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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this morning, april 3rd, l. a. police are offering a $10,000 reward to identify to dodgers fans who severely beat a giants fan at the opener. and a pit ball is shot and killed during a raid. this morning the dog's owner said the officers used uns in force. >> i'm meteorologist christine hanson. it was cool and cloudy yesterday. more sun and warmer temperatures today. the complete forecast coming up. >> thank you. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. a reward has been offered in los angeles to try to identify two dodgers fans who severely beat a bay area giants fan at thursday's season opener in l.a. the victim is a paramedic from
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santa cruz: remains hospitalized with a life-threatening brain injury. his name is brian stow. he's in a medically induced coma. family could not believe a baseball rivalry could escalate into such violence. >> i pray every day, every minute that they find the coward that did this. >> she cares deeply about her 42-year-old ex-husband. they romain good friends and share custody of their two children, 12 and 8. >> each of them break down at different times. their biggest fear is that their father won't remember them, and obviously if the unthinkable happens. they both want to see him. >> they are wondering while the two suspects attacked him from
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behind. he is fell to the ground and was hit repeatedly in the head and body. he is in a reduced coma and is in a reduced state. >> we have been doing this for four seasons now and this season it just -- it's a lot rowdier. and people have no sportsmanship as well. >> his wife said he avoids confrontation and probably was trying to walk away from comments about being a giants fan. she and her son are being occupied with every day activities. they are aware of his condition. >> tabitha has played two soccer games and dedicated both games to her dad. tyler picks up time with his little brother and tries to stay busy and keep their minds busy. >> the family hopes the suspects
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will be identified and arrested. they also wait for hopeful news about his condition. >> i believe firmly he knows he has two children and he knows he needs to be a father to them, and i think he's going to pull through. >> police a los angeles say a surveillance tape hasn't produced leads but there were potential witness as fans left the game thursday night. an l.a. county supervisor put up a $10,000 reward for information. here in the bay area a fund has been set up to pay for stow's medical bills. those details on our website. just click on "see it on tv." >> this morning a police officer's decision to shoot and kill a pit ball is being reviewed by the department. the dog's owner said it was uns in force. the 25-year-old said the officer shot his dog, rock, point-blank in the head after police raided his house yesterday evening. they said several officers went
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to the home in the 3200 block of shadduck after reports of gunshots when the police entered with guns drawn he let him know he has a one-year-old pit ball and he said he was friendly. when police found out he was only shooting an air soft pistol like this one the mood shift and the officers game light hearted over the pellet gun. >> everything was okay, he was laughing, he was laughing and he said don't worry about it, don't worry about it and three people told him the dog is friendly, and he just shot them. >> the police officer says he shot the dog because it was growling and moving towards him. the department is calling it, quote, an unfortunate situation where they had to be careful. they also gave vinnie a citation because it's illegal to discharge a gun of any nature within city limits. now to the southwest airlines situations.
