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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san rafael where an accused serial killer will make his first court appearance this afternoon but a number of people are wondering how many people did this person kill. >> live in san carlos, fire stations like this one could soon be closing under a plan that has widespread support. i'll explain coming up. >> here is a look at downtown san francisco. in the foreground but showers today. i'll tell you when they will get to your neighborhood. >> and an update to an accident
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right by sfo and north 101. elsewhere, it's quiet. wind advisory has been cancelled for the bay bridge and looking light at the toll plaza. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. man accused of killing four women decades ago is expected to face charges today. meantime, police departments across the country are checking their cold case files to see if he could be a suspect. terry mcsweeney has more. >> reporter: investigators in new york are especially interested in this. they are taking a look at double initial cases, where the first and last names started with the same letter all four victims this man is accused of killing here in northern california were double initial victims. take a look at person we're talking about. 77-year-old joseph naso. he is believed to have done these killings between 1977 and
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1994. he is 77 years old from the reno area with a history of arrests but they were himself petty theft. responsible for the murder of a woman in oakland, found dead in 1977. one in contra costa county in 1978. check out more double initial victims. pamela parsons and tracy trefora killed in yuba county. marin district attorney says items found in naso's reno area home tied him to those four murders and he'll be seeking the death penalty. >> he will be presented with a criminal complaint when he appears that lists the court charges, each carrying a special circumstance for multiple murder. >> reporter: there was a string of double initial murders back in new york but there are some
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dissimilarities between the two cases. those victims were children. out here the victims are adults, young women. and naso lived in rochester new york and traveled there. dna samples from one new york victim does not match naso. he is going to be in court today at 1:00 for his first court appearance. >> kristen: leaders of two cities will consider consolidating fire departments to save millions of dollars a year. there are other options including privatizing. live in san carlos with details. >> private company has offered to step in and run the fire departments here in san carlos and they will be asked to consolidate with redwood city so it feels like everybody is courting san carlos now that it's breaking up with belmont. they had a joint agreement but
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they disagree on the funding formula. so sharing fire department services is nothing new down on the peninsula. as a matter of fact they are finding, it fits, two city council voted to move forward with a merge. >> we have a common communication plans in our county. we have common policies in our county. we have dispatchers and dispatched through redwood city. so we not only know what to do but we take the same language. >> reporter: it's going to raise questions how all this merging could impact response to an emergency like we saw in san bruno last year but officials say they believe it would have a minor impact. there is big savings to be had all around. they think mergers could save taxpayers 3 75 in millbrae. in san carlos it could save $1.2 million. they say it could take some time for all of this to happen and
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for all of this to be worked out but the ideas do seem to be picking up steam. >> eric: president obama will unveil his budget cutting plan in a speech this morning. he'll propose cuts but it's the tax portion of the plan that has republicans ready for a fight. janelle wang has the details. >> reporter: republicans believe that republican leaders say any higher taxes is non-starter. president is going to bring it to table anyway. he will meet with congressional leaders at the white house to talk about the nation's staggering debt. after that he'll address the nation about what is needed to reduce it four key points, keep spending low made maik cuts to medicare and medicaid and end bush-era tax cuts for households earning more than $250,000 a year. >> the point is the balance is essential essential, the burden
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has to be shared by everyone. >> reporter: the proposal comes after a last minute budget deal between the president and republicans last week to avoter a government shutdown. the disagreement was over billions of dollars in spending cuts the the country is about to hit a deficit of $14 trillion. they say the nation's credit had will not be extended until the president reduces the debt over the long term. >> kristen: budget woes on the state level. students and faculty across the state are getting ready to protest. rallies and marches are planned at all 23 state campuses today. many students marched last month. tsu and california systems, each stand to lose at least $500
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million in state funding. protest organizers such sweeping cuts will lead to larger class sizes and fewer academic programs. >> a 15-year-old will be in courtroom this morning in faces of charges of murder and attempted arson. 16-year-old andy zeng was the murder victim found in a home with a bag over his head. he had been shot in the head and the floor had been soaked with gasoline. an 18-year-old has been arrested for trying to cover up the crime. three other teens are accused in the crime, as well. zepg was a well-liked student at thurgood marshall high school. the suspects don't go to school there. >> kristen: jury in the barry bonds perjury trial begins day four. the panel of eight women and four men spent six hours without reaching a verdict yesterday. they must decide whether he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt
