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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. wee have breaking news, unemployment falls to a two-year low. companies hiring at the fastest rate since before the recession. where did spring go? snow in new england -- tornadoes trash florida. sending air show spectators flying for cover. sam tracks the wild weather. prince william unplugged. less than a month till he's married and he opens up about his royal wedding jitters. >> i was sitting there the other day and my knees started going. tapping quite nervously. >> for goodness snakes -- that quivering venomous cobra who kept new york on edge is back
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that her cage. how everyone is cashing in on her new-found fame. good morning to all our viewers in the west. robin roberts has started spring break. i want to welcome cynthia mcfadden from "nightline." >> my day turned a little upside down but great to be here with you. major headlines very encouraging news, we'll get to that in just a minute. and we'll head to japan where a strange blue flash of light is jeopardizing workers racing to stop a nuclear reactor meltdown. they're getting help. a flying robot to the rescue. in a few minutes it's going to come soaring in our studio. and the largest pump over to japan let's go straight to the jobs numbers.
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bianna golodryga over at the smart screen. now for the second straight month, more than 200,000 jobs created here in the united states. that hasn't happened in years. >> that's right, george, fingers crossed. this could clearly be the recovery we've been waiting for. we have seen the economy start to add jobs. february, nearly 192,000 jobs this morning, great news, 230 jobs actually add in the private setti sector. five straight months alone we saw 4,000 jobs cut. unemployment, we've seen that go, 9% in january. 8.9 for february. and 8.8%, george, for march. >> what we are seeing now, you're getting to that level of job creation that is greater than the population growth that
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we haven't seen in a long time? >> that's right, we're also seeing that wages haven't been going up too much. but we're actually seeing employers pay their employees more. >> is there any anything that says that the economy heating up? >> the economy is saying it's a long way off until we see the federal reserve do anything. nearly 300,000 jobs is where we need to get the unemployment rate down to each month where it was before. >> thanks, bianna, thanks very much. let's turn to the wild weather right now. snow in the south. tornadoes in the south. we're tracking everything with sam. he's in times square right now. >> good morning. it looks like the april fools' day storm on the nasty side of the joke. but today in a good part of coastal areas right here in times square up to boston, we got the sweet are side of the storm system.
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let's go to "gma" storm site radar. you see how the moisture is concentrating up into the northern mountain areas. into new york city there is widely scatter rain. there will not be snow ok accumulation in new york city. portland maine could see 6 to 10 inches of snow. when you get into vermont and new hampshire, the mountains of new hampshire could see a foot snow. there will be gusty winds as well. looks like a 25 to 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts all the way to new england. our linsey davis is in pittsfield, massachusetts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. who knew that mother nature was such the april fools practical joker. look at this. it's april. the snow started falling just after midnight. since then we've got an inch or two on the ground. this is a wet and heavy kind of snow, really good for power -- for making snowballs.
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not good for power lines. the good news is this is not enough snow to close down schools in the area but still, many are hoping that this is winter's last hoo-rah, cynthia. >> what had been the armstrong home. >> well, florida is reeling from tornados that tore the center of the state, flipping over planes and crushing cars. matt gutman is live in indian rock beach. matt? >> reporter: good morning, cynthia. ripping down walls. this has been the second story of the armstrong home. they've lived here for 50 years. just in a few seconds that tornado or a possible tornado ripped through here. jumps over the gulf, leaping at this house. mashing everything together. we have memories of 50 years ago. bow ties. broken china, all of it mashed together in a couple of seconds. what's incredible about this storms, it wasn't one storm. they kept battering central florida all day long.
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first, day turned into night. then came the rain. coming down in some places at the rate of 7 inches an hour. >> in the middle of a tornado right now. >> reporter: followed by winds so strong it ripped the roof right off this home. and left a tree in this woman's living room. >> like a freight train falling on your house. >> reporter: in tampa, a tornado tore through this convenience store. >> i heard somebody say tornado. by that time, i looked toward the front window and all the insulation picked up and blew off. >> reporter: motorists tried navigating streets littered with uprooted trees. and this gas station, shattered. in lakeland, florida, another tornado smashed through the sun'n fun air show where hundreds were camped out. in the air field. t took just a couple of seconds for the wind to toss dozens of planes like this is up in the air as if they were toys and then slam them back on the ground.
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many of these planes had been painstakingly remodeled antiques. 95-mile-an-hour winds turned it into a projectile. and when the tent flew away, the families were left running for shelter. >> threw the port-a-potty in the air. >> the microwave was in the tent. >> reporter: you covered his body. >> yeah, he's my son. he was scared to death. >> reporter: in its quake, the series of storms left hundreds of homes damaged. and despite all of this damage, cynthia, millions and millions of dollars worth of property damage. it's miraculous that very few people were badly hurt and certainly nobody was killed. >> well, matt, that house certainly looks destroyed. what about the neighbors? >> reporter: it's actually pretty incredible, and it shows the awesome concentrated might of tornadoes. check out that house, almost entirely intact. same thing for the one on the other side of the street. >> unbelievable. matt gutman for that report. george? we're turning to the latest on libya, gadhafi's forces continue to push back the rebels
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but tough obama administration officials are signaling any arms for the rebels won't come from the u.s. they're heaping gadhafi's regime will crumble under pressure and there are more signs this morning. another top libyan official has defected and there are reports that gadhafi's son are sending out reports for a possible deal. alex marquardt is in libya. alex, lots of signs that gadhafi's inner circle is cracking, but the rebels, just no match for his military right now? >> reporter: that's right, george, the rebels are being battered and pushed back by the gadhafi forces. they're still showing a lot of heart but without the international support, it's very hard to see how they move forward. a rebel fighter fires a rocket at gadhafi forces and sets his belongings on fire. this untrained rag-tag force bravely pushes forward. but it's forced to retreat in the face of superior fire power.
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there's no plan, this fighter says. we just keep trying. after making it to the doorstep of gadhafi's birth place of sirte at lightning speed on monday, the rebels have been pushed back around 150 miles to around braga, a key oil town. and those air strikes that blue up gadhafi tanks and carried the rebels west, none since monday, due to bad weather. anger among libyans here is mounting. >> they're just wondering where are the coalition forces? what are the strikes that have helped us? >> reporter: the families fleeing the violence, desperate. i'm calling on the coalition to strike them, this man told us. he's destroying and killing us said this 10-year-old. gadhafi hasn't been seen in ten days, but on thursday, libyan tv published a statement that said it's not him but western leaders who should go. the solution for this problem is that they resign immediately, he said and their peoples find alternatives to them.
