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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the plane then crashed into the shoreline just short of anary where a family was picnicking. >> the engine cut out less than a quarter mile from here, and the water right there, and he wasn't going that fast, wasn't enough to get back to the airport. >> just splashed and then the plane was going so fast, it crashed into the mud. it was like a mud puddle. and he just crashed. he head got stuck and everything. the whole front of the plane destroyed. everything, the windshield. >> reporter: last we checked emergency crews were waiting to remove the body from the plane. representatives from the ntsb want to assess the crash site first. >> carolyn: we have more breaking news. on interstate 680, witnesses say this suv that you are about to see rolled over several times
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and landed on the side of the interstate. this is sky 7 video of the crash scene. right now it is not known how many people were onboard or their conditions, but crews had to free one person from the wreck. the far right lean of -- right lane of the freeway is closed and that's causing a significant backup. now to the southwest airlines flight that had its fuselage partially torn off at 36,000 feet. we're just learning that cracks that caused the plan's emergency landing have been found in two more planes. today southwest mechanics cut out a section of the fuselage. officials say a tear around a joint is evidence of extensive cracking that had not been discovered during routine maintenance. government records show cracks were found and repaired in the same plane one year ago. although nerves were frayed no one was seriously injured on the phoenix to sacramento flight.
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meantime, southwest has cancelled another 300 flights today as the airline continues to inspect 79 of its boeing 737 aircraft. we're live at sfo where many passengers have been forced to make other arrangements to get where they're going. >> reporter: carolyn, 600 flights across the country, 300 today, 300 yesterday. today there were 30 cancelled flights out of oakland, seven out of san francisco, and a whole lot of frustration to go around. not all flights were grounded but at times it sure look that way on the flight board. >> southwest is making all of this money and they're having -- expanding and doing these things.
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they need to take care of their planes. >> reporter: in san francisco, passengers had the same frustrated reaction. this is the unlucky half of a jazz band trying to get home to nebraska. they're now stranded. these kids laughing are in the lucky half of the band. they booked their tickets on a different airline and are headed home. >> we were so excited when we came out here. had a great time, and then just found out today our southwest airlines flight is cancelled, and they're telling us probably not until tuesday. >> reporter: other passengers on cancelled flights had to pay pick bucks for flights on different airlines. >> they were doubling and tripling the priesms we spent $1,000 to get home. >> reporter: the high school students had neither that kind of money, nor a clue how they're going to get home. >> tried to charter a bus. it would be $9,000.
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we're a public high school. it's not like we can just write checks. >> reporter: the best place to -- they're telling us southwest is reimbursing them. other passengers are saying they're footing the bill. southwest did not return our calls for comment. tomorrow's flights remains to be seen. the best advice is check in with the airline before you show up at the airport. abc 'news. >> carolyn: oakland police are searching for a suspect in a deadly shooting. they say he is armed and dangerous. the shooting happened last night in a home. one man was killed, another wounded. he is expected to survive. police are searching for this man, 31-year-old douglas yim, jr. he is 6'0", 205 pounds, last
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seen driving a silver four-door honda civic, california license plate 6hwu861. anyone who has seen him or that car needs to call 9-1-1. there's a $10,000 reward tonight for any information leading to the arrest of two suspectes who brutally attacked a giants fan outside dodger stadium. bryan stow remains in a medically induced coma four days after he was attacked after leaving the giants' home opener at dodger stayed -- stadium. the teams released this statement: >> stow was paramedic and his coworkers are holding a barbecue fundraiser in san jose from noon to 8:00 p.m. on wednesday.
