. they've taken one two, and three. they're from another planet. weird things happen and he's upset. alex and his guardian are on the run. and this time he wants to stay in this high school because he's meet dianea. she's quinn on "glee" and theater goers remember when she was attending burlingame high school. >> you can go where you want. see whatever you want to. >> a lot of teens can relate to feeling like an outsider. and there is a big role in the finale. go for the action.
6:48 pm
this film is aimed at the crowd that flock to twilight. you know, young teen-aged girls and there are similarities. young love, attractive cast. however when i did the junkett, the cast kept down playing that connection. they should be so lucky. they're hoping for a sequel with this one. good looking people, special affects. it's not an epic but i'll give it a half bucket. >> and coming up next a boxer trying to take his game to the next
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bart has begun running train as cross the bay. they just reopened minutes ago. bart cutting power so that workers could clear something smoking on the tracks. and there is a now trains running again. you can expect delays until bart is able to catch up. >> join me tonight at 9:00 and
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coming up at that time somali pirates highack a -- hijack a yacht. >> and then at 11:00 there is a rare look inside pan dora. how did the internet radio know so much about your musical tastes? this is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> let's now move on to sports. >> and there is a couple warriors involved. >> right and the game is in l.a. on sunday. all of the festivities probably going to take a back seat to the mellow drama. they may decide on the new team. anthony refused to sign the nuggets' offer and really wants to go back east. and interest tl is one report indicating nets and nuggets have agreed to a deal but everything rests on carmelo
6:53 pm
signing with new jersey. mellow may meet with nets this weekend and... he may not. >> this is not me so i don't know where this came from as far as me. like i said nuggets haven't called me and said we're close to a deal in new jersey or anything like that. >> former warers great chris mullen has been named one of 12 finalists. and there is a list of finalists, mullen played in celebrity all star game but was virtually invisible so this man is tweeting, beiber kicks it out to a.c. green then, it's beiber from deep and he can shoot.
6:54 pm
and i've become a beiber believer, his street cred is off the charts after this game. and he can do no wrong. final score 54-49. his world, we're just breathing his oxygen. we did a profile ease lent -- recently. and there is some raised eye brows because of balco mastermind victor condy. >> there is surprising power. he says strength increased since he started working with victor conti last year. >> we measure what is called a memory belt.
6:55 pm
so there is a bench of other things we keep track of in terms of improvement. >> and conti was at the center of the balco steroids scandal. >> i said victor conti they said you're signing yourself to the devil. and. >> i think they're very open. a lot of people, i think have been unable to find it to their hearts toing forrive me. >> he vows he left steroids in the past. he helped with training which simulates high-altitude breathing. for anyone who doubts whether he's taking any banned performance enhancers? >> you've got a needle? you can vain test me. i'm ready to prove i'm for real. victor is for real. >> and nonito is for real.
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>> and watch out. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. >> see you i dislocated both my ankles. i had my first heart attack when i was 35 years old. - we have asthma. - when i found out i had cancer, i was so scared. announcer: at sutter health we share our expertise and invest in new technologies. because everyone has a story. and our story is you. - we can be boys... - cowboys. i can run again. they gave me a new heart. i am so happy to be alive. a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating wle grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough.
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