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on each of the four counts. bonds is charged with lying to a federal grand jury when he denied he knowingly used steroids and human growth hormones. >> san jose city council have tentatively approved legislation to regulate medical marijuana. they approved new zoning regulations restricting to dispensaries in certain commercial and industrial zones. there are currently more than a hundred outlets spread around the city. the council did not rally behind mayor's efforts to cap the number at ten. issue is expected to come up next week. >> kristen: we could talk about tonight's giants game and wind advisory, what is rain going to do here? >> let's talk about that. set the stage and it's up in the northern part of the state. starting to move into mend so
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often oh county. it will be 7:00 until the north bay and rest of us around lunch. if you gekt out the morning commute should be dry. patchy drizzle. let's talk about temperatures. we're in the mid to upper 40s everywhere by the afternoon hours. you siege the rain rolling through and some clearing around 3:00 to 4:00 and have a partly sunny sky and temperatures well cooler than average. we'll have mid to upper 50s around the coast. san francisco, san mateo, oakland, richmond and vallejo and everybody else in the low 50s. monterey bay less likely, it will be in the afternoon hours. 57 in monterey. low to mid-60s for everybody. wants the front passes, the breezes will kick up this afternoon. that is will help clear the rain from our neighborhoods. warming trend is on the way for thursday, friday and into saturday. warmth will peak with mid-70s
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inland on saturday. near 70 around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. good morning. heading back to 101 on the peninsula where there is a crash near the sfo airport. it's on the off-ramp. chp the s already at the scene. they will be clearing it quickly and check out san mateo bridge and live shot shows everything looking good. headlights move eastbound toward hayward. we'll also check out the north bay ride for commuters coming out of marin county, light traffic heading into san francisco and delay free on the east shore freeway. drive time only 18 minutes as you make your way westbound from the carquinez bridge down to the maze. >> kristen: thanks a lot. it's 5:10. >> eric: still ahead, banks behaving badly. what an advocacy group what banks are not telling you. >> kristen: and old-fashioned
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police work that cracked a jewelry theft ring. and they take another shot of stopping gun owners from carrying in public. >> and why a new york man said that mark
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> dan: morning, we begin your money scope report with an expensive summer driving season. they predict gas prices will average 3.86 from april through
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september. that is up 40% from the average price. that means fuel costs will rise 8 75 from last year. >> and you can buy the most famous building, empire building will be part of a public trading company. >> and oprah, asking price for a 30 second spot will be $1 million. that is your money scope report. >> eric: time is 5:14. good police work have resulted in the arrest of burglars that hit homes across the country including one in san francisco's richmond district. four suspects stole two dozen pieces of jewelry from a home in 300 block of 29th avenue on april 3rd. they issued and alert after a neighbor wrote down the license plate of the suspect's car. they were arrested in nebraska by a state trooper. police found 400 pieces of
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jewelry inside the car and some of those were linked to several thefts nationwide. they are trying to figure out the exact number of victims. they are going to make it illegal to openly carry a firearm will right now it's legal if the ammunition is carried separately. gun rights groups held hearings to carry unloaded weapons in public. the bill now goes for a vote. >> a day after an appeals court denied a bigger stake at facebook to twins, another man has refiled his lawsuit claiming he is owed a big chunk of company. he says he owns at least 50% of facebook and he has documents to prove it. he hired mark zucker berg to work on a different site.
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he claims he received part ownership of the fledgling facebook in exchange in a statement facebook says this is a fraudulent lawsuit brought by a convicted felon who said this scam artist claims are ridiculous. private security experts are warning consumers of the latest target of data thieves. they want your e-mail addresses. cyber criminals are using stolen e-mail addresses and to buy goods. one example the recent case when hackers stole e-mail addresses from online marketing firm epselon. security experts are trying to devise ways to increase prediction protection of e-mail addresses. >> many are not fully disclosed fees to their consumers from banks.
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a group says they checked out many bank bank and 62% failed to give their fee schedules on first request and 24% never complied after repeated requests. >> it's something easy to do to give consumers to give the information they need and avoid unfair banking fees. >> they are calling on the new consumer financial protection bureau to enforce a law requiring disclosure. american bankers association questions the survey's methods. we'll see some rain today. don't hold it back until after the morning commute. >> the more organized will be after the morning commute. then we'll have a pretty nice evening. sun sets around 7:38 today.
