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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  February 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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very fast moving but what's more dangerous is the debris in the water, branches rocks, you can think of any other kind of debris that's in there causes problems. >> one body was found in concord. two hours later they found gavin's body also in concord. both were wearing helmets but no life preserves. they've seen these outcomes before. they want these sites painted but now maybe more needs to be done. >> sometimes they start in walnut creek and they get caught here and this is where the undertow is so bad. they need to put signs back in walnut creek, also. >> in walnut creek the news spread fast. matt and gavin were juniors but grief counselors were on hand to help students cope.
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>> a lot -- just friends with me. he was a good kid. nobody hated them or anything. two guys like trying to have fun. it's too bad. >> michael pope is also a senior. he was in calculus class with matt. >> he was a really good student. you could go to him for anything you wanted in calculus. the teacher would call on him if everybody else couldn't answer a question or something like that. >> students can expect grief counselors again on tuesday. >> it's 4:33 now. last april a car with three people inside went into the same creek. two people died in the rain-swollen waters but a 56-year-old woman was rescued by a helicopter crew. in that incident the driver crashed through a fence and landed upside down in the creek. a popular place where dawn walkers and hang gliders were closed yesterday after a suspicious item washed up on the
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beach. fort funsome was closes when they detonated this device before 2 p.m.. it's now believed to be a box of navy flares that may have washed overboard and washed ashore. park rangers kept the area closed for several hours. a group of mourners attacked a tv news crew covering a murder story in sacramento yesterday. the video we're about to show you is violent. >> this is public -- you're right. and i'm here and talking (bleep). it's (bleep) public. you and him. >> now, this video from ktxl shows people attacking a reporter, john lobertini and rebecca little. the crew wanted to interview people at a memorial for a man shot to death early yesterday morning outside the i-hope. other stations also captured the attack. no arrests have been made.
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they both escaped with only scratches and bruises. they called it one of the hazards of the job. >> in washington republicans and democrats are digging in unwilling to compromise on major budget cuts and without a budget the federal government runs out of money in 11 days. alan wang has more. >> the last time the government shut down was in 1995. president clinton vetoed a spending bill sent to him by a gop-controlled congress and san francisco saw one of its top tourist attractions alcatraz shut down. every other federally-operated tourist destination also closed. even the nasa aims research center went dark. >> read my lips: we're going to cut spending. >> speaker boehner is on course that would lead to a shutdown that's reckless. >> the situation is more dire
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because congress is off all this coming week. lawmakers will have just five days to strike a deal when they return. it could force a government shoutdown on march 4th. >> that is the worst outcome. if we end up shutting down the government and calling into question whether we're going to meet our obligations for social security checks and paying our troops, that's an absolute failure. >> i think everybody realizes we have to make some significant cuts. >> house republicans passed $61 billion in cuts this weekend. and now it's in the senate where democrats say it's unacceptable. they're suggesting a short funding extension. i'm alan wang, abc 7 news. >> time now 4:36. the house budget committee is insisting the gop will not agree to even a temporary funding extension because it still leaves current spending levels in place. santa clara officials will meet tomorrow night to formally ask governor brown not to take the
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city's redevelopment money. the city's concerned the government may yank up to $40 million already promised for a stadium. they proposed suspended all redevelopment in the state to close a budget deficit. without the money city leaders have no public money to tap into the project and they would have to turn to private sources. the fremont school district starts negotiations on a teachers contract this week but already the district's approach is said to be the worst they've ever seen. teachers haven't had a pay raise in three years and they're asking for a raise to pay for rising health insurance costs. the district is talking about an unspecified salary decrease. they want more authority to evaluate teachers and impose layoffs. the layoffs are partly due to state budget cuts. time now for a check on the weather forecast. it's a holiday monday.
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mike, what do we have in store besides the chill out there. >> just how cold it is. clouds rolling into the north bay. it's a catch 22. the clouds have taken away the fog as temperatures drop but also winter-like precipitations and most is evaporating before it reaches the ground. we saw a scattered showers or two along the peninsula and coast and up in the north bay. those are the two areas if we see showers today, those are the most likely ones. mid to upper 30s in most neighborhoods to about 43 in san francisco. it is definitely cold this morning. it will be cooler than average again this afternoon with low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. clear lake about 47. again, the north bay, scattered showers along the coast. once it gets down into the south bay, the peninsula coast, i think we'll have just a mostly cloudy sky while it increases in sunshine as you head to the
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east. monterey bay and inland, breezy but temperatures in the mid-50s. forecast, another chilly night in store and temperatures well below average through wednesday. chance of showers thursday night and it looks like it could be a wet, cold weekend once again at least for friday and saturday. maybe we'll salvage a sunday again. sounds like we have an accident already this morning. here's frances with the details. >> it could slow you down if you're leaving berkeley this morning. it's an injury crash on the arby on-ramp to westbound 80. if you normally get on westbound 80 and take arby, take powell and university. it's blocking the entire ramp. i'll keep an eye on this when it clears. the crash. if you're taking mass transit today for president's day, keep in mind muni, bart and caltrain will run on a holiday schedule and there's no service today for the alameda harvard bay and alameda oakland ferries but ace
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on a normal schedule reporting no delays. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 4:39 now. a suicide bomber kills more than two dozen people in afghanistan. more unrest in libya. the upper hand protestors now say they have even as the government turns to violence to shut them down. and the california yacht and american crew that are now in the hands of somali pirates and what the u.s.
