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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> they're fighting for what they thing is best for the community. now that san carlos needs a new funding partner. >> the city is making an attempt to privatize the fire department >> consultants are making two recommendations, allowing a private security company to run the fire department or team up with redwood city. >> we do a lot of joint training with redwood? city. we share a fire department. >> lisa: according to the mayor, both choices would retain both staffs, not close fire stations and save more than $1 million, but going private could save even more. >> we're not trying to throw people out, but their needs to be a very different structure and a very different way to approach these services that allows san car loss to move forward. >> the way things have been going, and the fact that the
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proposal is still on the table, yeah, i have concerns. >> the concern for many involves changing from a public agency to a privately operated one. >> a private company doesn't have the ability to have sworn officers. you don't have the ability to inhibit a strike, which we have -- it's against the law for us to have strikes. >> residents are divided. >> worse comes to worse, it's okay to join with redwood city but not a private company. >> we should do whatever makes citizens the safest. doesn't matter to me whether it's private or keep it with the city. >> lisa: the city council is expected to make a decision and vote on the issue on monday night. >> alan: hundreds fathered in oakland's lincoln square for the launch of a security camera system meant to prevent crime in the area. camera are's installed inside and outside the center after police patrols were reduced.
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after the success of a similar system? chinatown, the crime prevention council proposed the cameras at lincoln center. local leaders say visitors should be protected. >> provide more public safety for people that come into here. so this schnur -- security system is going to help a lot. >> alan: the system was paid for by local merchants and members of the advisory committee on crime. in san mateo county the have been two empty lion siting and both were in woodside. both -- one was friday night, and the second was this morning. san mateo county is recommending that parents keep a close watch on small children, and avoid hiking or jobbing at dawn, dusk, or nighttime.
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a billboard battle is popping up the bay area between athiests athiests and an evangelical group. nick smith has more on the dispute and how it got started. >> reporter: billboards in the pay area are asking nonbelievers to save their souls before it's too late. these messages were not sent from above but from a nonprofit evangelical group called family radio. on the group's web site, may 21st is the day of rapture. >> we commanded by god to blow the trumpet, and that exactly what is taking place right now. >> reporter: because they're based in oakland, group challenging their beliefs have posted signs like these, reading, you know it's nonsend. i spoke with the president of american athiests by phone. >> this is how religion hurts people. one of the many ways religion hurts people. and this is -- our hope is that
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people who are not being suckered in by this rapture will learn from the people who are. >> the teaching, while they day is still here, while salvation is still possible, because god will close the door on may 21. >> the athiests are planning a celebratory meeting on the same day. >> alan: on update on the giants fan who was beaten at dodger stadium last month. bryan stow's doctors have increased his cease sure medications from four to six types. they wants to take him off the medicine, but for now his family says he needs to be heavily sedated until doctors find a drug cocktail to stop the seizures. in stockton, firefighters are investigating an early morning fire that destroyed a mosque and a real estate company. it happened arounding a this morning at a strip mall on north
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pershing. the incident is being treated as more than a routine fire but there's no evidence of arson. also in stockton today, hundreds of residents gathered along the miracle mile to defend the city's reputation as the most miserable in the country. for the second sometime in three years, forbes magazine put stockton at the top of the list of most miserable cities. today, a festival was held in one of the'seess shocking districts to take on the magazine and show the city has a lot to offer. >> fabulous weather so we have events every weekend, where people are wandering around the streets and having a good time, listening to muck. that not miserable. >> alan: residents took a group photo to send to the folks at forbes.
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up next, outrage spills out on the streets of san francisco. hundreds rally at un plaza in solidarity with protesters in yemen. wal-mart's trying something in san jose it hasn't done anywhere else. the new program that could save you a trip to the store. >> this is surveillance video of the tornado that struck the st. louis airport. >> leigh: hi there i'm leigh glaser. we have seen a lot of things today. we have the sun, low cloud. you can see from the ca a here at -- from the camera here at the can
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: em yemen's president has agreed to resign. yemeni security forces opened fire on antigovernment protestors, killing at least three people. the deal was announced today by a senior government official. it mandates that the president leave office within 30 days and hand power over to his deputies. he had insisted on serving out the rest of his term until 2013. it provides him with immunity and members of his ridge knee.
