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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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scheduled this week on the bodies of two east bay teens who drowned over the weekend trying to raft down a rain-swollen creek. terry mcsweeney is live in walnut creek creek with more on the story. >> this is where the two students went to school, two friends who went out saturday afternoon looking for a thrill going down walnut creek in a raft. take a look where that raft ended up. it was found yesterday morning about 8:30 by search and rescue crews. the boys' raft, it was deflated when it was found five miles from where the trip began. 16-year-old matthew miller, 17-year-old gavin powell launched that raft friday afternoon. they launched in walnut creek. the pictures show the water not very frightening, not very terrifying at all but this can swell really to a river very rapidly during downpours such as we had friday and saturday.
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you can get to 15 feet deep in places. when walnut creek is raging, there many hazards. >> the creek actually swells, becomes very fast-moving. what's even more dangerous is the debris that's in the water. branches, rocks, you can think of any kind of other debris in there causes problems. >> miller's body was found around 11:30 yesterday near highway 4 in concord. a couple hours later powell's body was found perhaps a mile away also in concord. both were wearing helmets, neither had on a life vest. lots of signs of warning along walnut creek, but not enough to keep these two boys out from what they now the was a heck of an adventure. live in walnut creek, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks, terry. you may remember last april a car with three people inside went into the same creek. two people died in the
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rain-swollen waters. a third person, a 56-year-old woman was rescued by a helicopter crew. in that incident the driver crashed through a fence and landed upside down in the creek. the testimony pressure spikes that pg&e did on the san bruno pipeline that exploded last september violated federal law. that's according to a new report in the san francisco chronicle. a scene in that pipeline has been cited in federal reports as a possible source of the blast that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. federal regulators say the utility would have had to inspect the pipeline for weak welds after spiking the pressure on the line between 2003 and 2008. pg&e did conduct a test in the pipeline in 2009, but it would only have detected corrosion in the pipe. the utility has defended the pressure spikes as safe and necessary for the operation of the pipeline. the union representing a. c. grant and bus drivers and mechanics says it plans to file
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grievances in the wake of a recent bus shooting. someone shot out the back window of a bus in north richmond. the contra costa times reports a. c. transit bus drivers on that route and others say they frequently contend with angry passengers and fear for their safety and they don't feel the agency is doing enough to protect them. sheriff deputies shadowed buses through north richmond after the shooting but the deputies stopped following a few dales later. a. c. transit says it will increase its effort to replace buses with cameras on affect the lines. raising concerns about radios after new problems cropped up this weekend. it happened as police were responding to a double shooting near the inn near the oakland airport. officers tried to lock down the hotel but apparently had trouble communicating with portable police radios. radio problems have plagued oakland police the last couple months.
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old antenna and issues may be to blame for the most recent problem. >> the plans to build a new stadium for the 49ers could be sacked. amy hollyfield is trying to say what they're doing to fight the agency. >> no redevelopment funds likely means no stadium. there is no plan b. the original plan was approved by voters and it's for $40 million to come from redevelopment funds. the city of claire cannot take money from city funds. now governor brown is talking about doing away with redevelopment agencies. the argument is the state is broke and that money needs to go to schools and local governments. but the city of santa clara says it's been working on this for four years. it's been planned out and the governor can't just change the rules on them. so tomorrow the city council plans to change the language in the stadium deal to illustrate this has been the plan for years. the stadium is expected to cost
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$937 million. it will have 68,500 seats and, of course, will relocate the team to santa clara. without the fund money, santa clara would have to find private funding or ditch the project. officials don't like those options. they plan to send a message to the governor they need the money. expect for this to come up at tomorrow night's city council meeting. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you very much for the report. it's 6:07 now. you saw how amy was bundled up out there against the cold. mike, what are we seeing in terms of temperature out there. >> seeing 30s, feeling 30s, eric. near 40 san francisco and oakland. we've had clouds roam into the north bay. you can see some pinks and even some whites in there. so it is an interesting look at what could happen in the southern parts of the north bay and into the san pablo bay over
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the next half hour or so and it could slide down across the bay. we'll keep on eye on it for you. came out of nowhere and it's one of many scattered showers we'll have today in the north bay. as far as temperatures, when the clouds rolled in, they actually came up a little compared to where they were and even warmer than yesterday where it's still clear around the bay, south bay into antioch, temperatures cooler significantly by 1 to 7 degrees than they were yesterday morning. we have fremont, oakland and san francisco low to mid-40s. everybody else in the mid to upper 30s. this afternoon we'll have scattered showers across the north bay and along the coast. breezy along the coast, too. low to mid-50s for most areas, clear lake about 47 degrees. partly cloudy conditions, a little breezy around the monterey bay. calmer as you head inland. temperatures here in the mid-50s this afternoon. 7-day forecast, dry tomorrow and wednesday but still cooler than average with mid to upper 50s. increasing clouds, a chance of rain late thursday night. temperatures in the afternoon low to mid-50s.
