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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> and no deal yet to keep the government operating. the president and key congressional leaders work late to find common ground on the budget. abc7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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and we take to you san francisco where crews just knocked down a stubborn fire in the mission district. this video from you report at kgo-tv .com shows how out of control it got. that fire burned for almost two hours. >> it happened at a mixed use building in the outer mission near the spot where mission street and valencia come together. the wind tonight has made it very tricky to control. abc7's thomas roman is live at the scene for us. >> dan, firefighters are just wrapping up. fire officials say they have the fire completely contained, but what they are doing is called overhauling. they want to make sure there
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are no hotspots in the three buildings affected. high winds and the closeness of each of these buildings to each other caused firefighters a lot of concern. at about 8:15 the fire started in the back of the building at 3212 mission street. firefighters say the fire rose up the back of the building and spread to the roof. the buildings on either side also caught fire. the owner of the blue plate restaurant next doorsteped outside because he could smell strange smoke. >> and then i looked above the building and the wind was whipping and the fire was pouring over both of these buildings. >> the wind was a major concern. strong gusts made it difficult for firefighters to get a ham on the fire from the rooftop. more than 100 firefighters attacked the blaze. they entered from the rear of the building and raised ladders to get inside 3212 and stop the flames from spreading further. >> the good news is no civilians are injured. we have one firefighter that we transported to the hospital with muss skew low skeletal
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injuries. >> the firefighter was taken to san francisco general hospital. 16 residents have been displaced. the red cross is on site to offer assistance. we spoke to residents who are not sure what kind of damage the fire has done to their homes. >> we are on the middle floor. so we are hoping it is minimal. the upper floor seems like it is pretty much burned. >> i think in our apartment there were two people, but they are okay. >> arson investigators have gone inside to the three affected buildings, and they determined the fire started in the lower unit behind the dental office at 3212 mission street. the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters say they are going to be here checking this fire out and making sure it is out until at least 8:00 in the morning. reporting live in san francisco, thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you, thomas. and certainly wind conditions did not help the situation. taking a look at the flags on top of the ferry building there to the left you can see how strong those winds are.
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spencer christian is here with more on the conditions for us. >> winds have been gusty through the afternoon and evening hours, and even in the last two or three hours we have not seen the winds daw mile-per-hour knish. we are looking at gusts up to 24 miles per hour,31 miles per hour in oakland. you can see that near the bay and near the coastline, very, very strong winds. you can see them tapering off a bit. even as far as concord and fairfield will have gusty winds. this is not helping the firefighting effort. and it looks like it will take several hours to diminish. we will be back with a complete look at the forecast. congressional and white house staffers are in for an all nighter in washington. they are huddled trying to reach an agreement to beat a friday deadline and the first government shut down in 15 years. in a rare late night briefing the president said while there is not a deal, there is at least progress. >> my expectation is that folks are going to work
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through the night. >> the president met late tonight with congressional leaders at the white house. when it was over they walked away empty handed. >> i have confidence we can get this done. we are not there yet but -- but hope liesy ter national. >> there is an intent on both sides to continue to work together to try to resolve this. nobody wants the government to shut down. >> both parties are at odds about $10 billion in spending cuts and policy changes including an attempt to stop funding planned parenthood. publicly no one says they want a shut down, the government is preparing for one just in case. at least 800,000 workers will be furloughed. national parks like yosemite would close. income tax returns would pile up at the irs and refunds delayed. >> i'm worried how the government shut down will affect our refund. we live check to check. >> they are waiting for an
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adoption refund after four-year-old teddy from ethiopia joined the family last summer. with the student loans and adoption costs they have been scraping by. >> if i can speak to the president or the congressional leadership, i would tell them that their grandstanding has affects as it trickles down to normal everyday americans. >> and tonight the president reacted to henderson's concern. >> i could not have said it better myself. a shut down could have real affects on everyday americans. >> now, republicans plan to offer a bill to keep the government running for another week and cut $12 billion. there is just one problem, president obama has already rejected it. we move next to california's budget battle. jerry brown encouraged democrats to hug a republican in hopes of restarting the budget talks. the governor ended negotiations with the gop last week. the two sides failed to reach a deal on holding a special election to ask voters to extend some temporary tax