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hundreds more flights expected to be cancelled to after with in one had it's cabin rough ripped over on a flight from phoenix to sacramento friday. the cabin lost pressure and the oxygen masks dropped and the plane itself plunged 11,000 feet in minutes. passengers took these pictures of it before the plane made an emergency landing in yuma, arizona. they will investigate. southwest airlines expects to cancel another 300 flights around the country today since 79 aircraft remain out of service for inspections. sundays are much busier travel days than saturdays so delays could be longer than yesterday. so far this weekend 20 southwest
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flights have been cancelled oakland, 12 at san francisco and 19 at san jose. we report on travelers sent scurrying to find other nights out. >> it's been long and tiring. i'm looking to eat. >> ms. anderson has been trying to get on a southwest flight to boston. her ordeal began at 8:00 a.m.. >> in southwest we waited for three hours and then they told us to go buy a ticket on a flight somewhere else because we weren't going to get out on southwest. >> she's not alone. this line is filled with people forced to make alternate travel plans because southwest airlines grounded some 79 737s after a portion of the fuselage ripped away on the night. southwest issued this statement. the safety of our customers and employees is our primary concern. we are working very close by with going to conduct threes proactive inspections and
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promote the investigation. we are working to minimize the impact to our customers travel schedules. that can said, some don't know when they will reach their destination. >> i don't know. still waiting in line. >> the same holds true in oakland where more than a dozen flights were cancelled. cory is traveling with his very pregnant wife. >> we were told our flight is cancelled and our next available flight was 12 hours from that flight cancellation. >> many flights missed is connection flights which double and tripled travel times for people. while some are worried about getting on a 737, they welcome the inspection. >> i want to be be on a save plane so i am glad they are checking their plane and that's good. southwest could have handled it better. >> southwest said you should check their website before leaving home. at sfo, abc7 news. >> a fire in berkeley hills caused quite a square yesterday morning. witnesses said they could see
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the home burning from across the bay. this is video sent to us through u report powered by youtube. it started on queens road near grizzlies peak boulevard. at first the firefighters fought with a stubborn hydrant. 30 firefighters had the flames under control in 40 minutes. it's surrounded by trees but the recent rain made it easier to contain. >> a lot of the yues and surrounding leaves and trees are still green. >> the owners were out shopping at the time of the fire. a neighbor rescued their dog from the home. the cause is still under investigation. >> stores and restaurants in downtown capitola village have reopen for business after heavy rain caused serious flood damage last weekend. cleanup efforts continue throughout the city as crews
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remove debris from street sides and shops. many stars are eager to reopen. >> i don't have carpet anymore. my walls don't look good but i'm open and i'm happy. >> we feel fortunate to be open a week after the flooding. not only were people getting it in the front of their stores but also the back part of the stores the water was rushing in. >> some merchants say it's unlikely their insurance will cover the cost of damages. some plan to close up shop or move. coming up next, japanese officials struggle to seal a crack in a badly damaged nuclear plant as radioactive water continues to flow into the ocean. >> it was opening night of charlie sheen's torpedo tour. bombs with many forms, demanding a refund.
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>> perez obama wants another four years in office. he is intend to go announce his re-election tomorrow. he will make the announcement sent in a video announcement to supporters. his re-election campaign team hopes to raise a record-breaking $1 billion. his 2008 campaign shattered donations at the time shattering $750 million. a world news update, libyan rebels report some progress had their attempt to take back the oil city of brega. international air strikes pounded forces overnight. but friday a nature toe strike missed a target and round up killing 13 rebel fighters and
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wounding others. the rebels called it an unfortunate incident but say it does not diminish their support for the international air campaign. n.a.t.o. said they are looking into the incident. the leak at a nuclear plant could take months to get undercontrol. there is a new effort to seal a leak. they say it will take time to repair all the damage from the earthquake and tsunami. yesterday they tried to seal a crack that has been been leaking radioactive water into the ocean. today they are installing new equipment. engineers are giving it until tomorrow to fully set. this weekend officials announced two workers died at the plant when the tsunami initially hit that. information was be held until their families were located and notified. meanwhile efforts to raise money for disaster relief took
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place in san francisco. ♪. >> yesterday's free concert in japan town's peace plaza included hawaiian music and several bay area bands playing. the no nation less go to the northern japan's relief fund administered by the cultural community center of northern california. the oakland a's are donating a dollar from every ticket sold at this game at the coliseum to the red cross to raise money for the disaster victims. two of the biggest stars will be on the field. new a's slugger and the seattle mariners superstar, ichiro. they have created t-shirt that will be given out to the first 10,000 plans. in addition to the uniforms they wore on friday night's season
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opener will be auctioned off. the a's have already raised more than $50,000. >> christine hanson in for lisa. it was a little disappointing yesterday. >> i know. we got spoiled by two days of warm weather. the cool down and the clouds, i kind of thought not again, not again. but some changes are ahead for today. we have clear skies this morning. it is cool. we are in the mid-40s. our temperatures will warm. we will tell you how much coming up. >> thank you, christine. also ahead a fantastic final four finish. uconn and kentucky battle for the last spot in tuesday's championship game against butler. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in this morning's sports.