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live look in downtown san francisco, south from our roof cam here from vallejo street. talk about the rain. live doppler 7 hd, ft. bragg you can see all the way up to eureka. that is where it's going to stay for the next couple of hours. let's talk temperatures, under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. we have mid to upper 40s this morning. around the monterey bay and inland, low to mid 40s. highlights, scattered showers, breezy and cooler for all of us. not all of us will feel the scattered showers but definitely notice the difference in the temperatures and winds. storm track moves north tomorrow and that opens for mainly dry and warmer weekend and it could spill into the early parts of next week. for today our temperatures well below average from 7 in san francisco, 8 in napa, oakland, san jose. livermore and redwood city, 11 degrees cooler than average. the reason why -- the cold front
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moving into the northern parts of our state bringing the rain up there. as it moves into our neighborhoods, those showers will back across the front. you see clouds, a little drizzle developing around some of our higher elevations at 7:00. it will be organized wet weather move in around 8:00 or 9:00. up in the north bay, at noon best chaps of scattered showers and then 2:00 to 4:00. showers move away. clearing conditions and breezy conditions as they will pick up after the front moves through. if you are lucky. quarter of an inch. north bay mountains, maybe the santa cruz mountains, rest of us about .05 to a 10th. low to mid-50s in south bay. mid 50s los gatos at 53.
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mid to upper 50s with breezy conditions along the coast this afternoon. mid to upper 50s for downtown south san francisco, most of the north bay will be cool in bogebodega bay at 52. and rest of east bay shore, in the mid to upper 50s. monterey, carmel in the upper 50s. low to mid-50s for the rest of the bay and inland. for tonight, upper 30s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, i'd say about two to four degrees warmer. to on to six degrees warmer on friday and couple more on saturday. heat will peak low to mid-70s on saturday. upper 50s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. it will still be mild next week with temperatures close to what we'll see friday and saturday.
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earlier crash near sfo is getting cleared. check out right 680 through walnut creek, as you come off the benicia bridge, things are moving well down through the san ramon valley and all through the sunol grade. no delays at all. it's been quiet in the north bay with dry southbound on the right looking good out of novato down to golden gate bridge. check out san jose, traffic at 280 and 17 interchange, very light. headlights are northbound 280 and that is highway 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains. mass transit systems all checking in okay. its, muni, bart reporting no delays. get a personal traffic report any time you want by going to >> eric: thank you very much. >> kristen: a new home in a
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california museum. >> and president obama agrees for one more favor for oprah. >> and the dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. >> eric: tomorrow oprah winfrey begins her final 30 shows on network tv. she snagged major guests. among them will be president obama and first lady michelle obama who have agreed to appear for one of final run of shows. white house says the obamas will be there in two weeks and will
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air right here on abc7. one of four remaining space shall also will call california home. the california science center near downtown los angeles will serve the new home of the endeavour. it's set to lift off the final mission later this month. the retired atlantis will go on display at the kennedy center. and discovery will land at the smithsonian and air and space museum near washington, d.c. a shuttle's prototype enterprise is on display he there will move to new york city. >> saudi arabia wants to dubai, it's planning to build a new skyscraper that will be the world's tallest building. it will completely dominate the skyline. right now one building there is tallest building but kingdom tower will be twice the size a mile high.
5:26 am
new tower will cost at least $30 billion and will take 12 minutes to reach the top on high speed elevator. >> eric: next, are there more victims of a suspected serial killer appears in a courtroom this morning. >> next at 5:30. cats have nine lives and stunning story behind this troubling picture. >> here is a look at the high temperatures across the country today. it's not too bad st. louis, d.c. 51 and most of warldz is the south. low to mid-80s from phoenix. low 50s around seattle and portland because we are receiving rain there. rain clouds and flight arrival delays into laguardia and newark and philadelphia. check out flight tracker at to see if your
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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in san carlos. redwood city wants to do business with san carlos. fire fighting business and serious money could be saved with the plan. i'll have the story coming up. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san rafael where an accused serial killer makes his appearance today. we'll take a look at it coming up in a live report. >> good morning, live look from sutro tower, a dry day, clouds are gathering and live doppler 7 hd is picking up some rain to the north. we'll talk about when it gets to our neighborhoods and how much you should expect today. >> so far the roads are dry. no big traffic problems out there. live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza is still looking good. >> eric: 5:29.