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increases. >> today, hug a republican. hug a republican and tell them you love them. build up his or her self-esteem and just give a hope. >> it was not all smiles and laughs. uc students were told they could see tuition sky rocket to $20,000 if an all cuts budget goes into affect. it currently costs students about $12,000 a year plus books and other fees to attend uc schools. california's flagging economy took a hit when 125 people lost their jobs in concord. tickets .com will close its customer service and call center in concord. software produced by a texas firm will replace the people who worked for tickets .com. meantime, a bipartisan group of california lawmakers will head to texas on their own time next week. they want to learn mow about how the loan star state added 1 fest jobs between 2008 and
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2010. california lost more than a million jobs during the same time period. >> if we don't get in the game and we don't realize the golden goose is in california, we will have to layoff thousands of teach everies -- teachers and law enforcement. >> but they say much of the job gains in texas are a result of more americans moving south and not companies relocating there. the jury hearing the barry bonds perjury trial could begin deliberating as early as tomorrow. the defense rested without calling the homerun king or other witnesses to the stand. bonds is on trial for telling a 2003 grand jury he never knowingly used anna bowl lick steroids. analysts say even if we -- he were convicted he would face no more than house arrest. it could have a huge impact on bonds' legacy. >> he will be on the ballot for the hall of fame. there is nothing if you are convicted of a felony, i don't think there is anything that would preclude him being listed as a hall of fame candidate. the question becomes how does
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a possible conviction affect who voters would do? there is a character clause. >> prosecutors expect their closing arguments to take no more than 90 minutes. the defense is only promising to keep theirs to only under three hours. a motorcycle rider collided with a coca-cola truck. 2 happened on redwood road in castro valley. it is unclear what lead to the accident, but sheriff were investigating the motorcycle rider. the truck driver was not injured and was not cited. police arrested a driver after a high speed chase sent five people to the hospital in the east bay. hercules police tried to stop this black ford taurus around 3:20 this afternoon. officers suspected it the car in the burglary of a right aide store. the chase went into pinole. the suspect struck two vehicles before hitting a pinole police car with this result. a navy fighter jet crashed in central california killing its pilot and a crew member.
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the jet went down in a field west of the naval air station about 30 miles from fresno. an amateur photograph ter took this video just after the crash. he says it appeared to be performing aerobatics. the navy said the crew was on a routine training mission at the time. there were no injuries on the ground. still to come, more than $100,000 and counting. how the bay area is coming through for a giants' fan attacked at a dodger game. >> and students honoring a south bay marine who inspired them to get up and dance. >> and richard branson lands a spacecraft at sfo. >> and then later tonight on "nightline." >> coming um next on "nightline" many wish he would run for the white house, but what are kris kristy's real plans? an exclusive interview with the rising star, and heart melting film of a baby orangutan and how one group is
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get unbeatable doorbusters like $3.99 home expressions bath towels and $4.49 okie dokie infant and toddler playwear! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the former chief of the los angeles police department will review security at dodger stadium after a giants fan was
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severely beaten on opening day. the dodgers hired former chief braton today. and tonight in l.a. well wishers wrote messages to brian stow on this card. stow's family joined others for a vigil outside u usc medical center. here in the bay area this barbecue raised $100,000 for the 42-year-old father of two from scots valley. his employer, american medical response, and his fellow paramedics organized the fundraiser. the owner of pizza my heart donated $20,000 from a fundraiser that chain held yesterday. >> to see the support out here from everybody is -- sorry. it makes you feel good. >> stow is a medically enduced coma in critical, but stable condition. his doctors believe he has suffered brain damage and shows signs of dysfunction. no arrests have been made in the case. he only lived for 21 years, and today students at