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if you would like to donate, there's also a bank fund for stow. those details are on the web site, click on "see it on tv". in japan, workers are desperately struggling to plug a gush of highly contaminated water flowing from the fukushima nuclear power plant. they tried concrete, sawdust, shredded newspaper, and a powder. it hat failed so far. the radioactive water is leaking. the japanese government said today it will likely take several months with the radiation stops and permanent cooling systems are row stored. the oakland a's held another fundraiser today ahead of their game against the seattle mariners. more than 20,000 people showed up for japanese heritage day at the coliseum. the pregame ceremonies including taiko drummers, free t-shirts
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and hideki matsui appeared on the field. the a's raised $50,000 for japanese relief efforts and will donate one dollar for every ticket sold to earthquake relief. crews are close to re-opening highway 101 in hum bold county after tons of rock and boulders slit on to the roadway last week. highway 101 has been completely closed five miles north of gasherville, caltrans expects to re-open it to one-way controlled traffic 6:00 tomorrow morning. crews are continuing to monitor the stability of the hillside until the road is cleared. drivers are being urged to use interstate 5. >> the u.s. agrees to expand its participation in the fight in libya, and on the ground, how rebels were able to get an advantage over moammar gadhafi's well-train it armies. the impact of a little green in a neighborhood.
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>> the cheers did not last long as charlie sheen takes the stage for the first leg of his 20-city tour. >> leigh: boy, what a terrific day today. beautiful setting sun. high clouds. we're going to do it again tomorrow, and then after that, we're going to bring in showers. we look at the seven-day forecast coming up. you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> carolyn: the united states has agreed to a 48-hour extension of our participation in the air strikes against libya government forces. the rebels made small advances. as more varnz of moammar gadhafi's family joined the battle. the rebel force have shown more skill in battling their opponents who possess better training and weapons. >> the cesar chavez shell operation -- celebration was held today in oakland. they tended the garden at the park thivment started the garden more than ten years ago and today were able to plant 20 more fruit trees.
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'll residents say it has had an uplifting affect on the community. >> more money for public parks so we the neighbors are turning that around. >> carolyn: the event was sponsored by produce collective which connects farmers to the community. charlie sheen kicked off his 20-city tower last night but his performance, less than impressive. sheen was booed several times in detroit. the actor launched the tour after a highly public meltdown after the criticized the creator of "two and a half men" on tv. he was ultimately fired from the show but gained a cult following audience members said it just did not translate to the show. >> it was so bad. >> i won't turn on sheen but it thought it would be something more than it was.
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>> a total waste of money. absolutely was. >> not good. >> honestly, i felt really bad for him. everyone was booing. >> carolyn: after charlie sheen's flop. online ticket brokes said fans have been racing to get rid of tickets for the rest of the shows, including one in san francisco at the end of the month. klepto the cat back in the news. a look at his first walk on the catwalk. i. just another day in paradise. leigh glaser has the forecast for the week ahead. >> mike: the a's win the first of the season and do it with a a fashion statement. who punches their ticket to
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try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ [ male announcer ] old el pas. old el paso. feed your fiesta. >> carolyn: new meaning to the word catwalk. animals strutted their stuff at the spca fashion show with one sell built guest. klepto kitty! >> you know dusty, of course, made famous by the footage that caught him dragging dozens of items from neighbors' yard. he was adopted from the peninsula humane society in 2006. today's fashion show benefits
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the hope program that allows the shelter to treat animals with medical or behavioral issues and place them into new homes. he is wearing that prison garb. talk about his behavioral problem with stealing. leigh glaser is here now with the weather. we love klepto, and we're loving the weather. >> leigh: you're going to love it tomorrow, and then after that temperatures are going to cool down, and we're going to bring in a chance of more showers as we head into the latter part of the work week. just a delightful day, everybody out and about with high clouds. we're scanning from the mt. tam cam. you can see san francisco, and now ocean beach there great day to head to the coast with lots of sunshine. temperatures, we're still hide. 69 in concord. 64 in napa. san francisco, 60 degrees. 50s at the cost. half moon bay, 57.
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san jose, 64. pretty good sea breeze kicking up. westerly at 20 miles-per-hour. sfo, westerly, 13. oakland, and fairfield, out of the north at 9:00. 5 in concord. northeast at livermore. those offshore winds setting up, and those winds are going to warm us up monday afternoon. so clear skies tonight, sunny and warmer as we head into the offshore winds by tomorrow afternoon, and then as we get into mid-week, the cooler air mass will move in and bring in a chance of a few showers. the almost a cloud, free day. a few high clouds going by now but it's going to be pretty much clear. napa, a little warmer tonight as the north winds start to pick up. so 42 degrees there. you were in the 30s last night. 48 for san francisco. clear skies in livermore.