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>> if you have tickets to charlie sheen's show in san francisco later this month. he got booed and yelled at last night by a disappointed audience in detroit. that was the first leg of his torpedo of truth tour. the former star of two and a half men took the stage along with his goddesses to applause by more than 50,000 fans. before it was over the crowd was chant fourth a refund. >> the guy who opened for him was absolutely horrible.
5:19 am
he got booed off the stage. >> everybody walked out. they walked out. there was more people smoking than there is in there. >> it was nothing like we expected it to be. it was really boring. >> he's suddenly not winning, he's losing! >> well, they went hoping to see more of sheen's colorful rants about the falling out with warner brothers. they got the ranting but complained it just wasn't funny. an apologetic sheen appeared after the show to thank those who stayed. his show in san francisco is scheduled for april 30th. i don't know what you would expect really. >> i don't know either but he may have the opportunity to revamp. maybe he will go out ranting more. we will see. >> yeah. what can we expect weather-wise? >> weather-wise, you were saying it got cold yesterday. we loved the warm weather the last couple days. however, today we are going to bounce back up. right now live picture from our
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hd camera. the bay bridge, the ferry building. we are going to see a nice day today but it is chilly this morning. the readings are just in the 40s this morning, 49 in san francisco. it doesn't sound all that cool but a little bit of a north wind. 46 and 42 santa rosa, napa 46, 51 here? 44 livermore and 46 in fremont. a little chillier than normal with 46 in half moon bay. put the sweaters back in the closet. you are going to need them for the morning hours anyway. chilly and breezy this morning but a little warmer daytime temperatures than yesterday. that storm system brought the cloud cover in. we saw some low to 70s. but 10 to 15 degrees cooler than thursday and fry.
5:21 am
the reason for it is this system that moved through yesterday and brought in cloud cover but more importantly just dropped in a cooler air mass. this is going to build over the next couple days, sending that big massive cloud cover offshore, all the way up into the pacific northwest. that will leave us with some light offshore winds, especially noticeable in the north bay where temperatures will warm back up into the mid-to upper 70s, perhaps low 80s. a few high clouds as you start your monday morning and continuing through the afternoon we see plenty of sunshine, a few clouds up to the north. sonoma county northward and the rain you see well north of the region. the forecast for sunday is for a nice one. a lot nicer than yesterday. you will wake up to some sunned to. 71, 69 saratoga, 68 in sunnyville. even though our temperatures are cool, we will see sunshine and
5:22 am
breezy condition out of the northwest. 58 pacifica. downtown san francisco 64 degrees. 65 at the airport. light winds this morning. a little bit stronger afternoon winds. we will see northwest winds, 10 to 15 miles an hour. 72 santa rosa, 68 clear lake, 70 in napa. and east bay locations. almeda looks like hayward will see 67, 68 in san leandro. and livermore valley low 70s. 67 watsonville and 70 morgan hill and monterey 65 degrees. a little fog there this morning. sunny and warm the next couple days. unseasonably cold weather with cold showers returns to the area, as you can see our rings will only be in the 50s again for the last half of the work week. we are not quite through it yet. >> all right. thank, you christine.
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let's check out sports. this afternoon the stanford women will try to advance to tuesday's national championship game when they play texas a&m in indianapolis. last night the men's tournament semifinals were played with butler and uconn marching on to tomorrow night's final. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning! and then there were two. it will be a doggy dog final for the title with uconn facing the bulldogs. the first half kemba walker continues his amazing run. bucket and foul. he had 18. led at the half. wildcats caught fire in the second laugh. a 14-2 run puts kentucky up two. later in the half wildcats down 2 and brandin knight, tied the became ga. uconn now up 4. the circus finish and huskies up 6. but kentucky would have a chance. down 2 with time winding down.
5:24 am
the three is off the iron and uconn will play for a national title monday with a 56-55 victory. >> the other semi, butler and commonwealth. ccu up 15-7. bulldogs in the half on a 19-8 run. off. miss matt howard. the put-back. butler up 34. 28 at the break. second half sheldon mac teas over. butler up 52-45. vcu wouldn't go away. the point and foil. now within 4 but more than a minute to play, and howard again. the right place at the right time. he had 17. butler is going to their second straight title game to mace uconn monday night with a 70-62 victory. the giants get their first win of the season. we are only three games in but they were hitting on all cylinders against the dodgers.
