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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. major air scare. cracks found in three more southwest planes. 600 flights canceled. are we really safe in the skies? could you react fast enough if your plane started plummeting? fatal words. defiance from the florida preacher who burned the koran. touching off protests halfway around the world. >> you're willing to die for this. >> yes, we are. definitely. >> why he says his beliefs are more important than the lives of american soldiers. anchor aweigh. katie couric set to step down. is she aiming for oprah answer
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mantle on day time? and charlie sheen. the moments that audiences were on their feet and cringing in their seats. hello, everyone. happy monday. robin roberts on her spring break today. glad to welcome elizabeth vargas. >> good morning. we were both just on spring breaks recently. the stories with southwest airlines hit home. >> a flight from oakland to san diego had to be diverted last night. other breaking news. president obama became the first candidate to officially join the 2012 campaign for president. he e-mailed the announcement. in past campaigns, challengers have made the first moves. >> they've been the first to dip
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their toe into the water. >> not this time. >> we don't know who is going to be running yet. we have an exclusive with former president bill clinton, talking about whether we should be in libya right now. >> she talked to him about the clinton goebl initiative. that's coming up. and we have a big announcement this morning about "gma" and lady gaga this morning. let's get to the serious news of the morning. the latest with southwest airlines. the airline said they found more cracks in the planes. on friday, a 5-foot hole opened up in the ceiling of a 737. lisa stark has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. southwest says they found cracks in three additional planes. there are more inspections to go.
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the airline will scrutinize some of the older 737s. all this after the terrifying moments on the flight from phoenix to sacramento. this is the part of the plane that broke apart. it's headed to washington, d.c. for microscopic analysis. they have found fatigue cracks all along the section that broke apart. >> we have clear evidence that the skin separated at the lower rivet line. >> reporter: the question, why weren't the cracks found in previous inspections? there were no intensive inspections required on this part of the aircraft because no one thought krax would develop here? >> now we may have to check them at places we never thought we would before. >> reporter: assume this balloon
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is the fuselage. you take up a, the plane pressurizes, it expands. when you descend, it contracts. those movements stress the metal. it was a dangerous moment when the ceiling opened up. oxygen masks were needed to breathe. pilots reacted immediately. the crew turned the jet sharply to the right, pushed the nose down. losing more than 20,000 feet in just 4:30. the initial thought was to return to phoenix. the situation was so critical the crew made a beeline for the closer military airport. the old ter plane is, the more takeoffs and landings, the more likely to develop krax. many of them are not visible to the faked eye. you need sophisticated equipment to find them. >> are they going to ruse them?
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this plane was just inspected a few weeks ago. >> they were not looking in this area. this calls into question the whole inspection program. >> two passengers reportedly faint because they didn't get their masks on quickly enough. >> you really only have several seconds to get it on before you lose oxygen. every flyer sees the videos before takeoff. how quickly could you react? ron claiborne put himself to the test. >> good morning, george. when a plane has a rapid decompression, you have to get the mask on fast. you will have difficulty breeting quickly if not. if they don't get under 14,000 feet within four minutes, brain damage can occur. i was subjected to a simulation. it's a harrowing experience. if you fly, you have seen these pre-flight safety videos. >> it's unlikely.
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but if cabin pressure changes -- >> oxygen masks with appear. >> reporter: if you're like most people, you ignore them. they could save your life. how much time do you have to get the mask on and working? >> it depends on the decompression. sometimes it's minutes. others, it koubd two to three seconds. >> reporter: what happens if you don't get your mask on intime? at training center, the instructors showed me what it would feel like. >> complete seal over your nose and mouth. >> reporter: they slowly lowered oxygen rates pip began to feel faint. closer to the 2:00 mark, i was so light-headed i was making frequent errors on what should have been an easy test. i began to hit the screen so hard it shook.
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frustrated and fatigued, at the 4:00 mark, i could barely breathe. in every row, there's an extra oxygen mask so if you're traveling with a child, there's one for you and the child. put your mask on first and then the child. if a rapid decompression like the southwest flight, the mask dropped quickly. in a slow decompression, usually caused by a small leak, it can be tricky. passengers and crew may not notice the first effects. fatigue, mental confusion, dulled reflexes. if they don't get oxygen in time, unconsciousness. that happened back in 1999 when payne stewart's private plane had a slow decompression. that plane crashed. killing all four on board. flyers need to be ready. >> it was something to watch you
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there. the effects lasted for several hours? >> for several hours. light headed. mental confusion. it was tough. very unpleasant. now we turn to the protests in afghanistan for the fourth straight day. demonstrators there rioting over the actions of pastor terry jones whose church burned the koran on march 20th. you talked to him, matt, how did he seem? >> he seemed coherent. he said this was something hay planned to do. the same preacher and church that planned to burn 200 koran's back on september 11th. a few weeks ago, they did it. it got on youtube and shot across the world. this is what it looks like in afghanistan this weekend.
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over 20 dead. violence sparked by the burning of a single koran at this tiny florida church. general petraeus condemned it. >> that action was hateful. it was intolerant. >> reporter: pastor terry jones said his beliefs are more important. even at the expense of an american soldier or two or ten? >> i would have to say yes. perhaps in the long run, we have saved hundreds or thousands of lives. >> reporter: a lot of americans would disagree. i'm sure the mothers of those boys would, too. >> we do not take that lightly. we cannot allow it to eat us up. >> reporter: and the death threats are streaming in. >> right now, we have over 300. today, i believe ten came in. >> reporter: some so specific, they named the date, time, and place that jones would be killed. but jones and his assistant, the man who lit the match to burn
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the koran, say they're not afraid. you're willing to die for this? >> yes, we are. yes, very definitely. that's actually how important we feel it is. jr. jones and his few remaining followers are always armed. can we see? >> sure. >> reporter: this is a church that is increasingly isolated. it's parishioners have left the church. how many? >> basely all. >> they would have to turn out more manpower. it's bigger than the fall as far as potential threats. >> reporter: the fbi and the local police have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars protecting this place. they say they're more interested in protecting the neighbors and that the church its. now to the announcement.