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santa clara high school are paying tribute to a graduate they said had an enormous impact on their lives. he was a lance corporal who died serving in afghanistan. david louie on why he will be so sorely missed. >> it is a mixture of acrobatics, martial arts and break dancing. it is called tricking. the 2008 santa clara grad who coached them was harry lou. >> there is no set of words to explain how grateful i am to him. he brought us so close together, you can't break the bond. >> the group gathered to pay respects for the way lou inspired them. >> everybody has been influenced by him in someway or another whether it be through his dancing and his artistic talent and his tricking or just being the person he was, friendly with everyone. >> lou died on sunday while supporting combat operations in afghanistan. students remember him for making them laugh and dance to relief the pressures of school. one student walked around with
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a money taj of photos of lou covering a notebook. others crowded around a memorial banner to express sadness. >> some of then descriptions -- some of the inscriptions are truly moving. this one says, it is hard to put into words how much of an inspiration you are to me. being able to dance with you and trick with you were the best times i have had. >> the outpouring of affection keeps growing. it starts with a single posting on facebook. among the spectators were harry lou's relatives. >> i am really proud of harry. >> everyone has a certain special memory of harry. they will carry it with them and he will live on with his memories. >> the remains of lance corporal harry lou have been returned to the u.s. services are pending. in santa clara, david louie, abc said news -- abc7 news. the f.a.a. wants to fire a second air traffic controller caught sleeping on the job. that controller took the cushions off the sofa and
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sliped a blanket on his shoulders and went to sleep during his midnight shift in february. last month a controller at washington's ronald reagan airport dozed off intentionally while on duty. two planes landed with no help on the tower. that controller was suspended. the relaunch of a spectacular terminal two started at san francisco international airport. the first flight to arrive was veer gin galactic white night two. it will take passengers into space in a year, year and a half or so. it was escorted by sir richard branson who will share gate space with american airlines. the terminal features gourmet san francisco-based restaurants and high end shops. sir richard says it is designed to bring back the romance to air travel. >> we are so pleased because generally terminals are miserable places to arrive at an airport. and an awful experience before you get on a plane. this time it is beautiful.
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this could be my home. >> except his home is probably larmger than that. terminal two is hosting an open house on saturday. and it is getting rave reviews. there is a winter-like chill in the house and it is very windy out there. >> and it will get even more so. >> that's true. it is going to get chillier and wetter as well. live doppler 7hd shows showers well to the north. they are finally beginning to show southward movement. northern mendocino county is getting the first spots of moisture on the radar screen. a little after midnight we will get showers in the immediate bay area. temperature readings are falling into the upper 40s in the inland areas and near the bay and the coastline mainly around a 50 degrees. showers are likely to develop after midnight. very cool weather in store tomorrow with a possibility of isolated thundershowers and patchy frost will prevail on friday morning as temperatures drop down to the freezing
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level in the coldest early morning locations. well, here is the satellite-radar composite image showing the cold, unstable air mass with showers moving in our direction. we will start our forecast at 11:00 tonight. still dry in the bay area, but won't be for long. showers will arrive shortly after midnight and it will continue to sweep across the bay area. so it will be a wet commute in the morning about 5:00 or so. behind the front as it sweeps through quickly, we will have scattered showers for the remainder of the day. cold air will produce mixed precipitation and possibly even snow in the higher bay area peaks and late afternoon to early evening we could see enough insta instability in the atmosphere to produce a thundershower or two, isolated and mainly -- or most likely i that say in the inland areas of the east bay and north bay. on we go to late tomorrow night, 11:00 or so, it will be dry and showers will have ended and rainfall totals will be from .10 of an inch to .30 of an inch. not a lot of moisture for us, but in the sierra quite a b-52 moisture. a winter weather advisory until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon
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for the central sierra including lake tahoe. 4-8 inches expected above 5,000 feet. 10 to 14 inches expecteded it above 7,000 feet. chain controls are likely. back in the bay area, early morning lows will be in the mid40s, although in the north bay, cooler weather with low 40s there, and of course showers. tomorrow shower econ decisions and high temperatures will be in the mid50s about 54 to 56 degrees in most locations around the bay area. and just a little to the south near monterey bay, look for showers as well with little breaks here and there. some sunshine is peaking through. high temperatures there mainly in the mid50s, 55, 56 degrees. here is our accu accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow the showers will taper off tomorrow night. maybe an isolated shower or two early friday morning and it is dry, but still cool with high temperatures not breaking the 60-degree mark. by the way, the giants have their home opener at at&t park about 1:05.
