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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield. live at the oakland airport where passengers are dealing with cancelled southwest airlines flights and the news that cracks have been found in three more jets. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. preventing another pipeline disaster. federal regulators are taking action and you are invited to participate. >> good morning, cool numbers around the bay but we're going to warm up. in fact today will be the warmest day of the week. >> good start for monday morning. an earlier accident. live shot bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have an update on a mudslide on highway 116 coming
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up. >> kristen: frances is back and now we can roll and roll. >> eric: let's rock, i'll roll. and dozens of flights are being cancelled today while inspectors continue to look for cracks in the fuselage. amy hollyfield is live in oakland's international airport. amy? >> reporter: there is no panic here. i did a quick survey of passengers in line. one says she too old to be nervous. another said he was too tired. the dominant emotion here is frustration. southwest cancelled flights and that is not a good sign how the day will play out especially since this morning's news that three more southwest jet airliners have small, sub surface cracks. when we told passengers, they looked at it as a good thing. see, they are doing a good job and inspections are working.
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>> there is a lot of flights that go out. it's all positive. got to get to minneapolis. >> here a shot of what started it all. five-foot hole that tore open in the cabin roof area after a plane left for phoenix on friday. the plane landed four minutes later at a military base. no one was seriously hurt. since then, southwest has grounded its 79 other boeing 737s and inspecting them. they believe metal fatigue cracks and nearly 300 similar planes exist and there is a chance that the faa may order a close look at all of them. >> kristen: firefighters are on the scene of a mobile home fire in redwood city. it happened just after 2:00 a.m.
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at a mobile home park in 3000 block of east bay shore road. there is word on the scene that four people were treated for smoke inhalation. we're told that a teenager helped people get out of the burning mobile homes. there some on word on a possible cause. federal transportation officials are announcing a new program to make sure the nation's oil and pipelines are safe. terry mcsweeney joins us now. >> reporter: transportation secretary is announcing a program to repair and replace aging oil and gas pipelines to prevent deadly blasts like we had in san bruno last year and they had in allentown pennsylvania a few weeks ago. he will announce new regulations to strengthen inspection requirements and give the public better access to such information. there was a deadly explosion in
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philadelphia in january. he wants fines increased up to $250,000 a day but states have to lead wait on pipeline safety. >> we think we can send a lookout message by setting a standard. that the message go out to the states that they really have to maintain a high level of credibility with the people that they are serving. >> here in california, the state is leading the way. tomorrow night in san bruno the california public utilities commission will hold a five-hour public hearing about proposed gas line rule changes. these changes are designed to prevent explosions like the one in september that killed 8. among them, reducing pressure by 20% on older pipes if complete records are not available. and automatic shut-off valves. that meeting tomorrow night starts at 5:00 p.m. at san bruno senior center on crystal springs
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road. they want your comments on their proposed changes. >> eric: it's 5:05. prosecutors in the braerd trial are expected to finish questioning their final witness and wrap up their case today. he is accused of lying to a grand jury whether he knowingly used steroids. the credibility of a key prosecution witness was questioned last week. bonds' former business partner steve hoskins testified bonds and steroids in 50 conversations with bonds orthopedic surgeon but that surgeon dr. arthur king took the stand and denied ever having such discussions with hoskins. >> the star witness in chauncey bail trial is expected to resume testimony. broussard testified that yousef bey ordered him to kill bailey. yousef bey wanted the journalist
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department of education to stop an investigative story on the bakery's impending bankruptcy from being published. the trail that is not been in session since last wednesday when a juror called in sick. >> eric: oakland police are warning the public that a wanted murder suspect is armed and dangerous. a shooting happened about 5:30 saturday night inside a home. one man was killed. another was wounded and is expected to survive. police are searching for 31-year-old man. six feet tall, weigh about these 205 pounds, he was last seen driving a honda civic with the license plate on the screen. anyone who has seen him or the car should call 911 immediately. >> kristen: santa clara sheriff's office may have private security guards at
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valley medical center. supervisors will review an agreement between the medical center and sheriff's department and lieutenant and sergeant to replace civilian patrolling. it would add an extra operating cost of $128,000 in salary and benefits. >> eric: tomorrow top community college leaders will meet with lawmakers and possibly the governor to try to avoid deeper cuts in education. thousands of college student around the state rally at the capitol to preserve funding. state's budget crisis has already cost college university systems 400 to $500 million in cuts. lawmakers are threatening to battling the budget entirely with program cuts after republicans repeatedly blocked efforts to generate new revenues by extending a temporary tax
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increase that is about to expire >> kristen: california could face a teacher shortage in the near future. a number of becoming credentialed teachers fell 25% over the last year as they lay off existing teachers. education experts warn that it will drop sharply in the next few years as babyboomers begin to retire. at cal state university system is biggest providers of new teachers, it has fewer the half number of teaching students it had eight years ago. >> eric: lisa was saying this will a be week of weather change. >> it's indicative of april. we will see the warmest day of the week today. starting out with mid 50s in redwood city. the warm spot and elsewhere, 45 in los gatos. 48 in san rafael. 44 degrees in livermore.