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look at that wintry mix and highs in the upper 40s to near 50 for friday and saturday. frances? >> mike, it could be another good ski weekend. for now for president's day, traffic's still very light no matter where you are. a live shot of interstate 80 in berkeley. no accidents reported all around the bay area. and ace train is operating on a normal schedule today. no delays reported. but muni, bart and caltrain are running on a saturday schedule and a. c. transit is running on a sunday schedule. also no service for the alameda harbor bay ferry and alameda oakland ferry today. eric? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 6:09 now. just ahead, why some say the 100th annual bay to breakers race, the super bowl of surfing. there's no chance now the window for this year's contest will be
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good morning, everyone. 6:12, almost 6:13 on the abc 7 morning news. a live look at the embarcadero in the backgrounds. you see the bay bridge there and you can see just how clear the skies are this time of morning. and often that leads to colder or it's a sign of colder temperatures which is what we're experiencing this morning. and mike will tell you more coming up. it's a holiday, remember that. there are reports of new problems at oprah winfrey's elite south african high school. police are trying to determine whether to file charges after the death of a newborn baby born to a student. the oprah winfrey leadership academy was waiting for the results of a police investigation into the birth
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last week and provide counseling for students of the school outside of johannesburg. shortly after the school opened in 2007, a dormitory supervisor was accused of trying to kiss and fondle students. that supervisors was acquitted of sexual assault charges last year. a controversial and colorful former san francisco supervisors says he's considering a run for the mayor of san francisco. the bay citizen reports that chris daily told them he would run if no other leading progressive decides to enter the race. the mayoral race is expected to attract a crowded field including leland yee, dennis herrera. this is the first competitive mayor's race to use public financing and rank choice voting which allows voters to rank choices so a winner can be declared even if he or she doesn't get a majority of first-place votes. organizers of the bay to breakers race in san francisco
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say they're working to make sure the 100th anniversary in may won't be the last. the san francisco chronicle reports say race representatives say the race has been losing money for years. there's no title sponsor for this year's race after the global financial group ing declined to renew sponsorship last year. officials are frustrated about drunkenness and public urination along the route. poor conditions may wipe out plans for the surf contest at half moon bay. it's an invitation event and surfers are given a call after a big swell hits the coast. none have been big enough to produce those world-class mavericks waves. the window for half ricks closes february 28th. that is when this year's permit is set to expire and contest
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organize he recalls say they don't expect the permit to be extended. that's not very long. the 20th? that's eight days. >> yeah. >> wow! >> remember last monday was valentine's day? >> yes, i do. >> i wasn't in the dog house for once. (laughter) >> but fond memories. let's get on to the weather forecast. a little chilly outside. the little thermometer on the car says 37 degrees. >> mine said 30 at one point as i was trying to drive to work with the frost forming on the windshield. i got out and scraped it off. >> did you scrape a little hole. >> yeah, small little hole, squeak, squeak, squeak! looking from sutro tower to the east. you can see the beautiful twinkling lights in the berkeley hills as we have really unlimited visibilities in most areas. live doppler 7 hd, other than that cell we just showed you moving across san pablo bay,
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snow to the north. that will fly down the coast and keep that chance of a stray shower along the coast and into the north bay today. let's talk temperatures now, 40 antioch, fremont. 42 oakland. san francisco 44. everybody else in the mid to upper 30s. around the monterey bay and inland we have mid to upper 30 and monterey itself at 40. scattered showers, there you go. north bay and along the coast. clearing and cold tonight. inland valley frost probably see even more than we had this morning. dry tomorrow and wednesday. it will be unsettled as we head from thursday night, friday, saturday, to a lesser extent on sunday. could be a repeat of last weekend. the low pressure, you see it diving straight down from canada along the coast. this is what will bring us the showers as we head through the midmorning into the mid afternoon hours. zoom down closer to the bay and watch some of these showers develop right along the coast all the way down to around santa