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it will be chilly for baseball, but it will be dry. that's important. and then we start to warm up over the weekend. milder weather will prevail saturday through next wednesday. we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 60 and maybe up to 70. >> tomorrow is the day when we will have a lot of rain. >> tomorrow we will have a lot of shower activity and we will have chilly weather with highs only in the 50s. and then early friday morning temperatures will drop down to around freezing, around 32 degrees in the coldest inland locations. it will be a bit of a winter chill. >> one last gasp of winter. >> let's hope it is the last. >> all right as we continue, glen beck and fox news are parting ways. >> why the conservative host is being shown the door. [ female announcer ] most women in america
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the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. the glen beck era is ending at fox news. the conservative talk show host will be off the air by the end of the year. the tea party hero's exit is being blamed on sinking ratings. the late afternoon show averaged 2.7 million viewers during the first three months of 2010. it was at $2 million for the same period -- 2 million for
11:25 pm
the same period this year. 400 advertisers canceled their commercials on beck's show. governor jerry brown turns 73 tomorrow, but he is already celebrating. his staff and the first lady threw a mini celebration for the governor tonight. this video appeared on the sutter brown youtube channel named after the first dog. it did take him a couple tries there. there goes another one. but he did blowout all of his candles. >> he didn't look overjoyed by this. >> not really. >> he did eat some of the cake apparently. >> busy night in sports, guys. warriors performing like a playoff team of late beating the lakers for a third straight time. and wright set a new franchise record. got your details coming up
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warriors have won three straight over playoff teams including dallas, portland and handed the lakers another loss at oracle. it looked as though kobe bryant would put the car yes, sirs away early -- the warriors away early by himself. l.a. off to a 10-0 lead to start the game. they work their way back and a give and go with the lay in. top of the tee and capped a 10-0 run. warriors lead by five at the half. huge third quarter. three of his 26 and the lead is now 9. david leigh and jumper from 17 feet. the lead is 11 and wright sets a franchise record with three's in his season with 184. look at that. beautiful. warriors end a 12-game losing streak and hands the spurs a
11:30 pm
top seed in the west 95-87 your final. the sharks clinched the pacific division. let's hope tonight's game against the ducks is not a preview. they took the night off. his replacement is lit up by cory perry. a physical game. he is not happy with setoguchi's comment about his dental work and he is on his backside. 2-0 ducks. puck finds perry again and he finds the back of the net. anaheim and perry had his number. perry third time. a hat trick midway through the second period. and the ducks quacking 6-2 the final. giants fans with a sigh of relief. lincecum gets his first win and buster posey with his first homerun and wilson is back. wilson activated off the disabled list and brought his beard with him. giants' offense explodes. huff doubles home sanchez. giants up 1-0. buster posey follows with his
11:31 pm
first homerun of the year. 3-0g-men and timmy had run support. outside of a third-inning homerun, lincecum was locked in. timmy with 13k's and no walks. giants busted it open in the 6th. posey singles to right and tahada and sanchez score and it is 7-1. starting to look like the world champions. big day for sandoval. sing get to right will bring around -- single to right and brings around huff. he is in there. 8-1 giants and look who is back. brian wilson and his beard. first appearance this season. a bit unlucky. a broken bat single scores alberto gonzalez. long story short, giants hold on, but timmy's first win and 8-4 the final. a's and jays in toronto. a's trailing and matsui rips a double downright field line. a's take a 2-run lead but it
11:32 pm
was short lived. travis snider and two on and see you. toronto goes on to beat the a's 5-3 the final. first round of the masters gets underway tomorrow. phil mickelson your defending champ and i will be on the couch the next four days. >> great week. >> any picks? do you think phil will do it again? >> he is the favorite. we'll see what happens. >> "nightline" is up next. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great evening. we appreciate your time. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less
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