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45 in napa. clear sky this morning. high pressure is building in today. we will feel warmer, as much 6-10 degrees warmer today as our winds switch and offshore component. couple weather systems our headed our way. first one from the gulf of alaska that is going to knock the temperatures down. second one has more moisture associated with it and looking at a high pressure ridge sliding to the east. that may allow a little rain coming in wednesday and thursday. today get set for, 72 in richmond. 75 in livermore. san jose, 76 and upper 60s in monterey. look ahead, look for a cooler day tomorrow and significant cooling in the middle of the week, maybe showers. frances has an update on a crash in atlanta. >> westbound 80 on the fifth street off-ramp, also have another delay for you, "h" train
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number one, running five minutes late. you can see live shot bay bridge toll plaza, svg flowing. car-pool lane opened up a couple minutes ago and couple more shots for you, no trouble across the golden gate bridge. traffic is light out of the north bay and nice ride across the san mateo bridge this morning. heads up if you shall traveling through monte rio, mudslide blocking 116 on redwood drive. one way traffic control in effect right now. >> kristen: nation's airlines get a record card. who came out on top and who came out on the bottom. >> eric: leading role a bay area lab to develop a new approach. >> and coming up later. blunt answer that charlie sheen gave an audience when she asked
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a new airline quality passenger survey shows the number of complaints about service are up but overall airlines are getting better. specifically, u.s. airlines has showed improvement on arrival times and not overbooking
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planes. the rate of damaging luggage is the lowest in years. delta had the highest rate with two complaints for every hundred thousand passengers served. united was number two and u.s. airways was number three. the airline with the fewest complaints, southwest. that usually is the way it is. alaska airlines had the second lowest complaints and mesa is third. >> a security breach may have exposed a personal data of thousands of customers of walgreen's, capital one, tivo, disney and other companies to hackers. a service called epselon handles billions of e-mails sends to customers. epselon on march 30th hackers broke into the system and got away with their names and e-mail addresses. credit card and other personal information was not exposed. the companies are warning customers be on the look on out
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for spam. >> eric: there is new approach to security. they are using computers to analyze computer behavior for suspicious activity. richard hart reports. >> a firewall protects the computer by censoring out suspicious content. >> so i know this computer with this name is bad, is doing bad things so i'll block that. >> anti-virus software searches the computer for suspicious content. now researchers at lawrence livermore have devised a new way. they monitor behavior. if a computer starts to behave suspiciously they pull the plug to the network. the heart of the technology is tiny app that takes up almost no memory and acts like a psychiatrist. it's to build a software model
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of the activity of 40,000 unclassified computers. so they know computers in travel department talk to finance. >> but they don't talk to the super computers. so if we see the computers start communicating with the super computers here, we will say that is unusual. >> the same super computers simulate nuclear reactions and simulate weather. next step is to simulate the internet. >> i think it can do that but we have to start somewhere. we can at least do simple operations. >> if unusual behavior is detected nobody can pull the plug but it will make it possible to detect suspicious behavior that doesn't show up on anyone's radar yet. the lab is sharing technology for private sector for use by the public. >> eric: google cofounder larry
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page moves back to the ceo's office. he was the chief executive from the founding from 1998 until 2001 when eric smit was hired. page's return sends a signal to silicon valley that risk taking go still matter at google. they say his detached personality and avoidance of the spotlight could cause problems. >> the hearst corporation is debating to charge a fee for the chronicle. for the paper's new i-pod application by end of next month. half the story would be restricted to paying subscribers. no word on what the fee may look like. >> eric: we are seeing a lot of changes in the weather.