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president clinton will run for president in 2012. imcame in an e-mail shortly after 5:00 a.m. eastern. the official papers will be filed later today. jake tapper joins us with more. the slogan is, it begins with us. the president didn't appear in the video. >> reporter: that's right, george. this video and the initial phase of the campaign is aimed at two groups of new voters. the new voters that went for obama in 2008 and have not been that engaged since and new voters for 2012. they believe it will be a tight election. the way they can win is by expands the elect rorate. there's a kid in the video saying he didn't vote in 2008 because he wasn't old enough. >> the other reason they want a low-key announcement is the virus crises the president is
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dealing with. the government shutdown. can you see any progress? >> reporter: they're cautiously optimistic. the president talked to speaker boehner and senate majority leader reid over the weekend. they've been talking about it in terms of getting something done by saturday morning. that's the hope. >> that is the hope. the republicans say they want the avoid the shutdown as well. now from president obama to an exclusive interview with the last democrat who won a second term at president. bianna golodryga spoke with president bill clinten in california. she began with the crisis in libya, asking president clinton to respond to those that say what happens there is not a core concern of the united states. >> i take a broader view of our national interests. i think we're trying to build a world in which people resolve their differences in nonviolent ways. and we're trying to build a
7:13 am
world with no ruler can cavalierly kill its unarmed civilians. think for the united states to be on the side of this freedom movement, without implying that we have interest or the capacity to send armed forces on the ground and to do everything is a good thing. i think we have greater capacity with missiles to take out the airfields and air defense systems that we did early in the action. >> should we be arming the rebels now? it's an issue that's come up. we don't know who these people are? >> i would -- i might need to know a little more. i would be inclined to do it. i sure wouldn't shut the door to it. since hillary became the secretary of state, i go out of my way to get security briefings. i'm speaking just for myself. >> reporter: we spoke to president clinton at the san
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diego food bank. college students came here to volunteer. >> their ideas in energy are infectio infectious. we're trying to take the best of them and get the more well heeled members to take their ideas across the world. >> reporter: we saw your daughter moderate a panel yesterday. what was she talking about? >> she was moderating the panel on college affordability. she wanted to moderate and wanted to know, are we maximizing what is there for students? in the last decade, when the costs wept up, we continued to be first in the world in the percentage of our young people going to college. we fell all the way to 12th in the percentage of young adults, 24 to 35 with four-year degrees. that's a troubling thing. >> reporter: the economy is the number one topic. focusing on jobs is your next
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big venture. what can we expect to see? >> i hope that we will see a hole spate of ideas and commitments about what can be done now. not oh, if only the congress and the president would do this. what can we be doing now to speed up the creation of jobs? we need to be growing at about 225,000, 250,000 jobs a month for a couple of years. we have the capacity. we should be retrofitting every state, county, and local government building. put people to work. >> reporter: i have to ask you about washington. negotiations are going on to avoid a possible government shutdown. do you think the president is giving in too much? >> i don't know yet. there are fixes where it's shut
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down but not. you leave basic services open. and, i think it could hurt the republican ifs it looks like the democrats have a reasonable offer. >> reporter: and of course raising the debt limit is next. >> i don't think the president should be buffaloed by that. if the republicans refuse to raise the debt limit, they're playing russian roulette with our credit rating. >> reporter: should he take on those that question where he was born. donald trump questions it now. should the president say, i'm sick of taking the high road and just fight back or handle this once and for all? >> i think he will fight back. one of the elemental rules of combat is you don't want to get in your opponent's way if he's shooting himself in the foot. >> as for tackling the deficit,
7:17 am
president clinton praised the findings of the bipartisan commission. major cuts have to be made. they should start in 2012, when we know the economy is growing again. banks still are not lending enough. that's one of the issues that cgi america will be focusing on. the president's kept to the diet. >> he's still vegan. >> incredible. now to the explosive sexual harassment case against yale university. a group of young women and men exposing a hidel culture on campuses. taking their allegations to court. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: it's called the preseason scouting report. an e-mail circulated to fraternities on the 40th anniversary of women arriving at yale. it con tans names of freshman women rated on a beer scale frp from i would have sex with you sober to i would have sex with
7:18 am
you blackout drunk. this is one of many grievances in a suit filed. >> if ever where you turn, there's someone who has violated another person's bodily agency, they're near you, how are you supposed to go about having those great, bright college years? >> reporter: the complaint says the school has had an inadequate response and has violated title ix requirements. >> do the women feel safe? can they take advantage of the opportunities on their campus? according to the complaintants, no. >> reporter: if an e-mail to abc news, they said we assure members of the xhupt and those
7:19 am
beyond our community that yale does not tolerate sexual harassment. this night time video of yale students chanting is so offensive, we can't play it all the way through. >> we have a problem. the failure must end. >> reporter: over the next month, the office of civil rights will conduct a climate check here at yale. if the investigation determines that the university is not in compliance with title ix and the university doesn't fix problem, they stand to lose more than $500 million in federal funding. >> plenty of incentive. time to check in for the weather with sam champion. a series of storm from the midwest to the east. >> yeah, good morning, elizabeth. sometimes the forecast is so troublesome. they issue an outbreak watch or warning. we'll start with how many we have had this the last 24 hours. as we hook through kansas, iowa,
7:20 am
more than 300 reports of severe weather. this is a gust-nado. the outbound flows are so powerful, they pick up the debris and swirl it. that's just part of the action. more than to 0 reports of hail yesterday. it will happen again today. the possibility of tornadoes exists from member sis to nashville to pittsburgh. it's a rough pattern of weather over the next 24, 36 hours. a
7:21 am
>> more on today's severe weather in the next half hour. elizabeth? george? >> thanks so much. coming up, charlie sheen. people fleeing his shows. we have your front row seat to the violent torpedo of truth tour. and for the first time, the
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the flight landed on back up systems when the plane lost its electronics and passengers evacuated. some passengers had to be treated for minor injuries. flight 497 had been due to arrive at sfo this morning. an update on the morning commute. >> backed up about 15 minute wait at toll crossing. >> approaching 238 there was a big rig accident and traffic is heavy as you make your way toward san leandro. and westbound 237. a very heavy traffic from 880. >> and when we come back, lisa argen has s s s s s s s s s s s [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads.