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cruz. since by noon around 4:00, it starts to pull back, head to the west, retrograde. and by 6:00 it's over. overnight hours, you see the clouds clear. that's why it's going to be cold once again tomorrow morning. a partly sunny in the south bay. mid-50s for you. partly sunny on the peninsula. cloudy, kind of breezy along the coast. near 50 for you. san francisco could see a scattered showers, 52 degrees. north bay valleys, low to mid-50s for you. dry on the east bay shore there. partly cloudy and low to mid-50s. partly cloudy east bay valleys and mid-50s. should be dry inland. mid-50s for you, albeit a little breezy along the bay water. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, can't shake the cold weather even with sunshine and dry weather tomorrow and wednesday. increasing clouds but the rain will hold off until after the sun sets thursday and you can
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see the snow mixing in to possibly 1500 feet friday and saturday. have grate day. here's frances. >> showing everyone how light traffic is from the north bay to the south bay. here's 101 san rafael, southbound traffic on the right. and it's also looking good across the san mateo bridge. you'll have no trouble in either direction. that's eastbound for headlights moving in towards hayward. south 80, interchange looking good. for president days mass transit systems operating on a saturday school. bart and a. c. operating on a sunday schedule. get traffic when you want at >> as we remind people, frances, bring your quarters if you come to san francisco and need to park on the street. gas marching towards $4 a gallon. gas prices increased nearly 6 cents a gasoline to a nationwide
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average to $3.18 a gallon. san francisco as usual had the highest price of an east area survey at $3.54 and average for unleaded. some analysts are predicting the nation could break the $4 mark sometime this summer. it was a record-setting day in the daytona 500. the most changes, the most cautions and the youngest driver ever to win the race. the race began with a salute to earnhardt senior. taxi out gordon and martin. brian newman spins out and the ensuing crash takes out darrell earnhardt, jr. trever bane who just turned 20 this weekend hangs on and becomes the youngest driver to
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ever win the daytona 500. it was just his second start. does he have a driver's license? i guess he does. 6:20 now. the smithsonian is asking you to get in the game. video games, that is. the prestigious museum is asking for the public's help to have video games that should be included in its first exhibit in the topic. the winning ones will be displayed at the museum next year as screen shots or short video clips. if you'd like to vote, we've got a link to the ballot on our website just click on the "see it on tv" link and pond has got to be one of the ones in there. coming up, who got in, who got snubbed. a look at the list of people who got
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tech bytes, a new look who's active online. a new report published in "u.s.a. today" said 17% of internet users contribute online. the most active are 18 to 44 year olds while 78% of women are active online compared to just 66% of men. verizon or at&t. that's the question people must now ask themselves in buying the i-phone. one area at&t appears to have a clear advantage in is speed. thousands of tests across the country have found at&t' speeds are roughly two times faster but verizon's coverage was more reliable. a new father in egypt came out with a unique way to thank for his role in the revolution. he named his first-born daughter those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson. >> it is 6:25. word is trickling out who has
6:24 am
snapped up one of the most coveted invitations in the world. 1900 people have been invited to the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. sarah ferguson, william's aunt says she's not invited. soccer star david beckham and his wife victoria are on the list as are kanye west and elton john. the obamas are not. they said that's not unusual because it's not a state event. 6:26 now. still ahead at 6:30, the mysterious item that brought out the bomb squad. the tv news tagged while trying to recover a memorial and it's all caught on video. a california yacht and crew in the hands of somali pirates. while many warn the pirates may be the ones in real danger. >> should tax dollars go to building a new stadium for
6:25 am
49ers. santa clara officials say, yes, they have to or there won't be a new stadium. the fight for money coming up. >> and here's a live look at some of the airport delays. minneapolis, chicago, new york due to the snow and the rain. our flight tracker will have specific flighththththththththtq lysol believes no toilet is complete until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the waterline to kill 99.9% of germs and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. for tips on a healthy home,
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini slee ♪ good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in santa clara where city officials are ready to fight the governor for money to help pay for a new stadium for the 49ers. details coming up. >> also in the headlines, new reports that anti-government protestors now control the second biggest city in libya and that the country's leader
6:29 am
