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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  April 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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saw bonds trainer greg anderson inject him before a road trip. bonds said that is something before i go on the road. she cried nearly the whole time the stand saying she didn't want to be there testifying against bonds but steve had thrown her under the bus. they listened to the secret recording steve made of anderson talking about injecting bonds. >> the common factor steve hoskins and kathy hoskins testimony is evidence that barry bonds was getting injections from greg anderson. that would support one count. if the jury is focusing on that count they have heard evidence that could lead to a conviction. >> dean johnson says it's clear the jury has rejected the defense argument that bonds must be acquitted because of a
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technicality, whatever he told the jury had no impact on the grand jury's process. >> the jury is creating for itself what the lawyers did not create which is essentially a list of bullet points that either support conviction or acquittal. they are putting the pieces of this puzzle together for themselves. they have to because the lawyers didn't. greg anderson has served more than an year for his refusal to testify against bonds. he was released from the latest incarceration of three weeks, heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news". >> the world series champions giants went against the cardinals with great expectations. they had the glorious experience of watching the championship banner being raised from last year's win, the first since the giants moved to san francisco.
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don sanchez joys us from the ballpark. >> i'm outside. i heard everybody yelling. they just won. how about that. people were staying here all day and they haven't left because the giants just won the game. that is fabulous. they said it earlier today, who could miss opening day of the world champions. >> san francisco world series champions. >> those could be worse something some day. take a look around the park. and there was a love fest at the ballpark. the giants made a grand entrance brian wilson handed over to the game winning ball that won the title.
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it doesn't get any better than this. unveiling the world championship flag. wilson takes it from willie mays and can be hoisted above the ballpark. so home opener that was just excitement but a new feeling of confidence. >> elation, pride it what they can do again. >> go giants! >> after that the enthusiasm of the fans, it doesn't get any better. every seat is taken and sellout season. >> it's so tense and exciting, you can't get up to go to the bathroom. it's phenomenal. >> this man came from florida for opening day. >> i waited my entire life for for this. >> broadcaster ron simmons relished this day.
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>> it was windy and nobody could figure out how to get rid of it. >> the giants did. they are now at at&t park. emotion and drama and excitement and opening day is any indication we're in for one wild ride this season. thanks very much. >> as it happened. >> this torture, the weather out tomorrow. >> and they were on the monitor, 5-4. >> bottom of the 12th, colin rush is outside the ballpark. what an ending for us. >> what an ending. live on the field right now, the game kept going and going. so much hype and expectations surrounding the home opener but credit the giants organization. let's show you what happened, three games, a special day for
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giants players past and present. great willie mays brought the banner out on the field. tim lincecum and cody ross, matt cain, 21 shut out innings and threw out the first pitch. >> best in the world, i can say that. so you guys are the last guys standing. that last one, meant a lot to me and meant a lot to the team but it meant a lot to san francisco. >> we'll show you how this somewhat ended. two outs possible. pablo sandoval singles to right. it just ended and aaron roland
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would end up being the here of the game. they win 5-4 in 12 innings and we'll have much more later in sports. we'll have game reaction. the a's in the twins home opener and masters tiger on the prowl. we will check in with you later. >> the giants paid tribute to bryan stow. there was moment of reflection as the photo and two children flashed on the jumbotron. nearly $300,000 has been raised for the 42-year-old that remains in a coma. the mayor of los angeles and police chief announced new security measures there. >> if you come there to intimidate, to antagonize either other fans or fans of another team you are going to do one of
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two things. you'll be thrown out of stadium or you get to go to jail. >> the dodgers will be in san francisco this monday to face off against the giants. the team will dedicate that game to stow. >> family and friends of beloved restaurant owner are mourning his death tonight. jesus campos was shot and killed this morning. >> jesus campos was an icon in the community. he owned the restaurant behind me. every morning without fail 5:30 he would walk from his house to that side door, that white side door and that how he would start his day. this morning, the killers were apparently waiting for him. >> sometimes people would come in here and he would feed them. he was a coined person. >> this is one of his best friends. he knew him for 30 years.