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view from mount tam. lots of sunshine and sitting at 46 in fremont. 50. n redwood city. high pressure building into the state today. that means more 70s. 70 in san francisco. 76 and 75 in san jose. slightly cool are tomorrow. maybe rain
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♪ i'm on the the right track baby i was born this way ♪ lady gaga, maybe the most popular pop star on the planet right now. we have something to tell you about her. it's about lady gaga and "gma." it's coming up in a couple of minutes. >> i can't get that song out of my head. i love lady gaga. >> my girls are excited about this announcement this morning. coming up, charlie sheen. he rocked detroit and chicago this weekend. a lot of people wanted their money back. our andrea canning was in the show. she was this the audience. she has her t story later on. get this, the manifesto is
7:31 am
tonight we trade our vanity for insanity. our stupidity for smart-idity. >> that's copping up. we also have the comedian, chris rock. >> are we going to have a finger on the delete button in your interview with chris. >> i don't know if we'll need it. we'll go fresh off the disaster debut of his road show in detroit, charlie sheen tried it again in chicago. your interview has gotten more than 10 million hits, i imagine you had to go undercover last night. >> reporter: yeah, no, not quite, george. there was no wig or sun glasses here. i don't think anyone recognized me. charlie took the boos in detroit
7:32 am
and turned them into cheers here. i talked to charlie's people last night. they were happy with the show. they started tweaking it immediate lfr after what happened this detroit. they turn it into one long interview-style show. they dealt with everything. >> give it up for charlie sheen! >> reporter: what a difference a night makes. charlie sheen appeared to be -- >> i'm bi- >> reporter: -- winning here in chicago. but the cringe-worthy moments didn't disappoint. from a rambling poem. >> i stand before you, oh, captain, my captain. to most humbly and often fumblely praise you for this radical ripple. >> reporter: to the price of fame. >> i can't go into a [ bleep ]
7:33 am
store any more. >> reporter: he went through his bag. no one was offlimits in the two-hour show, including the president. >> isn't he from here is this he's from here, yeah. dry to get him on the [ bleep ] phone. >> reporter: george clooney. even al gore. >> i discovered the internet and crack on the same night. i want to give al gore credit for both. >> reporter: you feel like this is his come back? >> it was funny. >> reporter: did he seem well? >> sober, without a doubt. >> there were times where i thought it was a little slow and that he wasn't making any real point. >> he had though direction. there's no principle to it. >> reporter: it was a much-needed boost for the tour. saturday in detroit, sheen was booed off stage and fans demanded their money back.
7:34 am
>> who here has tried crack? >> reporter: even our abc interview was parodied in the show. >> i do have my version of "20/20" interview. >> are you on anything right now? >> of course i'm on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. >> reporter: in chicago, people had to be told to go home. >> nobody is leaving. nobody is leaving. >> reporter: and the tour will go on. next up is cleveland tomorrow. but charlie sheen still has "two and half men" on his mind. he said last night in the show, he wants his job back. >> he was very open about that. maybe the chicago show will help get the ticket sales back up. >> he wants "two and half men" back now after haul that trashing? >> of course he does. there's a lot of money at stake. it's being called one of the biggest internet security breaches every.
7:35 am
customers of best buy and walgreens and other companies had their private information stolen. citi group and chase banks are also affected. customer credit card numbers are safe. beware of smam e-mail. the federal government is announcing plans to repain aging oil and gas pipelines in your neighborhood. the announcement will be made in allentown, pennsylvania. a similar explosion to what happened there in california last september killed eight. katie couric is moving on. the associated press says she's leaving the cbs evening news after nearly five years to launch a syndicate td talk show. two games, two upsets in women's college basketball. texas a and b took the lead and beat stanford, ouch. that's my alma mater. earning the first ever trip to
7:36 am
the national championship. and notre dame stunned uconn. derailing the huskies' run for a third straight title. if you want to know who is going to win tonight on the men's side, our favorite gorilla is back at it again. she uses the bag under the box with, drum roll please, uconn. sorry, butler. she nailed the predictions last week. she's on a roll. >> i would like to know what her method is. >> you heard it here first. put your money down. >> follow the banana. >> i think the secret is the fruit in the wag. let's get to the boards. we've got some storms to talk about. this is likely to be, the next 24 hours, any way, the outbreak times. vivid lightning in dallas overnight and in the morning. an awful lot firing up there. we have the powellerful cold front. the jet stream is wrapped up in this as well.
7:37 am
anyplace in red here, down into central florida, and up into pennsylvania, also into the morning tomorrow morning. we're concerned about the really big-sized hail. the frequent lightning and the damaging winds and possibilities of tornadoes. stay up in that red zone, with your local abc stations. in the west, fair and beautiful. denver coming in at 56. dallas >> here's a look ahead at your monday morning "gma" morning menu. the family of the trainer killed at seaworld breaks their silence today here on "gma." and a special announcement.
7:38 am
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it is now more than a year since a whale trainer named dawn brancheau was killed doing what she loved. she was pulled underwater by a whale and was killed. that whale is back in the show. in a moment, we'll hear from the family. but first, more on the sister and daughter they lost. a dedicated trainer. a passionate animal lover. her childhood dream was to work at seaworld.