moammar qaddafi may have left the country amid the biggest demonstration yet. and a just navy warship is now shadowing a yet that's taken over by somali pirates. two of the hostages on board are in southern california. >> here we're looking live from downtown san francisco. some of the clouds creeping in. may be wintry mix falling from this. we'll take a look with doppler 7 hd and the wintry mix coming this weekend. >> traffic is holiday light this monday morning. president's day. don't forget your quarterers if you're heading into san francisco. details coming up. >> 6:31 this holiday monday morning. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. santa clara city officials say governor brown's plans could throw a monkey wrench in their plans to build the 49ers a new
6:30 am
stadium. live in santa clara, amy, they're going to try to change his mind. there's going to be april fight ahead. >> they say they've been working on this too long for the governor to come along and change the game on them. at issue is whether tax dollars should go to building a new 49ers stadium in santa clara. the governor has proposed doing away with redevelopment agencies. the ideas that the state is broke and the money needs to go to local governments and schools. the state plan depends on $49 million from the state. it always has. there is no plan b. city council members are going to aggressively fight to protect that money. tomorrow the city council plans to change the language in the stadium deal to illustrate this has been the plan for years, long before the governor came up with the idea to cut redevelopment funds. if the city loses this $40 million, officials could try to find some private funding or
6:31 am
ditch the project. but right now they're waiting to see what will happen and they're stepping up their efforts to fight for this money. look for this issue to come up at tomorrow night's city council meeting. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> investigators are trying to figure out how a box of navy flares ultimately washed up on a popular san francisco beach over the weekend. the flares washed ashore near fort funston. employs closed the area while bomb squad technicians blew the jims up. investigators think the flares fell off a passing ship. the fremont district starts negotiations on a teachers contract this week but already teachers say the district's proposal is the worst they've ever seen. fremont teachers haven't had a pay increase in three years. they're asking for a raise to pay for rising health insurance costs. but the district is talking about an unspecified salary decrease.
6:32 am
they want more authority to pose layoffs. the district's funding has dropped 20% over the past years due to state budget cuts. a reporter and photographer are recovering after being viciously attacked while covering a murder in san francisco. we have a warning. the video you're about to see is violent. >> this is public -- i'm here and talking (bleep)! you and him (bleep), (bleep). >> it shows people attacking reporter john lobertini and photographer rebecca little. it happened near a restaurant near the arena yesterday. the crew was looking to interview people at a memorial for a man shot to death earlier outside the restaurant. no arrests have been made. the two escaped with only
6:33 am
scratches and bruises. he called it "one of the hazards of the job." libyan protestors celebrated in the streets today after claiming control of the country's second largest city with bloody fighting and anti-government protests which have spread now from the capital of tripoli. supporters of libyan leader moammar qaddafi have been reportedly shooting and running over protestors. last night qaddafi's son warned his father would fight until the last man is standing. international news agency press tv is citing unconfirmed reports the elder qaddafi has left the country. the libyan government has been the harshest of any arab countries so far in the uprising in the past few weeks. >> what we're seeing across the region is a yearning for change, a hunger for political reform, economic reform, greater
6:34 am
representation. and we support that. >> in stark contrast nearby bahrain was quiet after a week of upheaval that saw seven people killed and hundreds injured in pro-democracy protests. a ship is shadowing a yacht as it sails with four pirates on board. scott and jean adam from sant monica own the quest. they're sailing with another couple from the seattle area. they say they want cash in exchange for the four americans. >> i think the pirates have made a grave mistake and i think in this case pushed the united states government just too far and i think there will be a drama playing out in the days to
6:35 am
come. >> they're off the east african coast but targeted few vessels. 2009 sharpshooters killed two pirates and rescued a ship's captain after an american vessel was hijacked. let's take a look at the weather forecast. mike, kind of chilly out there. >> absolutely, eric. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd which is turning over to more just picking up light rain, even drizzle trying to fall from these clouds. earlier it was pinks and whites. the clouds a little thicker. they have a little fray on the bottom which means they're letting go of this but a lot not reaching the ground. if you get a sprinkle or so, flies down to the southeast. we'll cover just about the entire bay area as we head into the next couple hours. let's talk about what's going to happen as far as your forecast.