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>> campos was walking to his business. opened a side door to his restaurant and he was accosted by two suspects. it looks like attempted robbery. >> he was rushed to the hospital where he died. family and friends gathered outside his home across the street from his restaurant. they tried to make some sense of the tragedy. >> he gave everything for nothing. >> it seems everybody knew chewy as he was called with great respect. he is the former president of the fruitvale merchants association. a businessman that owned two other restaurants and numerous other businesses. he was the man that rose from humble beginning. >> he was a hard worker and member of my union and then his dream was to own a restaurant. >> merchants crowded into a
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nearby restaurant with a meeting with the police and the mayor. reporters weren't allowed in but participants say it was angry meeting. merchants were fed up. they are asking for more help. >> we have complaints of robberies and prostitution. >> it hasn't been addressed and icon of our community who basically gave rise to the development of this fraught vale district. >> merchants are offering a $30,000 reward. >> to find the people responsible for his death. >> now witnesses say the killers drove off in a 2000 buick regal or buick, gray color very clean with 20-inch rim tires. there is a $30,000 reward coming from the city, from the merchants but that reward the
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mayor says is sure to grow because he was so popular and so loved. >> at last, it's part of the past. >> still to come, the implosion of the former naval hospital. >> also, it's official a reprieve for the cal baseball team. we'll show you who earned the stage. >> and showers are winding down, get ready for a nice weekend warmup. my accu-weather forecast is coming up. coming up. >> later, silicon#t#t#t#t#t#t#tt
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. wow, the and finally comes for the oak knoll naval hospital. the implosion opens for a new era in the oakland hills. but as lyanne melendez reports plenty were sorry to see the building go.
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>> it was one of those you had to be there moments. he would not miss it. she worked at oak knoll naval hospital from 1972 to 1996 when it closed. >> my inside was shaking. it was watching something you love go away permanently. soe it meant so many things to so many people. >> he is a vietnam vet and his son was born there. >> he was born 1985, it was cold as hell winter. it was even cold in the hospital. you needed to wear a jacket to stay there. >> the hospital opened in 1968. it served medical personnel throughout different conflict. it was a huge training facility. when the base closed the empty building begin to attract the homeless who started moving in. then in 2005, a development
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company bought the property. the plan was to 6960 homes but in 2008 suncal's main partner lehman brothers went bankrupt. they are still looking for a partner. in the meantime, demolition plans had to be cared out. they placed dynamite on five levels. they give us the play by play. >> you heard the boom, boom before the explosives. that prima cord lighting the fuse in the columns. that is nine second delay. >> he started out as a patient and later worked here. >> we had a good organization here and trained a lot of people. we hate to see it go. in oakland, lyanne melendez. >> lawmakers in sacramento are considering a bill requiring cities and counties to prove
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that red light cameras are installed for safety purposes and not to generate revenue. they are expected to oppose this measure. intersections with those cameras would have to be marked. measure would set up tougher rules about notifying those caught on camera running red lights and it to see if they actually help to prevent accidents. >> cal baseball team has been saved. players and families and even a group from stanford chipped in. together they have raised $9 million in donations and that saved the program. >> this process of the last six months, we've had downs and ups for them but in a number of these communities they have become energized and reinvigorated in a way that will serve them well in the future. that is something about the
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quality of our community. >> officials cut four programs. university said they were facing a $70 million shortfall. bears are ranked 13th in the nation and they begin a three game in arizona today. >> great news. >> it's so much calmer but areas of stormy weather today but more widely scattered. we got a call up in the north bay that just witnessed lightning and hail in the area between hopland and ukiah but events are isolated and they are happening. high definition mount tam camera looking down on to the bay. look that the sky, lots of rich blue and cloud formation. we don't have a completely sky and a rather cool one around the bay area. live doppler 7 hd we have some scattered pockets of precipitation. it's been showering for a while
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down at the santa cruz mountains. we had heavier downpours earlier. there is the spot of rainfall that has pushed over the bay. wet spot on the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge. this area of shower activity in between union city and fremont and parts of the south bay and palo alto the area is stuck there right now. isolated pockets of light precipitation from sea ranch down to windsor and petaluma. most are experiencing dry conditions at the moment. current temperature readings are in the low to mid 50s. highlights, patchy frost again tonight. mainly sunny and milder this weekend with a chance of rain in the north bay on monday. how about this time lapse view from high definition sutro camera looking toward the east-northeast, big buildups of clouds that went over at&t park. there was few sprinkles during
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the game but not enough to interfere with the game. satellite shows the cold upper-level low that brought us all this wacky weather the last couple of days. it's sort of with us. it's moving to the south and tomorrow it will push inland to our southeast. that will leave us with a calmer weather picture mainly sunnier and milder for the weekend. chilly conditions, low temperatures dropping to the low to mid 30s in parts of north bay valleys. over in the inland east bay, lows to mid to upper 60s and 30s to 40s around the bay. it will be chilly area wide. then tomorrow, much anticipated warmup. high temperatures will generate in the mid-60s inland areas up to about 67 in santa rosa. 65 in concord. 63 in livermore and low to mid-60s around the bay. on the coast we'll see he highs n mid to upper 50s. monterey bay, low 60s around the bay and low 60s inland.
