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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  March 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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or for the thigh. imagine having a dart trying to hit the mountain lion. fish and game says this is impossible this, morning, 600 residents were contacted by police using the city auto mated system. >> this is when they were advised to use caution. >> there was a 120 mount mountain lion. police found the animal on whipple avenue in this backyard. >> i never felt in danger. the guys knew what they were doing and had him covered from different angles so if he did try to get out or jump, they had him. >> the mountain lion squeezed in between two fences. police and fish and game weighed their options ik see
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this face coming between slats in the fence. >> according to a spokesperson, because of the slats, waits impossible to get a clear shot using the tranquilizer gun. >> this is an urban area. the threat is to the public n this situation we can't just try to tranquilize it and have it run out there up, upset and hurt someone. >> we're not closed to green belts. in either direction you'd be in the neighborhood or toupt hospital. >> sky 7 shows the moment they took the shot. >> and we did see them shoot it i was thrashing, then expired. >> and this mountain lion was taken by fish and game and it will be examined. >> thank you. and the rain stopped but left
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behind problems around the bay area. a first stop, morgan hill. 20 people are on quarry road that is a remote spot. they've been pinned in by mud and fallen trees. >> the slide moved tons of mud into this two lanes, cutting off 20 residents with a fire trial to get out. kathy is concerned about them. >> they're running out of supplies and there has to be gasoline to drive wells to pump water. they're running out of water and gasoline. >> and this is residents that seem to be taking this situation in stride. crews had one challenge after another. this photo shows how trees were removed.
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first priority to get rid of the redwoodwoods that had fallen to scoop it out of the way. the mud covers a stretch of the road. and it took this superintendent 40 minutes to walk across to it do a welfare check on residents on the other side. he said you had was like quick sand. a second slide occurred monday night. the risk as cruise working in daylight. >> we can't get enough staff to observe the side of the hill and watch movement. we start in the morning and then we start again today. >> and carl's son lives on the other side. >> we'll swap, he'll go back up there. we're self sufficient out here. >> crews hope to have a lane open by tomorrow. >> and there is a smud slide
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causinging safety concerns tonight. the land began moving on a private driveway. and this slide snapped wires and started a small fire. one homeowner says wiring is now smoking. she's concerned about gas leaks which undermine the driveway. pg&e and others have been on the scene, assessing damage. >> landslides are a major problem in contra costa county. a hillside that has damaged eight homes in the past few days. and officials may declare a regional emergency. wayne? >> that may be declared in a meeting. the geology of this moves
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slowly but the slide has been around five years, over the shoulder this lot used to be a house there. they pulled it down. and if looking to the right you can see see ripping in the hill on the top. that is only superficial. this slide is larger and deeper. this is a hill and the neighborhood and barbara and willy would not be in a state of crisis tonight. >> this is casting doubt. >> this is our home and family. i don't want to leave this place this, is my home and this is my childrens' home. >> now there is a yellow tag going with four red tags on houses next door, and up the street due to a rotating slide that is 300 feet across. a monster in the mountains.
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somehow it eluded the planning department. >> if they knew about rotation how did they get away with building it?. >> you're asking... they didn't know about rotation when they built it. they didn't know there was a slide here aside from putting up barriers to protect other homes, the city can do nudging and local association owns this sliding hill that means every owner could be phone shallly liable. >> we paid for an assessment a few years ago, all of us, i think $1700 and to deal with fallout. >> and that means complications. >> this al -- is a neighborhood on the move in wrong directions and there another family in one house.