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i'm frances dinglasan in the traffic center. you're looking at a live injury accident in berkeley. it's blocking the arby on-ramp to westbound 80. you may want to consider powell and university. we'll keep an eye on this and see when they expect touch this on-ramp reopened. more news now with eric. >> it's 4:42 now. an attack of a suicide bomber at
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the entrance of a government building in northern afghanistan killed at least 28 people today and injured an unknown number of others. the attack happened in kindu province. it's an office that distributes official papers. the victims had been gathered there for identification cards. there's been a sharp slide in security in recent months where there are known hideouts for the taliban and fires from other militant factions. the world is watching the oil-rich nation of libya this morning where violent anti-government protests have finally reached tripoli. supporters of moammar qaddafi have reportedly been -- (chanting) >> back again. supporters of colonel qaddafi,
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his son said his father would fight until the last man is standing. international news agency press tv is assigning unconfirmed reports that the elder qaddafi has left the country. the protest has been the harshest of any arab country so far in the past few weeks. >> what we're seeing across the region is a yearning for change, political reform, economic opportunity, greater representation. and we support that. >> in stark contrast nearby bahrain was quiet after a week of upheaval that saw seven killed and hundreds injured in pro-democracy protests. yemen this morning the president rejected demands that he step down but he renewed calls for talks with the protestors. at least one u.s. navy ship is shadowing a yacht as it sails the coast of somalia with hostages on board.
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scott and jean adam from santa monica own the crest and they're sailing the area. they want cash in exchange for the four americans. >> i think this case they pushed the united states government too far. >> somali pirates often attack the east african coast but targeteded few vessels. u.s. navy sharp shooters killed two yachts and rescued a ship's captain after it was hijacked. >> looking to make sure state junk doesn't land on it. the massive storm that could slow travel from coast to coast today.
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welcome back. 4:47 on this president's day. let's head to the south. extreme weather once again. 70 atlanta, 74 new orleans. some of the cooler weather in phoenix but still 64 degrees. cold in chicago. let's zoom in there and talk about airport arrival delays into chicago's o'hare and also into midway because of rain. you can see a cell minneapolis, new york and boston. delays will be developing if not flight cancellation. we'll check out our flight tracker here's eric. >> it's 4:48. good news here for bird watchers here in the north bay. a long-term study shows mount tamalpais is one of the healthiest spots in the state for birds. during the past 15 years most bird populations there have seen little change and some have even increased in numbers. 42 species were study, only four declined including some jays
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affected by the west nile virus. mount tam has a nice mix of habitats from hard-wood forests to grass lands. another storm pummeling the upper midwest this morning and minnesota bearing the brunt of it. a changing mix of snow, rain and freezing rain. rob nelson has the latest. >> hundreds of flights were cancelled in airports in minnesota, michigan and illinois. the winter storm blew through the upper mid-west. delta cancelled flights on sunday. slippery road conditions led officials in several states to advise people to simply stay off the road. >> people stopping for the red light couldn't stop. i sped up to avoid them and hit a snow bank. >> western wisconsin there was a string of accidents and cars were left stranded in the snow. >> the roads getting slicker and slicker. >> snow trucks in michigan had a
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difficult time in deteriorates road conditions there. >> i had a four-wheel drive. it was okay, i made it but without the four-wheel drive it would have been tough. >> making the most as the fresh snow on this president's day holiday weekend. >> it's winter. so it's really important to go get it while we have it. >> the national weather service had posted winter watches and warnings from montana to new england, a distance of more than 1800 miles. as the storm heads into the northeast, it is expected to taper off. major metropolitan areas, washington, philadelphia and new york city may see some snow and ice but it should change over to rain later in the day. ron nelson, abc news, new york. >> time now 4:50. your old stomping grounds there in minnesota. they've seen this sort of weather before. >> i think they know what they're doing when it comes to removal. if they didn't have school today because of president's day, they probably would have had it
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anyway. >> here? >> yeah. >> cool for us. >> trying to play baseball 39 degrees and light rain saturday night. no, i don't think we're going to play. nope. there were some that wanted to. i appreciate that. 4:50 this morning on this monday. good morning to you. a live look down from sutro tower all the way back to the berkeley hills. you can see how clear the air is this morning. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. you see the next system, looks pretty. some of that sliding down to eureka. we will miss out on most of this but if you're heading to the north, it's a formidable storm system. not much happening in the sierra this morning, either. 40 san francisco. everybody else the mid to upper 30s. monterey bay temperatures mid-30s to upper 30s santa cruz, watsonville, inland to salinas. so our highlights, scattered showers possible in the north bay and the coast. the rest of us will see cloudy
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conditions around the bay to partly cloudy conditions inland. clearing and cold again everywhere tonight with some inland valley frost forming. it will be dry tomorrow and wednesday but starting thursday and into the weekend, another unsettled cold, wet pattern tries to move into the bay area. the area of low pressure that's sliding down the jet stream into the bay. there's not much moisture with it. also it's not going to move inland. it's going to move further off to the coast. let's take a look at it. a few of those scattered showers trying to develop now especially the north bay with the bulk of the weather to our north. watch as it tries to slide to the north bay during midmorning to mid afternoon but then kind of pulls from the coast as the afternoon wears on. clear conditions and cold weather again tonight. tonight low 50s. low to mid-50s ons peninsula with low 50s on the coast. south san francisco, a little breezy along the coast also.