7:42 am
the dream became her reality. have she loved the whales. loved her work. she was one of the best there is. >> reporter: last february, the 40-year-old trainer was filmed just moments before her untimely dret. the killer whale, tilikum, dragged her into the water by her pony tail. >> smarted shaking her violently. >> reporter: following her death, the park banned trainers from being in the water with all whales. tilikum has a history of violence. he was involved in two other human deaths. just last week, seaworld allowed him to perform. some activists are worried. >> he's a time bomb in my opinion. if anybody comes close to him, trust me, he's going to grab somebody. >> reporter: the shocking death of brancheau caused seaworld to
7:43 am
take a closer look at the safety system. they're trying to protect their staff. and joining me now are some of dawn brancheau's siblings, tom, dar lean, and don's mother, marion. welcome to you all. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> you have been silent for the last year. i can see this is an emotional day just to be here. why are you deciding to speak out now? >> elizabeth, i think if you have seen pictures of my sister, they've been all over the internet and the news, you see what a beautiful person she was. her beauty was not on the outside. it came from within. she touched so many people's lives. and i think when this tragedy happened, obviously, it devastated our family. we could haven't come forward and spoken at that time.
7:44 am
we were incapable of that. we've been working to form a foundation to honor the incredible person she was, the legacy she left behind. >> you talked about the fact that she had a passion for this job. real love for the enormous powerful creatures. that she would have felt strongly not having tilikum euthanized. you're positive she would never have wanted to have something happen to him? >> it's hard to speak on behalf of dawn in this situation. it's unknown what her perspective might have been. she loved the whales a lot she spent a lot of time trying to improve the quality of his life. >> and fully understood the risks? >> knew that being close with animals, i'm certain, had some inherent risk to it. >> that was her dream. when she was 9, she wanted to do
7:45 am
that. >> since she was 9? >> we took the family to seaworld and she said, i want to be a shamu trainer. she was fortunate enough to do it. she loved her work. >> as you make the announcement on the foundation in her honor. this comes as tilikum goes back to work. is that a coincidence? >> we're okay with that. >> you have lots of activities planned in the coming weeks. >> our coming event is april 16th, it would have been dawn's birthday. we're doing a 5k family walk and run. we're going to work and benefit, do a food drive for the central florida children's home. a portion of the proceeds will go to that home. following the run, seaworld is going to be dedicating the current conservation facility in
7:46 am
the name of dawn. the dawn brancheau educational facility. >> so seaword is also honoring her? >> absolutely. she loved to eblg kate the children about the animals she worked with. >> i think she would be proud to listen to you today. we're so happy you can be here with us today. we're so sorry for your loss. it's still very real. >> she was special. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back with more. a big announcement you don't want to miss. one you have been waiting for. there are milestones that no parent wants to miss. let's see, there's first steps. first words. first time riding a bike without training wheels. and the first vacation memory that will last till roughly... forever.
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and the countdown to this summer's biggest event begins right now. the hottest singer on the planet is coming to "gma." lady gaga kicks off the memorial day weekend and our summer concert series on friday, may 27th. >> break out your boustiers and latex, everybody. it will be a show. revolutionary, breathtaking. original. there's only one lady gaga. seven number one hit songs. over 50 million singles sold worldwide. five grammys.
7:51 am
billboard's artist of the year. she's number one on twit we are 9 million followers. and 31 million passionate fans like her on facebook. there have been over 1 billion combined views of her videos online. that number is growing fast. and her single, "born this way" hatz smashed records. ♪ baby i was born this way >> so what is next? what do you have planned for your millions and millions of fans. well, we have three words for you. good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> friday, may 27th, lady gaga. the good morning america convert event, live in new york city. she's changed music. shocked the world. inspired millions. and now, the friday before memorial day, lady gaga ignites
7:52 am
your summer. lady gaga, "good morning america," on abc. now, how good is that? >> how good is that is this and coming up in a minute, chris rock will be here live. . i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. - sure, cake or pie? - pie. - apple or cherry? - cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. some use hydrogenated oil. reddi-wip uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi-wip.
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7:56 am
the prosecution in the barry bonds perjury trial is down to the last witness this morning. after that it will read a transcript of bonds' grand jury testimony where he is accused of lying about steroid use. then it will be up to his defense team in how to proceed. >> good morning. it's 51 in san francisco. 41 in napa. 47 in san jose. lots of sunshine for everyone today. in fact, numbers coming through the 70s. another mild one tomorrow but maybe wet weather on the way in the middle of the week. woe have two extra slow spots,
7:57 am
280 approaching bascam and westbound 580 a crawl through castro valley because of a big rig accident at 238 that has been blocking the left lanes. news continues now with navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales
7:58 am
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8:00 am
big crowd in times square this morning. that is nothing compared to what you'll see on friday, may 27th, when lady gaga kicks off our summer concert series. she's all over times square this morning with the big announcement. we're excited here in the studio. lady gaga, friday, may 27th on "good morning america." >> that sounds like a lot of fun. i may have to come and be a backup dancer or lug some cables or something. >> take angie's job. >> i'll take angie's job. what do you say? >> okay. >> you can find out all about it on all the details. on lady gaga's big concert.
8:01 am
but, on this half hour, on this day, royal secrets revealed. we have all the details on what really happened at prince william's bachelor party. all the big shindig and celebration. of course, i'm not sure anybody would want to know, really. >> and the princes have been so tight-lipped about it. you saw bob woodruff tried to talk about it and harry cut him off. >> harry is known as a boy that likes a bit of a good time. >> the understimt -- understatement of the morning. >> we have so many other interviews. ralph macchio is talking to chris connelly. he's burning up the dance floor on "dancing with the stars." plus, the genie is out of the bottle here. barbara eden is joining us. she looks terrific. >> she does. and chris rock is here. one of hollywood's funniest men is now rocking broadway. he's joining us live to talk about his new play whose title is so provocative, we can't say it on the air. that would be something to look forward to. but first this morning, the
8:02 am
royal diary. uncovering a closely guarded palace secret. the details of the bachelor party that william and harry tried to hard to keep hush hush. nick watt is in london. with the dirt on the prince's last blast as a bachelor. good morning to you, nick. i'm curious whether or not were you able to score an invitation to the bachelor party? >> reporter: sadly, i was not. but listen, we spent the past week desperately trying to find out what happened. it's not been easy. finally, the stag secrets are out. william and best man harry were giving nothing away. >> it's quite amusing. he's trying to outfox the media. it was a military operation. my brother and i are very proud of how it went. >> reporter: but now we know. an 800-year-old manor house. skeet shooting. surfing. and drinking games. >> one of them pulled out a chest wig and a hairpiece. and insisted he put that on. hijinks, royal style. >> reporter: any strippers?