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this as his second top official in two days defected, ali abdessalem treki defected. libya's ambassador to the u.n. quit over the spilling of blood. >> reporter: gadhafi's intelligence chief is also reported to be among the defectors but with the rebels' lack of progress and loss of -- this is looking increasingly like a stalemate, cynthia. >> thanks, alex. back to japan, workers are speaking up about the poisonous conditions inside the plant. conditions so dangerous that japanese officials are sending in robots. we're going to show you those live in the studio in a moment, but first, the latest on the workers from neal karlinsky. in tokyo. neal? >> reporter: cynthia, this is my dosimeter. i wear it around here to pick up key levels of radiation while we're here and also to set off alerts in case there's a spike.
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that was a test, by the way. imagine working inside the reactors without one of these. the government requires them but it turns out many of the workers don't have them. international nuclear experts now believe melted fuel in reactor number one is causing a strong, uncontrolled chain reaction that occasionally creates a blue flash of light and a burst of heat while emitting still more radiation. it is not said to be a threat to the area at large but could be deadly for workers. the news comes from one worker in the plant who wanted to remain anonymous is now speaking out about safety concerns saying there aren't enough radiation detection devices to go around. he said workers are worried about their health. some workers called it quits and just left for home. my gut feeling is i want to get it over with and get out of here. today, we found former plant workers living in a shelter just outside of tokyo. some have been offered jobs to
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go back and help contain the leak. they're exchanging money with their lives, he said. there might be people who take the offer but it's not worth the risk. those who are fighting to contain the radiation will soon have help from an american company, as the world's largest concrete pumps are being shipped to japan from the united states. they'll first be used for spraying water, but they may eventually be used to coat the reactors in cement and bury them for good. tepco, the power company, has acknowledged the mistake and now promised to get more of these to their workers. ours, by the way, i hope my mom is listening to this, over the course of last week has picked up enough radiation to equal about one fourth of one chest x-ray. so i think we're okay, george. >> i'm glad you reassured your mom, neal. i could barely hear you, what we've got here is one of the robots, similar to one of the robots the americans have sent over to help with the reactor in japan. i'm joined by henry christensen
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from the georgia institute of technology. this robot is called pelican. explain what exactly it's going to be doing inside the reactor. >> well, exactly, they sent over not exactly this robot but a similar robot. you can get video imagery back. you can use this, you can have drones fly at high altitude. you can get close to a building or into a building to see what's going on so you can get this, to get close to measure radioactivity to get a sense for what's going on. so this can get much closer than any others. >> this can go inside and start flying around? >> exactly. >> and take pictures. and measure radiation? >> it can measure radiation. the map you're seeing here, it will allow you to build a map of what the environment looked like and measure radiation and tell you what the radiation levels are. >> let's bring pelican in for a landing so we can also show you the land robot which this is identical to what's being used.
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>> so our robot has made four of those robots available. two like that, two larger ones. and they're being used so they have what you see on the arm is basically a radiation sensor and an i.r. camera. you can go in with there's no electricity. it will give you a view of what's going on in the building and measure radiation. and get a good sense for what it is. and it also has a gripper on it, for example, if there's a blocked door -- >> we're showing that right now. what is the advantage of this over the flying? >> so, this one, has a lot of mobility. it can go through rubble, but this one can't lift anything or move anything. this one can move things aside. so it can, for instance, clear a path so it can bring in a water hose for this. you can bring in other things. so before you send in people, you can use this basically as a remote system to allow -- >> as a scout? >> -- as a scout, also to a certain extent being able to move things around to clear a path. because you don't want to have
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people in there too long. by using this technology, we can be at a safe distance and still do this. >> do we have any sense of how long these have been in the reactors? >> no, we don't. they haven't told us. these are being applied around the world, there are more than 4,000 of these in use today. we have a lot of experience from other scenarios where we know these are very effective. >> thanks very much. >> thank you, george. now, to a video shocking people and stirring outrage online. the ceo of a well-known internet company is seen killing and carving a giant elephant in africa. animal rights groups calling for a boycott of his company. j. juju chang is here with the story. >> these are graphic. is it animal cruelty or shedding light on a chronic problem in one the poorest african cities.
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>> reporter: this is the sight that has animal activists screaming foul. bob parsons from posted video of himself hunting down the elephant. trampled a local farmer's crops. but then they're seen carving up the elephant, passing out meat, while rock music played in the background. parsons' links to the clip on twitter saying gist back from hunting problem elephant in zimbabwe, he's my vacation video, enjoy. peta called him the scummiest ceo of the year. but the ceo's defending his actions saying critics missed the point. things are different over there, if they had an animal destroying their livelihood and they were going to starve to death, they would look at it differently. i'm helping people get access to foot and protect their crops. now, officials in zimbabwe do
7:17 am
say elephant overpopulation is a big problem. they're just very big pets. but pachyderm contraception and other solutions are still too expensive for them. this is a company known for controversial marketing. >> wow, that is out there, though. >> right, exactly. >> juju, thanks. back out to sam and the weather. hi, sam. hey, george, we did have sleet in times square a moment ago. it's going to be off and on in new york city, areas like that. let's show you the system how it moves through northern new england. remember, this is the one all week long, people were a little afraid of, that when it developed it would become this nasty april fools' day storm. the snow will go exactly where people want it, in ski areas of new england. here's the problem with the winds. but the gusty winds will kick up a little bit as the snow strengthens and winds up 20 to 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts likely. a look at the big board. we'll show you that we have a couple of areas of concern in flooding.
7:18 am
the northwest with all that pineapple express rain you that's moving through there the past couple of weeks, a concern for mud slides there. minneapolis, fargo, we're still watching all the rivers in that area running pretty high starting next week, well, they already are. and it's drier all through the deep south. we'll talk more about that later.
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>> we'll have all of america's weather from times square, but now the lovely cynthia mcfadden. it's nice to see you. >> you look so good in a rain slicker, sam. >> thank you. mystery solved, that missing egyptian cobra who became an internet superstar this week was finally found. she escaped from her cage at the bronx zoo almost a week ago, and dan harris has more on where she's been hiding all this time. >> reporter: this is the first look at the serpentine star who was born during the six-day crisis that was fodder for late night comics and tabloid headline writers.