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and on the brink of loss. >> i slept in my house, i'm going stay, and fight this. >> this hope sthait doesn't get worse, however, we did walk on it a little earlier today skpismt looks solid and green there are places it's soft. if you walk you'll sink in to your knees. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> and governor brown's plan to call for a special election is dead tonight. and he announced he's calling off talk was republican lawmakers and says it ended when republicans released a list of demands. and there is 53 change autos there is a list of 53 things. >> the main point rinz are
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looking for. the path to putting taxes on the ballot was spending caps, pension reform. >> there is no solution and the mayor said every legislature believes voters should not have this right to vote and unless a agree to a list of demands. he did not say what he plans to do next. >> professional baseball players admitted using steroids took the stand today. and we're live with their testimony. >> there is another name, pedz or ped for performance enhancing drugs. greg anderson had a certain combination, and bonds insists
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he was told that this is only flax seed oil and arthritis cream. jason giamb skpe. his younger brother testified today. recounting much of what they've told in 2003 grand jury, using steroids when jason met bonds former trainer in 2002. and with the new drug testing survey he offered them an alternative. jason testified anderson told them the designer steroids had steroid-like properties. and this testimony seems to support the claim he never knowingly took anabolic steroids. a former giant described them as undetectable steroids. quest labs director testified
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about a bonds urine sample that first tested negative, then positive when antidoping labs decoded thgz a former head trainer testified about financial change that's former expert witnesses linked to steroid use. conti described a conversation just after the raid on ant anderson's house and said bonds told him he didn't know about the steroids and that greg was only selling the steroids to help his kids. and lance williams co-authored this book. >> i never heard bonds ak nolged that greg anderson was selling steroids. it's interesting. and this case doesn't rise or fall on it but it was new to me. >> williams is covering the trial and has long been a thorn in bonds side. i happened to be leaving the
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courtroom at lunchtime z suddenly bonds entered a hallway and come out of a different door, bonds caught sight of williams and bonds looked at this reporter and said he's running away from me, mum bl, then turned and kept walking. williams didn't respond and later told me he hadn't heard comments. the trial continues tomorrow. >> and while the trial is underway a man stopped and told an employee he had a bomb in his backpack after he placed it on the ground he called him to detonate it. and the backpack did not contain explosives. the man was arrest forward
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placing a fictitious bomb in the case. >> oakland police officers have been outfitted with cop cameras. why critics aren't convinced this will help them tow the line. >> the danger following a heavy snowfall. how the tahoe resorts are guarding against avalanches. >> there is rainfall to our north. it's what is south of the line that is going to dominate our weather picture, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and arts at the airport. new terminal at sfo, works inside might make you reconsider leaving town.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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today another group of police officers got cameras to wear on uniforms, insisting cameras will protect officers and people they stop. not everyone is convinced those eyes capture everything they should. this is a typical stop. a man wanted for robbery but this time, all caught on camera. from the arrest... >> this is not... >> to complaints that followed. officer nguyen says having that tiny camera is a good thing. >> this day and age? yeah. and they can review a video determining whether misconduct was there. >> in a department still recovering from rider scandal, where officers were accused of planting drugs on suspects, police say this offers protection from officers from people they contact.