5:30 am
i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: and i'm kristen sze. topping our news, 77-year-old nevada man charged in serial killing of four women makes hit first court appearance in marin county. they are looking connected to unsolved murders on the east coast. new york homicide investigators as well as nevada homicide investigators taking a look at cold cases wondering if 77-year-old joseph naso may have committed crimes where they are. take a look at the suspect. this is mr. naso. he is accused of four counts of murder, all four victims that we know of are northern california, two from the bay area. 18-year-old woman found dead along sir francis drake boulevard in 1977. another found in contra costa county in 1978 and check the first and last names, beginning with the same letters, double i
5:31 am
pamela par source, tracy trefora in yuba county. now marin county district attorney says the case begin to crack on open of la april of last year where authorities found naso's home linking him to the murders. >> an examination of the items seized along with the results of a forensic analysis from the contra costa county criminalistic laboratory led investigators to connect naso with the death of rogash. >> what had new york investigators there have been a string of initial murders back there, but those victims were children, out here they are adults. right now naso did live in rochester and traveled there in the '70s during the time of two alleged murders. dna sample from one of the new york victims did not match naso's. he is going to make a first court appearance today at 1:00.
5:32 am
>> eric: staff members at napa state hospital are afraid of their safety after a death at the hospital. a patient died after he allegedly attacked another patient. an autopsy is scheduled for today. staff members say some patients are threatening to retaliate. earlier this year they held protests in more security and staffing after two attacks, one of them fatal. they sent a letter to the governor quite simply this ongoing situation on the our state hospitals is unacceptable and deadly. more than 80% of those being treated at state hospitals arrive through the criminal justice system. it's time we have laws, regulations and on-site practices deployed.
5:33 am
>> firefighters are trying to determine the cause of an early morning house fire. it started around 1:45 on the 200 block of madison street. two residents inside the home managed to get himself and his birds out safely. but the home is believed to be a total loss. firefighters say there did not appear to be any working fire alarms at the house. >> the merger of four municipal fire departments into one. officials will meet to talk about it today. amy hollyfield is live in san carlos with more on the story. >> reporter: redwood city plans to talk to san carlos about possibly joining forces, the move would save them $1.2 million a year and redwood city about $1.5 million a year. the money the savings would come from cutting administrative
5:34 am
staff, cutting a fire chief. consolidating is a hot trend. san bruno and millbrae city councils decided to move forward with a plan to merge their fire departments. >> we're eliminating some positions through attrition. they will be losing their jobs. >> it makes a whole lot of sense for the cities and possibly for more cities down the road. >> what about a big emergency like the pipeline explosion that we saw in san bruno last year. some are asking questions how it could impact a response time for a big emergency like this. officials say they believe it could have a minor impact. consolidation could save communities hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases, millions of dollars and the idea seems be widespread. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." school board in concord has approved contracts with two
5:35 am
unions that include three furlough days next month. there was an agreement between teachers and employees that will help the district's budget. it means that students will lose three days in may. they plan to hold community meetings next monday and wednesday to discuss more budget reductions since the legislature failed to place the tax extensions on a june ballot. >> the san francisco giants announced they have raised nearly $70,000 for an injured fan. the money is for bryan stow, a 42-year-old giants fan that was attacked outside dodgers stadium in march. he is still in a coma and no arrests have been made. on monday, the giants partnered with stow's employer to raise the money. the team donated $10,000 and today, there were two other fund-raisers to help bryan stow. find out more information on them on our website at
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>> kristen: all right. mike, if you are going, is there a chance you will be cold and wet. >> eric: you'll definitely be cold. >> unless somebody accidentally spilled a drink on you. it will than cold, part of the coldest game we've had with temperatures in the low 50s. breezes will come from the cold front that is bringing us the rain up to the north. as far as south ft. bragg but ukiah is reporting just cloudy conditions. storms are moving to the east-northeast while building to the southwest along the coast cold front. out ahead of it fastest winds around 10 miles an hour and fairfield and napa and 5 in san jose so the winds are aren't a
5:37 am