7:20 am
>> they found that egyptian cobra that has gone missing from the bronx zoo today, turns out it was in lindsay lohan's purse. >> reporter: late thursday, zoo officials held a packed news conference to announce they had her her alive and well. >> the key strategy in recovering the snake was patience. >> reporter: but they relied on more than just patience to capture the snake. they made sure to keep the sound down and the lights dim inside the reptile house here, to make sure the snake felt comfortable coming out. and they put out wood chips, the kind of things that mice and rats sleep on in the hopes that the snake would come out and do a little hunting. after six days of thrice daily sweeps of the building, they found her coiled in a deep corner. during her brief taste of liberty, the little snake who was only 20 inches long and 3 ounces became a huge star with a facebook campaign to get her to host "saturday night live" and a twitter account that drew about 200 followers. sample tweet -- if you see a bag of peanuts inexplicably moving
7:21 am
along the ground at yankee stadium today, just ignore it. it's probably nothing. businesses tried to cash in on the hoopla selling cobra-themed t-shirts and coffee mugs. the famous snake doesn't actually have a name. as soon as they can confirm that she's healthy, zoo officials may put her on display, hopefully in amore secure cage this time. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> i never liked that reptile house. my little boy wanted to hang out in there. always scary. listen, she has big followers. mayor bloomberg is following her. >> she does. now they're all weighing in on twitter trying to figure out what to call her after that big contest in new york. coming up, prince william is speaking out, is he really not wearing a ring after he marries kate and why he says his knees are knocking just weeks before his wedding. and the huge hit to your wallet as you go to get money. how banks are cashing in at the atm. and meet the lucky seven who hit the jackpot.
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the outage started around midnight after what pg&e calls an underground equipment failure. utility restored power to all about 400 customers an lights came on for the remaining homes and businesses just before 7:00. it has not been friday light on the roads. >> unfortunately not. we had an accident westbound 4 just past sommersville and report of an accident in san rafael, past the civic center and slow traffic coming out slow of novato. speeds of about 30 miles an hour. bay bridge toll plaza, look at that. metering lights are on and traffic is backed up in the maze. >> when we come back lisa argen has a look at ththththththththth
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year.
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ it is take grandma to work day in england. prince william welcomes his grandmother, queen elizabeth, to his royal air force base. the royal valley air force base in wales. giving a little tour. just a few weeks before his big day. we're going to find out this morning, just what kind of a wedding will wants. what he's going to do with his wedding ring. that's all comingup in just a few minutes. but these pictures are pressure. happening just a few minutes ago. also $5 just to get cash out. can you believe the cost of heading to your atm? well, we'll get you answers from bank officials.
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and a horrible case of plastic surgery that went wrong. this woman cannot close her eyes not to blink, not to sleep. she said the surgery has ruined her eyes, and she's taking her doctor to court. so breaking news, the queen arriving a moment ago at the base where prince william works. prince sat down with a rare one-on-one interview to talk about everything of his secret bachelor party to why he's got a bad case nerves. nick watt's in london with the details, nick? >> reporter: good morning, cynthia, well, my favorite nugget is that prince william is not going to wear a wedding band. that's perfect preference, apparently. as one viewer just tweeted to me, he said, i'd never get that past my wife. anyway, as you said, the shy prince has spoken that he is nervous. for now, flight lieutenant wales is getting on with the day job. he's a military search and rescue pilot.
7:32 am
but any aspects of the wedding planning causing sleeps nights? >> the whole thing, how's that? my knee started going tapping quite nervously. it's quite a daunting process but very exciting. still a lot of planning to be done in the last weeks. >> i think if he had his way, he'd look forward to it. we are who we are, and the position that comes with it. >> reporter: harry who is now in the arctic arranged the bachelor party, just close friends. it went down this past weekend without anyone else knowing. >> it's quite him to always outfox the media. it was a military operation, my brother and i are proud of it. >> reporter: now that you've done it, can you give us a hint of what you did? >> no, i can't do that. >> reporter: apparently a weekend of quad driving and drinking at a friend estate.
7:33 am
>> you're not getting anything out of me. >> reporter: right now, she's showing his grandma, the queen, around where he works. just the base, no plans to take her out on a rescue. >> when you're flying alone at night, you've got winds that climbs down to about 200 feet, you're trying to find through to find someone who has broken a leg or search the hills, you put your brain together and basically hope that you can get there and help. i've always tried to prove that. i wouldn't want to be here for any other reason that i can prove myself and do the job. >> reporter: william has always tried to be normal. his mother, the most photographed woman on earth. as a child, he once said he wants to be a police officer so he could protect his mother from the press. when he went to st. andrews to college, the media agreed to leave him alone, and that's
7:34 am
where he met kate. they were able to have an almost normal student courtship. these day, they live near william's remote base in wales, miles from prying eyes. are you left alone? >> left -- yes, pretty much alone. >> reporter: you don't sound convinced? >> no. the. >> reporter: but not so much longer. william is gradually introducing kate to the world of royal duty. and their wedding, tens of thousands will line the route, nearly 1 billion might watch on tv. no wonder his knees are knocking. and it sounds like his military colleagues aren't really helping with those nerves. apparently every day, they make him drink his tee out of the william and kate wedding mug. and they put an embroidered william and kate wedding pillow on his bed. even a prince can't escape gentle mocking. >> nick, i love the mug, i love the pillow.
7:35 am
but what about this no wedding ring thing? >> reporter: well, he says personal preference. the royals have made a tradition to have the wedding band made out of welsh gold. if i were him i'd use that as an excuse. there's not enough for both of us, kate, you have the kinring. >> lame, lame. let's go to juju chang. good morning. we begin with news from afghanistan this morning, six american soldiers from one army unit have been killed while fighting militants in pakistan. they died in three separate attacks. taliban fighters have been active in that region. for the first time in 40 years, lung cancer deaths among women are dropping although not as quickly as men. that's because women are slower to give up smoking. and fewer people are dieing in traffic accidents across the
7:36 am
country. highway deaths have dropped to the lowest levels since 1949. experts credit wider use of seat belts, safer cars and efforts to reduce drunk driving. finally, we've all been there, you board the plane, you take your seat, and like clock work, the baby behind you starts crying. would you be willing to pay extra for a plane with no babies onboard? moist people would. the story comes with a warning, the airline's press release is dated april 1st. >> ah. >> it's the same airlines but charge you to use the bathroom. >> it's amazing how you get kids crying after you have two of your own kids crying. >> do you think parents are trying hard enough? >> no. >> i'm staying out of this.