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>> this is going to have more transparency. and there is a number of complaints our supervisors have. >> and the review board received 96 complaints against the department in 2009. 74% were unfounded or exonerated. last year there were 81 complaints. those numbers cover just about 10% of the complaints filed against opd. and there is an investigation against every complaint, even those that appear baseless from the start. one of the new cameras caught this stolen chase through the fruit veil district. but when the suspect crashes the camera stays if the car, what happens next is never shown. that concerns critics like this attorney, john buress. >> that is where improper contact occurs, if you don't
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record that, the conduct and video camera has marginal rel convenience. >> police say most of the time it works but admit it's not fool proof. >> and and there was equipment failure causing an fire around 5:00 this morning. residents awoke to smoke billowing from the plant. >> and the fire melted a tank containing acid which slipped. teams came in to clean it up. cal osha is investigating what caused the failure. >> this is for some reason came out. we don't understand why that is. >> and one plant worker was
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harmed but is expected to be okay. asupervisors okayed a major development at pillar point near the spot where the mavericks contest takes place. the developer wants to build housing for 60 venl mentally disabled adults. the prorlt is next to a protected marsh in a tsunami zone. several groups will appeal the decision to the state coastal commission. >> there is warm weather coming our way, temperatures into 80 autos we've been waiting for this. >> there is a record high, so it's nice and nicer or warm, and warmer. there is a live view. you can see thin, harmless
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high clouds, lots of sunshine and we can expect more sunshine over next few days, take a look at our current readings, 59 degrees in san francisco. 55 in half moon bay. temperatures into 60s and there is almost 70 at this hour and showing most locations warmer than this hour, yesterday, exception being half moon bay. warming trend now continues for next two days, there are highs possible in spots and we'll see some cooling friday. here is our image, there is a little rainfall to our north and there is sunny skies that will remain and conditions remain dry. you'll see an area that is moving inland. high pressure bringing us sunny skies, and there is high
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temperatures into 80s over next couple days, low temperatures tonight will not drop very low. lows into low 50s around the bay. and this is some inlandland areas lows around 50. cooler locations will see lows dropping into mid to upper 40s, then, tonl, there is gloweris tomorrow, sunny skies and there is mid-70s at redwood city. and there is in and around san francisco, looking for highs of 66 into sunset district. and north bay highs from low to mid-70s around sausalito to low 80s, and that will tie the record high for tomorrow's date for march 30th.
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there are mid-70s for oakland. inland east bay into upper 70s owe around 80s, highs of 77 in watsonville. inland, gilroy, 81. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is two days of wonderful warm weather wednesday and thursday this will be warm again, monday, tuesday. >> hits keep coming. >> coming up next, there is avalanche danger. >> what resorts are doing to guard you from it.
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storms brought snow but also danger to lake tahoe resorts. today, laura anthony went sking with experts who use explosives to bring down that snow safely. the sign says it all on the way to the canyon, home to some of the steepest terrain in north america. >> going to be great once we get danger taken out of it.
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>> and this is a thrill that comes risk. >> this is part of the avalanche control team. after the recent storms, it's their job to bring down snow on their terms. and there is still work to be done with a synthetic explosive, packing punch two of sticks of dynamite. >> we hang them from the rope to take the legs out. so to speak. >> he lights a fuse, then moves away. the canyon is too dangerous russ to ski. the team will use a giant gun. >> this holds compress kpresed air, we can fire this off z reduce some of the risks before spending out team was
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charges. >> the motive is to make sure heavenly stays safe. >> it's time to make turns slam,. >> and we're complete, explosives and we're clear to open gates. >> coming up, the supreme court takes up a walmart case. a discrimination suit may be decided by numbers. >> and there is is a option that could help stop high tech firms from leaving town. >> zp music therapy. how to keep young patients cope with being hospitalized.
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good evening, again. u.s. supreme court today tackled what could become the largest class action job discrimination suit in history initiated by a bay area woman more than 10 years ago, akugs walmart of promoting a culture favoring men over women in pay and promotions. women makeup less than 15% of the managers. >> i have heard from numerous women telling me the same story. lines of disparaging treatment and lack of emotion as well as lack of pay. >> and plaintiffs are asking for permission to move forward with the suit walmart insists
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they dmot discriminate. >> three plaintiffs are trying to represent 1.5 million associates. >> this decision is expected by summer. >> first, twitter now san francisco lawmakers are trying to keep other companies in town with new cut proposals. and supervisors are considering a payroll tax break. >> daniel founded four companies, the latest cloud engine manufactures an award winning product called pogo plug. >> as entrepreneurs we watch cash care fly he's examining the city tax code, levying a payroll tax on salaries and stock options which is a key component. >> we go south of where we are now. that tax is not levied so this