6:36 am
we are going to see temperatures rather chilly this morning. they'll hang out in the 30s and 40s with those scattered showers. breezy along the coast just about all day with that low coming down. you can see more scattered showers developing around the coast and up into the north bay by noon where we'll have upper 40s to low 50s. temperatures spike in the mid-50s most areas. back to the low to mid-50s at 4:00. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, tonight such a cold start, even with sunshine and dry weather tuesday and wednesday. below average, mid to upper 50s. a wintry mix for friday and saturday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. morning, everyone. with the holiday we have a lot of mass transit systems on different schedules today. you want to know golden gate transit is running on a sunday schedule. you'll find that this morning. the ones on a saturday schedule,
6:37 am
that will be muni, bart and caltrain. a. c. transit running on a sunday schedule. there's no service for the alameda harbor bay ferry. as we pass by, what you would find on a typical holiday. no delays at all on the bay bridge toll plaza. san rafael, the north bay commuters also have a nice ride in. 101 literally looks great from the north bay, on the peninsula and in the south bay. another live shot for you, the san mateo bridge. traffic flows well in both directions and no trouble on 880 through hayward at all. eric? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 6:39 now. still ahead, are we headed for a shutdown. growing signs the federal government may be weeks away from screeching to a halt. beware the blizzard. major storm that could go
6:38 am
nationwide this president's day. >> two teenagers dead after they went looking for a thrill down a rainy creek. story's coming up. [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious
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♪ welcome back. 6:43 on this president's day monday. your california forecast, you can see some of the showers along the coast and into the northern half around chico and eureka. 49 and 53. 53 sacramento. 55 with sunshine in fresno. southern california, the warmest, san diego and los angeles. palm springs around 64 degrees. tahoe with 34, maybe a scattered snow shower tonight. here's eric with more news. >> all right. that was a first-class forecast, mike. thank you very much. 6:43 now.
6:42 am
washington republicans and democrats are digging in unwilling to compromise on major budget cuts. without a new budget, the federal government runs out of money in 11 days. abc 7's alan wang has more. >> the last time the government shut down was in 1995. president clinton vetoed a spending bill sent to him by a gop-controlled congress and san francisco saw one of its top tourist attractions, alcatraz, shut down. yosemite national park and every other federally operated tourist destination also closed, as well as the u.s. geological survey, a key center for monitoring earthquakes. even the nasa research center in mountain view went dark. >> speaker boehner is on course i think that would lead to a shutdown that's reckless. >> the situation is more dire because congress is off all this coming week. lawmakers will have just five days to strike a deal when they return.
6:43 am
it could force a government shutdown on march 4th. >> that is the worst outcome. if we end up shutting down the government and calling into question whether we're going to meet our obligations for social security checks and paying our troops, then that is an absolute utter failure. >> i don't think we are. nobody wants that to happen and i think everybody realizes we have to make some significant cuts. >> house republicans passed $61 billion in cuts this weekend. and now it's in the senate where democrats say it's unacceptable. they're suggesting a short funding extension. i'm alan wang, abc 7 news. >> the house budget committee chairman is insisting the gop will not agree to even a temporary funding extension because it still leaves current spending levels in place. the markets are closed for the holiday. and if you believe the experts, traders are all out buying cars, or at least they should be. here's the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning.
6:44 am
jenny craig launching new male-targeted commercials today called jen works for men. and when trading resumes tomorrow, the housing market will be in focus. the schiller report for december is due out. while we wait for those numbers, a report from remax shows positive signs for last month, for january. for the first time in six months, home sales were greater than a year ago. the year to date sales have been improving for three conservative months. home depot and lowe's, their sales may have improved on winter weather purchases. meantime it's president days weekend. we all know what that means. kind of steer yourself into a car dealership. the average savings can exceed 7%. and speaking of deals, you may be able to get them at boarders. boarders is in day three of its store-closing sales from the
6:45 am
bankruptcy filing. you can get deals on tons of items, things like books. as for trading stocks between gains and losses for most of the session friday but ending the day higher. that's business news at the new york stock exchange. the bloomberg business report. >> 6:46 now. another major winter storm is pummeling the upper midwest this morning. as the storm moves east, several cities will get a mix of snow and freezing rain that could slow holiday travel nationwide. rob nelson halls the latest. >> hundreds of flights were cash registered in airports in minnesota, michigan and illinois. as the storm blew through the upper midwest, delta airlines cancelled 7 million flights on sunday. slippery road conditions let officials advise people to simply stay off the road. >> people stopping for the red light couldn't stop. i sped up to avoid him and hit a
6:46 am
snow bank. >> in western wisconsin there was a string of accidents and cars were left stranded in the snow. >> the roads are getting slicker and slicker. >> snowplows and trucks in michigan had a difficult time staying ahead of the deteriorating road conditions there. >> i have four-wheel drive. it was okay but without the four-wheel drive -- >> only skiers enjoyed the weather making the most out of the fresh snow on this president's day holiday weekend. >> may be our last blast of winter. important to go get it while we have it. >> the national weather service posted watches and warnings from montana to new england, a distance of over 1800 miles. as the storm heads into the northeast, it is expected to taper off. major areas, washington, philadelphia and new york city may see some snow and ice but it should change over to rain later in the day. rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> it's 6:48 now. time for a look at our forecast.