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>> i got another one for you. maybe not beyond that because we do have a couple weather systems coming our way that loo l lead to cooler weather and chance of showers with breezy conditions by the middle to the end of the week. live look and we have clear to partly cloudy conditions across the bay area. numbers have dropped around the coast. 41 in half moon bay. 43 in livermore valley. 50 for oakland. 47 in livermore and 50 this morning in mountain view. so a little cool this morning to start out but today it will be sunny and warmer than yesterday. so today, count on the warmest day of the week. we have two other weather systems headed our way. the first one headed our way tomorrow to cool us down. another one to bring even chilly air with a chance of showers by the middle of the week. here is satellite picture and you can see a weather system to the north of us. this will continue to stay north as high pressure builds on in
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today but next weak system is up here in the gulf of alaska. that will bring the cooler air our way tomorrow. today, a fair weathermaker. high pressure building in. we've got warmer weather in the upper levels of the atmosphere today that will be working down to the surface providing a wind shift. campbell 76. 74 in santa clara and 70s in the south bay. 60s returning to the coast. 63 in half moon bay. 75 in menlo park. 76 in los altos. san francisco coming in at 70 today. sunshine for the sunset and richmond district in the 60s. there was normal weather here in the north bay. we'll see highs climb to the mid-70s from novato and sonoma. 72 in vallejo. near east bay, lower 70s by the water's edge in berkeley. as you head down to san leandro and fremont and even union city topping out about 75.
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out over the hills, beautiful day. 75 to concord. livermore, 75 and monterey bay, even by the water. upper 60s in monterey. gilroy warms to 77. take a look. seven-day forecast, features the warmest day today. coming down as much as five to seven degrees tomorrow. then by wednesday, we're talking breezy showers coming our way wednesday night into thursday. it's chilly, maybe frost by saturday morning and a little warmer next week. >> one crash reported in san francisco, westbound 80 coming off the bay bridge on the sky way. we have a live shot here. it was right here on the off ramp, partially blocking a lane. i would like peter taylor and scott lawler. they make me feel welcome back. now, there is a delay on "h" train number one.
5:21 am
running five minutes late. other mass transit systems looking good. if you are thinking about driving through altamont pass, no delays, less than 20 minutes from tracy to the dublin interchange. more drive times for your ride to work by going to our website at >> eric: she thanked peter and scott, what about us? >> kristen: we know how she feels. >> eric:, okay. china launches a crackdown on dissidents and the fate of a world-renowned artist. >> and pioneering news anchor may be looking for a new digs. >> and infamous klepto cat steals the show for a good cause. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. years. >> in china a renowned artist is prevented from leaving a country. list raided his vacant studio. he is an outspoken dissident. china has launched a crackdown against lawyers and activists since february when online protests similar to those in the middle east and north africa begin to circulate. >> eric: widespread reports that katie couric is leaving her post
5:25 am
in cbs news her contract expires in early june and according to the press, she is expected to step down and launch a talk show sometime next year. they have made no comments about the report. she would leave the news desk less than five years after becoming the first woman to solo anchor a network tv evening newscast. >> and charlie sheen revamped his monday man show on sunday and this time it ended with a standing ovation. his one man show was so bad people chanted refunds. in chicago he turned into a talk show style format with a master ceremony asking questions. nearly 4,000 people attended the show. among the highlights, how many times he had been married, he responded 7,000. that is why i'm broke. when asked why he paid for sex, he said, quote, because i have millions to blow and i ran out of things to buy.