7:37 am
wasn't ryan also where they had the stand-up flying seats also? okay, whatever. to the boards. happy friday, by the way, as we head into this. we're going to show you where the warm spots were yesterday. look at l.a., and folks in california showing it all off, right around studio city in l.a. here's the record temperatures that were hit in that area, we had triple-digit heat in the southwest. yuma, arizona, 100 degrees, riverside at 97. oklahoma at 72. here's another place that's gorgeous. look at miami, after the storms clear today, there are about three days of strong storms in florida, and it will be a beautiful day by the end of the day. miami beach, i'm just saying. take a look at the storms leaving the northwest, and as as they pull into the middle of the country be watching for strong to severe weather early in the middle of next week, ago
7:38 am
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ore to get your own money out it could soon cost you a lot more to get your own money out of an atm. there's new federal regulations on debit fees and cards that could cost companies millions. they're trying to make up the losses, including the charge by one bank to get $5 out of this atm. bianna golodryga is here. this is chase bank. this is what they're charging non-chase customers? >> non-chase customers. so many of us use non-afternoon atms for that. right now that price is averaging $2.33 a swipe, but what if it went up to $5? but for thousands of americans, it already has. >> reporter: this may be the most expensive way to get your money. in a test run, jpmorgan has instituted $5 -- yes, $5 atm fees in illinois, and $4 fees in texas for every non-chase customer using an atm.
7:43 am
i decided to fly out to chicago to test this for myself. mind you, i don't have a chase account, let's see how much i'll be charged to withdraw. 20 bucks, don't need a reseat. there you go. a $5 fee even if i want to take out $20. are you kidding me? decline on that one. so we went inside the chicago chase branch, hoping to talk to the branch manager. as fast as can you make an atm withdrawal, we were kicked to the curb. transaction denied. the fee hike comes two months after jpmorgan chase posted a 45% profit. why are they cashing in when they're already making so much money? how are they charging $5 in illinois and $4 in texas. >> we're just trying to test different price points. our costs have gone up significantly. salt of the investments we've made. >> reporter: so you're saying
7:44 am
you feel comfortable with your decision to charge non-bank customers 70% more just to take the money out? >> we haven't decided what the price is, but i'm very confident about charging customers who aren't our customers. have access to cash through another bank through our atm network. >> reporter: what do you think about $5 fees? >> way too much. >> that's ridiculous. i don't think i'd be willing to pay $5. >> by and large, every time you take that out. >> reporter: he's right. five bucks can get a foot long sandwich at subway or even a gallon and a hall of gas. once a week, that's $260 a year all in fees. but they do have some supporters. on consumer blogs, customers stood up for chase, writing they might as well profit from their competition in this way. and i don't blame chase on this at all. well, we asked the head of consumer banking whether they would raise atm fees for chase customers as well. he said no.
7:45 am
>> so you'd start to get what's going on here, i think they're telling people, be a chase customer. >> right. it's a marketing technique. this time, they're issuing a stick, rather than a carrot. and they're saying, you know, we're everywhere, if you want to come bank with us, you can do it for free. otherwise, you pay. >> it could back fire, people could get angry when they see that $5 pop up. >> you can get a subway sandwich instead. >> thanks very much. overnight, the mega millionaires, why the luckiest move ever could have been grabbing a snicker's bar. been grabbing a snicker's bar. then we asked them to try new dove visible care. a revolutionary new line of body wash with the highest concentration of nutrium moisture. visible care makes skin visibly more beautiful in just 1 week. ♪ when they saw how much more beautiful and radiant their skin looked with new dove visible care... there was only one question. ♪ new dove visible care creme body wash.
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7:49 am
so the four of us are pretty happy, but they are are seven of the luckiest people you'll ever meet. seven co-workers, maybe soon to be ex-co-workers, who pooled their money and won $19 million each from the mega millions lottery. all thanks to a craving for candy. and with jeremy hubbard and the snicker's bar. one of their not so lucky colleagues joins us, jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: if anyone has reason not to smile over the new minted millionaires it's one
7:50 am
unlucky guy named mike. are you upset? >> i'm not upset. i feel great for the seven who won. i'm very happy for them. >> reporter: he wasn't feeling lucky. he normally throws money into the pool. he passed this time. he's one of five co-workers who lost out on millions. he's trying to be positive about it. >> they're the hardest workers i've ever meet. that's all i really have to say. i'm very happy for them. we're happy for them. >> reporter: hard not to be happy who freaked out who realized they had the lone winning ticket. >> what i did, i put it in two ziploc bags and put it in a bucket i had for bird seed and hid it in my basement. >> reporter: mike barth got a hankering for some candy. >> i reached over and started pulling myself out of the line to get the candy bar. and this guy jumps in front of me, and i'm like, maybe i should say something. that was pretty rude.
7:51 am
>> reporter: good thing. he bought the winning ticket. they got $19 million after taxes. are you married? >> not yet. >> reporter: are they planning on sharing with the lottery losers? they haven't decided yet. mike promises they won't hold a grudge if they don't. so you're not mad? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> so the moral of the story, eat chocolate and be polite. >> and stay in line. >> how do you think that guy feels? >> like a jerk. >> i hope they share a little bit. >> with the guys that didn't go in? >> i totally agree. >> i think it would be nice. >> i'm not sure. >> oh, sam! >> okay, all right, all right. >> he did choose not to go in. there's enough to go around. >> i'll know not to get in a pool with you next time. >> you just need to be in the pool every week. if we're in it, we're in it. and how about snicker's, a perfect ad. >> it is a great ad.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
i oakland a's opened at home against the seattle mariners them will donate a dollar from each ticket sold to sunday's game to earthquake relief efforts in japan. a's matsui and suzuki are most prominent players in baseball. >> few clouds around and increasing clouds bringing slightly cooler temperatures. 58 in oakland. look for temperatures to come down at the coast and around the bay. >> we've got problems altamont
7:57 am
pass, earlier accident in livermore. that is the reason for the slow traffic that remains and also backed up behind the toll plaza and through the maze. it's not a quick drive getting into the city. into the city. >> news continues now with "good
7:58 am
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♪ ♪ can't hurry love just have to wait ♪ look up at the big screen. why are these famous couples, the obamas, heidi klum and seal and, of course, prince william and kate, why are they all a perfect match? we're going to tell you why it may all number their faces. there's a hot new dating service that says finding a partner may be looking for your look-alike. >> do you believe it? we'll see. also, ahead, a medical marvel, this boy with such severe tourette's syndrome, he couldn't even go to school. then the radical surgery that changed his life. he's here today.
8:01 am
you'll see the results. >> this is just amazing. >> amazing. tory johnson is here, she's gone out and scouted all of the great deals, shoes, clothing, jewelry. here's the trick, it is all just for "gma" viewers. so, if you want a great deal, you'll have to keep watching. and it's a new kind of dog's life. we're going to show you what became a big business, ready-wear, you heard it here first. >> a doggie fashion show at the end of the broadcast. we're going to begin with a horrible story. one woman's night nare that she says never ends even after he wakes up. she can't even blink. her life is ruined. she took her plastic surgeon to court. andrea canning is here with this frightening story. >> it is frightening story, i challenge anyone at home to try not to blink for at least ten seconds. it's almost impossible. then you'll understand what this woman goes through every day.