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antioch, 48. high pressure parked itself on the coast. it's pushing the storm track to the north and it will stay in this position for two more days. tomorrow, the warmest of the week as the offshore winds start to move in by tuesday, this will relax, push in towards the east, and temperatures will cool slightly on tuesday, and then by wednesday and thursday, area of low pressure brings us a colder air mass and chance of showers. 75 san jose tomorrow. pacifica, 62. mid-70s for palo alto. 70, san francisco. 73, petaluma. calistoga, 75. napa, 7 4. hercules, 74. mid-70s for oakland and fremont and interior east bay.
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brentwood, 77. 75 for concord. 74 for santa cruz, and hollister, 76 degrees. tuesday, slightly cooler, as we shave off a few degrees. wednesday, thickening clouds, area of low pressure moves in bringing us windy conditions. cool, showers, and we go from almost 80 tomorrow, dropping down by thursday. only in the upper 50s around here, and will warm next weekend. >> carolyn: a great day for baseball, and shu is here with sports. >> mike: the a's took advantage. they broke out their new uniforms, yellow tops and white pants, and the fashion statement worked. they got the first win of the season. and also raising $50,000 for japanese relief experts. gonzalez gives one up to langerhans. the mariners up 1-0. but the a's answer in the third. koko crisp, scores couscous
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kevin kouzmanoff. mark ellis writtens a single into left. willingham scores, a's 3-1. now top 7. two men on. gonzalez strikes out figgins. ends the inning. got his first win. bottom seven, matsui with a bloop single brings in a run. they go on to win it, 7-1 your final. >> giants and dodgers, game four of the september barry zito on the mound after a car wreck last week. zito gave up three runs in the first and the dodgers take the early 3-0 lead. top two pablo sandoval facing kuroda, see ya. cuts the lead to 3-1, and that's the score right now, top five. dodgers on top. highlights at 11:00. >> final four for the women from for
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indianapolis, stanford facing texas a&m. both teaming looking to punch their ticket to tuesday night's finals. the cardinal up three. texas a&m battles back. carter hits the 3, part of the 1-2 run for the aggies but the cardinal had a run of their own. murphy, dishes to michaela. more from the cardinal in the second half. peterson, stop and shoots. aggies rally again. adams driving baseline. drops in the fade-away. 7-0 a&m run. stanford answers with a 7-0 run of their own. 1:30 to play, carter from deep. hits the aggies down just one. under 30 to play, white driving baseline, laying it up and texas a&m wins it, 63-62. upsetting the number one seed in the west, stanford.
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>> let's tee it up. mickelson has not won a tournament since last year's masters which begins on tuesday. he shell oil in houston, he became the master. this little girl walked away with a new callaway ball from lefty. >> brad joe on the par-3 7th. on line. right club? couple bounces, the hole-in-one. now to the leader, lefty, from the fringe on nine. online, has the speed. first of five birdies in a row. scott verplank yanks the par putt, mickelson only gets stronger. par-3 16. nearly holes this. would make that short putt for birdie. oflefty on 18. 7-under 65 today. first win since last year's mavsest. >> first major of the year for
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women. long birdie on three. wins her first lpga event and it's a major, by three strokes over the defending champ, yani tseng. >> tennis, djokovic taking on nadal. rafa takes the first set. djokovic comes alive. has not lost a match this season. may be a new rivalry. nadal leading in the third set. trying to finish it off but djokovic would come back and end the tiebreak. match point, forehand winner of his own, undefeated with the three-set victory. >> raider wide receiver louis murphy was arrested, charged with possession of a drug without prescription. the drug in question? vie -- viagra 'he peeled off the
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label because he didn't want his girlfriend to know heed a a prescription for it. >> carolyn: i'll just leave that alone. the battle for the easter box office is underway. the winners, up next. male anno] using frontline plus shows your pet you care... by unleashing a complete killing force
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>> carolyn: the easter bunny is
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in the top spot at the box office. it debuted at number one with $38 million in ticket sales. the action thriller source code debuted at number two at 13 million. >> that is it for this edition of abc-7 news. see you
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