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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 6, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight on "nightline," republican rock star. his quick hit and slash and burn politics have made him a conservative champion. while chris christie's bat with teachers unions have gone viral. but will he take on president obama? an exclusive interview with diane sawyer. born to be wild. they are babies, orphaned in an unborn war for resources. their faces express all the joy and fear of our own children. but what can be done to save them? and, mad men. does this make you want to buy gum? >> because my gun is loaded. >> why two of hollywood's edgiest funny men are serving
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commercials with humor. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," april 6th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm bill weir. and after a late night meeting with congressional leaders at the white house, president obama emerged to announce still no deal tonight. so, the possibility of a government shutdown friday midnight still looms. the battle over america's fiscal health has raged from the capital to state houses across the nation, including new jersey, where chris christie for president has become a rallying cry for a number of conservatives. he hit the national stage by breathing fire at big government and aiming punch lines at the teacher'sdownon. aside from republican fans, his style has earned him one high profile enemy, named springsteen and constant questions about his
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white house ambitions. tonight, diane sawyer covers them all in this exclusive interview. >> hello, good morning. >> reporter: on this warm, spring morning, governor chris christie walks into a new jersey classroom. >> good morning, guys. >> reporter: a warm response for the governor who leapt into the national spotlight, attacking teacher's unions as outdated, overindulged. among the public employees he's targeted for aggressive budget cuts. >> you're not compensating me for my education and experience. >> well, you know what, then you don't have to do it. >> reporter: his youtube channel has more than 2.5 million views. most looking at him taking on some teachers at town halls across the state. >> i sat here, stood here and very respectfully listened to you. if what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk, well, then, i have no interest in answering your question. so -- >> reporter: there is even a new term for his smackdowns.
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>> you've got to go all in, show a little jersey attitude. >> reporter: you have been cc'ed. have you seen what it is to be cc'ed? >> yes, i have. i have. >> reporter: and? >> well, listen, it's part of what we do. and we're from new jersey, and when you're from new jersey what that means is, you give as good as you get. and so, you know, being cc'ed means if somebody wants to take a shot, i'm going to take a shot right back and you nope what, let me tell you this, you know what, it's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that are dividing this country. we're here to bring the country together. >> reporter: do you want to apologize to the teachers if your tone seemed disrespectful to them? >> if you treat me with respect, even when you disagree with me, i'll treat you with respect back.
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as the teachers, let me say, really clearly, on election night, one of the few people i thanked on election night were my teachers from livingston, where i grew up here in new jersey. the rules are set up to get people fired are so -- >> reporter: one of his central issues, teacher tenure. the unlimited job security that he says keeps even failing teachers from being fired. >> why is it that teaching is one of the only professions left where we don't award excellence and there are no consequences for failure? we get judged every day. every day. and if you are judged to be ineffective, abc's not keeping you on the air. and if i am, new jersey voters are going to kick me out. >> reporter: he was born a jersey boy, educated at its schools. he refuses to move his wife and four children into the governor's mansion. and after only a year in office, his pugnacious stand has made him famous across the country.
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>> you know, you should really see me when i'm pissed. >> reporter: he's considered a rising republican star. >> how do we give tax money back to new jersey? not raise their taxes each year. >> reporter: he's known as fearless about aggressive bell tightening in politics. he is also known for not tightening his own belt. but then, this year, surprisingly, he decided it was time to change his life. >> exercise is almost never really fun for me but i did it this morning. >> reporter: an hour? you're still doing an hour? >> yeah. >> reporter: the weight loss incited rumors he might be considering running for the highest office of all. even the school children in new jersey have heard about that. >> any time in the future, do you ever plan on becoming president? >> you see, you're supposed to wait for diane sawyer to ask me that question later. >> reporter: i was scooped in the eighth grade, of course. you're still saying, categorically, not running?
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>> no, i'm not running for president. >> reporter: why not? if you see things falling apart, most people have the impulse to go in and try to save the situation. >> it's a good way to put it. you don't make a decision to run for president of the united states based on impulse. i don't feel ready in my heart to be president. and unless i do, i don't have any right offering myself to the people of this country. it's much too big a job. >> reporter: so, we wondered, if he doesn't think he's ready -- donald trump? >> he's a good friend of mine. i don't know if he wants to be president. we've spoken about it and all i can say to you is, i'll believe it when i see it. >> reporter: while his rock star status in politics is unquestioned, there is another real rock star he'd like to impress. >> i'm a justin bieber fan, what's your favorite song? >> my favorite justin bieber song. i don't have one. but my favorite song, it's
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"thunder road" by bruce springsteen. >> reporter: he claims to have gone to 120 bruce springsteen concerts the same springsteen who just wrote a letter to his local paper, criticizing the budget policies under christie. those cuts are eating away at the lower edges of the middle class and not just those in poverty and are likely to continue to get worse. bruce springsteen. >> well, listen, i'm not -- are you surprised to hear that from bruce? i mean, you know, bruce is liberal. don't mean i like him any less. but you know, bruce believes that we should be raising taxes all the time on everyone to do all the things that he'd like to see gove do. that's fine, it's his point of view and he's welcome to it. >> reporter: a free pass for the boss, as everybody wonders over and over again, when it comes to the presidency, is chris christie born to run? >> "thunder road," his favorite. our thanks to diane sawyer. and coming up, the cutest
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>> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with bill weir. >> last night on the show we brought you the incredible story of an orphanage for baby elephants and your response was overwhelming. literally. viewers from around the world wrote us, asking how they can help. so, tonight, we profile the equally precarious lives of another endangered species, features in the upcoming film "born to be wild." these animal also need serious help fast and you'll see why in tonight's "into the wild."