8:02 am
after marilyn leisz's eye surgery went wrong, she was awarded $150,000 by a jury but she calls that amount a joke for just drastically that procedured changing her life. imagine this, this is how you see the world. >> it's like a horror story that i have to experience, 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. it's been a living nightmare. >> reporter: for marilyn leisz, it's become her painful reality. what did you think in that first moment when you realized you couldn't close your eyes? >> i was in sheer panic. >> reporter: show us how you can close your eyes and how much you can close them. >> and this, i'm forcing my eyelid down. >> reporter: the bizarre condition affects every facet of her life. >> when i take a shower, i have to put a thick gel on so the water doesn't run into my eyes.
8:03 am
>> reporter: do you sleep with your eyes wide open? >> yes, i don't want to be gross, but it looks like i'm dead. >> reporter: consider this -- the average person blinks at least once every five seconds. look at marilyn, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, almost a full minute goes by and her lids never go all the way down. >> you take it for granted that you can blink. i can't be on the computer for very long. i can't watch tv for very long. i feel my life is gone. >> reporter: it all happened when leisz went under the knife to have bumps on her eyelids corrected from a previous eye lift. but the previous surgery went horribly wrong and she sued the surgeon, dr. paul parker, but he said she was fully warned of her risks. but another doctor testified on her behalf. >> this is already a danger sign where i think there is minimal skin could be removed. >> reporter: believing that dr. parker should not have performed the surgery because leisz had undergone too many
8:04 am
other cosmetic procedures, something she's now being judged harshly for. some comments online, it is clear she was addicted to plastic surgery. this is what you get for being vain. >> that's cruel. that's very cruel. because the people that are there writing these things, if they have the opportunity to look better, they would get plastic surgery as well. if i was a movie star, go ahead, take your best shot. i'm just some poor common person that wants to get justice. >> reporter: but there is risk in all surgeries from disfigurement to chronic problems. marilyn leisz's surgery carried a 1 in 30,000 chance of blindness but painful side effects can be reversed. >> some things are not totally reversible but many things are. our techniques have gotten significantly better over the years. >> reporter: there is an option for leisz but surgery could leave her disfigured. >> i'm petrified. i've gone through enough already. i don't want my grand children to remember me as some freak. >> reporter: do you feel that
8:05 am
way? >> yes. every day i have to wake up and i'm reminded of this. it's never going to go away. >> reporter: leisz is still undecided whether to have the surgery that could help repair her eyes. she says talking about this has been really embarrassing but she wanted others to not be so blind when trusting plastic surgeons and really ask about the risks involved. >> she does face a really tough decision. in the beginning of the piece, she sleeps -- how can she sleep with her eyes open? >> she wears a sleeping mask. not only to help her sleep but also she'll scratch her eyes because they're open all the time when she's sleeping so it also protecting her. but she does worry about going blind. >> i'm sure she does. andrea, thank you very much. a cautionary tale. now to juju for the headlines. good morning, everyone. the weather is once again the big story this morning. parts of new england and new york are shoveling snow on april fools' day. and central florida is cleaning up from at least half a dozen
8:06 am
reported tornadoes. winds up to 90 miles per hour uprooted trees and tossed around planes at an air show. sam will have more in just a moment. there's brand-new evidence that the job market is picking up steam. american companies added 216,000 new jobs in march. and the unemployment rate dropped to 8.8%, that's the lowest since march 2009. in libya, officials said they'll accept a cease-fire if moammar gadhafi pulls his forces from all cities but that's highly unlikely. given gadhafi's gains in recent days. despite his military success, gadhafi is losing more support in his inner circle. a senior diplomat has now jumped ship and there's word that one of gadhafi's sons may be trying to negotiate an exit strategy. and radiation damage on the power plant, levels in the ground water under the plant are 10,000 times higher.
8:07 am
than government standards. meanwhile, pumps are on their way from the u.s. to japan. thy will help spray water on the nuclear reactors and may, if needed, help coat them in cement if and bury them for good. and a plan to form medicaid is causing controversy in arizona. the governor there wants to charge obese medical patients $50 if they don't follow their doctor's weight loss plan. the proposal would also charge smokers $50. if approved it's the first time medicaid will have charged people for unhealthy behavior. and new diane is already here preparing a cool tribute for a petite dynamo for tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, juju. good morning to you. you have to meet the person of the week. she's only 5'2" but has the strength, truly, of more than 1,000 men. what she did is so inspiring. you'll see her as the person of the week. that's coming up tonight, juju. >> we'll be sure to watch, diane. and finally, a sweet solution for certain moms in waiting.
8:08 am
pregnant women who are due, they turn to a very interesting virginia bakery to give their unborn child the nudge they need. at least 19 moms insist they went into labor right after eating the lemon drop cupcakes from cappellino's bakery. the secret ingredient, the owner says she uses an extra dash of love. >> you just got to have a cupcake, whether you're pregnant or not. happy friday, juju. good morning, everyone. how are you doing? >> good. >> you hanging in there. >> will, you all right? >> good. >> everybody's pretty good. all right. good. let's get to the boards. we've got live shots going on in places picking up snow. april fools' day storm. pittsfield, massachusetts, is looking at a nice coating but we're getting more. as you get in higher elevations around new hampshire you'll pick up a foot of snow, places like
8:09 am
pittsfield. then a shot from needham. and a shot, wcvb is all over this in boston. i don't know anything from boston until i get it from cvb, that's the truth. they're showing what is going on inside of boston is low visibility and gusty winds as well as one. now that one of the heavier bands has moved through. here's what's happening, the cold air is moving with it and warmer air comes in behind it. there's some good news because the entire week has been cold. new york city goes to 54, d.c., 58, philly, 57, even boston to 50 degrees by the time we get into sunday. west coast, l.a. warm and showing off, i'm sorry, 80 degrees, uh-huh. how do you feel about that? i feel chilly. 85 in san antonio.