8:03 am
>> no, clarence house was very quick to make sure no one externally was allowed in. i think that's their way of saying there were no strippers. or burlesque dancers. >> reporter: william, still tight lipped. >> did you have a sore head at the end of it? >> again, you're not getting anything out of me. >> reporter: there's wedding obsession. even "saturday night live" joined in. >> i played at very important national events before. >> and changed the words of "candle in the wind" again. >> boo-hoo. ♪ like a candle in the wind >> reporter: sir elton john, a wedding guest, too. oh, a surprise guest. kate's invited her first flame, a young chap named william. and now we hear william will arrive on a white horse. finally, does this answer the big question? sister pippa, mother carol, designer alice temperly. who cut kate's dress for her first post-engagement appearance. is she making the wedding dress?
8:04 am
now, just quickly back to the stag party. they played a drinking game called the post-it note game. you write the name of a famous person on a post-it note. you stick to it your friend's head, he has to guess who it is. i can't believe i just demonstrated the process. they stuck the queen to prince william's head and it took him absolutely ages to figure it out. >> his own grandmother? all right, nick, thank you so much. i have post-its here, george? >> i bet he's played it a few times before. a very good move there. >> he knew where to put that. let's check in now with juju chang. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. southwest airlines is canceling another 100 flights today as it investigates more cracks. like the one that forced an emergency landing in arizona on friday. a five-foot section of the boeing 737 opened up wide enough for passengers to see the sky. inspectors have now found small cracks in three other planes. about 60 more need to be inspected.
8:05 am
the midwest is bracing for more wild weather today. sam showed us this video. from kansas of a gustnado. heavy winds are fanning dangerous wildfires in several states. clayton sandell is in northern colorado with more. good morning to you, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, juju. firefighters have been patrolling the perimeter of this 4500-acre wildfire all night. here's the main problem. lots of this, tinder dry brush. extremely dry brush. it's giving firefighters headaches in colorado and across the west. for firefighters, it's a busy spring already. in at least five states, over the last few days, wildfires have blackened tens of thousands of acres. the worst is still burning in the mountains 65 miles northwest of denver. at least 15 homes destroyed. >> we were practically driving through the flames to get out of there. it came so fast.
8:06 am
>> reporter: when a snowstorm arrived, firefighters called it a gift. >> we're getting real good coverage in the snow. hopefully, this continues. >> reporter: in kansas, flames advancing on the small town of satanta forced police to briefly evacuate the entire city. >> got some pictures off the wall of the kids. threw some suitcases together. put them in our camper. headed south of town. >> reporter: in new mexico alone, over 115,000 acres have been torched. driven by warm, dry conditions. places like eastern colorado have also been hurting for snow and rain. >> we have had the fifth driest winter going back to 1880, along the denver area and the front range. >> reporter: an ominous start to a fire season that is just beginning. firefighters did catch a break here in colorado with the snow. the danger is not over. there is -- there is winds that
8:07 am
are expected to be up to 70-mile-an-hour gusts by tomorrow morning. and, juju, across the united states, there are the red flag warnings. the high wind warnings in 25 states. >> clayton sandell, thank you. heading overseas now, no deal. that's what rebels in libya are saying this morning after one of moammar gadhafi's sons had reportedly offered to take over for his father and lead a transition to democracy. developments in yemen. protests show no signs of ending. now the white house is withdrawing support for yemen's president. in medical news, five new genes have been identified as important clues as to who gets alzheimer's and how it progresses. doctors hope the discovery will help them eventually find a cause and a possible cure. now, diane sawyer with a sneak peek of tonight's "world news." diane? >> great to begin the week with you. tax day, of course, right around the corner. is it possible that there are crooks stealing the tax refund being sent to you? it's the number one kind of
8:08 am
identity theft in this country right now. we're going to tell you how to protect yourself tonight on "world news." >> that's the news at 8:08. time for the weather and sam. >> hey, sam. >> hey, juju. good morning. everybody, go ahead. a big crowd this morning. let me get down. we'll get everybody in. everybody back behind us can get in as well. we are going to kind of continue on the story with the drought and the fire. let's get to the boards. we got a lot to talk about. as we look at the drought areas, texas, the worst drought in about 44 years. and if you look at places like texas, oklahoma, kansas, colorado, only about 20% of the normal moisture in the last 30 days. this will be a rough fire season. and today, here's where all the watches and warnings are flying. we have a big board map. we'll show you what is happening with the weather today. heavy rain into the northwest today. the one thing we're really concerned about. the possible outbreak zone. any place in the shaded red, you really should be staying up with your local abc stations today. when the storms power up, these
8:09 am
could be very powerful storms that roll through the night and into the day tomorrow. ni >> i know it's spring. i don't know how we're going to fit more people on the corner. george? >> it looks like a lot of fun down there, sam. thank you. he first dazzled us as "the karate kid." the coming of age story that became a movie classic. now ralph macchio's burning up the small screen with his fox trot and jive. chris connelly had a chance to talk to macchio about his turning from a child star to
8:10 am
"dancing with the stars." chris joins us now from l.a. >> how are you, george? so far, so good for ralph macchio. he's been using poise and personality to make a lot of fans happy with his work on the dance floor. >> move the hips? >> reporter: ever ingratiating. >> let's do a little bit of that. >> reporter: graceful at 49. he's shown that the original "karate kid" can be a dancing sensation. but maybe his skills are not a surprise. >> i took dance classes when i was younger. >> reporter: how much younger? >> oh, from, like, age 3, i started. maybe 4. i think age 4. >> reporter: yet that physical discipline may have helped him shine in 1984's "karate kid." the performance that, for many fans, has remained their favorite of his. along with his character's signature pose. the crane. >> i hold it sacred in a way. it's one of those images in
8:11 am
cinema that you could do probably anywhere and everybody knows exactly what it is. >> reporter: it must have given you mixed emotions to see it in a remake this year. >> it did. it did. not that i'm going anywhere any time soon, but it's on the tombstone already. now, all of a sudden, i have to add this original thing. that was odd. >> reporter: born, raised, and still making his family's home on new york's long island, he steered clear of trouble, unlike many of his hollywood peers. do you think your absence of bad behavior has held you back from opportunities in show business? >> i don't think so. i have always lived outside of hollywood in the suburbs of new york. i would say it's a fair point that if i was in it more, 24/7, during what i would call the lean years, maybe more opportunities would have happened. >> reporter: you seem so comfortable with your life. it's hard to imagine frustration. >> oh, that's not true. i'm human. i want to succeed. i'm a perfectionist.