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it was brokered by persian gulf nations. >> near san francisco, hundreds rallied at u.n. plaza to show their solidarity with the people of yemen. demonstrators called for democracy andity for the citizens and a peaceful transdiscussion of power. members from all over california marched to demand an to end the united states military aid to the regime. >> people of yemen are being killed for nothing more than standing up and speaking out against injustice. we demands the u.s. end any military aid. >> alan: the rally was endorsed by amnesty international, and some other local groups. wal-mart is testing out a new grocery delivery service in san jose. the service is called, wal-mart to go. customers can order groceries,
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health and beauty products, medicines and household spies from the web site, and wal-mart will drive the goods to your home at the time of your choisms -- of your choice. there's no word yet if and when it will broaden into other areas. >> united continental is doing away with the discount for passengers who planned ahead. travelers used to get 2 to $3 off if they paid the fees for their checked in bags online instead of the ticket counter. now united is charging everyone $25 for the firtz checked bag and $35 for the second. no matter how or when you pay. delta still offers a sim laugh discount -- similar discount for paying online, and southwest lets you check two bags for free. >> this easter, bay area humane societies have a warning about giving chicks and bunnies as gifts. they say, too often children
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receive those cute little animals, only to find they're unable to care for them and a lot of them end up at animal shelters. they're also warning petowners to keep an eye on chocolate and jelly beans because they can be toxic to your dog. >> a tornado closes down the st. louis airport. it turned a little gray today. leigh glaser coming up on what to expect for the rest of the weekend. >> mike: a battle of timmys today at at&t park. the brave's tim hudson got the best of giants ace dim lincecum. we brake
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>> alan: st. louis airport has re-opened at 70% of it capacity after a powerful toward struck last night. officials are amazed that no one was seriously injured. the governor says some 750 homes in the st. louis region were damaged and less than 100 are uninhabitable, president obama is promising disaster assistance, and the airport is running 70% capacity as we mentioned earlier. >> a big earth day celebration
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at the civic center plaza today. this year's earth day festival brought multicultural activities and engauging people to integrate green practices into their live. there was the clean air zone with biodiesel vehicles and state of the art bikes. the wellness zone featured movement and yoga classes and samples of organic and raw food. the festival is designed to encourage communities to address local and planetary environmental challenges. >> what going to happen to the easter bunny? >> leigh: the easter egg hunts may be a little on the damp side, depending on where you and are what time of day you have the egg hunts.
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you can see from the sutro cam, some low cloud moving in mist and drizzle being reported. the higher elevations recording must and drizzle. oakland, a little light rain. it's been the story off and ontoday with the waves of cloud moving in and bringing us a little mist and drizzle. 60 right now in san francisco. 55 in san rafael. livermore, 65. overcast in san jose, 64. so we're going to continue with the clouds thickening overnight, and mist and drizzle overnight, showers and drizzle possible for easter day, and showers, a better likelihood as we head into monday. you can see some of the moisture filling in across the bay area. much as the stronger cells sitting to the north. the live doppler 7 hd picking up some activity toward the spine of the area. south lake tahoe reporting 45 degrees and light rain.