6:47 am
if you have to step outside this morning knowing you're not going to work, a jacket is still in order. >> definitely cold here, cold just about everywhere across the state. that arctic air mass sitting on top of us. quiet in tahoe so if you're heading back home today, as you head into sacramento, it looks like it will be pretty dry. there's a possibility of a snow shower tonight. looks like more snow on the way this weekend. back here at home, a look what we've been watching on live doppler 7 hd. you see the ragged nature of the clouds. not much of anything falling from them but i'll be surprised if you do get a sprinkle or two. the last couple radar returns you can see around the san pablo bay showing that rainy mix erasing from the radar. the heavier rain up north. we'll wait for that low to get down here. that's when we have scattered showers in the north bay and around the coast. san francisco mid-40s.
6:48 am
antioch 42. the rest of us mid to upper 30s. 40 for monterey. our first highlights, scattered showers possible today in the north bay and along the coast. clearing, cold again tonight. including this morning which means we'll see frost develop. come thursday night into the weekend like an unsettled pattern. cooler than average. 7 degrees in napa, oakland, san francisco 8. we should be the low to mid-60s. sunrise 6:52. it will set at 5:55. a look at the water vapor. highlighted by the green. the slow here has a little green in it which means it will kick off some showers as it slides along the coast. it will push showers with this counterclockwise show into the north bay and around the coast. here we are at 7:00. everything pretty quiet and you
6:49 am
can see about 10:00 to noon, showers developing along the coast, even the peninsula coast and some by the north bay. by 2:00 mainly along the coast. by 5:00 it pulls back to the west. look how the clouds evaporate during the evening and overnight hours. that's why it's colder tomorrow morning. highs for today will be the mid-50s. we'll say low to mid-50s from the coast all the way to inland areas. tonight cold with 30s in our valleys. the only places, probably oakland and san francisco. cooler than average in the 50s all the way through the forecast, even on friday and saturday, that wintry mix falls, our temperatures may not make it out of the 40s for a high. we had some snow. look how low it went on mount diablo. this is looking from black hawk. we're looking north. thank you, scott, for that beautiful picture. this is mount diablo looking at it from the east. thanks, lucas, for that
6:50 am
beautiful picture. notice how green it is in the foreground with the cows grazing. if you have weather photos you'd like to share, we'd love to see them. just upload it or e-mail it. here's frances with a check of your morning commute. >> hi, mike. that part of mount hamilton road is closed due to some snow in the higher elevations but on freeways this morning it has been so quiet. a live shot of interstate 80 in berkeley. westbound traffic from the carquinez bridge to the maze only an 18-minute drive. if you're heading across the golden gate bridge shortly, traffic is light as well but don't forget parking meters will be enforce in san francisco today. also if you're taking mass transit such as the golden gate transit or ferry, they're riding on a sunday schedule and other mass transit systems including muni, bart and caltrain are operating on a saturday schedule. a. c. transit also running on a sunday schedule.