8:10 am
>> and we are live in times square this morning. cynthia, the hardest part about this job is kneeling or squatting at my age so everybody can get in the picture. >> oh, sam, you make everything look easy. i'm glad i don't have to do it. well, a 21st century matchmaker promises singles they can find someone compatible simply by matching their faces to others. it's a revolutionary new use of facial recognition software, based on the premise that your facemate may actually be your soulmate. bianna golodryga is here with a look at how it all works. i can't wait to see. what are you looking for? someone that looks like me. >> as the saying goes, birds of
8:11 am
a feather flock together. they also say, opposites attract. which one is it? a dating website is putting those adages to the test. if you're one of those americans you might want to listen up. >> reporter: what are we looking for in a mate? is it "the quirks that harry sees in sally? >> i love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. >> reporter: the humor. >> i'm in love with you. >> snap out of it! >> reporter: the yin to our yang. >> you complete me. >> reporter: or are we really looking for someone who looks gist like us? maybe baseball superstar a-rod who dated kate hudson and cameron diaz is on to something here when he famously kissed himself. that's what cristina bloom says. are you saying that people that don't look like won't have a chemistry? >> if they don't have chemistry, they are not going to be attracted to each other. >> do you think they look-alike? >> no. >> we've been called brother and sister. >> yeah. >> we've been told. >> reporter: in the 1989 study
8:12 am
in the journal of social and personal relationships, men and women were asked to look at the faces of 60 couples. some real, some complete strangers and rate their facial similarities. results show, on average the real couples received a 15% higher similarity rating. how would you -- if you play this game what do you think of these couples. what do you think president obama and michelle? >> they're a good match. >> and elizabeth taylor and richard burton were a beautiful match facial featurewise. he actually said when he met her, he realized he'd be searching for her his whole life. george bush said the first time he met laura it was love at first sight. heidi klum and seal are the perfect match, if you take away the color, they have the same facial features. >> reporter: bloom believed in the idea so much that she started a new dating website called the site uses face recognition technology from and breaks it down into points, eyes, ears, nose, chin, and
8:13 am
corners and center of the mouth to find similarities. the man behind the technology gave us a demo. he loaded over 500 celebrity photos and gave it a whirl. the higher the percentage the better the match. brad pitt is a 74% with sienna miller, who knew. what about other real-life royalty? >> 71%. no divorce in their future? >> i don't know. >> rest assured, "gma" exclusive. >> reporter: how about jackie "o," michael dukakis, as well as another man with presidential ties. george? wow, george and jackie "o." ali better not see this. there's one question i couldn't resist asking. i'm a newlywed, it piques my curiosity. do you think my husband and i look-alike? >> this is you and peter. it's kind of geeky, but we're looking at different areas of the face and comparing it, the ratio. the ratio, to see if it's a match or not. >> i've been told we look good together, i've never heard we look-alike.
8:14 am
but 63% is a pretty good number. that is a match? >> yeah, anything over 50 is good. >> that's great news for us. >> we asked viewers if they thought they looked like their other half. was flooded. take a look. patricia garcia sent in this picture of she and her husband. she says people tell them they could be brother and sister. i see it. megan and kyle, her boyfriend, she said people mistake them for twins. that is interesting. >> it's very brave of you to do that with peter? >> peter said i couldn't run this piece. so there are other celebrities that also look-alike. let's take a look at some of them. we have reese witherspoon and justin timberlake. what do you think? >> she just got married. >> penelope cruz and javier bardem. >> and they are a real-life couple. >> they're a real-life couple with a baby. >> that's right. and natalie portman with jude law.
8:15 am
>> they did a movie together. and that's close. i'm proud of my 76% match with jackie. >> wow. >> whoo. how about cynthia's? >> we don't want do leave her out. >> what! >> harrison ford. >> oh, wow. >> what's next? >> we didn't agree with that, we wanted to go a little farther. and robert downey jr. >> let's have a drum roll for this one. >> oh, george clooney. >> you know george clooney once on this broadcast live asked me to marry him. my mother actually called and said, did he mean that? >> and she said, why didn't she say yes? >> exactly. >> we'll call him back. well, we want to see which other celebrity couples are facemates, you can see them at ahead, the rock bottom deals just for "gma" viewers. you'll have to keep watching to cash in on those. viewers. you'll have to keep watching to cash in on those. you're wishing for...our genie.
8:16 am
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later gator. ♪ you better shop around and it's time for the series "where the sales are." tory johnson created special deals only for "gma" viewers. i love what you've been able to create here. >> thank you. >> you've created special deal for everyone watching "gma." >> that's right. >> start out with fine style. >> amazing bargains. this dress regularly retails for over $300. on refine style it's $80. for today and tomorrow only, "gma" viewers can snag this for 40 bucks. >> wow. >> yes. you're going to look for this particular logo, you're going to find 1,000 items.
8:20 am
including a cute fendi number. reggie $800, just $90. the gucci, regular ly $400. $99. >> huge, huge savings. what about at piper lime? >> it's shoes. everything gold for spring and summer. regularly and but it's 50% off for "gma" viewers use gma 50 off as your promo code. while supplies last. >> and emily elizabeth jewelry. >> they have lucky necklaces. three different options. today through sunday, regularly $42 to $65. but "gma" viewers are going to save 60%. so, for example, this little cute clover necklace here, less than $17. when you use promo code "gma." can't beat that. can't beat that.
8:21 am
>> and you're going to have to grab this. zulily, daily deals for moms, babies, clothes and abouter is southeast. "gma" viewers are taking an additional 15% off if you use code gma15. you're added to the list to get deals every day. you can choose to opt out if you want, 15% off today through monday for "gma" viewers. pretty good. >> now, i'm going to something my kids also love. pillow pets. >> yes, who doesn't love pillow pets, right. we brought you some to bring home to them so you're a big hero today. regularly $20 to $252$25. first you'll get two free games, $20 value. you'll pay the shipping to get the games. then for every pillow pet, per
8:22 am
kit, they're giving $100 to the red cross for japan. code "gma." >> finally something not only for the kid but the grandparents. >> i love these things. blush is customized books. do it yourself photo books. they almost never go on sale. but our viewers save 25%. this one is a dog, babies, it's grandparents. really, frankly, anybody who loves books. people do it for weddings. it's such a gorgeous gift. >> we do these all the time for special occasions. you're right, it's fun to have in the house but an amazing gift. >> that's right. use "gma" on the website. all of the details, prints, all of that. what's most exciting for me you i have fun searching for this tough i like things that i like,
8:23 am
my kids like. but i want the viewers to tell us what they hunt for bargains for. if you go on my facebook or twitter page, and you tell us about the kinds of things you want us to hunt out, i'll get to work and hustle to bring those deals to the "gma" viewers. >> it really is a deal, how you've gotten the sites to sign on for the deals. >> absolutely. >> you can go to for all the details needed to cash in on all of the deals. when we come back, a very difficult story here, a severe case of tourette's syndrome was crippling this young man. but wait till you see him now. us that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and with less pain, i can do re of what matters to me.