8:12 am
i do get frustrated. i try to take it in stride. even though very often i do not. >> reporter: in the early '80s, ralph was a teen mag fave rave. he even had a brief run on "eight is enough." >> i joked i was nine too many. >> reporter: you were adorable back then. >> yeah, and a lot more hair. chubby cheeks. thank you for the adorable note. >> reporter: in 1992's "my cousin vinny" ralph still looked innocent enough to be america's altar boy. it is that squeaky clean image that led him to do this parody film for the website where friends and family beg him, for once in his life, to misbehave a little. >> are you sure you have never slept with anyone else? >> no one but you. i said, how funny would it be to do an intervention on someone who is not, quote unquote sexy
8:13 am
or that relevant because he's led fairly well-adjusted life? the more i try to bad -- myself, the more deep water i get myself in. >> reporter: as for ralph in real life, on tuesday, he and his wife, phyllis, will celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary. you were introduced to her by your grandmother? >> that's pretty close. it was at my cousin's sweet 16 party at my grandmother's house. these are like, tootsie rolls, cheese doodles, and a coke. now, it's like red carpet. lights, limos. believe me. i just paid for one for my daughter a couple of years ago. >> reporter: father to daughter, julia, and son, daniel. ralph is proud of the choices he's made to put his family first. even amid the demands of an actor's life. >> at the end of the day, it's my kids, it's my family, my upbringing. in retrospect, all the choices worked out for the -- for the --
8:14 am
for the good. >> and, of course, tonight's dances with reflect on the contestants' personal life stories. we'll learn more about ralph. he seems so comfortable in his own skin. his muscles on the other hand, are killing him, george. >> what a great guy. thank you very much, chris. "dancing with the stars" tonight, 8:00, 7:00 central. right here on abc. when we come back, "i dream of jeannie" barbara eden is here live. live. picked right from the bush, and they're good for you. taste real good, too! to give you an idea, let's whip up a quick sample. or you could just try this.
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8:18 am
we know barbara eden as the lovable jeannie who lit up our living room for years. first, a look back at some of the magic she brought to television. throughout the 1960s, she was the jeannie america dreamed of. as the star of "i dream of jeannie" she could nod and blink
8:19 am
like nobody else. successfully cloning superstars like sammy davis june kror. >> what are you doing here? >> reporter: even playing games with the weather. >> like that, master? >> that's wonderful. >> reporter: she writes candidly of her life before, during, and after her stint as jeannie. but to tv fans, eden will always be most readily associated with larry hagman who played jeannie's master. their hijinx have earned them raves from fans of all ages. and barbara eden joins us. it's so nice to have you this morning. >> thank you, i'm glad to be here. >> this book is a great read. you opened the door and tell a
8:20 am
lot of very, very funny but outrageous stories about larry hagman. >> he kept things interesting. kept me awake. >> at one point, the producers insisted he bring a therapist on the set to keep him in line. you write that one of the things he saw as the second string status of his character relieved himself all over the "i dream of jeannie" set. >> i didn't see him do it. i heard. >> how did that go over? >> the wardrobe woman came out and said, go back to your dressing room. shen i heard what was going on. he wasn't happy with the scripts. and, let everyone know. >> let everybody know. you say that he would probably be preferred to be known as j.r.
8:21 am
ewing rather than the character on "i dream of jeannie." >> dallas is thiz thing. >> george said his girls are watching dvds of the show. they love them. whey do you think the show is so endearing? >> it's fantasy. it's the space movement. it's relevant. it's still relevant. we were all in costume. none of us were in really, there's nothing dated about the clothes we're wearing. it's fun. and it's clean. >> and in the book, you also talk about the many, many leading men with whom you worked and dated or who had crushes on you. >> i didn't really date them, no. i never dated them. >> elvis had a thing for you. tom jones was calling you at 4:00 in the morning trying to show you around london. >> that was a big mistake of
8:22 am
mine. he's cute. he's cute. >> paul newman said he had insecurities about the way he looked? paul newman? >> no, it was his height the. we did the scene, he looked down and said, well, you're the first leading lady i have been able the look down on. so charming and gracious. >> there are some painful moments you write about. notably, about the miscarriage of your second son and how difficult that was. you carried him seven months before the pregnancy ended. >> almost eight. >> almost eight. it wassen a day you don't want to remember. >> no, no, i don't. i think it's important for women to know, even recently, i think, i heard -- that certain people said that the baby blues is just a -- you know, a little thing.
8:23 am
but, it's a terrible thick for women that go through it. it's a deep, deep, deep depression. and it should be dealt with. >> this was more than baby blues. your mother was so worried. your quote quuz, i think she's dying. >> i didn't realize it. i didn't know it. i just kept working. you think if you just keep going, just keep working, it will go away. i think women need to know it can be dealt with and taken care of. and not be ashamed of it. >> absolutely.