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gives us pause. >> the payroll tax is an only in san francisco skm supervisor says it may be time to eliminate the tax. >> i don't want to penalize companies for succeeding and growing in a fast clip. >> twitter threatened to leave the city. and supervisor is suggesting a deal for large firms. a two year moratorium on taxing okay options. >> there is spotlight where other companies are saying "where's ours"? >> and some want theirs. to plrb twitter, including a $3 million investment. >> we're not saying we don't
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want them in the neighborhood fchl anything we'd like this to be a partnership. >> we don't want companies to feel they're being shaken down. what they can do and commit to is a two way street, a balance. >> he's looking at reforming the tax structure. >> and world power as agreed muammar gaddafi should step down. top diplomats from up to 40 countries came to that conclusion during talks in london. the group did not discuss arming the rebels one leader hinted at it. >> for us, we saw what we saw, first few day wez thought this is a shame to stay aside and say, well it's not our
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business. i think participation should be more serious. >> government troops dwyaned ground and tanks and rockets pounded rebels into a panicked full retreat after hours long battle back and forth. >> money scope headlines, san francisco levis stauss will pay a $1 million penalty saying they forced them to work off the clock. eleven eyes agreed to pay back wages, honda said it will cut production because of a shortage of parts from japan. factories will remain open. despite a decline in confidence and falling home prices wall street had a pretty good day today. and home depot said it would buy $1 billion of its own stock. >> coming up, new art work at
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the airport.
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we air aid report about a funeral for a man that raised eye brows. >> and. >> this report was about funeral and cremation services. he we'd like to clarify the story and put it into clear context. our report focused on concerns
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of herman upon the dechblg his brother. >> we went to school together and did everything together. very clo.s and he i didn't expect this. >> the family decided to keep arrangements simple with this more twairy taking care of things. here is the price list called for by regulations. there at the bottom is the package chosen. direct cremation, or burial package. no services, no ceremony or obituary without a viewing, $1220. >> the family came in and opted for the simplest direct cremation without preparation or viewing. or... really anything. just the simplest cremation. >> later the family decided to add a short viewing, that is where hurt feelings come n we've reported the charge $200 for the family to say goodbye.
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it did. look at the list. the charge is listed there. with brief 30 minute id viewing, $1420. $200 more, however, dougins believes our report left the impression the more twairy didn't go do much for the money, almost a ransom. >> this $200 fee was painted as if this family wanted to see their loved one, going to cost $200. it's not it. >> the son of the founders, still a family business, dougins has been providing services at this location for decades. and he says money is not the focus here. >> the money thing bothered us, we're not that way. we don't emp fa size that. >> there was much to do before
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the viewing. the room was set aside. staff assigned. and there had been an autopsy. there was work to do to make things presentable. >> we put a great emphasis on final viewing f a family wants to see their loved one we want it to be a positive and beautiful experience, they're going to live with that femry for their lives. >> and this earlier story stated other providers don't charge for viewing the body. families should check the price list and ask questions about f.they're not sure what is covered. and that is a key. ask questions and make sure you understand answer autos after japan earthquake we've reported a complaint that often takes up to 90 days for text message donations to be paid.
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and today senator boxer's office told us four major provider as agreed to pay immediately. >> and there is music therapy. >> helping hope with a
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♪ have a good daisy ♪ eat well, live long ♪ have a good daisy, work out, get strong ♪ ♪ when you need a lift, just sing a song ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy with a natural treat ♪ ♪ have a good daisy, healthy foods to eat ♪
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♪ when you want some joy, dance to the beat ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy [ female announcer ] enjoy the fresh, 100% natural choice in cottage cheese. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy a program at ucsf is uses music to help some of the youngest patients at the hospital. a childhood stroke interrupted eric's speech but not ability to express himself. >> should we get a drumbeat going? yeah? now, we're rocking out.
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he's finding the beats with the help of megan hughes. the program introduces music to young patients, helping them with the stress and discomfort of being hospitalized. >> when that arises where the young boy i was working with was fully engaged in drumming and nothing else mattered at this point. >> and she rolls her cart from room to room. for many, they're a break from treatments and in this case for cystic fibrosis. >> this is a favorite isn't it? >> yes.