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8:27 am
prosecutors in the barry bonds perjury trial hope to regain momentum when testimony resumes. they were dealt with a set back. a surgeon testified that he did not have multiple conversations with the former business manager steve hoskins. that is contrary to what he told the jury last week. the surgeon also testified he had prescribed legal steroids to help him heal from an engineer and he would have the same side effects of the banned substances substances that bonds is alleged to have taken. >> if i you are coming off the
8:28 am
altamont pass, we had an earlier accident that is long gone but slow traffic remains. we go to the peninsula, southbound 101 at university, we have an accident blocking lanes there. you'll find slow traffic and bay bridge backed up into the maze. you can see on the incline, it's not friday-like coming into san francisco. >> let's check in with lisa
8:29 am
switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning, how about 60 degrees in san francisco this morning. 58 in mountain view. livermore and redwood city, colder numbers but cooler
8:30 am
weather today but much cooler over the weekend. so enjoy those 80s in the east bay today. now back to "good morning merica." ♪ there it is. that music is there for a reason. we've got the hottest new trend in weddings this morning. dressing up your pooch for the big day. who is that -- there it is. the bow tie. it's the bow tie on the dog. we're going to have a doggie fashion show coming up this half hour. >> prince william is not wearing a wedding ring but the dogs are wearing clothes, only on "good morning america." also, a medical marvel. this boy was living with tourette syndrome so severe, he couldn't be left alone. then the procedure that turned his life around. he's here. and you're going to see the results live. >> they are incredible.
8:31 am
also here live, michelle monaghan is burning up the screen with jake gyllenhaal. michelle is going to be here in just a minute. >> and i'm sitting here because i was asked to guess at it a connecticut magazine, i made cynthia mcfadden the cover girl. and it's a great q and a. >> there we are. >> two fabulous ladies. >> and we're going to be seeing more of each other. >> absolutely. i'm a very lucky girl and get to work with cynthia at "nightline." in a couple of weeks i'm jumping ship while i'm turning my alarm clock upside down and joining cynthia. i'm so happy. >> we are going to miss you. it's a great move for you. >> we couldn't be happier. juju you've already contributed so much to our broadcast. >> and i'll be contributing to "gma." >> around the clock.
8:32 am
>> the number one late-night tv show, i'm very excited. >> well, it is an exciting move for you. a little sad for us but a fantastic move for you. congratulations. >> thank you. now, to sam with the weather. what do you think about that news, sam? >> good morning, that just means that juju has to take me out for an adult beverage sometime at night, at that all i'm saying. juju, you up for that? they're not even up there anymore. good morning, everybody. how are you? >> all: good morning! >> somebody's having a birthday. wait, you, too? happy birthday. somebody back there? happy birthday. i'm looking at you you told me the number. go ahead if you feel like it. >> 42. >> you look like -- >> look at this. you are gorgeous. i mean really, really good. >> 40 ain't what it used to be. let's get to the boards. a few things we want to talk about as you head out the door. we'll talk about the cooler air
8:33 am
working its way into the west coast. san francisco down to 55 on saturday. l.a. at 67. the 80 degrees of today, enjoy that. phoenix coming down a touch. a quick look at the at your weekend flyby. notice the middle of the country. sunday into monday into tuesday, we're going to have an outbreak of strong to severe >> a little rain has picked up here in times square, but it doesn't seem to be making anybody angry. all of that weather was brought to you by kibbles and bits. george. a medical miracle in action. radical surgery for a teenaged boy whose life was turned into a
8:34 am
nightmare by tourette syndrome. there, you're going to see the results live. but first, our dr. rich besser has the story. >> hey. >> reporter: 16-year-old rodney lateary dealing with these tics every day. every two weeks he has an episode like this. >> he continually beats himself up. he gouges at his eyes. he punches himself. his body can twist and contort into positions that you wouldn't think is humanly possible. >> reporter: what do they do to control the tics when he's in one of these severe ones? >> we protect him. put him on the floor. put him on pillow. >> reporter: has he hurt you? >> a couple times. >> reporter: robby has tourette syndrome, creating involuntary movements called tics.
8:35 am
often verbal outbursts but robby isn't the average patient. his major tics can last up to two hours. >> i have no control over it. i'm conscious, i hear everything. feel everything that's going on. but it's like someone has -- control and it's just taken over my body. >> reporter: robby's tried over 40 medications, all with severe side effects, but nothing has helped. what's been the hardest thing about robby having tourette's? >> just watching him suffer. he suffered enough. our family has suffered enough. >> reporter: as a last-ditch effort, robby is trying a radical experimental surgery for tourette's, deep brain stimulation. >> robby's tics are so severe, the worst i've ever seen, we really couldn't do the surgery with limbhim awake to any degre.