8:24 am
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ally. do you love your bank ? a united airlines flight to san francisco returns to the new orleans airport within minutes of taking off after reports of smoke in the cockpit. the copilot says he landed on back-up systems after the plane lost all electronics. plane ran off the runway and blew a tire. flight attendants directed passengers to get off by sliding off of chutes. flight 497 was due at sfo at 9:30 this morning. passengers will arrive around 3:30 this afternoon. more on that at 11:00. meantime, check in how the commute is going. >> westbound 580 approaching 238.
8:28 am
big rig accident has traffic backed up through castro valley. and normal back-up at the maze. and northbound 280 an i can't recall accident at bascum. and remains slow as you make a connection ramp to 880. we see a lot of sun out there. we'll check in w [ man ] before allegra-d, congestion from allergies shut me down. after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegrd, i have it all. to come and try coffee-mate's new cafe collection flavors. then we asked them to show us how the taste inspired them. new rich caramel macchiato. one of three new ways to add your flavor. with coffee-mate, from nestle.
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any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. we have a couple nice days shaping up around the bay area. got in 50s and high pressure is building in today. it will stay with us tomorrow but today the warmest day of the week, police department of 70s.
8:30 am
76 in palo alto. look ahead know we can't read it by the poker face ♪ we don't need to keep a poker face this morning anymore. we're going to kick off the concert series with lady gaga. friday, may 27th, lady gaga and "gma." it will be a huge event. >> and that begins a whole series of great konser t this summer. coming up this morning, lots of laughs ahead. the always hilarious chris rock is ahead. getting set to burn up the stage in his broadway debut. chris, you gotta keep it clean. >> he's going to try. within of the things i love about "gma." we have chris rock talking to
8:31 am
jesse ventura. >> and barbara eden was giving them both jeannie lessons. and more with bill clinton. that's all coming up. let's go to sam and the weather. >> hey, everybody. full disclosure. i just got here. i thought we had more time. where are you from? >> we live in boston. >> who did the artwork? >> i did. >> what did you it say. >> happy birthday, mom. it's kind of a joke. my sister came up with it, it says 29. >> what do you mean a joke? i totally buy it. let's get to one or two things with the weather. we haven't talked about the cold front yet. cold rain over the next 24
8:32 am
hours. since it's been storm after storm after storm, we have a high avalanche probability. keep an eye on that. boy, i am out of breath. i really did run to make it. memphis, jackson, houston, nashville, pittsburgh, strong to see ver storms. an outbreak or a possible outbreak of strong to severe weather. keep up with your >> you didn't tell me the best part of the story. what is your name? >> sam. >> my name is sam.
8:33 am
how did you get that name? >> my sister. >> is it samantha? i'm sam. thank you, george. >> the hat. >> the blank with the hat. >> chris rock will introduce himself this morning. >> hi, i'm chris rock. i'm in a play, called the man with the hat on broadway. >> it's not actually the man with the hat. >> it's the mother man with the hat. i like "good morning america," but i'm mad you gave me the chris brown dressing room. it's windy in there. >> i wondered how long it was going to take. and you kept your shirt on. >> i did sflp so far, at least. >> i was freezing. it's freezing in there. >> we tried to tape it up. >> beat a window, not a woman. that's progress. yeah. i said it.
8:34 am
>> and he's in the apologizing. so, i don't know where to go from there. we'll have to go to to play. what are you doing on broadway? >> i'm doing a play called the mother whatever thing you can say on "good morning america," with the hat. there you go. it's by a new playwright, his name is steven jeargis. we're on broadway. it's me, annabella sciorra. >> it's serious. >> it's like the "honeymooner" with drugs. it's about relation ships and drugs. >> you play a wayward addiction counselor. >> i'm a good addiction counselor. >> we did our best to find a
8:35 am
clip we could show. here it is. >> here it goes. >> are you into the traditional beverages. >> i brew my own. want to check out my fridge? >> do you take vitamins for your hair? >> my hair? >> i am embarrassed. i feel like i'm losing a little bit in the back. >> yoe, c, can we get to the ma at hand? >> what is the matter at hand? bark, base of it. in ten weeks, james brown. >> yo. >> i love that the play is so dirty that you can only show a shot that has nothing to do with the play. that 45 seconds could not be in the play. i'm fine. >> this is tough for you. >> i'm fine. but a play about hair?
8:36 am
i already saw that hair movie. is he doing that again? how is it going? how is this job holding up for you? >> i'm doing okay. >> i was worried about you. a serious guy. you had the great show on sundays. and you know, you work with the president. i was like, this guy is -- >> now chris brown is breaking windows. >> he can't oversea a cooking segment. he's too serious for this. but i look at you -- you're out there with gaga. you're like, you're all right, man. >> and you're helping me out here this morning. i tried to get you to take the job. you wouldn't. i mean, once you're gone, you never know. >> now that you're on morning tv -- >> i'm trying to go for the regis job. that's the one i'm going for. >> you have to weigh in on charlie sheen. losing. >> no, no. he's amazing. you cannot be that talented --
8:37 am
you cannot last that long without having talent. >> he's not doing well at standup. >> but he's not trying to impress donald trump. standup is hard. i heard last night was better. >> it did go better in chicago. they gave him an ovation. >> i have had bad nights. >> not that bad. >> have you been to detroit? >> not lately. >> the president needs to send troops to detroit. it's -- talking about civil unrest. >> so what were you and jesse auk talking about? >> talking about getting high later. as me and jesse do. come on, man. >> he's gt a new book. we'll talk to him in a little bit. he is concerned that 9/11 was an
8:38 am
inside job. >> really? i hope not. >> donald trump running for president on the birther controversy. >> do you have your birth certificate on you? me neither. i got nothing. what is chris brown? when is he coming back. >> invite him back. >> i like chris brown. no, no, no, no. we should have chris and rihanna. >> a reunion? >> let them do a duet on the show. let them sing, "it hurts so bad." ♪ hurts so bad ♪ hit me with your best shot come on! come on! you shouldn't hit women. just so we have my disclaimer so when i get that crazy call that
8:39 am
says i was advocating little women. >> but you do want to see them back together. >> i do. >> and cow can host that morning. >> i would love it. outside, central park. >> thanks, chris. @ @aaaaaaaa)a)a)a)a)pawltlt?t
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we have more now from our exclusive interview with president bill clinton. this weekend marx the fourth installment of his clinton global initiative university. it's all about young leaders not just talking about changes the world. they're putting their words in action. bianna golodryga is just back from san francisco. this is an impressive group op kids. >> reporter: some 1200 students took part. they have balance aimed at challenges facing their own communities. the clinton global initiative steps in by finding ways to fund the ideas. it's an encouraging sign to learn how many students are eager to jump into public service. >> my commitment is to reduce the rate of hiv aids.