big problem compared to this afternoon. 8:00, scattered sprinkles and mostly cloudy conditions. best chance for scattered showers will be mid-morning to midafternoon. at noon, temperatures in the low to mid-50s but by 4:00, look how the cold front sweeps through. radar returns you see here in the green start to vanish and start to see more sunshine. we'll have mid to upper 50s, around 60 in antioch and morgan hill. watch out for the pollen before the rain rolls. in high amounts tree and moderate amounts of grass. seven-day forecast, warming trend starts tomorrow. temperatures back to average on friday, maybe a little above average over the weekend away from the coast. good morning, frances. >> can't find any trouble spots. let intoshow the east shore freeway, more crowded at this point in time but everything looking good moving the speed
5:38 am
limit down to berkeley. in fact the drive time looks fine as well as you make your way through vallejo toward the carquinez bridge, only 6 minutes. even out of antioch, and delay free for the southbound 101 ride out of santa rosa down to novato. >> kristen: listen to this one, a santa cruz cat vanishes for a few days and comes back with a little something extra. proof that cats may really have nine lives. >> and the neighbors say ñ ñ ñ ñ
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> eric: it's now 5:41. a santa cruz family got quite a shock when the family cat came home with an arrow through its head. it had surgery at a veterinary hospital. the house cat is still doing pretty well. the cat was shot with a 12 inch arrow, possibly from a crossbow. it went through one ear and into the base of his head. officials are searching the
5:42 am
neighborhood trying to identify a possible suspect. they say the person responsible could face criminal animal abuse charges. >> eric: in fremont, they got the go-ahead from the city council but opponents are now considering suing the city. lisa amin gulezian reports, the struggle is over skating. >> this is where we skate but there are signs up that says we can't so we are risking getting tickets. there is no legal place to skate. >> now the city of fremont wants to give them this, a state of the art skated park next to a water park. he hates the proposed site he lives right across the street from it. >> there could be more graffiti. they could actually stay here and watch the houses across the way and wait for people to leave and break into houses. >> just because skaters will be there doesn't necessarily mean it's going to bring crime or
5:43 am
anything else. >> city leaders listened to the back and forth. they want it here a mile away from the homes and closer to the police department. >> they have been known to increase injuries to skaters. graffiti writing and other problems with parks. >> but city planners say the proposed location is perfect. >> making it close to a water park, kind of highlighted the bulk of them a little more. >> the council voted unanimously in favor of the skate park location. construction will begin in 2012 but opponents say this is not over. they are considering the possibility of taking legal action to stop the project. >> eric: nation's automakers are gearing up for a major hiring spree. we have the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> check this out, a six-year-old girl frisked by
5:44 am
airport security workers. why passengers say officials went too far. >> and the collision that has airports question whether they underestimated the world's largest passenger plane. >> and is an apple a day really keep the doctor away? [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub.
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welcome back. 5:47. you see a cold front and rain upper level snow to our north. this will eventually move into the sierra and tahoe will have snow today and all the way down to yosemite, and scattered showers from chico through sacramento at 51. big sur at 56. >> eric: our time is 5:47. >> kristen: the stories we are following this wednesday morning naso will be arraigned in a marin county courtroom charged with murdering with four
5:48 am
california women networks are from the bay area. he is also being investigated to serial killings in new york state. >> eric: four cities on the peninsula are considering consolidating their resources to make a single fire department. officials decided to go forward with the plan to merge their fire departments into one central county location. hillsborough and burlingame have also considered a plan. redwood and san carlos officials tashg about it today. president proposals are expected to include raising taxes on the wealthy. house republican leaders say tax increases shouldn't object the table at at all. latest on these stories coming up at 6:00. >> more questions this morning about airport security is going too far after a video of a
5:49 am
six-year-old girl's pat down is going viral on the internet. in the video the little girl go be heard complaining she doesn't want the pat down. tsa screener talks her through the process letting the girl she will be touching next. tsa says children have been used to carry explosives in some places and they are subject to the same restrictions as adults but as i recall liberties expert says it's going to far. >> they shouldn't be subjected of this if she there is no reason to suspect her. >> the parents say she was in a tears after the pat down. we'll have an exclusive interview with the parents coming up after 7:00. they are reexamining elbow room they give the world's largest airliner. this amateur video shows what happened at j.f.k. monday night. the wing of an air france airbus
5:50 am