6:51 am
no service today for the alameda harbor bay ferry and alameda oakland ferry. heading back from tahoe, no worries i-80 or highway 50. no chains required. get traffic when you want and you can get all the details on mass transit by going to click on the bay area traffic link. eric? >> the parking meters are on in san francisco, frances! what a shock for the holiday. almost 6:53 now. expanding on what she said, before you head out today, a look at the president's day holiday, transit and parking changes. bart, muni and caltrain on a saturday schedule. golden gate and a. c. transit on a sunday schedule. oakland and san jose parking meters are not being enforced today but as we joke about san francisco you still need the quarters or your credit card. schools and government offices and banks are closed today. muni could soon be looking for a new chief according to today's san francisco chronicle. nathaniel ford, the current muni
6:52 am
head, is said to be a finalist for the job running the airport authority in washington d.c. but he has not publicly commented on it. his partial departure comes at a crucial time for muni. the agency faces a $1 billion budget shortfall over the next 20 years if they don't make deep spending cuts or find new sources of revenue. at the movies, well, looks like moviegoers were looking for action over the weekend. the new action thriller "unknown" was tops at the box office netting almost $22 million in sales in its opening weekend. another action tale, "i am number four" came in second with $19.5 million. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> recapping our top stories at
6:53 am
6:54, autopsies scheduled for this week on the bodies of two east bay teenagers who drowned over the weekend while trying to raft down a rain-swollen creek. terry mcsweeney is live in walnut creek with details. >> yeah, the teenagers went to school here in walnut creek. from all appearances, this was just a couple of kids going out for a thrill and it ended in absolute tragedy. take a look at where it began to unravel as the search crews began to find things. here is the raft the two were in when they set out saturday afternoon. it was found deflated in concord about 8:30 yesterday morning, five miles from where the trip began. 16-year-old matthew miller, 17-year-old gavin powell told the friend they were launching around 2:00 in the afternoon behind the elementary school. the pictures of walnut creek don't tell you the story what it looked like saturday afternoon. this is a creek that can swell rapidly from 2 feet to 15 feet
6:54 am
deep. miller's body was found about 11:30 yesterday morning off highway 4 in concord. powell's body found a mile away a couple hours later. a lot of signs around walnut creek. it's telling people don't go in, stay away, but these kids thought they could handle it. when they were found, they were wearing helmets but did not have vests on so they knew there was going to be some possible problems but they did not have those vests on. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. another top story of the morning, let's go to amy hollyfield. good morning, amy. >> good morning, terry. city officials say they are ready to fight for a new stadium for the 49ers. they're willing to go head to head with governor jerry brown. he's got a plan floating around that could effectively kill the new stadium. what do you think, should tax dollars go to building a new stadium for the 49ers? the plan for the stadium relies
6:55 am
on tax money. $40 million from the state. but governor brown maybe pull funding. the argument is the state is broke and local government and schools need the money. the santa clara officials say that's not going to work for them. this plan has been underway for years. so they're going to change the language in the stadium deal to reflect that. they hope that will give them some leverage. they've been discussing this plan for several years. they're going to fight -- >> we apologize for the audio problems with amy's report there. we're going to move on. 6:57. let's get the weather, mike. >> let's talk about temperatures. mid to upper 30s most areas. 40 antioch, fremont, san francisco. watch out for a scattered shower along the coast and the north bay. dry till friday after this. >> traffic is holiday light. check out the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays, no metering lights but you still need to feed those meters in san francisco. if you're taking mass transit, many systems operating on a
6:56 am
holiday schedule such as muni, bart, caltrain on a saturday schedule. a. c. transit and golden gate ferry on sunday schedule. >> some of those meters take credit cards. thanks for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. another update at 7:24. we'll see you later. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank...
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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it is monday, february 21st. this morning, breaking news. demonstrators in libya say they have control of the country's second largest city, after deadly clashes and reports of snipers opening up on the crowd. libya's leader, moammar gadhafi, under mounting pressure. blizzard blast. another big storm clobbers the midwest. more than a foot of snow and ice coating the roads. it's heading east bringing snow from new york to boston. hijacked. war ships are tracking the four americans captured off the
6:59 am
coast of africa. why were they sailing in dangerous waters? >> and the invitation is out for the royal wedding. becks and posh made the list. who else is in? who's out? we've got the list. good morning, everyone. we hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend as we celebrate presidents' day. so not too much traffic out here. good thing, because it's snowing again. up to 5 inches in new york so far on this holiday. a foot of snow in the midwest this morning and hundreds of flights canceled out of minneapolis st. paul. >> spring cannot get here fast enough. and many protesters inside, the high-staking budget standoff continues there today. republican governor refuses to negotiate. democrats who left the state to block a plan.
7:00 am
they're not going to return until he's ready to


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