8:43 am
>> to bring medical care to those in need. >> reporter: those are commitments to action. these men started a free eye car clinic in kansas city. >> this small project has really shown me that we can have a big impact. >> reporter: tyler spencer brought kids together through soccer to educate them about hiv prevention. >> we're making a difference. you can see it. >> reporter: for many, the connection is personal. >> it had to change. >> reporter: charlotte calls herself a nontraditional college student. married with two kids, she's aiming at lowering childhood obesity rates after losing 100 pounds here's. >> reporter: her pilot program,
8:44 am
kids exercise in class every day. learn what foods to pick at lunch and what to avoid. >> candy. if you eat too much, lit make you unhealthy. >> it makes me -- >> reporter: and charlotte worked with families, giving them low cost healthy recipes to eat at home. four weeks in, parents say it's helping. >> a lot of times, we don't watch calis. now, she'll eat just about anything i cook. >> reporter: 17% of children are obese. teens consume nearly 500 calories a day from sugar alone. have she imagined a different lifestyle and diet for them. one that could be accommodated by their money constraints and time constraints. >> give a round of applause. >> reporter: this weekend, her hard work was honored. a small step towards a big
8:45 am
dream. >> i didn't know president clinton would take a personal interest in my project. i'm trillihrilled. >> reporter: president clinton took a huge interest in her project. tyler just came back from south africa to attend the conference. >> a lot of kids can get their projects funded by companies investing in that. >> that's why you think of cgi. teens coming in, college students, have the dreams. don't necessarily have the funding. >> i went to india with a group of stanford students. there was a class contest. they won the contest. their company is about to be under way. >> companies like facebook. mark zuckerberg was a college student when he came up with
8:46 am
this. >> thanks so much. coming up next, the former
8:47 am
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jess see ventura never shies away from a fight. body guard for the rolling stones, pro wrestler and governor of minnesota. welcome back, jesse ventura. i promise. you do in the have to follow chris rock. >> thank you, george. he's a tough act to have to follow. what a funny guy.
8:49 am
>> he is a very funny guy. let's get to it. we talked about this a little bit the last time on the show. you have documents that you say reinforce the idea that the government had advanced knowledge that 9/11 could happen and didn't work to stop it. i have a hard time finding that you believe that. >> why? i'm a vietnam veteran and they lied to me about the gulf on tonkin incident. now, i was teaching at harvard when mcnamara came through and admitted it never happened. false flag operations fx you go through history, happened all the time before he's wars. >> that's different from saying that the g. new that 9/11 was coming and didn't try to stop it. >> look at the book. it's no more shocking than our
8:50 am
government going to nicaragua and inflicting people with syphilis to see if penicillin works. the scary part of this book for me is that you could substitute the word "nazi" and it would work. >> you said tower seven fell down faster than it could have fallen down. >> it said it fell at free fall. wait a minute. that means you have to defy the laws of physics. that means everything was removed. >> but then you make the leap that it was demolished by exploess inside by the government. >> i don't make a leap. they never checked for explos e explosiv explosives. this book is all documents out in the public domain. i'm not wikileaks. i didn't steal anything.
8:51 am
you just have to find them. the cia's assassination manual? it's a nice word for first-degree murder. we have manual that tells how to do it and everything about it? as far as i know, it's illegal in every country in the world. >> aren't there some cases where it would be justified, a tyrant killing hundreds of people? >> who makes the call. if we go back to bin laden, why haven't we indicted him? that gives us reason to go after him. the government never convened a grand jury and presented one shred of evidence that he was behind it. >> you don't believe he was behind it? >> i don't know. my government has highed to me so often they lost credibility. the good thing about this book is it's not me telling you about the documents. i give you my opinion, but then we reprint every document so the
8:52 am
reader can read for themselves. >> i want to switch gears. you were once on a soap opera, "the young and the restless." >> i have a bone to pick with you. >> what's that? >> why did you decide not the run for president? i mean, imagine the coming elections are boring the way they are. it would have been more interesting with you in it. >> there's always 2004. >> how about 2012? >> i will tell you this. if ron paul runs as an independent, i would give great consideration to being his running mate. as you see, i dedicated this book to congressman ron paul. >> not if he runs as a republican? >> never. ly not be a democrat or a republican, they're the problem, not solution. we need to abolish political parties in the country. >> you have a couple of republicans from your state,
8:53 am
michelle bachmann and tim pawlenty. >> could she be president? >> not with my vote she would be. >> okay, thanks for coming and your candid views this morning. >> thankabababababababababababa
8:54 am
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jesse ventura, chris rock, barbara eden. >> nothing left to say. >> that's it. stay with us for "world news" later today. and tomorrow on "good morning america," eva longoria is here. and caroline kennedy. >> have a good one. >> bye bye. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. go! go!
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new selsun blue deep cleansing. officials are looking to eliminate half moon bay's police force. they voted to contract out law enforcement to the san mateo sheriff's department. a quick look at our warm forecast. >> we have very light winds out there. that will allow temperatures to warm out there. we are looking at beautiful day and a lot more 70s than yesterday. enjoy the warmth today. a little cooler tomorrow. a chance of rain. breezy conditions mid-week and maybe a little warmer by next weekend. >> earlier accident on westbound 580 but traffic is still slow from dublin.


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