8:36 am
>> reporter: dr. gilman implants two pacemakers into robby's abdomen. two wires run up deep into this brain with hope that they will stop overactive nerve cells from misfiring. two weeks later, robby is recovering well and doctors turn on the device but deep brain stimulation doesn't help for everyone. will it work for robby? let's find out now, robby is here with his mother debbie and of course, dr. besser. robby, come on out. you look great. >> thank you. >> just amazing, no tics at all? >> no, none. it's been amazing. >> can you -- could you even imagine this day when you were enduring all of these tics? >> no, absolutely not. i dreamed of it. but i never thought it would
8:37 am
actually come true. >> and how has your life changed? what difference has it made? >> it's turned my life around. i can do things that normal people take for granted every day. i can walk down the street without having people look at me like i have 12 heads or make comments because of the tics. >> watching you walk around with the smile on your face all morning long. what we'd like to do now, you see that footage when you're enduring some of the worst tics. try to give us some sense of what that feels like, what you're going through when that's happening? >> when that was happening, i felt everything that was going on. i was aware of everything going on around me, but i had absolutely no control over my body. i've never watched the footage of the tic until now. and it's something that -- it's just strange, because it felt
8:38 am
like i was on remote control and someone was just -- >> seemed like your body was almost inhabited or controlled by someone else? >> yeah, basically, that's what it felt like. >> when you see that now, do you feel like it was happening to someone else? >> it probably is. i hope it's not. i know other cases where people are going through situations similar to myself. >> and i know that must be so hard to watch, but to see robby here like this right now, a miracle. >> it's a miracle, yes. we're very happy. very happy. >> and when you look at this treatment and how your life is going right now, what do you think it's going to allow you to do that you haven't been able to do in the past? >> hopefully, i can just start living the life of a normal teenager, you know, going out with friends. without having to explain and
8:39 am
apologize beforehand what's going to happen with the tics. me and my mom, we recently talked about it, it's so crazy because i've been able to stay home alone for the first time in my life. it's incredible. >> and, rich, this procedure, we've seen incredible results right here but still not approved fully? >> that's right. it's available as an experimental procedure, but the fda wants to see more data to figure out exactly which children with tourette's will benefit from this. where to put the electrodes. >> do you know what the secret is? >> as to why this works? >> yeah. >> no it's miraculous, not just with robby but going from one so apprehensive, i've never seen such miles. when we had lunch last week, seeing your face, i knew it worked. >> that is so wonderful. thank you for coming in today. thank you. >> thank you.ngngngngngngngngngg
8:40 am
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well, she's starring in the first blockbuster film of the season, michelle monaghan plays
8:43 am
officer gilman. michelle, you kept me up since my bedtime last night. i had a dvd of the movie to watch, i thought i'd watch a little bit. i couldn't stop watching. it's exciting. >> it really is an exciting movie. it's fast-paced, it's a thriller, and at the heart of it, it's a love story. it's emotional as well. >> let's take a look at the clip. >> what would you do if you knew you had less than eight minutes to live? >> i don't know, i'd make those seconds count. >> i will call my dad. i would hear his voice, and i would -- i would tell him i was sorry. tell me everything's going to be okay? >> everything's going to be okay. >> it's hard to describe what actually happens in the film,
8:44 am
working with jake, that's tough duty? >> yeah, tough work. you know, he's such a pro at what he does. it was really, truly a joy to go and work with him. but on a personal note, he's just one of the sweetest, lovelyiest guys and really cute, to boot. do you want to hear what he said about you when he was here. after the show, we asked him about you. >> a little secret about michelle that most people don't know, maybe i'm giving away a little secret about me, too. she has, like me, a ridiculously crude sense of humor. >> yeah. >> you seem like a nice girl. what's he talking about? >> no, we had a great time. i have a little blue sense of humor, definitely. we both did. we were able to provide comic relief for each other. >> you do get to kiss as well. >> we do get to, yes. >> my investigative note here tell me that you've had the chance to kiss tom cruise in
8:45 am
"missio "mission: impossible," and robert downey jr. who's the best kisser? >> i'd like to think i taught them a thing or two. we'll see. >> withere you go, girl. i like that. let's talk about the film. one of the things about the film is going back and reliving your life. if you could go back and relive eight minutes what eight minutes? >>my wedding day, for sure. i'd love to go back and hear the speeches again. i'd like a shot at that first dance again, because it didn't go as smoothly as i wanted it to. i think those eight minutes would be definitely a part of my life, definitely worth revisiting. >> and you're trading it, as i
8:46 am
understand, for a marathon? >> i am, i am. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm doing a half marathon with all of my cousins, my family, we're pretty tight knit. every couple years we do something special. a few years ago, we went to vegas. we thought we'd do the other extreme this time around. and we're all running in a few weeks. >> a clarity ruharity run, is i? >> yes, for breast cancer. >> you've been mar married for several years and have a beautiful little girl. is this a film that at some point you're going to take her to the movie? >> absolutely. absolutely. this movie is about living your life to the fullest. i hope that i can impart that on her. hopefully, she can appreciate that in years to come. >> you're a delight. thanks for coming in this morning. i loved the movie. "source code" opens in theaters today. up next, what the
8:47 am
best-dressed -- you're not going to believe it --
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♪ and it's time now for the latest in shaggy chic. more and more owners are actually choosing to walk down the aisle with their dogs. ramping up the latest trend, we've got the dog coming in over here. we'll get to that in a second. but first, the fashion team is getting everything from bridesmaid's gowns to tiny tuxedos. take a look. here comes the bride -- wait a second, that's her dog, the ring bearer. believe it or not, it's become a youtube phenomenon. their coutured companion can have tails wagging dressed to the canine. this guy crashed the wedding in this bow tie.
8:50 am
a posh boutique here, formal wear for pooches is hardly unusual. the boston terrier modeled a tux. now he needs a cigar and some champagne. just down the road in brookline, massachusetts that caused a pause, terry had them modeling formal wear. >> they often dress girl dogs in outfits that match the bridesmaids. >> reporter: and a retailer that helped outfit them for their big day. the woman who designed the pinstriped blue tux, lori hersh who owns the collection. but this is also big business. the chihuahua, they sell more than 50,000 tuxedos a year. we're going to have a doggie
8:51 am
fashion show all alone joined by wendy, author of "it's a dog's life." >> the mother of the bride today? >> i made her eastery. again, a lot of dogs are not comfortable in clothing. also, it's not good to dress your dog all the time. it's actually unhealthy for their skin. on special occasions, especially during a wedding. we did a study, 67% of single dog parents said they would like to include their dogs in their wedding. >> that many? >> yeah, can you imagine. >> what do we have first? >> first off we have lucy and linus. and these guys are wearing a bridesmaid's dress, this is so adorable by doggie design. these are affordable. $32. remember, when you're bringing your dogs into the wedding, it's important for people, the location is important, that they allow dogs, anybody one.
8:52 am
but number two, when you're having a wedding, a lot of dogs get uncomfort about in public situations. if it doesn't fit, don't put it on. you can actually put a scarf to go with the wedding dress or the tuxedo. >> those are big dathounds. >> they are big. >> now she's wearing a black velvet dress with lace. that is $35. and now the adorable, adorable beagle. >> hi, sweetheart. >> with the nylon collar and the bow tie. that's simple. >> this is understated. >> george, this is like a collar, put it on, understated. it's afford about for under $10.
8:53 am
>> it looks great. and finally chef kerry is here with his dog benny. >> unbelievable, in a red tuxedo jacket. that is again by doggie designs. very elegant. when you see the ring bearer and stuff like that and the dog, some flowers, agains are poisonous to pets. be careful when you're doing this, the pets and the flowers. and the ring bearer, to talk to a trainer, actually, a lot of these dogs can be trained to bring the ring. >> really on special occasions? >> i have a dog a a a a a a a aa
8:54 am
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any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. developing news from san rafael where police are trying to find a driver that crashed into a side of a building. it happened near the 21s block of east francisco boulevard. no word if there were any injuries. in the meantime, a lot more sunshine coming our way. >> that's right. maybe some records in the inland valleys. 57 in oakland and a little bit cooler right now in some spots. that will be trend at the coast. highs just in the 60s. inland, 80s and 70s around the bay. >> coming off the altamont pass in livermore, we've got very slow traffic. earlier accident.


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