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what is following here in san francisco is the water droplets are so small that our radar can't pick them up. this front is going to move in on sunday, and it will bring us a few showers throughout the course of the day. and by tomorrow afternoon we should start to see this pull out. i tell you the forecast model is overdoing it slightly. i don't suspect we're going to see this much amount of rainfall but it as to set the stage that the low-level moisture will rotate in towards the bay area, and the sunrise services tomorrow, sunrise, 6:23. we could be seeing a few light showers and heavy mist and drizzle across the mayaire. -- bay area, and we should see partial clearing tomorrow afternoon. 52 for san francisco. oakland, 50. 60s in the north bay. napa, 46, and 47 for livermore. here's a look at the highs for sunday. we bring them done a few degrees
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from where we were today, and the shower possibility in hour forecast. san jose, 54. and 57 for sunset district. san francisco, 61. north bay, pet petaluma, 61. oakland, 64 tomorrow. 6 # for newark. 64 for concord, and mid-60s in watsonville and gill -- gilroy. a stronger system moves in on monday. by tuesday, we get a chance to dry out. then also warm things up a bit. check out friday and saturday, temperatures rebounding into the 70s inland. >> alan: i like it. let's talk to shu. the world champion giants -- >> mike: not looking like it. we do know a guy named tim was
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going to win. a great pitching matchup at at&t, tim lincecum and tim hudson. both very come petty. but lincicome was the timid one today. braves looking for their sikdz win of the giants but the g-men struck first. pat burrell is waved home and looks like codey is going get his first rbi of the season. lincecum, not shamplet -- not sharp. >> lincecum gave up six hits, five runs, and six walks. the giants had no answer for hud y. four ks, no walks, and one out short of a complete game. giants lose their third straight. the sharks can close out the kings at the tank with a victory but the series has been so up and down, who knows what that's roller coaster will offer
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tonight. there's been 29 goals in four games. 19 by the sharks, 12 in their last two contests. mcclellan claims adverse can i precedes growth. the sharks hope to stunt the kings' growth. >> the big thing is the mental preparing, showing up to the game with your work boots on and being prepared to meet their challenge. >> they're going to play desperate hockey so we got to match their intensity, and we can't come out the way we did in game two, and i'm sure they'll come out that way. we got to match it. >> mike: in san jose, the earthquakes back home hosting chivas. first half. the header of woe call that the doubleheader. second half, 85th minute. the shot is deflected. mariano with the rebound and he will bury it, and chivas gets
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the win. to the nba playoffs. dallas and portland, game four, mavs leading the series 2-1. what a finish we had. blazers out to win, and rip city. dallas with it largest lead. up 23. brandon roy on two bum knees brings the blazers back. then he hits the three and one. four-point play ties the game. roy wasn't done. up in the lane. off the glass. 18 of is 24. last off for dallas. terry got a good look. no good. blazers even the series at 2-# with the victory. in the east. pacers looking to avoid the sweep by the bulls. indiana was ready to play. in the second, granger converting for two of his 24. pacers led by 16 at the half. then in the fourth, price from deep.
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here come the running of the bulls. under 20 seconds to play. noah drivingen converting and the powell. -- and the foul. why is carlos boozer shooting the three-ball? indiana stays alive with the victory. the pga tour may have a new number one if luke donald can snag the top spot at the heritage. new meaning to the term hazard. from the beast to the bottom of the jar for birdie. 8-under after a 67 today. last year's champ, jim furyk, another solid round. his approach on 13. stick is it to within five feet. he finishes 10-under. one back of the leader, luke donald. the englishman and northwestern grad i all over the pen. within two feet, he birdies. takes the one-stroke lead into sunday's final round on easter. >> sharks and more from the nba
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today u tonight after the ten commandments. >> alan: buckingham wallace -- palace released the officialfest list. coming up. #t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t
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>> alan: we're now less than a week away from the royal wedding, and today buckingham palace released the official guest list. david and victoria beckham will be there as well as elton job, and sarah ferguson will not but her daughter will attend. this is not a state affair so the obamas will not be there. we'll bring you the royal wedding live during a special edition of good morning america, and a special edition "20/20" from 9:00 to 11:00 pall. one more check of the fast with leigh glaser. >> leigh: a chance of a few showers. we bring them in the morning hours. in the afternoon they should
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move out. a better chance of us all seeing showers on monday. after that, temperatures start to warmup. next weekend, we'll be in the 70s. >> alan: that's it for abc-7 news at 6:00. thanks for joining us. see you tonight after the broadcast of the ten commandments. good night. insure insure captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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