5:25 am
this kid still trying to pick his favorite team. top of five giants up 2-0. sanchez rips one down the left line. 3-0, g men. then in the sixth. 6-0. aubrey huff smacks it up the middle. huff with 3 rbis on the day, 8-0. that was more than enough for matt cain. cain six shutout innings, 5 hits, three strikeouts. sanchez deep to left and gone. first homer of the season for freddy and a triple away from the cycle. he also had 3 rbis and the giants win 10-0. a's taking on the mariners. the game tied at 1 here. bottom of the inning down 2-1. this scores coco crisp. game tied at 2. but for the second straight night defense in the bullpen failed the a's.
5:26 am
the throw home is wide, jack wilson scores. ichiro becomes the all times hits leader with that single. the a's fall 5-2. to the ice. sharks hosting possible first round aopponent anaheim. the ducks flying in the first period. the power play. this trickles in and it's 2-0. in the second dany heatley several after bounces. slides it past ray emery. lead cut in half. bounces continue to go the sharks away. patrick marleau. marleau gets it back and puts it in. sharks tie it at 2. late in the third it is stolen. the one timer from the point. sharks win 4-2. that's their third straight victory. to the arena in oakland. the warriors hosting the mavericks. montel ellis on a bum ankle spinning, floating and finishing but the warriors trade by two at
5:27 am
the half. and the long 2. then the pull-up 3. he scored 12 straight points in the third, 32 on the night. years up 11. in the fourth, watch al. the block on one end. gets it ahead to monta. and the warriors hold off for a win 99-92, that final. >>ing earthquake's hosting the seattle sounders. the replay, just out of reach. the first goal of the season but the game ends in a 2-2 tie. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. we will do it again tonight at five. have a great day. >> up next, the more costly penalties drivers may soon face this they break california's handsfree law. law enforcement agencies all over the state start cracking down. and san francisco's payroll tax, a new option that could stop some
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>> the cost of texting while you drive or talk on your cellphone is probably going up soon. state officials are considering a bill to double the fine for a first time offense. we are in sacramento with more. >> i see people all the time on the phone, and i'm like, oh, wow. >> even though the hands-free device has been around for more than three years, californians are still breaking the law, calling, even texting on their hand-held device while behind the wheel. >> probably 60 or 70% of californians are complying but another 30 or 40% out there could do a better job. >> state senator joe, who wrote the handsfree law, hopes stiffer fines hope it gets people to change what he calls a dangerous habit. the fine for the first offense is $20.
5:31 am
but with court fees the ticket averages $208. under the bill it will be $50, which he understands up being about $328. subsequent offenses are currently $50, but would double to $100. that fine balloons to more than $500 when you add in all the extra fees. >> the city and the state is hurting right now, but they have to look out for us also. to me it just seems like a little too much. >> it's a good thing to have a law against it, but i don't think, you know, fining people beyond, you know, beyond the means is going to solve it. >> the senator says all californians have 20 do is use a handsfree device to avoid the fines. he said it shows collisions with a cellphone is a factor have declined and wants the trend to continue. but another study found no difference. >> the reports show very
5:32 am
conclusively, very clearly the law has no effect on safety. it doesn't matter if it's handsfree or hands on. it's the actual discussion that's the distraction. >> his proposal would add a point to a violator's driving record after a first offense and the smaller fine without the court fees would be applied to bicyclist who are caught using a hands held phone while on a bicycle. abc7 news. >> starting tomorrow the 36789hc and 225 california police agencies will have a month long crackdown. they will look for driver's who ignore the ban on hand-held phone calls and text messaging. more than 6,000 have been cited for the texting ban that too effect 6 months later. a number of officers got cameras last week to wear on
5:33 am