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low to mid-50s the north bay until clear lake and. 47. temperatures in the mid-50s. mid to upper 30s everywhere except oakland and san francisco at 41 and 42. here's your accu-weather 7-day forecast. frost the next couple nights, even with sunshine tuesday and wednesday. temperatures well below average. chance of rain will move in thursday night and you can see the unsettled wet pattern for friday and saturday and snow levels could drop this weekend down to around 1500 feet. again! good morning, frances. >> back to berkeley we go where we still have this injury accident on the arby on-ramp. been out there since 4:00 this morning but i just saw them tow one of the cars away. should be wrapping this crash up pretty soon and openfully the ashley on-ramp will be open.
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may want to consider powell as an alternate. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. i'll take you to the san mateo bridge. holiday light out there. no problems either in the south bay with the 280 and 17 interchange. the mass transit systems are running on a holiday schedule such as bart, muni and caltrain. you can get the latest traffic information by going to click on the bay area traffic link. eric? >> frances, thank you very much. >> just about 4:54 rather. let's take a look at president's day, holiday transit and parking. bart, muni and caltrain are on the saturday schedule. golden gate and a. c. transit on a sunday schedule. oakland and san jose parking meters are not enforce today but san francisco you will have to feed the meter. schools, government offices and banks are all closed today. at least one psychologist worries that self-mutilation videos posted on you tube might
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be a self-help guide for people who want to hurt themselves. more than 5500 videos were found on self-injury. therapists point out it often happens when young people struggle with anger, sadness, depression and other emotional issues. solar flairs could change the orbits of space debris circling the earth. that could crash into satellites or make them crash down-to-earth. rich hart reports on a drive to find a solution for space junk. >> this is the animation of a very real collision of a u.s. communication satellite and the russian military satellite. the cosmos was no longer operational but the meridian was. this situation crucial to understanding the consequences in space debris was not easy. it took hours even on a high-performance computer. >> and if you look at the
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statistics, you would expect to have a collision every two years and that was two years ago. kind of like earthquake prediction. predicting somewhere in this window a earthquake. >> there are 200,000 in orbit, 20,000 more than 4 inches, double ten years ago. they're magnified to make them easier to spot. few are tracked because of a huge uncertainty in orbital data. to reduce that uncertainty, the laboratory has a major advance. >> the security system takes hours to calculate the conjunction. and with the supercomputers that we developed, that's something we can do in minutes. >> and the lab is working with texas a&m to launch two cube sacks like this one with telescopes. >> we can use the pact finder satellites to look at them,
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finding the orbital information. >> essentially a traffic cam in space. that will go up in a few months. the new computer tracking knowledge is being transferred to agencies. richard hart, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:56 now. next at 5 a.m. two teens die after a risky rafting adventure in a rain-swollen creek. it should never have happened. >> should tax dollars go toward a new stadium for the 49ers. santa clara officials say they have to or there won't be a new stadium. the fight
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live at the high school here in walnut creek where grief counselors will be available at two students from this school died over the weekend trying to raft on a rain-swollen walnut creek. the story in a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield where officials are ready to fight the governor for money to help pay for a stadium for the 49ers. details coming up. >> a good monday morning. looking to the east from mount sutro here in san francisco. clear in most areas. picking up a few radar returns on doppler 7 hd. i'll show you just how cold it's going to be this week. >> a better start for the 5:00 hour with an injury accident in berkeley cleared. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll lay out the mass transit schedule for president's day. >> frances, thank you very much and thank you for joining us.
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5 a.m. on this monday, holiday monday. autopsies are scheduled this week on the bodies of two east bay teens who drowned over the weekend who tried to raft over a rain-swollen creek. terry mcsweeney is live with more on the story. >> this is where grief counselors are available as they were yesterday for the two students who died went to school. they went out saturday afternoon looking for a thrilling raft ride and they died trying to find it. take a look what rescue teams found sunday morning about 8:30 in the morning. a deflated raft five miles from where this trip began. 16-year-old matthew miller, 17-year-old gavin powell launched that raft 2:00 saturday afternoon near the high school. pictures you see of walnut creek not that impressive. the show the water maybe a couple feet deep. this


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