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>> it doesn't have to be intim tating in that music can be a supportive vehicle to express needs. >> the program is a clob braigs between ucsf and a nonprofit to place musicians into public service. it was started by kit galager on a model similar to the piece core, placing what it calls muse yigs core fellow autos you can have a health core and a green core. why won't have you a musician corps? >> michael districts child services at ucsf. >> this is not only caring for children but it's easy to take
6:47 pm
it to the world. >> the fellows receive health insurance in the program. megan hoping to continue on as a therapist with her two-year fellowship eendz this provided me with an opportunity to continue that expression and that sharing of music with others. >> this program is expanding and fellows are now active in seven schools and just received a planning grant to add schools next year. >> it's terrific. >> going back to update this weather forecast. >> there are highs in the 70s, santa rosa and jant cruz at 73 degrees and there is 60s in
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other locations, 8:00, mild with temperatures into 50s. by then, by mid day, upper 60s to mid-70s, there are mid to upper 70s around the bay area tomorrow. there is tomorrow, thursday, warm with high temperatures into low to mid 80s in spots. we can see highs tomorrow and thursday. things cooling down friday. still a mild day. highs into upper 70s, slight chance of showers saturday, and breezy over the weekend and starting to warm up monday and tuesday. there is lovely weather ahead. >> we do. >> about time. >> yes. sit. >> san francisco international termal two opens and it state of the art. beauty abounds.
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>> this is new art. inside we're taking a look at sculptures and large pieces. art work from the collection in, storage they say it's about romance of travel. >> this art commission picks from more than 500 artists. >> this is a synchronized ballet. >> butterflies move when you turn a crank. >> they go up there, then stop and flutter down. and this is slow by wings. >> i have to go through security. >> so i'm trying to make it to maintenance free. >> this bird cut out by hand and inlaid with a plus.
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>> there is a notes in the wings you're playing notes of the bird song. >> you can hear the notes on a cell phone. this doesn't come at public expense. >> 2% said set aside to commission art work. >> work is continuing but you'll be able to see works of heart and a community open house i'm going to mc. and five million people will pass through and see the art work. >> coming up next a world famous matsui. >> giving generouslyv
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you can see
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coming up, reigning in your pets. why san jose is restricting dog owners to restricting leash that's are just six feet long. >> and trapped in snow, snowboarder recording his own res being yu. >> and all of the attention he
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gets and the a's now have a huge connection with japan, raising $60,000. and matsui donated more than $600,000. and the manic named godzilla is a god-like figure. he apparently in the club house fit in well with teammates. >> yes. he brings a lot to the table. and is funny, too. and i think there is a lot to line up. >> and he said he was pain free z wilson will start the season on the list.
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and giants were at the annual play ball luncheon, more than 1600 fans were on hand with kids and adults getting the opportunity to dine and get autographs. >> some adults get pushy. and he's standing out here behind us. it's great and it's great. and this is is a nice crowd today. >> and emergency... the emt making the catch. who needs a glove? you have a trained professional standing by. the barehanded grab. right? no fear. fiesta bowl may be tossed out of the championship series following allegations the long-time president was wrapped up in scandal. after more than three decades
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john junker has been fired found he was using bowl funds for everything from reimbursing emmoiys to paying for strip club visits. and lavish birthday parties, warriors seven of the last eight games against playoff teams. there is monty ellis is the quickest player in the nba. and there is a break, come get some. and now they're late in the third quarter, you've got to listen to this clip the announcer goes insane, then loses his voice. if you don't understand spanish, this stuff is great.
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>> and i've been working on my spanish, rough translation, tell me i'm not dreaming and i had help. >> yes and a consultant. >> i like enthusiasm. >> yes. >> i know. >> we'd like to see more of that. >> i know. i know. i know. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. and thanks for joining us. >> we'll see ought 9:00 and 11:00. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less
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