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seven-day forecast, mild weather all the way through the forecast period and slight chance of a shower on monday but most of us will see dry weather. look at the end of next week, thursday and friday will feature high temperatures in the low to mid-80s in the warmest locations. spring is finally arriving a bit later but we appreciate the arrival. >> just ahead, deepening law enforcement scandal in
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fas-cin-atin'! next "opopopopopopopopopopopopop >> law enforcement scandal in central contra costa is deepening tonight. more than a dozen criminal cases have been dismissed from it. laura anthony reports. >> the credibility of the criminal justice system.... >> mark peterson said he had no choice but dismiss 15 criminal cases related to the law enforcement scandal in his county. most involved the task force commander norman wielsch. he and christopher butler face 25 counts including selling drugs taken from police evidence rooms. >> the reason these cases are being dismissed is because of
6:24 pm
the involvement of norman wielsch. >> and five task forces case and 10 prostitution cases and several drug cases. they involve a former deputy accused of participating in a dirty d.u.i. scheme. >> they have charged of accepting bribes. he attractive -- >> he is also charged with conspiracy to sell steroids along about butler and norman wielsch. >> i feel sorry to my friends my family and my agency. law enforcement in general. >> today, his attorney says his client is saddened by all the cases being dismissed.
6:25 pm
all three men will be back here in court april 21. in martinez, laura anthony, "abc 7 news." >> counting to a government shutdown. last ditch effort in washington to get a deal done. >> also the impact of that potential shutdown and why it could affect one woman's future. >> and okay, there we are... um, these days we're all trying to save money,
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the shutdown show down continues. there is still no deal between democrats and republicans and we are about two and a half hours away from a government shutdown. we are learning that house republicans are meeting right now with president obama and senate democrats in the capitol. and political website report they have reached an agreement
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on policy portions of the budget mainly funding for planned parenthood but they are stalled on spending cuts. >> there is only one reason we do not have an agreement yet and that issue is spending. >> if lawmakers can't come to an agreement by midnight the federal government will run out of to operate and furlough hundreds of thousands of workers. discussions between both parties have gotten increasingly heated in the last few hours. >> if speaker boehner can't sell it to republicans it one crystal clear to american people democrats are reasonable and republicans are responsible for shutting down the government. >> there is standby vote in case to pass a stopgap bill to keep the government running for a few more days. >> nine democratic senators called the budget impasse on women's health.
6:30 pm
to make abortion and funding of planned parenthood an issue in the budget debate. >> what is this over? it is over women's health. the numbers have been agreed to but it's an opportunity for the right wing in the house to really sock it to women. i don't usually use this language but i really believe this is true. >> senator feinstein pointed out that federal funds cannot be spent on abortion unless the health of the mother is in danger. she noted that 90% of the care provided by plant parenthood is preventative. >> if there is a shutdown how will it affect the bay area. mark matthews joins us now. >> we reported on how the national parks will shut down and fact military pay will be held up and tax refunds could be delayed but a realtor explained
6:31 pm
to me how buying and selling of a great many homes could be brought to a standstill. >> he knew it was a buyers market and thought she found her home of her dreams. >> i just knew that was the one. i just felt it. it was great. >> they made an offer on sunday and was accepted on monday. >> everything went along beautifully until yesterday when i was told there could be an issue. >> the issue, the government shutdown. it was backed by the federal housing administration. if the government shuts down her loan will be put on hold. >> what does that do to the deal? >> the deal would go bye-bye or until they process the loan. >> the real estate agent is vicky nagy. >> it would slow my business allot. i would be hugely impacted by it. >> half the homes she sells is backed by fha guarantees because
6:32 pm
the down payment is 3.5%. >> do you have any more money to put down? >> 3.35% or i'm out. >> she gave notice on her apartment in dublin. new tenants are moving in. watching the budget impasse has suddenly become very personal and frustrating. >> frustrating to say the least. i was looking forward to moving into my first home not putting my stuff on storage and having to stay on somebody's couch. >> the question to analysts how long will it last. >> i don't think it can last that long. >> professor king knows that soldiers in combat will have their pay held up if the government shuts down it will did it disrupt families and put pressure on lawmakers who for now holding with the tea party to cut it or shut it. >> it's possible this would be more like the '80s where you'll have one, two or couple days of
6:33 pm
a shutdown. i would be surprising if it goes three weeks or more. >> two and a half hours to go. republican leaders have called the house rank and file republicans. back for a late night meeting. john boehner will address that closed-door meeting about 15 minutes from now. >> thank you, mark. >> we know a government shutdown will impact of you many of you personally. we would like to hear from you and share your reaction what is happening. we are inviting to take your cell phone and record your view and send it to us. you can e-mail your comment to or upload it to our address. >> nato says it regrets a deadly strike on rental tanks in libya. they say it didn't know that opposition forces had tanks. thought the rebel tanks were part of a libyan army column.