5:26 am
his tour will come to san francisco on april 30th. >> eric: a local celebrity, a master thief used his powers for good for the animal fashion show. >> dusty, the cat made famous by the nighttime surveillance footage that caught him stealing hundreds things from neighbor yards. he was adopted by the humane society. it allows the shelter to treat animals with issues and place them in new homes. >> does he look sorry there. no more. >> and investigators find cracks in more southwest planes. we're live what it means for flight cancellations today. >> the barry bonds perjury trial
5:27 am
may go to the jury in the next few days. why legal experts think the home run king will score a not guilty victory. >> and latest on a deadly small plane crash just outside the owning airport and why investigators haven't moved the aircraft. >> good morning, klo cloudy conditions along the west coast. residents are waking up to showers from chicago down to texas with flight delays in detroit, washington, d.c. and a wet snow is developing in the mountains of new england. one to three inches there. watch out for airports from the midwest to the northeast. if you need more information on flights, check out flight tracker at
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>> reporter: barry bonds perjury
5:30 am
trial is drawing to an end. what is coming up today and some say the former giant. >> we're looking at 40s and 50s and today the warmest and sunniest day of the week. >> one crash for you in san francisco. it's on the westbound 80 off-ramp. that is it right now. tell you about an "h" train delay coming up. >> eric: 5:30. thank you for coming along with us. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: and i'm kristen sze. prosecutors in barry bonds trial are expected to rest their case. next at bat. the defense team. terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom with a preview and the latest legal analysis. >> reporter: it's going to be brief one at that. prosecution is expected to call one more witness. anti-doping expert and then read a transcript of grand jury transcript into the record and that is it. the question is, will all the
5:31 am
prosecution has presented will be enough to convict bonds of lying to a grand jury an obstructing justice. legal experts say perjury cases are always tough to prove because you have to prove the defendant knowingly lied and that he knowingly used steroids. they were able to present a witness that she saw bonds receive a shot from a personal trainer greg anderson. steve hoskins said he talked to a doctor dozens of times about steroids at bonds' request. dr. king testified they never had that conversation. legal analyst dean johnson says the defense is f it ain't broke, don't fix it. it feels the prosecution has not proved its case and put on little evidence. johnson expects closing arguments on tuesday and the jury verdict shortly thereafter. bonds facing a total of five
5:32 am
counts, one guilty verdict would be a victory for the prosecution and a surprise to many in the legal profession. >> eric: star witness in a chauncey bail murder trial is expected back on the witness stand. last week. broussard that yousef bey ordered him to kill bailey. broussard said bey wand the journalist dead to stop a tenure on impending bankruptcy for the bakery. the trial had a has not been in session since last monday because the illness of an alternate juror. >> you can expect a lot more flight cancellations on southwest today. after one of the planes tore a hole in the fuselage mid flight last friday. amy hollyfield has the latest on what is happening. >> reporter: inspections have turned up cracks in three more
5:33 am
southwest airlines jets but it hasn't created any panic here at the airport. there are some annoyed passengers, more flight cancellations. yesterday they cancelled 300 flights. this morning, we see 8 flights cancelled here in oakland. those are all scheduled to leave before 8:00 this morning. but the travelers don't feel nervous about flying them today. many of them are business travelers and traveling is a necessity. being on the ground is full of risks, too. many are glad the inspections are happening. they say they are working. >> they are planes and they are going to have to start looking at them, they are old planes and try to introduce maintenance. from what i understand, it's been a year since they have looked at some of these planes. >> reporter: this all started friday when a five-foot wide hole opened up mid flight on a
5:34 am
southwest flight from phoenix to san francisco. they say metal fatigue was the cause. they grounded 79 of the boeing 737 so they could inspect them. again, they have found cracks in three other jets. nationwide we have 300 similar jets and everybody is waiting on whether the faa will order an insbex specks of all of those -- inspection of all of those jets. >> and unrelated emergency landing of a southwest flight that originated from oakland. last night a flight from oakland to san diego landed safely in los angeles international airport after passengers reported an electrical burning smell in the cabin. passengers were unharmed and got another plane and continued to san diego. a southwest spokesperson says the carrier only flies boeing 737s but not sure if this was
5:35 am
the same model. >> eric: federal investigators will be back to a small plane crash in alameda. it went down yesterday afternoon and the aircraft was left at the scene overnight so they could look for clues. it took off from oakland and the pilot died in the crash. witnesses say they heard the plane's engine can you tell out and saw the pilot try to make a crash landing. he appeared to be avoiding a family at shoreline. a santa cruz man is medically induced coma as doctors try to reduce the brain swelling following a beating at dodgers stadium. two men attacked him as he was leaving the game last thursday night. los angeles police have released these sketches. they have offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the suspect.
5:36 am
san francisco mayor and l.a. mayor issued a joint statement calling on fans to rise above the outrageous act and show mutual respect for each other. they have a fund-raiser to pay for his medical expenses. find at link >> they are calling on city and county officials to do more to rebuild trust in local law enforcement. faith based leaders and minority residents say they want police reforms to root out what they are call biased based policing. san jose's police chief is expected to attend. community leaders will ask officials to provide training for all police officers and to assign some of them to work with neighborhood residents for at least one year. >> it's beautiful. >> eric: not a cloud.