their uniforms. they say it will protect officers and the people they stop. but as abc7 vaga reports, they aren't sure it captures everything they should. >> a typical stop, a man wanted for robbery but this time all caught on camera from the arrest to -- >> wow this, is not -- >> to the complaints that followed. officer winn said having it clipped to his uniform is a good thing. >> this day and age, yeah. >> they can download the video, review the video and determine what any misconduct is there. >> but in a department still recovering from the rider's scandal where officers were accused of planting drugs on suspect. they say the cameras offer protection for officers and the people they contact. >> it's a day i think will add more transparency and it's going to hopefully drive down citizen complaints and the number of
5:34 am
complaints our supervisors have to investigate. >> the city's police review board received 96 complaints against the department in 2009. 74% were unfounded or exonerated. last year that were 81 complaints. it's not yet no one how many were valid. >> those numbers cover just about ten percent of all the complaints filed against o. p. d. after the rider's case, internal affairs now investigates every single complaint filed against the department, even those that appear baseless from the start. >> one of the new cameras mounted inside a police cruiser caught this stolen car chase through the utility fruit dale district. but when the car crashes and the officer chases, the camera stays in the car and what happens next is never shown. that concerns critics, like this attorney. >> that's where the improper contact occurs. so if you don't record that particular event, then the conduct, the video camera has marginal relevance. >> police say most of the time the system works but they admit
5:35 am
it's not foolproof. in oakland, abc7 news. first it was twitter, now other high-tech companies. san francisco lawmakers are trying to keep them in town with new tax cut proposals. the latest ideas are aimed at employees' stock options. >> daniel founded four high-tech companies. his latest manufactures an award winning product calledpo go plug. >> as entrepreneurs we watch cash very carefully. >> he's closely examining the city's tax code which levies a pay roll tax on salary, bonuses and stock options. a key component for high-tech companies. >> we go a few miles south and that tax is not levied so it gives us great pause. we will consider pack up and moving somewhere. >> the pay roll is only a san francisco policy. all other california cities use
5:36 am
a gross receipt tax for businesses. one supervisor said it might be time to eliminate the tax when it comes to stock options. >> i don't want to be penalty izing companies for succeeding in growing at such a fast clip. >> the issue came to light when twitter threatened to leave the city, leading to a proposed tax break. they are now suggesting a deal for all large high-tech firms. a two-year moratorium on taxes stock options. >> the twitter deal and the way that it's been approached so far only spot lights the fact that it is not an equitable companies because other companies are now saying where is ours? >> and some community groups wants theirs. a protest was organized to pressure twitter to agree to community benefits, including a $3 million investment. >> it should be a partnership between twitter and the community. >> we don't want the companies to feel they are being shaken down in any way, what they can
5:37 am
do, what they can commit to is always a two-way street. it's a balance. >> the mayor is convening a work group to look at reforming the city's tax structure. that twitter deal is expected to come up for a vote this week. well, christine hanson here now. we know the weather changed after thursday and friday. so hot and beautiful. >> oh, my goodness, it was a two day heat wave. you blinked and you missed the darn thing. let's go outside. rooftop view of the colorful city lights and the bay in the background, the bay bridge. we are also going to see a cooler day today, but warmer than yesterday but not as warm as it will be. >> we will figure that mystery out coming up. also ahead, the hidden secret of fallen leaf lake. the ancient underwater forest that's been discovered, frozen in time.
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>> scientists have discovered a previously unknown for e there's a twist. the trees in this for under water. it's just south of lake tahoe. research shows the forest and the lake show critical clues to climate change. here's dan ashley with the details. >> fallen leaf lake is already known for its spectacular beauty. now it turns out the lake also has a dramatic secret. >> i would like to call it ghost forest. >> the professor kent of university of nevada is talking about trees. up to 100 feet tall. the size of ten story buildings, but covered by water. >> we have old wood from 1,000 years ago, 2,000, 3,000 down there. >> scientists in a small submarine took the photos, showing just a few of the 100 or more trees on the bottom of the lake. they are using state of the art sonar to map the mysterious forest and trying to figure out why it's there.