6:34 pm
the obama administration imposed sanctions on five top libyan officials. >> to japan now where at least three people have been killed and another 140 injured after a 7.1 magnitude aftershock hit the country last night. they say the jolt was centered near the march 11th earthquake. the greatest concern was for the fukushima nuclear reactor. so far power company officials say radiation levels remain steady and russian cargo planes in the u.s. picking up massive pumps to spray water on the plant. money scope headlines. a down day on the financial markets. dow jones industrial average had a drop of 29 points.
6:35 pm
nasdaq was off by 15. s&p 500 lost 5 points. toyota plans to temporarily resume production at its plant in northern japan on april 18. they say the biggest challenge since the quake and tsunami is getting the needed electronics, erupt rubber and other parts needed to produce cars. >> wells fargo is cutting 1900 jobs. many of the employees were short term hires because of the cyclical nature of the mortgage business. mortgage applications slipped by 30% in the fourth quarter of last year. rñ ñ@@@@@@@@@$@$@$@$@$#t#t#t#t#t
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no better place than stanford university in the heart of silicon valley to than spire young entrepreneurs. that is what is happening this week. karina rusk gives us a report. >> these three students have a idea for a start-up. it's a way to consolidate and debit and cards. >> you have such a big wallet. imagine if you can carry that just on the phone. >> that is one example of the business vision started in this room. conference is put on by the business association of stanford
6:39 pm
entrepreneurial students and business today. it atraktsd bright minds from across the country. workshops are like a giant brainstorming session for success. >> it's essentially trying to take our vision and trying to do something which isn't working properly. >> this is some of the valley's biggest success story. >> on this day, tivo's cofounder shared his experience on building a billion dollar company. he encourages students to follow their passion and learn from their mistakes. >> the students are not only learning from keynote speakers and each other but they are walking away more motivated than ever. >> you can do it.
6:40 pm
the best way we have this -- >> and this boot camp is four-day incubator for innovation. if one idea doesn't take off, another one will. thousands of california public schools. >> obviously the system is not doing well. >> the i-team, why so many
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thousands of public schools around the state are not meeting seismic standards. nonprofit group for center investigative reporting. they found series lapses that may put your kids in danger during a quake. >> in a small town of pescadero,
6:44 pm
he has spent years trying to track down answers. >> to find out whether his son's school would be safe in an earthquake. under a state law known as field act all schools must be earthquake resistant. the act was put in after the devastating long beach earthquake. they found structural work at pescadero high had been down without the state's approval. >> that is when the light bulb went on and we begin to realize there are potentially thousands and thousands of projects. >> and it turns out they are right. a year long watch investigation finds thousands of school construction projects completed statewide don't comply with the field act. california's division of state architects, the agency in charge of enforcing the law has never approved those projects as safe.
6:45 pm
california watch reporter corey johnson. >> it's up wards to 20,000 school projects that do not conform to these standards. >> and not just in small districts like pescadero. >> the los angeles unified school district finished this middle school six years ago but state records indicate that huge window wall three stories high may not be properly anchored and could pose a risk to students in a quake. when reporters went to district officials for answers. >> could you get off of school property. >> it's not a perfect system on any part. >> they concede that thousands of school projects lack state certification. the spokesman claims most are simply missing paperwork. >> at this point we don't believe that any of those projects pose a significant threat. >> but some experts like
6:46 pm
consultant are not convinced. >> obviously the system is not doing quite well. >> this report from 2006 said some school projects were being completed without adequate oversight. sometimes with dangerous construction flaws. >> what that tells me, that building in california weren't properly designed and checked in the field to make sure they are properly buy. that is a problem. >> reporter: back in 2002, they prepared a list of schools the state itself called likely not to perform well in an earthquake. more than 7500 additional buildings statewide but nine years later, california watch found most were unrepaired. former architect david foreman says many of the schools need to be looked at right away. >> the priority has to be answering the questions in terms of are the schools truly safe. >> they brought the findings to
6:47 pm
ellen corbet. >> we need to make sure it's placed on the books are enforced. >> she shares the earthquake and disaster preparedness committee. >> we need to ask tough questions and do something about it. >> los angeles unified school district maintains that the middle school shown in the story was constructed to field act standards and that critical phases of the design were approved by, a technicalities office. but they say they need to tear open the wall to make sure it was done properly and that hasn't been done yet. >> let's get another check on the forecast right now. >> spencer is in. >> you can see the precipitation is fading away. live look at doppler, not much left. a little activity down in the santa cruz mountains and moving down around the monterey bay. that is about it.