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will you get a load of that face? that molten cuteness is an orangutan at one month old. who would possibly resist those eager eyes that natural curiosity? well, sadly, her own mother. you see, shortly after being born at the houston zoo, this newborn was rejected by her mother. a tragedy, considering most orangutans are devoted parents and because rejection, in the wild, usually means imminent death. >> unfortunately, kelly did not keep the baby. we are sad about that. >> reporter: but fortunately for this little girl, in place of the one who left are 50 surrogate mothers. zoo workers, pitching in and playing with the little one each taking a shift, 24 hours a day. >> in order to maximize the potential of us getting her back with orangutans as soon as possible, we have to keep her exercised and clinging vigorously. we are using a stuffed surrogate
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orangutan doll, in some cases, as well as just having the baby on us for body heat and comfort. >> reporter: but most orangutans are not as lucky as this one. they are fighting for survival. in fact, this might be the last generation of this species born to be wild. the front line in this battle is on the indonesian island of boar neo, where 0% of the world's remaining orangutans now live. this woman, former plight attendant from denmark, set up a sanctuary for the animals. >> i love everything here. the forest, the other animals, as well. but one gets a special bond with these kind of animals because they're so human. >> reporter: in the local language, the word orangutan means forest people. but those forests are
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disappearing all too fast. this year, some 5,000 square miles will soon be gone, due to the worldwide demand for palm oil, pulp wood and minerals. >> without a habitat, species such an orangutans will not be able to survive in the world. the survival will not happen without the forests of boar neo. >> reporter: this female arrived at the sanctuary suffering from machete wounds and shock. she did not survive. and this baby lost an arm as she clung to her mother being hacked to death. >> she manages so well, though. she uses the little stump. >> reporter: this one lost an eye. and these are the sorts of needs that tug at the heart of this doctor, who runs another sanctuary here in boar neo. and it is a delicate balance. nursing them to maturity with affection. teaching them how to swing and climb. but at the same time, respecting their wildness. these are not pets being tamed.
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gone home. but if you are jason bateman and will arnett, you spend your exciting time in the world of advertising. their new company is more funny or die than mad men, but it is a real business. it's called dumb dumb, and for chris connelly, it is "seriously funny." ♪ >> reporter: is it about online comedy sketch featuring a cross dressing jason bateman, or is it a vying for viral status advertisement for chewing gum? the answer is both. the clever conceit of bateman and will arnett, as seen in this nightmarish prom night scenario. another ad. >> that's mr. mcgovern from social studies. >> we are in the same class. the joke in that particular sketch was on me, was on my character and i ended up being ultimately the fool.
11:56 pm
>> love to get my paws on some of that gum, freshen up my kiss hole. and it makes it more palatable. >> you see a dude like this, super hot? >> reporter: the pair have joined forces not for the still in discussion "arrested development" movie but partners in a marketing company, where they and their dream think of the script and perform mini movies for the web that reinforce the brand's qualities. >> that's what you're going to end uppy. >> reporter: today, they are prepping a series of shorts they're doing for dennies. >> they said, we would like to feature the fact that we're always open in here and you can always have kind of a good conversation and a good meal. so, we thought, well, why don't we make a talk show? >> this is always open with dave. >> reporter: they're bringing in a host of special guests, from amy pohler -- >> you don't have a problem
11:57 pm
being touched? didn't until you asked. >> reporter: to sarah silverman. all part of a talk show hosted by david keckner. >> do you have personal space issues? >> that's a violation right there. >> reporter: there are times, though, when edgy comedy and main stream business aren't quite on the same page. >> we have had instances where we started with a guy in a morgue and ended with him in a sort of a quasi nick feel ya situation. they weren't happy with that. >> you seem mature if i my daughter. >> reporter: the pair's venture co-exists easily with their careers in television and film, if not always with their domestic lives. >> our wives are not too pleased within ate, but we promised them we're going to write them something great or -- >> sure. oh, no, we're going to throw them a bone, is what i said today. >> they come in here for snacks.
11:58 pm
>> reporter: while arnett's star has been on a steady rise -- >> i always sleep in the nude. >> reporter: dumb dumb somebody although milestone in the comeback career of the 42-year-old bateman. >> you don't have to. >> reporter: a child star in "little house on the prairie" and "the hogan family." jason found himself underemployed just as he was hitting his 20s. you must have thought you were going to "hogan family" conventions for awhile, right? >> oh, that would have been -- that would have been tough. >> reporter: faded child stars are often a hollywood cautionary tale. but bateman got the last laugh when he and arnett joined "arrested development" in 2003. >> i got you something. >> well -- my watch. >> i want you to have it. >> reporter: the show's 53 episodes conferred upon them bullet proof comedy cool. >> gave us both a seat at the table.
11:59 pm
we were, you know, we were all of a sudden part of the conversation in, you know, the conversations that we wanted to be part of. >> reporter: now they are having those conversations in their dumb dumb offices based in west hollywood, overlooking sunset boulevard. >> are you going to buy a big billboard? >> jason wants the one that faces his desk. it's a little unfair. >> reporter: but such issues aren't a factor in the world of the web. >> the audience has a pretty high b.s. meter when it comes to the medicine being mixed in with the candy. on the internet -- >> very nice. >> thank you. that probably will be in the teaser clip that they do about this segment. >> on their digital platform. >> maybe on their website. >> that's digital. >> that's what i said. >> reporter: i'm chris connelly for "nightline" in los angeles. >> we should put that on the website. thanks for the idea, guys. thank you for watching abc news. we


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