5:41 am
>> this sonar technology is exactly the equipment that's used to find sunken chips. our treasure are trees. this is the shadow cast by an upright tree about 100-foot high. >> another image shows the lake has seen big changes in the water level over many years. this sonar device actually shows slices of the ground under the lake bottom. researchers say all this evidence confirms one thousand years ago there was a prolonged drought in the sierra that lasted about 200 years, long enough for huge trees to grow where tall fallen loaf sits. precipitation was 60% of normal. that's similar to the devastating midwest dust goal in the 1930s, and scientists believe it may happen again. >> take the great dust goal and send it from ten years to 200-some years and wonder how the economies of california and nevada are going to be affected by it. >> they said the long sierra drought happened naturally one
5:42 am
thousand years ago. but and other top researchers believe global warming could bring on another drought even fastner the future. if that happens, fallen leak lake could be the canary in the coal mine. >> they will feel the effects of the drought when that happens much more than any other lake in the area. >> the research indicates the lake level might drop fast, as much as 50 to 100 feet in just a couple of decades. that could bring huge change for thousands of vacationners who flock to the lake every summer. scientists plan more research to bring more accurate predictions. but now they know fallen leaf lake and it's forest is the place to find answers. >> you don't get many chance get a perfect record. >> dan ashley, abc news. >> it was actually discovered by another professor who happened to be fishing on the lake. his lure got stuck in the top of one of those 100-foot tall
5:43 am
trees. christine, i know you were fining it fascinating. >> i am because it's a very popular hiking spot around lake tahoe and you know it's gorgeous and deep but you don't know it was that deep. so that's amazing. really interesting. great story. we are going to talk about -- well, the snow is going to stay put there for a while. however, we will see some cold temperatures, maybe even fresh snow by the end of this week. >> okay. >> so the two-day heat wave went away yesterday. we are now looking outside from east bay, and we are looking across the bay, bay bridge. we are seeing temperatures this morning a bit chillier than they have been. low to mid-40as for many areas in the east bay, oakley, berkeley and downtown san francisco mild, 49 degrees. just a other few patches of clouds around the monterey coastline. 46 half moon bay, 49 mountain view.
5:44 am
and 47 san jose and this is kind of the cool spot now. as you see concord 46 and 46 fair field. north bay valley is also cool. 42 napa and 42 in santa rosa. 46 at the civic center. the forecast calls for chilly, breezy conditions for a while this morning. the system that moved through brought in a cooler air mass and that's why the change. but we are going to see our temperatures top back up, closer to normal today and maybe a few degrees above normal before the cold weather carolyn and i were just talking about returns to the area. here's the front that moved through yesterday. you saw the clouds. you knew behind it it got a little bit breezy. the cool air is now in place and that's what we are feeling this morning. but this area of high pressure building up over the pacific northwest will send the clouds well to the north of us. but look what's way out here in the pacific. some extremely cold air and this whole thing is moving our direction. it will be back here by the
5:45 am
middle and end of the work week. so we will return to some of that cold and unseasonably weather that we did see all season long. it's impressive. so that is going to be with us beginning on wednesday. here's how it looks the next couple days. a few clouds throughout the afternoon hours, but then high clouds, our temperatures warming up. tomorrow morning clear and dry for the monday morning commute. most of the cloud cover stays to the north and the rain well to the north. we end the day on monday under clear skies. tuesday looks to be partly to mostly sunny, but increasing cloudiness late in the afternoon. a beautiful day in the south bay. campbell, 70 degrees. 69 downtown san jose, and palo alto, lossal toes 68 degrees. dately city 69. >> sunset 60. nice there. 64 downtown san francisco. and still some 70s in the north bay. low 70s coming down from the mid-to upper 80s and almost
5:46 am
90-degree temperatures a now days ago. along the eastern portions of the bay area, we see temperatures warm into the low to mid-70s. there's your forecast for the monterey coast, 65 degrees there. dry weather through midweek and then cold showers returning to the area by this time next weekend. >> all right. looking good. can't complain. >> no. >> a little built of warmer weather perhaps for the weekend. >> all right. still ahead, find out why dusty, the clepto cat, will be wearing a prison uniform today ask where
5:47 am
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new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. ? we recently aired a report about a funeral for a san francisco man that raised some eyebrows.