5:37 am
>> kristen: i think lisa has more. >> we do have several weather systems that will rotate through the bay area this week. a warmer air mass and starting out with numbers in the 40s and 50s. good morning. 43 so the winds are light and in san francisco, showing you some of that. 44 in los gatos. cooler air this morning but it's clear out there. we're on our way to sunny afternoon. in fact it will be warmer. winds are going to shift around to offshore component. two weather systems headed our way. second one will give us a chance of showers by wednesday night into thursday. a ridge of high pressure building in allowing the storm track to stay to the north. there is an area of low pressure here, that will allow for cooling trend to begin as soon as tomorrow. today, get set for numbers to come out throughout the
5:38 am
afternoon. by noontime, 50s and 60s then by later on this afternoon, more 60s and upper 70s around the bay. look ahead, cooling tomorrow. increasing clouds wednesday. maybe rain wednesday night into thursday. but then much colder air by the end of the workweek, a few showers and warming up by next weekend. >> good morning. "h" train number one is running 6 minutes late but other mass transit systems still look pretty good as you look outside, no delays out on the freeways. earlier crash has been cleared and live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. shows traffic looking good. here is 101 and 880 in san jose, headlights on north 101 and problem free all the way out of morgan hill and gilroy up into san francisco. >> eric: it's 5:38. >> still ahead the peninsula police force that will soon no longer exist. >> eric: also police launch a
5:39 am
major crackdown on distracted drivers. next, who they will be looking out for. >> kristen: close, but close enough? financial supporters are trying to save baseball at u.c. to save baseball at u.c. berkeley. introducing honey bunches of oats, raisin medley. there's nothing like it! the only cereal with 1, 2, 3 kinds of raisins and crunchy multigrain flakes. you gotta try new honey bunches
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> eric: it's 5:41.
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a budget crisis is forcing another peninsula city to eliminate its police force. half moon bay city council voted this weekend to contract out law enforcement services to the san mateo county sheriff's department. they face a $3 million budget deficit. half moon bay spends about $3.5 million a year on 12-member police force. contracting with the county will save half million dollars a year. san carlos did a similar move six months ago. half moon bay's police staff will be offered job with several other departments. >> starting today, chp and police agencies will launch a month long crackdown on distracted drivers. they will be increasing patrols for hand-held phone calls and text messaging. more than 350,000 people have been ticketed. nearly 6,000 more have been cited for the texting ban.
5:43 am
>> cal baseball fans are hoping to get the confirmation the team will play ball next fall. a spokesperson for chancellor says an announcement will come until tomorrow. they announced they raised $9 million in private funds which is close to the $10 million the chancellor said would be needed to save the sport from the budget ax. university says it needs to be responsible and make sure the donation pledges are solid. >> kristen: mcdonald's goes on a hiring spree. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> and homeowner says berkeley police may have gone overboard in shooting and killing his dog. >> kristen: setbacks, rebels in libya score a major victory against moammar gadhafi. >> a genetic discovery that scientists say opens a window for treatment of alzheimer's disease. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
5:44 am
it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
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good monday morning, waking up to clear skies around the bay area today. temperatures warming up. upper 60s in monterey with upper 70s in the act is valley.
5:47 am
look for 79 in los angeles. 90 in palm springs. warmer than tomorrow for today and showers, details coming up. >> in libya, rebels are backing control of the strategic oil town of brega as the they send an envoy to discuss an end to the fighting. the u.s. military pulled the warplanes and shifting to a support role today. they were to withdraw them on saturday but nato requested for a 48-hour extension. moammar gadhafi has told a prime minister in greece that the libyan leader wants a way out of crisis. two of his sons want want a plan to end the conflict. >> they are trying to trace a path of leaking radioactive water at nuclear power complex
5:48 am
in japan. they used a dye to pin down where the water is coming from. a crack was found over the weekend. radioactive water pooling around the plant is preventing crews from powering up the cooling systems that would stabilize overheated reactors. government officials say it will likely before months before the cooling system is restored. >> the oakland a's have raised thousands of dollars for victims of the earthquake and tsunami. >> at least 20,000 fans showed up for japanese heritage day for the a's faced off the mere mariners yesterday. and hideki matsui appeared on the field before the first pitch. a's have raised $50,000 for japanese relief effort and donate one dollar for every ticket sold to japanese relief efforts.