a-380 smashed into a tail of a comair regional jet. >> we felt the brakes came on too zblik nobody was hurt. faa requires wider taxi ways of new super generation of super jets. j.f.k. never widened their taxiways. >> eric: i remember they were saying new taxiways for that generation of jets. take a look at the forecast. any bumpy rides coming up, the winds. >> the winds will kick up later this afternoon but pretty calm out there. take a look outside. calm before the storm but not really a storm. it's just scattered light rain
5:51 am
showers for the mid-morning to afternoon hours. the clouds are so thin we do not have flight arrival delays into sfo, not expecting any to develop until possibly mid-morning and link nearing the midafternoon coinciding when the rain comes through. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. rain as far as south to the west of ukiah. so it is making the southerly trek three mendocino county. by 8:00 it moves into north bay. let's talk temperatures what we have to worry about. mid to upper 40s and heading to the south mid 40s. even inland salinas, 38 in gilroy. breezy and cooler conditions today. in fact the coldest day in the forecast. storm track moves to the north and brings us warmer weather coming up. for today the bulk of the storm is going to be up to the north. if you are traveling through
5:52 am
oregon or washington, expect a lot of rain there. even more rain and snow over in the sierra as the natural lifting from the mountains will create a better chance for anything organized to develop there. for us, here we are four to 5:00 spew sprinkles through the 7:00 hour. by 8:00, some of the scattered showers moving into the north bay. by noon, most of us dealing with the scattered showers as the front is moving through. then by 3:00, front moves away and takes all rain with it. sky opens to sunshine late this afternoon into early evening hours. that is when the breezes will come and make it feel a lot cooler than the thermometer says. rainfall amounts, basically about up to tenth of an an inch. possibly a quarter of an inch in the mountains. mid to upper 50s for most of east bay shore. down in the south bay we have low 60s until you get to lot
5:53 am
gatd owes at 63. mid 50s along the coast. mid to upper 50s for downtown and south san francisco. low to mid-50s in the north bay coast. upper 50s to low 60s around the valleys and monterey bay, low 50s and few mid-60s. it's going to be cooler than the first two games against the dodgers, three game set wraps up tonight. breezy and chilly 54 dropping down to 50. we'll have 30s and 40s for lows tonight but warmer weather in the afternoon. warmth will peak saturday with mid-70s inland, upper 50s around the bay but upper 50s at the coast. temperatures will remain pretty seasonal and dry sunday, monday and tuesday. >> you need extra time for cup of coffee, you don't want to end up like this driver, he fell asleep and ended up in an
5:54 am
accident cashed carquinez. some slowing westbound 4 out of antioch, lone tree way where it's moving 20-40 miles an hour. elsewhere, it's light out there. no slowdowns. bay bridge toll plaza, delay free. there was an earlier wind advisory but that has been cancelled. also good rite ride across the san mateo bridge. no trouble in either direction. get traffic whenever you want by going to more people are ordering healthy menu items and good news for dorritos fans. how about those two things put together? >> here jane king. >> if you are looking for something healthy to eat, how about a fast-food restaurant, denny's, anticipate el bees are
5:55 am
reporting exploding interest in healthy food. applebee's, low cal meals are best sellers. if you are looking for a job, try one of nation's automakers. they are probably going to add up to 36,000 workers. j.p. morgan chase reporting a jump in profit. extraordinary high mortgage related losses continue. if you are looking for electronics, they are shrink go the electronics department looking for other products grocery products and other things instead. if you love dorritos, taco shell made out of nacho cheese dorritos. that is what taco bell is up to. at the new york stock eastbound changes. i'm jane king. >> police are warning people who live near popular danville park to be on the lookout for a
5:56 am
mountain lion. they reported seeing him through the osage station park. witness said he was in his backyard when he spotted the animal moving along the creek. police and fish and game officials say they are monitoring the situation. >> san francisco police are looking for the people who illegally dumped 12 tops of roofing materials and household items in the bayview district. a front loader picked up the debris dumped in the bay view neighborhood yesterday. officials say the area is common spot for illegal dumping which is not only an eyesore but also a health hazard and expensive to clean up. >> any time you have a large scale dumping we do have to test it and see it contains hazardous materials so we properly dispose of it. >> eric: you know that old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor apple. it may be true for women.
5:57 am
they studied 160 women half of them ate apples and other half ate prunes, apple group lost more weight by three pounds, 23 decrease this bad cholesterol and 4% increase in good cholesterol. the study results were presented yesterday at the experimental biology 2011 congress in washington, d.c.. >> kristen: just ahead at 6:00, a proposal that could mean fewer fire stations in san mateo county. it's now getting widespread support. >> and sticking point for pot. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san rafael where an alleged serial killer will be in court this afternoon. his four alleged victims have a lot in common all the way down to the letters in their names.@p
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