5:49 am
7 on your side looked into the controversy. here's michael finney to clarify the story and to put it in proper context. >> our report focused on the concerns of helmon wong upon the death of his brother. born 13 months apart, they were inseparable. >> we went to school together, were in scouts together. we did everything together ask were very close. i didn't expect this at all, that he would just pass away. >> the family decided to keep the arrangements simple and had duggens mortuary take care of things. here's the price list called for by federal trade regulations. there on the bottom was the package that was chosen. direct cremation or burial package. no services, no ceremony or obituary, without a viewing $1,220. >> the family originally came in and they opted for the simplest direct cremation without any preparation or viewing orally
5:50 am
anything. just the simplest direct cremation. >> later the family decided to add a short viewing and that's where hurt feelings come in. we reported duggens charged $200 for the family to say good-bye, and it did. look at the price list. the charge is listed right there with brief 30 minute family-only viewing in chapel, $1,420. $200 more. however, duggens believes our report left the impression the mortuary didn't do much for that money, that it was almost a ransom. >> this $200 fee was painted as if -- if the family wanted to see their loved one, it's going to cost you $200. that's not it at all. >> daniel duggen is perez of duggens and son of the founders. still a family business, duggens has been providing services at this daly city location for
5:51 am
decades. money, he says, is not the focus here. >> the money thing really bothered us. that really bothered us because we aren't that way. we don't emphasize that. >> in fact, there was much to do before the viewing. the room was set aside. staff assigned. there had been an autopsy so the remains were not in pristine shape. there was work to do to make things presentable. >> we put a great emphasis on the final viewing. if a family wants to see their loved one, we want it to be a very positive, beautiful experience. it's the last time they get to say good-bye and they are going to live with that memory the rest of their lives. >> the earlier story also stated other providers don't charge for viewing the body, but that depends on the provider and the services requested. family should check the price list carefully before selecting the services they want and and questions if they aren't sure what is covered. >> that really is the key, and questions and make sure you
5:52 am
understand the answers. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> strayed ahead, jake gets 8 minutes to find a bomber. one of the best reviewed thrillers of the year. duaner sanchez the on the isle coming up.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
isle." >> for jake, he wakes up on a train talking to a woman he doesn't know. and he's in someone else's body. just as he's trying to figure it out, the train blows up. >> welcome back, captain stevens. >> where am i? >> you are inside the source code. >> he's a soldier out of afghanistan. part of a secret program he can cross over into another man for the last 8 minutes of his life. his mission is to find who planted the bomb. he goes back over and over again, and each time another layer of the story is peeled away. >> as always, you will have 8 minutes. >> 8 minutes, and then i blow up again? >> he finds he's more attract today michelle as the woman. >> what would you do if you knew you had less than 8 minutes to live? >> i would make those seconds count. >> he decides he wants to save her, but how do you change fate?
5:56 am
pretty intense. crafted by the director duncan jones, he's david bowie's son. he's filled it with twists, a few laughs and plenty of tension. >> tell me everything is going to be okay. >> everything is going to be okay. >> we've seen this territory before with memento and even groundhog day, but this one is more be intriguing. it's well written and well-based. he's a true action hero i think you will find the film riveting, but a bit confusing. with an ending that's thought provoking, it's also a bit ambivalent. for that reason it's a few colonels shy of a full bucket. see you on the isle. >> the famous clepto kitty is going to perform some community service. dusty became an internet sensation after being caught on camera swiping items from his neighbors. he was featured on animal planet and became a worldwide
5:57 am
sensation. he goes out at might and returns with anything that isn't nailed down. he will be at the animal fashion show today to raise money to care for neglected and abused animals. what fashion will clepto kitty be wearing? what else, a prison uniform. by the way, dusty was adopted five years ago from a local humane society shelter. up next at 6:00, this giants fan is in a coma, while police look for two dodgers fans. this is the air travel chaos we will tell you about. air passengers [ female announcer ] most women in america aren't getting the calcium they need. but yoplait wants to change that. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value ♪
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