5:49 am
>> eric: bicycle and pedestrian improvements may be paying off in marin county where it shows that more people are biking or walking instead. it increased 46% in 2010 compared to a similar study from 2007. bicycling increased 85% and walking rates increased 10%. weekend walking jumped 33%. public works officials say that two new bike paths in san rafael and other improvements to make it safer. >> doesn't it feel like a goldie locks day. not too hot or cool. >> but for monday we have it quiet and that is what we have. temperatures this morning, we have 40s and 50s. a few clouds around but high pressure a fair weathermaker
5:50 am
will allow for some warmer weather today and don't get too used to it. today the warmest day of the week. good morning, napa, 45 for you. 50 in mountain view. 54 in livermore valley and concord at 50 this morning. 48 i should say. 50 in oakland. >> leading to sunshine and with light winds, a bit of a wind shift down at the surface will allow the warmer weather to head our way, anywhere 6-8 degrees warmer and weather system brings a cool down. second weather system bringing a chance of showers and even colder air by the end of the workweek. here is the setup. notice california in between the clouds. that is high pressure building in to the west coast. weather system is going to drop down from the north and going to bring onshore winds. much warmer today with numbers feeling pretty good out there. as we head through the rest of the week, don't put away those
5:51 am
umbrellas. 74, santa clara and look for 77 in los gatos. heading up the peninsula, numbers range from the mid-70s for los gatos to 75 in los altos. the coast a little bit warmer, low 60s and those winds will abate so feeling pretty nice, from the richmond and sunset district. 70 in downtown and south city checking in with 69 degrees. sonoma, 75 for you and warmer to the north but even san rafael, 73 today and west winds are backing off. oakland as well as fremont and out over the hills, getting even a little bit warmer with 76 in antioch and danville today. fairfield, inn. down by the monterey bay, out of the 50s with less winds, it should filed pretty good. 74 in santa cruz, a few more clouds and with more cloud cover we could see rain, light cold rain wednesday night into
5:52 am
thursday. at this point the weekend looks like it will be warming up between now and then, enjoy the warmer air today. if you are leaving hercules and heading on to interstate 80. need to know about the closure, connection ramp from highway 4 to eastbound 80 is closed, will be closed in the next eight minutes from 6:00 until 2:00 this afternoon for pavement repair. keep that in mind. as we take a look 80 in berkeley traffic is still flowing around. that is westbound direction for headlights moving toward the bay bridge. toll plaza where there is no delays. and "h" train number one, it's still running about 6 minutes late. other mass transit systems looking good and traffic is flowing well around the rest of the bay area. of course, you can get traffic whenever you want by going to our website at it's
5:53 am
under the bay area traffic link. >> eric: frances, nice to see you back. >> kristen: we have a warning to millions of people who bank or shop online. >> eric: here is jane king with this mornings's money scope report. >> if you do banking, pharmacy or electronic shopping online, you may be a victim of security breach. best buy, citigroup and tivo among the companies warning a breach may have allowed a hacker. all the companies use the same e-mailing market the firm epselon. they are asking ignore e-mails asking for personal information. higher close faster expected jobs growth and bidding war for the new york stock exchange. mcdonald's is going on a hiring spree, 50,000 summer jobs and they are trying to fight off the
5:54 am
mcjob image. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> eric: the berkeley police department is reviewing an officer's decision to shoot and kill a pit bull during a police raid. the dog's owner says it was unnecessary force. 25-year-old man says the officer shot his dog point blank in the head after police raided his house saturday night. berkeley police several officers went to the home in 3200 block of shad okay after the report of gunshots. he let them know he had a one-year-old pit bull that was friendly. when police found he was shooting an air pistol he says the mood shifted. >> he said everything was okay. he was laughing at the window. don't worry about it. don't worry about it.
5:55 am
i told him the dog is friendly and he shot him. >> eric: police officer says he shot the dog because it was growling on and moving towards him. the department is calling it an unfortunate situation. >> kristen: major recall of turkey burgers. jenny-o has recalled 55,000 pounds of frozen, raw turkey burgers. they were sold at sam clubs stores. they are labeled all natural turkey burgers. 12 people including california have become ill over the last four months. if you bought one, return it to sam's club for a full refinanced. for full refund. >> and president obama wants to be called president obama for another four years. he wants to run for reelection. this video featured comments
5:56 am
from supporters talking about why the nation needs to reelect the president. his reelection campaign is setting a lofty fund-raising goal. they hope to raise one billion dollars. the president 2008 campaign shattered donation records raised $750 million. >> two new medical studies are proving new clues how and why alzheimer's disease strikes. researchers found that five genes make it more likely in the elderly. it supports theories that high cholesterol and inflammation is part of the alzheimer's process. doctors hope the findings could lead to progress to figure out its biology. >> just ahead, at 6:00 a.m., if you are winning, the very blunt answer charlie sheen gave to an
5:57 am
audience. >> and new problem that forced another southwest flight, one that left from oakland to make an emergency landing last night. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. what to do with gas pipelines and san bruno disaster does not repeat itself. federal government announcing a plan today. puc wants your input on its plan. the story is coming up in a live report.
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