6:48 pm
intense activity has ended. hailstones on the ground in san jose early this morning. we had hail as you may recall around fairfield. and during the early morning hours, hail on the rooftops in san jose from this morning. these pictures submitted through ureport powered by youtube. tomorrow we're going to seat big warmup, high temperatures around the bay area will be in the mid-60s in the mildest locations and the giants will be playing at home tomorrow evening taking on the st. louis cardinals. game time at 6:05 p.m. clear skies and cool conditions, game time temperature at 55 and dropping down to 50. we have to have the giants heat things up. >> high temperatures in the 70s next week. that is right. 70s. >> we love it. >> and speaking of giants,
6:49 pm
sports is next. colin rush is going to give us all the highlights. >> and tiger sighting at the masters. he is back in the huntntntntntnt [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney absolute lowest prices of the spring! get unbeatable doorbusters like $3.99 home expressions bath towels and $4.49 okie dokie infant and toddler playwear! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney
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join me tonight at 9:00 on kofy and latest on the government shutdown. and affect it could have on the bay area and then at 11:00. fly to paris in two minutes, around the world with a photographer. >> larry beil is away but let's go back to colin rush and much more. >> wow, what a day. as for the home opener, you see the water coming up they are getting ready for tomorrow's game. so many expectations going into this one. unless you are cardinals fan i think you left happy. 42,000 witnessed magic. let's check that out. great willie mays delivered the
6:53 pm
world championship banner to bruce. they passed it down the line. it's someone fitting the man with the bearded face, up the ladder, brian wilson did the honor and now it flies, san francisco giants 2010 world champions and it sound good. for the game itself. champ happy to be back at home. playing the st. louis cardinals and playing in the thirdening, third at bat, miguel tejada, tied the game at one. later in the third, freddy sanchez will line one down the right field line. jonathan sanchez, 2-1 and bat
6:54 pm
burrel -- pat burrel and brian wilson closing out 3-2 game but bases loaded, gives up a two one single and cardinals take a 4-3 lead. bottom half. >> giants rally, pablo sandoval, aaron scores. still tied at 4, bases loaded. the hero often criticized comes up huge. shot to the left. walk off 12th inning win. here brian and brandon belt. >> you go out there and fight hard and you come out and you win. >> it comes totaling. a giants' victory. there is a lot of positives to that. sandoval coming through the clutch.
6:55 pm
the bullpen fixing it up. >> moving on. there was other baseball being played today. oakland a's in minnesota, the twins home opener. let's go to the twin cities, anderson got the start for the days and he was fantastic, wiped out the young pitcher. in the third, castillo with nasty slider and anderson struck out five of the day and entered the eighth for 1-0 lead. scored two outs, rips a single past him at first. danny ties the game at one. next batter, former mvp delivers a single to left. that makes it 2-1, that would be the difference a tough luck loss for anderson, 2-1 the final in minnesota. >> what a day in a augusta, georgia, at the masters. tiger woods, he is in the hunt.
6:56 pm
an international look to the leaderboard as we head into round two. beautiful in augusta. round of the day, this guy, jason, the australian with approach within a foot. he would birdie the hole and eight under, minus 8 for the tournament. your leader macelroy had a birdie on 2. he is minus 10 but score of the day tiger woods, seven under his final 11 holes, par 4, 14th, within a foot. that sets up a birdie and then on 18, for a birdie, the putt, he drains it. 6 under 66 for woods. he is in third place. three in back of macelroy. phil mickelson is minus two,
6:57 pm
eight off the pace and david chung four over he did not make the cut. that is wrap here from at&t park. game two of the series tomorrow. another important day. there will be a lot of excitement here once again at at&t. back to you guys in the studio. >> what a day. thank you. >> go giants! >> look at this. the first ever disneyland on mainland china. >> they launched the new partnership in shanghai. >> the shanghai magic kingdom was sl expected to be the biggest. >> it cost nearly $4 billion. >> it cost nearly $4 billion. >> see you at 11:00.
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